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Char Margolis Shark Indications Inc and in LLC do not endorse or offer for any purpose but entertainment the views of any guests or other expert on sharp vision or UB. I knew things before they happened. From the time I was a child at the age of eight I saw spirit at the foot of my bed and didn't know what it was in my twenties. I finally realized I had a special ability that could help others. I have learned that love never dies. There is a spirit world that can communicate with us and we all have the gift of intuition. Join me and together. We will explore the possibilities of the unknown from beyond and more. This is sharp vision. Hey everybody it's sunny and Shar and it's the month of May Twenty twenty and I'm just so excited because today I have a very special two very special guests and it's Kelly Ripa in mark Suelas who can sway lows rights mark. Sorry about the in I don't know if you guys know the story but will tell later about the prediction. I did when Kelly was auditioning but I wanna get right to what's going on. It's it's such a difficult time for everybody. With this quarantining people are fearful because of the Corona Virus. And you guys are just so special in respect you in. I'm just so honored that you decided that you would do my show today because it means the world to me. Will you a shower now? And I it during this during this time. Especially there's there's so much uncertainty people are so anxious and feel so helpless and you know when we just going going over our heads like what should we do. How should we prepare? There's who do you turn right. Who Do you charge it? And when you've you've plan you plan ahead you've got your kids. We're very lucky. We've been quarantining together but we really reached out to you because we need guidance. Tell us it's GonNa be okay and you're a you're that person for us low. God bless you. I'm always here for you when you you. You've been so wonderful to me to help me help other people. Because I've I've really dedicated my work to this so you guys have been quarantining together. I want to know what the best part of Porn teeny together is. I want the words fired at weren't getting together. Houma s hard. Is You know we used much together when we are physically together. I I work in Canada most of the year but an whole ally eastern time. Together I mean putting more time obviously. Now you're off to your job and then we go to Stu your separate things. You connect the afternoon verbiage liberal earlier today by for me. The best part is that you know we have three adult. Children are baby is seventy years old and to our kids or early live out of the house and so have home with us to have back with us in the nest As it's a horrible feeling it's given us this It's extended this time. Where a lot of our friends are having babies and our kids are growing and so every time we see one of their babies. We always say all. Don't you wish our chickens were back in the nest and now we have are in the net once? Silver lining is that. This is definitely a unique situation because the next time. We're GONNA HAVE ALL TOGETHER FOR MASONIC FLIP. You is graduating. He's go off in our freshmen can be more than what he's going to leave your go to college. So this is it. I mean this. This is a surviving local. Also our nephew is with us. So it's really special because we have like an extra a very lucky. It's a lot of family time you know had a couple of us. We've had couple's squabbles in resolutions average do and it's nice though it's like you forget you forget how Hallam Gosh moments Leading you know. Yeah and so. How are you celebrating your son graduation odd out? We were up ten and an online invitation to attend the off black graduation and So yeah that's that's what we're going to be doing we'RE GONNA. We're a log on family and and we'RE GONNA and we're going forward the invitation with grandparents so that they can watch their grandson graduate tom down. That's what we're GONNA do that upset about it. He's really upset about it. So he's a very he's a special kid he's he's always been really he's a very kind soul. He is a good hearted person and for him. He's to him. The ceremony isn't the way you know it wasn't about it was really about you. Know the work and giving himself a goal in finishing that gobble and then moving on whatever's next goals are God. Bless them but that's really it you know it's like a lot of people get married in. All they want is a wedding. Don't think about living together for the next fifty years. Yes that's what we did. We didn't want to let the marriage yet so You know you never said what the worst part of the of the quarantining. But it's you're still optimistic. That maybe we should just stick to what the best part is now. Being without. Parents has been really really geared. Really Aaron Zarate. It's been brutal for us because we're very. We're you know US Ami people so the house. Yeah we're not is that didn't concern. They missed the Daily daily concerns their age right. I'm sure it's the bonus states and we. We have one family member in particular. I won't name names. There is one family member particular who will not stay home slows to restore orange. You know we survived polio. I'm giving all of these. You know why yet we need to sober that person up. Maybe you maybe you can plant the seed. I don't know I don't know that it'll ever. I think that this person this said Resin Jazz. You know feels that they've reached a partner life where they're afraid and and and I said well I hate hate to be the faces you saw would be our faces on A. I told you they start listening. Well it's just it. Just you know anybody. Who's watching us? It's just so much more contagious than than we realized in a Japan data experiment. I don't know if you start if you if you Google Japan on experiment. They they did a thing with powder in how an unlike the of food in it was like really scary. How IT SPREADS QUICKLY IS. This is like the worst part. That's that's the chronic anxiety. Were better parents. It very middle. Have you call a session with our set there? I would be honored and I'd be more than happy to do that so you know it seemed like some couples are closer than ever with this corona virus thing in the quarantining in in some people are falling apart. Some relationships are falling apart. What advice would you give people work? 'cause you guys really seem to know how to make it work? Yeah on it. It depends on the circumstances. I often feel you know people that are may be trapped in a marriage thickness of the process of didn't really now. You are basically trapped together and really were in the process of ending about how Abbas dukes for tax relates. There can be dangerous like that. So but but the best circa say in normal circumstances. Yeah you're going to get each other's nerves. You're calling chill he. There's going to be things I know that I do. So what are you I ryan to do those things but invariably do because I am human being I think that the main thing is be tap be patient with each other Russell patient with strangers right as if his dreams not not be out on the street near a stranger on his breathing loudly. I Say Stop. At restrict snoring ranger snoring next could not finish their notes. Respect also right now at its respective About what's going on air really really suffering health And he's really really just having a perspective case where we had an argument orders so that some in something in patients happening guys look at Your Cup hat. Full not half empty. Obviously in you know thank God you have each other. You're like I don't know how you can stand looking at each other. You're so ugly both you. It's not like the Beautiful Cup of Hollywood in but more importantly your beautiful inside because I know both of you. And you're just so pure of heart and so so kind and so considerate in. You have such compassion for people. You Know Meyer. What do you think is going to? The pandemics can affect actors now because links on hold on. You know. I don't know if you think about it I'm thinking about my mom crew in my casts Personally you don't onset. There's close to two hundred people. Maybe less Gamertag thirty or forty people all on a parking lot said he sided studio forty fifty people at a time. it's concerning Howard. Cows aged how how they won't you adjust that so it stayed for everyone. So I'm worried about that Taunts were over. Close worry about the crew You know a So hard work harder than you know there before they're after us and nothing's happening so no one's you know No-one were so important. The movie premieres ex-premier nowhere. How's that GonNa you know the whole models changing right now and I think whatever the circumstances right so there are people that are not there. People meet right so I'm I'm a work home. You're able to work from home right but it's not ideal but you're sober lucky. Were able to work in Eric. Will and do you and Ryan try to plan beforehand. A WE WE ALWAYS DO. Ryan are very very us. We've been friends for many many years and so we we do plan. We plan ahead. We plan every every aspect activist off on the West Coast and so he's speaking up five in the morning to do this an end. I said congratulations when one day when you become a parent Our your your clocks already going to be set the threat but whenever saying was that with their people that are that are working in people that have lost their jobs and there are people that have anxiety about how they're going to feed their kids but then all of all of those worries boom way would have somebody that sick in the hospital and potentially die right. Sorry like that's the thing like you're so much devastation. That talking about like beans or or having like is anxiety that what's going to happen. It's just an all we keep going keep talking about. How fortunate we are right now. Nobody that we know look knock on. Wood is affected by this right. Now she died. We've had many friends. We twelve people we know there have they the look. Yeah this is Ross and Kelly in some ways your job is is is more important than ever feel that Means that she will. She won't she won't speak to that I agree I think that what they would Ryan her brand to joy. A great distraction if you will and especially now just to stop on what's happening world for our and as keep it light you good new stories on on every day and I agree with you. I mean I think it's I mean that's right heard a lot from people Hush they got at the show. That show and just people distraction Sharon. You would like this this. This would appeal to you specifically so we've been focusing on talking to a hero of the day. A person is doing good in the community and and giving our resources so if you're hungry in Utah where your local food bank is. You can call a number or if you're even if you're too timid because most people that need help just simply refuse to ask for it because it's just how we've all been brought up right you don't let people know when you're suffering So we've been trying to access that area of society. Maybe people are like home. Afraid they don't know how they're going to pay their mortgage. They don't rights trying to feature these people that are doing amazing work in the community but then at the end of the Joe Johnson called are good news sort of the day and I was telling. This story is so amazing. Entire family got Hobart. The mother the matriarch of the family. Who's in the woman was based into a medically induced coma is on a ventilator? She started she started having visions or dreams. Vivid DREAMS ICON hallucinations I was calling the night terrors and hallucinations But she was dreamed a mark and me and Ryan and we were all with her in the white room for all in the route. Cathy don't the White Room Africa. He said I had a white pants suit on and I started laughing at. I said hallucination because I have not worn pants in eight weeks. I just don't don't put on Bottoms in Warren right right. I get that you know so you know Kelly. You're talking about the dream that that woman had. I actually had a dream about you last week. Yeah but it was really a weird dream but I have so many questions you know what I remind me about the dream later. I'm GONNA give 'em writing Psychics because I really wanted to ask mark something. Oh No I wanted to ask you when you're going to be back in studio where you'd have no idea right. They're not entirely sure They they keep delaying the return date. initially were told April twentieth which I thought was funny. I was like Oh four twenty day and I start laughing network meeting and knows what I'm talking about. Now is a few hot holiday silence okay yet so good pot holiday. I just don't ask me why I know that I just know it And they said may six a Demi said may twenty six then. They said Sometime after July six Roy. That's all we know. So it's still going hiatus creative don't you we we we have. We have an August hiatus. Yeah okay so it probably won't be till after that. Is that what you're thinking we're now that's what I'm hoping might have I just. I'm hoping for you because it's slide so dangerous. Okay so mark. I've been dying to talk to people but I'm dying to ask you this though you you're riverdale in in In Luke Perry was on Riverdale in my question is does anyone ever feel his spirit on the set or his energy his his loss. You feel his last night. Yeah we definitely feel the loss of his presence yet. Petit Lever feel like at delights. Ever Gone Off. Or just someone say boy. That's a sign from from Lou or mo that I had that right definitely think about him ally certain scenarios I shake. My head cannot leave. Can't leave it Levin a loss for our our ruder regional family so like you. So present the ad so so so sad but even when you think of somebody I in you know. Love is the bridge that connects either. I think that even when we remember people it it helps. Connect us to them in their energy in their spirit because prayer is positive thinking and positive energy attracts positive. Energy in positive thought is positive energy. So it's it's yeah but he's never forgotten men on that set Will we talked? Your Leeann. Brought him up I was like Oh my God. We were just talking about because mark said it. The void it he laughed is still felt. It still felt boy my feeling. Is He still there? Bill visits and I think everybody on the set should probably try to look for signs. Like you know what all that you know. He you know. That's something he would wear. That's that's that's something he would say or that. Song was his favorite or whatever it is. I bet anything at that at that anything that there are other people actors who were who work. Maybe more closely with him. Who played their child or spouse or whatever it is. I bet that you should ask them. I'd love to know what the answer is because I they. They always get to somebody. You know there's always somebody so So anyway so Kelly. I had this dream and I've I've no idea what it means and it could mean nothing could be psychological but in stream you were. You had a problem you had you. Were running but you were wearing like like moccasins. Were like like song shoes in. I don't know if your foot was bad or what in your shoes were bad to have you had any problem with your feet have mean yes she got. I also I mean been I got very I got injured. She's been seen jobs on the treadmill and anger knocker showdown. Yeah I just I was just put on. I was just taking off. The trench. Was this because this was a week ago. It was about a week ago and I thought that was like just such weird dream and I thought she must be a rambles with your feet or legs or something. She can actually talk. It's all connected to search today today. They said I can try like a light job on the treadmill. Because you need to really be careful about the shoes you're wearing that makes sense you yell and don't Overdo it. I I dream about it. Which is so bizarre in. It's true it was a psychic dream so I just feel like were. You should like just take it slow you it. You know it better to be safe than sorry. You don't have you know when when I I don't really live. I was just saying this. I was talking to a mental health expert a couple of weeks ago and she said I said how are people doing during this time like wets going on? What are your clients? What do they say and she said? Will you know? My introverts are doing quite well because they've been planning for this all their lives. A Ryan and me are both public extroverts. Go were actually. We're very introverted. We we don't really go anywhere. We go to our job right and we come home and that's that's pretty much you're much more extroverted anyway but I I was saying that my life has not really changed at all because I mean I'm not going to not going to the studio and not going to share your social. My social life is exactly the same there and so what's weird. Is that because I realized I spent so much energy in my dance classes that I used to take a third gone. I've been trying to find something wrong. Like a way to let the the energy out and she's like a like a a show. Pony racecourse lunged lunged of united. I'm like did he. Just call me course yet but you know I loved it. He used that I'd love that he said analogy. Because I had horses I I I rode horses all my life and I used to have a lunch line. I used to train my horse around this. I totally understand what you're saying. Run I totally get. I totally get it so okay so Kelly Jim. I'm telling the story recently about how we met in the in the audition tour will for psychics. So I I did not realize I was even auditioned. You have to understand. I was a so Kathy Lee had left the show and Regis. Philbin was looking. I guess they were looking to replace. Kathie Lee uh-huh you recall. I loved happy. I still do more than anything when she left. I vowed I would never. I was never watching the show again. It's another it's got. This show is done. We watched the show in the hair makeup room of all my children's issues always all show. They made fun of me when she laughed at. I'm sobbing like her final show. I'm talking like Oh my gosh. He's not GonNa make it anyway so I wasn't supposed to be there the day you were there. Oh the posting fee. Another actress there but at the last minute like the day before. Today's days for her mother She couldn't be there so they asked me as a last minute. Replacement TO FILL IN FOR THE REPLACEMENT. So they were. Oh somebody else was supposed to be there right now yet so they asked me the last second and so there I am now mark and I had been trying for about three years to get pregnant and we were having terrible la La so when we finally did get pregnant with who would become Lola. We did not whisper a word of it to anybody because we were just so nervous to get our hopes up and we didn't want anything we didn't want to jinx it. We didn't want anything bad to happen. You know we one of those people. We waited until you know after the first trimester anyway with Michael are older side. We didn't tell anybody until so so here. I am very newly pregnant We just found out we were so excited but very cautious and you came on this show and they said. Do you mind with Psychic Week around. You mind if a psychic gives you a reading and I said Oh sure and then I was like I don't believe in psychics but sure implying with you've now and you said On getting a the letter G. Now and you said your grandmother is here. The her name begins with the letter now. What you didn't know what I knew with that. Her name was esther but all of her friends called her D. That was her nickname. But I but I said no because I'm I'm just going to be accurate and I if I sort of went. Not No no new said does it? Is it in e like s? Esther and and now I'm now I'm stunned but but I thought this is by way pre google remember. This is like before all of this used to be on and you didn't know it gonna be object so so now you say esther and I say yes and then you said she showing meaty. She's telling me that you're going to have a baby now. We'll are now. I'm watching this live in New Jersey the time I'm watching this mock oatmeal and yawn dropped old gosh sobbing sobbing at home and it was. It was one of those things that I lost my grandmother so early but we live together. We all live together. She was such a young woman when she died she was yet. She's such an extraordinary choosen extraordinary wash. She's a career woman before that was a thing he graduated college at the age of seventeen. She was very advanced person or no she regimen. She entered She called shoot skipped grades using air young when she graduated college. Like way younger than our Senate Anyway so we were very close when she died. Here's what's so. What's so crazy about. The whole thing is that I rape before she died is set to her pleased on Dye. Grandma we were taking we taking a family trip and my and we are going to be since we've lived together. We were going to be away from her for a week. And I don't remember any of this. This is like retold to me over the years I remember. I remember Saint. My grandmother pleased on guy and I got into my parents yelled at me because they were so worn fide that I said these words out loud so I never really mentioned it again but exploring my mom and my dad. The entire as we drove we drove in the car to Disneyworld who was our first ever radiation and we drove like. It took like two days to get there two days to get home. We spent two days. There is a brand new thing. They just opened dizzy According to parents the entire ride there I try to get home. Grandma'S GONNA die. We've to get home. And then they cut their trips shore. We wound up cutting the trip short. Because I didn't want to be in Disneyworld I wanted to get home and the whole ride home. I kept saying are we. Are we almost there again? I don't remember any of this. We get home enough. The worst had happened and then my parents said that they like priests kept coming to the House to talk to me about my grandmother. Funny that you said like signs and symbols you're being off for about how many years For several years after my grandmother died she would come to us and we would be sitting. We would be sitting just on the Sofa and all of a sudden she wore Shalimar very distinct smell chalmers and Baraboo. She back she would. She would Walk Lake. She would lucan smell her. We would smell. Our hands. Smell are close in smell the SOFA and then it would be gone so she and she would go up and it was always so it was such a great feeling. The Wendy she stopped coming in. You know it was we would. We'd started saying Chatham haven't heard from grandma and I think it's when my grandfather died is actually when she stopped showing right. I think you're probably right. Which takes us in for school for psychics. Which I believe everybody's intuitive and everybody psychic and I know for a fact that both of you because I read about this when you met each other. It was like love at first sight. You both knew that this was the person you wanted to live your lives with. I knew I don't think he knew not one I did. Well I just got chance to to a to you. Were overwhelmed with her. Like you were worse. I was Gosh Smith. Yeah but but but Kelly intuitively knew that this is it. I don't have to go any further. I'll have to look any further. This this is the guy I want. mark you probably just you know just because you didn't feel like you've had a chance you don't realize that this was going to be the woman of your dreams but you wanted it sure soon after we spent time together next so. I always say to people remember the time when you wanted something. Maybe it was a business deal. Maybe it was a romance. Maybe it was a friendship and you get this gut feeling. That says. Let don't do it. It's not a good idea. But you start talking to the person and there's a connection in in you start communicating in some way in. So you don't listen to that feeling you go along with whatever it is and then you suffer. The consequences is that happened to you Yes many times right on so many times and we will look at each other and I'll say remember when in right. There's so many times I'll say remember when I thought that was a bad idea I was right or host member. Yeah she words psychic ability that your intuition. I call that psychic at random. Everybody's intuitive animals have instinct. People have intuition. So that's so when you get those feelings again. The most important thing is to act upon it. You know that's the hardest thing I always call the four CS. You have to have the courage to do it. A confidence to go along with it. Commit yourself to focusing on it in in conquering it by acting upon it so from now on when you get those feelings it's really important to listen to it mark. Did you think she was a witch? A you know I. I believe I believe in. I relate in because you had the exact same experiences. Yeah and also maybe there was a time when you really did want something in it in in your gut said yes. Go for it in that maybe riverdale or I don't know what. What experience have you had that you really went forward? And it was right Josh Not so many you know I will say one thing that you were talking to carry right after. She got the job On lives and mentioned to saw me and a military. Yes you saw. You saw something military coming up for me and within like a few months. I got a job when I was worthwhile seriously. Yeah now that yeah. I had no idea. Oh my God thank. You wouldn't talk to you. I was a little concerned. It was a little I was rose. Afraid Yeah he was afraid he was afraid like he feels amnesty for you at the time you thought like. I don't WanNa know what I'm going to die. I don't want to hear not what it is. That's not that's that's not what it is usually at somebody coming back too busy like. Sometimes he'll very overwhelming sense of like we were. We were just recently. We lost a dear friend of ours and Charlene. You brought up his name. I was I made like it sucked our breath away with Dan. When you didn't just mention him by name you said he's showing me the is there something to do with. Docs I I used to tell him the story about my childhood. I grew up. We had two pet ducks. My sister. And I had to Jack's named captain and Neil. Donald very tragically Iraq. The story the Harbor Story. But it's actually. It's funny in hindsight but mine. It was devastating and they were eaten by a record. But it was my fault. Because I didn't I was opposed to put them in their little enclosure. But it's hard to wrangle ducks. Have you ever tried to wrangle the David? I had Tchaikovsky. Beethoven. Oh you did okay so you understand like you love that story. He loved that story. He would say you. They told me to tell you that the ducks John is here. And then you said he's showing me ducks we were letting lots ran someone who listen to it but not rented yet so I do this work as an example of what everybody else can do everybody psychic. Everybody's intuitive their psychic at random. Like when you get those feelings about things than you follow through on editor you. Don't you suffer? The consequences or psychic on demand is the hardest part. And that's what I do with clients every day read for people practically every single day and I teach intuition and I really feel like it's my purpose on the earth and you're both very creative people and I always say that you know we all have an opportunity to connect to the essence of wisdom in goodness in love in God that there's there's a knowledge there that we all can connect you and when you're creative in your both actors that or when even when you're just add living on you know every single day on that show doing talk chat. I mean that's hard and so so it's almost like you only. Have you know that was pretty good? How did I do that? So so my what. I'm trying to teach you. Today is to get out of the way of your own of your own thinking in let the information comes through you not from you so I always say a prayer protection before. I do this which I did before we started. Just a you know because there's as everyday life there's good and bad people on the spirit world their positive negative energies than I'm very very careful. I've been doing this forty seven years and I'm very very careful to make sure only pure goodness in healing and acitivity is around us so I the the only way that I really know how to teach sometimes in a situation like this is for you to reach for me and I will be totally honest with you about I mean. I have nothing to hide. So but but you can't think logically you can't think oh you have to like it like sometimes you'll get an initial. Sometimes you'll get a name. Sometimes she'll just get a feeling about something so just let your mind scope blank and The only energy it's like your nerve endings go out to my nerve endings in. You're gonNA feel I energy and then just you know you might see a piece of food. I mean it you might see something that seems crazy like when I had that Dream I WANNA wall. I don't know if I should tell her about her feet. So it is let your mind go blank Whatever the first thought that comes to your head it's like a thought that POPs in your head. It's not a thought you think though and thinking. I'm thinking your fingers are milk and the named Jason. I don't know why what wait. Wait say that again. My fingers are what been milk okay. Let's crazy I never buy milk and I just bought milk and I cook with it. I've been baking in. I've been making things with milk. Which is ridiculous because I never buy milk ever now. Jason is amazing because Jason is one of my dearest people in the world. He's my great nephew who I am. Kuka crazy about making cheesecake was well. You're close I. That's crazy I was making yesterday for the first time it's like I'm totally gaining weight during this thing when I made I make I made making I made a cake and then I'm and then I'm making A. I made a thing with cheese yesterday. A cheese thing that I never made before my whole life with seascape for she started talking about crazy. Okay you guys are like really good at this. Wait a second. Don't be too good. 'cause you'll still my job like you. You have a special special thing not you. I can't quiet my mind ever but when you tune somehow but when you see Jason so then what you WanNa do is be nosy. And you'RE GONNA WIND UP GETTING JASON. Or what what what's beyond that. Are you feeling anything about him? Because I always look ahead. Use them dealing because your fingers when Hill and the word decent appeared. And ask the word Jason here. Your fingers in a mail started making a tie-dyed tie-dyed like you're crazy. You're freaking me out and say why I didn't I couldn't find the spray to like four nine or whatever that's duffers because they're out of it all could sign. Is this clorox spray. And I didn't realize it but it's bleach and I put it on my shirt that I love in. Liege did and I'm thinking you know what I'm just Gonna. I'm GONNA spray different parts of America a Tie. I swear to that I'm not. I'm not both I changed my Thing that you asked if I think she's a witch or not kill are just so adorable. Okay that's crazy. I should go get the shirt for you. Because I'm I'm going to tie with with bleach. It so it's just so funny to me though because when when you think about you really okay. Close your mind off and I'm like I can't do that. I don't know how to do that. We have a hard time sometimes medicating I I met a team and I move all around and I stare. I like a movie. And he's like you need to turn it off that it was not clear your mind and the first thing the prosecutor that's just me the weirdest thing. Arab is was very vivid. It was a very vivid. I can still see. Do are naturally intuitive in. You both are great together. Because sometimes people are batteries for us and I think you guys like our. I feel first of all I feel like you. Guys are soulmates and I need a wreck you guys like our battery for each other sure. Yeah I mean you complement each other. So amazingly well. I can't you first of all you you both. Today's cheese thing is crazy. I swear I just made it your friend I. I haven't baked a cake. Maybe since homemade class just KATE SCHEMES MINDED. Pandemic is making us all cards. Harb's cards. Yeah I know. I know more by desserts night. Recommended Sweet That's not going to happen in my time here comes along. You just have to but don't Overdo your foot okay in offering here in I I'm just so grateful for you guys to be here to share your own intuition in your own experiences and I am more than happy to read for your family person who you're upset with 'cause maybe I can bring something up that'll scare them into sobriety or something. I will be your biggest challenge against earlier there. I know you guys by the way always asked if I see them. It's funny. This person asked me because they think that I have some sort of psychic ability and and they always asked me if if it's there that's crazy for having us are you kidding. I had so it went so fast. Unit you guys always here if you need anything in. I just WANNA to know when we're thinking what does low listing. It's like crazy like does she think it's freaky that I I that I picked up on that pregnancy. Or did she think it's a freak? Show now I think I think he wants to talk to you. Got Lots of okay. Well let's make plans in. I've known her since questions. I've known her little spirit before she even came on the earth. I love you guys. I might. Prayers are with Hugh in stay well in God. Bless you and thank you so much for being here. You'd be safe to awesome by Shar.

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