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<music> hello and welcome to the daily beans for thursday september number fifteen thousand nineteen today beijing bounce to protesters a big win for voting rights in north carolina. A greg craig verdict wall is wanted. Andrew miller will testify and the chirpy gate. I'm your host a._g. With me today or julius johnson hello and jordan coburn hello. How's it going. Hey good. It's going well. I'll get a little bit hurricane today. Is that what we got a little bit of the outer bands. Yes all the way here in california. Yeah well apparently wait until your sharpie gate we can just take a picture of the hurricane path and draw giant loop to include california and <hes> than will be part of it managed to remain isolated from sharp gate so like this whole okay so i'm excited to hear about this okay so everyone. She's going to be hearing it for the first time. I was just twitter and it's been referenced but i haven't done my due diligence to see what the hell it's about out cool when we're going to cover it in hashtag today. I've got a great shot in florida. We've got some verdicts coming in. It's it's a big news day <hes> i although i know we're like wall to wall coverage has been in about hurricane doria and and it just pounded the bahamas. It's totally wrecked in as i think seven seven people dead and that's of course at count will grow it's just so early and <hes> we're looking for if you could <hes> hop onto twitter and hit us up at daly beans pod. Let's no we're good. <hes> <hes> reputable we'll place to donate is to to help out the folks in in the bahamas and the bahamian government because i'm really interested in that and i think a lot of our listeners would be to <hes> not so much much alabama <hes> but we'll talk about that a little bit later in the show and also we have now added our second meet and greet in seattle <hes> coming muller. She wrote not daily beans but militia roads coming. We live <hes> to seattle triple. Dorothea friday the thirteenth and saturday the fourteenth from five to seven. We've added a second meet-and-greet because the meet-and-greet we're having before the show has sold out. We're going to be sending that link to our patrons. <hes> first and then i'll be tweeting out the link to the public on friday so that you'll be able to get tickets to that. You do have have to have tickets to the show at triple door to to be a part of it <hes> and it wants triple door sells out which is about to then. We'll open it up to anybody who wants to come to the meet-and-greet because the venue you know we have. We have special contract venue. We don't want to take any sales away from the venue so we have to make sure that that's the case and we'll keep you posted on on patron and on our twitter feed <unk> at daily beans pod follow us there if you don't already and anything else not think he got it all and i think some people were confused at our san francisco on these are separate meet-and-greet ingred so one to get. You can't use for the other one vice versa. You're like yang specific ticket for specific day specific meet-and-greet but you can go to both is if you have a ticket to the meet and greet the day of the show and the show ticket you can buy a ticket to the meet and greet on saturday but you you the one ticket won't get you into the other exactly yeah. You would have to buy the second one if you're yeah so it's just a space thing yeah. It is just a space thing and location to be determined. I think we're working with <hes> a restaurant. Tour who owns a place called the oak up there. We're who came down <hes> to our l._a. Show largo and <hes> matt us came to a meet and greet at the comedy store on the patio very cool <hes> restaurant restaurant very cool very cool chap yield anita search mediums and find his name yeah. He's he's in there. He's listening. Actually this is perfect if you're listening. Can you d m one of us. You're listening to the oak. Yeah listen message and <hes> we're gonna find you on google to and set and send you a message there <hes> and we're looking at that. That's not you know for certain yet. It could already be booked out. <hes> it's a very popular very awesome restaurant but we will keep you posted if you're not a patron become one head to patriot dot com slash the daily beans or patriot dot com slash miller she wrote because it goes to the same place in once. You're a patron of one year. A patron both twofer yeah bogo her her pogo something anyway. We have a lot of news today so let's hit the notes hot notes all right and as i said very big news day after fourteen weeks of massive protests in hong kong over a proposed bill allowing the extradition of criminal suspects to mainland china has led to hong kong's chief executive give announcing the formal withdrawal of the bill meeting one key demand of the protest movement chief executive named carrie lam has said the government is scrapping the bill to fully allay public concerns concerns they are not giving into the demands however which include things like amnesty for from prosecution for protesters and the right to universal suffrage in the election of hong kong leaders <hes> joshua wong a leader in the umbrella movement has said the concession is too little too late and demands. The government listened to all five of their demands including an investigation into police conduct during the protests carrie. Lam says the government could not accept the other demands but his name to new members to join an official police watchdog group tasked with investigating the matter <hes> the unrest has shown no sign of ending with this announcement as protesters are adamant that all their demands be met. Wow i mean between them and <hes>. What was it it puerto rico. That did the massive protests. I feel like the resistance is definitely stepping it up globally and gives me a lot of hope his back in the states over here. We're a little hit hit or miss sometimes but you know we try really hard but to see them just power through everything they've been through. I mean it looks like the purge out there. Sometimes with with the police are doing and then some of the people they're being paid by the police. I hear it's it's terrifying yeah. Yeah and we have a massive march coming up on september twenty first in dc. It's called the people march <hes>. If you want information on that you can look up amy siskind on twitter and <hes> sh she tweets out the information. We've tweeted several times so that's a big march that we have coming up but this shit works yeah is. Is it yeah but you know what's the difference between us and them is that they sustain their efforts. Were as we do not. I know that there's a lot of our listeners that are out there every single day we met some of them in san francisco cisco that are protesting pelosi's office just sm- saying please dear god impeach this motherfucker crumlin annex right now there for hundreds of days right exactly so it so it's like to do a marches amazing very important and very powerful but to be out there every single day with high numbers is what i think actually makes it change like quickly and a big change <hes> well. We were able to get that the trump administration to reconsider like you know deporting <hes> immigrants here in having lifesaving medical treatments and that's great and that was mostly like social media right online stuff yeah so e a yes. I i agree that the the the massive numbers of people in the sustain massive numbers of people are important but i wouldn't use that to discourage anybody from marching but definitely not the point hope. I think i got from what you were saying. I'm inspired by what they can actually do to halt legislation from quite frankly a regime <hes> he right now in in a in a nation. That's been historically wrought with totalitarianism. That's incredible and how they did that is especially in a nation where they don't treat author protesters exactly you're saying we should and how they did that to sustain numbers so it's encouraging to me to see that as an example of how if they can do that yeah we should be able to do that shit in the u._s. and honestly it kind of like i don't i wanted my head dreams of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a master's education that would give me no other jobs <hes> i wanted to study like protesting like that and y and right and there's just just a threshold that we have to come to in the u._s. Actually get to a point like they do. In puerto rico or or in hong kong take actually make sustained lasted change like that apps and i'm totally with your apathy is a massive problem. What got trump elected in the first place we more is my point not much hashtag march more much more march more no yeah i know i totally agree and i didn't mean to insinuate that you were discouraging. I was just saying how it comes off at me saying that because i know where you're coming from 'cause that's not what you're trying to say and <hes> i but you're right. I i wish we had that impetus here. I think is because there's too much privilege career. Totally here's too much richer and there's too many people that feel like there isn't that much to lose yeah and privilege across the board because i know that we all deal with our own struggles and different levels of it <hes> but generally speaking as a poor person i there's still a lot of apathy. Even you know monks myself and my community. I think it's just anyone is capable of being apathetic attic to these issues and i understand the more adversity you go through the more but that you're likely to be but i still feel like it's it's a choice at the end of the day right yeah. It's important to at least say hey i. I do have this much power. You know like like you said gee online anything if you can't physically be there for whatever reason there's ways and this day and age. It's a matter of like. Are you willing to make take time to do exactly because as i'm sitting here saying this i am not out protesting every day yeah but you are part of a podcast that true that does yeah yeah i i would argue that is protesting and yeah exactly and i think our listeners are very engaged very plugged and they are the type who marched they are the type who wished that everybody would get up and go and and make it happen and a lot of us have been who've been through the two thousand sixteen election and everything we remember and then we had the women's march march after that we we remember the impact of that and how important it was <hes> and so yeah. I just want to make sure that you know what i'm saying doesn't make people think that <hes> i don't. I think you're doing enough right right. I know i can do more personalized what i think we're all getting i just we cover my ass. I'm actually trying to cover my al okay yeah because i didn't get that from you. I didn't get that from what you said. I think we're all covering our asses yeah as we as a government employee. I always like to go back and say well now. Let me just clarify that what i'm not saying this but i want you guys who are listening to know you out there who are listening to know that we fully really appreciate your engagement and your activism and <hes> but i do wish that there you know i do see apathy in in this country and it is it is hard to hope against that it makes it hard to hope against dot com. That's i think what we're all sort of on the same page yeah. They gotta fight apathy. I don't blame people for for being apathetic but we do need to fight it and that's true too. <hes> there was <hes> genevieve that was running for <hes> here for i think attorney general she had a poor voting record <hes> and and so a lot of people went after very progressive very left and a lot of people went after seeing you haven't voted in the last six elections and she's like that's because nobody is representing me. I'm apathetic about this and it's angering and it's it's maddening that there isn't anyone who is representing me and that's why you know and so they're trying to give her a hard time about being apathetic yeah. There's a reason for it and i wouldn't want to force anyone to support someone. That's not representing them so it's almost like a group effort on both ends we have to have people that represent the masses and the masses to speak up and let them know what they want to be done this team effort feedback loop feedback loop exactly yeah <hes> speaking of shit gets getting messed up boris johnson yesterday when from a plus in plus one majority to a minus twenty one to a minus forty nine as as members of the conservative party defected to vote against his brexit plan the british parliament has taken control of the house of commons and the brexit debate and is challenging his do or die brexit october stober thirty-first deal no deal. I should say <hes> because it's a no deal brexit that they did. They call it deal or no deal. I'll take case number fifteen going to hear what the accident. I'm so bad at the british accent. I wanna do it and the house of commons passed a bill <hes> also this week to avert a no deal brexit in october but it isn't final until it's voted on in the house of lords <hes> if it passes it would delay brexit another three months johnson called a snap election which would require two thirds vote in parliament which he's not expected to get and this would probably be a crippling blow to johnson and in fact it is i. I don't know i have probably but it's definitely a crippling blow to johnson and and the conservative party but by wednesday like i said he was forty three short <hes> seats short of a working majority leaving open the possibility of a unity government on the other side to call another general election when corbin the labor party leader and his lieutenants have set i love the house of lords lieutenants have said they welcome a chance to defeat johnson in national elections ends but want a guarantee against a no deal brexit in october first so that's their main goal here. <hes> johnson has banned. The twenty-one defectors. Boris johnson banned the twenty one defectors who voted against him tuesday from the conservative party for life and my god. You don't even know you could do that. I guess which included the grandson of his idol winston churchill amazing so the bill the to build it past today on wednesday would require johnson to win parliamentary approval by october nineteenth or seek three month delay from the e._u. Pushing brexit back to january thirty first so shit shit is going like we're over here like yeah first time like i'm sorry this is of course england's like way older than we are right yeah yeah but i i feel yeah. This is their trump times ten and i mean yeah he's insane but <hes> every time i hear laura too i think of the singer house of the lord oh yeah what is she twenty now the house of lord yes madonna have a kid called lord or lord is really yeah. Learn anything lowered its kevin lord and laura's put it together and that would be the house of lords absolutely early and they decide they those to decide snap elections now the the snap election <hes> whether or not the bill will pass that they have to either by october nineteen th get a deal on brexit. Is it or what was the other option or fuck all. We're taking a three another three-month thing but we were talking yesterday. That was the drop dead date was october thirty first so i i imagine if this party gets together. Government unity party gets together and boris johnson tries to get it delayed another three months because he can't get this through you know in in parliament or the pows awards or wherever he has to get past that you know the eu's gonna say man october. Thirty was your deadline. I don't know if they'll extended again and so nobody's really addressing that gillette yelling happening to you. It's it's <hes> yeah shit show and they asked totally was like you need to shut up. You bad boy member that spank him. It was modulate for your ears. Yeah boy they were chanting. Bad boy. Baby said be a good boy. Be a good boy. You can't do that if you did that. At your child's school you'd be spanked or it was just it was channing and i had the audio on like this. The same video is watching two minutes ago. What am i hearing who was saying that by the way it was berko okay keys we <hes> yelling at because he's the guy keeps order yeah but that's still a weird thing for the person in charge to say. I was hoping maybe board. I'm boys pad you and then just the way their whole operation works. It's just so interesting to me because i i asked my friend i was going to have another general election for for prime minister and they're like no. We don't vote for prime minister. We've over parties and then the prime minister is selected from the. I'm like whoa what is going on with. You guys and they're like well. You think yours is any better and i'm like okay exactly party system right escape. I say we very loosely do but you know we the country the colonists they escape them so in a way we've kind of always thought that they had the crazier thing yet. Ours got out of hand too. Little american experiment is not much better and insight insight way younger way. Yeah wow anything about that. We've chance lot sooner yeah. We're we're terrible. Twos compared to where gruber at in germany true but i was gonna say who's going to try to get away from the u._s. And make their own country where they're gonna go though we should go you have a where <hes> are not allowed to live off the grid really not really not we can podcast from anywhere you have to because you have to pay taxes to someone in your like in deep financial shit tweet private island ourselves. I guess it's wide island wherever that is by it out. That's probably pretty expensive or started. Go fund me. Yes yes and all of us in our. We'll get emails for those listeners. Which is all go there. It's where we all the the people who come in white collar crime astray. That's the idea before get trolled again to trolled sohar yeah. I did yeah look for that on twitter br. It'll blow your mind anyhow i i. If you have questions about this. Don't ask me. I really don't know a lot about out. The government system of government over there. I kind of know basics and i know the story and i i understand what's happening but like how bills become law i. I never saw the schoolhouse rock doc. Is there a british words yeah. She'll be all there probably is. There's always a british version and yeah usually came first right schoolhouse. Rock schoolhouse rock was version of whatever they <music> or they should make one definitely should make one anyway. <hes> keep your eyes out for that and we'll keep you posted on the on the headlines for what's going on over there with brexit but the deadlines here to be october thirty first right now and he's got to do something by october nineteenth. <hes> in one of those things is to push back to the end of january. We'll see. I love that struggling so much right now i do. I love with such fucking confidence as such a smug look on his face like you piece of shit. Try to watch him. Go in there and just get this should done right away even in a little bit i think of his plan is chaos. I feel like the whole hair thing has demeanor all his talking points seems to be just like so chaos and so even if he's not politically winning socially i think the kahane's or the misogyny that it takes to think theresa may able to solve a problem hillary hillary had a similar problem or america had similar problems yeah so i i see the real issue but i also see how he could also see them and be like oh that's fine. I'm gonna just do my thing anyway and he still has followers so yeah. Well trump's still has followers too so i understand and hugs overseas hugs across the pond to you you we'll be right back after this quick word with more headlines and today's hashtag these messages will be bad. Hey hey everybody it's a g from the daily beans pod. We are nation of immigrants. That's very important to us. It's very important to our history and it's our diversity that makes strong. <hes> we are the giant melting pot of the world war comprised of millions of family origin stories <hes> and that made me curious about my family's journey and it's part in this great american experiment and that led me to the ancestry d._n._a. Test i ancestry d._n._a. Gives you so much more than just where you come from the places it gives you a deeper understanding of who you are and how your family fits into the story of america and ancestries data archives and records collections. Give you a complete picture or more complete picture so you can trace your ancestors over time. It's pretty amazing and it's really easy to get started. So i took the test. I found out that that my family mostly comes from the netherlands. We thought we were irish. That was like the rumor and our family for years so we would walk around go to irish shows listen to flogging molly but which i still like even even though it turns out i'm not at all irish but more importantly i was able to trace people and that's the coolest part i fought. I found out when they arrived. It was in the sixteen hundreds they came came forward with a dutch and how they set up their own american dreams and other people from my family arriving later and i also found out that there's this guy named harry resear- sir who is a relative of mine and he turns out to be like a banjo comedy player from the nineteen twenties in new york and he led a band and he would do shows and stuff and my dad also did comedy music consorted is so that was uh that was really interesting to find that out and it's you know important understand not just wear your family comes from and how you fit in but that unless we're indigenous were all immigrants and we should celebrate our immigration and we should celebrate everyone's story because that is what makes america great to me so go to ancestry dot com today for twenty percent off your ancestry d._n._a. Kit that's that's ancestry dot com for twenty percent off your d._n._a. Kit and start building your story today. Ancestry dot com incredible news you guys out of north carolina tuesday night as a panel panel of three judges ruled that the gerrymandered republican districting maps do not permit voters to freely choose their representatives and therefore qualify as partisan gerrymandering which is contrary to the fundamental no right of north carolina citizens to have elections conducted freely and honestly to ascertain fairly and truthfully the will of the people unquote so these maps have been thrown out and these are the maps were drawn in two thousand seventeen to maintain a republican supermajority in the state legislature <hes> and the judge's ruling said they are quote tainted by unconstitutional deprivation appreciation of all citizens rights to equal protection of law freedom of speech and freedom of assembly so this is the justice system. I keep holding out hope for it's there. It's real and here's why many of us were disheartened by the supreme court decision <hes> in june that partisan gerrymandering can't be challenged in the federal court <hes> but the constitution of north carolina explicitly prohibits gerrymandering under the states free election clause and the map draw in this case. You'll recognize him thomas hoffler oh. You know it's it's you julius. You've heard amato feller. Hopefully i called puff ho ho for gerrymander over gerrymandering of the man with two brains hoffler and like i said if it sounds familiar it should he's the guy who worked with the trump administration to put a citizenship question on the twenty twenty cents is for the sole purpose of disenfranchised disenfranchising latino voters orders and don't take my word for it. It's in black and white in a study written by hoffler. He was hired by north carolina. Help them draw their maps in two thousand seventeen so so the judges say nope this gerrymandering. It's disenfranchisement. It's walking over freedom of speech at violates our state's constitution free and fair election clause can't have him so we're gonna have fresh maps for north carolina and twenty twenty have a free and fair election clause that would read the same is true my mind right now yeah yeah yeah so. We need to have that in the states constitution but this is a victory. You're a points to a really big problem that you know. We have been aware of but still depressing but i like that they were able to do that. In that state. I'm surprised yeah and there was a lot of voter suppression in north carolina. If not all i mean we heard so many stories come there with you know they wouldn't allow <hes> the elderly to bus to polling sites on their only had one polling site and it was miles away and it was really hard to get to <hes> and so ah they have voter i._d. Laws that are like just ridiculous and people having a really hard time the native american population who if they didn't have an address wouldn't be able to register registered vote and most native americans indigenous people who live on the reservation don't have single addresses. They have these group p._o. Boxes and mailboxes right and they weren't allowing knowing them discriminate against their address. They are addresses and they've always worked before but all of a sudden. It's not i guess regular addresses. Yes not good enough yeah. They're the natives. It's in their name while i it just it just shows you can use this address to send me bills and come and arrest me for something. You can't use this address to vote also what like like how drenched in privileges the premise of a one address per one person sort of rule. It's totally yeah. It really is not to mention the fact that people choose to live together like you just set exactly and they know living in yeah so as a rule for names to similar to addresses were nameless hypo. The period was missing in the initial of your middle name. They would stay would perjure from them. It's just so bad north carolina and that the judge found that this shit violates that at least gerrymandering impart right very very excited about that all right time for a little schadenfreude schadenfreude as no. I do not know what sean fraud is. Please tell me because i'm dying to know jamming tampa shameful gye in a spectacular bit of deliciousness jacob wall has been indicted and has a felony warrant issued for his arrest in california for the unlawful sale of securities in two thousand sixteen. Jacob woolen has partner matthew johnson ripped as members of a company called montgomery montgomery assets. I don't know if they use his mom's phone number for that one and they offered for sale unqualified securities in violation of california code as a reminder in two thousand eighteen in wall attempted well he teamed up with this guy named jack berkman for a failed attempt to concocting falsify sexual assault allegations against robert mueller they set up that press us conference which jack berkman gave with fly down guide ghosted and yeah and they go said this was a jennifer tob. Who's been on our podcast was one of the women that wall reached out to to try i to make up a story of sexual harassment against muller and then later he tried the same stunt with buddha judge <hes> and in february he faked a death threat against him and reported. It's minneapolis neapolis police and he's under investigation there and he's of course been banned for life from <hes> futures trading so he's a super winner so desperate to be relevant and he's been posting these this shit on instagram where he's like like posting from israel posting from all these exotic places but the same fences behind and him <hes> and everyone's like to hear you bring up with you everywhere and somebody was like yeah. It's his emotional support. That's so funny travel without personal border wall. I feel like maybe if there's any sense of humor there which is probably not a good one. Maybe he's trying to make it seem like like he. You know how sometimes conservatives overdoes will like. I guess bait liberals with obvious things that are like ridiculous patrols yeah. I know it's probably in a way a long shot but you're right. It's characteristic fell for it. He still he's still you're right. It's a dumb trap but i think this is something that he would do with the same great use of your time exactly yeah <hes> <hes> traveling all around the world doing what exactly he's not traveled sitting in front of the offense and smoking a cigar. Oh that is the joke again physically the same location <hes> mhm okay. I thought the fence was an emoji. Something and i was confused fair. Yeah this makes a lot more signed him as this very distinctive so he is not going going anywhere at lisa's saying he's doing it on purpose yes with us. That's fine good luck doing that in jail. It's like the ads which thing doesn't belong or know which thing is the same. One of these things is not like the <hes> yeah. I feel like that's too good a bit for him to do. Maybe these credit him mm-hmm because that's kind of hilarious hilarious but also like a waste of time like you said it's both hilarious. Things are office low-budget dude. It's one scene the change asian texts. It's brilliant lodge rate yeah. Let's do it we there was this time <hes> in my life when we decided my sister at one time was very <hes> <hes> attached to her hairbrush one very specific expensive hairbrush and she brought it everywhere with her all the time and we decided because this was a really stupid idea that we would steal her hairbrush and send it to different places around the world and have photos taken and this is actually before social media so you would actually have to get photos printed and have the the double sent to us and then we were gonna do a little game called where in the world is my sister's hair brush and <hes> she cry. No we actually did it was just a thought. I feel like it's a bit that if this were a bit kind of along those lines yeah it's never too late to follow through that prank and now he could still take an instagram account the nicest it just like everybody anyway. That's that's schadenfreude today. Talk okay here. We go jordan. You ready yes today. We have hashtag sharpie gate so a few days ago. Oh trump mistakenly said that alabama was in the path of hurricane dorian. The national weather service in birmingham put out an immediate statement saying alabama will not see any impacts packs of dorian down. Don't leave don't evacuate. Its not coming here. It's gonna stay further to the east and then a bunch of journalists called him out on it. A._b._c.'s a._b._c.'s jonathan karl <unk> factum among many well wednesday trump the white house put out a video trump showing a map of the path of the hurricane mccain and the the the the map he has is a printout. That's five five pronoun and it's got a little hand-drawn line with a sharpie that that extends extends the hurricane passed over alabama and puts alabama in the path of dorian meaning. Somebody simply drew on the map with sharpy to make it appear that the storm was forecast as to hit alabama and when asked about the sharpie drying on the map trump said. I don't know i don't know. I don't know he said three times. I don't know what happens when you say i don't know in the mirror three times ruth appears trump appears so apparently is ego cannot stand the heat that we know. He lied right and interestingly. It's also so a violation of federal law to falsify national weather service forecast and pass it off as official and sounds like fair law even if it looks like a little ball code u._s._x. Seventy four he he probably does that to pictures of his penis to draws the little and a little higher than any other in this case but it's still checks out in alabama. Should you're not saying or or or symmetry. Our hurricane shaming can do katrina personnel. Don't have any feelings leagues and only stretch. Anyone emailed me about hurricanes directly brothels with it. If you're into federal hurricanes like reallocate your mental ansel resource for real yeah but alabama should have been like yeah no. It's true send us that aid money then money where your mouth is yeah. My my husband was wondering he's like no no no to this. Does he have contractor friends in alabama that like would get paid money like federal money for federal contracts or prep for hurricanes that ah somehow his friends would profit end in bag companies yeah or you know all of a sudden one of his friends like one of milanez friends. <hes> all of a sudden has a sandbag company and the sixteen million dollar contract for the government to bag sand and alabama for right coming and i could totally see that happy those are total beans hurricane beans but i wouldn't put it past him <hes> and but you know more serious note seriously all of our thoughts everyone that's in the path of this thing or has been path of this <hes> hurricane. It's absolutely it's the biggest hurricane people in the bahamas and they haven't invented a category. I know they say it's category. Five but with the way things are going and the intensity of storms <hes> and we're not seeing there's more hurricanes were saying they're more intense the ones that we have they might need to create new categories of hurricane so look for that we need new justices zanu categories for hurricanes crazy times and so look for that put some beans on that. I'm going to put some beans on the national weather service and the noaa having to create new categories for hurricanes so it is against the law. It's eighteen use code section twenty seventy four add this to your pile of impeachable offenses <hes> consider the twenty fifth amendment and then head to twitter and keep at hashtag sharpie gate trending because it's just when you look when you look at the drawing is so so it's just so dumb yeah i hope around the world people just start using that to benefit themselves other ways like parking spots. They'll just be like nice. Sharpish is all around the other. No actually actually this is my my word. These are my boobs are how big my boobs are just going to draw. They go all the way to alabama goal size called alabama knockers just like a little kid trying to get on a roller coaster. I'm yeah must be this tall. That's cute. Everything's going down. I eh sharpies fall when i heard about this had nothing to do with that. They're innocent victims. Actually i want to know what has to say about this sharpie. If you're listening you have ah an opportunity of comedy gold. Oh it with your first twitter response to sharpie gate so don't don't squander it yeah you know yeah. They probably hired at least five new people just to come up with that tweet hook up with wendy's merriam webster. They're really good at these. Police got got a decent one police pretty good. You could also ask <hes> monica lewinsky story daniels how they would respond because they're very good at clap acts on twitter teagan contines great <hes> jeff t drik anthony link would be number one. Oh for sure. I want to be in this group. Chat that sounds i know backlist together and i could just they could just teach a masterclass but yes great sharpie seriously. Do it do it right yeah. I would take that cost amanda. I would take that cloud for real all right so onto a couple more headlines roger stone aide andrew miller member this guy former house painter from minnesota and stones talking about him stones wing man. He's been subpoenaed to testify by the prosecution in the stone trial. According to natasha bertrand political politico <hes> miller is a guy who spent the better part every year trying to fight a muller grand jury subpoena back then miller tried to argue moeller's appointment was invalid and filed motions to dismiss everything or invalidate his appointment and that at the dag didn't have the authority to appoint muller in the first place deputy attorney general <hes> he lost both cases in both muller was upheld as being rightfully there and he had valid appointment and he ended up giving up and testifying in june and we had discussed on our other podcasts miller she that grand juries aren't supposed to be used for cases that had already you've been finished and you really you're only supposed to use a grand jury to add new charges so we all thought for sure that miller was going to be brought up on some sort of charges or stone would be brought up on superseding indictment or somebody in stonehenge like critical or <hes> clovis or who else is in there. There's none berg there's so many ah weirdos all position around stone just a group of just we call them stonehenge in any way all of that though happened after bar was appointed which makes me leery that additional charges that were likely being pursued were stopped somehow but that's conjecture. I have no proof of that whatsoever. <hes> other star witnesses in the roger stone case <hes> rick gates. He'll be testifying along with randy. Krecko the guy with the dog when roger stone threatened. You don't want anything to happen to your nice dog. <hes> guy <hes> they're all going to testify including his andrew miller fellow so this is like the whole cast of stonehenge <hes> coming back yeah <hes> november reunion tour yeah. It's been quite <music> gap in the to a theater near you this is going to be. I think this is the season finale <noise>. I feel muller muller <hes> stuff now. There are several in other cases handed off by muller. We know that from appendix to universal report they were all handed off the department of justice and bars in charge of that now so i don't trust that but these things as they come out <hes> you know when we found out the southern district new york was not going to investigate the hush money payments that they did get picked up by the manhattan district attorney <hes> sivan's i believe name as and other things are getting picked up by tips james by state and city district attorney's offices so that i think is where we're gonna gonna end up. We used to say that the arc of justice is long but it bends toward the southern district of new york. Well now that bars in charge of the southern district new york. I think that we should say it just bends toward the state of new york because that's who's picking everything up and as soon as these federal judges come out and say now <hes> the federal government is not investigating not anymore not investigating not anymore. These federal judges will release these documents than these state attorneys general and you know d._a.'s. We'll start picking up the cases where they can because a lot of these state they states can't prosecute federal crimes <hes> only the feds can and there is a statute of limitations and it's it's usually five years on federal crime so if we are able to vote trump out of office and get a new department of justice in there they could pick these cases up again nine and reopened them without violating double jeopardy on the plan right. That's it. That's a show for today. Lots of stuff yeah we would vote greg craig. Oh oh how good call why isn't he in my notes here today. He the verdict on greg greg kim are one democrat in the you know that was prosecuted in relation to the muller probe not guilty nice on his one count deep state. Yes somebody's now <music> but what happens yeah yeah yeah washington post us just a decoy democrat and you feel you feel like he was. He wasn't innocent but he just is basically getting away with it. I didn't know i'd have to. I'm going to have to read the transcript of the case. Cam see what the evidence is yeah. I definitely going to read that though because that is yeah i i don't know if i i'm not really something to celebrate exactly if he did get away with something <hes> the exactly yeah the jury found him not guilty and this is probably probably a pretty liberal jury so that also could be a quote unquote miscarriage of justice justice i if he was guilty i would be completely happy with him being found guilty yeah yeah i mean he still what did those things right. He's still did that work. He stood yeah. He still did help seed the skadden arps report. We new york times uh-huh like opinion. I guess he's guilty but it seems like he got off. Maybe on technical looking for him. No one's paying attention really gives a fuck. They listened yeah yeah and that's what yeah we were like. Oh what about that. I have to i. I'm going to have to read the case. You have to look at the facts in the case <hes> i. I hope that somebody puts out like a deep dive into law. Fair blog usually does these things or courthouse news nice without him. Classmen does usually really good deep dives. I think he's on a honeymoon right now but we should call him. Tell him come back. You have to write this up for me because i wanna see why the one democrat got away with it because this will feed into the deep state narrative and a conspiracy theories yeah this is. That's kind of what i'm saying yeah i but i just want to know team gregory. It's bad either way teams like for liberals because of the optics but yeah i wanna know like legally where it's i mean it's in any world. Usually it'd be good for democrats to have a democrat macron acquitted of not acquitted but found not guilty of a charge of not you know failed lying about being a foreign agent yeah even being just like yeah. Potentially charge charge was enough for it to be a bad look for us so i'm assuming there will be a decision written out by the judge and i'll look forward to reading that. I think all the reasons would go well because the jury is a jury trial. I don't know we'll see you <hes> <hes> we'll get him. Refried beans soon enough adam classified. Get back from your honeymoon. Men make it happen. Your your guy all right so that's it now. That's the show yes yes after that not guilty. Verdict is important hand. You have any final thoughts. Oh no just stood for seattle week. Yeah i thought ju lisa hilla troll on twitter today thanks jordan yes and actually it was fucked up and you'd weird. It was messed up yeah well. It just got so detailed in lake mean yeah. It went on for so long. It was an author so she she really likes to. I like to speak out. She likes to type so very interesting. Being in that kind of stuff we should be doing okay. I'm doing great yeah yeah. I think <hes> like grade school. We're prepared me for this like being bullied for being black enough for for like not having enough lake white friends and someone's opinion or dating why people that arguments. It's classic in my book so it's fine. I think i'm i'm like immune to it but i get a lot of support which was nice. I always love that yeah yeah yeah. The fans were great. Yeah they haven't and it was so public and i think it will be the last time so it's like we'll practice yeah. I also want to say just from my experience. As you mean you mean 'cause we get shit a lot for for not like being as educated as a g is right on the show. Oh yeah that too and in yeah. I just wanna say as a disclaimer. We are not professionals annals in journalism exactly. We're like do it yourself. Stand up comics who are on the show and we read stuff from the same sources you have and a._g. Has all these cool sources and stuff in ages at different story but for me personally like we're not trying to present ourselves as these one hundred percent experts on all these stories right absolutely talking about them just as regular people yeah yeah and i went on so intensely i because of the holy ratio racial for sure but you're right yeah about it also being about the educational thing it's like what her background is but just the idea of that being so problematic that you know she felt the need to not not just say. I have this one thing. I have a problem with go into like personal opinions about my life. It was very strange but yeah also women women down black tearing lacombe yeah the the whole thing. It's like it's a very bad problem. That's not new but i appreciate you. You point that out. It's really fucked up yeah. It is and she's probably definitely gonna listen to this. She says she was so he's yourself sure so the crazy thing is she didn't know that white ally was joke like her all her friends. I was a little like saying that i'm like i'm the ally for white people when it's like. It's a joke from from the show where we pointed out. Why people don't need is and so the idea of me being nice. Everyone is funny because it's like an ally but that's in itself is funny thing to say it was it was iron was satire tire. It was sarcasm and i feel like a lot of that's lost these days people miss nuance people miss irony <hes> people were very black and white and and and people are very literal they take things very literally and assumed that certain actions must mean certain that you're a certain kind of person person and i wish it wasn't that way i i don't know if this is a social media phenomenon or if it's just a i don't know what it is or what caused it but i do find it it to be a kind of a problem because we will say things in irony and satire and sometimes it happens on the other side to like somebody will say oh no trumps the greatest thing thing that's ever happened. You dumb stupid live card and i'll be like f. You and they're like no. I'm kidding and i'm like oh and so two to. I don't know what i think. There's just a lot of nuance. That's lost on on things to people as as opposed to a face to face interaction because i just can't imagine if you sat down with this person that they would say the same things to you right yeah especially especially sorry go ahead. Oh no i'm. I'm curious especially when your comments are always coming from a good place like one hundred percent always coming from a place like you're not advocating for anything right. That's like like bad. You're like asking questions and so am i and normally i can live in people's nature but she thinks it's an act to her. It's like oh. She's she's trying to play the victim. I yeah i was a part of her. Argument is just so much like overstepping of what is okay insinuate about a person and normally. It's like like we occasionally we get bad reviews right and we don't talk about them ever but this just seems like it's warranted to have a mini discussion about here so public yeah yeah so much. Much of our podcast is about our social. Media presence absolutely forgive me if this is done for me to bring no. I think it's super relevant. I appreciate it and a lot of the fans. They like that i i re tweet things just for the community to be more engaged but she was upset that i was able to find her tweet because she said it was a personal conversation. I wasn't you intact tweeted. You yeah well. The show was tacked yeah. I i look for the show staff and basically you have it set up all my my stuff my search to go straight for all of our podcast tax so she was definitely talking about the shows more sure daily beans and she was like how did you find me me and i'm like okay. You're on twitter and something else. She called herself a black woman enthusiasts on her bio and like i also feel like i probably shouldn't take about literally because that's confusing so you know twitter. It's just like anything on the internet. It's like you can't really take it for what it is all the time but also she misheard me so there's like confirmation. Mation bias is so strong yeah and so. I imagine if you're trying to explain it. It's you're already talking to a full bucket totally and you can't add to you can't add anything so yeah overset. They're the they're bucks to fool like you know or also too small for your bucket. She had a great thing. It's an old proverb yeah. You can't add kennedy thing to a full yeah there. We go yeah and i know that if she is listening to this this is going to have a lot of ammo right now to be like i say one you know one criticism zoom in and blows up like this or whatever but the fact of the matter is is like you were saying a._g. People have feelings and being kind to each other and being there for each other. There has a very positive and necessary effect and then on the flip side of the coin when you're bad to someone even if it is over the internet. It doesn't matter just because it's the internet that doesn't mean that it's it's not taken as as real of the sentiment of the stuff she said was just like super psycho analyzing and out okay to say about you as a person i agree three so sorry for calling you out not sorry if i think this could have been phrased in a way that would have had a more productive dialogue about what she she was actually criticized for sure plenty of times people have said to me that like either they had a question when it clarity and i was able to discuss it without a blowing up like that but i think she came with a certain narrative that just wasn't accurate and that made her feel very entitled to just shannon. She's concerned about you or your actions or behaviors. I don't know how anyone thinks that they're going to change any hearts or change any minds by coming at you with personal attacks it gets it gets nowhere ri- right and that's one of the things about you on the show julius as you always are like benefited the doubting people where you're like. What if i don't know let's look back in their past and see what happened that made them do this and let's try to figure it out and be more sympathetic and have more empathy for this this this person for sure and then to like have that completely turned around backwards. It's just it is very strange. Yeah yeah my mind also take her someone who probably listen to a few episodes which by the way thank you for that this. I really do appreciate it. 'cause that's what led me to her tweet and so she you know has the right idea coming and i think it's really important like you said you two point now where she actually might have been reasonable so she was upset about actually actually thinking that i was doing something harmful to the black unity but again it's the method is the approach. The execution was things matter but you have a meaningful conversation with it about you and everyone could step away ah understanding each other a little bit better absolutely <hes> an and <hes>. I don't know if anyone would be open to that but i certainly would. I just think that she she expected me not to be so even before i got to her thread she went from one general negative kind of neutral tweet to like super negative personal attacks before even even with said my first response. I was like well. Normally i would approach this a little more. I guess level-headed but in this case i just re tweeted saying i think she might wanna be on the show. 'cause it's also a part of my theory. She's he's. She's an author she <hes> a lot of tweets seemed to be in the last few days. It's just constantly attacking people who are doing things that are a little more like in the public eye and maybe she thinks she can do it better and i will also say her do it. If you think you have a podcast that's really great and a lot more accurate and helpful to the black community. I would listen to you. You don't have power try. Try to make your own. You can just really you can just make it if that's her goal yeah if it is do we bring it. Yes storm but thank you guys. I love you. I'll emma community. Everyone was so nice. People should not rag on why people for being nice. That is the worst thing you can for racist say. How dare you defend defend. This black person. We didn't win really didn't totally win civil rights but we didn't get anywhere just on our own. We started but like arguably you need other communities to back you up for the number so why would you. That's a whole different pockets rachel maddow show. I was gonna say perfect segment for rachel maddow show yes. Yes <hes> maybe you could have run. <hes> genucel johnson show joe actually thought about it and everybody really did yeah right. Are we going to have an open discussion. Maybe test the waters before you know. I might cause several times. I got hired today and i consider deeming her and i was like man she probably. She probably wants that. I was like i want to go with something that maybe she's not expecting just because it will probably be the more the higher road <hes> <hes> but i i don't know oh i might reach out to her in a few days. We'll see things cool down. Yeah and it's not like it's a live show so you could see how it goes yeah. Well thank you no problem all right great discussion at the end. Thank you jordan so much for bringing a lot too and julie's. I hope everything's okay and yes. I won't be okay uh-huh. I figured <hes> it's good checking in absolutely yeah we always say at the end which were about two right now this to please take care of yourselves. Take care of each other treat yourself and take care of the planet. I've been eiji. I've binge lisa johnson jordan coburn. Them's the beans. The daily beans is produced by a._g. Featuring <unk> lisa johnson and jordan coburn engineered and edited by mackenzie mozelle and starnes industries are marketing manager is thoroughly steiner merchandising manager sarah her spur valencia fact checking and research by a._g. Jill lisa johnson during coburn with executive assistance by amanda reader. Our music is written and performed by might be giants are web design and branding or by joel reader with moxy design studios and our website is daily beans pot dot com.

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