The Ocho: Dallas Cowboys legend DeMarcus Ware


I want to know more about what your favorite ninjas have on their minds. Check out the american ninja warrior podcasts. It's available wherever you get your podcast and it's a great listen for any ninja warrior fan none of the in what world welcome to another episode of the ocho chopra's entity in partnership as always with espy nations bogging the boys dot com my name arja show you know me of course from b._t. And from writer as you're humble host on the co it is thursday the third day september fifth two thousand nine hundred and that means one thing there is football <music> <music> tonight. That's right unless you're listening to this late thursday night. Then of course there was football a little while ago but it is the official day of the kickoff of the n._f._l.'s is one hundred season obviously in green bay packers chicago bears lots going on lots to figure out lots to discuss lots going on on today's episode of the ocho. We have a very special guest. We've been yeah. We're gonna pat the show on the back a little bit two weeks ago. Tony romo joined the show last week. Mike pereira joined the show this week today. Demarcus ware joins the show. That's right before we get to demarcus ware. I do want to kind of just toss this question when it comes to tonight's game thursday thursday night football. It's actually not thursday night football. Be careful with that. That's a brand that's when n._f._l. Networks package begins. This is actually sunday night. Football aw on a thursday it's michael chris collins michelle to foia you get the whole the whole idea but this week by the way the actual game new england patriots unveiling unveiling their banner against the pittsburgh steelers but this is an interesting game obviously because football's back we missed the game etc. But who do you want to win a as a cowboys fan. Who do you want to win the green bay packers are the chicago bears because you can make a lot of arguments number one dudes way too orleans week one. What are you doing about this. I mean i'm i'm just considering everything that could be facing the couch down the road and when you look at it i think i believe born the packers i think i do i think i believe the packers are more likely playoff team simply because they have a better quarterback and i. I know that the bears have a really interesting rochester. They have a great defensive the reigning coach of the year matinee but i just look i mean i'm not going to bet against against aaron rodgers and look they have lower rookie head coach and there's a lot to that but until we see again that the packers cannot be counted on or believes then i'm going to believe in aaron rodgers and the green bay packers. I do believe that aaron could be in a little bit of a mood. I think that we're going to get pissed off aaron rodgers. He's he's gone a long time without <music> out being at the center of a season and so i think aaron rodgers is out for blood in two thousand nineteen so that being said i think for me if you're a cowboys fan watching in this game it makes the most sense to root for the chicago bears because i think the packers were more likely threat to cowboys obviously the four. That's the the cowboys play. Both these teams <hes> they host your packers on october six. They visit the chicago bears thursday after thanksgiving that will be on thursday night football but then again you can go from from the perspective of okay well. I think the packers more likely to win the division which means that the bears would be the team contending wildcard so then shouldn't we root for the packers occurs because we want to keep the bears out of the players look. I just don't want to deal with the packers. I don't want to deal with the packers and maybe that's the question that we should answer. Which team do you feel. The the cowboys could ultimately beat and for me. I feel more confident. The cowboys could beat the bears then. I feel that they could beat the packers. That's just kind of where we're at. <hes> i think <hes> <hes> you know hey get the packers stunned. Just just do it. Mitchell trubisky step up. Get it done bro. We believe in you the n._f._l.'s back and that's great and you know who else is back kazuki. Oh elliott that's right. Oh yeah the n._f._l.'s raining rushing champion return to the dallas cowboys on wednesday after finalizing six year ninety million dollar contract extension that gives him fifty million dollars guaranteed. If you read about this a blog on the boys dot com and i know you did because i know that you check out blog on the boys all the time then you know that this deal is essentially actually an effectively a four year fifty million dollar deal for ezekiel elliott that begins now the next four seasons two thousand nineteen twenty twenty one and twenty two those are the real well. Here's the cowboys are tied to seek if they truly want. They can get out of this spy. Eric suits me after the two thousand twenty two season so you have the through his age twenty seven season. That's very very very good thing to have overall look. I think it's worth mentioning the dak prescott does not have a contract extension at least at the time of this recording jordan and i throw that out there because this has been a wild week where we've already seen to contract extension by the way today is thursday on thursday. There will be a press conference at the star where the cowboys unveiled their newest signees lyle collins and zeke elliot so watch out for that. Maybe they'll get a deal done in time in order to to celebrate that and as mentioned if if that were to happen we'll have an emergency podcasts noise but i mean the week is not necessarily young but if the cowboys always want to get a deal done with jack before the season begins i mean no. They have to get it done before. The season literally begins on sunday but i just feel like i will give the the idea of the cowboys and finalizing their own extension. I give that like thirty percent probability. I just i. I don't think the cowboys wanna go into this. I don't think the deck wants to go into this with this unsettled. I think that's unwise from both perspectives and there's a lot of people make he's he's tra- she talks to look you think the cowboys are a good team right just just imagine if the cowboys won the super bowl but imagine if the cowboys won the super bowl and dak prescott was a bad ass throughout and you're in the two thousand twelve baltimore ravens joe flacco situation at that point if you you think thirty four million dollars a year sucks dude it is gonna really suck and if you're dak prescott the other thing is if you're staring at an offer. That's like an i'm just guessing here. Thirty one to thirty two million dollars per year dude is it. Is it really worth that extra two million dollars to gamble because what if you go out and you get hurt or what if you do go out and suck and what if you're the reason that the cowboys don't do this or don't do that etc. I mean that's why i think both sides have a huge incentive to get this done sooner rather than later <hes> speaking of sooner rather than later. We're gonna take our break now because i don't want to have to break during the demarcus ware interview so hold on for a second for a brief from our sponsors football all is finally back and nothing adds to the excitement of watching that first game like having a shot at a million dollars draft kings the leader in one day fantasy football celebrating the start of the season with an extra special week one contest new users can sign up today and get a free shot at the one million dollar grand prize just spy using code s._p. Nation here's what you do download the draftkings app use that code s._p. 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When you think about it on friday night to call my first clemens game here in san antonio. That's pretty pumped on saturday. My fighting texas aggies head on down to clemson. I don't care about the rock or anything like that. No no no. We're giving the tigers everything we can handle. Although the twenty point spread fails fair and then saturday night we get the l._s._u. Tigers against the texas longhorns looking forward to this game already think i've got what i going to be on saturday determined so we'll see and then of course sunday dallas cowboys new york giants diets america's game of the week on fox. I'll be there. I'll be covering the game for blocking the boys dot com and e._s._p._n. San antonio so make sure you have bookmarked. Make sure you are subscribed right here to the blogging the voice podcast feed you'll be able to hear sound the locker room that we collect. We'll have a video up on the blocking. The boys youtube channel tens of tweets. Follow me on twitter at our joe joe and of course tons undefined because that's what we're all about. We've put it off long enough. Let's get to it. Everybody dallas cowboys legend demarcus ware joins us next right here on the pleased to be joined now by somebody who you hold very very near and dear to your heart the one and only dallas cowboys legend himself demarcus ware demarcus happy football season. Hey listen to football all season starting. I'm starting to smile again. We all are you. <hes> you have a pretty you know well known smile. Have you ever thought about that. You have one of the most signature smiles of people people that i've ever played for the cowboys. You know what i mean you you. Just you just tell them in a church my heart so i know that i smile ally. I'm the honest with you demarcus. I've lost some weight this off season but i'm thinking about shaw q. Yeah i'm thinking about cheating though and having the snickers and i know i know that you're doing some work with them this season tell me about snickers and what you got going on. I tell you what since you've lost pounds. I know that you're the hungriest guy and with me any team that was snickers. There <hes> a rewarding hungriest guiding n._f._l. And fan for on on the field performance but also they often feel oh you know charitable works and they're really persuading the fans to now <hes> be part of it like go to you know <hes> haystack sneakers. <hes> chain rain is almost like the chain is becoming the new flat stanley. I'm going to be the first person to nominate their first high performance of the first week and then that guy is going to now have give chain to the next person so it's gonna be a trickle say but you can follow the story but the fans get get involved and they can also go to exit occurs like on any other social hammers to get involve. Have some fun also be rewarded from it but then what's really really good about it is now the person at the end. After this whole season they get the value of this chain donated to a charity of their choice and this chain well. I said is chain is amazing it is i. I know it's very heavy. I von forty two carats of diamonds on it so it lets you know that there's a lot of value in <unk> yeah well so it's kind of like <hes> like miami's amy's turnover chain and all of the college stuff. We're seeing right like that's kind of. What's nichols is working here with their new twentieth power. You like the twentieth power using now all of the whole n._f._l. Athletes platform me starting it off and now it gets to travel and so you actually see where's being how the players it actually react to it because we all these big contracts around her right so we know that they're getting paid and they like to believe. They like to drill this what we call them. Call it drip so <hes> i see so. Do you know they can pay for it totally well so i think a candidate for the drill. If i'm doing that right is another drip czar. Excuse me the trip. I go there you go. A candidate for the drip is another demarcus. <hes> somebody who you know quite well demarcus lawrence from the cowboys <hes> what are you. What are your thoughts on tank going into the season. You mentioned getting paid. He's a rich man now. I think he's gotten paid. That's what he wants and they consistent is whole career and now says now you have. I'll say now you have your policy. You gotta call him. Signed got james smith sign. You got zeke signed the only other two guy that you want to get sign and back in amari which i feel like those deals are going to get that so now you're team solidify you was the defensive captain happened last year and now you've got to go out and perform you gotta put the <hes> the team on your back since you have that big contract because that's what comes with it the responsibility with the big money big pay and you get out there and play and i know he's gonna get the job done. I think so too and you know tank has been pretty vocal old damarcus about his backing eli manning. You know he's really vocal about that. Who has sacked eli is there's something sweeter about that. You know what man <hes>. It's not you know second. Eli manning is just playing n._f._c. team. Is you know no that every single year when we played a giant so we play philly or you know whatever team it is when you plan any n._f._c. Each team is going to be that hard nose game a lot of running a lot of <hes> nasty brought to the game and it's like you know i want to sort of take out the most important guy on the team from a pass rusher. Standpoint is the quarterback so i'm gonna call trash because i know there's gonna row everybody up my team to support me as i go out in trash quarterback then accents. What do you make of the cowboys. Chances overall so you mentioned having the posse lined up and everything kind of seems to be pointing in the right direction. A lot of people are high on this roster as the twenty nineteen season begins. What do you see for them. Is there potential expectations expectations. <hes> i think that there there are team to where jerry put together. A whole cast of actors thursday can get the job done and now they gotta go out there and do it and they have so much potential right but the thing is how you start the season off because you got a lot of n._f._c. day but then how you finish the season with either you know injuries or whatever it might have <hes> in going into that postseason. Do you have everything that you need to get to where you need to be. Now you know let the seasons start she does that is <hes>. It's gonna be exciting exciting. A lot of people demarcus have said that this team is you know the most talented since whenever and a lot of people have compared it to you guys in two thousand seven yet thirteen pro bowlers obviously won on thirteen games as well. What comparisons do you see. What team does this remind you of in terms of cowboys that you've been a part of. I think that you know i think the team to where we were thirteen. No it was like crazy. We had larry al and we had you know romo weight and marry him barber me. It was a plethora of guys on the team and they have no right. They have the guy that are bringing a lot of firepower our and <hes> they can you know put them to the next level but you know i think that you gotta fresh is eat coming. I mean people are worried. What about <hes> is gonna come back you're going to have you know <hes> a lot of endurance. You don't play the game. I feel like he's all come back. Refresh leagues 'cause he has no choice because he he signed a big contract and he's put the bulls eye back on themselves saying that i can carry that shoot at me and you gotta dodge it. I'm gonna score points and dude. I need to do so uh-huh. I'm i cannot wait to see the opener against the giants last one for you demarcus and now you're a busy man the cowboys in two thousand nine hundred and give me a record prediction and what happens to them in the playoffs <hes> i think <hes> the cowboys are going to be canaan fix and and <hes> i don't know about the playoffs i mean i'm not sure about the playoffs but big old tendency on the super bowl winning team okay that sounds good demarcus guess where looking forward to this drip from snickers and get a couple have a great season demarcus looking forward everything you in snickers do together. I break many many many many many things to demarcus ware snickers for hooking us up for demarcus. I spending some time with the ocho. I know he's a busy man and again. You're not checkout snickers on social media. I have seen this <hes> this this chain. You know it's <hes> this drip type. I can't believe i thought it was called. A drill not necessarily my most proud moment but it's really cool and again it's kind of it's like miami's turnover chain and they're gonna really you know raise some some money and it's a good thing to fund way for fans interact with the game and to be part of it's part of what the magic of social media is it brings opportunities like this which is really cool and really cool to see demarcus ware part of it in fact you might remember a demarcus lawrence last season. He had some some sneakers cleats which was really cool as well so this is awesome and i do things that demarcus lawrence is in line to be able to rock this this chain once or twice this season so we'll see that about does it though for thursday's episode road of the ocho. We'll be back on friday with another episode. Of course we'll have another episode of the seven five. Oh is well. We're back with our regular rotation of of that here on the podcast feed remember blog. The boys is podcasts peter. I there's a lot of fantastic cowers podcasts but blogging the voice. We bring you a dallas cowboys super bowl champion twice a week. We also give you one show at the very least every single day all throughout football season. We make sure that you know what's going on because dude. This is the best time um and we might as well talk about together because we're all friends so it's just do it. Subscribe to the blog the boys podcast wherever you podcast man you know apple stitcher radio. You know whatever's out. Don't you know spotify. Hey man. I'm not judging us what you like but anyway have just the absolute best thursday enjoy the n._f._l. Returning that's going to be awesome. <hes> let's go chicago bears a love saying like that. It's a real problem. I'll work on it. I promise and have a great start to your friday. We'll talk to you then <hes>. Maybe we'll have another contract to discuss who knows so with all that being said we will see many of my friends as always go cowboys and peace out <music> <music>.

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