How PAAKWESI turn his past pain into passion


Are you thinking about starting a podcast? And you don't know how create your podcast today with anchor and get it heard on spotify apple podcasts and everywhere people listen and guess what you can record it from anywhere anytime with one click. Your podcast is out and you know what else anchor is. One hundred percent free and easy to use export anchor and start your podcast today. Welcome Oklahoma come back to another episode of. It's all about evolving podcast. I'm your host Kathy. Hollow and today with me in the guest seat is none other than pack. Us He is an African. Rapper Songwriter and producer. A welcome to its ULLEVAAL VANCOUVER MUCH. And it's parkway sorry. Casey hypocrisy got it so unless more about you I mean is easier when you ask specific question but I say I mean. I'm all arapahoe poet rampant. Now Singa you know that was Dave illusionary process for me start at us. Also a deep poetry did Wrap an notch I make a more melodic so and singing and I've been doing it for a while but not Been out for a while doing in different capacities over the years. You know but I just recently decided last. Few years decided to get more into my own. You know mom Creator Space Dos Stock. Creating music for myself. Okay Okay who inspired you to the music or to start liking all to do music and to start to do music out. Say my earliest. Inspirations Party be like Sam Cooke was will. My father was listening to an house. Sam Cooke Harry Belafonte and Emma. Big Brother would says Semarang sin also went through there. What you're listening to was what I was. I had to listen to an I grew out of that into like the two parks and then the other rapids and shoddy and all of those in along the line I develop a start again into poetry. I liked I liked the wordplay like people that were able to express themselves. And like you know late in very complex where you're writing and speaking now so I went into poetry and graduated. Move Poetry to wrap. Because I wanted to be able to express it in certain way did that. For years there recently decided to go into something more melodic. Dad came about as far as like Life Yeah Yeah that's where we're GONNA dump him right now to your song. Murder was all she wrote. She read it okay. I'm not a rougher but al True Ri- immunotherapy. I'll try to you know. Say a couple of hours from it so you said that so. She handed me the sword by the Blade for the war that I weighed to dupe the battle. Robert so here so she handed me is sold by the blade right war that I wish to do better for the love remains right and this particular song came from Nat Line Right. The whole song is based on that one line but a whole song coming into like intervene. Just happened I was. I was new Yokohama cousin and then his like another cousin was in the studio. He's a producer New York. I WanNa Chapelle. So they booked an appointment. We were lay was we were supposed to have life. Wow is a studio The big as busy studio whereas all of the main like you know big artists coming to do two things and so he had a spot and then we were. They were like two hours late cousin not to do some stuff in town so we did that and went to the studio and then when we got there and like two hours. I don't WanNA disappoint making feels top of waste. An East is playing around with a beat and MELODY DOT COM IN. Outta me out to think about it. The came in in us. You know the wholesome built around that wildlife. Yeah that's what I want to get into because it's a deep words here like what's the whole story like who is see. White Udal not a one line is assess as from the passage from a long time ago and it was. It was a situation where female that I was with says. And things to me that I feel like you know this will like very opposite of encouraging wasn't uplifting tone was terrible things that was said to me and then I was thinking that it was two things I was going to happen. I'M GONNA get really mad and act almonte negative toxic emotions or grow up and find a way to turn that dirt to Apirl like the dice. So this is my mentality. Desma thinking who thing. I'm thinking I if I if I if I take. The crowd is going to be baffled. Both of us. So I'm GonNa beat a big man and then try and turn it into my vantage so I was looking at it like I'm about to go into war right Anita weapon. She has given me the weapon. Plus she gave it to me by the Blade. As a minus. However giving it to me by the blade kind of Maimi fuel to Kinda Paine field going tobacco's I could get cut in almost like. She's preparing me for the battle hymn but to go do but at the same note that she just she didn't think through that process. Just say what she said because she felt it size. More of like a verbal abuse verbal abuse. But in the same time I was of protecting my abuser. You know because I felt like she's being she doesn't know what she's doing. I'm going to be going to be a big amount right now so you were protecting her way way because I was the victim of from what I couldn't unleashed onto her. Well Yeah what else you try to be protective of disperse. Who said these things against me like you know what she did? Give me a sword. Okay you know injured me and when I went to the battlefield. I know how to be injured so more prepared. You know so now. I'm not looking ahead like a manage. I'm going to get back at you and none of that you know bodice same time Very pleasant experience to go through it with anybody. Oh wait for them to say certain things to you. Yeah I've been through it so I can relate. It's it's just not not very often like a male will express and speak out on women being verbally abusive because it does how terrible especially with me. I'm a very like you know I'm very I'm sensitive to things that I said. I'm Sam very extremely sensitive to what you say. However I'm sensitive when people that are close to say you know I can. I can care less if somebody says some nasty things to me just ricochet but a person as close to me I feel like they have the power to penetrate. Would Award. So you have to be careful. You don't have to just say Kayla's where it's to me because you're angry express after expressing and you comb nostril. Remember what you said that. He fixed US Duke on the day. I may be strong enough to not let him get me. But still there any build up after awhile. My accent stop away and be like yeah. He was like you know he did that. At at all of that has a root course This is what I was trying to prevent so how long it took you to get out of that relationship. Did it take like a long and like was the after Federal Mo- objective then was to help like you know to cause for it and it wasn't just random somebody I really like so I felt like you know help you get better not. I saw changes so changes I like. Oh so you still together. I thought you owned one. It was an old situation a new situation right now. Well as okay. So you're helping this person like yeah. Yeah you know I mean like wow. So he's basically has like those who are weakness weakness as well but I feel like it's not fully when I fully over it. Well when fully give her because she didn't fully realize the extent of like a word so the damage she can do those things so that's what she's now realizing as we're going along and this song is all she's going to hear the song when it comes out and as you know she's GonNa see guessing when I was talking about K. Okay okay well you know what we go through what we go through. And I'm happy that she's actually. She understood what she did. And you know hopefully not repeat in a mean to be. It's not just about here is about a lot of people in a relationship and the guys who abuse women verbally as well Varney verbally. I mean nobody can abuse me physically but emotionally nobody. Nobody gave me physically emotionally mentally. Like your allow yourself to be vulnerable to send people in an lead take advantage that they don't know how you know they don't know their limits. Yeah that's what I try to avoid. I could cut out o-negative people altogether but somebody who helps him. Don't even know how bad they are like with your mouth. Yeah no answer and I feel like women have a women naturally have power over men with the way able to express themselves no matter how smarter manage a woman could send things. They'll cut you to pieces like our so woman's word to me is like it could be a wind in your sail or competed with cuts diagonally. You're not going nowhere or it could be a win going to get you to where you're gonna go but his ball the dynamics how you guys relate you know which able to bring out from her. Asu At is but Verbal abuse on a whole. Like doesn't matter if you're male and female sometimes we say things and we don't even realize the impact it on the other person so I would say like I always say. Be careful what you say all is always well. It is amazing song an amazing song bludgeoned like yes. It is so into the I was listening to been good and coming here. My son and we were rock into it so far K. So let us into that song. Tell us about. That wasn't been good is like his political. Have been good as personal and political defers. Do a Lotta political issues from perspective from Africa from global from me being like a black man in the world you notice things that are not in our favor and it's like yeah you have to accept it this way all of those things and then there are like mentalities not as not always conducive because a hundred people like you are doing type of thing doesn't necessarily mean that is the right thing to do or becomes off. What is a fat is not necessarily the best thing for you true. So in being good I'm talking about inequality would say older wrong people in ripe positions they have failed as an what. What else. wish in The supply talk about with showing no roller asses. So we can be famous part. That was that was very much me addressing like my what. I saw a lot of At the wretchedness on Youtube eight yeah and even on the meetings. It became mainstream. Crossover people in other positive were who who know better but because it becomes such a fad. Yeah they get into the tap into that. Yeah maybe not fully but it gradually everything stays in your head is going to grow without the internalize it gradually and sometimes not even known so. That's what I talked about like. You know what? A quarrels was addressing. An inverse goes into full which we are famous. Data's WHOA that. This holiday named US separate me from golden gave me paper. Pay ments separately from Gordon gave me the payment as a Fiat currency. And all of those things 'cause a consciousness Africa from your goal other gold gold could mean go you know and you are saying. Goethe's forest like Natural Resources. Which is a problem in Africa? 'cause they don't gotta well and they don't. They don't do propagation with people when they deal with a so. You have the land you have to go to nibble people come to deal with it. They give you like maybe A five percent or ten percent of whatever to get You know communism or buying your land for like we're going to give you ten million dollars for the last year you sign off in Mississippi we're gonNA give it to you in ten years and a work for ten years. Get a prophet and pay with. You're not getting anything. Also you ought to death so is about people thinking like covering all basis and in dealing with things but else I need to explain that for some people to understand. That's come on come on meet a song so melodic so you could just jam to it but gradually you're get what I'm saying way. Yeah because it's a it's a really good beat the beat caught me and then Mike meals and gone is young produce as amazing okay. So how long have you been in Canada? Once I came I was I was in New York for a while. Those things and I was GONNA come to candidate in April but the few things change plans. Change in McCain's idea. Okay also go. Becky can do back and forth. But I mean I'll be okay and you're from Ghana because I know because I have friends African friends too. And there's very shy say they're very Specific of where they're from like you can't just say okay. You're African No. I'm from here or that is also. I don't know not many people can explain or give you the fact that inform that disdain. When you say when you call me a Nigerian and I'm GonNa say not uncommon. I spoke about that in the song. Swore if you suck estate divided disobedience last show because you're not strong enough fragments estate urine Ghana's problem is not Togo's problem took. His problem is Beneath problem. That needs problems. Nigeria's problems Ghana could be sitting now watching Togo get raped by some foreign country and not do anything because they're different country than me. I'm not saying that happens. I mean you're vibes. I guess because when I say okay you know you're asking no citizenship of a small country. I cannot say you know full Africa to be strong or to be respected by European America's in Asia were not in needs to be on a level as far as like the size. Even the saizen bringing your resources together because of Africa solve. Its problems if they come together but until the Antara is GonNa be the same. What's GonNa be like you know a place where you could go and steal as much as you want? Smuts as you want to do. What is saying right now? I'm I'm just saying that. People are more account accountable because the system is so the people that the country Sausa- so small and you cannot. They can't do much. Sodium forced to take whatever deals? They get okay you know. That's on a political level so that divisional comes down to the individual level where a person from Nigeria doesn't want to be addressed as oh mistaken for like geneen quick to correct you equipped according you that. Africa's not is not a conscious unconscious a continent but I wish it was a country which was just one big mass that the people like you know you could travel from this disdain for the next day with no need for visas and if I move on Ghana to South Africa just Go into the bank. Kazlo like moving from New York to California to do you know it'd be more efficient now. We okay. So that's the whole. Yeah coming together to like you know be like emulate America has done wo for the other countries have done. Yeah his working you can you can. You can't keep doing something that doesn't work. Do what the people that are working do. Yeah well it's going to take a lot of work man. The lot of workers a lot of people to do a lot of work but you need to get a lot of people on board in their minds needs to be in there. So that's what he was talking about in that first verse. Basically that's what he address and as the converse was a bit personal because abg onto and things A few years lead into like one time I did I saw. Yeah was it two thousand seventeen or sixteen. I did US on So I lost like I mean I I lost some friendships in law. Some things and whatnot and I went through a Lotta those a lot of events that could be set to be traumatic around the same time so like I'm dealing with this loss. That laws diesel. You know like you know. Stick to much of my energy to tell me about them like I wanNA know. Tell Me Okay you're K which share in at least why is your some? You know maybe you could help somebody else without their thing in that okay. I can't cancel. This took on too much. You know pretty much lessons learned lessons. I'll I'll tell you the lessons learned from those incidences or If you're going to do business you have to do business. You have to do business to a T. Yeah as in. You need to understand the process. You need to not mix emotions and such as my friend and we'RE GONNA. I'm passionate about this That just do. All of the people were do. All of the set. The systems right lane passionate was more passionate than like you know Sticking to the rules a previous business so even though we had everything to succeed in was successful for a little be seen to be successful may some success but we being maximum. We didn't reach our full potential and in that went bust and then quickly. I tried to revive it by John. Lewis Autism Autism is managing which will became successful. We made big in his and we broke up an jumped into next to autism and in a couple artists came on hand. Four five artists at the same time would not would not much resources to push one enough but they believe in me and pushing me and saw put everything I had to getting a place. I could get a house you know. Put Them in Studio Office and whatnot. Did that for a while. But I couldn't carry on you know because he warned generating enough to maintain to keep operating so just brakes and some of the artists had like fallout. If somebody who fell out with me based send things that were not you know like dame and apoe felt like my soul into this me finish. That way made me feel some type of late. Yeah but then again I knew some of them are young and they were now experience and things the first time so like then again. I made excuses for them. Like you know what I'm not gonNA be mad at. Nobody because it's going to. It's going to destroy me internally mckeever habitat and 'cause I gross to you so I let all of that goal and to heal myself. Recouped GET MYSELF BACK ON TRACK. Gay like you know. Get new stepped away from up the whistle on me because music was only a way for me to like. Get my mind busy with something knows more productive done that you know being a not place. Yeah because I was drowning me. Yeah you know what? That's something I've learned to. You can't mix business friends. Even family wants his business. It's business if you start to mix that stats a whole different ballgame definitely like you know yeah and controlling your emotions and everything too so notice at the end of the Bingo Song. The fireworks. Yeah intentionally it was. I didn't WanNA leave the song. Not of like if Anna's not sad it doesn't feel like a sad song as go vibe to it but what I'm saying is now really like is not like yeah Po- bottles or do you know way retreat things it was addressing issues. But I'm trying to make it sound easy on the ears. You know so if you listen are listening to the Washer GonNa feel happy. Yeah that's what I'm saying. It's a very good be like I love. I would literally job in here with Weinstein. That's what it is. That's what I did. That's how I know all the songs like try to tell much roof you know and also because I felt like I felt like if I died at some point I like man I could have died so many times men and if if I died in Euros Times won't be my biggest regret and I knew it it was. I didn't even think I knew it was. You did not give you a gift to the world which is what you came. What which is the music or your creativity or whatnot. You didn't give it your you. Can you had it in your pocket and then you went back with it. You didn't give it to anybody knows I feel like okay. Not just stop putting it out whether like you have money or not just doing it to stop doing it out then to get back on stage to perform confidence open all night because all of that was hot. I've been away for over ten years all that long healing. It does take time and everybody feels differently. Yeah but you know the good thing is you started. And you're you're you're on the track It definitely I mean I'm happy. I'm happy like even doing these little shows as just like me trying to get myself back into the muscle back into the mix academic dishonesty if you can't perform it and people are not getting in and then and like you said in the song if you ain't showing your ass it's like you coming into the meeting with a whole difference looking everything with which is good because I like you know like not what everybody else is doing which is good too. So how is that working out for you? Lake do you find where it's challenging or verse US How you present yourself in the media like you not doing you know rap music now. It's all about the thing is I'm not even limited myself to just singing rapping when that like our house produces semi beetle. I'm GonNa work with suffered USA. I just here would have an responsible I just responsibly. So some will make you WanNa wrap some of it will make you WANNA sing. You know whatever whatever comes comes because I feel like I don't want to limit I don't WanNa put no ceiling are like what I could do. Creatively can no limits your last a few? Oh who's your favorite musician are artists for musician to buck. Oh Yeah Female. Be Chardonnay. Okay don't laugh. Who is sharpening owner? Shark Oh my goodness. I don't get interrupted. You tell me if you know if you know Sui Tas Taboo gave me. You gave me this heat. You don't know shutting out you know what that's my homework. I'M GONNA look her up as a d E. OKAY. Yeah Shut Aquino Soul. I lost is going to be a beautiful like you know Introduction wants to. He has shot a song today out of I. I'm in your life if you don't already know it. Yeah because Saturday's phenomenal okay so shoddy speaks to Mita ways shot into bub because of highly presented the art and how sincerely like how how like there was incentives music. You know which is what I try to be. 'cause I try not to. I try to tell the truth. The thing is you could tell the truth and away as damage. Whoever listens to it all back to help them and motivate them because truth is not an easy thing to do a menace. It can be terrible. You know. I'll lie tell lies to keep and that's the thing. I don't like Arab either. You tell me the truth rather than Lie Truth Yes oh but it's not. It's not as simple as tell the truth teller. Lie You could tell the truth in a way that doesn't have maximum damaging effect ass if somebody just told you the died no euphemism and noted and prepare you for that type news just hit hit you with that and then you get a heart attack and you die. No but then that's life though but I'm saying like you in my experience. I know that that type of thing is reality. That can happen if I told you something else damaging it could actually damage you feel like your physical so I need to temperate and delivered in a way that you get full information but minimize mitigate the damage that could do again. I disagree with you because how I was raised. I was my my parents. Told me the truth but they I would say nice it up and then now I'm older and me like before like having my past experience if they have just told me the plate in truth like okay. This will happen if you do this. Then out of avoid those things and also it's I so now I like to hit me with a true okay so not though nice it up. Don't try to hurt my feelings or try to seal me for instance. Tell me personally I think I still because I could tell it to you. Ronak it. I don't WanNa be responsible for the damage could do. It's say somebody passed away that were both close to and and I wanted to tell you. First of all cadets mission a person's name in you could imagine things or the way. I say the name John Enabling will weapon the now. I'm sorry I told you what you're Kinda like. Imagine as a year something mundane slowly all in. I don't know maybe because of working I rather that. Just call me okay. no died. Tell me hey you know what you remember John. I'm like yeah okay. You know I heard something. Don't tell no not dramatic but like you know I don't know how to do it out. Well like in this academic song find a creative way like what I did with but I guess it's just a cultural thing in my coaching. Does they do that I've been around where people people deliver said messages. The Miles Mama. My Dad and then they'll say they start when you start is almost like poetry and my parents nowhere token kind of have an idea. What is coming so they kind of breeze themselves just to brace yourself to get infamy like information about to give you sometimes tend to sit on it well because you can fall Ford With tell me this like when you tell me the sit down. Arcade are you driving once you call me? Are you driving? Okay what is it now? Don't call me are you. Are you good to talk? And that's fine. You know but then I yeah. I don't like all of that. What that's another topic. Okay so What's next for you? You said just use it or I'm going into other things but right now you know I need to start a like While foot in front of the other so the music is the first one. I'm focused on right. Now get the music out because does eventually GONNA be like the Central Santo Santo piece for everything. Everything is GonNa come from your music. Yeah Yeah you know so. That's what I'm focused on his release on the twentieth of March for the Song. To ask you. Where does she wrote is? GonNa come out on the twentieth of March. Okay it comes with a intro actual which is a poem. 'cause song as reality that I was living in appoint was a fantasy Oman. Kinda like instruction of like telling you how to how I'd like for us to be like. Okay Okay Yeah. I read through the poem okay. But I wasn't sure if you wanted to talk about it well. We look out for March twentieth. So if if you had one message to give to your fans right now or somebody's listening. What would it be those listening you need to? They need to listen to my music. I four days into my music. Okay where can we find your music spotify on Apple? Music is on all the stores and a name. His Parkway C. P. A. K. W. E. S. policy is word. Okay I'll also leave it in the show notes. Alad information in the show notes. You're listen thank you so much for being on and that will be all for today. Thank you for joining us this week on this episode. Make sure you subscribe to the show in Itunes spotify or whatever platform you listen so that you never miss an episode or if you simply share a telephone about the episode that would be awesome to ambi short tuning for Friday for our next episode. I will I normally end those show with my theme song but I'll play a little clip from Casey's Song Been Good You can listen to it. I appreciate you so much for listening and God bless you guys.

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