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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Lakshmi Singh. The House. Judiciary Committee is holding. Its first public hearing in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump over his dealings with Ukraine. NPR's Windsor Johnston reports. The panel is hearing testimony from constitutional law experts as it weighs whether trump's actions warrant the articles of impeachment legal scholars. But it heads at times over. What constitutes an impeachable offense Harvard law? Professor Noah Feldman says trump's actions is clearly meet the Constitutional Standard soliciting the leader of a foreign government in order to announce investigations of political rivals and perform. Those investigations would constitute a high crime in this demeanor. Jonathan Turley a law professor at George Washington University says impeaching trump would set a dangerous Chris. President this would be the first impeachment in history where there would be considerable debate and in my view not compelling evidence of the Commission of a crime president trump trump continues to slam the inquiry. Saying he did. Nothing wrong Windsor Johnston. NPR News Washington. Virginia Governor Ralph northerns pausing the roll out of a work requirement. For some people receiving Medicaid. It was essential part of the Democrats compromise with Republicans when the approved Medicaid expansion in two thousand eighteen. Ben Pave your from member station Asian. VP 'EM has more from Richmond. Virginia Republicans who crossed the aisle to pass Medicaid expansion insisted on the work requirement but that was before Democrats flip both chambers of the legislature. Last month now northbound says he's asked the Virginia Medicaid director to pause rollout of the requirement in a statement he said Democrats are likely to make substantial stansel changes to the policy when the legislature meets in January the governor said that implementing the requirement could cost tens of thousands of Virginians to lose healthcare coverage Republican leaders in the house or accusing him of breaking his earlier promises. North says the change won't affect the nearly three hundred fifty thousand Virginians who've signed up for Medicaid expansion for NPR news news. I'm Ben Pager in Richmond Georgia governor. Brian Kemp has appointed the state's next. US Senator Businesswoman Kelly Leffler Despite pushback from fellow Republicans. We we have more from. Emma heard of member station. Ab Kelly Leffler has been in the news for more than a week now but today was the first time she spoke out herself. I have lived the American dream and I am blessed to stand here today but it is a long way from where I came from. Leffler grew up working on her family's farm in Rural Illinois and has since May today Bersell in the businessworld she's been criticized by some prominent conservatives recently as to moderate. She's no public voting record. Waffler responded strongly to that. I'm a lifelong conservative pro. Second Amendment pro trump pro-military pro-wall. She'll senator Johnny Isakson seat in the New Year. He's retiring early early for health reasons for NPR news. I'm hurt in Atlanta. The Dow is up more than two hundred points since the open this is. NPR News after years of complaints about the mishandling of sexual abuse allegations against priests. The Catholic dies in Buffalo. New York is under new leadership. Bishop Edward Sharpen Burger is stepping in on an interim basis to replace bishop. Richard Malone who resigned under pressure. I'm here for you. I'm here to listen to you. I'm here to walk with you and I'm here to help you heal and I would prefer to convey that message by what I do what I say. His predecessor opted to retire early after learning the results of a Vatican investigation into the dice details of which the public has yet to shape. The buffalo diocese is named in more than two hundred twenty lawsuits involving people who claim they were victims of sexual abuse that in some cases date back decades a European Union delegation investigating the rule of law in Malta is calling for the prime minister's immediate resignation. Joanna Kakissis reports a Maltese leaders. Top aide is is implicated in the two thousand seventeen murder of a prominent journalist. The Maltese Prime Minister Joseph. Muscat says he'll resign after January twelfth but in E. U. Delegation led by Dutch lawmaker Sophie in felt want him out now the E U is closely watching the hearing of Melvin. Touma the alleged middleman in the 2017 eighteen car-bombing assassination of journalist definite cut on Iglesia to implicate Scotch Chief of staff in the murder. The Prime Minister Denies Involvement but cut on a glitziest ability. As family says he's protecting the culprits for N._p._R.. News I'm Joanna Kakissis and I'm Lakshmi Singh N._p._R.. News in Washington.

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