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Hells Angel Pt. 1: Sonny Barger


Hi guys before we get started. I have an exciting announcement to share. I want to introduce you to Alistair. He'll be taking over for Howell as my co host. Hi listeners I host a few other shows power costs like cornutus villains and Doug Tales. How will will be missed? But I'm excited to get started here. Let's get into this week's episode. Due to the graphic nature of this kingpins crimes listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions of drug use sexual assault and violence that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen on a typical weekend nights in Oakland. Nine hundred and sixty five. Sonny Barger had just received a call. One of his fellow hells angels was in trouble at a local bar. Sunny arrived to survey the scene at the four hundred club. He soon spotted the angel in his girlfriend being hassled by half a dozen guys from the local chrome shop. The ringleader had had just enough beers to be brave enough to trash. Talk the toughest guys in Oakland Sunny stocked over cool and collected to tell his brother that it was time to go and for good measure. He stuck twenty-five automatic in the mouth of the ringleader. Just to let him know what would happen if he didn't stop running his mouth. Shut him up sunny and the angel left but the Gulf remained doubled back inside to retrieve her through the window. Sunny spotted the ringleader. Giving her trouble he shook his head big mistake he'd already been warned once. Sunny stormed back in walked up to the guy and hits him on the side of the head with his twenty-five but the gun accidentally went off grazing. The man's skull sunny chuckled to himself. He'd been trying not to hurt the poor idiot but fate at clearly intervened so sunny grant this poor bleeding. Drunken mess bent him over the pool table and shot him again the lesson. Don't mess with a hells angel. Welcome to kingpins apar- Original I'm Alastair murden and I'm Kate Leonard. Every Friday. We journey inside the ranks of Organized Crime Rings From Street gangs to mafiosos to understand how a kingpin or Queen Pin Rises to the top of the underworld and why they full as we follow the lives of infamous crime bosses. We'll explore how money and power change them and how it changed the community around them. You can find episodes of kingpins and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream kingpins for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type kingpins in the search bar at podcast. We are grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter podcast network this week with telling the story of Sonny Banga Legendary President of the Oakland Biker? Gang the hell's angels this week. We'll be exploring his club's rise to national infamy alongside the counterculture movements of the nineteen sixties. Next week we'll see how drugs and crime changed the face of the club forever in Nineteen Sixty three twenty five year old. Sonny Bono was president of the Oakland. Chapter of the hells angels. This meant he sat at the top of the burgeoning empire of outlaw motorcycle clubs known for drinking fighting and dealing drugs. Many anti-establishment organizations like these actually rose to prominence after world. War Two military veterans. Who had trouble fitting back into the square world of the nineteen fifties needed somewhere to go and shoot the breeze? Hollywood saw the appeal to the Marlon Brando movie. The Wild One introduced audiences across America to the world of leather jacket wearing motorcycle. Gangs causing mayhem. Wherever they went. But in the summer of nineteen sixty three sunny bargar had a bigger concern establishing his Oakland Charter as the dominant. Hells Angel Club even more powerful than the Founding San Bernardino Chapter. He also wanted to unite with other outlaw motorcycle clubs around the State. Sure they spent a fair amount of time beating each other up and jockeying for territory but they could put their beef aside to unite against a common foe. The cops so sunny bargar had an idea that would eventually become a hells angels tradition the Labor Day. Weekend RUN OUTLAW. Motorcycle clubs from all over the state would unite in Porterville California a medium sized town halfway between Fresno and Bakersfield there was no Setai Tin Ary. Just a plan to drink smoke weed and get up to whatever. Mischief found them. Sunny Bargar led his Oakland. Hells angels into Porterville to rendezvous with four other leading clubs the stray Satan's the galloping goose's the Coleman sheriffs and the cavaliers in all there were about two hundred bikers invading a town of about nine thousand people. At first everything went according to plan with bikers from different clubs bonding over drugs and women then an Oakland Angel Named Charlie. Magoo was having a drink in a bar minding his own business when an old townie through a beer in his face as soon as Magoo leapt to his feet. The old townie realized he'd made a grave error. There was no way he could take this guy in a fight. The townie bumbled an apology but it was too little too late. Magoo punched him in the face. The old man stumbled so Magoo punched him a second time. Then a third. The old man collapsed on the floor. Knock out but instead of settling things the townie went home grabbed. A gun came back and pointed it at Magoo. This was his town. These angels needed to go Vista Magoo had backup a group of fellow. Angels grabbed townies gun and turned it back around on him. They all took turns beating him until he had to be sent to the hospital. Meanwhile sunny was presiding over a Bachan. All that had taken over the Porterville main drag motorcycles were racing each other down the street the bikers girlfriends and female hangers on. Were having wet. T shirt contests. Everyone was drunk high or both. The angels stopped any vehicles passing through town and forced open. Their car does if they were young women in the car. They attempted to pull them out so they could join the party whether they wanted to on not not. Everyone was thrilled namely the Porterville. Chief of police. He worried he was losing control of the situation so he called out to other counties for backup by nine thirty PM over two hundred and fifty cops rolled into downtown to stop the madness. Their first move was to set up a blockade hoping to direct the bikers. Down One road out of town once was set the chief got on the Bullhorn and announce the bike has had five minutes to clear out. Meanwhile fire trucks spreads soapy water down the main streets making it impossible to race they turn their hoses on bikers. Knocking them off their harleys. Local teens even got into the action climbing to the tops of buildings and throwing bricks down onto the street faced with an army of guns hoses and bricks. The bikers had no choice but to leave town. Sunny led his bikers to the parking lot of Sports Center. A few miles outside of town to assess the situation as they counted their ranks. They realized they were missing for members who had been knocked off their bikes and arrested. Some of the other clubs wanted to give up and peel out. They trusted that lost members to bail themselves out of jail and find their way home but sunny refused to leave without all of his Oakland. Hells Angels Brothers. So at two thirty. Am they turned their bikes around and headed? Back to PORTERVILLE SEVILLE COPS had lined up squad cars to block the bridge leading into town and they were prepared to wait as long as it took for the hells angels to leave town for Good. Sunny wasn't intimidated. By the show of force. He ordered his bikers to line up in a counter blockade across the other half of the bridge. If the cops wouldn't let people into town. Then the hells angels wouldn't let anyone leave either. It was a standoff. Eventually a highway patrol officer approached sunny to try and broker peace sunny told the officer he just wanted his men back and would gladly pay the twenty five dollars for their bail. The officer took them to the portable chief of police. But the chief didn't think twenty five dollars was enough his counter-offer fifty thousand dollars. Sunny exploded in anger. He was trying to play by the rules. And these cops were trying to take advantage of him. Sensing a confrontation. The highway patrol officer scrambled to get the chief to agree to a low a bail sunny and the chief agreed to fifty dollars. And the Hells Angels. Pass the hat to raise the money. It seemed like a fair resolution. Yet by the time sunny and the bikers finally left town. They found another row of cops waiting for them. Ready to pull over any angel. Whose bike wasn't up to code and as a group devoted to customizing their rides. This was damn near all of them. This was the last Straw for Sonny. They were done being stopped by the cops. He ordered his men to outrun the police and they did in just one night sonny. Berger proved himself the undisputed leader of the hells angels and the baddest of all the outlaw bikers in California. Not Bad for a poor kid from Oakland Sunny bunker was born Ralph Barger junior on October Eighth. Nineteen thirty eight. He was named after his father. Ralph Baga senior who worked laying down pavement for highway ninety nine in California's Central Valley Sunny with later. Ruled that very road as a hells angel. Sonny's mother Catherine Carmelo. Bhargava would take sunny and her daughter Shirley on the trailways bus to visit their dad at his different job sites until she fell in love with the open road to just in the wrong way. When Sonny was only four months old she ran off with the trailways bus driver leaving her kids with a babysitter in Modesto the babysitter. Eventually call the COPS in. What would be the first of many encounters with the police for baby sunny? The police alerted his father. Who picked up his kids and headed to his mother's house in Oakland. No a single dad. Ralphs senior worked hard and drank hard. Sonny was mostly left. Fend for himself when they did spend time together. It was mostly an Oakland vase with sunny. Stealing pretzels and hard boiled eggs for snacks. School was no safe haven either. He was kicked out of fifth grade for attacking his teacher and later suspended for smashing another student's leg with a baseball bat. Sonny's first taste of freedom was when he was thirteen and scraped together. Twenty dollars to buy a little motorized scooter. It had tiny wheels and a tin frame. That didn't matter. The bike could get all the way up to forty miles per hour. That freedom meant the streets of Oakland. Were his but when Sonny was sixteen his dad decided to move into a hotel rather than keep up a house left with no place to live. Sunny decided to forge a birth certificate and join the army. Even though sunny rebelled against authority in school he loved it in the army there. The rules made sense. They taught him how to fight and survive. Plus it was built in family. He was sent to Honolulu to train as a machine gunner but after fourteen months the army discovered he was underage and kicked him out. Luckily he was honorably discharged which meant he was undrivable. By the time the Vietnam War came around back in Oakland. He moved in with his sister. Shirley and worked a series of odd jobs but they all lacked purpose. Nothing held his interest until nineteen fifty six when he bought his first used. Harley for one hundred twenty five dollars sunny could have spent every day riding his bike around Oakland with his friends. One of them nicknamed boots wore a military style patch with a skull wearing an aviator helmets and wings embroidered under the image. Where the words hells angels. It looked cool all right but neither he nor sunny had any idea what it meant. They'd find out soon on one fateful ride through southern California. Their bikes broke down. A bike named Vic bettencourt came to their aid on the side of the road and he just so happened to be wearing the same patch as boots. It turned out that boots patch wasn't just old military garb. It was an official motorcycle club with branches in Fresno San Bernardino and San Francisco. Vic had every right to beat up boots and sunny on the spot for wearing that patch they hadn't earned its merits but he took pity on the kids and instead asked them if they wanted to form a real club. This was the kind of family and purpose. Sunny had been craving since he was kicked out of the army and on the side of that highway in nineteen fifty seven. The Oakland Hells Angels were born. He may have accidentally stumbled into it but Sunny. Baga had finally found a family one that would be with him for better or worse for the rest of his life up next. We'll take a look at the hells angels turbulent rise to infamy including the club's early forays into drugs podcast listeners. We realized that there are a lot of cash shows to choose from each day and sometimes not enough time to sort through them. All in our new feed park cast daily we filter through all of your favorite podcast series to highlight the most timely and relevant episode premiering. Each day every Monday through Friday. Discover a new and captivating episode curated specifically for you. That's one new episode from our slate of content handpicked with you in mind. Time is precious. And we've got you covered. Follow Park has daily free on spotify. Or wherever? You get your podcasts. You can check out. Moorpark has shows in a full library of episodes on spotify by searching for par cast in the spotify search bar or by going to spotify dot com slash podcast. Now back to the story Sonny. Berger was just a run of the mill delinquent until nineteen fifty seven when he became a founding member of the Oakland Charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. The hells angels might have been a bunch of outlaws and rebels but most of them were former military and the eighteen year olds. Sunny made sure. They ran their club with strict. Rules and expectations meetings had parliamentary structure. The minutes of the previous meeting were read first. Then twenty five cent weekly dues were collected in the early years. The Oakland Hells Angels. Had they meetings in the basement of the house of a member named junior or rather his parents house. Juniors parents would sometimes come downstairs to say hello to the boys after about a year. They rented a clubhouse nicknamed the snake-pit it was a big Victorian House around the corner from their favorite bar. Anyone was welcome to crash there. After a childhood of instability that clubhouse meant that Sunny Banga would never be homeless again. The hells angels might have had a reputation for lawlessness. But as club president sunny had to follow a long list of rules set by the San Bernardino Charter as well as make some of his own. There were a lot of regulations. The club members road in strict formation with sunny the president leading the front of the pack the Vice President Road Front right and was in charge of carrying bail money for when they were inevitably pulled over at the height of their power. The Oakland pack could span half a mile long. They also had rules governing behavior. There was a five dollar fine for fighting with another member. A two dollar fine for missing a meeting and a small charge for swearing. Weapons could only be shot between. Oh six hundred and sixteen hundred hours and members were prohibited from messing around with another member's wife or girlfriend drugs were also a prevalence parts of the angels lifestyle and many of them upon tyne dealers. One of the most important rules was no drug burns. Meaning if you promise to make a drug deal you had to go through with it. They may have been criminals but at least they were honest ones joining the angels seem to be a sacred process shrouded in Ruma and mystery recruits. Were mostly friends or friends of friends. They didn't trust outside us. By some accounts. New members had to bring a woman or girl known as a sheep. Who's willing to have sex with every member of the club by other accounts membership allegedly required killing someone on behalf of the club. Rooms aside joining the hells angels was quite a saga in the first stage. Interested new members who were known as hang arounds would spend time in the clubhouse volunteering for miscellaneous grunt work. If they were game they moved to the second stage of recruitment now known as a prospect they spent a year setting up meetings and cleaning up after plus they had to be available twenty four seven for whatever tasks member needed doing after serving their year. Prospects were put up for a vote by the full membership but it had to be unanimous vote and the prospect was out once they lost that. Vote a new member would get their full hell's Angel Regalia including the patch with the wings skull of death some hells angels wore a one percent patch symbolizing that they were in the one percent of motorcycle riders. Who were part of outlaw motorcycle gangs? This was a statistic from the American Motorcycle. Association who wanted to differentiate between responsible motorcycle riders and organized criminals. Like the angels still others chose to accessorize with swastikas and Nazi Regalia to show. How Little Lake head for social norms after sunny bargains leadership in the nineteen sixty three Labor Day rally in Porterville hells angels across the State started looking to his Oakland Charter for leadership. He appeared to hold a lot of power. Though at that time. Sonny's angels were little more than low rent thugs. They were interested in partying women drinking beer and smoking weed. We made some money by stealing motorcycles and parts or by dealing pot but in these early days hells angels were as much drug users as drug dealers. Most of the members had other legal jobs in order to get by sunny himself had day jobs. Other angels were truck drivers and laborers just like Sonny's father had been but while they may not have been criminal masterminds. They were quickly gaining a reputation as quick tempered and dangerous on April second. Nineteen sixty four eight angels broke into a home in Oakland. A man and woman were inside along with three children. They forced the man outside and then raped the woman at gunpoint while her children watched hours later she was paid a visit by female friends of the angels. Who told her that if she talked to the police they'd cut her in the face. The woman refused to testify and the charges were dropped. This was just one of the many instances of violence that the angels were caught up in during the early nineteen sixties. The Oakland police grew frustrated that they couldn't make any serious charges. Stick so they doubled down on arresting hells angels for possession of marijuana and other drugs. That's exactly how sunny bogus spent the summer of nineteen sixty four behind because in the center Rita County Jail. But what happened while he was away? Would mark the hells angels and the Oakland Charter forever. Labor Day Weekend. Nineteen sixty four just one year after the eventful Porterville. Rally the Oakland Hells Angels. Were ramping up for the second installment of this now annual tradition. This year's destination was the small town of seaside on California's Monterey Peninsula and in addition to the usual dancing debauchery. The angels had emission. They needed to raise some money to ship the body of one of their fallen brothers back east for a proper funeral. If everyone in attendance chipped in a buck or two they should be able to cover it so the call went out to all the outlaw motorcycle gangs in California. Bring your money and come ready to party. The angels had learned their lesson from Porterville though through friendly connections Monterey. They reached a truce with the local police ahead of time. If the angels promise not to cause too much trouble the cops would leave them alone. The bikers first stop was a local bar called Knicks in downtown Monterrey. Cops were stationed outside trying to keep the locals out and avoid trouble but plenty of townspeople found their way inside wanting to catch a glimpse of the angels in person. That's evening the Ponzi moved to the beach. An empty stretch of sand between Monterey Bay and an old army training center called Ford ordered. The police agreed to let them do as they please on this remote strip but still posted God's to keep lookout for a few hours. Everything seemed fine then as evening hit a few teenage boys came into. The police station with worried looks on their faces. They said the angels had run off with their girlfriends. Some deputies were dispatched to the beach and found two young girls. Fourteen and fifteen years old sopping and terrified one was wearing justice shirt. The other was completely naked. The deputy took the girl away to safety leaving the angels to wonder what lay in store for them the next morning the beach was swarmed with squad cars and local and national news media. The police officers separated the hells angels from their friends girlfriends and locals who had willingly joined in the all night rage then. The teenage goes were brought back out and asked to identify the men who had assaulted them. For Hell's angels were arrested and charged with gang rape. The arrests made national news and from behind his cell and county lockup Sonny. Barger knew that he'd have a lot to deal with when he got out but just a few weeks later. The charges against all four hells angels members would dropped for lack of evidence while the angels celebrated their good fortune. Lawmakers and California decided they'd had enough of the menace of outlaw biker. Gangs Attorney General. Thomas Lynch was commissioned to write a report cataloguing the hells angels as a public threat by the time. The report was made public in March. Nineteen sixty five sunny. Baga was already back out of prison leading the charge to clean up the Oakland chapter. Their report was devastating. Lynch claimed the club had four hundred and fifty members in the state though. The real number was probably closer to one hundred. The report also attributed eight Hundred Seventy four felony arrests three hundred convictions and over. One Thousand Misdemeanors to the group finally jabbed that quote both club members and female associates seem badly in need of a bath. The government's numbers were overblown. There were barely two hundred. Hells Angels in California total. Plus the hells angels. Were the first to be blamed for all crimes. Whether they were responsible will not. They just had a bad reputation but the public had had enough of the biker menace and police departments around the State got the green light to stop hassle and arrest any biker. They saw no matter the circumstances for a few months the government strategies worked members. Quit or resigned rather than deal with perpetual harassment by law enforcement. The Sacramento chapter was forced to dissolve altogether due to lower membership. Just a few months after the report became public. There were only about eighty five. Hells angels in the entire state. Then just when things were at their bleakest. The angels found that unlikely saviours up next sunny bargar brings his angels to meet Ken. Casey and his Merry Pranksters now back to the story. During the spring of nineteen sixty five the hells angels were at their most famous albeit least powerful their ringmaster sonny barger could barely keep the clubs together amidst rising police pressure and public animosity. But the outlaw motorcycle clubs went the only rebels and rabble rouses who were making their mark in the nineteen sixties hippies and free spirits of all kinds were making their home in the Golden State. The hells angels. Didn't have much use for hippies. Aside from selling them the occasional bags of weed and Haight Ashbury and Golden Gate Park but one unlikely meeting would change the fate of Sonny Barger and his angels forever. Ken Keesey was a respected author. Most famous writing the novel. One flew over the CUCKOO's nest which had been published a wide acclaim in Nineteen Sixty two during the late fifties and early sixties. He had also participated in government studies about hallucinogenic drugs including mescaline and LSD following. The success of his novel. Keesey moved to a large house in the woods of La Honda California. It was a gathering place for writers and artists and his own band of followers. Who would come to be known as the Merry Pranksters there they would dance? Drink do acid and have sex kind of like a hells angels party. Except without the fistfights the hells angels knew about the Merry Pranksters but never had much use for them. The pranksters where the peace and love type while the angels were mostly military veterans who solve problems with punches. But in one thousand nine hundred. Sixty five the hells angels had granted. Gonzo journalist Hunter S Thompson access to their club. And at the same time writer Tom Wolfe was embedded with merry pranksters documenting. Their lifestyle the to rights is thought that sunny and Keesey should get to know one another and despite that different ideologies the two bonded they both loved drugs after all and Keesey respected the hells angels as fellow counterculture icons who did what they wanted. Damn the authorities or the COPS TO SUNNY SURPRISE. The respect was mutual. He found out that. Keesey was a champion wrestler and like Sonny had served time for marijuana possession. They had a lot in common. So cheesy invites at the hells angels for a visit on Saturday August. Seventh nineteen sixty five. The Oakland hells angels roared in formation through the mountain roads outside of La Honda a tiny town in the Santa Cruz. Mountains south of San Francisco as always. The police knew they were coming. They tailed the bikers the last few miles to Casey's ranch lights and sirens blazing the angels outraced the cops through the narrow mountain roads. The Merry Pranksters could hear them coming. As soon as the bikers road through the gates the Pranksters Whip Them. Shut and the cops were left outside lights still flashing as sunny and the Angels. Got Off their bikes. They marveled at the hippie wonderland they had stumbled into barefoot. Pranksters in varying states of undress wandered the property in drugged Hayes. Some covered in day GLO paint and the poet Allen Ginsberg held court Baga had been introduced to acid earlier that year and often did it with his wife for the rest of the angels though this would be their first acid trip little. Did they know that this drug would soon turn their motorcycle? Gang into some of the biggest drug dealers in the country. The party lasted for an entire weekend. And it didn't end there. The angels became regular fixtures. Around the merry prankster compound. The writer Tom. Wolfe called them. Unintellectual tourist attraction radicals and free spirits from Berkeley and San Francisco stopped by to see the leather clad bikers making nice with hippies for two solid months the hells angels and Pranksters got along swimmingly. It almost seemed too good to be true the bikers and the hippies choosing peace and love or other sex and drugs over violence that then things took a turn for the unexpected. The Bay area was the epicenter of the anti-vietnam Protest Movement on October sixteenth. Nineteen sixty five. An organization called the Vietnam Day Committee planned a stop. The draft March from the UC Berkeley campus to the Oakland Army terminal. It was one of over one hundred marches planned for that day across the United States. When the hells angels got wind of the plans. They weren't happy. Ninety percent of the hells angels including Sunny. Bargar were veterans. Their allegiance to the club was part and parcel of their allegiance to the USA. Plus they didn't like the idea of a bunch of liberal Berkeley College kids invading their working class town even though they had been dropping acid with Mary. Prankster's all summer. They drew a distinction between those hippies and the anti war radicals in Burghley. One group just wanted to do drugs and have a good time. The other was agitating against the government as the protesters marched through the streets of Berkeley. A squad of four hundred Oakland cops with riot sticks. Were manning a barricade to prevent them from entering the city limits and back at Hell's angels headquarters. Sonny Bono was rallying his own troops to protect this city from anti American invaders while the fifteen thousand protesters approached the Oakland cops from one side sunny and several angels wound their way to the front on foot. The protesters notice them and immediately cheered thinking. These outlaws were there to support them standing up to the man. Finally the angels push their way to the front of the crowd. Where MARCH ORGANIZER JERRY? Rubin was giving a speech from the top of a sound truck. Sunny leapt up onto the soundtrack and lunged. For Ruben the rest of the angels also went on attack swinging at protesters and yelling. Things like traitors communists and America. First this tips the protests into a full fledged riot. Police didn't know who to restrain. The hells angels. Were for the first time on the same side as the cops but they were also the first people who threw punches in the end six angels were arrested one of them for breaking the leg of a police officer after the October Sixteenth March. The relationship. Between the hell's angels and the Bay area counterculture movement was never the same from then on any planned march or protest also included a restraining order against sunny. And the angels. The club was on the outs with the hippies and radicals but in an unexpected twist. They were now surprisingly popular with the COPS and Middle America. After years of the public fearing that the angels only appeared to rape and pillage. They applauded the bikers for what they saw as their patriotic defense of America. The hippies refused to give up on the angels so easily. They had another big March scheduled for November twentieth. Nineteen sixty five and they wanted to avoid a repeat of the October roll. The Vietnam Day committee organizers invited Sunny Bargar to a meeting with students political groups and labor unions in the cafeteria of San Jose State University. The organizers explained their politics and beliefs sunny was unmoved but there was one hippy who sunny bog. Us still respected. Ken Casey so when Keesey against the angels leadership for a sit down with him poet Allen Ginsberg and some LSD. Sunny was willing to come to the table. Sunny loved the drugs but even after the meeting he still wasn't willing to broker the kind of peace deal that Ginsberg and Keesey wanted Ginsberg's approach which included Tibetian prayer bells and Buddhist chance. Probably didn't help either. As the march approached it was still unclear whose side the angels were on then without warning the day before the March Sonny Berger issued a public statement in the interest of public safety sunny announced that the hells angels would stay away all future. Vietnam war protests. This was far from the total victory for the hippies sunny was clear that the hells angels were standing down because they didn't want to risk producing public sympathy for the protesters. If they were the victims of violence he also volunteered. The angels for service in the Army but most people knew this was an empty promise. Since most of the hells angels had either being kicked out of the military or were felons. After his club was practically wiped off the map a few years earlier sunny bargar had managed a public relations feet of epic proportions by attacking antiwar protesters. He restored his club's. Good name with the COPS and Middle America and by making peace with the hippies. He preserved his access to the burgeoning market for LSD. Sunny had never really wanted to use the hells angels to make a political statement. Now he could focus on what they were. Good at selling drugs by November of nineteen. Sixty five the hells angels were in full control of the distribution of LSD in the hippie center of Haight Ashbury. Moving fifty thousand hits per week and the infamous summer of Love was still two years away by the Second. Half of the nineteen sixties that recreational drug use had completely transformed into a full blown criminal empire? Thanks again for listening kingpins. Next week Sunny Bargar and his hells angels become a drug dealing incite violence at the ALTIMA. Free Concert and get slapped with a racketeering indictment you can find more episodes of kingpins and all other parkas originals for free on spotify. Not only does spotify already. Have all of your favorite music but now spotify making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like kingpins for free from your phone? Desktop or smart speaker to stream kingpins on spotify. Just open the APP and type kingpins in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at par cast and twitter at Parkas network. We'll see you next time. Kingpins was created by Max Cutler and is a Parker studios original executive producers include Maxon Ron Cutler sound designed by Trent Williamson with production assistance. By Ron Shapiro Kaldi Madden Travis. Clark and Paul Molitor. This episode of kingpins was written by Margaret Lebron with writing assistance by cates gala and stars. Kate Leonard and Alliston Myrddin.

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