Fri. 2/28 - Normani Spoke Out About Camila Cabellos Racist Online Posts


Hello everybody and welcome to these eleven news ride home for for Friday February. Twenty Eighth Twenty twenty. I'm your host Kate Raft. It's a big day for me. Stupid love is out the music. Video is how it's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I'm just like I'm over here. Just like having a freak out way out again may own my God. I'm dead I mean it's it's so good. Listen I know this is not a lady Gaga Stan podcast. This is a celebrity news podcasts. I'm trying to like contain myself? I can't spend the whole podcast talking about how I'm one of the kindness. Punks fighting for chromatic. But I wish I could I really. I could go on for hours about the stupid love music video but I can't because that's not what I'm getting paid to do here. You know you know. I have a job and have to provide the news but after you finish listening to this episode you should definitely head on over to lady. Gaga's youtube account or whatever and watch the music video for stupid love. It is beautiful. It's ORCA vard. She's perfect. I love all of the fashion in the video. It's like set in a desert and like she kinda looks like the power rangers and the colors are amazing and everything's glittery and wonderful. I'm you know all of the yellow backup dancers. I desperately need all of their wardrobe. Some of you don't know me that well but some fun fact about me is that I only wear the color yellow and I invented the color yellow. So if you're out there enjoying the color yellow you can thank me for it because I invented yellow anyway. I graciously let. Gog used the color yellow in this music video. And I'm so glad I did because it looks great. Okay I gotTA stop because I definitely sound like a crazy person but I can't help it. I'M A GAGA. Stand FOR LIFE. I'm a little monster AK and I'm not sorry for it but let's get to the news. Shall we really quick? I JUST WANNA say Mark. Your calendars the Laurie. Laughlin and Mossy emoji newly jury selection is starting on September twenty eighth. That means that they're trial should follow pretty quickly after that depending on how long the jury selection takes and wonder if we're GONNA see a lot of like bearded Mossy Mo- Halloween costumes. Who knows but they're hoping that the trial is over by Thanksgiving. So time will tell tick tock. We're coming up on it anyway. Let's get to the main topics for today's show. Sky Jackson got a restraining order against bad baby. Nick Cage and a mystery woman visited his New Orleans whom that he's eventually going to use when he's Ah Corpse Frankie Muniz got married nor Mani finally spoke out about Camilla. Cabela's racist tweets and tumbler posts. And finally we're going to close out this Friday show with a Garner Garner. Alright here's what you missed today. In the world of Celebrity News Jazz Bid News News. The teens are fighting with each other specifically sixteen year. Old White Rapper. Danielle Burr Goalie Aka. Bad Baby Aka. You know the girl who said cash me outside on Dr Phil. All those years ago. Anyway these seventeen year old Disney Channel Star skied. Jackson is so freaked out by bad babies threats on social media. That sky has officially taken out a restraining order against bad baby. According to TMZ the restraining order was granted by a judge and quote orders. Be Stay one hundred yards away from sky her home and workplace. She also can't contact sky in any form in the DOCKS SKIES SAYS. She's fearful to leave her house by herself. Hasn't slept well since the threats were made and feels. Danielle is mentally unstable sky. Also claims Danielle texted her four months ago saying she wanted to fight her she included some of the alleged messages from Daniel in her filing and quote Yikes okay. Bad baby responded to the restraining order. News by posting an ad I guess for her new record and also it doubled as an advert fashion Nova the caption for her instagram. Post reads as follows quote. Go Get your restraining order. I'm go get checks at Fashion Nova hashtag AD and quote. I wonder if she's actually going to get paid out by fashion. Nova for that because it doesn't seem like that's how ads work but hey I should just start tagging. Companies in my clapback tweets. That's not the worst idea I've ever heard. Anyway I guess this whole thing started because bad baby went on instagram. Live and said she was gonNA kill sky earlier this week. Tmz summed up the root cause of their beef saying quote. Bb's mad sky allegedly made a fake account to talk about Danielle recently being seen hanging out with rapper. Nba Young boy. A Guy Baby seems to skies pretty into herself as bad baby claims in her own words skies moving sneaky online and quote. There's not many times in life where I truly feel old but right now I feel old. I feel old as hell. I feel very old. I love this next story so so so so much. It's truly so gough. Nicholas Cage took a date that the daily mail refers to as a mystery woman to his future. Tombstone in New Orleans. Daily Mail summed this up writing quote the movie star and his female companion went to the famous cemetery. New Orleans is French quarter to view the nine foot tall pyramid tomb. That cage bought for himself in two thousand ten and quote first of all love this. If I was a rich Weirdo like Nicholas Cage. I would absolutely drop a ton of money on fancy tomb and then I would absolutely go and hang out there all the time so for me. This is extremely relatable content. You know also the photos of him and his mystery woman are incredible. They're both wearing matching leather pants. They both have on plain white shirts and they're matching leather jackets. Look amazing also. They're both wearing one. Single Strand of Mardi Gras beads his green hers as Purple. They're perfectly matching. I mean the picture is so good. This is a work of art. They're just hanging out at the place where he's going to be entombed when he's like dead. That's so funny and so cool. If he's doing that as like an Aphrodisiac fully here for it that is. That's one way to do it. That's one way to do it kind of macabre. But I get it I get it. I would love a renaissance style painting of Nick Cage and his mystery woman visiting his future gravesite. I mean that's to me. This photo is art. They're matching all of their clothes. It's just it's a painting. According to a source who spoke to the Daily Mail and witnessed the whole thing? They said quote he was probably in there for fifteen minutes looking at his tomb and then he came out. He waved to everyone. Said have a great Mardi Gras and quote. Frankie Muniz got married this past weekend. Right Malcolm was in the Middle. Of a matrimony this past weekend. He tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend page price. She's a non femme. That's what I call. People who are non famous anyway confirmed the wedding and I gotta say there's not that much interesting or even that exciting about this wedding news. So don't get your hopes up. Here's the big scoop that US weekly exclusively managed to get they said quote the Malcolm in the middle alums thirty four were a burgundy suit white shirt and black tie while the bride stunned in a lace gown and quote. Wow he were burgundy and away shirt and black tie huge and she were lace. You're kidding you're kidding but in all seriousness congrats to child actor turned race car driver. Frankie Muniz I hope you have a wonderful marriage with page. The best part of this US weekly article about the wedding is included quote. He gave them from two thousand sixteen where he said that he has such bad memory. Loss likely due to having so many concussions from racecar driving that his then girlfriend now wife has to like write down all of his memories for him so that he can reread them there. 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Join the fields community to get feels delivered to your door every month. You'll save money on every order and you can pause or cancel anytime okay. No stress feels has me feeling my best every day. And it can help you to become a member today by going to feel dot com slash celeb- and you'll get fifty percent off your first order with free shipping that's F. E. A. L. S. dot com slash celeb- to become a member and get fifty percent automatically taken off your first order with free shipping. That's feels dot com slash celeb-. This is pretty huge. The former fifth harmony member normany has now spoken out for the first time about her ex group member. Camilla CABELA's past racist tweets and tumbler posts. Normany was interviewed by the Rolling Stone. When the topic came up she gave a lengthy answer that I wish I could just read in its entirety. But let me tell you. It is extremely long. It's also extremely thoughtful compassionate. It's a great piece of writing. So you know what I'm going to give you some of highlights here okay. So in a long email rolling stone normany wrote quote direct and subliminal. Hatred has been geared towards me for many years solely because of the color of my skin. It would be dishonest. If I said that. This particular scenario didn't hurt me. She then added quote. It took days for her to acknowledge what I was dealing with online. And then years for her. To take responsibility for the offensive tweets that recently resurfaced whether or not it was her intention. This made me feel like I was second to the relationship that she had with her fans and quote rolling stone kind of recapped. The Camilla side of things writing quote Kobe. Oh has since apologized for the posts calling the version of herself that made them ignorant and unaware many of those posts included flip bent use of the N. Word and black stereotypes not too far off from the type of daily hatred. Normany received while in fifth harmony and quote normany summed up her feelings about the whole thing saying she hopes that Camilla was able to experience some personal growth and maybe learn an important lesson she then added quote to my Brown men and women. We are like no other. Our power lies within our culture. We are descendants of an endless line of strong and resilient kings and Queens. We have been and will continue to win in all that we do simply because of who we are. We deserve to be celebrated. I deserve to be celebrated and just getting started and quote. And of course we've been gifted with some Jennifer Garner news so we're going to close out this Friday episode with Garner Karner canvassing the the theme song. It's still a work in progress. Here we go. It's the Garner Karner with Jennifer Garner. If your name is Ben you better not harm her. It's the Garner Connor. Welcome to the Garner Karner. Everybody this is the wholesome little corner or should I say. Karner of the celebrity news cycle where we focus on one of the sweetest celebs of all time. That's right Jennifer Garner today Jennifer Garner News. We have to discuss how her current boyfriend of two years businessman. John Miller who was in charge of a company that created a burger flipping robot named flippy is allegedly a little uncomfortable with Ben. Affleck talking about Gen so much in the press as you all know Ben Affleck is doing a bunch of press for his new movie the way back and he's been opening up about his struggles with addiction and his divorce with Jan. according to an anonymous source he spoke to US weekly about John's feelings on the whole thing. Apparently he's becoming quote uncomfortable with Ben's interviews and quote the source continued saying quote. John is empathetic to Ben struggles with sobriety but he worries about how Jennifer has once again. Become the focus. The spotlight on Jennifer is intense and Ben needs to consider her feelings before speaking so publicly and quote. I mean Ben. Affleck literally said that his divorce with Jennifer Garner was the biggest regret of his life so I kind of get how that would make her current boyfriend sweat a little bit. The source ended their comments by saying quote John Believes Ben would remarry Jennifer if she wanted to get back together. John Wants to marry Jennifer but knows she isn't ready yet and quote. We all know that John Wants to marry Jennifer Garner. Okay who wouldn't wanNA marry Jennifer Garner? Okay but she's not a woman who can be rushed okay. Jennifer Garner is not a woman who can be rushed. Honestly I gotta say neither of these men deserve Jennifer Garner. There's truly almost no one pure enough on this earth today. The woman who does ballet in airports and drops off girl scout cookies to friends houses. But I understand that. She needs to settle for someone and find love. It's hard to be as perfect as Jennifer Garner. No one's ever going to be good enough in my eyes. I mean I'm protective okay. I'm protected with Jennifer Garner. I will fight for her until the end but whoever she does decide to marry all all support her. I know that she's a grown woman and I support any choices she makes and hopefully I get an invite to the wedding. I mean I'm just putting that out there. I'm just vision boarding it right now with my podcast. Anyway that's been today's Garner Karner. Thank you so much for tuning in to the Garner car her well. That's it for today's episode. Thank you so much for tuning into Celeb- news ride home. I've been kate raft. You can follow me at Kate. Raft on everything please. Stream stupid love. Let's get stupid love to number one. Okay we can do it. We can do it. I mean you don't have to. I fully acknowledged that my brain is broken when it comes to lady Gaga. I have stupid love playing on a loop in my brain over and over again so it's actually a miracle that I even got this episode out today so congrats to me for actually doing my job instead of just watching stupid love on repeat. Anyway you can follow the show. We're at celebrities on instagram and twitter. Thank you so much to ride home. Media and my co producer and engineer Jack Alison thank you all so much for clicking our links and supporting our sponsors when you support our sponsors yes support this show. Okay thank you for leaving. Those reviews on Apple podcasts. And Hey have a great weekend. I'll see ya on Monday. What am I doing this weekend? watching stupid love over and over again. Maybe I'll learn the choreography from the music video. It's going to be really an eventful weekend for me anyway later love you.

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