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Dot Com slash as t is your small to mid sized business ready for the inevitable rebound voice hunter dot com specializes in providing top level voice talent for all your video marketing learning and advertising needs there's no better time than right now to focus on increasing your customer base and corporate internal audio needs boy center dot com is a voiceover service with the world's best voice actors and Actresses Call Voice Center Dot Com at seven, zero, four, six, four, eight, Ninety, eight, hundred or visit us on the web at Boyce Hunter Dot Com. The News, but it is what's trending down trending with gets on the. Show I. Love this guests who is the top trending topic this morning. That would be the man, the myth the legend Keanu Reeves. It's his birthday today in the top trending topic. Happy Birthday counter roofs could you guess D. is fifty? I'm say a fifty, eight, fifty, six. Blown. Guy Looks good for fifty sixty thousand goes great. Think he's hot I. Don't think he's hot, but he's he's not ugly. You don't think canneries good looking guy. He's good looking at hot really. See I think he's very good looking for fifty six years old I mean when you put it like that. Yeah. But you probably wouldn't find a fifty six year old guy. We hard pressed to find a fifty six year old guy of anybody that you'd say is high. And I. Can I point one thing out? Yeah. Kiana wreathed shares a birthday with. September second who my son only. Eighteenth Birthday Happy Birthday. Oh Beth. Me When, what's he? GonNa do. Well. We got a special surprise for him today that I can't tell you you'll. Be Able to say what it is tomorrow because it might ruin today stripping to get it off Leo. We. Go. You. We're doing He and are having lunch and then maybe dinnertime on it. But then this weekend we're going to my friend's House, HOUSTON? Nice and so he wanted to do that because you can't do a lot of the stuff that we were going to do so. It's like, okay. We'll take take a flyer on that on the on the trip or whatever. It's Houston Iowa Hey. To didn't quite as exciting. What we had a couple of surprises are telling about tomorrow it'll be it'll be a fun story. Buy Cigarettes even because you've got to be twenty one. But he but he Wants to buy a lottery ticket today, you get a dirty magazine. I'm not going to go with my son to buy dirty magazine saying with you. Things that he could do A. His response would be, why would I do that? I. Point. Old. Yeah I've never bought a dirty magazine, but it just seems like the benchmark for turning eighteen. You could. You could go do that down even do they sell those anymore? That's what I'm saying I know I don't even notice. Somebody who notices a lot I used to? An Uber is changing the way you can use their service. If you have been flagged as a writer who doesn't wear a mask before you can request another ride, the APP will make you take a Selfie with a mask on just so that you can hail a ride. Now, they've been using this technology for the drivers making sure the driver's wearing a mask before they start their their GIG or whatever but the writers who have been Narc Don. Now have to take a selfie before they can request another cab, which is interesting. And turn out. Okay. CUPID did a survey. and. They said sixty three percent people We'll get matches and we'll find love if they are registered voters people are not interested in dating somebody who is not a registered voter and has said they won't vote. Do you believe that? No? Because if they're hot enough, do you hear story? Okay Cuban Now I think that is a way to get people to register to vote. Young people I think it is too but they're backing it up with these numbers that saying if you're not a registered voter or saying you don't WanNa vote you're not gonNA find a match. Yet I don't think that has anything to do with it. Which I think they're acting upon their political leanings of whatever the company is you think. I would you date a woman who wasn't registered to vote? Absolutely. Okay. Alexis would you data guy who wasn't registered to vote? Absolutely, it wouldn't even cross my mind. I would to. Would you? Yeah. 'cause if she's not registered to vote I wouldn't want to just office doesn't go do it. Unless she's GonNa vote exactly the way I tell her to. Couldn't that would be fine could ruin everything. But the if. She weren't GonNa vote the way I do then I would just tell the election was. For her party was Wednesday when Our. Side votes Tuesday. She dismissed seventy six percent of okay. CUPID respondent say how their date leans politically is very important. Seventy, six percent. I think I agree with that because we talked about before the Tj Sport and many times that's the that's the foundation of who you are as a person, your political leanings. Foundation of who you are. Your. Core Principles. I do agree with that even though I would date someone that didn't vote I, think that that would be important I. don't WanNa. Get into. Argu-. Mental. Somebody somebody who was not political yeah means. I. Don't know how long couldn't spend a lifetime with somebody who is the opposite of me because they believe so differently, and that's so ingrained in who I am. Yeah I'm not raising kids with a person that I don't that that that we're not. Compatible from a philosophical standpoint. And I would never just encourage everybody to go vote I say that every election his if you're going to vote in a way that I think is. Wrong. My would I encourage you to go do that. That's fair. You Go. Mess it up for everybody. They home. Drink some boots or something. Yeah really. Yeah do you have the same political beliefs? Does your fiance very Is she she political? Yes, I. Wish you were. Saying I'm voting for Abo. All those things. You kind of feel bad after that. Option deserve that. Like, she's twelve twenty, whatever twenty seven. We have a very I shouldn't have jinxed it. I. Think it's an easy edition of how can we help you Wednesday to help a single mom we need some assistance for kid next this is. TJ Show more. Hey, it's going and I WANNA make sure you know about the Hampton Inn and suites South Park completely renovated. Fitness and breakfast areas just call seven out four, three, one, nine, fifty, seven, hundred, book your reservation or newly designed conference room. That's seven, zero, four, three, one, nine, fifty, seven, hundred, all lacing TJ show graphics and web designer ton by Alpha lab designs looking for spectacular emailed design at Ace, TJ dot. COM Web Design Menus, marketing materials, brochures, flyers, social media ads, and more design a TJ DOT com. CA. Radio family kids how can we help you Wednesday on the Act Tj? Before we get tonight's how can we help you win to? I want to go through a couple of things fast. So you're aware with. Of. How Great? How can we help you win has become for a couple of weeks ago we had a lady who needed. One computer for her three, all elementary schools they can do their virtual learning. You came through with a computer, each child. A nine year old and eleven year old and a twelve year old each one of them got a computer to help a single mom. And those kids were we would have been struggling without it. Now last week we had a lady who. was in need of books for children because they were small children, they run out of books and didn't have any money to go buy books. The response was overwhelming. She said in the first day. She got twenty two books in the mail. She had seven new package that she hadn't opened yet. Every day she's been getting six, seven, ten fifteen more books. For her children and she said she is overwhelmed and feels so great and it's such a blessing and after her kids read the books as they read, she's going to share the books with other families who are in need who have kids to kind of. Spread it around a little bit help other people who might be a very similar situation as to her and she just wanted to say thank you to you the radio family because the books just keep adding up but she's GonNa Kinda keep paying it forward. So to speak without of the good things that you bestowed upon her by sharing those books with other families who are neat. So but that's a moment her home looks like a hoarder house. POWs. Books backed up all over the place. Yeah. See Jane run see Jane Doe Somebody's books away. So. Here's the situation with today's edition of how can we help you win today. We got a note from a lady that said I live in Rock Hill. South Carolina. I am working, but it takes all my paycheck and what little child support I get to pay my bills. The Dad is not of the at all, but it's court ordered to pay something every month, but we still are barely getting by living paycheck to paycheck. My kids don't really care about new clothes name brand clothes. They don't expect gifts I'm lucky that way we live with the bear necessities but within doing school from home, I hate that they have nowhere to study I've been looking for a desk but haven't found one. We don't have a kitchen table, which is why I'm looking for a desk. Right. Now, they're working from the counter, which is kind of the catch all area of the house. I would like to assist them in getting set with a study space. So, that they can properly. Virtually. Learn There's our need today among them kitchen table. That's crazy. They do everything of the counter which means they work at the counter. Then you clear that off to eat at the counter and I'm with assume then as. Someone who has stuff piled up on his desk mail goes on the counter and everything and they just. They everything's transitional it's always transitioning from. Virtual study space to space to eat to probably space to cook to space to hold the mail in space to do this and get your clothes out all that stuff because they don't have a kitchen table so. The need today is for some type of. Desk for this lady who lives in Rock Hill South Carolina for her kids to use. To study, she's a mother of four. And she put it not at all prepared for school at home. Because they just don't have some of the basic necessities and there's not enough counter space for all four of them to learn at one time and dad has bailed out I. Guess He's Court ordered to pay a little bit. So he he pays very little every month and they're just barely getting by she can't afford to go buy something. So do they need? A desk. Or? A table more you know what I mean like dining room table then. Probably more like. More like a table setup. Or small individual desks you know what I mean Like they don't have room obviously for four desks, desks desks. Even. Like like four that you would get an eye which still at a lot of space when you put four of them in there, you're ripe TJ probably more of a table setting. Like a kitchen to almost like A. Kitchen Taylor right? Yeah. But then we don't know whether she's got room for that either. Yeah and a space may not be big enough for that because of her work she's unable to join us on the air right now. So, one triple eight, four, one to twenty, three, eighty, five to one, triple eight, forty, one as TJ, against Iraqi, Rock Hill South Carolina. Any assistance you can offer be at from table standpoint or from a multiple use desk type situation. Anything you have that you can assist with. To help this lady with her four kids to get him set up virtually learned because she said not prepared at all for virtual learning based upon the family finances. In the fact, they don't have a kitchen table so forth and so on. That's our goal for how can we help you Wednesday we'll see what happens next. and. Okay, let me give you my nightly routine quickly before I go to bed every night I dig up all the Mason Jars that have money in it. I count it, put it back in the ground. Then I take caliber and then I go to be. So that's how it works character in his products going to help you lose that quarantine fifteen also help you with other things like joint pain helping you get better sleep all of these things and again, I take it at night. So that means it's not gonNA keep me up because it's not going to jack me up like other things do that. You take scientifically proven to help you have better sleep and lose weight. That's. Right now they've got their best promotion ever going as well by three bottles three bottles for free. That's right. You buy three, they give you three it can't be beaten. All you do is go to top LOSS DOT COM T. O. P. L. O. 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They don't have a desk they're using the counter, but it's four kids at a counter. And so many of you have reached out and said Hey I have a desk or a table arrive something and I can help within the area but this is kind of special because. I'm Megan welcome to the ACE and Tj show tell everybody who you work for. Her I worked for Ashley Homestore and you are calling because you and Ashley Homestore want to help our single mom today for how can we help you Wednesday? Is that right? I would love to it would be honor I could buy them the table tears whatever they need. Oh my gosh, and that would give them plenty of space for all four kids to be able to work virtually during the day and their own little area. That's fantastic. So here's what we're GONNA do. She's at work right now and is unable while she's at work to share information with us and everything. So Megan will put you on hold and make sure take derive has your info and as soon as she's off, work will connect her with you and go from there. Okay. Venture Samar. Well, thank you and thanks to everybody at Ashley Homestore for reaching out of being a part of the that that's phenomenal and is that your particular location do you want to you promote your location or is it just Ashley Homestore in general? I worked for better though which is a license. We've Ashley Homestore I look at that corporate office we have. A ton of stores in South Carolina Georgia so she Wants to an with her or she can order it online whatever she wants to do. Awesome. As soon as she's off work, we'll connect the two of you and go from there but that's thank you. Meghan. Thank you everybody that actually homestore. That's wonderful. Thank you so much. Hang on a second. Okay. Sweet. That's crazy walls at Ashley homestore's amazed. Really Nice furniture. Wow. That's killer. That's that's just the coolest. Yeah. But you know from Arabia standpoint maybe maybe next week we can get something that's not about school. I mean. We last three weeks have been about school stuff. You could also say. About helping kids it's. Still. Long. We've read that book. Your Monster? Learn For the keys. Mean Yeah. I mean it's Nice. But. Great. This is like three sequels. The lips help somebody. WHO's you know trying to stop burning things down? You know I can hire some person. Pyromaniac listen we can. Help them. PYRO. Mania. Pyromaniac on, the phone. Caller. Everybody seems to have some kind of problem with their food delivery service at some time. But they've gotten a bunch of disgruntled food delivery customers together to find out the most common thing. That people. Find wrong with? Their. Food deliveries. Give you that next? There's more easily TJ coming. Here. Anew lunchtime challenges has entered the fray introducing BUBBA. 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So. Food delivery has skyrocketed more than sixty percent. With more than sixty percent of people right now getting food delivered. A few times a month. because. They locked in an on your I'm there Seventy percent of people say they've had at least one delivery issue this year and almost one in four people say they pretty much always have an issue, the six most common things that go wrong in a food delivery. situation. Number six, the driver had this is had an attitude. But had a bad attitude. the food never arrived. Has that ever happened to you I've never had food never arrived. Yeah. I don't know too much. Food being delivered. Whatever. The drive got lost is a big one. Yes I've had that. Do you think they've really got lost they just running late the most recent one I'm positive. She was lost. In in more ways than one. Yeah. Blaze Blair. Number three, the food was cold or not fresh. Now, I in delivery situations I've had Rarely is it Not, cold. Oh, really I don't think I've ever gotten cold food. Yeah. I've never had a problem with cold food I. Don't think we've ordered a lot. Since the pandemic right? Who maybe it's a living in the suburbs thing it takes longer to get from restaurant to the. I live right there on on top of the restaurants. Which is why I don't know why y'all getting food delivered. You should just walk downstairs and get it. I've had the pizza place that I live above deliver it to. I know. It's one of the things we've talked about moving back to the suburbs next week is the fact that will do more cooking at home and everything he just seems like. I gotta get dressed and then I got a ride the elevator down sixteen flights and go get my car and go through the gate Reagan's doesn't get dress. He puts on rocks and he's already wearing gym shorts around the house. and He puts on crocs and goes out one of my sons out there misused kicking it in a robe. So I gotta address what's wrong with that nothing that's what you say you do. Yeah. Psych Your Lounge. In new US, throw on your rocks and and go. Dressed. Well, that's what I mean. Close. I I'm. Not Dressed up. Here, very touching. Okay. Very touchy. OMIT SCO in whatever you wearing your lounge closer one. Number two, some items were wrong. Number three, the delivery was late. That's that's the biggest complaint My biggest complaint in the few that I have from time to time is lack of condiments. Thought. That made the list, the sauces. Got Certain sauces for something that were forgotten i. wish we could get a delivery driver or a former delivery driver that could come in and let us interview 'em and doomed the voice disguised thing and tell us all of the things that we wonder about why. Do the delivery drivers if you've got a big order from Taco Bell, the delivery driver ever reach in just take one TACO and figure they won't miss it, and if they do, they won't make a big stink about it. Yeah. Because I always thought that was happening because that's usually what we gave them. Saturday. Night is a Taco Bell right liver and there's always one TACO missing. Just one owner prize of all I want is for them to identify themselves by. What you're driving or or get out of the car. So I know that you I don't WanNa walk car to car you delivered are you delivering delivery? Delivery. Are you delivering from were through door Dash? I know it's door dash stupid. I'm trying to find out which one you're from. Are you? Deliver. Not Ever gotten so I. Find that to be the most annoying there are people cars are parked outside our building. I don't know I don't know there's no sign on the car like a lot of times pizza places when it we'll have a sign on it but if your door dashing or something, they don't have a sign and they're sitting there in the car. Are you waiting on a person to come down to the building? Are you bringing food if you are bringing food where you from I got done on it? maybe you're just not made for getting food delivered in the Big City? I think the suburbs are more your speed. Maybe. What do you mean more? My speed I'm just trying to get food I just need you to let me know that you're there. You think he's a little past the age of getting food delivers. Like he can't be that guy that ordered the food. He look. You know he doesn't probably even live here. What we fair a lot of times. It does say Amanda on the things they're way again. Trying to be a little bit more fair to. But still when you want to give a heads up or something I, don't know yeah. There was one the other day the lady turned the she she was getting off the action now started letting them come up and she was getting off the elevator I thought it was going down to get it and I met her in the hallway and she had a bag of. Jan. ICE, cream. And I said and I said the name of the place like a and I forgot the name of the place was like Judy's and I said Judy's and she goes Amanda. I know that it. It's okay that added by that found that would it be kind of funny but when the guys are sitting in his car after walk across the parking lot and Are you from door grill and he's like. Jordache I. Know you're from door to shoot. I'm asking where you're from and then he says I don't know. For me, it is frustrating I can see where that'd be frustrating since there are no grocery stores anywhere around. You have to order every meal how having I could get frustrating. Ice. Cream deliver. I've done that. Was An after. Dinner delivered and then thing are, what are we going have for dessert and then order the ice cream to be delivered actually eaten dinner out it was Saturday night we've eaten out somewhere got home like chicken ice cream while we. Go. Oh. My God. I, just made the connection what. DOOR DASH and Uber eats and all that. Gives you one of the greatest pleasures of Your Life Ace? Constant room serve I I. Love. We talked about years I'm much. Loves Room Serve Yes. So this is just complete and total life service they bring it right to you know wonder he does it so much. I don't know why took me that long to to put those two things together absolutely part of why look how? Look at that that's fascinating. In the robe and everything yeah. Now do you still when finished with it put it right outside your door. Cigarette mashed potatoes. Coming up on out trending with riggins. It's a very special day a special holiday. We'll get to all the top trending things in now trending less ten minutes is the. Okay now that we're all both stuck at home and looking at any new hobby or career ideas, remember we've got our podcast company and can help you with a career in podcast. All you need is the idea and we can help you with everything else from posted on I tunes, how you do a podcast and most importantly how you do it podcast and have it sound professional. Now, this part may be good for some and well not. So much for others but as and I will listen and help you with your podcast, and this is an optional service. All you need to do is radio network dot com that's radio network, Dot Com, WANNA save up to seventy five percent off on domestic or international airline tickets. Then call low cost airlines for prices so low, we can't publish them call eight, hundred, two, eight, seven, forty, seven sixteen that's eight, hundred, two, eight, seven, forty, seven, sixteen.

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