Zoe Demkiw Baking in a pandemic


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So go back and I was like that's enough. How. How is the wrist? The wrist is improving. I have obviously I've turned to the fabric RESP- price today because I think Pinkos be. Very umbrella and it's yes, it is for bake me. The Black Suits Maya today so. Blend that in any Swami's also more appropriate for driving, because I shouldn't really wear the Bryce for driving the splint, because if I get in an accident, I can actually be sued. Yet they like you can wear it, but if you get in a car accident, maybe just quickly with that off interesting. Like have a fabric Juan. Thanks! And so challenge in the kitchen that basically you've got pretty much everything that can possibly be wrong with an arm. Breaking. When you prefer broke probably the pain. It was that bad I thought I broke. Pain is is a default. Have a place of break is like. Very Acute, and it's days like maybe a week, but then after the bruising goes down at sort of. Your in a cost or you're in a brutal whatever thing that is protecting its. Don't really notice it. You just become really wake in that hell like Oh. Your muscle withers away, but nerve mooring. It's really bad skydeck. Like so bad that she can. She'll be like crying in the middle of the night if she moves in a row away or whatever it's very painful, and it Kinda just comes on at any point like I could just be sitting on the couch and doing nothing and it just like the shooting pain. So and I've had I've had it before in my. Mouth is well like it's just comes on like I. Don't know it's this really unusual. Well, M- also with my tate when I got my teeth, wife and like so be careful of that new thing and I was like okay, and then I'd have it in. Have the whitening strips. Slate Ba fine, and then like get out of the shower just immediately. Get these nerve pain. That was just crusading. Yeah, so we using like What's up Brian that run us. I bought it from my I went to my dentist so I did. It's just my take the very sensitive, so they'll like. You can't get to one down in the chair. So just do this tycoon one for two weeks. Sensitive do things because of all that sugar. As, a child I had like seven feelings Jesus surprised as still attach student had a feeling to this day, but I do get sensitive teeth I. Don't know what it's many when I go from. Like really cold stuff fucking irritates back. Monday and. We should. Pretty. Inch No, since Cincinnati. So when you are whitening you'll meant to. You sense it on to brush it. And that's helped so much. Wonder, what's insensitive on that is? Going to be some sort of. It's not that take couteau Soviet research space, but it's not bad, but you can. Thais truth how we'd is. A toothpaste. We're talking about it. Can you talk about what's going on the job? He added to it yet. So it's basically a job for call. It's great because it's my first kind of big corporate. Job. That I landed. Post Corolla virus. So obviously lost. Quite a few clients because of that say universal teaches. The. Client but. When you even Vlad to go to the cinema. Cushion. Obviously. That's the one thing I'm really missing. Is A lot. Yeah, it's going to movies alone. The smell of the popcorn I think people started to realize that there will be value like cinemas will never completely go away. That's great. I love going to a cinema I. Don't like you can get everything straightened. Can Stream everything but It's really not I've actually been sitting there. Law recently watching Netflix or Stan or whatever the platform buying because we're GONNA Apple TV because we can buy movies. These movies don't movies coming out. and. It's just not the same lawrence fuck I really wanNA smell of popcorn and I'm like. Cool holiday. It'd be funny, yeah. That'd be good of purchase I. wonder if that's how. It's cool. Fully it's a miniature version of what you get at a cinema, popzette ad, and like it's read our member ecstatically pleasing. We went to an event Mardi Fox. From what folks had an event? Doing like there was a simmons homes had built a home like new modern home in Iraq. Just need the village actually, and they had this whole night and Porsche Melvin with all these different groups, and then there was the most pop- one of the most popular guys. There was the popcorn Mike. And I have one of those traditional. Very fifty sixties. Sarah Cool. We expect sorry back to call guy. Do you still want to? The I I believe they bring out a new product that is meant to. Remove stains for the past ten years, so the whole concept was like winding it back, two thousand and ten so with. Dan this whole concept about cakes. They're kind of winding it back to the top music tracks of two thousand and ten select Justin. Bieber Lady Gaga so it's kind of got psych. The cakes themselves very the obviously in the colgate colors, so they're gonNA be like chocolate mad with. Y very what buttercream! And then they're going to have I bought I went to a sprinkle my sprinkle wholesale yesterday and peaked. Perfect read and what sprinkles to decorate, and they're all these like Karaoke VOB, so it's not just the cake that they made. It influences banks. They're being sent like the colgate products cakes like a karaoke microphone at least of the top ten tracks. How did that come about that? I just reach out directly, so no colgate obviously went to appeal. Company so then I've known. Specifically Amelia who I spoke to from I. Think the Agencies Stock Matthews. She works for them and I've known Milford many's a feel like I'd probably Mitt when I was modeling to be honest. A lot of these people now that I work for with. Yes just from people that I've met over time through modeling Yuppie. It's it's interesting how that always helps you like I. Remember. Some clients will paypal that. We'd we'd worked within similar industries, but I would definitely not the same industry have been. They just come out of the blue. I don't know where it's like like fuck and it goes down to like the power of the network toilet as the power of the network and something. My Dad always told me like you know that quote. It's like it's not what you know who you know. Your Dad was always was not who you know who knows you. They're always gonna be people that are going to help you. It's a good one like that. He was a man of many wasn't. Because I've just about finished, she learned his. fucking? There is the loss books I've got a raid on the ride. Up Liz I remember there was a book that you mentioned that he's the radio talk about. I'm actually never watch. I've never I've never John. Watched the movie. I've never read the book. I I've never done. I should. Because Dad had like four copies religions very. Quite so lack yeah! I've been looking at books of course where we say I've been. Enjoying that old like an old English? Like sayings and Indians and stuff like that. Now. We've been us even when we did these remote. Interviews was okay. We sort of learning about this thing in January I didn't really suspect when they anything. Actually member going on a podcast January, saying like. This'll be nothing and then was mainly because I have a friend WHO's a dad whose dads an epidemiologist. He's like. Get this largely. Be Nothing, but then I don't think we realized like how much China withheld. And, so Yeah. I remember like wholeheartedly believing him, and he's like I mean. He told us a few weeks later like. We don't really know what's going on here. This is really serious I remember when lot does that run. On toilet paper not in strategy, but in Japan. And Hong Kong. And because we've been in Japan in October during a typhoon, and that happened, and so I thought Oh okay, this is really fucking serious like people will take this really seriously. So. What was that like was the moment. So the moment it hit might business. We knew really summit to take it seriously, not when? You. Would have been moments. We thought okay yeah. That's understandable. This person's being cautious about whatever, but like on that Friday the thirteenth to by the way, yes, the grumpy was canceled fashion week was canceled and a bunch on the comedy I was canceled. I think it first so I was watching like random bits of the news during two same January and our members, saying footage of the sky, just like passing out in China. and. Onto the pavement video and I was like well, what the happening, but I still just kind of just almost brushed it off. I was just Kinda like well. There's nothing happening he is. So I. Still working everything, and then obviously the toilet paper thing was just full on I. was, helping my sister moved house. So this is my sister. WHO'S A J? When was? Year so they moved into the new place in Q in. March I think. Yes, it would have been like early. March puck possibly fit, but I think was early March. And Darah. He is an anesthesiologist. And he works as and all this and hey, to was like all talk worry, it'll just blow over in a couple of weeks like this is before they moved into their new place maybe two weeks prior because he was doing, it'll blow it. All get contained like tuneful wakes fun. Two weeks went by, and he was like. This is serious like waiter. nato-led shop for a pandemic stock up so he. seven-hour moving this stuff into a new place, Darrow was at work I'm holding the baby. The brand new baby. The other kids I don't know what they're doing. They're just like watching PIPPA pego something, and then mums helping stiff. move all this stuff. Dr Comes home with like thirty miles of hike hazelnut chocolate he's. Got These water boroughs. He's got all the south. Shopper Calls Yes I think so your calls. This one it's. Ran Random bottle. And then. Tying, funny? We're like moving all this stuff into the new place and she's like. Dairy thing he could have had some variety with his box chocolate. He just bought. What was really funny? It's a block, but come out and you can give cigarettes. Anyway say he was like you ought to shop, and then it's also. We had that other period where people are like, don't panic shop. Don't panic by, but then you kind of insight. We'll fuck fug to survive like maybe shoot panic, pie anyway. Really did that just I was then panicked about then it kind of couple of weeks went by I was like well I went to. The supermarket couldn't get any aches you. I was like holy sheet. There have any eggs or a supermarket like you couldn't get any brand. First of all, that was like the flower was going then the Brad Shougang. Just breaking now. It's like that's great. You'll like doing now, but like this win. You've really started to notice and this is what we're talking about downstairs when you had to bother for. So I'm just contacting my shit to all of my girlfriends on Mike. Brown sugar in the House that they can drop off to me. At home can use like I had so many orders coming through from these like New, York City chunk cookies. So then that's when. I sort of had a major freak out about that and I was like Shit I've got a lot of priorities that I have to get done. Because I also didn't want to let people down. The call wanted to I. Sue hadn't had my mental breakdown then. I was like running on this. Thing and then obviously the post stopped. So I drove around one time two hundred kilometers around Victoria Mama's like sewing is insane like you can't go from like temple. To I. Don't even know where I went I just went everywhere, and I'm like going to do it, and then by the lab relation of. Win Win the happening. You like a post on instagram on a story about. It was like seven PM and you like having A. BRYK for dinner. Off Zoo, like barrick or some shit like that, it's just ridiculous. And then I missed a sub head that was right next door and Do you know what actually it's really interesting looking at it. In hindsight that is what was happening to. You is literally what was happening to the rest. Of the Stri with the breakdown of supply chains completely sorry I was the ingredients, and then it was shipping I. Remember Lawrenson her mom mum's birthday was in March. April April and she sent her a bottle of gin never arrived. So, she had to rebuy another one, saying that was close, so that could be delivered. Same thing happened with Mother's Day with into four rows. So the ball never been den like literally two weeks ago, the gene came back to us. Right so I think. Yes I remember talking to law and it might very sad to see subset it was. It was sort of I. Didn't think it was your fault. I think it was just A. All when you're in that situation, you realize like how talked the situation? And? I think it was. It was very stressful for me and I'm sure for so many other baiters 'cause I still get a lot of stuff from the supermarket. And obviously, when that was gone, I was just like holy crap i. have so many orders. What do I do and that's when I started talking to Bodey who? funnily, enough worked at the same cafe. New York that I did but I. was there one year prior? And he hoped me out with eggs supplier and I was like all dot, and then what about brand show? Ranch. Anyway and then I got onto. It's such a beautiful community of Baker's especially in Melbourne, because that's where I'm from but like. We just help each other out, so I couldn't I was so overwhelmed by the support of customers follows buying my product. Obviously, it was winter runs stuck at home. They wanted comfort foods. Go these orders. was so grateful, but at the same time. I just kept taking them on to try and. I think sustain a business. I had no way to do. Why that was so stupid, I remember. We ordered some because I said to learn fuck like this is getting a bad for people like. In this, so we will focusing on people and friends that were in the hospitality space and buying stuff, and then I'm member. You dislike fuck. I'm just going to give refunds and I'm curious in hindsight, t think. That help at. It helped me mentally like I looked at the bank and also. But, I was like what? I've like these people have been so good to me some email, so also my system. On my online system on shopper I could not work out with the help of my girlfriend. WHO's in the industry had to email everyone with the remaining order at the same time on. So I had to go through every single order individually, and I like to personalize things so I write their name I realized they were message so I said you have the option of these, so I I said like this is what's happening launched it on Instagram, because that's where that's the first platform I go to then. I sent them all emails and I gave them the option. Most people said they wanted to raise fund which I just had to call by. It's hard because I'm very emotional about my business, but I also had had to well. This is a business, so I just have to give them they refund, and that was fine, because mentally for me I would hate to be waiting for four cookies for like five months, and also people lost their jobs. It's like. Just. Give them the refund so they can use that money. Some dinner or something like that's fine so. And then I had some people that are still very loyal and are waiting for their order so obviously in new. South, Wales I did fulfill quite a few orders, but then when I did. My research physically could not make any more so the remainder ten orders that I had I amount the McCain, saying, what would you like to? Some said Raytheon. Others will like well why to buds three months. Whatever we have to support you, so that was really lovely. So I'm hoping when this podcast released. They have got the crease. But that's good, though it's not. It's not A. Ten people minus fee that go to array fund is not a massive. It's his overwhelming as what you probably previously had. A still. Low Brank, it was a lot of that was like thousands of dollars that IRA funded. But I mean the people now the left it's short. Yeah, yeah, and they're also the ones that are. Very loyal to my businesses, well Sir I think they're very understanding, but also to the people that wanted to ray on. I have no biggie with them. What that's your? Business like I would also maybe want to that. So, that's fine. What did you learn? In hindsight, what are you? GonNa Change about. The business. So basically last year when we spoke I sort of had just been doing those chocolate biscuits all the time. which sold really well, but then. I kind of became a workaholic and I put my hands in a number of pies or cookies. So I was like. Let's do this Colorado Cookie. This insomnia cookie zooms and Miss Minty Jenna Wagon. Let's do this this like so many different cookies and I didn't even realize that's a shit load of work like. You know and then I kind of created this pick and mix ID where people can like you know it's like picking your you go to shop and you. pecan makes the what flavors you always sort of wanted to do that with cookies so I did this and mix so people could choose I want to of those. I want three of those one of those which was great, but it was just too much work for one person to take on I. Mean I. Did my Pastry Chef Las G, who was great and he helped me a really stressful time lost August, but he's going to see me and I was very supportive going to Sydney in fulfilling his draymond. South then. It was back to me and I just. Worked way too much. In hindsight I really shouldn't have anyway. I did what I did pass in the past, but moving forward. I found what my name is as well so obviously. That's at the moment those chunky. The New York City Chunk which I've been wanting to do for since I got back from New York, but it's just like things. Just get to whatever and I wanted to do them with a lot of integrity, so I wanted to do them well. I wanted to. Market that differently I think before I used to just sort of like B.. Run off my fate and think like Oh. This is a good idea. Let's just put this on instagram and launch this without really thinking about budgeting without thinking about. The quality of the products I wanted to sort of investigate the best chocolate and the best supplies and wholesalers, and then you know really get my packaging like down to a t and I wanted met pink boxes, and I wanted them to a particular size, and I wanted this confetti in a lot of people started using the same confettis may which is great for my confetti. Lady like she's booming, but I'm like well. That's I wanNA point of difference now, so she got a custom mix just for me. That has plastic. That's another thing I wanted to change I. Do not want to have plastic. Plastic anymore intrusive, so I've got the cardboard boxes, and all of those chunk coming paper bags with the stamp, and then I have cards that now explain, thank you for purchasing. This is where the story about the cookies from. This is how you eat them, so if you want to rate them, you Nevin for what one fifty phrase them this and it's obviously got the ingredients on the back of the car so I just wanted to really think about how to mock it that well, and also on creating hot around a product launch now so I like this is something that I learned in. With Lauren and it's all about like. And creating that hot. before you launch, and also what I learned in my fashion curry to unite. Would sounds like really? You realize that you need to simplify things and be cutler. aric covered is actually being a really. Good opportunity for people like for for us as an example, we were doing like eighty percent of the work. We're doing this video based. And then carved came along, and we were doing website stuff some media and Maybe social stuff here and there, but we not advertising that type of work, and then we realize as soon as covert happened that we had to advertise for that, we had to get out. Our supply of freelances and videography that we use way better because we're getting. Just completely overwhelmed exactly like even now I'm hiring because I I was completely overwhelmed for change processes. We invested in like. Little even little software for managing client projects that previously used to just be all done in Google drive and shit like that, which is good, but Sometimes it can become, too, but is it. Does it really does and that's exactly how I felt? It was just all too much, and it wasn't until I sort of. Had this bright down during covert I finally last year I. Thought I wish my limit, but then I push myself a little bit. In the end of Laucius, same like so naive, in hindsight like I feel like he really October. November last year was intense for us, but in hindsight it's actually. December like for me. So East as probably my busiest time of the. People always eating. So Christmas tree. They were trade. Whereas Christmas is so busy, but not everyone wants cookies. Apple by other people Christmas presents that have nothing to do with food so I also Christmas. Time is the only time that my family kind of come together from other parts of the world so I really want to have time with them, so I was like look I can take on as other orders, but maybe. I, just sort of made the decision to like only make a certain number of things. I have a lot of self debt. That like she is this? Really what I WANNA do is in sorry. The products that I launched for Christmas. I was like Oh. Is this the best thing that I do and like I look back and I'm like wow, that would like us. GINGERBREAD men look fabulous. I, White, much impotent to those. But life. I also thought that was a changing point. Because remember September October. I talked to some of my girlfriends, and I was like I'm not in a good hit space. I feel like a still want bake me cake me, but it is affecting me in a negative way mentally. But I think this just happens. Being entrepreneurs, you sort of highs and lows, massive highs, lawyers, but also because we're happen, xenos, you start doing a new thing and the renell and the excitement from the new thing is there and then wears off after about six months when the consistency of it. and. That's what that's where I think that's the point where you realize you've got to get other paper to be doing that thing because the Eirik, the best about an entrepreneur is the. It is and that's what you needed. When I was constantly just doing the same thing and also repeating that process in the kitchen I was like. It's fucking. Term Up. It's like I have to think of all the I have to do. The social media I have to actually do the kitchen after the packaging like my mom. She's a real clean at the packaging. The shot flip but I'm like. This is just all too much I. don't even have time to sit down and think of new product, so December I actually just had all this time to January especially because everyone goes what no one buys January. January it's my birthday also. My birthday is like a sh- sheep talk. No one's here. I'm like shit like. Time it's just like I like to go away from my birthday so I'm somewhere else because if I'm in Melbourne, it's like why don't you? Go Down to the Moon GRUDEN's Syringe Paul soon like I do. Go down to Rye and things like that, but only for day trips. Really my family used to get a pricing lawn, so I would always there. In your living in Venice. Your you're you guys had a holiday has man Eliza? Lawrence parents live in math carbon. We'll try down once a month. We didn't see him for three months. Because of Covid so I love doing that, but actually yeah, apart from that. We don't really go down and stay there because I find amalgam album just moves down to either side of the eastern West Coast Yeah. Sighing away, from people dream. And it's like everyone. Stand there with the best thing to do would be to go away. Well! That's what I made isolated Bali all the time. Physique seven years. My family would always book, Bali we went. We went for new years one year. During that time of year was writing season. It's. Very litters. I would fly vein for like. Four or five years, but I used to go. With my sister Jackie she would always get. Villas in would go as a family, and that was the last place that I went with my dad on a trip, so we like. What do you want to do few twenty I? You want a party with your friends, or do you want to go to Bali and we can take like your best friend. We have the family there. Might godparents ended up coming up as a surprise, and I'm obsessed with Romeo and Juliet every movie that I watch I. Swear is a love story. We'd sort of why, but they my sister. How did this whole thing of Romeo and Juliet for my birthday in Valley. And I'm so glad. I took that because that was the last time that we will. Send me bit together as a family, the bedrock. Did you know that of the tone? Well No, because my dad was still fine. He had he's. My Dad has story. because. Yeah, so he had that, and that was fine, but it wasn't until, so that was my based. Jan Selena went for like. January for like two or three weeks to Bali, my birthday and then I came home worked at my fashion job, and then I went away to America, and then that's when my dad's. He's cancer started. He's got lung cancer. Before. I left to America and I was like Oh. Mom. And Dad like my should stay home like I think you need some help like I was like knows all you need to go on this trip. And then when I came back six weeks later, he literally could not walk. Choose it just, and then we'll like. This doesn't make sense. I could Bain diagnosed Parkinson's, but like this doesn't make sense like. How can you just go from like? Getting a few shakes to not walking? Send that. He actually had spot-on Tani's Brian. On the Sarah. Just shows that it had been there longer than well. It is yes a he couldn't actually. He wasn't strong enough. The Oh so when I was away, he was doing came, and he just was not fit enough, and he couldn't cope with it so then they went back to radiotherapy, and that just helped to shrink the tumor, so it kind of went back from. My recollection is sort of shrunk in the lungs trunk in the Bryans. Kinda kept shrinking, but it did go back and forth and then. For the last six months, it's sort of just shrunk went to Rahab. I used to go from the hospital around the corner. I used to be freemasons quite bit ruin. Yes, so that's office superstar Lawrence. That had a scare recently. So it's it's not it's not the worst about it is the. Like all the fucking testing. Yeah, because it takes so long. I didn't realize how long this stuff. Yeah! I didn't really go like. I don't I think I just kept working like I needed to keep myself busy on. It was only until and then when dad would come home. And I'd go with him to his Rehab and things like that, but I could really see quite a bit of depression coming back. And it was definitely very tough, but I just remember my older sister Jackie especially. When Dad was in Palliative care, she was like. I'd stopped working I also was dating God at the time, and I said I'm just you're so lovely, but I just cannot take these on right now. It's just not the right time for me. and. I would literally just go from work to Pella. UK, whatever and then just I stopped working after, but Jackie said she's I way as a family need to remain strong and positive around dad, you can't. We can't be wake around. Yeah. Exactly so. That's why the Palliative care at Cabrini though were amazing and we used to go in. Every weak- like I'll go in there every day, but like everyone would have. Parties would bring like little alcohol things we'd have like. Baby Pizza one day would have means to another like, and we just had these parties with dad because he was such a character, he used to love entertaining so even when he was like a. we just would go and. It was a really it was. It was very sad, but you got to. You can't be wake at those times. You have to be strong for those feel like those moments like it's better to have as we'd as the sounds, it's better to have a relative. I think having A. Terminal illness like cancer versus. A An acute illness that you have no opportunity to have any time with them like we've recently, my grandmother died last year like early in the year and she'd had dementia for like six years. So you've been a long time coming. But. My my grandfather died when I was six. And he died from. Ages when my grandpa really yeah, but it was unusual. Wasn't unusual. He was smoking a pack of cigarettes, and I had the heart attack, and he'd had a triple bypass before and Sony. Are We documenting his story because he's been covered in this Greek newspaper? Super thing at the moment and My uncle was saying like it's really. Fahim. It's still really upsets him. Because he was in Germany on a holiday at the time, got a call to say like. A he he by chance was coming back the day before and the day that he landed. Like in the morning to say like Dad's had a heart attack, and he just got in time to say goodbye to, and that was it. And so he still really like is still upsets him to this day yet. No, I'm very appreciative that we got the time to spend even those last six months six weeks. Whatever I'm very appreciative. We got that time together. We said what we need to I. Actually knew exactly when he was gonNA. Pass I just I, have this. I let us in yeah, I have the since it happened with my godmother, it happened with my grandmother and it also having with my dad. And I'm like. Wait a minute like the angle death like that like I'm like I. Just knew obviously we had. The doctor said you've only got once. He started having the morphine time we've only got. Two just had this feeling that I didn't want to go to bed that night, but I whispered into his ear and I said. I was I'm pretty sure I wasn't the loss of visa, but I think I was the last family member at. The palliative care room and I said we're here. We Love You Jordan's here from Germany orients here. Everyone's in the room with had a party together and it's okay you can go to slate now. And I was like and then I left, and just bolt is out then I went to bed and I just I was like I don't WanNa go to slow us if I go to sleep, I know that I'm going to get the call. I remember those saying similarly grandma because they think it's. It's really awful the way they're. They're in bed, and because the doctor start like. I just remember on had charted, said like nerve sauce, nor They just stop fading her. Giving it water and like. When someone's dementia died, they started to really deteriorate. Like more than a cancer patient, it's really strange. Night Dave's I. Don't know how to explain it, but like as an example, she had lost a taste so many times that it was useless her having tape, so she had no teeth in. Is Really? Like, the way that you see them, versus what they were like is very different, and it's also with all the drugs they pumping in the weeds. That medical middle smell and then went, dad passed away all went away, and he actually got because my very Carla. He got some vibrance back into his face, and I was like well like the next day I went back and I was like he actually looks to so pace and like back. He'll be nervous hair, but I'm like he looks like Michael it looks. Like? Yeah, yeah, it was really spend. My my dad like an I were. A they'd give you like a little cotton bud. Are and they. Water on my bedtime. Source Oh sad, but. Life unfortunately. I'm so grateful. Dead I had pretty good relationship, but I was very scared for him for quite some time. Just have this anger. Management issues and I was like Oh my God. I never WANNA. Do anything bad. My Devil get angry, but we had a great. Loss four years in particular like when I was seventeen eighteen to twenty one. which is good because that's when I say? Why! It's nice to have I. Parent Have Something Terminal Way you're. You're forced in a way to to maximize that relationship versus very seldom because I feel like people forget when you leave high school and you move out a home. That's like ninety nine percent of the time that you. There's a stat that I've seen it's like ninety five or ninety nine percent of the time that you ever spend with your parents in your life, and not not all of people. Realize when you move into. Well I'm so glad I'm and I just moved out of? Twenty, but I had those years with dad in the new tour accounts like I, grew up in Cantabria but I had those east, whereas a lot of my siblings because I moved out, older sister moved into state, which is very unusual yet. It's very very very rare to have. Would challenge before downstairs about grants and bonuses and whatnot. Do you qualify for any of the? Cash Flow Bruce saw. I said earlier I danced. Is that I accidentally bought Kosei job? Seek out and I'm like I'm not taking a job I. Have a job so I. I'm eligible for John Kepa a sole trader. So yeah, that's been very helpful. Especially after I had to refund all those people, and because of this I can't actually works. Do? You know if you qualify. There's this thing called the eight to your cash flow Bush is. Grand between grown that I didn't say that and someone I know applied for that and got that and we're like issued a done. That's also. Got It. To with this, I've been finding the about it because they've been debating McCallum so. I'm still working that out button. I found about one from the Victorian government the die before it ended. So lucky, and it is if you getting job caper in Your Business and your Melbourne and you're affected by Covid then they had expanded that to give ten grand to people, and I applied on the morning, and finished seeing that night, and I was like China Towel as many people as possible. To do. It finished on the twenty second of May or the twenty nine. I must have been the twenty, not because my birthday was early that week. Something like ours just before I came home just before the. End of May so and that has helped us by that camera. which is amazing. Damn, it's you know very. I'm very grateful for the job. If you had if you had ten gram, would you spend it on? Wow. It would go straight to rent. Well I live alone in south and it's good. I think it's I love my place, but it's it would go straight. We you be working. Yes so I'm working now with them, the dialing grope and I'm very lucky to be where I don't want to give too much, but yes I'm very lucky to my mentor. Also, that's given me space and I definitely need a commercial spice. Just for the quantity of cookies we have to make as on also going into wholesale, which I was meant to pray covert all shutdown. That's exciting, so that was great. I've never been ready for wholesale. And now I'm ready. That is a different whole ballgame you go from retailers, a little more volatile host sal waymo consistent because. Was Wholesale. They'd have to order minimum minimum amount and also I'm sort of only stocking a particular group of cafes. It kind of exclusively. Who I really have worked within the past. And I really respect, and I really love those cafes so I'm not just doing it to. Sort of yes I'm doing it to get money, but I'm also like that fits in with my brand, always about what? Makes a lot of people approach me, but unlike Nah know about going there. What was the place in Toronto village that you did the the pop up? Oh, yeah, I'd that Recommendation Mr L. Cafe? Vary! I'd very. We'd client meeting with the Guy Dating the Guy Lives around the corner I needed to make me around that area because I was literally on High Street for client shoot. And I just wanted to zip around. Lauren was still managing it and come back, and so he walks in, and so this guy has one of the first alcohol-free bees night stralia. But they look like BIA. Very good very very good. So we're competing CELAYA. This social media contract and He. Puts down these three BS. And, he's like Oh. And he doesn't tell him it's alcohol. We're in this cafe and he's plunked down these beers and I'm like you should probably. Like calm them down because you can get a lot of trouble for that licensing wise, and then he just opens it up. And it just looks like slamming beers in this cafe. We already coffees and all that, but it was such a strange mating, and I often asked me afterwards like Oh. Is that be I'm like no, it's it's alcohol free, Beer. lasix, it's interesting. The strangest encounters are generally the most interesting. Cafe. scored. Have met is current older guy with his. Yeah, think so. Bitch cars of. Another family run plays. Grow loose. Ball Yay. Loza question. You're asking you for that. Getting I cannot see many things about ECOMMERCE and influence and all this stuff, but I'm curious to get your perspective on what's going to happen with? The economy like I mean because you've got a perspective from what's going on in your world. And I'm curious because. It does fit into hospitality, but it doesn't. It's still like retail ECOMMERCE. It's still bates or edible goods. What are you noticing about? How people are engaging you at the moment you getting a lot of demand Parsifal, if yes, so it dramatically increased. Even pre well. When would we say pre covert? Harkin pre covered is anywhere before Australia. brought. See you think OK. Yeah, because this is an interesting point. I had a debate with an insurer. and. I had to take him to the regulator because they wouldn't pay out air insurance policy because of a wedding in May because they believed it was knowing all my by gender journey twenty-fifth say in my business. It wasn't that it was covered was like after so I'm always really busy and stuff. And that was a crime, so that was backing so much was a huge for me, so you can pretty much the but much included April probably, and then I was like yeah, okay, going came grinding, and then I was like all content any supplies. What I moment to do blah? But then I've been out of physical work for about two months now so. It's hard for me to say what it's going to be like coming back. I'm sort of I'm. Confident in my products and in my business. If he can personality that I will still have those contacts and I was still have those loyal customers i. also you know there's customers that I've lost because they were so pissed off, so you're just going to get those people, so that's fine whatever? You feel in your heart, but it's not going to go to zero. No, I feel like if anything I am like I've had a mental breakdown that came to a breakthrough and I've been able to reassess my business plan. And I'm just going about it a different way now, and I think it's you just have to adapt to what is happening and what I wanted to do. Before is not necessarily the Pathak going down, I. Do you just have to get to a crossroad and I? I'm a Catholic I do. Take calculated risks I think, and I'm very business minded, but I can also be a bit airy-fairy. It'd be like. Oh, it's down this track. Spend this money and it's like no. You have to be smart about what you do and not. Also caught. Yeah, I am I feel like I've got a smart. I can be hotheaded, but I can be smart about things and not invest all my money into something. I just try and go about things at a slower pace because I also feel like startups. If you invest too early in with a water. Money can lose that money quickly you done. It's like. The basically like. Running a setup I feel like. Just removing as many risks as possible yeah, and like some of those risk can be. A like. Risk like literally that all could be supply chain risk like moving from one supplier to another like with the eggs. So, it's little things like that and I agree I think. We've had that too, and I feel like co voted. For, at least a generation of entrepreneurs could be a really. Good lesson it's a great lesson for existing entrepreneurs. If, someone came to me and was like. Start a cake business. At anytime I would sight really. Do you really want you to start? Chris like GM San. HOW STRESSFUL IT! Maybe you should go work for someone because getting a salary like that is a pace of care, it'd be as you, but then I'd also say yes for existing entrepreneurs. It's been a great listen and people can. It's actually a time for everyone to slow down physically mentally everything and reassess what you're doing and say look at what is selling the most. What is the most important to your core values of a business and just re look at that and say if you're actually on that path, and like if you're not, then you have the chance to re. visit, but if someone said to me in covert I WANNA, start this business. I'd say. Is a terrible time to start. Toys Now. Maybe, explain just in two to three years just why? Will. This is going to be. This is going to take a good ten years to. Disobeyed like to like. The recession may be shorter. Yeah, in terms of timeframe, but the recovery will be the same as it always is, which is typically a tentative, so I think it's just an. If you WANNA start hunting, I reckon just too seriously. Have think like I still wanted to do. A pop found a great location Hawthorne, and then I was so excited, but then I went to my mom and she's like. Now you shaw. You've just started paying your own rent. This is another you know three hundred bucks on top of that rain. You've got really religious decree, think about these that I have hooked. She sort of brings me down. And I'm like you know what the pop ups all about the universe and signs and things like that and I'm like it's just not meant to be right now. In two to three years, it will be of enough I've enough business going on. Mike the Commercials. The wholesale the pope up got at top. Top Paddock. Sacred I'm guessing by the. Not an I, it's happening on the fourth of July so. The by. So I've got I've got enough on my plate. I think if you think anyone who's been through this period and is sort of recruit everything and. And like you said has reevaluated what you doing. If you can just focus and break, even and maybe if you're lucky, make profit in the next twelve months. Then you are doing. Better than the vast majority of people and destroying I think that. There's going to be like even in our industry. We are because we're about to hire the. Talent available like I think I was reading the daylight thirty percent of the big four agencies that liquor stuff. So so thirty percent of their work forces now eight, the under employed or gone. and not hiring any graduates. So it's going to be the next twelve to eighteen months is going to be tough, but I feel I. Look at scenario for Bartha different businesses, and I have a small internally knowing that least will be. Archaic something! I will be capable. Just I'll just have to tested and say what happens. Obviously there's going to be people that are not going to buy because they don't have as much money in there. You're not going to buy cookies if you if you have enough money. Yes, have I, but also it's sort of you know. You should consider this one thing that I was talking about recently with another. I can see found, and it's called the lipstick effect. So what often happens during a recession is instead of buying a selene bag. You may buy some Dior Chanel lipstick. So instead of maybe going out for wall. Fancy cake or Dinners out or cafes or whatever you decide to buy a knauss cake to have at highly cookies to have exactly why even last year I sort of looked at the business model and I was like this is all made to order, but. I'm not going to make a profitable business. Only doing made to order cakes, there's enough there's enough businesses in Melbourne do that and a very successful at it. I wanted to make a product that is A. Cheaper product price point, but still has the quality. The quality everything that's so. It's actually it's expensive for the the item in his. Michalis aren't shape, but you're paying for that packaging the branding Mike Creativity which also my dad said, do not sell yourself short based on your creativity. There's all the people that can make cookies out there, but they don't the same brain as you. So you've got to take that into consideration. You pay for everything about it. There's so much love that goes into it so I just wanted to create some products that were a cheaper price point that the average person can buy, but still we think that it's a trait for them, and it's very special. That seems like a some point during all this. You're watching the founder again. I watched that. Lakes. Maybe there was a lot. There's going be a lawn to in the movie about that. Yeah I think so. Why would say but he's? He's problem. Actually the business until it became the McDonald's corporation was he was too focused on cost cutting. Yes, which? Actually deteriorated the brand brand, and especially with like you know. The milk shakes that they had the sess- off talking. Like a Yeh doodoo memo. Relied hot on quality products. Can still sell it for profitable margin? There is no reason that I would cut on the quality of my chocolate like the chocolate I uses or West Calabro. Top premium chocolate like had to buy. You can trust love. Fifteen kilo bags Mike. If you. Try that compared to say. I don't have a problem with this. Because I used to use Nestle, but if you just tried one calabro chalk cheese. This is not the totally human outfield. Like. Tyson denise latest Kabri versus cold. And you. Completely, different. But one of the best. Pat. Is I've ever used? Is the WOOLWORTH'S BRANDT? and. You can always by the color of the course. The color is very defining the ice to find born euchre's. Coloring to be the best. Plus Star. That's another one. Anyway. That's past, always probably great one. I also use caliber now cocoa powder, but if anyone's making a chocolate cake if you don't use if you're not making. You're making A. Normal flour chocolate hiking always use a very high quality cocoa powder. That is a darker color to refer them on the point that you're essentially making this sort of like what is happening. Is People owning more of their? Business and supply chain a lot of freebies businesses they would outsource X. Y. or Z.. Maybe the packaging is an example I. think the more that you can earn. The price can still remain at a price, but the Mahjong crisis stool of really good product and I think that's what we're learning. That's why we bought that camera. Over time will save money by having internally and we better internally doing that thing that previously we would have just got out so i. just do well say on the opposite could now because I've got this problem and for mentally I can't physically take on. Not Amana work out source things. Still under the bike mccague ME BRANDT Pastry shifts and things like that. Sometimes I'm selecting it for a person who is very qualified at doing. It's a good Tyson product and I can at least outsource that, so I can ease my time in the most efficient and productive. Why somewhere else? Or want to jump into rapid fire questions now for Sort during last time. What's what are you been watching? Netflix Well pig on Netflix. Will recently I've been watching is a cold love love loss IEA. That's the right. Yeah with an Kendrick is a good year. It's really good. Sort of. She goes just love her. She's such a commit like she's Canadian really. But it's about literally just her life. She goes through dating different people, and it's I don't know it's just very reliable for me. Like for any girl or whatever I think it goes could relate to that show. I've seen the trailer for because we watched the great. With Nicholas, halts and Offending the youngest sister. Really fucking good very very good Seri-, so yeah, we'll have to check out love live. Any purchase that you made pre or during covid it's going to be on the turn of box and is like really helped to l.. A. Rose Courts Facial Rolla. Is. It was like seeing you can buy. One hundred dollars I found the. Beautiful Little homeware store in Bonn. Dana and it was like fifty dollars, and it's like this brand is called boy women and I bought the not oil that comes with it, so you may. You meant to put like a serum on your face seeker role at and that's the rolling actually do so. The rolling is good for will. You can do it in two different ways, you can actually roll it back and forth. I use it full. Emphatic drainage always do an upwards outwards motion. And then the night oil smells beautiful. It's good for your skin. Helps the road rolling motion, the Rose Quartz I'm all about some of these crystals at the moment and that I think the Rose quotes is meant to be like love. It'd be all about love and love yourself and things like that. And, it's actually a rose quartz once they. If they're a real, rose quartz stone, they remain called so it's actually very lovely to put on your face it's. Harming. You Know I. Do like those roller things that. That is one thing that women do better than men is. Not so much relaxation, but Yeah, like I've always been. Relaxation I do it for more like my skin to look good I've always had a pension for like. Getting a massage every week or every couple of weeks actually had we go bliss massages with they come to your house. I can ask you order masseuse on surgery. So please always was like. A treat lauren as well. We'll get a couples massage and they do in the. She sit up in the bedroom, so we can have the hater on, and she's going to central wills, and all that and I didn't realize how much I fucking missed having. It'd be three months. When I went to the physiologic pin. New. South Wales I was like. Even this is just a mess. Very relaxing. or Question for you. What has been like. We've had these. Stacking and craziness that we saw on the shelve. What's been sort of your go-to item in the fridge that you've loved during lockdown? For us. It was chick pace tin chickpeas. Team faith? Beside, the fridge in the supermarket, or my freeze your fridge or Pantry at home well. On copy signed the ubiquitous. So last night. Sorry I. Just about this autumn. I found last night when I was in Willie's and Paul's. Shows Moose. Is Loud. That was so good. It was like three dollars to, and I'll say that's just so worth one doll. So when I was a kid, we could select one trend that way at all orients. Is Heavy say Michael. I was like I mentioned. Is that Khloe Kardashian and unlike this is sister so I ate a whole layer, not because it's really bad. To Aid Picnic or or your IAGO Yang. Yeah and with the trump chips and you. Go to thing. I have not had any of those sort of chocolate. Mercy your things in a very. Satisfied that nostalgic, it's the nostalgia element. Be Good idea to make like. A luxury sort of. Mercy your thing. Break Meka. Ideas we fight. Terrorism. coolies and just all of any ideas I've. Just have gotten nude like New, York City Chunk, coming out, and you have to plan it because if I get overwhelmed if too many ideas that I. Do all this stuff, and then it's not really. The way it marketed very well and. That's one thing about being entrepreneurs. You probably creative in, so you're always thinking about new ideas. You'RE GONNA. Pull yourself back. which is a good and bad thing, yes. Zoey thanks coming in on a runoff in. SORTA your colgate. Yes I've got calls from fake boss, mom. There's people delivering forty cakes, my house. One way could finally on the INTERWEBS. Me Dot Com. And make me instagram. They can find my personal one on Instagram facebook. I think the price will Guan's. The original became me because that is a home of the issue of someone trying to steal my name but I have the trademark, so they anything right? Thank you. Thanks for listening to this episode if you like it, do you believe us a written review on your podcast APP? As it helps us continue going on a weekly by system. We do love reading those reviews as well. if you want to show, you can find that below all without previous kisses, neurology dot com slash podcast. It's in a you are. Double Aid. com slash podcast to watch the full video, such uncommon show Youtube and to keep up to date with behind the scenes and clips. Can find us at Pun common. Underscore Shar on instagram. Next time, guys, thank you so much for listening.

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