Nick t took napalm girl photo - June 8, 1972


They have you ever wondered, how did the smartest marketers cut through the noise? I'm Bob hitmen chairman and CEO of iheartmedia, and on my new show, math and magic. I'm sitting down with the day's most gift that this ruptures. But when I did this people thought I was crazy there. Really? No other rules, aside from, you know, no full frontal nudity go out there and do it. Don't like to follow the trend of listen. It subscribed to math and magic on apple podcast, iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcasts. This day in history class is a production of iheartradio. Hello. Hello, everyone. Welcome to this day in history class where we bring you a new tidbit from history every day. Today is June eighth twenty nineteen. The day was June eighth. Nineteen seventy two the Vietnam war, a particularly deadly conflict have been going on for nearly two decades Associated Press photographer. Nick boot was outside of Chong Bon a village in southeast Vietnam. When a South Vietnamese aircraft dropped its payload of napalm took photos of the scene. One of those photos became known as the napalm girl photo of black and white picture of young girl name Fong thi Kim Phuc running naked as other children ran alongside her in South Vietnamese forces, followed the horrifying picture became a symbol of the brutality of the war, and it got Nick route a Pulitzer prize, Nick route was born in Vietnam in nineteen fifty one after his older brother who was an Associated Press photographer died in Vietnam, boots began to take. Photos for the AP at age sixteen was covering the Vietnam war for the AP when he captured the photo near tongue. Bon a South Vietnamese air force pilot flying, a propeller driven American made a one sky raider carried out the napalm bombing at tongue Bong the point of attack was to get North Vietnamese units out of their positions at tongue Bonn as witnessed the aftermath of attack. He took photos. He used a Leica, m to camera with a thirty five millimeter Sumatran, Lynn's TV cameramen Alan Downes had also caught footage of Kim Phuc and the other children running down the road away from the napalm attack at the time, took the photo called the terror of war. Kim Phuc was nine years old. Kim Phuc is just left of center in the photo, her mouth open in a yell and her arms outstretched as she runs toward the camera, the children that surround her are clothed and. And the South Vietnamese forces walked behind them as a plume of smoke rises in the background the fire caused by the bombs Hepburn off Kim flukes clothes, and burned her skin. A correspondent gave her water and poured some on her burns. When route realized that Kim Phuc have been burned. He took her to a hospital inside. Saigon doctors said, she might not survive her third degree burns, and she was sent to a specialist, plastic surgery center, she received many surgical procedures for her injuries in survived, though some of her family members died and editor at the AP rejected the photo because it showed full frontal nudity back, then photos that included nudity were off limits horse fos, head of the Saigon photo department said that they should make an exception to publish the photo under the condition that no close ups of Kim Phuc would be permitted how you'll the New York photo editor also believes the photo was worth sharing despite the nudity. So the AP transmitted the photo many newsrooms had to disregard their own policies of nudity depiction in photographs to publish the image. White House recordings that were later released showed that then president Richard Nixon, and chief of staff. H r Haldeman wondered whether the photo was often take or actually staged at the time the photo was published antiwar intimate had already been escalating in the United States. So the photo did not really contribute as much to such billings among Americans as some media sources have stated, it's also a myth, as some sources have noted that the photo helped in the war, which came to a close in nineteen seventy five in nineteen seventy three the United States pulled out of the Vietnam war that same year. Route won the Pulitzer prize for spot news, photography, and the world press photo of the year for that image. Incan Phuc stayed in touch over the years, Nick retired in thousand seventeen Kim Phuc went on to help victims of war around the world. I'm each Jeffcoat and hopefully you know a little more about history today than you did yesterday. 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