The Morning Briefing: Monday, November 30


Halloween danny boyle with the briefing from the telegraph. It's monday november thirtieth. And you might be able to shop around the clock this christmas so stolz to be allowed to stay open for longer this year that sunday. A major relaxation of rules to help revive high-street stools hamid by covid local governments secretary. Robert generate wants councils to waive rules that restricts opening hours it means shops decide how long and when they open during december and january including the option of twenty four seven service wants to own christmas shopping with uk brands this year while caroline leap has written a piece explaining how to pulse the by british challenge. Meantime various johnson's to announce that pubs and restaurants hit by new restrictions will be given extra money to help them through christmas. The prime minister's trying to see of a major tory rebellion up to one hundred conservative. mp's threatening to oppose. The new tee regime is being put to a commons. Vote tomorrow before it's choose to come into full on wednesday we've got a full guide to how daily life will be affected in each area now. Major search is on the way for british backpacker esta. Dingley gave up her job to travel european van with a boyfriend for the last six years. She's now gone missing on a solo hike in the pyrenees. She'll be off to sending sophie from the top of a mounted french. Authorities are searching the area with helicopters and dogs. We've got the latest. And when they wrote material for monty python and the holy grail. The comedians probably assumed that black knight sketch with something completely different. but it's now being revealed. The joke was effectively. I told in the fifteenth century curator at the british library founded version of the same punchline in the margin of a manuscript. We've compared the gags swath mentioning pieces including the extraordinary aftermath of the most dramatic f. One crash in years and all the talking points after last night's strictly down self right. You're up to date from the telegraph. Chris we'll have your second briefing of the day this evening.

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