Part 2: Royal Ascot: Jaime Nicolson, Seth Merrow


Or who will steve. We're back second-half on this wednesday. And i mentioned as we were heading out to the break that There's gonna be a a news release Right about now at this hour. Alex waldrop after a very successful tenure at the n. t. r. a. is announcing his retirement at the end of the year. He's been at anterior fifteen years and of course You know the the best The best achievement And one of the really important things that has been accomplished over the last few years was the you know the change to the withholding gambling winnings and as a centerpiece for his tenure. Dra worked tirelessly to make it happen. And it's been you know we haven't thought much about it because it's now part of the really part of the firmament But alex has enjoyed a really interesting and varied. I will look forward to talking to him about this. He's had an interesting and varied career. I i in fact I don't know people everybody recalls. Or he's aware that he was president. Churchill for a period and the courses got a lawyer by trade and has extensive experience and understanding Of all the working parts around the game around the industry I had so many conversations over really to say had his tenure overlaps how long the show has been on. And we've we've had that at least one visit with alex annually at least the usually more Because there's certainly been so many different areas where anti array is because tried to help the industry and we'll see if there's We'll see there's another role for him They're certainly i think we'll be some speculation about something else for him to do you know given the landscape That more looking at Some very nice. I'm just reading. The press release is now gone out. And here's a nice Some very nice things Have alex Was the right person at the right time. To lead the anterior stabilize the organization refocus its fission core functions and produce results. That have it will continue to benefit our industry in the future. This from alan foreman. Of course alan alan's on the he's one of the directors as well drew. Fleming and and josh rubenstein quartered as well. You're talking about things like You know there's really if you think about it. There really have been any number of initiatives the the safety and integrity Alliance which i know. Some people don't really don't really know what's involved but you know the accreditation program That was put together Steve cook a big big part of that effort and creating a set of standards and working parameters for racetracks and things that are so behind the scenes The safety rails and and the the alarm systems. They're just you know there's there's so many things about it. Is that a the complexity of running a business and and sport and that's a that was an excellent response to an industry challenge the safety integrity alliance. the sierra advantage. I just kind of skimming along year. That program again. The some of this behind the scenes that players and fans might not be aware of or you understand the benefits. but yeah that's been a big hit of course we know which has grown exponentially as well. We look forward to talking to alex. And we'll see I i know that the they'll be Speculation about whether. There's a role for for alex. The play at At isa you would imagine and we'll see also What direction interior takes i mean certainly gonna keep shambling essentially as the general manager On a day to day basis and does a tremendous job too. So we'll see we'll see where this This goes but Alex waldrop after fifteen years Retiring from from antioch Let's use these next couple of minutes to look ahead to the third. Were four minutes to post at at ascot. The duke of cambridge and then We'll visit with jamie. Nicholson afterward now. Let's see what we're looking at here and queen. Power your favorite Sir michael with semester. Desouza this is the king. Power racing shammar doll mayor and very close second choice. Double or bubble five to one a. With james doyle and lady both or up lady both or she was tucked up underneath. There didn't see five to two favorite actually five to two favorite and for cavalier He respects lady both or lavender's blue He thinks might might take to the fast ground in particular lavender's blue and you're looking at fourteen two once we got a thirty dollar player here for cav and also he's in posted Who lavender blue is. The nine and posted has also about the same price. Thirteen to one. This is richard hannon william buick and this is also a spot. This was the play that vance hansen had interest in. valeria mess. Alina as well right. That was that was his day to Interest the thirteen There was a scratch here. So there's there's You had a fifteen to one shot. bounce the blues you can scratch the five but shops thirteen to one. The one from st shida lady both or five to two karen. Show mark for william jarvis queen power as mentioned four to one second choice now agincourt She's been around six years old David amirah with danny hope. Sixteen to one the six bubble five to one four wrought the dubai we philly roger varian twenty three to one indy angel shirley park gosden the franko eight to one. You'd think that that might be a little On those connections a little bit value. Dark angel philly the ni- lavender's blue cavs price. Play fourteen to one onassis irish-bred to buy for charlie fellows kelly turner aboard nineteen to one parents prayer. The eleven archie watson and highly doyle. Ten to one there's posted cavs other price. Play fourteen to one and valeria mess selena. Which was the idea of the hanson. let's take a look and see how close they are. They're doing some warm ups so we can watch for that and I appreciate Our friend freddy that Reminds me thanks for this freddie cj murkowski undergoing surgery and of course Known to you as time for forum. Us figs and best wishes to c. J. he's Under the knife as we speak so Besta to cj so many so many of you know and that appreciate Jamie nicholson after the race. And let me see what else i can tell you about this group. The duca cambridge interesting. This this also just looking at winners notes. Also got kind of a varied horses kind of coming from many different avenues and And actually not even necessarily coming out of wins this race. We're going to go a mile on the straight so speed. I think that's probably the idea that kev had here with this lavender's blue He also mentions that she's She's got a first time cheek pieces and that would be a fun discussion about What the what the furry cheek pieces what they do for ores when they wear them that that i'm going to make a note of that. That's a fun. That's a fun Equipment no cheek pieces. We don't we don't get we don't get that you see horses wearing them in the us but not the it's not a. It's not a prominent goto equipment. Change all right. They are getting ready to load. Had no real change the pricing. Let me get this. Some of this out of my way also do wanna give you some of yesterday's other racing including canterbury and hannah the pick. Fives just crazy. Just paying two and three times a parlay every single day and i typically just gotta sniff out one or two horses in them. It's consistent consistent value. All right come on. They're they're they're they're running shockingly late mrs not usually a not usually a venue that that runs behind but They're actually milling. And i wonder if there's an issue here because they are looks like somebody's gonna get a blindfold they're gonna put the hood. They're gonna put the hood on one here. Looks like the five No can't be the five because the five scratch. that's the worst scratched. Who is that that they put the hood on. Here's the three Actually queen power. Wow all right. They got they. Put the blindfold. Then they got the blanket. That's the other one you know the putting the blanket on the hindquarters. That's another Stunt yeah to get them go all right. Now we're loading up the duke of cambridge's straight mild. Then good luck to everybody in here here. We go halfway through the loading says and champions elise the next to leave a false ago parents prayer and posted lady both all india angel on the for that are out of line. Posted parents had likewise the last two india. Job there in sets and they're off and a slow start from agean core in the of cambridge sakes group sue over the straight ma install seen well parents tre on the right near side farside posted on the bureau with double bubble terra. Cotta jacket lady thorpe away. Okay the mainly purple jacket. Just in midfield valeria miss elina. The nearside fulla shampoos elise. The black and yellow stripes over on the far side thoroughfare along with lavender's blue the grey and black checks queen power india angel agean core the back three and just in front of those highly turner last year. Sandringham winner as it is parents crab and posted the disputants here is the field have completed their first three furlongs headings award. Halfway parents prayer attempting to make with posted on the far side lady both care schumacher in third place. Just ahead of valeria selena. Double o bubble has just drawbacks. Ob fifth but still close up fully by the strong traveling onassis and then shampoos and ben cowan queen power. Just getting to work now to sues or asking us to get a bit closer that blue and white with thorough lavender's blue in the angel and coal. Last year's runner-up still back three as they run down towards the two and now lady both office asked to try mound challenge onassis going well following by parents packing out of double o bobbly trying very hard lavender's blue the far side getting into it in the angel the nearside running on strongly story up for grabs lady both all india angel insurers elise the nearside india angel the nearside over the center is lady both aw is least chasing with queen. Power is in the angel and frankie in front and india. Angel has chunk of cambridge's over second queen power at lady both thought then champions elise and lavender's blue ahead all forearms. Well i'm not gonna. I'm not gonna break my arm patting myself on the back but how do you have you not take an interest in chevrolet park john gosden and frankie dettori at eight to one. They said if you're looking for value just on connections had a right that that was just that was just obvious. Wow unbelievable. I'm telling you you didn't have to be christian and i'll tell you what in the angel floated up a little bit ended up thirteen to one. Didn't get any late money and wins clear. Here wins i in the near side versus the far side. Eight two three one lady. Both or the two one favorite second in here and queen. Power third shoppers. Elysee fourth eight two three one. And i got to tell you the most interesting part of that Call to me was a a word that i've never heard used in in the way in which it was used Disputants an attack. Got to tell you i may. I may not move fast enough to get to the jockey club. The online names book but for hundred dollars. Disputants is a l- good horse name right. Yeah how about that dispute. I like that. The students india lady both or queen power. Shoppers lease eight. Two three one in the duke of cambridge and If you're connections player you know one of the great one of the great owner breeders in the sport chevrolet park one of the greatest trainers in the game's history john gosden and one of the great writers in World thoroughbred racing history. Frankie frankie dettori thirteen to one this. This is like when this is like when Clark or peter brant and chad and and iran win at at you know as the fourth or fifth choice. This was this one was I dunno i hope some people Punched it up there. You go all right. Let's pause that and we'll look ahead to some today's group one feature the prince of wales which is a breeders cup win. And you're in and we. None of none of none of the ideas from from mark is came through in this In this spot So we'll look ahead to the basically the more or less the second half Including the two year old windsor castle. Which goes off at twelve. Thirty five The royal hunt cup Which is a big fund field as well at noon. And the kensington palace A stake handicap as the nightcap. We're going to visit with jamie. Nicholson and i owed. I o jamie two calls so you're going to get. You're going to get two books for the price one With this visit and it is summer reading season. So we're going to have a few conversations and last year jamie sent me a book. You just to be nice Essentially which was his nineteen sixty eight a pivotal moment in american sports and set with a note and said there's really not a lot of racing in here but I thought you might enjoy it. And then on its heels. Came racing for america the horse race of the century and the redemption of a sport. It's always a pleasure to get a visit with jamie. Nicholson and jamie. How are you. I'm great steve. Thanks for having me on. Not at all and i i you know the book the book is it. It's a it's smaller. In fact both of them both of them are a really fun size and they remind me they remind me of Books i had as a kid the the punt pass and kick library. You know those great running backs to the nfl. Remember those. I do i'm my my parents Folks shells yeah housley. They're readable signed. Exactly exactly it. It you know you can. You can cradle. You can cradle it easily in in one hand. Which i you know i i like to have i. Sometimes in a big bulky big oversize hard bound is is a handful This is this is actually a terrific story. Let's start with the more recent racing for america. First because i it's it's an obscure match race. That i i think as a topic is going to be noodle water readerswe. It is that sort of surprise me in doing the research. At how big of a deal. It was at the time compared to how quickly it just it. Just kinda vanished from from People's memories in kind of the history of the sport it just It is kind of obscure now but at the time it was. It wasn't as big of a deal as type this as anything in the in the nineteen twenties in terms of you know that golden age scored. Well we're talking about zev and papyrus and first of all what what even attracted you to this race. You know i was. I was into a a another figur- in In horse racing at sems who pops up as a as a minor character. And i just kept coming back to his his contemporary claire who Was was running under the rank coca stables share And i he just seemed like a fascinating character that i want to know more about an kind of stumbled into into them. You know kind of through the side door But but but i was. I was so that was interesting enough for us but does this event Match race between nineteen twenty-three kentucky derby when there and that year's derby winner the pirates What is what is this. And i it. It rang a bell i was. I was vaguely aware of the this existed. But i didn't didn't realize how how. How important was how how much attention to eat machine in the newspapers. You know the not just the not just the the racing publications but sports pages really across the country at a time when men had Had had been an equine celebrity As well but but this was a time when when when racing was still kind of returning to to mainstream status and racing down outlawed in most day of the decade or two before and so this is a deal how it and of course i mean just the fact that you got a darby winner versus the derby winner. I mean that that part of it is fun and kind of a natural but how how did the to power they brought together. Who was the catalyst. August belmont Seized on the the the opportunity to pretty a spectacle of a big race. Now i think the the opportunity arose because the the papyrus zone of engineering irish an englishman was was while hardly poor was was not Not necessarily welcome. Their embraced in aristocratic racing circles in england and whereas some contemporaries would have and did kind of look at look down their nose at american racing american horses. He was He was intrigued by Hundred thousand dollars purse. That was dangled at twenty thousand loser and he received some some film was most most owners would have would have scoffed at at the idea of putting their garbage on a boat to to run in the in the dirt and in this case what turned out to be the soupy mess That's film on this. This owner was was intrigued with some rope in by bag august belmont and his associates from that standpoint. Having you know having a you know a darby winner come over. And i know the fact that you fold in the match race scenarios which you know which go back into the eighteen. Hundreds i mean the the the whole the whole basis of the sport came from match racing. And these were on until you know until the end of match racing For obvious reasons with roughing in and when these would come about as they did seem to come out. You know a lot of times. Organically i mean. Obviously you know the war. Admiral seabiscuit match race in continues to have like a A magical hold on the lore of of match race history right. They're they're they're interesting as idea 'cause on the one hand right it's it's it's kind of the in some sense. The essence of horse racing. My my horse is faster than your horse and on the other hand. It's it's it's something different when when A race the fulfilled has forces with with different styles and different preferences and and to have just a just the to horsfield it It's removes that that element. It's it's easy easier to market You know it like a like a boxing match and the the international aspect of this race was what made it unique at the time. This was the united states versus great britain. It was in the wake of world. war wine. i am going to that in the book is that it will complicated but The the temptation for people writing about six race of american hunters pursued shooter was to say. Here's the Here's the american horse. We're gonna we're gonna be those those snobby grits and or really take it and the tried to put zev in the in the underdog framed with a little a little bit awkward He he was very accomplished and and there was also the the the reality with his own was was hardly an underdog he gotten Extremely wealthy oil and was his name was starting to appear in newspaper headlines for what became the one of the biggest corruption scam vocal cones scandals twentieth century. The teapot dome scandal It was it was a took a bit of torsion to to try to frame them in a way that would be easily embraced violent. But but that's that's what happened on the other hand. That's probably why he fairly soon after ceased to be a household name american sports culture. And that i mean that is is kind of the the back. End of this The you know the not the epilogue but it. It does go a long way. Because the sinclair ended up serving time right he ends up in jail. He managed to beat the criminal charges but but ended up serving time for contempt of the senate and contempt of court Jury tampering and stuff Associated with with with the trial so he soon thereafter faded out of racing and he just Whereas you could imagine a different words that would be remembered alongside The big names of of The the nineteen twenties but I i suspect that that's just not what anybody wanted to hold up as As as an icon of The race itself and you kinda hinted at it the the backdrop that the twenties represents and you mentioned you know in the teens. And i've i've made reference to this too that you go back to one thousand nine hundred nineteen o nine nineteen ten th the the sport essentially ground to a halt in this country with only two jurisdictions you know through the gambling blackout Only kentucky and maryland had any continuity in racing and then after you know after the in the aftermath of of the blackout racing was trying to reestablish and and you know it should be noted this is only you know ten eleven twelve years later and so when you when you subtitle this the horse race at the century and the redemption of a sport. It kind of comes with that. And then you also you you reference the golden age of sport the twenties which you know between between babe ruth and bobby jones and jack dempsey and and man a war. I mean you had a parade of Just glittering sports stars so the twenties the roaring twenties a big part of this and nineteen twenty-three a perfect a perfect harmony to you know to have an event like this was and it was It was a economically. It was the the country was was booming. Culturally it was. It was bracing professional sports spectator sports. Sports journalism was was becoming big business. So here's an opportunity for Horse racing to to join that Joined that culture. But the problem was that for much of the proposed to catch every still a stigma associated with with racing with With gambling. it'd it had been paying as as a just a a something be a radical during the during the progressive and amid there's reform movement so that was that was why this event was i think so so important it didn't cause a a resurgents But it certainly celebrated and it made all the this was. This was weeks of of positive exposure for the sport during the during the league as as his papers across the country or or picking up these Reports of how the horse training and biographical sketches of john and the trainers and And so i think it helped heads. Groups in in various states tried to Get racing to Return and fighting in in the state legislatures over over how they had to worth a lot of a lot of these Proponents of embracing would say we're gonna we're gonna have a high class sport here in Don't don't worry about that Other stuff in in the past. We're going to have horses right. Like they have been and you remember that brace and it's going to be like that so that's about and it helped I think it's acilitator but he The re rebirth of grazing storms and thirties. When it came to when it came to the actual race you mentioned that you know we end up not having ideal conditions mean talk. I don't know if we want to There's a lot of people that may have heard of zevon papyrus and the match race but they might not know the outcome. I don't know for we taking the drama out of it if we if we tell them who won or how. The race unfolded well. I i don't think so. It's kind of The ultimately the race itself was rather any. The significance is is the drama. Is betting happens. And and how it How it came to be but no it was had a lot of wings In the day or two before the the race and it was the track was when sam was very sloppy of a british observer. said it resembled french mustard. And so it's that that made a difficult task for papyrus you even harder and there was some question that whether papyrus trainer sort of should've used more appropriate shoes didn't it didn't matter that that became the the the the popular explanation. He lost out on chance because he was using smooth shoes but The the the he ended up losing nine and a half apartments loses by by five lengths and really wasn't wasn't very expensive at at any point but it had attracted A big a big crowd estimates ranged wildly but Fifty thousand kind of been in the middle of those and more importantly the crown included a lot of influential Society types Fashionable people And the the coverage of newspaper coverage of the of the makeup of the of of the crowd was was helpful because the the Issued that reformers at painted of of of race track racetrack characters was was what's been flattering And and this helped convince people that but maybe racing isn't so bad it was good respectable folk that the can can enjoy a horse ranch too so you might not spoiling the end to say that. The the american horse prevailed and Everybody was made headlines across the country the british prasad covered it but covered in a in a way that basically to say. Can you believe these people care about this. We don't care about it at all. But some reports from london suggested that is racing fans care or than they would right. Fold in you know we gotta we gotta fold into the terms of the connections Beyond harry sinclair and rank. Focus and sam hildreth trainer legend in his own. Right and and earl sandy A handy handy guy As a as he's known and The the papyrus side of this is is is a little bit lesser certainly lesser known now and And i admit to not knowing you know very much either. what There is about benjamin irish and it donahue out donahue was was was a big name Back then and he was. He was british whereas fans. By as i. I mean like magic or michael He he was just stand there and Papyrus basil jarvis came from a of trainers and i. I believe that that that family is still who still active on the on the british turf and connections you had it. They were sandy was was coming into his owners as the top young rider. Got kind of a budding Celebrity athletes zone right and And build ritz was was certainly well known I mean these are big names that that helped add to Both the significance of the race and made it easier to to to hype and the fact that As you referenced in the zev dozen necessarily hold the same same historic Gravitas as well certainly as a war or even some of the other. Some of the other era gallant fox and and I suppose the obviously the triple crown winners of the era But he he was he was terrific and who had had a real real terrific career as a two three and four year old. he did He he won the kentucky. Derby won the belmont he preakness was how before the derby That year in and he was kicked at the starting line and And kind of that. He was subsequently kind of dismissed by By bettors in the derby because he's been doing in the previous but he he was he was fast and could carry the speed he was. He was a serious source. I don't know if he he didn't He he didn't reproduce His class as a stud and save that. Maybe that hurt him in people's historical memory. I don't know he For those that don't know the record you know he's all famer. We should mention For those that don't that don't realize that we're talking about a hall of famer and zeph and He was by the finn. He went twenty three for forty three in his career. And as a two year. Old people will get a kick out of this with saratoga now within within eyeshot He ran seven times as a two year old at saratoga which is just nuts and the weather was dreadful that summer boy because he was on heavy going all except for well there was one good and one fast but otherwise five starts over the heavy going so it was a rainy summer and it took him to starts at saratoga. Break his maiden he he had been unable to break his maiden downstate In june july he was over. four breaks his maiden in his second. Start with earl sandy Then he wins a couple of allowances then he wins the grand union hotel. The all any he was third in the hopeful and then back downstate for the future then is two year old year. He ended up second But you win the albany and the and the grand union at that time was a big race and The grand union hotel stakes was big two year old steak so Not as big as the helpful but That's a nice win. And then is three-year-old mentioned Went on a strong run. I mean after that preakness he wins the rainbow. The derby the withers the belmont the queen's county on allowance. Then he wins the lawrence realization which was a big race. He wins the match race. He wins the championship and empire city and then a couple of things near the end of the year and then has another match race which is even more obscure the The you mentioned it was. He thinks he was weighing in the as a two year old and people dismiss him value just to just the model just screener. But i keep saying that. There is three year old year and finally went the the dominant ones the realization. And it was the the the match rates at the end of the year is interesting kind of sad. Story that He he wins the race of the century against the pirates and somebody was saying well. Okay so he's won the but what about What about an old grayson's course. My own He he he's still needs to needs to win the american championship. Been some controversy over over whether it should be zev as the american entrance into the The international that's assigned story. But so they're gonna soto american through year old championship honours at the tonia after the race and a local horse named in memoriam that and then have another match race between zaza immemorial to to settle american three or camping on that was at churchill. Down some some journalists had audacity to call that to the race of the century just weeks after the last one the fact the fact that they needed that they needed to create that race to decide the three year old championship. After the season the zev ad is a little. It's a little silly. it seems. I mean i that i don't get i i think it's it's an illustration of how tracks could seeking any opportunity to to post in and promote a big event and it does Yeah it was. It was silly but but at the time and i i suppose people covering the sport You know the controversy sounds. Newspapers and showdowns brings people to the race track from from the perspective of a hundred years. Later you're not come back saying well. This this is. This is silly. How could anybody Take the sears about but they did You know and it's funny in in memoriam ends up matching up with zev but the clamor actually was for the horse that might have had there been an issue in the international match. If there had been any issue with zev my own was was going to would've substituted and there were people that wanted to see a match race between zevon my own on. That's that was basically. Okay we'll we'll we'll We'll we'll settle this. That was the the the race at latonya and my Was well beaten. So they said okay When how he's he's clearly not the Ah the the right. That was the right horse to to to face the miami then my own But but now with settle Now really settle the The championship but my own was was part of the Part of the story in the The international race because he was he was selected much of the frustration of his own admiral. Cary grayson the first alternate and a couple of days before the race august belmont sent a telegram said quick sent Semi on north he was in ulanbatur zealand. I might have a problem with A he has a rash and this got picked up on all the news. The wires and And it's cynics said this was just to create more drama and more drama And so he he sent his horse up and they said okay. Well never mind that. They didn't grace and said that that he wasn't he wasn't notified that the his source would actually be running and so he was on the on the train and guts the got to the track with with his guests to include president wilson's widow right hand and they were disappointed so it was a it was a circus but that was that was kind of part of the point. Kind of part of the benefit of of this event was it was a lot of a lot of ink was devoted to to story jamie nicholson's with us and Jamie let's listen in. We're going to pick up They've just Sprung latch the prince. Wales they're going to go a mile and a quarter. And i can tell everybody. Love the aidan. O'brien galileo philly for coolmore. Course is heavy favored. Want to hear here. A- doria who of course coming out of breeders cup Nine to to Third choice because armory the other aiden. O'brien with is seven two two and Sangari us who There's a little bit of affection for in quarters looking for a price sixteen to one. Let's pick up the saint james or shoes me the prince of wales. Today's group one the high end that his stable companion and desert encounter in the hood is still last of the sex. They run past the half mile. Walk in here about six. Or seven months. I alas and love has the lead to my overall in second sangomas or doria still in fourth. No move yet from armory. In fifth place in desert encounter just pushed along lost of the sixers. Love leads them. Inside the three at the turn for home love in front sangari or doria announcing a challenge on the outside ryan mortgage love a squeeze asks to stretch sangari as old doria tucked behind. Jari love with the advantage. She's going to have to fight hard. She does respond or doria in second place laying down a big challenge arbery to the outside then my son korea since wilted loving ferry. Tonight dario work give in the love. Finding plenty for rival offer is in love is coming up to the line. She sends us head over heels. A special phileas woah. Love makes all very tough in the world is stakes daria terrific rates between the two of them arbery next to then might over on desert encounter sanger harris. Well there was there was Midstretch there was a little bit of a of a question whether a diarrhea mike In fact collar love but With every with every to challenge with any Any time that atari of seemed to be drawing even ryan more able to extract the a little bit more out of love and the galileo philly Takes down the prince of wales in very nice There's your action seven six one four in a form full addition of the group. One prince of wales. Jamie nicholson's weather's we're talking about his latest book for america. The horse race of the century and the redemption of a sport the story of the zev populace match race at belmont and An international really international sensation. And i i've got to read one little thing not jamie i. I'm sure jamie would love to have read written this. But it it's famously attributed to damon runyon and i mentioned earlier about earl sandy Being a handy guy well the poem for those the couplet. If you've ever heard it why do you ask who won it. Zev had sandy up and sandy can ride for money or marbles are golden cups. Stay kassir selling player. Say when i want to win give me a handy guy like sandy booting them horses and and it doesn't get better than that When you when you wanna have a writer give you a monica for the rest of your career. A handy guy and there. It is really fun. Jamie in addition to racing for america. And i wanted to also include and put up the link For people to order it directly from university of kentucky press. And it's going to be a busy summer. Because of course we had the lenny The last couple of weeks and lenny's book Face to face his conversations a collection of conversations also coming out from university of kentucky press but in addition to this book. Jamie talk a little bit about nineteen sixty eight A pivotal moment in american sports and This is a little bit older. We didn't get a chance to talk about it when it came out the previous year. Well yeah i that that was There is a little bit of Horse racing in. There's specifically the the Dancer's image kentucky derby But it it. It's more of a look at the american sports scene More broadly how. How the the discord of the late sixties in in america was was playing out on on on on single to play in the In the major major sports events of the year you had A disqualification in the masters in the in the kentucky derby had Controversy is at the world series An unusual condition of the other national anthem. It's right this was this was when muhammad ali was Appealing his suspension and as He was. He was out of the sport for for the draft situation. It was and i. It's a couple of years old. But i am. I was interested in. We're kind of seeing Some similar things in present day in terms of how sports are being put us. I was i was curious to see how it of a i guess what. A pivotal moment in american sports in american society and politics. How how all that was was playing out. Dander it even if you just the chapters. It's it's broken out into five chapters but the the illustrations listing. It just gives you a snapshot of you know. Just just what a tumultuous year was. And the way in fact you've got you've got this laid out where there. There's the sporting event and then intermixed with the societal unrest And and the unrest just just kept coming And the it's funny. I it starts with it. Starts with the ice bowl and Then the war and george wallace and university of alabama the civil rights act Listen You mentioned the masters roberta diva senzo with the with the scorecard Then came the derby bobby. Kennedy's assassination just unbelievable The chicago and the dnc and everything that went on. I just amazing. I mean when when you think about the layer upon layer of of storylines feliciano i think that gets lost in in in everything I until you until you brought it up Not even something. I would have associated A tommie smith and john carlos And the olympic podium and the black power salute some believable. I mean this was curt flood. Joe nemeth i mean it. It's aptly named jamie A pivotal moment in american sports nineteen sixty eight And i i hope it. I hope that we alert some people to it Because it's it's amazing what you wove together here. Thank you when when you miss them all together it is. It is remarkable that that was that was one one year in history. I going up. I kind of. I've back at reading about their listening to music of other sixties and i. I was like Interesting times the one that would be like to live in interesting times that we i know what It's it's like to an interesting and maybe it's Maybe it's more fun to read about than to than to experience. I i really did enjoy That that right in my book and and doing the research how how old how how old. I think you're younger. Nineteen seventy eight in september. All right well Having having been old enough i was eight going on nine Just old enough to remember. Virtually all of this Including our neighbor lend cedar who was Had been with. Bobby kennedy On the campaign ad it it it's just For those that you know that here these things and they see in a mostly black and white images you. You really wouldn't be really wouldn't have believed that it's just an amazing you know and thing things like the sporting news or sports illustrated Coming every week and reading about the these events and we didn't have you know we we. We certainly didn't have the kinds of accessibility that you have now. I mean it yet. Three channels television. And you know maybe a grainy fourth on uhf and You know the the way in which all of this was delivered and to you you nightly news everybody you know basically watching Whether it was huntley huntley brinkley or or walter cronkite. I mean it was just It was a much different focus. I it's I think. I think this book deserves Order obviously folks ordered them together. Is well what i'm trying to tell you Nineteen sixty eight by James nicholson jamie. Nicholson and racing for america. What's next by the way for you. What are you working on now. I i started to look at old rosebud one on the kentucky derby and the early twenty th century and was injured in his next raises turned out for two and a half years and maternal top older horse in america. That sort of seems like it. It wouldn't mind itself to a book. But i haven't quite figured out how to make the pieces fit so we we shall see we. You know it old rosebud Is a great another. It's amazing that you're attracted to these kinds of stories. Actually because he also was you know was was heralded and and Was a big story and we also you know. We don't for whatever reason we stopped. We stopped calling horses. Things like this. Like you know nobody. Nobody names a horse these you know old lotrowska. We don't we. Don't get that same and we don't get enough in america anyway. We don't get enough. Horses named the something i i liked that i i'd like. When horses horses use Those pointing plenty cutler. Got there but that though the one come yesteryear Some special well it jamie. Whatever whatever you've worked on over the years I've i've always found Engaging and i did not want to be too far away from the release of of racing for america to be an who didn't want it to get too far away Wanted to get you on. And i appreciate you sending it and the invite people anybody that has got a summer reading list Put it on. And while you're bordering nine hundred sixty eight pivotal moment in american sports as well and and lenny's book to face the face. We'll talk the lenny probably next week before we go on vacation Let he's going to come in and talk about his book so water all them together. Yes we really appreciate your having me on. And you're supportive of authors and books in general. It's some people some people history doesn't matter but for some people it's part of part of the essence. The sport i i. I really hit you support. Not at all and You know to me. The university press of kentucky a big part of this story because their willingness to support particularly equine titles and support in a authors. That are that are addressing. The not just not just sport not just sports in general but All kinds of titles for those that have never been to the website Absolute you'll you're gonna end up if you like to order books if you like that books in the house You'll you'll end up ordering because it's kentucky press dot com by the way and go through their cadillac. Go through there. I every i dunno six months or so or year. I'll go through the The clearance ven and find three or four things to order It's funny how many topics university press. How many titles. They send out that i that i love and of course equine being i Very big with hollywood. They've there's lots of hollywood and and filmmaking storylines And then food the tremendous amount of food and then things. You didn't really know Stories you can never even heard of i'll give you. I'll give you an example When i was going through this must have been. I don't know six or eight months ago. The marion miley story. I had never i. I'm a golf fan. I fascinated the sports history. I had never heard of marion miley and it is unbelievable. That and this is a my wrong or is this a story that i that has not gotten nearly the attention that it probably should either a movie or a documentary. Maybe there is that. I'm just not familiar but There was a book by beverly bell. The murder of marian miley who was as big a female golf star in the late thirties and early forties. I mean the likes of of bath's harris and louise suggs. And she was murdered at the country club where She and her mother lived in lexington. I it. It's a huge story at the time and nobody knows about it. Well not not even really around here. I was familiar with the people would sort of mumble. Yeah that's where That that lady was killed but not but the stories remarkable. It ought to be a movie and she was. She was a huge talent It it's while you're at why you're university press ordered the murder of mary and miley beverly bowel so by by the time you're done here you're you're going to need you're going to need to build bookshelves by the time i'm through with you It's jamie this was great. Thanks so much. Thanksgiving always always a pleasure. James nicholson and his latest We've got seth mero standing by listening in. I think seth now case. Pick up on. Seth clean on. Oh you lost them okay. We lost that all right. He's going to get set back Both of these books. Nineteen sixty eight and racing for america I would get it on your your summer reading list now. I think. I hear seth merrin introduce me to line with that about that. Maybe that's maybe that's a hint. Not at all are you are you. Are you banging at royal ascot. I'm watching. I'm watching Certainly you have to i. It's become fun over the last few years with with You know. Wesley ward going over john blasco as being over there. That makes it more fun. I mean it was always a is there more of a quality meat in the world that packed in the five days like that. So it's always gone to watch certain well We're about Eighteen minutes to the fifth race and Quick glance here for folks. We're gonna send you off into the afternoon. I've got to run to bennington So i will be watching and wagering on the phone But the on this is weird. I got the six. And i've got the seventh. Where did the fifth go. And i will remind people that In the six. That's the windsor castle at twelve. Thirty five and you've got the to wesley Wesley will try to get One and probably one of his best chances of the week. Ruthin the twenty eight in the windsor castle with the dettori. And johnny aboard. Golden bell The macho uno philly saw twenty six. We got another chance but a terrific for for aaron wellman and the the team from eclipse thoroughbred to this is a. They must've absolutely had this in mind. I'll probably get ready. Get aaron on tomorrow To celebrate but They must have. The idea must have been to campaign a two year old in europe. The for this opportunity. Look at the size of these fields. Both next who racist these are absolute cavalry charges. So you are betting into royal ascot's these these are the kind of make your mouth water because he had some opportunities. Its upcoming fit the the two little bit interesting hit queen queen a guessing perhaps gossiping a horse. Maybe a little bit of a price. I don't have the live out in front of me. Seven to one on the morning line but i thought that one might be a little bit interesting. Well i can tell you exactly what's going on on front and a kick we Which is Right at a glance have to be chadwell horse and and it is Gosden crowley thirteen to one At actually that's twice the the morning line price This is a group. The royal hunt cup. They're going to go a mile and you're looking at a field of thirty. So yeah thirty. Thirty of them in here and cavalry charge indeed. Let me give you cavs opinion. He's interested in. He's got four horses that he that he is going to give you some attention. The sixteen finest sound the nine grow ferry the twenty-seven wrench and the three bauer men. Those are those are the portions in in a big bulky field that Cav is interested in and let's get you some pricing Sixteen nine twenty seven and three. So we'll give it to you in numerical order Bowel movement is fifty nine to one a art. Seven-year-old grow ferry eighteen to one for andrew balding who of course one yesterday. The this They david propert takes the call. Eighteen to one on this acceleration for your old then out to find sound thirteen to one simon christopher for a maktoum family charge and exceed and excel for your old thirteen to one and then out to the twenty-seven ravage sixty five to one richard spencer and hayley turner. So if you can if you can swinger these together Them together something or just better. Meech way you've got some nice numbers here. And the royal coming up at noon. And speaking a witch seth we w- why why can't we get the swinger bet Here in north. America gotta get that. Yeah that's a good idea. I mean i would think there's no reason why other than the powers that be are reluctant to do it for one reason or another but if it's available one place it certainly technologically is doable. Well naira got naira reached for approvals And to the at the time to the racing and wagering board and we thought you know we thought it was going to happen to me it's a very effective introductory bet for people that get frustrated. They don't understand you know if they go bed and exact than their new better. I i learned all this from tina As a as a mutual clark and she said people would come up with a ticket and they they see their number on the board and particularly if they have a winner and then another horse finished third and they don't understand what didn't i hit the exact. We'll know you needed to be first and second. Well the swinger would be a also known as an omni would be such a painless way for new players to get introduced to multi horse wagers and they can get parcel out the new players because when you were in the game long up we lose that perspective because every summer last summer but almost every summer i'll bring a few new people to the track and it it is i opening to see how excited they are win. Three dollars and twenty cents and you have to like readjust and that's how people get excited about the game. So you you know you point these newbies in different directions. And it's also fun to realize. I mean i don't really play anymore every once in a while. Look to see how it compares with an exact. But i don't play the cornell anymore but that might be a bet that that more tracks they want to look at it a little bit to bring new people in that game too because at that point you know you eager number either way. You're you're to goes over the new folks that may be a little bit easier to understand well and Speaking of new players coming to saratoga potentially this summer dave Greenwich in the last half hour Reporting saratoga will be open at one hundred percent capacity and nice news there and Also good news on the belmont side and in fact i was waiting to get some information. So good to see this because Somebody wrote to me with this question. Belmont park general. Admission walkup five dollars resumes. June twenty fourth so no more special arrangements To get in and all that five dollar general admission walkup sales starts on the twenty fourth. Next thursday could see it common. I mean the last week. The governor kind of hinted at it when he said we're shooting for seventy percent and when we get there will be ease the restrictions and that's essentially what happened yesterday so it pretty much. Every place has gone. Yeah you still. I know bouncing around there was in a restaurant yesterday. That still had a mask sign up. I was in the post office. And they have something that says you know. We have federal rules. So please wear your masks. So there are still those locations but the state in general has kind of taken the restrictions office. We hit the seventy percent vaccine mark yesterday. Well that was. That was what we were looking for right. That was the magic number absolutely. Yeah which i think. Is you know the scientific kind of herd immunity Type of a thing and they pointed various zip codes around the state. That haven't quite got quite gotten there yet. But i think upstate has been doing pretty well vaccine wise rate along and south that plays into saratoga. Certainly well this. This is This is in a funny. It's come to hand you know we. We kept saying moving in the right direction. Moving in there and now all of a sudden you know it's nice to get out of the car go to the grocery store and not realize three steps away from the car. The forgot my mask psa. It's like it's like you have to relearn there's there's there's all these habits and practices that you know that have been adjusted right and and your lifestyle and now now you don't have to. You don't have to think them through like you were. You are absolutely right. I've heard that from a bunch of people who are like man. I gotta get used to not wearing the mets pretty easy. I did not like the mask at all. So i was right into that. But it's funny you talk about the supermarket. I laughed the other day. I'm walking down the aisle. And i'm looking for the aero mike going the right way in the lane. But they've done away with the the one way streets in the supermarket. That's a good point. I i wasn't good with that either. I i i looked down in the lane. I go the wrong way. Well see. i'm one of these shoppers. I will park by card at the end cap. And particularly if i know what i'm going in the aisle four is in. Let's say the first twenty percent maybe thirty percent of the aisle on either side. And so i parked the cart up against the end cap and i just dashed down. Grab what i want and go back and and and resume my my shopping but I'm i'm notorious cart barker. I'm the guy that the car people the car sitting there and you're like what asshole did this to me to me The person everybody's point. That well i don't know if you saw my i don't know if you saw my tweet the other day i pointed at somebody else. How about the people who are these people. do a little jerry. Pretty good thank you. The i took a picture. I put this up on twitter with a snapshot from shot where somebody had taken a cart and they a shopping cart and literally the first spot in the parking lot. Seth closest to the store. And there's the berm where they've got shrubbery and there's the berm and right across the. There's there's the grocery store. They had taken their shopping cart and put the front wheels on the berm. I mean you you're so lazy you're you can't take that cart and put it up on with the other carts that was literally literally twenty two feet away instead. You laughed a metal obstacle in the way of drivers because you couldn't push the cart. I i it. Nothing makes me crazier than that. Don't get me started on the supermarket. Supermarket as my nemesis for my. My brother used to call them the oblivion people who are just a bolivia to everybody else and supermarkets seem to attract them. Well now see now. Casey's making me feel bad saying made. What if they were handicapped. All right sorry jeeze. I i dunno i put up i put up. I put up the picture of denny What i forget i forget. What's the what's the goal damon slapshot denney What he's on. He's on he's on the show with with And he says You know you go. You go to the box by yourself. You know two minutes. You feel shame. That's five foot. I put that picture up with with the with the cart. I i. I'm gonna say casey that these are not handicap people. Because i see the one thing. I guess that is close to the handicapped spaces. Well listen this is this is a whole nother segment. I mean that we do a segment on this. I mean the the my favorite my favorite of the people to pull into the handicapped slot. They reach down to their their their glove box. And they they hang tag and they jump out of the car and walk in. It's like wow wait a minute wait a minute. One of my best oblivion story was five deep in the selves in the the service desk line at the supermarket and the woman at the desk. The person handling the desk is facing the other way. She's at a counter in the back. Not looking at the people in line. And like i say i'm by deep and so at one point. I leaned forward and to address the four people ahead of me and said is she waiting england any of you and they all as typical get a little bit upset. Oh somebody's emmett and then it dawns on them. Oh this guy's going to say so like no no no and they all stand there and wait for me to fit guy in line. They all they would have been there for the rest of the day. I had to say his me the up by people here waiting. Great bird a turnaround and realize there were people waiting. The other people would have done nothing. But even when i said something it will be more than happy to go so bad a believable. Well because they are they're going into the gate But you you when you mentioned A movie and we have royal ascot's. I will tell people so they haven't watched. I had people tell people to count to me for months now. Checkout ted lasso. A it last week if folks haven't seen it yet who he thumbs up. It's it's definitely. It's it's a very frank. Capra esque kind of for the twenty first century Feel good and it's the first season Ten episodes i think the second season with. It's very very good. Ted lasso apple. Tv well this is. The jason is As a as a football coach who gets hired to coach a soccer team in the uk right. That's the right right right. I was tying it into what little boy. Alaska you mentioned. Rubies up the perfect timing. But yeah you got it you nailed it. I we should watch it. My problem is i tina. Tina tina wrote me into re watching every season of the mental est. We literally watched seven seasons of the mental list and liked but I sorta surprised that we just spent ten days or whatever. It was every time i walk in. She's watching an old episode of the medallists. Simon baker simon baker. Isn't he a breeders cup. Breeders cup embassador. i don't think he is. I think he is. Yes yes he is. He plays the cat also in in The wonderful oh my god with the the send up of vogel of delaware's product as well South we've run out of time talking about nothing which another seinfeld referenced. The as only you. And i can not only you and i can do. I've i've been doing it for fifteen years. What did you play into that. You've got one horse today. Somewhere also won a delaware just gasline holds up and with the sixers. Feel that i'm not sure. But the ninth at delaware today. Six has a name is six to one The favorite is going to be because they said. But i think hope has. The name has a little edge so race number nine. Tell delaware number. Six hope has an eight six one on the morning line. We'll be a whole santomero. everybody. I like it. Hope has a name. That's a that's a good name in and of itself Six you get charlie marquez. With you mcmahon. Thank you seth mero today. Hey now south merrill folks were omitted from post. And then i gotta run to bennington. And i wanna thank seth and jamie. Nicholson really nice. Conversation with jamie about seven papyrus Claudia ribs theme with The big day forty yesterday said fernando. Cy watch refocused brought to you by damn and pete as well thanks. Everybody good luck today. Talk the morning apple with on sirius. Xm radio by in the past decade has been a real equine become the premier equine supplement company in the industry because we spend millions in research and development before we ever put out a product.

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