Bourbon, Banter, and the Best of 2020!!


This episode of the broken cork is brought to you by beverage bar serving the tristate with four convenient locations. Come in and let our knowledgeable staff help you find that perfect bottle to make you the talk party or to great a special moment with family and friends cheers. Welcome back everyone to the broken court. Podcast episode to who. I'm dan aaron jake and right. Now i'm gonna throw it over to my man aaron for our toast since it's real close to valentine's day. I thought i would give a valentine's toast one of those cheesy almost greeting card. Esque toast hallmark. Here's here's to you. So roses are red violets are blue. Don't get me flowers bourbon. Will do cheers. cheers everyone. Damn let's get stuff so right now. World bourbon news. Going around out of new rift still company out of newport kentucky. Something that's kind of Near and dear to my heart. Since i do work in the world fast food. They're doing something really cool for all of us New riff is putting out a fifteen year. Straight bourbon whiskey. they're calling. i believe it's called. Relief is bottled in bond. Just like all of their other products. Distilled in indiana. By what what we can only think is mvp. Because they're the only ones. I think are going to have the stocks that are up there in fifteen years and i think it is. Gp wouldn't surprise me. The barrels were purchased out of mvp and again that's all speculative but they were stored at their warehouse with the remainder of their time and this run is limited to just nine hundred if not less only to be distributed out of their distillery for the price of two hundred dollars. I think i tweeted about that. Too on the burkan broken corker twitter page to if you wanna if you wanna get in more in depth about it. I believe he did. But that two hundred dollars is going to go to benefit Restaurant workers around the ohio and kentucky area. I believe that release is going to benefit. Both the ohio restaurant employee relief fund and the northern kentucky chamber of commerce who's in charge of distributing the funds to people who need it the most for more on that you can check us out on facebook at the broken court crew is our facebook group or you can follow new riff on all of their social media for more information on that release. And i'm sure it's going to be amazing man. I think you know what a great especially this time of year. What a great a cinnamon for them to do. I mean cove is really hit. That service industry pretty hard. It's ruined a lot of people and you don't see a lot of people talking about i. Understand nurses and doctors are at the forefront of all of this kovin but they don't talk a lot about like like your fast food workers who have been working throughout the entire thing. I mean i've been fast food. I have not stopped working since covert started. Yeah and i mean. God bless all the frontline workers as far as medical is concerned because they are. They're in close contact. All that like i said are the forefront of all of this but you rarely hear about anyone else you know. Keeping america fed keeping america clothed. Everything like that. So big shout out to all our healthcare workers and big shoutout to all our fast food workers. Anyone who's working retail right now and all of our truckers keeping everyone delivered to and everyone stocked up so we can get through this together. Definitely a big shout to the truckers. So we have a new segment on the show. And i want mr jake over there to take it over. Oh yeah this is our new segment. It's called what's cracking so basically what it is. We give a shoutout to whatever we've had since last podcast. Something's good something you drink and right now something you wanna tell everybody about to me. It was new roof winter whiskey. I tried that a good friend at a bar. Bought that around for actually me and dan and you talk about unbelievable. That's one of the best new products i've had. It really really is. I haven't had very many and of what i've had it. It's up there. I really so good. It opened my eyes to new roof and made me wanna do a little bit more research into their products. And then i mean on top of all of that. We found out about this thing that you just talked about the fifteen year. Oh yeah what's cracking for you. So what's cracking for me. I've had a couple of new bottles. I'm gonna give a couple of honorable. Mentions i never had seventeen ninety. Two bottle in bonn. I know very very strange. But i had that and it's delicious. If you can get your hands on bottle relatively cheap. I paid forty five ninety nine for man. I think that's right around retail so also from french. Lick indiana lead w sinclair four grain. It's called the iconoclast It's a four product from them. What happened long story short. They had three barrels. That were of the league w sinclair that. We're just a little off. They didn't say whether it was a good offer a bad off. They just said it was often. So they mix those three bottles together and made the iconoclasts. But the one. I really really wanna talk about is the o. H ingram whiskey It is from brown water. Bourbon company out of nashville. Where the whisky comes from. What happens with it. It's really cool. They on the mississippi river in an o o h ingram. Born and so really. Yeah so they have Redone this barge completely rick house out of it and so what happens. With though whiskey as it sits in the water they. It's a minimum three year age statement. I think it's more towards four because of covid a but a minimum three year and it says on the bottle now is that from new. Make to bottle it's on the barge or it's on the barge for three years. Yes the jeffersons ocean a little bit and so what happens while it's there the changes in temperature it's in ballard county just which is far west kentucky. Have family down there. So it's kind of near and dear to me but the the whiskey sits on that barge in it constantly moving and so you get a lot of maturation process for that three years and so the really cool part about it like the nose on that whiskey is phenomenal and it might have one of the best finishes that i've ever can. Distinctly as a as a talk about aca distinctly. Remember the finish of that of that whiskey of those ninety six proof. It has a really strong brown spice. Finish your raw to hira bottle and then the it has almost orange zest finished if you think of literally like licking in orange you really get that finish on the back end. It is just phenomenal. So i can't say enough about it really cool bottle like in. It's a little hard to find right now. Because it's so new but i i look for them to do some great stuff. They also have a raw. I have not had the riot. But i have been able to have the whiskey take now. I want to go lick and orange. Really get that flavor and know what your taste. Yeah so dan. What's cracking what you may you know. I had to really think a little bit about this. At first and then i came over for the super bowl. I walked in the door. And you greeted me with this bottle. That i still have one coming and i can't wait for it but this is a new double ocht pick from a group that we're a part of great great bunch of guys just get together and do barrel picks do a bunch of changes work. The cool part about that pick is a portion of the bottle actually went to charity which is amazing so this new double ocht. It's just it blasted my nose with that okay but it wasn't overbearing. It had cherries. It had this to it to me and it was just absolutely wonderful. It blew my mind. Actually i think i i took one drink of it. I looked at you and went. Whoa that was the exact. This is good. I wish i had more of it. Like i said my bottle is forthcoming and i can't wait for it to get here so i can crack it open and have it but That's what's cracking with me. Erin what in the world can we be looking out for though if we want to find out what crack later in the year. What in the hell are we going to find on those shelves. So we're going to introduce another little segment here. We're going to give it the title of bourbon. Watch so this is something. We did last podcast. We really didn't call it anything. We just went right into like. We're more of a new show now. Did he on the forefront of bourbon the the segments where you can kind of remember so like bourbon watch. These are the things that you need to be looking out for on the shelves coming up so black button distillery out of rochester. New york is releasing a port finished. Bourbon it is a two year bourbon but it's aged four additional years in bottles. So you're really going to get that off would be an an additional edge of four years of really years in that port for years in court. Yes that's that's sexy so Like dan said the new riff fifteen year there avenue. Riff one that everybody is probably going to be searching for definitely going to be that. Double eagle very rare something. Everybody searches for every year. I think so. It's ms rpm two thousand dollars if you find it for two thousand good on you. There are one hundred and ninety nine bottles of that this year. So if you get one remember your boys. We love a sample. we just want to taste it. We don't even wanna just wanna taste. I just i just want to smell it so another one that i wanted to mention though i know it's kind of off the cuff. Elijah craig bech a one. Twenty-one is out now in some areas I've seen it as far south florida. I've seen it texas. I've even seen it over in california. A lot of the bigger markets are getting it. I can't wait for it to come around here. I know you can't big. I'm gonna logic. Craig freak freak absolute not the word either. But that's the latest word. Although offhand think if elijah craig had like the oakland raiders black hole fandom you would be like the guy with the face masks. You'd have the darth vader that guy superfan. He would show up at two hundred major. Craig pro bowl like barrel and just drinking straight from the bottle. So i know we are going to probably record before march but a couple that are coming out at the beginning of march just to keep your on barrel bourbon batch number twenty eight man that stuff. If you haven't had barrel don't don't sleep on that stuff is really say you need to find some. It's delicious and the woodford reserve masters collection batch. Proof twenty twenty one in the new bottle that they just released with their sixteen year now with that new bottle. I know it's supposed to be kind of the passage of that project to another person. I don't exactly know who that person is right. Now off the top of my head. But i know chris morris i believe is their master stiller. He's kind of passing off the masters collection project to this person and in turn with that They gave it a new bottle design. I'm guessing if i'm if i'm wrong. Please tell me if i'm right. That'd be awesome. But i mean it sounds to me like a new version of the little book. It really does like you say that he's passing it along. It sounds to me like just sounds like little book it really does. Except i can't even think who was honestly. I'm sorry booker. No and fred. Well yeah. But i mean like the company. You just stay. I've reserved woodford reserve that. Just it's not a family thing there. It's just the master distiller down to what i'm i'm guessing is his not. I wouldn't say replacement. I wouldn't right hand man i wouldn't ever say you know. Someone's got to replace someone because their legacy is in there for years. After they've they've passed on. I mean a lot of people. Don't even get to taste their last barrel of product that they actually put into a rick house right so with that being said gentlemen the big segment top five top. Five of twenty isn't tom. Is it that time. I think because i know we're late to the party. Because everyone else is always ready released their lists and you know we knew. We're new so cut us some slack here but i do want to get into our top five of twenty twenty and see where we go from here so before you do that dan. I just want everybody to kind of understand even us in the room while we are talking about our top five. There are probably things that we're going to say that you might turn your nose up at between me and dan. Dan my hate something. That's on my top five list but but the cool thing about verbs. It really doesn't matter. Everybody's taste buds. Your different that's exactly right. And so when you're when you're tasting or when you're hearing our top five Just think about the the fact that maybe we're not as far along the bourbon journey as you or maybe you're not as far along bourbon journey as us and you're like man. I haven't got there for that for that proof or whatever i for me. It took a long time to get anything above one hundred proof. I'm still working to it and so for me. Now i thought is in the low nineties right now so so my sweet spot has kind of shifted into the one ten to one twenty range. So that's going to. I mean that will so that's going to have a little more effect on list. I say all that to say this is just our opinion. We are not sponsored by any distillery or. We're not getting paid by anybody to say anything about any of these bourbon. This is all just a personal feeling that were flying off. It's going to be a lot of fun though. I can't wait. I can't wait to do this again. I know this is kind of a shameless plug. But if you wanna talk top fives with us or if you have anything to say about our lists or even wanna put yours out there. You want to join us on our facebook group. The broken court crew look for us on twitter and our bus sprout. And we'll we'll get in contact for sure. I'd love to hear it so if you're listening to this right now. The question is what is your top. Five of twenty twenty. Oh dude everyone wants to hear everybody's top-five thing it's just bourbon bourbon junkies. I want to say bourbon. Junkies got said. It's it's like pokemon card it really is. It's like oh man what's your. What's your favorite. Oh man the new one came out this year. Who so how we're gonna do this is we are going to present kind of in a round robin way. Our five through two but in front of us. We have a blind flight poured of our number one to determine as a group which of our number ones we truly think is the best. So you're going to get to go from our top five down to as a group what we think is the number one bourbon of twenty twenty five family so jake you want to start us off with your number five number five number five. It was one that was released just this year and it's hard you can't find it anymore it you cannot find if you find it. Congress blessed the alleged creek toasted. Everybody here knows what. I'm talking about the marshmallows. It really is a campfire in the middle of winter with marshmallows. I told you in cinnamon. So i have a really cool story about that with the marshmallows. My daughter she's eight. I always allow her to smell my bourbon glasses when when it's full and then when it's empty i'm training her nose and all that's maybe a little weird but she's going to be a perfect. We comes in and she grabs after. I had a poor of illogic toasted and she says dad. That's morse and i said. What do you mean this. Moore's and she said it smells like roasted marshmallows and graham crackers and this girl she knows what she's talking about like i said she's going to be the next jackie's i can so i told you my my proof age is low. This is ninety five. Point four proof. Bourbon it really is. If you can find it. I think the best price i've seen it adds is about sixty five dollars if if anything which isn't bad. I mean retail. I've seen him mean. I'm willing to pay ninety nine. So that's per purple. I'm willing to pay at least one hundred. I would do the same thing. So you the truth. Nobody is a good bottle so my top five a have to give a little disclaimer. Here i did a blind taste test of ten bottles ranked him one through ten in half had heather my wife do the whole blind taste set up and i was not in the room i sit down and number five was blanton's normally not a big blanton's fans i was loaned to say that it some a little overrated but once i had it i was like man. Those blends ramona's wins. Yes so i was surprised at how high ranked over some of the stuff that it ranked above. I was very surprised. But that's that's why you do it blind. I think that was really really cool so dan. What was your number five mine number five. I know i've been harping on this distillery a lot today here. We go near it. And i don't want to because none of this. Like i said none of this is sponsored but i was blessed enough to get hold of a bottle of new rifts monster specifically the rye i have not tried the wheat. I loved what i got out of that. Right it's very mellow you get the mult multi grain out of it. You get that little bit of rice and it's like candy to me. It's very sweet. It still has that spice but it's so good it just. It goes down so smooth. Think i see that on your shelf right. it is over there on the shell. That will be the post podcast. Poor the post podcast. Ppp sounds great. We will enjoy that. So jake yes hit me with that number. Four number four man. My number four. It's a weird one. It's the willett pasta. I talked about last time. I talked about it on the last episode. It's the weird bottle that everyone sees goes. What the heck i actually. Since the last podcast. I had somebody say. What's that model. Is that a genie lamp. He straight up said there are other things that but yeah he straight up said genie. He used the word genie lamp and i was just like. Wow man you know it's funny. You say that because yeah would you like some please. It'll make some wish come true. I don't know if it's the wish your necessarily want but a wish will come true. And i poured up. I did i cup right then and there might have at it here. You go like. I said lo proof ninety four. I think we'll see a thing. It really is a theme. I'm pretty pathetic. No it's where you're at right now. I mean there's there's nothing to be man will it. I think is actually about to release from their distillery later. This year on the pottsville. So i'm excited about that. I'm excited to see what comes out of their recounts a lot of their stuff that they've still does now going to start hitting the shelves and it's going to be awesome to see what they actually bring out in from their from there still read. I mean they've had it sourced and it's good so i can only imagine what they're gonna do with their own with their own setup so my number four little another surprise here mr sour mash blanton's again but So make your sour mash. it is a Very relatively cheap bottle of forty nine ninety nine is what you should be paying for it. The problem is that you still can't hardly find it a lot of places but if you do i highly recommend grabbing a bottle that mr sour mash a lot of complexity in the flavor there And one thing. We did. Forget to mention earlier. Dan was that we One of the stipulations that we kind of said on our taste is that we were gonna leave all of the holocaust bottles out. We were going to leave all of the The bottles that you really can't find so like a betak it's not going to be on one of ours the one that you really have to hunt for that you're just keep looking for the toasted was number five. And that's just. Because i couldn't find anything better. I mean really. A happy is not gonna be on our list but not saying we're not going to have some allocated bottles in the mix of but like all the highly highly highly allocated stuff to keep those things that you know you have to dream about wish upon a star and hope to god you walk in at the right place for the right price right. That'll be if we do have to do that. That'll be a whole of sudden itself. Imagine oh yeah. I end allocations. Definitely coming soon tonight. We're drinking the entire betak line. We're just to do a whole straight shot. And i can't wait for that ever happens. I would be ecstatic. I'd fall over jan heart of that number four for me comes out of the jim. Beam distillery really knob. Creek has started to go up in age progressively. If we've noticed something we find less and less fifteen year and a little bit. Younger store picks now because a lot of their stocks. I believe going toward those fifteen twelve year products. So with that being said my number four is knob creek. Twelve year specifically the cast strength. Oh yes sir i understand. It's like all the way not one that everyone all over america can find because i think it's confined to a few states but i can guarantee you if you walk into a store in one of those states more often than not. You'll probably find one. I know you had a few on your shelves about a week ago. So it's not impossible to find. You just have to do a little bit of looking a little bit of asking around. It's not impossible it's improbable point jake like that. Yeah so since you're talking. Let's hear your number thirty. My number. three number three is something that's been released for a few years. Now it's been released every year. The rabbit hole derringer man. That is just so sweet. It's good it's taste. It's expensive according to me it's expensive. It's anything i paid eighty bucks as i say it's around eighty dollars but it's well worth it it is and it's a sherry cask finished. It's finished bourbon. It's i love it. I really do. It is one of my like six or seven bottles. I have open in my in my bar currently but all my top five are open. I mean it really are. you can't keep it closed. it's been now drank. Not it's it's almost gone. The derringer is almost gone. I'm gonna have to get another upon leg. i remember when we walked into rabbit hole. You looked around at the place. We took the tour absolutely perfect place for a tour by the way if you ever get a chance to go down. There building is built for touring now that in louisville kentucky yet on the river. It's not just in louisville. It is on the river like a little bit a little bit off the river but yeah you can see the river from that beautiful balcony off of their bar new the when you were talking about earlier. That's where it's located is over by rabbit hole around that area there. They've they've actually redone. That whole part of town and they're calling it the new district a really new louisville. That's where the new also i got it. I got it. So i mean little is known for its bourbon. So they're known for a lot of things in bourbon definitely one of them one of the one of the aaron. How about your number three and number three now. We're getting into some good stuff so again here. We go plantains. I'm not ever gonna live that down by the way now. Now he's not so weller. Old antique one zero seven absolutely i. I was privileged to be gifted a bottle on. Somebody asks me why. What is a bottle. You can't get a hold of our that you haven't ever had and i said well or one of those seven just real quick and didn't even think about it not thinking that i would ever get that bottle. You lucky duckling you but was gifted that bottle and it is really absolutely delicious and all of the hype with weller one. Oh seven is a hundred percent real almost makes you live in ohio. Oh yes or it gets it all the time and i know we've got several listeners in ohio so again if you want to show your boy some love just kidding so dan what's your number. Three number. three is one that i talked about last week. If you remember well not last week. It was about two weeks ago. Actually now but the fall release of henry mckenna year bottled in bond hardest heck defined after. It won all those awards. But if you look around enough you'll be able to find it. I know when we went to kentucky for our our trip are extravaganza. I walked into a party source and they had one on the shelf for thirty nine ninety nine. And you buy that one and ask if what if there's a limit i was stupid and walked away from it now. Is that the same store. Arousal walked away from the james t kirk even though i really really really really wanted it and the sad thing is i didn't walk out of that party source with any bottles and kicking myself for not picking up that henry mckenna now because having actually drank it and knowing what i know now i understand that there are some good batches some bad batches because it is a single barrel product. So you're going to get the good with the bad and it's one of those things that i it's almost terriers to me. It's almost like blanton's some people love it. Some people hate it. You get good barrel you get a great barrel and then you get the barely you're like that's what's really really cool and this is a whole other topic on a whole other podcast but the single barrel projects are just. I absolutely think it's phenomenal. Because like you say over forced like single barrel from same floor. Same rick house and every pours different. So there's an old or single barrel sitting right here. yeah. I've i've had bowl. I didn't even realize what i pour. It was pouring drinks for everyone. But i mean it's still single barrel so good i did. My somebody was like. What are you drinking. I have no idea but is a really good bourbon in speaking of really good jake number to be with that number two number two i could go on and on about this my gala drinker. This is one that. I'm i ran out of on super bowl sunday. I'll get your pillows out. Everyone i know right. I could go grabble. Quick no Duke duke bourbon. Currently out of green river distilling now and let me tell you something. Duke is something that honestly. I walked in a store. I didn't plan on buying anything. I didn't and i looked over to my left. Look the shelf. And i saw john wayne on a shelf. I was like you looked at me and coming home with me. You looked at me and you. Is there john wayne on a bottle like yeah. That's john wayne on a bottle. And then i had read the back of it i read the back of it and then there it was his son who actually came up with the whole thing has son ethan decided you know what he found some old bottles that his dad had preserved in the family vault. He found his dad's old tasting notebook. He tries some of the bottles that his old his dad's old infinity bottles and he looked at tasting notes and so he can't in contact with a master distiller and they said he said. I just want to replicate this as close as possible as i can as so. They started mixing everything they started doing. Mash builds and they started tasting and it turned into my daily drinker. I mean it has a lot to do with my grandpa who was a huge. John wayne fan mean. He loved his old western. Got to talk. it don't joke. Maybe john wayne movie. And that's coming from a guy whose name jacob and there's a movie that he's an called big jake so it it really is. It's so good. It's so tasty it's perfect. It's a great great bourbon and in the original bottle. They've changed it. Since the first one i saw the first one i saw had his picture on the front of it. And i still have that bottle. And they've changed it to a to a classic style bourbon bottle just your regular fifth bottle. But it's not a bad looking bottle. It's not a bad but the original was just it was grand. It was it was john wayne. It was rough tough and it wasn't exactly. This goes on westerns. It looks like that all bottle of kentucky redeye that they have in the bottle and they it has picture on the front and if you look through the back of the bottle you read the back of the front label. It says a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. And i fell in love with it and to find out that distilling this stuff thirty five minutes from my house that i'd never heard of as a brand new thing. I'm just like it's a. It's a blessing in disguise. Because it's what it was for. My grandpa i had my grandma will try to have my dad tried. Had everyone in my family. You guys got to try this working at a liquor store. It so cool to hear because i always i see people on the bourbon. I try my best to always ask if they need help. Be a always ask. The need help and be are always. Try to find out where they got started. A lot of people don't really have the time or what to spend the time. Stand there talking to this guy. They don't really know. But lose this weirdo. Right as i said in the last hour. Who's this loud mouth bartenders that that had me cracking up. So we The number of people that actually look at bottles and see john wayne or see abraham lincoln we have james t kirk james. T kirk all of these these people and they'll they'll buy just because of who has gotten in the taste the bottle and then they get suburban. So don't be afraid to. I'm excited for all the new people who found out that terry bradshaw is doing is doing a liquor at the exact same distillery as as they're doing duke in now anywhere. I've seen that has bradshaw bourbon sticker. That sold out there zero rush bourbon sitting on the shelf in his sold out. I've heard it is really really good. And i was gonna bring a bottle so stop by the store today because we had some gone. There's not any there. So yeah i saw it on about buying it for my dad. Just have and. I didn't pass it up like you know it'll be there it'll be there and i go back. That's gone gone totally. don't ever pass it up. Not dan story about like my henry mackinnon. I regret doing that every day. Oh yeah but that's my number two aaron. What's your number two. Well my number two. If you notice what has not been on my top five yet. Little bit of illogic craig. So my number two. This year was a logic. Craig be five twenty. That was such a good batch so you know what. I'm really excited about last year. A one thousand nine hundred thirty range a wine. I'm sorry see nine. Twenty seen on twenty one the one thirty three range and be five. Twenty was in the one twenty range this year. The a one. Twenty-one is coming in at one twenty two point six. I think is what it was. Maybe it was twenty two thousand eighteen. It says hot not as high because those the hotter you get. Sometimes the burn takes away from some of the flavor notes but with the had same. Dukes proof ause. I'm sorry. go ahead. I'll i'll come back to you. Yeah so i had of course in my blind taste. I had a one twenty ahead. Be five twenty. I had seen on twenty and beef up. Twenty one in blanton's beat to on. Let's start but anyway. so yeah. So what was the proof on that duke that you eighty eight prove it was a it was the lowest proof of all it. Beat out a couple of the others but there's a lot of face there's a lot of family stuff involved with that too. I mean it really is. It's a lot of family until val you. Yeah so though. The lower proof bourbons do have a lot of flavor in a lot of people. Don't give him a chance here. A lot of people bad mouthing some of the bourbons around amazon colony names but around eighty proof. But the the don't don't don't hate until you try a case in point two words basil hayden's people knock that all the time for it being such a low proof especially their tenure products which a lot of people are just begging like sprays. Hate it a lot on sale to put them in one hundred proof. Put them in one hundred proof know if that's where they want them and that's where the master distiller thanks. There's you should be ranked master. Taster master blender. I mean but it has a lot of good flavor so don't sleep on the lower proof bourbons just because it says eight proof. It doesn't mean it's going to be a bad poor that basil hayden tenure. Right is spectacular. Because i was even telling you. I was even talking crap about it. Oh yeah before. I tried it. You poured it forming. Sit here just try. If you don't like it i'll pour you something else. I tried it. And i came back for another because i didn't give it much time. Because about one hundred hundred ten hundred and fifteen proof and you know my number one surprise you a little bit but you know it's that's just how it is so dan yes sir. What's your number two. But my number two. Oh baby number two stag junior. Aw batch fifteen. That's proof for you. Buy the most recent stag junior was at one thirty six one thirty six. And i'm not exactly sure. The point put one point one man one hundred percent. Sure but let me tell you what to me personally. It doesn't drink that hot. i don't think it does. It's just. I had to try of caramel and butterscotch. A little bit of black pepper. Just like your george. T stagg. Have and i i was. I was lucky enough to be able to try. The george t stagg from this past year and to be quite honest. Some of the stag juniors beat the crap out of george t staff with you on that and a lot of people. They laugh at me. When i say that but i'm a hundred percent think that now last year's george t stagg two thousand nineteen was probably you say last year those two years ago. Sorry it's february thinking right this and a half. I'm sorry two and a half months to get this through come on air and so my the two thousand nineteen george stagg was phenomenal. I would rank up there with some of the best. I've ever had the lowest proof they ever came out with george stats. Probably why. I liked it so much right flavors all those spices. That's it all right fellas. It's time the big boys jake. Let's go around. So we are. We going to reveal them before we taste them. Yeah let's let's go around. Let's get the numbers and then we'll just dive right into this flight to determine which one of these three reigns supreme on this night number four is actually the number one. I mean we could let our sound guy listening in do this. He could rank them. We're going to do like a scale of one ten. I wanna ten or we could just you know like i like abc. We do that. Just a just a round robin of like well. I mean would have have. I don't know how about we just do one to ten. And then tally a total. Sally i love it. So jake let me know what your number one is. From one was an experimental batch. Woodford four grain man would for four grain was hidden I wanted offer. I really did. I wonder for apple. It was a pioneer mike. Forty five fifty bucks you know. Whatever it's it's woodford so it's you know it's not going to be terrible. I'll try. i'll try that night. I tried it that night. Aaron chart at that night. Aaron doesn't remember trying it that night yes. I remember every bit of wink wink. No no it it's smooth would for four grain was smooth and it was surprisingly like really like out of experimental batch really really good. I haven't had it in a couple of months flavor notes. I don't take notes are just kind of go with it. whatever. I'm tasting the night. I'll i'll say it out loud. That's pretty much. it man that tastes like deliciousness. That's what that tastes. I love having you on this. You're getting into it. You know you're not starting to recognize those nodes a love hit those smells and there's probably a lot of people who are listening to this in the same boat as you drink it because it tastes good and i don't really know what i'm drinking. What like flavor wise. But i love that man onto honestly the tour the tour that we took a year and about a half a month ago is what got me into the whole scene and then after that i think about burger i think yeah i think i bought a barrel. I think i bought a bourbon. While we were there in louisville and i did i know i did. It was a currently taylor. Me and my dad shared it. As soon as i got home we started. We sat down. We had a drink of it. I hadn't had it before. Then i didn't have it. I refuse to try before then because it was something. My dad likes bourbon. His dad like bourbon and just went back and back and back as finally. My dad was like well. I mean if you're going to love it you gotta try it so you had to try some bourbon. So i brought home the taylor. Because coincidentally we re woodford earn for good lower. We're at buffalo trace doing their tour and they were putting out each taylor. So i took it home but back to my number one would for four grain. That was something. I wanna raffle. As a coincidence tried it loved it have been looking for more since then. I've been refusing to drink the last quarter of a pint. i have led the last scottish. Yeah exactly i don't want to. I don't want to push the envelope and not have any more aaron speaking of big boys. What's your number one. Well my number one is another weller product and this is not highly allocated as as people think It is put on a shelf somewhere a lot of times in museums. And we got we got into that last week but My number one is weller foolproof. it is just one hundred and fourteen proof The the amount of caramel vanilla sweet notes. That you're going to come and see this. This'll be my. I'm trying wolf our head. I can't wait like and i've got probably half a bottle left. Maybe but it's one of those that i'm gonna drink down until i hopefully to at the for four grain and you're like i gotta save it now i drink at all because i'm gonna say i need a new one fully for me. It's not. I need new one. It's me i need a new one. I can finish this one right. Yes while foolproof. And we'll talk about tasting notes and all that we're tasting big dan. Yes sir mr blue one number one is going to surprise the socks out of every single one. You because you know how. I don't like super high proof. Bourbon intend to win. this is. this is the smoothest high proof bourbon. I think i've ever had surprisingly enough. Old carter twelve year american bourbon batch. Three batch three old car coming in at a lofty one hundred and thirty eight point. One proof that i think we did this on a blind fight fight right now. Blind flight for erin did we. Not we did. I wanted to do batch. Proof or cast drink bourbons and of course urban boys. We couldn't poor blind fly without trying. Something i man it got me hooked and i tried it again and again and i love the damn thing really it it. Just we'll get into tasting notes later. But i just love that and sherry carter do such a good job with these blends you can find single barrel products of them And for one hundred and seventy five dollars to a little over two hundred for some of their products in is worth every single penny. You are not stink. Ever that says you know it may be a little pricey though. Carter is worth every penny for me. You know this particular batch was sourced from indiana. So you know speculative again. It's mgp because yet again more than likely no other i mean distillery hillary's are there in indiana or a few. There's more than there are more than you really. But none of them have that ultra age stock and see. I always hear about gb. I don't hear about any of the smaller distilleries. I don't hear about them. Like putting out major things we will. We will do a later. Show on craft distilleries. We have to some of these little name distilleries around the area. The let's go tour the craft distilleries and then do a show about says. It sounds good. That sounds good to me but Take a weekend off. Make a trip but going off of that gentleman. Are we ready to get into these real quick. Should we do an honorable mention and honorable. Mention yeah something that you something that you tried not not quite the. What's cracking but something you try. This past year that you liked but wasn't quite idea. Just real quick. Just don't have crazy off the wall. Aaron you wanna for y'all go. first logic. Eighteen year alagic loved that bottle. It was gives you the opportunity to express your love for a larger craigwell. A one more time on your top five right winds beat it out. I will never believe that you know but that's just what happened so you got one dan. I do have one ironically enough. It's one that we tried a couple of weeks ago and blinded it and it didn't make the top five but wild turkey. Rare-breed ri- oh. Yeah that's a good one is is one that you do have to do a little bit of searching for i don't know i don't know how rare it exactly was. I was lucky enough to find a bottle and a local store so pick that one up. Jake you got an honorable. Mention is due on honestly as something. We actually put an blind flight for aaron something that i tried to like man. I don't know what these flavors are but something has mix and right it is it knows mill knows meal bourbon and i think it's i think it's actually out of willett to and will it was put in my top five so i mean he's will freak. I know well. Honestly i didn't. I didn't know. I had to look and find out where was from and i've come to find out from own. Hey right but we've puerto blindfolded over mike and out of that blind flight. That was my number one. I was like man this is. This is really good but of of my top five. It just wasn't good enough to make the cut of top-five bourbons of twenty twenty sitting in front of us. Each we do have all of our number one. Is that tom. It is the time so we were going to taste. I guess we're not going to really. It's a bland. flight really. Is one flight so left to right right to left. And then we'll start talking about tasting left right. Get a get a good in there somewhere. And we'll give her a give score and rat so let's do knows. Hey ladies and just call me lady ladies and gentlemen. That's really nice. See that's not a seems spicy to me. Probably because we have two that are pretty happy. Proof see this one to me. Is a little bit lighter but i you know i could be very wrong. All baking spices on that knows. The nose is a little bit of raw little ryan. I do get a little bit of a well. I i. I'm not the one. I'm the beginner guy. So is all i get so we wanna go navy listening to learn spice a little bit of sweetness in the bill. It's going for this taste. Oh no that's not right. That's not right suite. that is i think. That's that's gonna burn all even have to know what that one is. That one's good. The finish is great on that one of these three i had. I've had two of these. So i mean i could tell you what i think. It is but that doesn't mean right. We'll get into that later so to be honest after after sits there for a second smoke. Little musty. little musty musty. I mean i don't know how you guys think but that's just to me on the nose like you sit there for a second and oxidized. Just get a little bit of that. Most like it's been sitting there for awhile. Well we're gonna we're gonna come back to that when we get a little little pretzel action here. Sorry sorry the noises absolutely terrible but then we're going to move on to e. to let it be let it be number be really. Oh this is just vanilla straight vanilla and caramel. and that's all vanilla caramel. That's all fees. A think i know my nose is betraying them to get into a little bit on that. Taste the new get man and all you tasted. It's it is carmel. it tasted just carmel. I tell you what. I think this is but i think it's gonna be wrong. That is a smooth girl to all my good this smooth but you get a little bit of that right there in the chest that nice warmth and on a day like this. It's worth it. You know what that's called and it's called the kentucky talking touching hug and the longer you have that kentucky hug the more bergen you need to drink to keep that kentucky go oh okay so oh well what you're saying is i should try this again. I guess so. I think i know these. Abc well it might be you. i'm a beginner. I don't know jack jack. That one's definitely well. We'll get to that in a second. We're going to have to go back. We're going to though we don't want to. We're not leaving bourbon. The glad we don't have to we're going to so what are we. got on. c. got cleanse the palate. A little bit over this chocolate better depress will keep it the same. Get a little bit of practice. A little bit of water. Get the pound. Good clinton so if you've never done a blind taste while we're kind of cleaning clinton or palate very easy to do find somebody to pour you. Three or four bourbons can friend could be a friend could be your grandma down. The street could be a total stranger except your kids. That's probably not a good idea but yeah let your kids handling expensive stuff for me. It's fine have them land for out you get another room. Come back incident what this will allow you to do. Is it will really allow you to training. Your since is a little bit more training your your sense of smell your sense of taste and never ever ever drink bourbon without giving it a nose and i know that we're probably speaking to some people who've been in burma longtime there may not be and we may have some people who grabbed the bottle. Puerto glasses just drink. Never and you don't want one can't say anything about that trip last year being the first one i've had because we went for a friend's bachelor party about four years ago five years ago and we we ran into this woman who is doing a new bourbon. I don't i remember honestly. I don't remember we'd been drinking already and we picked a hotel literally two blocks across from a liquor store. We pick a hotel real close to a liquor store because we knew how we were going to be. It's bachelor party. Everybody knows that goes but we had a friend with us. And this woman was doing free tastings and she was giving you the direction. How to taste this things in our buddy. Of course being a country boy walks up just immediately lou. She goes and what you wanna do is not that him immediately just calls them out. Not that and the policemen other drink did he. Did he give her the no. Here's what was good ban this this we got her hand now is pretty good vervins. See that's straight straight just going to call it out. That's why i'm not either. But i'm gonna call it out. Just kaffir got. We're doing blondes. My had ruined a blonde at order. Goodness see this is the must of the mall him to me. This is like immediately. it's like must've carmel. it's well. We'll talk about why it's musty. Lay in just a second god man. It all smells good. Yup yup yup yup sweet. Oh my god doesn't sweet sweet. I'm gonna be honest with you so we're gonna go down the line and name them real quick. I'm going to be honest with you that we don't know what's what or do we have raised them. And then we're gonna we're gonna read them. And then i'm going to once we've calculated a score. I'm going to reveal what what they are. Let's guess at least guess at least yeah. Okay i go further casey. Okay mister mistress jazz. just love it. I i do this a lot though. I mean i have done this. All of today once wants now. This is the first one so my wife does. She's really cool about it. She's she'll she'll forming three or four and walk out of the room and man. I just let you go. Go get in on this and have people write it down so just train the sense. I'm telling you man it's it's it's really really really good and you get really good at at at a special the nose like immediately you'll know and i said that i was because of the proof gave it a little bit of the ethanol. Yup just it'll mess with you but also have sensory kit at home so that makes it a little bit cheating. I guess this is the guy who also went to the bourbon. Bourbon tasting school. So he knows what he's doing but more on the bourbon tasting school in sensory kits later. Aaron if you want to try and name these off go ahead and then we will I'm gonna go backwards. I wanna go backwards. And then we'll give him a score. What we'll do if i'm wrong. Don't tell until we're done. I won't we're going to reveal these. So i'm going to say a number or letter. A is proof. Now that's the prediction. Okay it's you you won't do. We want to do this like one by one and see who thinks what is what. Now i wanna see if mister minister me here mr carter number two. He thinks old. Carter mr and then we're going to go with number three being woodford four gray okay. So let's go backwards with these now real quick and then we can score him up because like jake said this is my first blind fly as well. I've not done. I've never done bligh ord blonde flower other people. This is cool. I really like. I mean this is a totally new experience for me and i absolutely love this. So let's go back with bourbon. See this time and will work seed a and again one more time. I'm gonna say it one more time drinking. You know what. I'm gonna have to really start nose stuff too whenever they start drinking it. Because i really don't know a lot. I just go straight in for the taste. There are some bourbon tasting notebooks. For if you're new to the nosing in the tasting and all that kind of what. They'll do as we'll give you a circle a will and that's a good way to pick out certain flavors like like and and take it with you when you go places and don't be afraid to be the weird guy like mine sitting right here in front of me learning. That's exactly what if i'm gonna be passionate about something i want to learn everything. There is no about it. So i don't be afraid to be that guy. I'm gonna australia's my goodness right nostril. Just so sweet. Sweet as just punches you in the mouth with flavor if it is what i think it is because of all of those grains like you're getting gee whiz batman. I wonder which one that is on speaking of grains on the board. I just said it. So i'm gonna take pretzel here. I'm gonna. I'm gonna take another during we're gonna get right back with bourbon. Be you know what. I'm getting a little honey in there on that third one. Yep yep just just nib. I think mine's more on the back end. Yes right on the tone but like fresh honey like honeycomb like what gets the middle of summer. Here's some bees and take that take that good on you. Just vic did some bees from their hive so you call yourself winnie the pooh yeah. Yeah so letter. B so so delicate but on the same instance finished their a of baking spices. Yeah rock. That's raas spice. I mean it's it's in my throat right near the rats by many right at the front of my excuse me. Yeah no. that's how bad it is like right as it goes down. Is that spice. Yeah hit you right at the tip of your saugus and just go straight down. So i'm gonna actually skip the pallet plans this time and just go straight for a just for the sake of time. I'm gonna. I'm gonna go for a quick pout. Enters nella win and you know what a little more on the front end. is you. Save in ila. And right as you said it. I was thinking it on the nose. You get a little bit of another without making spicer hint like if you're baking cakes you would overly spiced just slightly almost a. I don't wanna say fruitcake almost rum cake. Almost kind of yeah almost like a rum cake but there are just me absolutely nuts but like banana. There's a banana there's a little bit of clove. Got all three of these are really good but we gotta we gotta give them a score out of ten. So we're going to start with aaron. Aaron what would you rate bourbon. A day just go down from highest developed senses to lows develop a sense shows a. I'm gonna. I'm gonna rank a nine nine really going high ball so it's got that toffee that sweet that a little bit of toffee on there. Yeah so for me a probably about eight eight. I'm going to get it not knows on this and give it a taste here to me. I don't think it's as good as the other ones. But that's just me. I'm gonna give it like a six or five five six five and a half five and a half five and a half six. Make the math. Easy roundup coming from a math teacher. We don't wanna use any decimals or fractions here. Right so aaron. What do you have on letter b. Her be asked me way. I'm gonna go with eight. And the reason why i say a little bit because just a little bit too much of the the rams spice on the back end in to me it just it kind of brings it below that i one just a little bit but just a little now. I said no fractions. I would give it an eight point five but we're going to call it. Seems to me is just a little empty. It's missing something. I honestly if we're naming names. I think this is the four grain really to me. I think this is the foreground seemed to me. I think this is the old carter. This me thinking. It's an old carter. But i'm gonna put this in about five five five holy cow. It's just not is not doing it for me. Do you have the list over there in front of you right now and i'm just i was hurt. I have my tasting note going down going down. It's smooth but on the run and it's super spicy. Like altogether over my palate tastes sweeter on the second round. But just on the tip of the tongue it's spice to seven. I'm gonna say seven solid seven solid seven a solid seven. It's a good bourbon. It's great. I wouldn't consider it perfect by any means. But it's it's a solid solid seven. It is a solid seven on a scale of one to ten all right so erin. What do you have on letter. C. letters see have ninety five dollars. Have a bottle. I'm gonna go with up lowest to the bunch. My oh say be crazy if this comes out in a tie seven. Just there's something lacking. I don't know if it's too seems a little lower proof the other two and so and we were just talking about low. I could see that. I could see that. It doesn't burn as much as the others. But that's what i like about it. I'm a big fan of it so for me on see. This has everything that i want a good bourbon. It's it seems like it's a little bit lower proof but it has all that big bold flavor. I guess you have a lot of movie that it punches you in the mouth with with flavor a lot of orange vests to me. No sorry remind weather forecast. I talk about it a lot. The one weather forecasts guy about four or five years ago. They cut to them from wherever they were from two to miami beach and they they're introducing a new hurricane coming through new hurricanes. I can't even remember. Hurricane was there's so many that hit florida but but the introduced. Look tom tom. What's happening on the beach in popped in this guy and he goes. We are about to get punched in the face. This guy is just perfect. I don't even care what. I don't know what the guys name was. I just remember that line of we are about to get punched. He's talked about hurricane. I'm like that needs to be a podcast about get punched in the face as we do a blind of tin bourbons bourbons. We can find so this one for me. This is the highest one. I'm gonna give it a nine. Wow i love zone and that's so called because we're sitting here together in a room and you think it's a nine and i think it's a seven probably even closer to a six. We're not arguing about it. Nope no everything subjective because bourbon is meant to be enjoyed your personal taste. It doesn't matter what anybody else says. Give this woman number seven another seven. Another and i know i know i feel like i've tasted better but i can't place it so it's weird because these are all our number ones but i feel like i feel like this is so mr scorekeeping rate. We have a two way tie for first. Gosh between bourbon a and bourbon see should should we try and break the tires. Should we be happy with sab happy. I'm let's just so you can tell which one is scoring lowest because this is one that's still has something left into the glass. So let's see if i can find this page here real quick. I assume our while we're doing. This is lovely poor man. He did he wrote them down. Wow wow i'm surprised okay. Was that completely all know. Spot a full proof meld. It bourbon be. The one i felt was a little bit lacking is old carter. I on that one and that was sixty nine percent alcohol. it didn't taste it whatsoever and bourbon see woodford four grains so we have a tie between well all brew and woodward rain. That is absolutely a mess. Nuts now one thing that i could say off that for grain knows of the more four grains that you've had the more that you'll pick up real quick because a four grain and i wanted to make sure before musty. It has a musty flavor because of all of the grains being put together so wow on that to be completely honest that's very first time in another only three of them so it was straight on these. Maybe if i were to guess i will. I've ever been able to name in a row all of them. And if i were to guess at these i wouldn't have guessed the first because i have no idea because they were both so spicy third one. The third one was not nearly as spicy. So i would have instantly guest for grain on that one because the proof ages lowered and guess what guys both of those bottles. You can't find anymore. Hardly forty nine ninety that no no. No i'm sorry. Fifty four ninety nine fifty four. That's absolutely amazing. And that just goes to show you is a straight up seven fifty while the other one is a pint though true bill. You're getting you're getting more bang for your buck. But at the same time. I mean the taste is just fantastic fantastic. But that's going to wrap it up for our top five of twenty twenty. You heard it here. We had a high between weller foolproof and woodford four grain. If you want to know what's coming up next on the broken cork you can follow our facebook again. At the broken court crew follow us on twitter and as always check out our bus sprout and soon to be out in the world of other podcast hosting stations. Like google. Play saying is apple podcasts. You name it. We hope to be on it. But like i said we want to thank you again for joining us on the broken cord podcast. And until next time guys keep your bar stocked your glass full and your mind on the pulse of america's national spirit.

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