Part 2: Johnny D, Jon White


Johnny Good Morning Warning. TV Birds almost you know they played well. They've played well. I essentially I was very happy with how they played They're getting on defense. I can vary played. Well offensively we they were strapped because they had They've they've lost all their offense to punch other than earth and that's pretty obvious. Two two teams are playing and listening to additional running back so never hamstrung. And when you're when you're missing starters things just are are a little bit more rocky. No you have to cut back playbook a little bit. You can't do the things change you'd like to do. They ended up losing In addition they lost a two tackles during the game. One early in one way You know so. They're really banged up on offense and but you know A family member was texting with me during the game and was criticizing Carson Wentz and he's he's been Carson Wentz critic for a long time and I just I finally I said look I can't I can't touch. Let's with you any more just so wrong that you can't kill even you know I can't. I'm not getting old this anymore because you're so wrong it's the discussion you're wet. You're out way out there so If you think about some of the games this year and the drop pass is in critical situations. Could've you could add last night. The mets no sooner had my relatives techniques that went in the final drive at this to open receivers that he threw that beautiful. Pass the end zone that hit. I believe it was out for yes. Angela in the hands not catching he was kind of catch. Yes the kind of catch these guys make make all day long. I watch I watch football all day. Long you know should have been made and it makes take of the of the I guess this tweet certain went around the country The man who raised burning building and they were throwing babies out of the building children out of the Dalton and the guy said we galar. We were catching them. It's one of the funniest yes actually. I don't know did he ever did they ever get him to the game actually was I was actually supposed to come to the next. Yeah it's supposed to come to the jets. Got Him tickets and everything. Yeah so So you know people say well like I love the people who who who comment on you and I or semi Three messages or twitter messages. Or whatever and say you know. Let's all racing show. What do you talk about football? Four four and it's it's not just a racist show. This is more than just the racing show. We're in we're sports fans. We'd like all sports and will you and I happen to share a love for the Eagles and so it it makes our conversations very natural and The things we're talking about our everyone feels that pain when their when their team loses and they understand what we're talking about so you know I do enjoy enjoy hearing from people who say they look forward to our discussions whether we're crying and whining or or cheering and voting. You know it's it's what America does in the fall slash winter especially in the east and and whereas And if you don't believe that try try planning something other than a super bowl party on the final on the first weekend. There you go cam- many people show up so you know same way anyways I I was. I was happy with the way they play. They're they're a little bit behind the eight ball but you know what this. NFL season is so long and so- ruling things change in a hurry. And I you know. They're behind the cowboys behind. Eight ball really as far as catching the cowboys but he goes pop border schedule. They've got Seattle this week. which would be a tough game? But after that they're in good shape and that's not true the cowboys this cowboys have a tougher schedule. So I don't know that they'll go much further and winning the division but you never know you no no well while we're on the topic and and you know we can incorporate sports into this too. It was during. It was during the game in yesterday that I subscribe to the choir and a choir send out the alert that billlion had passed away at eighty one and suffering from Alzheimer's and has beloved a sports columnist as there was in any a major American city. The last forty fifty years and the guy who was really a us a special read He you know he made any topic engaging and really did he confronted. He confronted the Alzheimer's with great courage and Grace and Philadelphia. This morning undoubtedly we just feting billlion. Citywide I have to agree with you. Stevie just you know Bill Murray is my sorry Tim. Murray my favorite sports writer but Bill Lyon I was Familiar sports writer. You know because he wrote about Philadelphia sports for so many years and He was I was such a crisp lighter Not Flowering Very I don't know how else miscavige said. He wasn't flowery he got to the point point and he was checking at humor and he was very personally he. He liked to bring the story to a personal level and and you liked both with his subjects with himself And his his book Deadlines and overtimes overtimes collected writings on sports in life. You know it's just great sports writing and because it's about Philadelphia Sports. It means so much more more to me because I spent you know this. This is my home and And the things he was writing about. I you know I'd suffered through or you know or celebrate within At times you know and his battle with Alzheimer's was unique in that. When he got the diagnosis he decided he was gonNA write about it? And you know the Alzheimer's if you read these columns which you can get him on You can access many of them on inquire DOT COM I mean if you Google built Y and Alzheimer's what whatever now if any if we know if you know anyone or in your family I do who had Alzheimer's It it's such an insidious terrible horrible disease And hearing was you know he talked rb. Jackie wrote about his diagnosis. About hearing your words and about his reaction to I mean I I read you this going in in the winter of twenty thirteen February cold deep the cold both the I sat one of those cramps and stole little examined cubicles goals independent memory center and listen to the man in the white lab coat asking fine. New Alzheimer's was set by inches. I said and you have it. He said I'm pretty sure. The world stopped at that moment and then there was a warning. Sound like a freight train barreling through my blame. I sat there frozen. I remember thinking What a crummy job is guy? Got So me and from this point. This was his first column on Alzheimer's he called it out. He gave it a name and I guess you've had it for three years years before he was finally diagnosed with it. And you know the the columns continued the loss of his wife and being in any Nursing Home finally and and you know he talks about it for thirty. She said four thirty for meals. He said he'll keep better watch out because they come running. He said those those wrinkly those wrinkly time woman said they may look harmless Sharpeville. The only talks about that talks about being nursing home and how that was always present and but they talked about because there was an empty chair table for dinner and he knew I was calling So yes he was a sportswriter but understood that I'm trying to think of the line. Where one of his great wines sports I can't remember exactly what from but I remember it. It's related to him either. Oh he either hits his disciple of has learned is from or he fought is specifically said this who was who is the sidebar. His men he mentored people in Sports is everything and sports. Porch is nothing and that really is true. I mean you know in my light. Exports has been everything Whether it was going out to play when I was this you know a kid in the street. Sports kept me out of trouble. Sports kept me occupied. Sports gave me self-esteem Places introduce me to people a AH expanded my arrive. Let me escape Tough spots sports was everything to me and then later on in life sports again was my light horse race while people don't WanNA argue. Yeah well the gambling games their business industry but it's a sport. It is a sport. And if you don't believe that thoroughbreds are athletes. We've got an you've got some missing parts coming in from Detroit. He's our greatest athletes in the world So sports has. It's always been everything me and yet they are times like you. Now I win for heart procedure on Lindsey last week. I think it was Wednesay the day's Kinda ran together there for a while. Walk and you know before you go. In it was minor. It was not minor thing for them. It was minor but for me not minor you know like I said I'd like to say it's a long way from my heart. It Ain't it is my work so you know When you when you are in that position or family members ill he realized sports? There's nothing like family love at a grandchild. My God not one experience. This has been which you will. You will get to experience in the near future unbelievable And I cannot describe describe it all. The words in my pocket are meaningless. I can't describe the feeling anyway. Those those are important. Sports isn't important but but the rest of the time and sports are everything. So don't lie in Rate Sports writer but person and human you know and you wouldn't think that calling someone human is a great compliment. I I gotTa tell you the word human meaning not just that you're a human being in which we all obviously are but they're here to Maine is really important. It's a good quality to have its Anyway Bill hadn't written for a while obviously but He did a great the job. CHRONICLING HIS BATTLE WITH WITH AL and and You know we're we're role GONNA face these issues and by reading by someone sharing and not just someone but someone you've known you feel like he's known for thirty years you know We feel like you re read this this this person's thoughts every week every you know twice a week or whatever over I feel like you know them. So here's this person sharing his most intimate experiences and hopefully he did it because hopefully it would help other people and helping other the people we need a little more and of sermon sulfur nicely. Exactly exactly I'm GonNa send when a link the there's there's a page the both the enquirer and the pen memory center have have featured with all the comms but I also want Aside from you know his his writing about Alzheimer's Emmer he was he was nominated six times for Pulitzer's sex and So you need to read. You need to read his sports writing and You know he he is yet another the the office top of my head. I'm not gonNA think of them immediately. But there there's a there's a pretty good tradition of mid Westerners coming to major metropolitan areas and they and acerbic communities like like Philadelphia and and being just perfect. Then just having the right tone and if you if you and I started reading him you to literally when I was at probably it was probably maybe it was. The eighty has got to be the early eighties. I I believe I believe that's when he started and you know along with didn't with the rate didn't juror and and you know so many They the acquires had and the Daily News had just a tremendous parade of of top level. You can't it's funny Philadelphia's he's not a place where a guy is gonna come in and fake it. The you'll last about ten minutes. So yeah he build the line Just GonNa be. He's just being lionized appropriately. Today give give you want you know if if you can buy his book. It's really good reading election. Yeah it's not all about Philadelphia. Sports he what about sports to his this a paragraph from a column you wrote in Nineteen Eighty one It's called fat chance and Paradise State Live Paradise Island silence bombers Paradise Island Bahamas to describe Muhammad Ali as merely fat and forty is not totally accurate. He will not after all forty until next month as uh-huh for the way well he tries to camouflage that with Volpi loose-fitting sweatsuits. They must have come off rack of the nearest maternity shop. Eh He is not here. Here's one is actually a couple of air about horse racing. I don't know if you do. I mean it's okay to do this of course by the book we should tell. I'm going to send a link. The the book is called deadlines and over time and It's out of this world. Okay here's a smarty Jones. which background obviously? He was the Philadelphia products. What's he was? He was our horse. He was this city horse and ten thousand people turned out to watch him Gallup one morning at at Philadelphia Park which is now parked So this is the column about Belmont stakes at the top of the stretch. He was in front by four lengths. And you assure the triple crown was his after all. He had never ever allowed another horse to pass him. This fierce and invaluable little tiger but on this day they had pack count all the way around the track jackals nipping at wounded prey pressuring wrestling and pestering. They had impressed from the inside and from the outside they had forced him free wide early and they had never permitted him to settle the comfortable rhythm every breath. Every stride was contested. Still he would hang on wouldn't he. He would run as duck down and he would win anyway. Wouldn't he racing. God wouldn't be this cruel would fifty yards from the finish. The late running bird stone. The thirty six one shot who had hidden in the shadows. The unthinkable he overtook Smarty Jones serves passing with powerful round. Go pinstripes he won the Belmont stakes. He left the splinters of shattered dreams scattered all over Belmont Park Mark. He ruined the Smart Party. I mean that is that's that's perfection perfection perfection and I guess as a writer as someone who's who's written a weekly racing column for the last twenty five years roughly awfully. That's some good writing. That's really good right. And that was that was his his skill as you said six times You're not nominated for those so those kinds of honors unless you have some what okay. What are the kids say? Mad Skill got mad skills. Yeah Yep now I'm glad I'm glad We had the opportunity in such proximity To talk about them and with somebody you know I mean I could reach reach Tim Sullivan from the globe. And I'm sure sure Laden to Irish Tim I mean any any of those if knack were alive I mean anybody at the highest level. He it was one of the one of the guys that that other. You know top sports writers. If you if you if you took a survey you know who do you. Yeah Yeah who who. WHO's writing? And you mentioned Jim. Murray Murray obviously and you had to say what you you going out to California you that was uh. That was fortuitous. Two large degree. I mean you got you got Got Plenty of Jim. Murray sorry I end up dead now go ahead. One of one of my favorite memories in racing people You know ask you. What your forty one of my favorite memories that was wet beyond the years publicity guy at Santa Anita and and I was I was recruited to Pick up Jim Murray. Because he couldn't see was going blind. The pickup Jim Murray and to drive him the meat Lafitte ties for lunch. And so I had lunch with Laffite. kyw and Jim Murray. Because there's around the Santa Senator. What around the big cap and Zimmer was writing a column about the big gotten from the La Times and for me as a young some fan you know okay? I was starting to work but I I was in love to be sitting there with my favorite sports writers since since high school and married syndicated so I got the rhythm once in a while in Philly tapers and then when I got California you know twice twice a week or three times a week. Whatever it was So there I was with my favorite sports writer and one of the greatest jockey of all time. And one of the classiest guys around and here I was this kid you know especially out of college I couldn't believe my good fortune. Of course after a drop your Mary off I was an unfamiliar area and I ended up being in the wrong way and one of those diamond lane things getting on the freeway and I got a ticket but yes yes. That's that's one of my great one of my favorite memories. I was probably nineteen. Eighty one Yeah I was I was. I was a colgate and one of the great pleasures for those that. There's is a certain group of people listening. That'll that'll will not understand this at all. One of the great pleasures was the library and one of the reasons. I wasn't a great student. A colgate aside from the you know the extracurricular activities I was involved in the colgate Maroon and the radio broadcasting testing. And all that and the decals you'd go to the library and by the periodical section of the periodical room. There's newspapers from across the country and growing up like basically in Hartford outside of Hartford. You'd get you know the current the current had had had be Smith very good but but certain syndicated columnists like you're referring and Murray course one of them but you'd also occasionally get wind of you know other you you'd come across other sports writers from around the country and I just can remember getting to college and being even though I could go to a library certainly as a kid at Manchester every day but would you go to go to the library and be able to read local papers from around the country and you end up. You know having the opportunity to read read people that were up and coming Lupu as it happens I was writing for the daily dispatch Lucas from Oneida and so there was Luca. POLKA was early on in his in his career. But you come across all different writers and I can just remember particularly Johny and the the Eagles Championship season in eighty. One of my favorite things was the Monday. Paper would probably probably arrived Wednesday at colgate. And you know being in the library you know to read the enquirer sports section and read all the coverage. Because you just you know it. It's forty years ago but it feels like it was a hundred might as well have been one hundred years ago Because you couldn't you couldn't do what you do now. I mean where where you're you can read every newspaper in the country you know on a daily basis. It was a big deal all and being able to read lion and didn't jer and you know all the coverage in all those secondary stories of you know in the breakdowns and everything. The thing I mean that was I've got in fact I've got A. I've got a scrapbook of the nineteen eighty of the season. I assembled of of clippings great sports writing. I really do. Yeah well every year and you you know you you get those books You know those compiled the best. The Best of the year sports add grew up with that as well. And you know a lot of those guys you got to remember the punt passing Kick Library. Did you get those books. I don't remember their little. Their little. This is in the sixties and early Seventies. And when I was the ten to fourteen there was a series of books. I have them I. I rescued them out of our house. And it's like great quarterbacks of the NFL great running backs of the NFL. Great and yes I do remember. Maputo's yeah the right there like seven inches by five inches little hardcovers and and those you know those books were invariably you know the the chapters were invariably written by sportswriters and that was another way you got fill them with pictures by ZANDER Hollander. Every every every sport I I every sports photograph we ever saw as a kid zander. Hollander took and they were all grady. Remember they were there they they all had a certain Sepia tone to the great call. You as you know. It's funny 'cause this weekend. I was kind of recovering from from the procedure. And I I said well I didn't I didn't I didn't watch a lot of racing. Didn't play a lot This weekend and getting getting tired you know. Just a wasn't able to concentrate trait and not that it makes much difference whether on calcite or not but it was making it difficult and so I thought to myself well. Gee I'M GONNA BE I'M GONNA BE UNPREPARED FOR Steve Show on Monday not GonNa have of anything to talk about Civil probably talk about eagles a little bit but didn't didn't follow much racing this weekend so I'll be unprepared command. I said well that's not unlike. Most of the regular wasn't worried at all. Jeff Jeff. Well you got you got you also got me very advantageous. I think we're both I. It's an advantageous ages moment. The I got this birthday coming up this week and so I'm you know. I'm in the reflective. You got me in a reflective boot anyway. Yeah well I'll tell you it's someone who has moved out of reflective mood someone someone cash and this just shows you know you often talk about you try and give Get up a message to all raise. A lot of different racetracks racetrack's Remington Park for sample someone at expressed bet and expressed my player scored on a pick six at Remington Park. This weekend this week. twenty cents right the returns. Seventy one thousand almost seventy two thousand dollars and the tech. It costs the total bet. One hundred thirty four forty so it can happen. Here's the Akwa Dog. Six Five on the sixteen. What was that Friday Saturday? Fifty Cent Wager Obviously Asleep one hundred and twenty dollars total bet twenty seven thousand We had a couple of those one ticket was a was a five hundred twenty five dollars ticket. Well we had a one twenty and five twenty five and then we had a a Remington pick. Four Fifty cent tickets for you hundred and fifteen dollars. Nineteen thousand almost almost twenty thousand dollars. So Ah I mean I imagine these things because I find them interesting. I liked to see when small wagers fast big or relatively small wagers look. I'm not going to get a kid myself. One hundred thirty four dollars for a picture that fits that's a stat but I mean it's a good step from for regular player. We don't have that kind of money to throw around one hundred twenty dollars for a six five. I'M NOT GONNA act like it's a drop in the bucket but it's it's not outlandish outlandish to to bring home that Kinda cash so it's just like the mention those when they come up there was a was was it a twelve horse Partly she an appropriate twelve team Parlay card That that we that we saw on twitter and they've hit eleven the twelve and they were down to the last game and was the game last night The he was The the raiders. Yesterday afternoon the Rangers Mine is ten and a half so it was twenty dollar twelve teams Parlay Card College and pro. And they're going to win. We're going to get back. Fifty thousand dollars and the raiders. Like you know it's like it was a horrible beat it was like the worst. Be you're they had the ball on the I can go on the one yard line. They need a touchdown. And then Richie Incognito Incognito messes messes up and and they don't they don't end up scoring and and that's the end of the end of the wager so that's a tough way to go and then and then someone mentioned well. Here's the rundown false start one one yard run and then complete pass a one yard run twenty yard field goal seventeen ten and the final points of the game. They went eleven for twelve and now someone said well. You know you're supposed to save. You're supposed to come away with some money from the effort and and you know what that's great advice and I haven't studied it but but I've been in this position before. Here's the problem. The person played a twenty dollars to twelve. Right it's it's not like it's not just mack unlimited supply of money. So if you're trying to save on fifty desalvo first of all you're limited by how much you can get your in your town. How much can you wager then on the other team? You know you let your cat count limits if you're doing it online or at book wherever you're count limits are going to be small then then how much cash can get your hands on. The you know the middle of the four o'clock game you've got to come up with this money before the four o'clock gang starr between between knowing that you won the early games and sometimes there's just a few minutes so you've got to have your hands on of cash. Now question is where are you going to get all that cash down. You can't just walk into a book and say you know here's ten grand now if you live in Vegas different story but if you're you know somewhere else it's hard so yeah you're supposed to save yes you can head you bet. Yes on paper but in real life you can't do any of those things Cases where just to give you a horse race example. I've had occasions where you're alive to you. Know five or six horses in in a pick five or six for You Know Twenty thirty thousand and a couple of them are paying more and you're thinking well on a save leave but there's only so much you can deposit in your account unlimited you know you can't deposit twenty thousand dollars since they're not accepting deposit. Thank cost you know so of paper Yes. It looks a lot easier than it is Bottomline feel terrible for that person. I saw I I I guess it was. That must've been that play that I saw that talked about the procedure call. Yeah well I'll tell you it if we want to we if we do want to spend a couple of minutes talking about horses is it to the top of the hour the series how about the series of prices at Churchill. You've had in the last four days Friday. You had a sequence that that produced pick five carryover into Saturday then then you had a you know no. It's a tricky sequence that they close to four thousand and then yesterday another series of of impossible prices prices and going into going into Wednesday. In fact. I've got it here because I already printed the PP's out We've got one hundred twenty thousand thousand dollar pick five carryover on Wednesday Churchill with a sequence of twelve by ten by eight by twelve ten and there's also a high five five carryover if you're if you like high-fives eleven thousand dollar carryover in the in the nightcap on Wednesday but obviously one hundred and twenty thousand dollars pick five on Wednesday Ahah Churchill is going to get a lot of focus and You know we could also Tony Tony. We could also I just got a text from my partner. Tony Johnny. We also talk about what happened in the stomach. Five on on Friday where it ended up being an eleven thousand thousand dollar. Pay Off and I I want to thank Brian. NATO for the handicapping we did. Brian was right. The weather weather moved in at Miami Gardens and ended up taking the turf races off at the GP. W There was there was that twenty dollars horse at Laurel and the cue. That sort of you know made things tricky rickie but Nice Pretty Nice wide eleven thousand two hundred ninety one dollars thirty seven winners on Friday so the pick five carryover concept really is an opportunity that you have to. You GotTa look at funny. You should say that I I told you I didn't do much anti capitalist weekend or played one place that I did make is I dove into that Late pick five Churchill on Saturday because it was a good opportunity in You know you get these carryovers in the pick like five and for fifty cents you can play the game with with fight money and maybe walking in and and score. I didn't An I'm pretty sure a handicapped caffeine was not at its best but I don't get shot and I I I was a little indisposed on Friday. I couldn't I couldn't have jumped up for that but We we had four players. I express that Nail the strong five and the tickets were from Su fifty two to five seventy six and Levin thousands the one thousand dollars payoff met as you mentioned so Excuse me these carriers Don't seem to be getting ready to give those away I would think right. I mean the close of the ones that the meat closer soon or yeah. Yeah so they the about not ready to give it away. And they're bob around nine hundred thousand but anyway these pick five carryovers You really have to almost half the play. Take a shot And and by the way I just want to say this to While I was a little bit knocked knocked out this week I was able to look you know I wanted to play. I just couldn't couldn't get there But I have been so impressed impressed with the quality of racing the field side and I it's just been good racing the turf academic we. Fortunately we've had a you know dry weather least and They've been able to run on the surface. been it's been been good raising Churchill's been awesome and Now del Mar.. We'll get into. They're a a big part of their season. which is professional they had so i? Yeah I've really been impressed with with the racing this this fall You know at the end of kind of the end of Saratoga del Mar you kinda take a breath and You know go back to Belmont and Kinda just get kids are back to school or whatever you've got gone in your life kind of re revamps you get home to stop your summer. Whatever you're doing in the summer you kind of get back to back in this in the in the strategy do things and then the Breeders Cup comes and hits you pretty quickly after that and I always Kinda Vision Breeders Cup at the end of the season? But it's not and I have to stop thinking that way because we've got some more racing less than it's been it's been really good racing very much. Football starts and that and that not a lot of people off striking bit him. If you're if sure sports better got college and Pro Football you've got college basketball is now rolling you know. There are other distractions but has been phenomenal. And it's I mean I I don't have to go back and look at at some charts from from last November but I just do not not recall that we had this outlandish amount of a big feels. Dell's not and you know you mentioned the quality johnny it. It isn't as if these are. You know these are fields of of sixty two five non winners A to lifetime. I mean the there's open up that Churchill Card and the last six races our maiden special weights and allowances and in New York. The fifth through the ninth is is is the same thing maiden specials specials and allowances state bread allowances and then typically a maiden maiden forty state breads has been the NIGHTCAP. You know for the most part and including including including Minnie mouse when he wants them. So I got no complaints but Del Mar too. I mean th th as much trouble as as they're in in terms of horse population. They're doing the best they can. I think some people are interpreting this cancelation for Thursday. As as you know as much an opportunity to you know make sure you have a nice Friday Saturday Sunday Sunday. The Senate races by scuttling the Thursday card but apparently the apparently the weather is going to roll in there Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. So they're being you know the the the most familiar term lately is abundance of caution that that's the that's the new watchword watchword it's been good on so many levels no and as a horse player You're grateful because you know. How many times do you be purchased the racing for you get you know? Do you get your sheets. You get whatever you need your and you do all the work and then what alone they come off the turf but how. `Bout they cancel. Yeah he's done all the work you spent the money and they cancelled. Look it's better for everybody. Just cancel if you know the only thing is you only fly in the ointment is. You're relying on the weather man. It's like trying to pick winners spread you know. Yeah but I can also say this having lived in California Southern California for thirty years so storms. They see them coming. And it's not like these. It's it's not like living in the east where sometimes it pushes a little bit away. Usually goes storms are so huge that they just they just swallow California and at the Big Swan. That's a big Gulp. Well we we used to live now to we've got to we've got the Thanksgiving's late Thanksgiving is this is the twenty eighth which is as late. I believe as it ever can possibly get. Yeah Thursday again. I noticed that Go because Nova whenever whenever November starts on a Friday you get this you you get the late Thanksgiving So we still have got. They have got another full week before we even you know even really get to some of the big cards and in New York. They've pushed that Cigar Mile Day back to the eighth and I'm going to be outed Los Al which I'm now starting to get really excited about Baffert And and others and and Blaine right is running and no door. We just heard him. Confirm that so The starlet is always good. So if you turdy. Eighty starlet day at at low sow and still plenty to look forward to will be on the on. The scene is right yes I will be there. I've come to love that. I've come come to really enjoy that. The trip down to Cyprus track yet is YEP it helped out a great deal on the phone in California Calendar when things got tough will meet us. was there now and you know what else is there. Johnny the Cappella Degli Wonka loved the Catella. Johnny glad you're feeling okay and I appreciated everything you I called it a meandering today Just on twitter just now so I appreciate I appreciate are are are ECLECTIC Tour Four. Yeah well in a few days somebody asked me. When will you be back to normal? I I never was that that that'd be to start to start on the front end I love it. Well feel better and Exciting I love those cutback That was one race they did look at. I thought she ran great. She is Game Dick Tracy as they say and she just she. She does one speed that that philly she she just wants to go There was a comment over the summer. And I I don't even even I don't even think of Mike. Welsh realized you know it was. It was our horse but there was a comment. I saved it actually. Actually on my computer he said this Philly only knows one way to go got to admire the plock something like that. You know that. Yes she just. She doesn't. She's not obviously not a run off because she's actually slow into stride. You can't you can't really demand that she go early. She breaks okay but then she wants to settle. She doesn't she. You're not gonNA rush her into contention and then when she when she knows that the the Q. is coming she will engage and I thought Benji spending your Nandes. I wasn't happy happy with how we wrote kid chocolate last week but He writes he writes Carlisle. Bell the terrific. He's got a lot of confidence in her and she wasn't wasn't GonNa get through the winter but nothing wrong with second in a in a an allowance race. Those are pretty nice interest. That's for sure we'll take a break guy. John White coming and more stay with us our three at the races at the races. WHO's with Steve Bishop on Sirius? XM radio what's going on. Mike and I'm GonNa tell you about an offer for my good friends at express. Let's be honest. We know you love playing the racist but you can't always make it to the track. Sometimes life just gets in the way of a good bet. What if I told you about a place where you're never miss it and you start with house money it's am crazy right now? Not Expect your first one hundred and twenty five bucks are on on them. SIGN UP AND EXPRESS DOT COM. Who's in Promo Code? BIC THAT'S B. Y. K.. 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