100: What I've Learned About Influence After 100 Episodes (What's Worked, What Hasn't)


You're listening to the influence or podcast episode. One hundred I have to say one of my proudest moments of my career today was having the courage to launch this podcast. When I first started podcasting. I literally had zero experience in radio or podcasting zero experience in interviewing guests zero experience in recording and production in zero experience in editing things like soundbites and audio files when I did have was a dream a laptop and a passion in may to inspire. Teach others what I had learned that and the courage to show up got us where we are today. So I sat down in the tiny guest room of my house with nothing more than my laptop and a one hundred dollar microphone impress record for the first time. No producers, no recording studio. No, massive radio company behind it. Then I press record ninety nine more times. Now here we are twenty three months later. With an incredible platform of education inspiration and resource. It is heard in more than one hundred ninety two countries and has been downloaded millions of times by dreamers and believers like you, but it wasn't all smooth sailing to get here. No. Remember the time. I got wiped off I tunes without warning. Yes. That happened just a few months ago. And if you missed that whole ordeal, and you want to check it out and hear what I learned from it. Then go over to episode number eighty seven Julia Solomon dot net slash eighty-seven. But with missteps aside, the journey of creating this podcast is taught me more about influence than I could have ever imagined. So in honor of today's one hundred episode I'm reflecting on three things. I've learned about what works in what doesn't and this crazy online world that we call influence, so before we dive into our one hundred episode today, I wanna give a shout out to our amazing reviewer this week, and it's simply Sheila, and she said that she recently just started listening to the podcast and she's loving it. So far as a recently new blogger there's so much. I don't know about blogging, social media and influencers Julie gives detailed information about all of these and more importantly brings guests shared their experience. I love hearing how they got from point a to point z. I can't wait to apply. All these tips that I get from this podcast my own blog. Well, thank you. Simply she loved for stopping by. And letting us know how it's helping you really get started, which is one of my favorite things at this podcast ads for so many listeners it helps you take action. Now, I want to hear from more of you who chime in each week, especially today's since it is our one hundred episode, and we are celebrating over here. So make sure to screen shove this episode on your phone and then tag me over on Instagram story at Joel Soloman and hashtag the influence or podcasts. Because that is where I love to hang out. See what you have to say about the episode today. And then I share those screen shots on my story as well. Welcome to the influence or podcast. I'm your host, Julie Salamon, a marketing strategist brand, building experts speaker and New York Times bestselling publicist. This is where I take you behind the scenes with today's top influencers industry insiders and entrepreneurs as they share step-by-step strategies to help you turn your online dreams into purposeful and profitable business, first and foremost focusing on community, building always works. So as an influence or your community is everything these are the people who show up to hear what you have to say. And love what you bring to the world. If you show up consistently and serve them, you will see growth over time and may not happen overnight. But I promise you it will happen. This means committing to the process and putting in the time, you can't just pop onto Instagram once a week posted inspirational, quote, and like a few other people's posts. No, you need to get clear on your values. What do you want to be known for? Then you get clear on your audience. Do they need who are they? And once you get those two things down you can become the service provider your audience needs. And if you want to hear what some of our amazing guests have had to say over the last one hundred episodes. I would encourage you to check out episodes from amazing women like jasmine star and Marie folio who took all about the importance of building a community and building it with passion. And with service now on the flip side, what doesn't work is obsessing over follower. Growth are the next best way to beat the algorithm. Things like loop giveaways follow for follow buying followers. These things just do not work over time. Guys. They do not create a sustainable value based business is just like putting a band aid on it. And then wondering why you keep bleeding all over the place, and they do not get you to the top of your industry. They do not make you the absolute best version of herself. And they do not make you the absolute best at what you're doing. Now. I know a lot of people still do giveaways, and I'm not saying that these are necessarily bad in the short term. But. They don't attract your ideal followers who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer for the most part. So while you might see a quick uptick and followers, you're likely to see it reflected in your engagement and your sales because most of those people were only ever in it for the giveaway, anyway, it's a quick fix to a bigger problem that you need to start healing from the inside. And that is who am I what am I doing here? What problem do I solve what matters to me most? That's how you're going to see the real long-term growth by showing up as your absolute best version of yourself. Now the same goes with follow for follow. These people are only following you to boost their own following. They're in it for themselves. Not for you. So to build a sustainable influence in business. You actually have to have people that want to be influenced by right? So it's crucial to find and focus on the people who are going to become your die hard fans who are going to become your faithful followers. Anything else is just a destroy. Action and an excuse not to show up now buying followers doesn't need an explanation. We know a ton of people that do and maybe it works for them. But for me guys, just don't do it. Quick fixes are playing small and you're better than that. As for the algorithm. Oh my gosh. It's like this algorithm. Monster that's outside your door waiting to beat you down and burn your house down. And that's just not true. If people aren't senior content. It's because your strategy is not working. It's because you don't know what you're doing or it's because you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The algorithm can only work off of what you give it. So if you aren't giving it a clear cut strategy if you aren't connecting and attracting to the audience and actually wants to see your content. The algorithm is not going to let them see your content because he algorithm knows that they don't want to see your content. It's simple guys. And I also think that if we really got still an honest with ourselves, and we would come to know the true. Truth that it's a lot easier to blame the algorithm that it is to keep the spotlight on us and to really focus on what we may. Or may not be doing correctly. What we may. Or may not be really showing up for how we may. Or may not be keeping ourselves small. It's a lot easier to blame something else than it is to look at your own faults in challenges. So I'm going to remind you today focus on what you can control. Which is you you are not powerless to anything that you can control like how you show up in serve your people. So another great thing that works, content, planning and batching. So this one was a game changer for me since I've started the podcast at a major wake up call when I realized how much time I was actually wasting on Instagram without consistently engaging. Posting or growing the truth was I had no schedule, and I had no plan. Right. I was too busy blaming the algorithm and doing things like that to actually. Focus on what I could control. I was working long days yet. I still felt strapped for time. I felt like the algorithm was out to get me. I felt like I couldn't grow. No matter. What I did. So being the goal achiever that I am. I got really honest with myself and turn that situation around real quick. When I started planning my days out one task at a time. I realized how much time it actually had to create content. Most importantly to step back and see what was working, and what really wasn't now I create a content strategy for the next six months and plan content. Six to eight weeks ahead than schedule a couple of days each month to write record everything that needs to get done, and this is freed up so much time for creating new products in programs like my mastermind starting this year, it also frees up so much time to look back data mine and really focused on. Okay. What is working? What is not that is just as important than creating new stuff all the time. He got to look back at what has already worked that you've done. And maybe what hasn't worked that you've done. So what doesn't work in this situation is spending all day on social media with nothing to show for it. Social media without strategy. Well, it's a hobby. If you want to grow your influence, you've got to slow your scroll and get strategic with your time. Now talk about this a lot more an influence or insights episode twenty six so you can give it a listen and swipe my social media at a to'real counter there that can help you over at Julie Salamon dot net Ford slash I twenty six. So another thing that I have noticed that works. Well is creating your own products in diversifying your revenue so affiliates work. Well, yes, we know this. But there has to be a disclaimer affiliates work, well as a supplement as just one of the many revenue streams, you shouldn't put all of your eggs in that basket. Because then you're stuck relying on income from a source that you don't own and in that case, you might as well, just go back to corporate America and work in your cubicle. So what works better than affiliates alone. Well, creating your own products and services with your name on them. If you ask me, this is absolutely vital to sustainable, long term growth, gay guys. You got to create your own products and services. He got a great your own products and services, if you already put the work into building your personal brand, then you have the expertise with the content and identity to back it up. It makes perfect sense to package it into a solution that can serve your audience at a higher level, right? This works. No matter what nature in you could be creating capsule wardrobe collections, creating your own clothing line. Developing your own online course, creating a mastermind launching a workshop series launching an e book watching a book, whatever it is. It just has to have your name on it. So yes, this takes time and commitment, but the reward will be a million times better than the alternative, which is relying on other companies to pay your bills wherever you are in your journey today. Trust that you will learn what you need to know along the way you don't have to have all the answers to star. Art. You just have to start right? Engagement comes from action. Not thought by having the courage to go after your dreams, you can achieve things be on your own limitations and beliefs by having the courage to show up you can create and take up space in this world. And by having the courage to be seen, even when you have no control over the outcome. You can create something incredible producers studios and companies are amazing. But you don't need them to make dreams happen. All you need is the courage to go get it. So here's to one hundred episodes and beyond. Thank you. So so much for walking alongside me on this journey for letting me show up take space in serve you each and every day, it has been an honor and a privilege, and I cannot wait to see what the next one hundred episodes has in store for all of us wanting even more influence or podcast goodness into connect with like minded influencers. Join our Facebook community for daily tips on how to up level your business and chat with my. Self and other listeners. All you. Gotta do is. Visit Facebook dot com forward slash groups. Ford slash the influence or podcast to be a part of this wonderful community. Are you ready to create your own industry leading influence for show notes downloads and action based tips head to WWW dot the influence or podcasts dot com where you can find out more about this week's episode guests and our host Julie Salomon. If you enjoyed this week's episode, please take a minute to go to tunes and leave a review. 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