Chad Opitz, Erica Rhodes, Doug Mellard and Carlos Rodriguez guest


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She was very fares ambassador to Hollywood now her new net flicks podcast present company with Krista Krista Smith brings you candid conversations with actors creatives and authorities across the spectrum from a nasal beggar to Mary. J. Blige for Nay Brown and Jason Bateman searched for present company with Krista Smith. Wherever you get your podcast enjoy the show aw hey hey hey everybody everybody? My name is Doug Movies. Oh I see I bring it in low key. You guys follow up with more low. Key is was take a seat young lady. I am about promptness clearly. You don't know but we're coming to you once once again from the theater in Los Angeles California we are surviving the quakes. I missed all of them. I was out of town so feeling pretty good about that. I didn't know that was one of the perks of Gordon on the road is missing out on the earthquakes. It's Tuesday July ninth twenty nineteen. I gotta ask. Do we have four or more name tags tonight. It looks like we do looks like we have seven seven name tanks. That's perfect. One of them's a ghost. Thanks for doing that Doug plugs tomorrow night in might be sold out. I'm doing this year's dabs day. Show at laughs in Tucson Arizona this Saturday July Thirteenth Douglas Movies is out in Burbank at flappers. There's I know you guys like to come to the show here but consider that because it's going to be intimate not on like this one should be a good chance to get your name tag picked July seventeenth thirteen movies is back at the American Comedy Company for Annual COMECON edition of Douglas Movies and July twenty seventh returns. Maybe for the last time we don't know what the situation is with the punchline in San Francisco and that's at four twenty for all my dates indeed go to doug loves movies DOT COM AW somebody said wallet is set of Kokos because while I was too exciting looking too much forward to it. I brought a bunch of stuff for the Price Bay tonight. I thought you guys deserved some cool shit now. I've coughed all over it so it's really worth something <hes> we got sir. Kensington condiments demint like a catch up in a mustard. Maybe a mayonnaise don't use any of that stuff on the Burger on the plane. <hes> we got from Cincinnati. A book called the city view of Uh of Cincinnati could be a view of Lexington across the river. <hes> we got a select snack box from this is choice menu you guys it's got some amazing stuff in it that I didn't. I didn't even open it. Cookie Bites gummy bears crispy square corn snack. There were that means fruit rooting out mix and chocolate pumpkin seeds is like I think it's like two little seeds that have chocolate on the anyway <hes> all that's in there plus Douglas Movie Sticker and from Rock Doc in pins a Benson Pin plus the stuff brought by my four guests. Please give it up for Chad. opitz Erica Rhodes Doug Malarde Carlos Rodriguez in regards. These are four return guests on the program so you're right to give them so much respect three year continued applause. Let's meet individually starting to man starting with the man on the far end and over there. It's Chad Opitz. Everybody severed CISCO COMEDY. `They NAM first time on this show here in Los Angeles. Are you intimidated Chad. I'm terrified five right. This is what a formidable group of assemble to take you down. Oh my goodness San Francisco Bullshit. I should've mentioned that I'll be at the punch line San Francisco perhaps the last time what have you heard lately chat about the closing. The services go punchline is it. It's in flux right. I think we're not allowed to say that well. The dull matter now so I think it might be Donoso. I'm supposed to stay close to maybe close in August but but I'm excited to get one more Douglas Movies in there it does if it doesn't that's good to hear a Pau force of positivity sir. Some Big Corporation bought this you know by the land that it's on it's on Google yeah just go ahead and build a skyscraper over. The punchline is being the bottom Um yeah. It's GonNa be an assignable place. Let's take Chad for all your all your positive thoughts. Sorry and let's say hello to the a man next to you Mr Doug Millard. Everybody Forgot Adami mostly here because my girlfriend loves his dog and we demand that the dog coming come to this show pennies pretty agree I get it. They make an appearance on the stage. You think Oh yes she she's. I don't think they know that if they're backstage. We know that we're asking for that. Watch the there's no way that's gonNA work out cool. That'd be Serene Tin Tin. That would have been amazing of course. That's not gonNa Work Penny they. They don't even have the sound around on on the show in the green. It's just a visual so might look up and see his flailing wildly if we did that. Where's the camera which we had any out? They're having a blast dogs. Got Have Delight. What's Pettis instagram called at the luckiest penny? She's got about forty thousand more followers than I do. I hear Jingling. Oh it's happening. It's happening. She's trying to loosen the crowd arteries being bitten into any place crazy easy Clinton's trying to go out the door smart dog panting. He's making a run for a penny here and it compare Benny Benny is probably a it has a little time for everybody do a trick now. Penny Benny Type Five Yeah answer some movie Trivia Penny should take her back or do you WanNa guess so those an amazing cameos job Penny Penny Penny Penny Penny. She can't even walk. She's so excited. All this penny attention dogs no their own names. That's for sure we just proved it. Well sorry for the delay in introducing you. It's Erica Rhodes everybody hi hi how you doing. I'm doing well. How are you doing really too good to be honest with you if I remember how to play the Games? Oh that's all right. I don't remember how to remember how to run the game. No I'll talk through it and you know keep it pretty simple and Doug Malloy Oregon so you should be. He's not a big movie Trivia Guy. He's you know when you have a dog like that. Why why watch movie penny named after Penny named after Shea from forrest gump that's Jenny Eddie or petty from almost famous as the Beatles saw what she named after after the Kennel they were going? She's going to be put down. She was like few hours away and she was named Penelope and we went with penny. That's what did that have to do with her being. Put Down Oh. I was just that Tho- you were just saying you the name wasn't based on that. It was from the Kennel almost put her down by put down it just means that gathered the dogs and insult the the penny. Your breath is terrible copper roast of all the dogs. Can I guess why the dog's name Penny Yeah after Penny Marshall Because that dogs in the League of its own. I knew I was setting someone up. That was a big joke also joining us having harder what I just said that anyone else in the room. That's why he's here. It's Carlos Rodriguez. Everybody everybody yeah. It's all you know everyone. Here has been on the show before some remember it better than others but <hes> I think you're GonNa GonNa do great now. Here's the interesting thing <hes> I don't know if you anyone on the panel heard about this but <hes> during the del close marathon that just happened recently here I was supposed to do a for twenty Douglas Movies with the cast members from Veep and Jessica McKenna from off book end up watching the show that they did without me. Yeah I couldn't make it here. They did a show anyway. Improv show you know show must go on whatever but I didn't get a chance to play all the games that I prepared for that particular panel and that particular show so we're gonNA. I'm just GONNA go ahead and play those games today and it's probably bad news for all good yeah. I mean we'll see how it goes but we'll get to that a second. I ask everybody what the last movie we. They saw was Chad. What was the last movie you saw today? I went to go see the new child's play movie how would you what do you think it's still in theaters yeah. It is yeah I liked most of it loews so like the endings bad it's hard to land. The ending on his former is especially when it's a reboot and chucky sort of has to survive at the end Reich because they want to keep doing them. Yeah I thought Mark Hamill was great as the voice. He's a good Turkey voice the voice he's a joker in the animated Batmans so that's that's step matches up okay yeah. There's there's a guy in the movie that looks startlingly like Jack Black Low. It's like I was like Oh. That's Jack Black. It's not Jack Black. It's very alarming thing in the very creepy character Jack Black Jack Black like a younger Jack Buck though or guy <hes> blacks current age kind of more current age show we are again. It's very very similar. Look I hope check continued to get roles. This is parts missing out on being in this movie. What about you dug? What was the last movie you saw? Did you got a dog sitter and then you went and so he went saw what I saw John Wick three a couple of times and loved it Oh you do you think your dog would like it uh-huh yeah because there's so much great dogs. There's a lot of I don't. I don't want to spoil too much but ball biting on a test. There's dogs are just like their nut art connoisseurs in the they like really go for the nuts and really just hang in there and just keep chomping away. It's impressive. I WANNA see that canneries behind the scenes video of him with guns. I WanNa see the dogs biting balls practicing being like I'm not doing that again. I WANNA have a family hit too close to home for somebody joining us for the fiftieth time me Erica roads even more painful. Give it up it. It's too subtle that introduction you guys have a conversation here. We're going through or applauding for everyone giving them. All individual attention Erica's probably on the show the three times that range one of the ways oversold it. That's maybe I shouldn't pretend you're such a big wind up but thanks for being back here appreciate it. You've got <hes> album. That's on the charts. The comedy album charts the album is called sweet Lebanon's sadly dammit I was so close so proud of the lemon uh-huh but yeah I get her get her new album and also say hello everybody to Carlos Rodriguez. That's what happened is I already did all of that. Ah Christ. What is this show? Why did you see introduce everybody over and over again like Memento Toyed for the fiftieth time? It's Chad opitz everybody. We also GonNa Talk Prize bag. I'm all over the place what's WHO's up next for last movie they saw Eric. Yes applaud for that was so weird when I set her day when nobody applauded as like down in what is going on you guys reason to pick favorites this. Somebody has a cute dog all right last movies Sirkka. I want to get this Green Green Book. Why was on the plane okay? I heard it one something that did it won. Best Picture. Best picture that everyone can agree was okay. Ah the Academy Awards is now the way the balloting works for best picture is it's just the least objectionable which is funny because it's a very objectionable if you like you know how you know race wars aren't <music> over takes driver who decides to be tolerant rain. I think it's a very unique to have the black guy teaching the white guy stuff yeah. That was the big twist white guy. Learning earning people are so bad after we should share a hokey together so like it was funny. The daily show in there for for your consideration should billboards around L._A.. At don't don't green book. This is pretty funny this slogan they vote for this green book it like don't make the along choice come on make any sense. The Green Book was where they couldn't stay together in a hotel right the green guide to hotels. Where are you know he could stay? The Black Guy could stay but the other guy could not no. He could say there because he's white he could stay wherever you want okay. I thought he couldn't stay with him. No they were discussing all white room. Only minority don't even know what the movie was about. Who you talking you me Carlos? I just saying it as a statement like. Does anyone know what it was about. It was about race relations being solved by one driver who learn to stop being racist about a classical music. I saw the green lantern is pretty good same theme. Basically yes same thing Carlos. What about you I? I hope you see Green Book as well so you could tell us I saw green book and it's about teaching the white man how to cook because that's pretty much what it was. He was just like yeah. Remember that he was like Oh man put salt salt makes you know that was reverse. Ah Yeah because Beagle Morrison tell him like this. No I forgot teaching him to eat fried chicken. You like chicken. Chicken chicken actually do any goddamn movie a White Guy. Teaching a black guy about about fried chicken is really rough. I saw something really racist. I saw spiderman great racists lexicon fly home fly away home far from home far from home from home myself spiderman and I snuck into toy story for people who because there are so angry at Pixar yeah fuck them sneaking. You can't serve your money just for coming up with four yeah I four. I wasn't a fan. I think they should've okay well. I mean I you know I think they should to really honestly yeah ended it too you in a race won. Just pretend to only one yeah yeah. That's that's interesting yeah well because the alternate automation in one like the people characters look terrible but they sort of fixed it in two and then three was just. It's like starting away his toys again many times. You're gonNA fucking throw his toys away kit any don't appreciate Shit par-four. They're like Oh. No four key is missing is a fuck about four four key is the Dhabi of the toy story series and I haven't even seen it. Don't you moan for Dhabi just because he died all right what Dhabi die Eh to. I two goblet of all right so I asked asked everybody Oh prize bag. What do you got for the Price Tag Channel Man? I took a trip the old dollar tree and I got an at home marijuana drug test. It's easy to use ninety eight percent accurate. It says it's a test to see if your marijuana's any good yeah yeah I am I. I don't know until I this puppy. Let's what is it a mere. Discredit my pregnant with a baby. Maybe it's a P on a stick to find out a lot of says read results in five minutes. Do not read results after more than five minutes. So you know it's going to be good and ca you are high then. You're going to enjoy this perfect size for one cake cake one one. I've never I've never seen this before. The the the ingredients you will need a Mug. You have to have a Mug. You can't do this anything else for some reason so it's a perfect for one mode next right. I know I shut cow-tails tails minis. I think those are tasty hit. This is my favorite. This is a knockoff brands spam luncheon loaf a lesser spam <hes> yeah and it says classic sick days were high when you bought these. Does I bet you that's good and this is fitting lifestyle class. What kind of lifestyle it has? I don't want to say giant the ice cream sandwich all right pass all of that stuff down excited for all of it might keep some of it. I might eat some of it. What are you what are you? I brought this really scary. Record records. The wizard of Oz spelled H. S. still reason for any what's happening there and there's clowns for some reason and these people on the back it's promotional copy not for sale. It's the real deal bill and then I brought my first album on compact disc because I can't get rid of these fart safari and then I brought my latest album on digital download guard safari too far harder. Tell you there you go and a Mug God. I didn't bring a mock. Oh and of course I'm giving away my dog at the end thank you I got I recently had a cow tail for the first time in somewhere in Ohio and now I'm super into cow-tails. I encounter one so soon they're good. Where'd you get these dollar? Where'd you get these from Doug dollar the dollar thing yeah everything's from the dollar tree I made out of what is it Caramel and cream or cream or something like they'd be much weirder tearing into that can of fake spam Graco? I gotta get into it. You guys yeah. I love it but yeah these cow-tails. What do you have Erica? I think as much as you guys I brought <hes> let's see these. Are these look like pot type things <hes>. I don't know what I I don't know what this is. It says cookies contains cannabis. What is it though you told me I don't know as much as pot related seeded? Things like a pre roll came in nothing. I just got this. Somebody gave it to me and I don't really smoke so no you do the right thing here it just this is another thing that's pot related. It says Blackberry Kush indika hybrid of some Certa C._B._D.. Fancy thing air freshener yeah yeah it's from what is it what is it. I don't know it's it's really tough. It's really good. They need the apparently the pen that detaches to shoot. I didn't bring that Bilfinger track it to have the pencil. Maybe they could just D._M.. Me Okay that's okay. I have the most notable community in the world will respond to Your D._M.'s yeah within seconds and I bribed a Billy Collins Poem Poetry Book. I finished that sentence because just saying a billy collins didn't narrow it down for me but Billy Collins does good poetry brought <hes> yes. He's a he's a very good poet. It's called the rain in Portugal. Sorry there's water on okay. It's okay well. That's all right yeah. He's he's in New York poet very good poet. You do you read poetry autry not really well. Someone wow that just brought up man you guys love the cow tales crazy for the poetry hit. I'm already reading poems and it feels like it's from the point of view of a dog penny penny translate just remember just remember what penny look like Penny Cygnus. I have no the need for a biscuit a chew toy or two bowls on a stand no desire to investigate shrub where sleep on an Oval Matt by the door but sometimes waiting judy had alight. I start to identify with the blonde lab with his head out the rear window of the station wagon. I think next to me the guy relating to a dog is perfect. That's beautiful. The thinking for all of those cherished was really cool. He came with that on the fly. Just made all that up like just. I don't know where it's in here now. That's the kind of bullshit the guy imagining the thoughts of the lab in car the sticking his head out the window because it feels good no reason over thinking the next line is I'm so excited my red lipstick penises. It's weird. You don't say that about panty. I got all the price bank stuff right now. Here we go forget about didn't bring it forget something else all right. They fucked up my order at starbucks surfing. They gave me a you can get your free free starbucks. Whatever you want so put doubles triples in it and so that's good free starbucks whatever you want card yeah okay and I was recently in the underground in Seattle and I caught a as versus Seattle game and they had a bobble head so I got a bobble head for you? Oh that's cool and it's an old school one. It's Fred Hutchinson who <hes> Hutch as big Hutch so he was a manager played back in the sixties and stuff and he died of cancer the first one and now I'm not the person but his brother was his surgeon and he has one of the biggest cancer research centers in Seattle so Fred Hutchinson cancer centers so boom home me too and I know someone to is that what what's the cancer thing and one and two that campaign that woke here okay. Could I see there's a campaign. You know what I'm talking about. I know there's like a campaign. I heard about it's called cancer could suck right dead but I don't think that would got out there the Hashtag up widespread attention but we trust you. It's something someone someone who you're talking about something real. Nobody's heard I know it was that is what can you would have to stand up and UH oh stand up for cancer. Is that what it was. Yes okay yeah. That sounds like you're into cancel. I think it should be taken anyway. Ends can't the seventh inning stretch stand up. That's a normal thing they do every game. It's not for cancer well. It should be this way saying let the Games we are not a lot of me. We do have name Tags L.. Go pick one choose the name tag you play for while you guys do that. We'll do this. We'll be right back today. Show's brought to you in part by Wolverine Verina the last trail marvel just released season two of their award winning scripted podcast Wolverine The laws trail for free yet. You've heard me for free. If you're a marvel or Wolverine Ovarian Fan you have got to check this out. This season picks up where season one left off wolverine his head into New Orleans in search of redemption as he falls a trail of clues through the Bayou he encounters biker biker gangs a mutant called Gambit and a world full of dark wonders the Podcast Stars Richard Armitage as woolery. You might remember him from the Hobbit. Hannibal Castle Vania listened to Wolverine the loss trail for free in an apple podcasts stitcher or your favorite podcast APP back to the show all right. We're back who you played for Chad. I'm playing for ghosts of Melissa sippy and there's a Goddamn. Donna and James Woods also scary so that superfund that she took a racist a movie about racism attached to it yeah pretty clever inspiration. I like it. What's her name again? Melissa sippy Melissa Sippy Job Yeah Melissa Sippy who you got I went real simple but it's just pope Christian and that's you as Uma Thurman. Oh that ripped out piece of paper in that five minutes ago all right who you played for all about Yvonne and he put alcohol all over hers. Do you like that. I like it would like it. I prefer that took to marijuana. We'll go ahead and take all those bottles okay couple of Vodkas and what's that other one over there side vodka vodka lots of vodka. What is this one over here kind of a bottle but it looks like I ran over by a car pocket shot? Do that doesn't sound good. That sounds like southern cosby would offer you. Flu Shots okay. I'll start also bette. Davis and I have the same birthday February twelve. Oh April fifth. That was a great guests though right have been very impressed. If you're right okay so who you played for Carlos I'm playing playing for a free will t it's the free willy poster but he puts the initial. Last initial will t shirt the shirt says will will aw that ads really sure his name is will wear that shirt I would throw people off way read. Oh I get so we'll will T- why does it ever reference to the that's GonNa blow up dude. That's going to sell so many will tease boo. Where do they go to get those yeah? That's what I thought like my house sweet roll by my crib and get a wilty but that's he's GonNa wear his proudly Carlos lows Moroccan people say wise it say that on your shirt you could say because I want you to put me in your will that was good. I thought I just thought all right. We're going to start with a new game. We did a coin flip backstage to determine who would go I and Erika One. We didn't really do that but I was like. When did you sounded pretty good sounded pretty good? So Erica goes I and the game we're GONNA play is called Glenn Close dimensioned you guys that I was supposed to be at the del close. Is it mostly a marathon for this great improvising Impo Improvisation Teacher who inspired the Upright Citizens Brigade who started this theater and he's an amazing actor and he was in a few films and his name is del close. So this game is Glenn Closed Del closer neither and I will name a movie Erica and you tell me if it's got close Glenn close or neither and if you get right you get a point if you miss in a move onto doug and then to Chad and then Carlos and this is just for the people on stage no audience guesses please the first one up Dell closed Clinton closer. Neither the film is called either Capri. Guess Yeah but you might WanNa hear the the film is called. American graffiti was clued close in that or dull close or neither close. Don't close his correct. The Erica Erica's all the board with one toy. No we go who started this next one with Doug. The motion pictures called it thief thief. I'm GonNa go del close as well as interesting move that is correct. Oh jugs got a point here. We go the Chad. The film Ferris Buehler's Day off Glenn close dill close or neither del close that is correct very good the whole dominating called Del close. That's the name of the game. What if the answer isn't tell close well then I'll change my okay all right? So where are we now Carlos introducing the game Fan I get Carlos turn. Fill is light of day light of day. I'm GonNa go with Glenn Close. That's incorrect Erica. What's the name of it again light of day is that have dull close or knees Glenn Went Glenn? I'M GONNA say neither incorrect Doug. What do you say Doug Warren del close that is correct? Doug gets dog is racing into the lead with two points Chad gets to go first on this next one. The movie movie is called the Big Town Big Town. The Porn de Jere in dog Leonard Needs L. close that is correct all right Carlos. I'M GONNA go guess okay. Okay the movies the Blob from one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and you're right Carlos is all aboard hurt. The Motion Picture Erica is called fat man and little boy that is right it sure dog next of kin. I'll go Glenn No God. Damn it the the pressure next of kin. I'm going del close. That's right GonNa Change at some point okay a League of their own who people close del close or neither. I'm going to say neither no shit Erica Clo- correct. She's running away with this doug. Mommy's boy del close yeah. The day can't read my own writing. I remember Glenn Close Grandma's boy. I still can't see his face Chad. Sadly the untouchables Chad del close. That's right all right. Let's added up here Chad hoods with four points. Here's one more for you Chad just for fun which one was in was it neither Glenn or Dell in the movie hook. Glenn close does correct how you doing all right so that means that Chad gets go I in around of whose tagline is it anyway. I will tell Chad the tagline from a famous motion picture sure and then he will guess what movie that is if he can't think of it or guesses wrong we move onto the next player. That Adele closed joint conduct. I don't know we'll see now. I should remind you that the guests are that episode were Sam Richardson Matt Walsh and cleared Duval Aw from veep and Jessica McKenna from off book podcasts the show that never happened but we're talking about who knows he goes. I jet Eh Chad Chad. What movie had the tagline easy tiger sounds like some Sun's Mary? Jane would say to Peter Parker aw easy tiger. I mean Very Gen- Mary. Jane has no understanding of how of the animal kingdom she thinks. spiders tiger save the Tiger Tiger. Oh that'd be weird yeah good guess so I guess Doug was a crouching tiger hidden dragons one hundred percent. That's all what that's called but it's still a fun guess Erica. Is it bringing up baby. No another great guess Carlos ally inking. No it's really weird easy Tiger Line K to back off tiger. This is the lion in King. Yeah sit this one out tiger know the correct answer that it was more on the tag lines for motion picture called the hangover. Oh really featuring Matt Walsh that would have been really fun to slip slipped out whereby he would have got it right not to recognize that. I think that's what happens with actors. You know he's busy does a lot of movies several tigers plus you know he's not that self centered so it doesn't take necessarily about himself all right. We'll start with Chad again. These two opposites attract but everyone's trying to keep them apart. That's a tagline ever see a romantic comedy the description so that movie with Ted Danson Whoopi Goldberg Remember. They were fucking that was wild made in America made in America Will Smith was there was there baby was he. No Danna daughters it was a girl will Smith is trying to get in her pants and they were like I don't know these two opposites attract and everyone's trying to keep them apart. Do you belong together. I mean it's basically a minimize will just say right now. Jill Romeo and Juliet. I was GONNA guess that's not the way what that wasn't the answer. No that's the classic one with but then there's been a million movies ever since that steel steal that concept forces of nature these two are just opposites. They're not even different families or different sides of the tracks there just opposites. She likes to read he likes to fuck and not read they already bloom. I Guess Okay Forces of nature all right doug. It's probably not Batman and Robin AH similar <hes> fuck. I'm just GONNA GO CON air. I know that's terrific terrific guests Erica. I think you're on the right way like Oh. It's closer to Romeo and Juliet. You'll figure it out you think so I take it back. It's a it's a ROM COM ROM com can you you just read a one more time for these. Two opposites attract that everything's trying to keep them apart these volcano or something. It's not <hes> ten things I hate. What about you know but that's a great guess? It's in the ballpark. What do you think they're Carlos? I think it's wally yeah. Oh it doesn't say people just as these two opposites <hes> other these different robots but no it is human being. It's a classic Teen Comedy Romance. She's all that all that. Let's go right back to Chad. This tagline is tricky. It's just if anyone asks if anyone know right that make any yeah spoke up one. Keep out of it. That's really yes. Yes you hear the titles could make perfect sense. No it's until then that everyone perplexed. Anyone asks if anyone asks doodle do what's the worst that could happen. Oh that's good guess not Corral Doug Shit very would asks the human centipede into the wild than what happened to that guy the one missing able to get away with it because no one was asking series. What do you think Erica? If anyone asks you like ask might be in the title. Oh is that correct. Ask some ask murderer. Anyone asked me ask ask your mother's. You know <hes> something if anyone wanting to change it to never mind. I keep wanting to fill it in like I'm taking a bath. If anyone asks awesome that'd be title for a movie and Tagline for that movie yeah I'm taking it would be a funny title for for the Carlos. That's not my guest to goal those words in the consideration of them. Were the right answer. I'm just GonNa go with <hes> as something about Mary. It's not a good guess I guess would be bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia anyone ask if anyone asks Sindhu that Carlos everything if anyone asks as if anyone asks he's tough you guys yeah. Oh wait. There's a theme though there's gotTa be fame because one of the people panel is in this moves in the movie. That's the fun sneaking it by not fun tonight. Don't tell babysitters dead. Oh that's a really good gas great capper anyone ass. Don't tell mom so the mom asking anyone else asked. Why would you tell them? You're not telling mom the babysitters. You said that if anyone asks we're the millers we're the millers. That's a tough one. We played that one before. Nobody nobody fears that shit out ready Chad Yeah. She's finally getting some good action. She's finally getting some good action some good action. She's tired of the bad axe mama from the train or the non actually that Doug fine they get yeah. I don't know why she would be happy vitro train. She hadn't some weird shit. How Stella got a group back? Oh that's good. That's a really good answer Erica. She's finally getting. She's this yeah volubly getting some good action. She's my as opposed to good action. She's finally getting some Jackson it. She's getting it so someone club on wasn't getting it and now is getting. She's you know that's the implication of this tagline. Oh she made never have gotten it bridget Jones diary. Oh that's a good I guess yeah Carlos enough. The guest I'm torn between two of them fair game with the city Crawford for or uh-huh what's the one with the with Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts the fuck was I called you remember that I love trouble. I love trouble no okay I like to we worked it out. It was a Muslim McCarthy was a desk jockey and then she got out on the field in the motion picture spy yeah these things do describe the movie but they also described so many other movies all right so nobody's got any of these rights so let's throw one out there that this will be the determining factor in who wins this particular game. I'm just going to say a tag by all of you guests as often as you like Geico asset right all right you ready yeah. You don't even have to have a handful of other. Just start blathering until you say the words I'm looking for. The tagline is party. You like your job depends on it office party Christmas Office Party. You got so close. You probably help Chad no he. We knew it Chad. You're great in those final seasons of the office by the way he looks kind of like Clark Duke Okay so we're GONNA play one more game. Determine our winner today Chad's been just barreling through everything when he gets to go first again in this last game it is called last Man Stanton now today on twitter either no one wrote to me are was too lazy to follow through and find out who wrote to me me so does anyone in the audience. Raise your hand if you have a good suggestion for last man standing gentlemen over here casually raising one hand while still holding onto his lady. Are you guys married or dating. You're engaged very nice. How long have you engagement? Is it two months. Oh that's reasonable. Things must be going. You know what I mean not too far or not not too long not too short. She's finally getting some good action. You sound like beetlejuice. What's your name Dude Charles Okay so Charles? Give us a suggestion for for this game Jason Schwartzman the you know what normally I'd be like. That's kind of a tough one because you know he works a lot but buddies kind of a character actor. What have you <hes> yeah? It is hard but I also I love a challenge of getting the show over with so so here's the thing each of you has one lifeline. You can go to the person whose name tag you chose. He can go to them once for a little help on the films of Jason Schwartzman. I'm GonNa play along as something of a spoiler chaz Ego. I then was which short around go to me Carlos Erica Duck Book Yediot with them up with someone else right so be careful about thank you. I'm curious to know who you mix them up with the let's start with Chad films of Jay Schwartz he was just in a wine country. Oh the netflix movie with boy you should've thought it was all ladies movie and him ladies Jason Shorts well. He's you know he seems pretty well. If it's okay <hes> I'm GonNa go with you know the movie where we all discovered in and loved him rushmore. We'll take rushmore off the table. What do you think they're Carlos? I'm GonNa say Scott Pilgrim vs the world nice right down Scott Peace everybody some time that Oh yeah that would never too early to go to your lifeline. Talk forgetting the names. Do I go to go to her. She'll just darjeeling limited darjeeling limited tone. uh-huh Doug <hes> royal tannenbaums that's the one other one. I was going to do another good one. That's for sure like those are to the big Schwartzman's. I think we're done. He's definitely we we we we murder Jason Schwartzman game. He's got some more starting with whatever guy dogs do. Do what I love. Dogs Penny me too. Oh dogs okay. Everybody's thinking really hard so I'll take a second to say. This has been a wonderful wonderful evening. Thank you stall and then I'm GonNa go with. I just really relate to this movie. It's the days when I was one shop girl. Uh He's the guy he's the. He's the guy that isn't Steve Martin Guy Clear Dean. Steve Are Steve Martin. The IHEART Huckabee's check Harlow Cisco Man. This is gonNA drive me crazy. This is fun right. It's weird how he can be so memorable and yet so forgettable forgettable Charles. I really like him and I like him in his movies but then I can't tell you what movies he's done that. There's like that hotel one go right. What's that called? What is the hotel called Hotel Rwanda Hotel the Oh man the hotel the hotel for dogs? Am I right though there's a hotel movie. It's not the hotel New Hampshire hotel beyond fruit. He's in he's in a hotel working in a hotel motel business her the b the would give that kind of Kuda but the every Jason Schwartz movies going out of my head listening to this I had so many backed up on the run. I really works works. Everybody else will lose more. I love this approach to say Blur Bell Bottoms <hes>. Does she want to tell she can of peas the more in the morning. Thank you Erica you try. I really did who's next duck. I'll do funny people Chad. He did a voice fantastic Mr Fox of course he did Mr Fox. Are you trying to think of the Grand Budapest hotel. You did say A.. B. Sound you weren't it wasn't but I did learn earn it. Carlos movie called Spun. Yes that's upsetting movie. Take a shower out of that yeah. I just thought of another one the me tell Carlos the me you cheaters. Here's Doug <hes> Christian Christian in the audience. What are you got? Yes he did it. That's impressive sieve still live at Chad. Go to my life. launchads lifeline is she's going life aquatic zoo. He's in that one. He's at all of all. It seems like it all right. I was stick my neck out here and say one that People Mike but I'm GONNA go. He was in the movie called slackers not to be confused with Richard Linklater's slacker dealer. How many use my my lifeline hero? That's that's a penny yeah. You're out shit. You guys make me sick. Let me see let me Cook one real quick. <hes> Jason Schwartzman wasn't named Adrian Son Adrian Rocky Films Talia Shire Showers Sun Yeah he was also in Shit. We'll see the baby and godfather three w crazy hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Yes Eh in perceivable. Damn lifeline shirt back. I don't WanNa Wear Wilson now. I mean this is just coming down to doesn't have too many left. What do you think I'm Kinda? Go with del close. That's a good guess but you're out Chad right so trying to say I want to say almost famous now that I'm any he's in yet so let me just for fun say one more just make everybody does the puck and he was in. Oh Shit you mother fuckers nope. That's not a movie walk hard. The Dewey Cox story the tools anyway. I was in the Beastie boys video. Does that count no they call it. A movie it does Carlos is our winner. Her Come Gayer Prizes you unhelpful flex movie. I forget what it's called. Come on down here. You go congratulations yeah man aboard back or take back to irritate yeah. It's your Lucky Willy T. Could he gives you a T shirt a rocket the T. shirt. That's nice yeah. That's a real nice item. <hes> let's talk to everybody about <hes> their plugs Chad Chad opus. This is the big one for me. Buddy this is it. I ain't got nothing big man. What's your twitter handle? A twitter dot com slash Chatto pets and I'm performing all over the Bay Area San Francisco Yeah Come see chat and shows in the bay area. YOU GUYS CHANNEL PUTS DOT COM SAN JOSE IMPROV in a couple of weeks. Oh that's neat. Thanks for coming to see us down down here in L._A.. Thank you appreciate it Doug Millard yeah to that Jug. What do you got to plug? I'll be on the road soon followed me at Doug Miller dot com or on instagram all that Shit Shit <hes> I'm in Austin in like a week and a half Houston Dallas Boulder some other places so just find me and I'm recording fart safari three hard with a vengeance November seventeenth and twentieth any at the Cap City Comedy Club Austin Austin Texas Yeah Salvi back there soon Eric Roads. Hey I'll be at La Hoya comedy store this coming weekend then I'll be in Houston in the nineteenth and twentieth at the REC room and then I'm going to be on the show. Bring the funny that my episodes at the thirtieth A._B._C. N._B._C.. It's like a last man standing kind of thing yeah. How do you do <music> how well you did on? I can't say Shit. She's The champion of funny which you can mention it yet. If anyone asks not allowed to say and killed on there and everyone else went home so they're mamas who are the celebrity judges on that like Kenan Thompson. He didn't Thompson's one on. I'm Chrissy Teigen Comedy and Jeff Hawke John Legend So Funny Jeff Foxworthy. He knows he knows he can tell you if you're a redneck or not all right cool why I like look forward to watching you on there and Carlos Rodriguez. What do you got to plug dude? I'll be I'll be a lawyer. Comedy start to the last weekend of July and then then I'll be in comedy spot in Phoenix Serves Zona the following weekend and you can follow me on my website is Carlos is Hella Dumb Dot Com and my twitter and all that other shit is Carlos Comedy at Carlos Comedy Yeah all right. I forgot got to write down yeah down one more thing for me to promote so I'll just repeat those movies dot COM com ca car Wallich and yeah thank you guys for coming <unk> out tonight. Appreciate it and one more time for all of my guests Chad Opitz Doug Mello Erica Rhodes Carlos Rodriguez. I should say we'll be back here at but <hes> U._C._B.. Franklin two weeks from tonight on July twenty third and as always positive energy thanks again to our friends over Heinz mayonnaise Heinz mayonnaise transforms as far as ordinary foods into unforgettable creamy experience so leave the boring old Blah on the shelf where it belongs and make your next tuna salad sandwich experience an unforgettable creamy one with Heinz mayonnaise. Try something new do try unforgivably creamy Heinz mayonnaise and the new hines mashups Mayo chip may o q mail must end Kranj until next time.

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