Morgan Le Fay


This episode features dramatization of body horror and brief references to harm against minors and incest listener. Discretion is advised especially for listeners under thirteen. Something to note the story. You're about to hear is not a direct retailing of any single depiction of morgan le fey or other related telling 's today's episode combines elements from a number of stories for dramatic effect. Hello i'm vanessa. Richardson and this is mythical monsters. A spotify original from podcast this week in our final episode in our season on famous ferries we meet another member of the fe court one who blurs the line between mortal and magical. You can find all episodes of mythical monsters and all other spotify originals from park. Cast for free on spotify or wherever. You listen to podcasts. Morgan le fay is one of our three and legends most iconic figures. You might think you know her. Tail a tragic scheming and chantrey working to destroy arthur and his knights at every. 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Remember when you were a kid and there were so many rules about what you could eat when well. Now you're an adult so you can have that cinnamon roll for breakfast lunch or dinner and you can like the glaze off your fingers but up up up at participating. Mcdonald's this episode is brought to you by carmax at carmax. The best way to buy a car is your way. Choose from over. Fifty thousand carmax certified vehicles at carmax dot com and buy online in store with curbside pickup and delivery in select markets. Get all the details today. At carmax dot com. Morgan le fay was a relatively minor figure in celtic legend until the are thirty entails were reworked in the twentieth century. She first appeared in a narrative about moore orlands written by medieval historian. Geoffrey of monmouth around eleven fifty ce. The text was called veto. Malini in this story. Morgan le fay is introduced as a benevolent powerful healer who rules over the magical isle of avalon and helps king arthur recover. After he's been wounded. It would take many decades for morgan to become the scheming enemy of king. Arthur and queen granddaughter. We often see today. Such portrayals were popularized in robert de owns merlin. Sir go wayne and the green knight and thomas. Malory's the more d'arthur around this time. Authors began to conflate morgan with her sister more gays a dark sorceress more gays originally seduced arthur in order to conceive more drid the night destined to kill him and end. Britain's age of heroes but soon the two inch hs became one in the same by the fourteenth century. Morgan la fay came to represent uncontrolled feminine lust and ambition. She's a fickle but powerful supernatural force falling in love with nights and seeking vengeance against those who thwart her plans and she has an arsenal of skills to help do her bidding. She uses illusions sleeping spells poisoned garments or sentences her enemies to a literal valley of no return where she traps them for all eternity but as we know an enchanted. This isn't necessarily a ferry. So where does the. Fay in morgan la. Fay come from to answer that. We have to go back to welsh cornish and irish legends. That preceded of cancer. The earliest spellings of morgan are likely connected to the old welsh word for seaborne. Which itself may be a reference to the so-called morgan's or water sprites of welsh mythology. Some scholars have also argued. That morgan shares her name with two major pre christian goddesses. The welsh drawn or earth. Mother and the irish more oregon or raven queen of fate. So is morgan lithuania sorceress. A witch of ferry or a goddess. The answer you'll find is all of that and more. The first story e grain told her daughter was the story of the day. She changed years before. Morgan had been quiet. Child born to lady e grain and her husband the duke of cornwall. She was the youngest of three sisters. Morgan never asked for anything presence favors or attention instead. She contented herself with playing in the tall grass in the field surrounding their home following the birds and insects. She had a crown of brown curls around her face and the most perceptive green is ones that looked straight into your heart. She would often come back from her exploring with flowers that she would deliver to members of the keep. Morgan always had the right bloom for the right person and each one whether it was a daffodil or a purple crocus was a prescription for past or current ills. Sometimes morgan could pick a blossom that would soothe future ailments before they even arrived. It was a talent that amused her father. The duke of cornwall. But after he died in battle lady grain was forced to marry king. Arthur who didn't value children and was unsettled by morgan's odd nature green new luther had many enemies but she wished that he didn't see her daughter as one of them. One windy day. Morgan went out to visit her insect eighth. She was gone for our is highly unusual even for a wandering spirit like her late that afternoon e grain grew worried. Morgan was no older than four. Any grains mind reeled thinking of her daughter small and helpless lost in the wilds grain insisted on looking for morgan herself but luther refused to let his wife live the castle. He sent out four search parties instead. They scoured the meadows and the moors and waded through the rough waters on the rocky coast bag at the castle as the sun began to set e grain was beside herself with grief. Something was horribly wrong. The moon was high in the night sky. When the men returned lady green rush down into the courtyard to meet them king author. Was there already whispering with the head of the search party. The man held a limp shape in his arms wrapped in a guardsman's writing cloak. All league rain could see was a mess of sodden brown curls. She cried out and rushed forward. But youth held her back grain threw herself to the ground and demanded to see her dead child but author had her carried away to her chambers. Their ige rain fell into a dream less sleep way down by her grief when she awoke ige rain heard the soft dripping of water on granite. There was the strangest smell of seawater but they were miles from the coast. She turned over to investigate and gasped. Moonlight illuminated little footprints on the stone. Ground they lead straight under the bed grains heart leapt as she looked under the frame. Morgan lay fast asleep beneath the bed. Her thumb tucked inside her mouth. Grain didn't question how she had gotten their all. That mattered was that her child was alive and safe. She pulled morgan into her arms. Then recoiled when she felt the icy chill of her skin. Morgan was soaked to the bone trembling ige grain tucked the child into bed beside her and the two stayed close together through the night. The pale pink and gold of mourning had already crept into a grains chamber. When she heard a language she didn't understand. Morgan was babbling to herself. Grain tried to hush her daughter back to sleep but her humming died in her throat when she opened her eyes. Morgan was looking back at her but her green eyes had been replaced by violet ones. The girls spoke a handful of syllables in that strange tongue and something in the room shifted ige. Rain felt the world twist and stretch. The room looked the same as it had a moment ago. But everything was backwards. The furniture had all rotated position and even the fireplace was a mirror image of itself. The slight crack that ran through the mantle was now on the opposite side. A grain tried to keep her composure. She looked to morgan and set in a firm. But gentle tone morgan love. Please change it back. The little girl let out a delighted laugh and the room righted itself. Green smiled relieved then. She looked closely at her daughter. She looked to older somehow and wiser eerily so especially when she asked is author going to place arthur on the throne when he's born. Mama told her that her father's affairs were his own. Then she raised a quizzical brow and asked. Who's arthur. Little morgan scoffed. Luther is not my father then. She nodded toward grain stomach. And arthur is the king waiting in your womb grains mouth fell open. She didn't know how morgan knew she was with child. It was still early. She hadn't told anyone but author yet. Still morgan knew something had changed within her grain did not possess the knowledge to know how it happened. She'd only heard stories of the fe. Who lived beyond the veil but he grain new. Morgan would never be the same and now. She was left with a decision to hide her daughters strangeness from a cruel world or to nurture it because the world was cruel either was happy that her child was special but she was also scared if little. Morgan had the power to turn a room on its head. What would she do with that magic when she got older coming up morgan town control of her future listeners. It's vanessa from podcast. If you haven't had a chance to check out my series mythology you don't know what you're missing heroes. Gods monsters and mayhem this podcast. Has it all every tuesday. Take a deep dive back in time. Exploring the history origins and meaning behind the myths that have shaped the earth. Each episode of mythology dramatizes a story pulled from beliefs from around the world giving insight into how our ancestors saw the universe and how those stories resonate in our lives today. Recent episodes include the epic battle between hercules and theseus the grieving spirit known as lawyer dona ana treacherous journey to the land of the dead catch new episodes every tuesday and binge the classics anytime follow mythology. Freon spotify or wherever you get your podcast. This episode is brought to you by fan duel. Sportsbook march mania. Is here. you could choose to be a bench warmer watch from the sidelines or you could get in the game and try your hand at fan duel. Sportsbook shoot your shot on money. Lines point spreads parlays and more. It's up to you how you play all tournament long fan duel is giving everyone a free shot at one million dollars bet on the bracket and get a chance to win the million dollar bonus pay-out plus when you sign up you can place your. I bet risk free up to one thousand dollars. There's always more ways to win on. Fan duel sportsbook. Download the app and use promo code. Upset claim all these offers. That's promo code upset to get started on. Fan duel sportsbook. Twenty one plus in presents in virginia no purchase necessary for one million dollar promotion. I online real money wage. You're only for one thousand dollar risk-free refund issued has gone withdraw beside credit. That expires fourteen days. Terms apply. see sportsbook fan duel dot com for terms and restrictions. gambling problem. Call one eight hundred gambler now back to the story. A morgan always promised her mother that she believed her strange story. According to a grain. When morgan was a child she perished after getting lost in the fields outside the castle walls then somehow she was revived. It was then. Her mother told her that her once. Green eyes were replaced with striking violet. Ones e green told morgan instant. She had transformed the room around her. She had even predicted her brother. Arthur's birth. It was an odd story but a familiar. One more was upset. Green used the tail to remind her that she was special. And when morgan upset her mother ige grain used the story as proof. That morgan was super naturally gifted at being a thorn in her side by her fourteenth year. Morgan was a skeptic. She suspected her mother had told her. She'd predicted arthur's birth in hopes of her disliking. The boy less morgan had no memory of her old green eyes and she certainly didn't know any spells. She would have liked to learn but her stepfather king arthur had no appreciation for her intellect and ambition. Unlike arthur who's robust education would prepare him to rule someday day e green. Had one suggested that. If morgan were nicer to her brother he might share some of what he'd learned but that was a lost cause for morgan was fourteen and there are few things. Fourteen year. old girls hate more than little brothers. Didn't help that youth or doted on arthur and detested morgan. Her older sisters had all taken their marriages to lesser neighboring. Kings in stride. But morgan wasn't interested in domestic life. She didn't know what she wanted to do. And no one knew what to do with her either. The key was hosting a few local lords when morgan's usual argument with her stepfather began anew. I don't see why you don't at least hear the saxons out father. It seems far more efficient to trade than to fight. Luther voice was terse as he tore into his mutton. Your a master of statecraft. now girl. i'm sure your future husband will love that ten year. Old arthur smirked. No one is going to marry you again. You would know court etiquette it bit. You on the bum morgan sneered. Maybe i don't wanna be married. Maybe i want to deal with men on my own terms. And in my own way i could be a nun instead or a priestess. It is an alliance of different kind but an important one to capture. The belief of the people is to have true power. Grain glanced at her husband's furious expression then spoke to morgan in a measured tone. That may be true but marriage is the best way to secure an alliance. Luther didn't look up from his plate as he spoke. If the girl was so fond of the saxons he muttered. He could marry her off to them. Morgan couldn't contain her irritation. Careful what you wish for father. If you did i might just turn them against you entirely youth or slammed his fist on the table before a fight erupted grain grabbed morgan. Arthur and said she'd put them to bed. Morgan complained as they left the hall. But the queen shushed her. This is the way things are morgan. We cannot control author no more than we can control the tides or the moon. All we can do is make the best of it. Morgan expected her cheeks to go hot but all she felt was cold like there was an ocean inside her waiting to be unleashed. She gave a grain deathly glare then told her she was headed out to the fence. That was where she always went when she was upset. Ebron didn't stop her. she never did. Sometimes morgan thought it was because her mother wanted her to have a little freedom where she could find it other times. She wondered if it was because he grain hoped. Morgan would return from the fens. With green. Is cured of her supposed curse. The thought made the ocean inside morgan. Churn and royal so. She slipped away to the stables. Took a horse and raced off into the fens gray. Clouds amassed overhead as morgan road through the marsh land rains were coming so she wrote faster hoping to find shelter before they fell. Morgan relished the splash of her steeds hubs in the shallow water. And the site of the soft moss covered landscape. Soothe her anger. She was nearly at a gallop when she saw hunched figure on the road. An old cornish priestess stood there cloaked in robes of the deepest green. Morgan stopped the horse and called out to her. Excuse me but do you think your goddess could do something about the impending rain. The old woman laughed. Storms are where magic grows milady. Morgan morgan raised an eyebrow. She could ask how the old priestess knew her. But morgan was the only high woman of the key who was ever seen outside its walls. Her reputation preceded her simple as that but even so it made morgan uncomfortable and apparently the priestess could tell. The woman laughed again. I thought you royals liked being recognized. Mortgage rolled her eyes and told her that she was sick of being royal she'd prefer to be a priestess to lead a life of mystery and magic beholden to no one. The priestess leaned on her walking. Stick and morgan saw strange glint. In the old woman's i morgan listened as the priestess said that all magic had a cost especially mo- drawn the earth mothers magic for. She protected her domain with a parents grip. Morgan shivered the thought of answering to any adult for the rest of her life frightened her. Perhaps being a priestess was a bad idea but what was she to do. If not that could. A priest is be a midwife a hermit. No no morgan thought to herself. She couldn't simply go from being royalty to not. Perhaps she'd have to disappear entirely i but she'd have to ensure her mother couldn't find her and however she vanished. It needed to be convincing. Suddenly an idea struck her. Maybe ingrained story about her childhood. Disappearance could be turned to her benefit. If morgan wanted to run away and stay away she could lay the groundwork for a supernatural abduction and luckily for her a believer was standing right before her horse. So morgan told the priestess her mother's tale the priestess didn't look nearly as stunned as morgan thought she'd be instead she listened. Quietly nodding along as morgan spoke. When morgan was finished with the story the old woman asked matter of factly were carried off. Then morgan felt stupid. She wasn't sure why but she wilted under the priestesses gays. The woman continued. You might remember nothing but if you've been to fairyland you can always return. She said it is if it was the simplest most obvious thing in the world. Morgan was frustrated that she had to ask how the priests shook her head. A fairy ring of course. What are they teaching princesses. These days really. The priestess pointed to a ring of mushrooms. On the wet ground see those toadstools. Now fe aren't as common as powerful as they used to be but they still dance in their rings of our. If you stand in one too long they may catch you and take you back to their beautiful and terrible city trust to know what in fairyland princess they will take whatever they can sacrifice for magic at this point. Morgan was ready to take any city over her own oppressive castle even an imaginary one. She thanked the old woman and gave her a coin. The priests nodded and smiled a sly glint in her eye. Then she wandered into the mist. Morgan sat on the road side by the ferry. Ring her writing cloak wrapped around her as she let her horse greys. She looked at the ring and thought of her mother again. E grain believed these. Things ferries sprites and raven goddesses if she gave credence to all those silly stories. Why couldn't she believe that. Morgan would be better off without youth. Her and arthur morgan sneered the fairy. Ring it was a circle of toadstools. Nothing more and before she ran off to start a new life in a new kingdom she would prove it. So morgan stepped into the ring. She stood there awhile feeling very silly as she smelled the potent blend of damp earth and reign but as she took a deep breath and lifted her foot to step away. She vanished coming up. Morgan discovers the cost of magic. This episode is brought to you by carmax at carmax. The best way to buy a car is your way whether you're an online shopper. Or an in person. Kind of person carmax. Has you covered. Choose from over. 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The ones who supposedly taken her as a child and giving her powers but morgan was shocked to discover that magic was real and now she was here. It looked the same as the moors and meadows. She played in her whole life. Get it was wildly different to like a mirror image. As morgan touched the grass do spilled onto her hands with just a flick of her fingers. She could pull the water from the ground. The possibilities this power presented flooded her mind. All she had to do was closed her fist and she could drown her stupid brother. Arthur if he displeased her then she could drown her stepfather youth or to. It should have felt strange or frightening. Get it felt so normal. The most normal morgan had ever felt the air around her seemed to whisper. Morgan focused on the sounds. Trying to make out words. Then the world appeared to shift and the sound stopped. The sky was green. The grass was soft pink. Everything around her g- load. Morgan was still trying to find her bearings when she heard a strange clicking behind her she turned slowly to see a giant praying mantis. It towered over her. It's spindly legs as thick as trees. It skin shimmered under the haze of magenta moon and it stared at her with is as empty as black pits into an endless abyss. There was something about its gaze. That reminded her of her stepfather. Reuther perhaps the beady eyes or the gnashing teeth then. The mantis started to barrel toward her. Life morgan will this all be a dream. She must've fallen from her horse on the fans she'd wake up any moment now rush straight home but the way the ground rumbled as the is approached was all too real. Morgan told herself to do the water trick. She just learned and she braced her hands in the mantis direction. But nothing happened or at least she thought nothing happened until morgan realized that shimmering flex of ash rained down around her the mantis was gone mortgage wondered where it went until she realized the mantis was the ash. She stared at her hands trying to understand what she just done what she could do. She felt the tug of a smile at her lips and worried that she'd already enjoyed this skill a little too much. The ground ran thick with sticky water. Or no it wasn't water. It was more like mud. Morgan pulled her skirts up and ran through it. Following it to its source. A dome shaped castle emerged from the missed. Part of it was melting flowing back into the land. It had risen from wherever the liquid went. It turned the pink grasp brown. Morgan somehow knew this place was dying. She also knew this land belong to her. She could rebuild it as she saw fit. This was merely what it was like without her care and that would change soon enough. She fought her way through the sludge and choked on the sour air. Rats and bluebirds were fleeing the castle in droves. She sidestepped them as best. She could but couldn't help but accidentally crushed the rodents underfoot but it was not enough to stop her from walking. She crossed the castles drawbridge and entered the first tower. It's height was immeasurable yet. She was sure that if she wished to see the top she could in an instant time and distance and meaning were all hers to shape. She passed under a dripping archway and came face to face with herself or perhaps a self she'd left on the fence. And moore's ten years ago green-eyed woman was older thinner than her. The lines around her mouth suggested a life full of sadness. Morgan her mouth to speak but the other woman spoke to her i. It is as i expected. You've come to destroy me. Morgan was horrified. She asked the other morgan what she meant and her double side. All magic has a cost a sacrifice some pay their debt piece by piece but others like us are more practical. Destroy your mortal self and there will be no one to stop you. The natural laws will be at your command every illusion. Every lie will be as easy as breathing. Morgan struggled for words. Her pulse pounding in her ears but before she could open her mouth to utter a question her double answered. You must kill who you are to become who you were born to be. Morgan suddenly felt very young. She had wanted to lie to her. Mother yes she wanted to make her own way but could she do this and what would happen if she didn't. Her jaw went tight. Don't i get to decide who i was born to be. The double looked at her long. And hard you already did. That is why the fe took you why they took me because we called them with our healing herbs and keen is we had so much potential at nearly tore them apart. She smiled so slightly but now that power is yours alone but only if you destroy me. I morgan felt tears. Sting her is. She wiped them away. This other morgan. This human morgan. She was just an idea an illusion yet. A wait to lay on her no matter how much she doubted her is to harm someone who looked like you was no small thing morgan asked. Would you hate me. Her double smiled sadly. Has that ever stopped you before. Morgan felt steady thrum in her fingertips. Her body was vibrating with the locked potential inside her chest but could she hurt her other self and for what. She asked the older morgan. If the fe would try to control her just as youth or did the double laughed. They will try but you are something beyond them. You will live forever. But i you know what you must do. Morgan stared at her. No no she couldn't. She refused to destroy her double. The older morgan was silent for a moment then. She beckoned her closer drawing her into an embrace. She whispered. i'll tell you a secret. I was always rooting for you before. Morgan could understand what was happening. The other woman opened her mouth and swallowed. The thick drips of foul water. That were leaking from the archway. It turned her skin a sickly gray she sputtered but she continued to drink her body convulsed. Morgan cried out and tried to russell her away from the stream but her double was stuck to the spot. Morgan begged she pleaded but she could do nothing but watch her other self drown and decay. Her double smiled one more time. More ghana the ferry queen. The green eyed woman said almost wistfully then she melted into the brown water and floated past morgan's feet. Something unlocked inside of morgan. She scooped up a bit of mud and the melted. Buildings started to repair itself. Stones piled on stones. A great forest grew around the castle. More beautiful than anything. We had ever imagined. Morgan decided she would shape this world and then she would reshape luther and arthur's world. She would do what she wanted just as they did her double would-be the last person who made a choice for morgan and morgan's swore she would be remembered long after youth author- was gone. The most popular interpretation of morgan lef- as role in our three and legend is that of the medieval cautionary tale. Beware of women. Writers like thomas. Mallory and criterion twat. Beware of their desire and their power. Morgan le fay is a character rarely seen in such legends. She's a composite of the classical archetypes of sursee or both the lustful in chantrey who seeks to control her lover and a benevolent guardian of the male hero. Who helps him on his journey. Much of morgan's dual nature can be credited to her celtic goddess origins celtic deities were often multifaceted instead of representing the simple good or evil. We often see in other gods of the western world. Both the welsh mother goddess mo- drawn and the irish warrior goddess more gone were potent representations of feminine power in its creative and destructive capacities and both were swallowed up by the catholic churches targeting of paganism in the british isles. The villains ation of morgan le fay in medieval arthurian. Legend is a direct result of this effort to demonize paganism feminine power and sexuality but whether she's portrayed as a seductive in chance or wicked fo- it's near impossible to find a king arthur adaptation without morgan in it. Maybe if you're going to pick an antagonist for arthur morgan. Le fay really has the most interesting arsenal or maybe we just can't resist a fairy queen. Who knows exactly what she wants. Thanks for listening to mythical monsters. We'll be back next week with a new episode. You can find all episodes of mythical monsters and all other spotify originals from podcast for free on spotify. I'll see you next time. Mythical monsters is a spotify. Original from park cast it is executive produced by max cutler sound designed by brian golub with production assistance by ron shapiro carly madden and travis clark. This episode of physical monsters was written by lil de ridder and jennifer a with writing assistance. By alex garland. Fact checking by bennett. Logan and research by eight gonna gomez. I'm vanessa richardson.

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