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All right welcome to highly questionable we got monitoring nut putting off the wnba the night of the wnba all-star game we got mike golic junior off. Somebody i'll really no. Let's do to the bucks in another forty from your honest tonight to have a chance. All these are the kinds of people we are. In our business we are here. Bengal janas behind a free throws every limitation that. There is in his game. And now we're like uh-huh wonder if he can give them forty again and he probably can give them forty again. Do i think they need it. That depends and it really just depends entirely. Chris middleton who has not gotten up to twenty points in the last couple of games he has not looked like legitimate second option that they needed the guy that could get his own shot because if he shows up and he plays that game then they don't need forty from this. I don't think it's sustainable to think that you're gonna get forty from him every night in order to with so they're gonna need somebody else to be viable shotmaker for them. Chris middleton is that guy. I think he shows up. I don't think he shows up all the time. Necessarily but i think he shows up in this because i just can't believe it's going to be game after game after game. He's had one game where he's gotten up to even forty three percent in the course of this series. I expect him to be better. I expect that to mean janas won't have to do nearly as much. I expect honest to have another forty. And i think the do continue to need it if you ask me who i trust on this squad. It's janas and yes we talked about. How one dimensional. His game is both but finally sticking to the one dimensional thing and the rest are certainly helping him out when it comes. Chris middleton now statistically in game threes he was averaging ten points better in the series and he didn't necessarily meet that expectation in this particular game. Three so i'm starting to wonder if being says number in a way that previous matchups quite helped i would say for jaanus. It's less about a specific number like this isn't a how many as much as a house for him in this game. They need to continue to be able to rely on him in the ways they have and we saw even game three similar output. But i thought style wise different quicker decisions especially in some those two men games. Come in from the wing. The reason i'd say it's gotta be. That house still is because the part. I actually have trouble trusting drew holiday. Who went five for ten for beyond the arc in games three and has not displayed any level of consistency during this postseason and so i have a tough time relying on him to go out. Spread the floor in the way that him knocking down threes than that last game did so john is gonna have to be the anchor to see if this is the middleton game if we get another one of those lopez games that shows up from time to time pat haunted can get hot from beyond free and kind of stay hot from beyond three to help them out but it's ultimately still gotta be anger by honest. Well the other thing too is like these playoffs right famous was up to will. They lost this one. We would expect that. Now it's time for the adjustment for monty. Williams right monty williams adjust to what he saw in gang. Three which in theory that means. It's time for the boot holzer. Just made sure. I think he got any adults left right because i feel like the adjustment that he may last time was the one that we shouldn't have been an adjustment he should have done in the first place. You know maybe do holidays. You just harangued. Chris paul the whole town is probably the best chance you have and it took him a while. Like you know what that might be a pretty good idea. I don't feel like that's a man has got number two in his plans. I was get some foul trouble again. That too and i will say to your points of adjustments. But we've seen this been extended squad respond when the andrea eyton gets will zubac got the better of him. The andre eight and came back and responded. I do think that the sarge injury might be sneaky. Big deal just in time of that. But i don't expect devon booker to string together back to back games in macau bridges will be more involved than just four points. Things is gonna adjust. I think finally guys were in for the game. That had me thinking this series will require seven. Anyway you know you just mentioned that thing about sarge this. This is what i need to do. If i'm boone holzer. I was only one message on the whiteboard. Make frank kaminsky beat you. That's gonna be a whole entire strategy. We go find a way to comiskey out there as i feel so bad man is not. It's not his fault that he's who he is. You know what i'm saying. But if i was in the playoffs and i had janas in these other cats. Oh yeah. I want him play in as much as possible. The state of wisconsin got a collective fleet feel bad about that strategy to good point. he's their guy tornado. Seattle make it more or less likely that he stays with the clippers. This offseason okay. So we didn't talk about this nearly enough when he signed. This deal with the clippers. But i was personally shot given the injury issues that he had all the way out the door and san antonio and watching him labor through those twenty nine thousand nine playoffs would seem to be knee issues that he only signed a two year deal with a one year option. When he got there. I would have thought he wanted something. More long term in this was worse case scenario kawhi leonard has had a surgery to repair a partially toward acl. Now what happens down the line. I really don't know in theory. Who could op- dan and take this last year. This deal and that seems to make some sense if for no other reason than he's probably not going to play next season so it's not like he's going to harm his value by getting on the court. You like in guaranteed money. I'm looking at it like if you're another team. I'm not trying to lean into four years ago. Wild leonard at his age at this point because one thing that has been easy to lose sight of and this is not a slight to help. The best version of him was the 2017. Burcin like what he was in. That postseason is better than he's ever been even two thousand nine hundred nine when he was finals. Mvp he wasn't as good as he was the year before which is to say. This is a player on the decline. Even if he's still on a high part of the hill he is on the decline. Do you want to pay for the decline of kawai leonard. I don't know if i would want to do that. Yeah when you look every part of this situation coming. Back to the clippers in some form would make sense like picking up that player option health even declining nad. And i'm sure if there was someone that would be willing to pay for the decline of leonard it would be the clippers like a team incentivize to try and keep arche talent in that building especially we know how steve bonner feels about. Land second fiddle in that town and seeing any ground in that race. You combine that with the fact that he could miss six to nine months in the recovery of this injury. He's got a coach that we heap praise on during this postseason and a running mate who stepped up in a big way and may have finally slade mental demons but again this is leonard. This is like trying to make sense of that ruby. Thief they talked about in the dark knight movie. And so i am not going to pretend to have any idea what this man has on his mind or in his heart but i would say all signs would certainly lead to him being back yet to be revealed. If part of those mental demons was actually meeting the space to be on the floor. Without kawhi. When it comes to paul george. We'll have to see how that plays. This think it comes down to whether or not the clippers thought. Hawaii was their long term play. Anyway i always think of him. As kind of a hired mercenary that's willing to go wherever he deems is the best fit with us based on the medical staff commodity with his teammates or the weather. Who knows what kawais thinking. It would seem for him. It's smartest to opt in and collectors coins. But if he opts out does he have another destination in mind like we just never know what it is doing it. I don't know if the clippers thought that he was the guy for a long time. Anyway i think the the guy for a long time just because of how much they gave up in order to give paul george and that was the paul george and kawhi leonard special. Here's what i will say. I think he wants to stay with the clippers. Because if you wanna live in san diego so bad that you live there and commute to los angeles for work something tells me. That's the place that you want to be an and now the the clippers are so pot committed because of what they gave up in that trade except they look pretty good without him like bring him back then just decided to add a couple more things. They still might be a viable contender in the west. This is gonna be fascinating to watch out his plays out up next on. Hq like knock out of yeah lights. That's looking like his day. Just a hard line those just a horn line okay. That's that's one. Now look at this ad. Bax healthy and happy. This is four sixty eight. well well. he's also the literally kid taking his way more serious than everybody else. 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What three point despite messy precipitation my concert game off as down the line be an app download now time to play the game. That sounds like a really disappointing junior after watching vladi last night. Do you questions got a full head of hair. You know real disappointment. You give us topics and events and we questioned monday every week when i shaved this question. Which pitcher was more deserving of an apology from vlad junior. Yeah vlad's the guy that's lost in the whole tease junior thing right and i don't know if it would be different. If you had a different name he would stand out more but he feels like junior number two however look at this to like and the audit. Yeah lights that's looking like his day. Just a horn line. What are those just a horn line. Okay that's that's one. Now look at this ad back. Healthy and happy. League is four sixty eight she wanted to. Oh my god that his daddy thinks he's software bag love though and good gracious reacting favorite. Not for anybody to turn around like as the pitcher get the next baseball base. That's all i need. I will say the best part about that exchange matatus too because you saw on the broadcast said go ahead and say something to and taty immediately broke out spanish. Something to what. I'm not giving it to any of the rest of you guys in that booth say something on his way that was an opportune time to have a mike on a guy perfect executed do can we look at this second one again though like i understand that it's coors field. I get all of this stuff with this. Gold's now there's for whether or not it would have cleared all all and i'm pretty sure i heard them say on the broadcast. The dares a guy who played for the braves in the nineties this towering home run and batting practice is somebody asked people to go out every part of the answer was yes except for to yellowstone yosemite by the way if we are going back to the original question. It's just one of these pitchers deserve more of an apology. Actually going up and given the hugged max. Scherzer is probably always the right. Move the situation given the choice of wanna be other. Yeah he he. Thread man's priority thread one man's life but i think the one whose life was legitimately endangered. If you going to do it dass way to cup question. Whether peyton manning's arm looks better. The did the last time he played peyton. Manning hall of fame quarterback never the biggest army in the world but a capable. Nfl are and then last season we saw him. It looked like he was doing his foot throwing out versus last night. Not bad okay expecting worst. I tell you this though you could tell he still got that next situation. Little dinosaur ish to me. Edison into how twenty yards looks different depending on what you doing twenty yards on a golf course looks different. Twenty yards on a football field looks different than twenty yards on a baseball field. Because that's the mount. Basically it's twenty yards twenty award out like that's a little bit of a bummer. Spend relaxed thing. it's a different motion. He looked alone. Dinosaurs to me as someone who's watched my dad swing golf club at this point right now. There are a lot of those things. You're just never gonna outrun their own. Good leave all that fun. Stuff to arch dead. Hit fifty in every injury from his playing days came back. It was like serena surgeries that had to happen. All he's he's he's do he's due for at me or a shoulder replacement. I'm not sure what you're going. Go for losing. All that weight helped him but once they put a pain in your shoulder. You're just on borrowed time. I'll feel bad for him. He gets the ball street. It this kid has the right mentality. All right we're going out to little league baseball. There'll be a young man. I'll say base. Give us some advice to his teammate. Who is in the batter's box. Whoa oh i got to stand up for me and my people on this okay do you. Run is one more time. 'em i dues. Hip hip bone so is this. Is this child me versus child. Ahmadian child me on second base realized. I don't have a choice to get out of the way that thing. Our body doesn't have the dynamics. The dynamics schism whatever that word is to be able to move out of the way of that one so it seems like we wanted child monitor. Go down with us. The kid just seem so disgusted. Like what are you not gonna let it hit you like. That's probably what hurts. We'll well he's also the literally kid taking way more serious than everybody else. There's a huge range of what you went in four on a little league team people for all kinds of different reasons number. Twenty eight is out there to purge this anger through going for the other dude. Just try to have. Tom swing the bat twenty eight. Let me just tell you right now. It's called football and lacrosse. They give the women that one worked. Wonders is up next on. Hq honestly it's better. It went that way than the other way. Because you've had did that to brooks then you would really had solid that's true bryson felt complemented by that. I'm going to chelsea gray. Just f- why. I'm issues by years but unlike the first time now the court i just need a back screen in in her on the block. That's all i that's how you know. They like each other can barker wants to get switched onto her to take her to the block because they didn't like each other with candace. Parker wanna do is be the one sentence kreider head. This is dc in our see. I'm daniel. I'm a former two division champion and i'm a bad mama jama yes he is and i'm ryan clark former super bowl champ. Be sure to follow out new podcast wherever you can. We wanna talk inmates. We're gonna talk sports life. We have a great time. It's going to be a ton of fun is going to be fun. Rc dc nrc is ready to roll guys dc and artsy follow. Wherever you listen to podcasts. Play the game watching another all-star tonight c. or not give us topics and events that we questioned move our heads at all kinds of different times tomorrow morning on. Nbc the open championship. Yes the british open like. I guess it's not really called a british opened. That does we off every time like it makes you feel like such a sophisticated canadian. You know we got kepco bryson. D shambo sort of beef. So let's start with a clip from our good friend. Mr de shambo. Would you have any problems. In peritoneal folk announced drinker decided not no no not at all. I think it'd be kind of funny. Actually i love it. I think we do well to be honest. It create a little Inching vibe for the team or for the guys playing against okay. So he'd be down to play in the ryder cup with kept good. Let's talk to cap brooks. Is there a point concern that you know the ryder cup coming up later this year you have to start at least trying to get along with bryson somehow going to be in the team in september. We realize it's only a week right. Yeah but i mean you on the same team. I mean it's only like i can put it aside for business if if we're going to be on the same team i can. I can deal with anybody in the world for a week and not playing with them. I'm pretty sure we're not gonna be paired together. Put it that way. I don't think that's kind of obvious. Do you came and put over a press conference. You can't put over there. Do know week as anybody nothing. Nothing about your interactions indicate to me that you can put up with that due for a week. Just seeing him for one minute. Seven straight days. I don't feel like you bill for that. Monaco your intrigue. I just to see how this plays out in literally looks like He was going to bomb it like. You just can't fathom the idea. Meanwhile i was like yeah. It'd be kinda funny. This thing is so lopsided. Mike you g yeah. I'm intrigued more by the reporters who clearly have never covered teams for its before because then they would realize it is very possible. That hate some of the people in your locker and still coexist in function peacefully encore. Yeah but that's because y'all got bigger time utah like you've got to reach that point and it's a bigger more more team like you got other teams that you like the bounce out electoral space out there. Big off y'all also white each other. You left that party to your point. Go joe. I don't think the reporters are really helping this beef at all. I brooks Brooks that he said. Oh i do appreciate the by of mess around thought they all look alike. A better you than me. We do. honestly it's better. It went that way than the other way. Because you've you did that to brooks then you would have really had holiday that's true bryson felt complemented by that right. You know whether i would is like bryson is jalen ramsey brooks's. Aj agree like. You're just trolling. I'm piece tonight on. Espn the wnba. All star game. I am down to check it out seventy nba finals. They put us in a little bit of a trick bag here. But i do want to see some of this. We got candace parker here in chelsea gray former teammates to talk about why they're excited to play against each other and the all star game. I'm going at chelsea gray. Just why i'm issues by years but unlike the first time the court like i just need a back screen in her on the block. That's all i need. List an asthma as we also proud to be austar game and be able to compete against her. But you know. I'm gonna try to go one on one against their local and she'll try to post me a little fake over my head. I swear. I'm not gonna go for the fake. But i'm excited. See that's how you know. They like each other. Cancer barker wants to get switched onto her to take her to the block because if they did like each other with candace parker would want to do is be the one sentence head. Oh injury that to. I'm one hundred inquiry. Embo let me make your life a little bit easier. W all-star tips at seven finals game till nine gives you a little appetizer before we get game for There's going to be great. I'm really excited for the wnba. All starts to the olympic team represents a lot of names that we know and rightfully. So we've talked a lot about the marketing needs to improve the w so it seemed wnba. Jon now just a couple of names that you should learn all right. Mike you intrigue. I am very intrigued to just much silo. Love a good beef between people that clearly like each other. i'm also in. Its check out this format. Because i think that something i'd like to see other leagues potentially even the nba experiment with something. Similar here. a cool nod. Give everyone a nice sendoff before the tokyo games here definitely on this are right. That is our show. Checkout michael junior four to seven eastern espn radio genetic and golding modicum will also be on espn radio pregame and postgame for game for the nba finals. Right time with bomani jones wherever. Yeah podcasts always ways like anybody else k. as much as he does thank you sir. Everybody is l z here. This week on life out loud on joined by the hilarious and handsome actor daniel newman. He opens up to me about battling addiction with engaged spaces and how important sex and faith. Positively are to him and of course. We couldn't get a whole episode. Go by without discussing instagram thir- straps. I personally really don't like instagram models. The play dome. Did you know you were one definitely had a gay. Oh time you know what. I'm saying you don't want to miss it. So listen to life out loud wherever you get your podcast.

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