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Hi IT'S ELLEN DEGENERES. Welcomed with my podcast. We're GONNA listen to some of the best moments from the show and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on Today's episode of Ellen on the go. Justin BIEBER SCARES DAYLIGHTS OUT OF DAVID. Beckham. Justin timberlake and the cast of trolls world tour including Anderson Pack and CIZA. Sarah here and Ellen's tips for how to be entertained during quarantine and lastly we try to answer the question. How do you do a comedy show without a studio audience? I'm Ed Glavin. I'm Andy Lansner. I'm Andy's friend. Mary Connell Inc really in the second. This we are coming to you from our quarantine area. We have quarantined ourselves together. Or Stance Office for two nights trying. We are broadcasting. Now Kevin Kevin try to of our seven listeners. Tweeted told me they hope I felt better. Thank you so much for the two of his Cabinet. Outpouring of love. We also we all my friends from three turnout. Well let's give it a little state of the state. Last podcast was just and Ian me was Andy and friend. Yeah sure in front Mary Marysville sickly. She gets sick right. Yeah yeah she was out I was out and then Kevin usually fairly durable often pickled he He hit the skids. Yeah Kevin I was you guys. I've never had a stomach before is what I've learned about myself. Wow intestinal cramps. You're in such pain. It was really it was like I swallowed a rock. It was not yeah it could be ongoing expected to come back to go get some gall bladder testing and I said the Kevin this morning. I don't think it has anything to do with six months of Diet. Pills and big. Okay mom with your. I'm sure we hired him. He was twenty five. He still acts like he's twenty five. He's forty two and Daniel leary. Who is often the producer of this Pasha? Not here not here all day. He went down. Yeah Jackie's filling in Johnny filling in Jackie. Dunbar has been here as a part of the team. She works on our on. Our digital team leads our digital team quite sherry for how Long Jackie. Six years six years. Wow that's insane child yeah. She's lovely talented smart and quirky. But let's start with Beckham Bieber thing sure so. We have David Beckham on the show for the first time in four years looking. Good Looking Guy yes he. He's here because he's a part owner of an MLS major league soccer franchise. He has a team in Miami. Yeah he is devilishly. Handsome Yari Hand Wife would leave me tomorrow. He He he's one of the owners of the Miami kickers you know I just want to. I wouldn't thing when he came. I knew nothing about soccer. And the whole reason he was coming to America was to make it more visible game for Americans. They gave him a lot of money to play. Well yes they gave him a lot but I do think it succeeded. Maybe not for la necessarily but it did make sock much more visible. It was a huge success for La. Oh it was oh. Thousands of people in my family included season tickets to the galaxy when David Bethel joined the team and then sold their season tickets when David Beckham Lafayette. Yeah so I am now. He's now he's with the kickers. I was going through some old photos on my phone. That are that are these are mainly photos taken by my wife and I was trying to find that picture of my son Colin for his birthday. And what I found. Were half a dozen shots of David. Beckham's asks while stretching. It really enjoyed him and she still enjoys them. Yeah and he's a good guest. Yep Talk Show. Guest is sweet guy is and enjoys Ellen and has a friendship with Justin Bieber and so we did the unlikely thing of putting Justin Bieber in the scare. Table shirt usually occupied by Corey. Palette and then Justin Bieber tried to scare David Beckham and I would say that went about as we all expected it to go. Yeah Yeah So. We're going to play that clip and then I recommend that you go to your Dvr and you watch that because it looks as weird as it. Sounds playing a clip of scare an audio clip of Virginia? Mary's a pocket people have thirty seconds at a time so they can skip the clip to get back to me talking to you guys all right. Well I look forward to that well. Here's the clip. So Halloween you went to Justin Bieber's house to trick or treat with your kids. How does that happen did you? I mean we'll follow me on instagram force and fans and we love him and we were it was coming towards the end of our nitric. Treating kids have had far too much candy and enjoyed this over lots on the way back. Romeo turned around me he said Justin's celine snow cones. And I was like really. How do we know given snow? Kyle sorry keep giving the boy. I gotta do that. Protect your freedom to sell candy. So He's giving you know snow cones away. Sars okay they said Dad. Can you just contact? Come on your who you are. I'm sure he'll show hill replied to you deemed him and he got back within like seconds and he said yet. We're doing it now. So we were literally two minutes from the House so we went straight ground. There turned up and we got snow cones and trick or treated at Johnston's house the justice. They love Justin so much. I heard the boys when Harper was before she was born. They wanted to name her. Well Justin if it was a boy adjusting girl. Yeah did that not work out. Sorry really didn't know what I know. You'll love him. He's the most amazing human being really. Is You know for someone to achieve what is achieved and still being amazing person and to be doing what he's doing he's always been. I always gauging of how are people are two kids my kids and he has been so kind to my kids over the years. It's you know it's great to see him great to see him back. I know I know I missed him. He's he's a good guy and now you've probably just found fast. Didn't listen to that I'm back. It's Andy goode high bands to know that I love you and I want you to be safe during this corona virus scare and just remember I'm in your heart and your mind you know. That's a beautiful bar cringe. It's a beautiful sentiment and it brings up a really good point that there's there's a lot of information going out around the current a virus and also a lot of misinformation. There is leading to an incredible moment. This is the best that happened this morning with Andy last night. Who's going to tell us? Okay remember it I will never ever forget it. Oh so andy. And I are both native New Yorkers. We grew up on the island manhasset. I've never mentioned it. We've never met. Let me guess the street Park Avenue would be me but come on? You know the silver spoon but we get Andy's Andy's mother one is zero is still living in the apartment that Andy grew up in and my brother is all Jamie Jamie's just a couple of options with the corona virus. I'm worried right. And so our Allen so Alemanno Kaelin Kaelin who we love. Kaelin sent Andy. Text a text of a tweet announcing saying no not tweet. No it was just text. Yeah just at Ted Breaking New York City. Subways are all closed down but they will only close one at a time. Something Click on the attached Matt Map for the latest details right and then it said something. We need everyone to be careful and Please stay it look very official. So let's just unpack this for a second but right actually was okay. I saw the texts on these phone. Andy then forwarded the texts to us. It did not look at all official. Okay it's not a tweet. It's not it's just words with a link and then more words but that's the word sound like they're in for nine hundred and ninety nine people out of a thousand would do what I mary. Well the click on the link. Yet you WANNA know he wanted to you know. Let me explain thing Kaelin Allen. Who's been nothing but sweet nice to me. I'm thanking. He knows that my family is there. So I'm just GonNa cut and paste this whole thing explaining that you're not going to check it Kaelin's Nelson to my brother and my link here just going to send it to a minute of sending it to my brother and my mother my mother rights E E K and I go what. Subways grossed out by the subway. And then it's even on the TV. You can't take a joke in turn on me and then. Jamie my brother goes. Lol this is awesome and my mother then writes this is your distributing pornography. You're distributing pornography. What is she talking about? So then he finally after all that and he goes. Oh I better on what I just sent them and when you click on it. There is a man there naked with one of the largest dependable edge of bed. It's literally hanging over the edge of the. Oh my goodness I sent this to my eighty one year old mother out of concern and my brother that subways are closing in news. It was it. Would you say it was the largest appendage ever sent to your mother and and this all happened what I need to say here. Is this all happened with Mary? Ed and Kevin in the room so in real time it was so they're watching me freak. God losing my mind you know. There's not a lot of great news these days. There's a lot of like there's just. It's not a lot of great news. I'm telling you the laughter that happen your poor mother really. I was on my podcast to convey to listeners. The amount of activity that occurs on an hourly basis on Andy's phone the operation. That is good day long on. I don't know how he doesn't Freia has my whole life. It's here he has. It has nothing to do with you not having a computer. It is spectacularly about the number of people that you are interacting all day long and then no time to click links because you just like a forward this over here forward that over there. I gotTA start coming in here. I got over here to take everyone informed. I would doing it because I understand because I want to read this to my listeners listeners. Because here's the think Andy and everything that's going on is is genuinely well connected with real sources of news. People hailing people with real news information. Yes tell you think Kaylin Alan who who the last time. He texted me was because we were shooting something like He. We don't have this relationship where we joke around with each other and he knows might sound. You're not true. We joke around with each other on twitter. Okay but silly. Listen listen my listeners. I want you to listen. He won't you mayor and your behavior. Mayor Bill De Blasio. This is what I get mayor. Bill de Blasio officially closes New York City subway system beginning three eleven twenty twenty outage map lists closing by station legionary with southern through reading not news. It's truly truly truly not news from Kale and to Andy. New York City occasionally goes into lockdown as it tries to contain the virus. Please Tell Your New York New Jersey family to stay safe. Click the link for more INFO. Song sounds great. What do you think Kaylin thought you were GONNA do? He'd think Amy's going to send us through his eighty quick question. Then you're just subway. Please tell but Jamie and my mind. Crushing the link. Usa TODAY DOT COM is at the Washington Times the nearest and why do sent to everyone? Why Colin backslash or it will say like it might be New York one could be New York the link. I didn't read the whole thing. It's nothing it's just numbers but it does say it when I first looked at it said http dot slash slash PBS dot. So I'm like okay so public television is giving out this as another thousand. So what happened. I said my mother man with a penis so big he sitting on the edge of a bed that it hangs over this and halfway down to the ground I've never average in and I sent it to my mother that penises average. You guys I hate to tell it to you. I'm in big trouble. My Gosh. It was so funny every that I know it was fantastic fantastic. It's a good lesson. What's the lesson it's a good lesson for your crazy aunts uncles? Who are forty around facebook articles? Sometimes you need to read a little bit deeper. I didn't read full. Disclosure a full disclosure. My mother's in Orthodox. It's just so you know. I love jokes like that. Let's see eighty one year. Old Mother is also an Orthodox Jew known this woman on the planet. So that's what happened here. Sorry Danielle Oh gosh. Let's talk about something much more pleasant Ellen's friend. International Star Justin timberlake appeared on the show. This he hasn't done much lately no he's just always shows up just ready to go ready to have fun ready to love on. Ellen affection for each other when they sit down together believe he was on the second show. We ever did say that. I was Jennifer Aniston the second and then it was a slippery slope from there. Yeah but yeah that's right but he what I loved about. This appearance was that in his second act. He brought out his two of his Co stars from the trolls movie. I believe it's called trolls. World tour. Wait we've known Jennifer Aniston Justin Timberlake for seventy years. That is unbelievable. They've held up better than we have. They have yeah. They look exactly what they have a lot more money. That's your money makes good. You're GonNa Bang those feet the whole time now. I'm GonNa Stop Right now. And and he brought so two of his Co stars were Anderson Pack. Who's been on the show before the hotel in hip hop Barmby Star? He's just so talented. Anderson pack has a song called comedown which we play minimum once twice a week here and then the other voice in the movie was scissor and ride just have such a crush on. Says she is And I used to say his in his She has by the way has a song with Kendrick. Lamar might be called all the stars and she's on the cover of rolling stone right now with normany and Megan the stallion and she was on the show with them and they were both so fun and they were like dancing in the commercial breaks. It was super cool but will play a clip. Let's play clip of the three of them together on the show. So you are just on the here in soundtrack. You're not in the movie that is you are in the movie. Yes and on the Soundtrack Creek and do we want to tell everybody what this new movie is about? Even just clip and trolls. Yes trolls trolls. No so basically you know in our second movie and Kendricks character and my character We find out that. We're not the only type of trolls and that there's all these different sort of tribes of trolls in the represented by a different genre of music We find out where the pop trolls. And there's the funk trolls which you saw the techno trolls Classical country Western. So what happens is that's Kelly Clarkson's character. She crushes it in the movie too. And what happens? Is they basically go without sounding too much more? Like I'm intoxicated. They they they go on a on adventure To try to save music and it's hilarious. It's it's twice as funny as the as the first one and and sort of a movie about diversity and inclusion and and I I think that's a timely theme right now all yes you know how we should embrace how everybody's so different and that's a wonderful thing and So yeah and Anderson it. How did you get involved with Justin? Did y'all know each other before you must have. I think mayhem like most people like on instagram twitter and stuff right. We hadn't really met in rural just just like a huge fan you know since I was younger since high school just being out of high school parties dances Justin timberlake album classic. But yeah you get me up. He's like y'all put in a good. We're free the trolls thing. Don't blow it man they call you know what I'm saying. I was like well. You want me to music on Downey's like now you. Actually they want your voice they want you to be in like what okay and says. I saw because I texted. You said love the what you posted the video that. I saw all working together. Had You met Justin? I had an have no idea how we're GONNA do. You know I was just still don't know I'm grateful for the blessing WANNA know. How do I was like shut up? You're doing great. Everything is great for killing. Thank you missed one fund moment when you were gone on Friday. What's that Andy looked at the board and sauces name our listeners? Who Don't know it's spelled. S? And he goes okay so what is Who is a assault? GonNa Sing. Do they like WHO's and repair? And it's like a hundred I honestly. You're like trapped in the trap and can't get asked away and I became him immediately. You were kind of him before he passed away. Yeah no shit. I 'cause I was like shit like everybody's like those guys are doing a game of games episode that we just listen to. I don't know when I think I love that. We are they doing the dangerous doing another. It was like a whole trolls. Takeover release fantastic by the way we mentioned right. That are a little game. Show got renewed. I say ours is Really Kevin. Is Really. It's really Kevin and friends and renewed for season. Four we did and we still have eight now a couple of preempted this season for debates and Super Tuesday and stuff like that. It's back now. It's back for Multiple Tuesdays in a row gone and it's so good it's such a show and I promise you if you watch it like there's nothing on it that's GonNa bring you down. It's just happy that's all it is. You're just gonNA feel good. Yeah and if you don't WanNa feel good don't watch it good. Watch it if you WANNA feel bad. Don't don't discuss spoiler alert. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA talk now we're going to have. We have two more areas left to think any listeners left of this. Oh No with we promote that story about the link we're going to play and monologue that. Ellen did which was tips to stay entertained right. Yep Somehow to be entertained giving quarantine so we're gonNA play that And then after that. We're going to talk about the latest development of on how the corona virus which is now officially pandemic has affected our tapings. Here sure so. Let's play the monologue. I anything you want to say by way of introduction here it is thank you so much. I love each and every single one of you but if I so much here sniffle sneeze. You're Outta here. Obviously all anybody is talking about is a corona virus and as we know it. It's important to stay home if you're feeling sick. This is totally unrelated to anything but Mary. How are you feeling? Oh my God where is she? She's not here she's home. She's not feeling well she's I knew she wasn't the whole bit I was doing. I was pretending yes. She's she's feeling not well enough to be near me. So that's that's why she's home. Some people are home. Some people might even be quarantined. Been told that we are the number one TV show for people under quarantine so thank you everybody. Thank you if you're not familiar with quarantine it's fourteen days. You can't leave Your House. You have to blow into a tube every twelve hours and you have to wear a bracelet on your ankle. I'm thinking of my time house arrest. If you're stuck at home I thought I could offer some ways to pass the time. Of course. There's lots of good things to watch on television. Love is blind. It'd been watching. It's about dating through pods which is now looking better and better really if this virus keeps going. That's how we're dating from now on if you're into movies there's the fast and furious movie for everyday of your quarantine and when you make it to make it to. Hobson show your free so chance for people who have seen all the movies if you like. Games I've got a boatload I shouldn't say boatload I have. I have a lot of games. I have a heads up where you can safely play six feet apart from someone else. There's game of games you can watch. People play blindfolded musical chairs and taste buds. And you can see all the fun that we used to have when we can still touch each other all right. So here's where we are the week. This was a week this was this was. This was a big week. I mean look. We're we're we all still got to work for now for the most part. Were not working from home to do our show. Not Some of our guests have cancelled not a lot of them. For example we were supposed to have savannah. Guthrie was supposed to actually be airing today. Nbc is not allowing their talent to travel right now. Carrie Washington was supposed to be here earlier in the week it canceled. She was a story for months. And now it's a story that's hit us a little bit like someone on our staff. Is it known on? Our staff has interacted with anyone. Who has it so it's still? It's still a bit remote. But but because of the way the world is reacting to it things have started to happen here and the latest is that we have decided on the heels. Frankly we're not the first to make this decision on the heels of a lot of other shows who are who live studio. Audiences canceling their audiences and doing their shows without audiences mainly at first in New York in New York City. But now here in L. A. Maybe maybe we're one of the first comedy shows in La to do this but effective Monday so three days from now. We are doing shows at least for now without studio audiences. You you may see shows that air studio audiences because they were recorded before this policy took effect but just because we want if you have an increased risk of of exposure to this virus by being in a big group of people you know. Our audience holds anywhere from three hundred to four hundred people. On a given day. When you include riffraff and sky box and all that and we don't WanNa do anything to elevate the risk of our studio audience of our Audience Department who interacts with the studio audience of our guests of Twitch Ellen and so we're doing it without audiences which is not nearly as fun as doing it with audiences and just want to say one thing to all our listeners. However many are out there and I don't mean this in a political way I just mean this as an honest human being. Cdc Center for Disease Control. Who World Health Organization both have websites? I implore you to go to those two sources for your news and information on the coronas. Do not get fooled by me. Because as Mary started the program saying there is a lot of misinformation and sometimes an idiot like me will send that misinformation. Say that the wild large penis to his mother. The Washington Post has worked their. Their team has been working around the clock to assemble corona virus facts and information and they they are a very safe place to go to get accurate information about any like whatever your question is. Let's air question is about travel. Or how susceptible you are or which groups are most vulnerable or all the all those questions. I think have accurate answers to the best of their knowledge on The Washington Post Web site as well. I feel like the answer to this. But since Ed you and Mary these are your People Ireland canceling their Saint Patrick's Day. Well W W is gigantic right. That's a big thing and today. New York cancelled as for the first time in two hundred fifty eight years Boston. Boston cancelling it. Yeah that's a really big deal. I say we work really really hard to take care of her audiences. They are such a huge part of our show. The writers like to work on Games. They get to play with. We built a reference. They feel excluded is what kills us. These people have been looking forward to coming here. I Apologize How many people travel your presence will be missed here. Yes yes yes it's going to be. It's going to be an interesting time for all of us. Yes sort of see how. The show's look without a studio audience. And just know that we know the the shows are better if we have a studio and obviously on behalf on behalf of the show and on behalf of Ellen. We apologize to everybody that Kevin brought this virus into our country. The one bright spot. Yeah to not having a studio audience is that we often do audience giveaways and I happen to know that next week one day next week there was an audience giveaway plant where everyone in the audience. Yeah was going to get going to get a gift card now. Yeah we're going to give away all of those giveaways to viewers watching the show via our website. Ellen to kind of figure out how to how to try to win the giveaways that we give away to our audience. Our studio audience will not be here. So we're going to give them to our home audience. Nice yeah banker on your favorite. But let's ask this question. If we get quarantined we the podcast will continue. We will figure it out because I think a lot of listeners are worried what happens if Andy God forbid gets the virus and I'm here to say that I will be coming to you live broadcasting from well older the state of your fragile health. I'm not sure what are they saying? What is the line? Everyone is saying my kids school ever in wanted out of an abundance of caution. Okay got it by caution. Yeah I read. I think our school said out of an abundance of concern. Oh that's good I have A. I have a daughter who is a senior at Nyu and why you is now taken and in the law school included. I believe has taken all of their classes to online classes. Yeah and my daughter is absolutely crushed by this news now going to class. I don't go in class. I just know that she's really last year. Yes she's in her last year. Now I have a son who goes to. Usc also doing their classes online house. You four not happy. Happy my kids school as soon as this started becoming a thing. Set up the system to make sure it's ready to go in case so they know how to log on. Teachers are doing tele lessons or whatever and they're like it's school from home without our friends. There so bummed about it. Yeah yeah they'll babies. I think that's eight kids. All I can say now is keep. Keep watching the show. I hope you'll watch the show every day. They're going to be the show coming up for you going to be really interesting interesting. They're going to be interesting and we're going to see what it's all like and we're going to the fun thing is we're all. GonNa Learn together next week shows include Kerry Washington Dan Levy from Shits Creek. Heidi Klum we have some great with some cool bands. We have one Republican your tennis. If you know if j Galvin we're gonNA decorate stuff coming. We're going to have to hold Ellen's hand through this process because as you know despite the huge amount of requests we do this podcast without an audience so we know we know how it feels. We don't even doesn't even air to an audience. There's no audience present in the room. There's also no audience. What might still listen. How many episodes have we done of the podcast? Yeah I don't know hundreds right and we know sort of how it goes today. We have Jackie Dunbar filling in for Daniel leary right. And she's holding up a sign to make sure people subscribe as if Ed has done that one hundred fifty times. That's her big help you. Us does giant signed says. Tell people to subscribe in doing this for Jackie Dunbar. Here you go subscribe today on Apple podcasts on spotify or wherever. You're listening to this podcast right now. Jackie Dunbar and don't forget to watch Ellen Weekdays for even more Ellen Fund. Goodbye everything everybody Porsche. We would so love to know more about you here on the go please. Head over to wondering DOT COM slash survey. It's a really short survey. That will help. Make this show better. The wonder re DOT COM Slash Survey W. O. N. D. E. R. Y. dot com slash survey. We'd really appreciate hearing from you.

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