Roger Stone's associate is in plea talks with Mueller; Ex- CIA, NSA director, Michael Hayden suffers stroke; Climate change could slash the size of the U.S. economy by 1% by 2100 if nothing is done.


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Brooke Baldwin, you're watching CNN on this Friday, we begin with breaking news and the Russia probe and associated the president's friend longtime adviser Roger stone is in quote unquote, plea negotiations with special counsel, Robert Muller. Jerome Corsi is his name. He also knows President Trump. He wouldn't comment further to CNN about these talks. But course, he's role in this investigation. Largely revolves around the possibility that he may have been an intermediate intermediary easy for me to say between Roger stone and WikiLeaks specifically in the time before the thousand sixteen release of hacked emails that were damaging to the Clinton campaign Corsey is a well known conspiracy theorist, and if a deal comes through it would indicate that he was actually speaking the truth just a couple of days ago when he predicted an indictment from Muller was coming. Served a subpoena on August twenty eighth. My home to be agent show oven announced. And not talk to the FBI course. My wife is pretty startled. We began a series of discussions with them that have gone on for two months. And at the end of that two months, even though I did everything I could to cooperate. The entire negotiations discussions of just blown up. And now, I fully anticipate in the next few days, I will be indicted. By Mueller for some former other of giving false information to the special counsel or to one of the other grand jury or however they want to do the indictment, but I'm going to be criminally charged. Now, the subpoena came to my home. Three days before my seventy second birthday and others. Been one of the most frightening experiences in my life. Let me turn out CNN senior national correspondent, Alex Mark wired, and Alex reminders the role the relationship that Corsi had with stone. And and how he's involved in all of this and how he may potentially be a witness against Roger stone Coursey says that he is in talks you just heard there with the Muller team. But this time he's talking about a possible plea deal, which he has confirmed to CNN, and that means that these special counsel will certainly have a lot of questions about that relationship that he has with Roger stone. And what information was shared between the two of them. Of course, he is not someone many people may have heard of he's a bit of a fringe player and all of this, but he could provide a crucial missing link between WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign specifically with regards to any possible coordination with WikiLeaks and the release of hacked democratic emails in two thousand sixteen before the election. Of course, he has said he was not in direct contact with the group. He did not have a source inside WikiLeaks. He claims that he simply developed a. Theory that the Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, the his emails had been obtained by WikiLeaks, and that they would be released in October right before the election that of course, then did happen. Of course, he says he shared that prediction with Roger stone that it was based on open information and the prior release by WikiLeaks of DNC emails on us. I note, of course, that prediction then turned out to be true. And as you noted, of course, he is a conspiracy theorist he and President Trump were allies in the birther conspiracy that President Trump President Obama rather was not born in the United States, which of course, Brooke, we know. Well is not true. So we have to emphasize that we don't know the status of any plea deal. Four Coursey negotiations are ongoing they can always fall apart. And for now, of course, he isn't saying anything more, Brooke, Alex, Sankyo, let's analyze all of this was C N N legal analyst, Paul Callan. He has a former prosecutor so Paul Callan. If if Coursey does flip that could be bad news for Roger stone. What could he review? Feel and how might that play into the bigger picture of collusion? Well, yes, it could be bad news for Roger stone. And it also could provide a link back to the president because mother is now circling back to the Trump campaign, and he's doing exactly what he was told to do when he was hired for this job, and that is focused on any connections. If there were any between, the Trump campaign and the hacking of emails by the Russians to influence the American election now Roger stone originally said he got his information about WikiLeaks which sounded like he was in direct contact with Julian Assange, not from signs himself. But from a talk radio talk host in brandy portico, this now the connection with Coursey is an entirely different connection with of course, he indicating that he got information. Well, he speculated successfully that WikiLeaks would be leaking this information. But course, he is also linked to President Trump. And he's linked to Roger stone as well. So it's kind of all of these pieces. These chess pieces are being put together on a chess board by Muller. If Corsey is in plea negotiations Paul does that mean that he's given up the goods or does it mean he is willing to give up the goods if he gets a good deal? I it means that he's making a proffer to federal authorities in in these proffer sessions. Your lawyer goes in and says, listen, this is the information he'll give you we think it'll help your case. And but he's not going to do that under oath unless you offer a deal. Now, the prosecutors intern have to say he's selling something we need to make a case out or to finish the investigation, and they're not going to offer him a deal unless he's got valuable information that they really can't prove through other sources. When we heard from Rudy Giuliani. Trump's layer earlier this week, and he was talking about those written answers that Trump provided to molar. This is what axios had reported quoting them Muller asked about the Russian hacks during the campaign that immediately followed Trump's July twenty seven two thousand sixteen press conference in Florida when Trump said we all remember that Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the thirty thousand Hillary Clinton emails that are missing we know that you know, Muller has been circling around Roger stone might Corsi be that this smoking gun and be the definitive proof of the link between Russian hackers and WikiLeaks to the Trump campaign might. Yes, Brooke, I think Coursey could be missing Lincoln investigation. That's putting everything together. And I find it fascinating. That Muller is so focused on this. He's on the one hand going after the president with specific questions about this very. Subject. He there are lots of rumors out about Roger stone. And now, we know that he's he's putting pressure on Coursey. So there seems to be a sort of a laser beam focus of the Muller investigation now on this particular set of individuals, and it all has to do with collusion, or the very thing that the president has repeatedly said, there's no evolution collusion, though, doesn't exist. What if it does exist? These are the people who Muller would be focusing on to prove it. We have just gotten a statement in from Roger stone as we've been talking. So let me just read this for you, Paul Callan. This is what Roger stone says as one can see from his recent videos, and his recent interviews, my friend, Dr Coursey has been under a tremendous amount of pressure. And it is beginning to affect him profoundly. He has stated publicly that he is being asked over and over to say things, he simply does not believe occurred. I am not aware of any plea talks involving Dr Coursey he is an investigative journalist who. Activities. I would think would largely be covered under the first amendment. He is relentless in his research and his network of sources is very wide as for what he may have known. And when he may have known it his discussions with me regarding the pedestrian brothers were strictly limited to their overseas. Business interests unearthed in the Panama papers and other public sources that were writing about John and Tony's activities to my best recollection. There was not one publication mainstream or otherwise that ever mentioned John Podesta's Email prior to their posting by WikiLeaks as I told the Washington Post, if Dr Coursey knew that John Podesta's emails had been obtained by anyone and will be published. He never shared this information with me, nor did he give me any such documents. That's Roger stone your reaction. Roger stone is talking like a very worried individual. He's making before the knowing. What Coursey is saying to the Muller in investigators. He's, you know, making this very detailed public statements and try to distance himself and also to say Coursey is under tremendous pressure. Well, how it stone know that unless he's had discussions with Coursey about this very subject, and you can be sure that the Muller lawyers are going to be asking Coursey about what discussions he's had with Roger stone. It's always dangerous when two people who are being looked at by investigators are sitting down with one another to let's say discuss the facts of the case a lotta times prosecutors described that as getting their stories straight. So we'll have to see how the Muller team handles it feeling the pressure Paul Callan. Thank you. Thank you. Brooke eight q. Also now this breaking story after a long week of headlines coming out of the White House. I just look at all the happenings team Trump since last Saturday. Let me read this for you his controversial visit to the wildfires. His insult of the Admiral who oversaw the bin Laden raid, his regrets to not visit Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day, his reply that he did not know his acting attorney general spoke out whatsoever on the Muller probe Hayes asylum ban, getting overturned in courts, the fact that he still hasn't visited an active war zone. The White House. Fully restoring our chief White House correspondent, Jim Acosta's. His press pass his mission of written answers to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation his feud with supreme court Justice John Roberts, his stand with the Saudis, despite the CIA saying the crown prince ordered the hit on US based journalist Jamal kashogi his acting AG under investigation for campaign contributions. Keeping in mind. This whole Benny holiday week, folks. Just yesterday his wild politicize phone call with troops on Thanksgiving Day and on that call the president once again defended his position of backing the Saudi Royal family saying that the quote unquote, did not come to a conclusion in quote on the crown prince's involvements be now that the democratic majority in the house are soon to be wants to put that to the test come twenty nineteen. So for more on that. Let's go to CNN White House reporter, Sarah Westwood and Sarah. What is the ranking house Intel com member congressman Adam Schiff now saying he wants to do? Well, Brooke congressman Adam Schiff who will soon. Take over the house intelligence committee is saying that his committee will look into the death of Jamal Kush. Shook she and how the administration is responding to it. And that's just part of what House Democrats say they're going to go after this president for obviously, we know they're going to target President Trump over his tax returns. We know that they're going to target the president over areas where his foreign policy might have overlapped with his business interests. That's something that the ranking member soon to be chairman Adam Schiff says he wants to go after now, the president is projecting a sense of optimism a sense of that his White House is not worried about democratic investigations. But of course, a lot of Republicans have been warning that the president will soon face some kind of reality. Check win. Democrats do sweep into power come January. He's never had to preside over divided government, and this cushy murder and the way that his administration has handled it in light of the fact that the president. Has had business dealings in Saudi Arabia prior to taking office certainly going to be a focus of Democrats at certainly been appointed criticism up to now stay on that reality check, Sarah. Thank you very much. And without let me bring in CNN political analyst, Margaret talev senior White House correspondent for Bloomberg news, and Margaret so here, we go we've talked about Democrats walking the line at investigations once they're in charge. They are certainly not shying away all of three weeks after midterms and look at what soon to be chairman Schiff is doing. Yeah. But this is sort of a no brainer. Right. I mean, the Democrats so far the big tension has been over the impeachment question with the new democratic majority coming into the house. Some of these new members are on the more liberal or more progressive side than their kind of longer term, you know, career politicians who were like guys. Let's look at history. What happened in the nineties, you know, in the Clinton administration. So to the extent which folks both on the Intel committee, and the government reform and oversight of panels, Ken tackle, sort of new merging issues like this one. It seems like a no brainer. This would be the course that Schiff would want to take so on the no brainer. We know the Democrats plan to look at whether Trump is deliberately misrepresentation misrepresent talk I had a lot of Turkey yesterday market. Forgive me misrepresenting, the conclusion to protect NBS, you know, the Democrats specifically wanna look at Trump's financial. Ties to Saudi Arabia, and I say financial ties because as you cover this president that is mighty close to what he is referred to as the red line is not. Well, that's true. The president has talked about to the extent that mister Muller's probe delved into business dealings that would be a red line for him. The president also is sort of a class outside of other American presidents have our time because he had this entire business career and a business empire that continues to exist. And so these are not issues, you know, that. Sending all the side of the particulars of this just in general, the sort of parallel structure of having a business in licensing empire and family members kind of some in the business side, and some of the White House side that is not something that President Obama or President Bush before him have had to contend with. So look already setting all of this aside. We know that in January when the Democrats took over the house that there would be a lot more of a stepped up look at both the aspects of the mother probe and aspects of foreign policy in the presence dealings. But this is all now been ratcheted enough. So that's yes, that's, you know, January even as early as next week world will be watching as both Trump, and we'll have been so mind, we'll be at the g twenty right? The world. We watching that. We'll be watching how we you know is with Vladimir Putin. And of course, also China's president Xi is is everyone's gonna. Be in Argentina. And we know the president, of course, has been watching the markets very very carefully on. He knows the economy matters so much to to Americans. Do you think next week Trump tries to get a deal with she in? What does Arias a lot of people are going to be looking at this. And look there are two issues that the twenty is supposed to tackle right one is trade and the other is climate change. But if APEC is any sort of a guy to us, you see a willingness on the part of the president to kind of put a stick in the wheels. If if it serves his his message anger, if he feels that he can be successful with that sort of a challenge. So all eyes are certainly going to be on whether or not she and President Trump can reach some sort of an accommodation that may have a lot to do with how much the Chinese are willing to give up to make some sort of deal happen. The president does not at this point seem to to be looking for a reason. To blink. But his next week G twenty Margaret talev. Thank you very much. Good to see you. Breaking news. The Trump administration has asked to this supreme court to take up the proposed ban on transgendered troops something. The lower courts have already struck down those details when we come back. Support for out front comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans. Let's talk about buying a home for a minute because of rising interest rates. There's a lot of unpredictability when it comes to buying a home these days, it's causing a lot of anxiety with folks. Well, our friends at Quicken Loans are doing something about that. They're calling the power buying process. Here's how it works. Quicken Loans will verify your income assets and credit in less than twenty four hours to give you a verified approval this gives you the strength of a cash buyer. Then once you're verified, you qualify for their all new exclusive rate shield approval. I they'll lock your rate for up to ninety days while you shop. Now, here's the best part. If rates go up your rate stays the same. But if rates go down, you're right. Also drops either way you win. It's the kind of thinking you'd expect from America's largest mortgage lender. To get started. Go to rocketmortgage dot com slash out front Ray, chilled approval. Only valid on certain thirty year purchase transactions. Additional conditions or exclusions may apply based on Quicken Loans. Data in comparison to public data records, equal housing lender. Licensed in all fifty states and MLS consumeraccess dot org number thirty thirty. We're learning here at CNN that former CIA and NSA director General Michael Hayden who also works with us here as a CNN analysts suffered a stroke earlier this week. We are told that happened at home and that he is now receiving expert medical care his family. Thanks, everyone for their warm wishes. It begins the healing process and general everyone here at CNN. Our thoughts are certainly with you. And we look forward to your recovery and getting back here at C N N as soon as you can also just into CNN. The White House is asking the US supreme court to take up the administration's transgender military ban. So far federal judges have blocked President Trump from banning most transgender people from openly serving in the US military. So to Joe this cubic, we go our CNN supreme court analyst Joan what's going on here. More action between the supreme court and administration actually got here. Yes, right now, President Trump's ban. On most transgender people serving in the US military is being litigated in lower courts. Lower courts blocked, the policy from fully taking FEC and the Trump administration instead of waiting for the full airing in lower courts, which normally is the way has jumped up to the supreme court and said justices, please intervene at this time. They've just recent just within the hour, Brooke filed petitions at the supreme court in three cases from California and here in the district of Columbia saying come in review it and the timing they're seeking his review for this court term. Usually, the justices decide by January what cases they will hear through April. And then we had the big rulings in June. And what the Trump administration's lawyers at the department of Justice are saying is this is important to get clarity right now. Not to have lower courts, hold this up and have any kind of either inconsistencies or just plain block on this. New policy that the Trump administration would want to to bar transgender transgender people from serving supreme court justices, please resolve this right away. Do you think the supreme court would take it? This is a tough one brook because normally no normally it's very hard to take to make a case for the justices intervening lower courts have in a preliminary way say said that this this could violate the equality guarantee of the constitution to say that a certain group of people would be prohibited from serving based solely on the fact that they're transgender so they have a very high bar to pass. And they're the administration has a high bar to pass and they have a high barrier to pass in a compressed period of time. Now earlier in the week. We saw President Trump referred to judges as either Obama judges or Clinton judges. Now, we certainly have some shrunk judges now on the court, and I think the department. Of Justice might think that they might be getting much more of a sympathetic airing. But I don't know I think that if the court under John Roberts agrees to take this up in this kind of urgent manner. It would be sending a signal that would be more favorable to the Trump administration than usual to an administration. Well, Washington see if they do Joan good to see you. Thank you very much. Thank you coming up next. Some of his chilling last words quoting him. God, I don't want to die with his diary reveals about an American who was tacked with arrows and killed on a remote island by one of the world's most isolated tribes. Also happening the government dropping a major report on the human impact of climate change. What it reveals and also the timing. Why was this released the day after thanksgiving? You know, what's not smart job sites that overwhelm you with tons of the wrong resumes. But you know, what is smart ZipRecruiter dot com slash out front. Unlike other job sites, ZipRecruiter doesn't wait for candidates to find you ZipRecruiter finds them for you. It's powerful matching. Technology scans thousands of resumes identifies people with the right skills education and experience for your job. And actively invites them to apply. So you get qualified candidates fast. No, more sorting through the wrong resumes. No more waiting for the right candidates to apply. It's no wonder that ZipRecruiter is rated number one by employers in the US. This rating comes from hiring sites on trust pilot with over a thousand reviews and right now listeners can try ZipRecruiter for free at this exclusive web address ZipRecruiter dot com slash out front. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash. Oh, you T F R O N T ZipRecruiter dot com slash out front ZipRecruiter. This Martin way to hire. More breaking news this afternoon. The Trump administration just released a major ominous climate change report two weeks earlier than plan raising suspicions, and it was purposely released on black Friday because if people would actually be paying attention. It is no secret. The climate change is not exactly a top priority for this White House. President Trump has frequently doubted its existence and has called it a hoax. So for more. Here's C N, N's, Rene, Marsh and Rene. This report offers as we mentioned more of an ominous outlook what's in the report. Yeah. So this report came out roughly thirty minutes ago, it's hundreds of pages long as you mentioned. This is a government report that focuses squarely on the human impacts of climate change people here in the United States and really peels out real life examples of how climate change is already impacting our life when it comes to health the economic costs the impact on our transportation infrastructure. So I'm gonna just pull out a couple of the highlights here as we continue to go through. Port one of the studying highlights here's that wildfires which were seeing out west they say if this is not brought under control wildfire season will burn up to six times more forest area per year by the year twenty fifty and when it comes to mosquito borne illnesses. The report also says more people will be exposed to ticks that carry Lyme disease and mosquito that transplant mitt viruses such as Zeka West Nile virus and gay fever, again, this will be across the United States. And when it comes to our health the impact that climate change will have on our health of this report says that the higher temperatures will simply kill more people. They also highlight the midwest they predict that the midwest will have the highest temperature rise in in the mid west. They could see additional two thousand more premature deaths per year by. The year twenty ninety again, these are just a few of the highlights. The report also goes on to talk about the economic impact. It says the net damage to the US economy throughout this century. We could see annual losses in some sectors that reach hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the century. So there's no good news in this report. Of course, it all runs counter to what we have heard from President Trump as well as the policies that we've seen at agencies like the EPA as they continue to roll back regulations that are intended to curb these dangerous greenhouse gases that scientists say without question contribute to climate. Change broke seems like crucial details that is out this day after thanksgiving perhaps in an attempt to bury it a bit. We're going to keep reading this millet you and your team keep reading these hundreds of pages, and we'll have more Rene as we go through it. Thank you very much for. Forgetting those those keynotes there. Now this in American missionary wrote about his final days before being killed on this remote island off the Indian coast. His name is John Alan Chow. He was killed why illegally visiting the north sentinel island last week. He wrote about how he had been shot out with a bow and arrow, and how did pierced his bible one journal entry. He writes, quote, you guys might think I'm crazy in all of this. But I think it's worthwhile to declare Jesus to these people. God, I don't want to die. How was his final note whose family who say they forgive the tribesmen responsible for his death. So for more we turn now to C N N New Delhi bureau chief, Nick he'll Kumar. Brooke the latest we have from Indian authorities is that they're still trying to locate the body of an American Christian missionary who is believed to have been killed by an isolated tribe after he visited that remote island community. Police say Twenty-seven-year-old Jon Allen child came to India on a tourist visa, but he went to the country's north sentinel island to preach and convert its inhabitants. Tribes people known as the sentinel lease who are protected by Indian Lloyd's tiny community with estimates ranging from just about a dozen or so to eight people the island itself sits off India's east coast, and is strictly off limits for tourists such as child they're not allowed within five nautical miles of the island the rule meant to protect both the tribe and outside is because of the tribes history of fully repelling strangers. But child went he found local fishermen who could take him close to the island in mid-november police say he used a canoe the rest of the way days later, the fishermen say they sold the tribes people dragging cows. Body around the island. Now, his dad hasn't been independently verified by the police that going by what the fishermen who been arrested for facilitating Chaz trip told him. Meanwhile, a friend of childho- CNN that he knew that the island was off limits, and there is mission was illegal. But he went nonetheless and all appears ended in tragedy. Brooke authorities have sent out a team of experts in the waters near the island to see if they can spot child's body. They've been accompanied by the fishermen who say they sold a body if they find it. The next step will be working out how to recover it. Brooke, nicole? Thank you with me now on the phone, a friend of John's not Steve or Matt traveled with with Chow once on a trip to Israel. And and Matt thank you so much for jumping on the phone with me. I'm so sorry about your friend. And if I may before we talk I just wanted to read one more quote from John's journal, he described being shot out with a bow and arrow, and then writing I hollered my name is John. I love you. And Jesus loves you. You know, the question is, you know, I appreciate his desire to spread the gospel and his passion, but to go to all these far flung places dangerous places. Can you help us understand why he felt so compelled to do so sure thank you, Brooke, and certainly our heart and prayers and thoughts go out to the child family as they gathered for thanksgiving without John with them. You know, I met John show on a trip that we did in Israel called covenant journey and that was an August of twenty fifteen. He was twenty three years old at time now at the time of his death. He was one month away from turning twenty seven at the time. He was attending or Roberts university yard already gone on mission trips in South Africa, and from high school days somehow he had a real desire and passion to go to north sentinel. And the reason although he didn't articulate it. Then he. Told other people months in even years later, he wanted to go there because they were one of the most isolated people groups on the planet, and he wanted to share Jesus with them, and he went to that location. And unfortunately, that's where he from what all we know of met his last days. His journal entries are absolutely heartbreaking and compelling because they are that incident in which the aero was shot and hit his waterproof bible that he healed over his chest was on Thursday November of last week. And so we just a week ago. And he has a journal entry that he wanted to go back. He actually had his canoe taken by the sentinel lease people the day before so from the boat. He ultimately swam their fishermen left him there to be there overnight. And when they came back he. They saw him being dragged and shot and being buried, according to their story on the beach. But in his journal and his last words to his mom and dad, he said the words that you've already quoted, and he also said if they kill me don't be mad at them. They'll be angry at them. And it's just the nature of John. You have to understand really is. He was very lovey person. He loved people he loved Jesus he loved to be able to share the word of God with people, and he was willing in this case of especially when you read some of his last words to give his life to be able to do that he meant no harm to the people whatsoever. But he also knew that his life was in a dangerous specially when he got shot and fortunately survived, but then returned the day later and didn't survive the the final attack. Let me just let me repeat the. Those words again, some of his final words in his diary that you looted to my name is John. I love you. And Jesus loves you. And again, as we mentioned his parents have forgiven this tribe for doing this to him, Matt Stover? Thank you very much. Thank you winning me and telling us a little bit more about John cutting out next to the top democrat on the house intelligence committee confirms he plans to look into President Trump's response and personal ties to Saudi Arabia after giving the Royal family a pass on the murderer of US journalists Jamal kashogi Jamal's former editor at the Washington Post joins me next. Tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. Our friends at Zanny optical offer, a huge variety of high quality stylish frames and state of the art optics starting at just six ninety five. You can get multiple frames with this great pricing for less than one pair. Elsewhere start building your eyewear wardrobe from the comfort of your own home at Xeni dot com. With the latest trends in eyewear available in hundreds of frames styles and materials there isn't a better way to change it up for every season. Plus, there's any offers prescription sunglasses that incredible prices. Visit Xeni today at Xeni dot com slash CNN. That's Z E N N, I dot com slash CNN. President Trump citing with the Saudi government again, he continues to cast out on the findings about the murder of journalist. Jamaica Shoghi will arguing that Saudi money flowing into the United States is important not to lose instead of placing any blame on the crown prince he and his secretary of state are blaming what they describe as a dark and vicious world. It's a mean nasty world out there. The Middle East in particular, you take a look at what's going on in Iran, and the vicious the vicious situation that thinking place there in the number of people that are being killed them slaughtered. You take them all over the world. We're not going to be able to deal with let's deal with anybody. Maybe the world should be held accountable because the world is a vicious place. World is a very very vicious place. You look at what's happening in China. You look at what's happening in so many different countries and could name many countries you look at what's happening with terrorism all over the world. Karen is with me. She's a global opinions editor for the Washington Post, and it was Karen who recruited kashogi to the post about a year ago, so carrying always a pleasure to have you on. And I just wanted to you to react it the president saying it was the it's the world this vicious world to blame for Jamal's murder. What do you make that? It's just such a, you know for president and an administration that has been so preoccupied with projecting strength with projecting America. First just as such a sort of weak and cynical statement, and it denotes sort of helplessness in the face of of human rights abuses of repression and says nothing of you know, our role in at least in this case and the case of Jamal's murder in the case of the war in Yemen. In the case of what we're seeing to be, you know, a an global instability in in refreshing coming from Saudi Arabia denying that we have any sort of role to play in stopping this. And it just it just makes us look helpless. And that is not the case, we are not. As the United States of America as a country that Saudi Arabia depends very much on for for its its economy. And it's frankly, it's it's survival. The the the statement that the that the president released a couple of days ago. I haven't spoken with you since he released a statement, citing with the Saudis, you know, the line. Maybe he did maybe he didn't referring to NBS of the whole thing. What was most unsettling to you? When you first read it. I mean beyond the fact that, you know, as as far as a statement goes it was written as if it was penned by you know, a middle school or not the president of the United States. I think it just beyond smearing Jomo as as some sort of enemy of the state of Saudi Arabia, which he wasn't. I think it was most disturbing about that is first of all nobody is claiming that we want to break relations with Saudi Arabia. The problem isn't so much that it's the issue of Mohammed bin someone and the questioning our relationship with a man who, you know, not only most likely ordered the butchering of a Washington Post writer, but also has been the main architect of a vicious war in Yemen who has kidnapped a prime minister, the prime minister of Lebanon who has broken off diplomatic relations with Canada, and really and truly. Doesn't seem not even seem doesn't deserve. This unconditional support from the Trump administration that he seems to be enjoying. I mean, what can we point to as far as, you know, his rise three years ago from deputy crown prince Crump's now, there's nothing really that we can point to as far as any developments that have really ensured the stability of of the Middle East and EVA's country. So I think it makes us made us look like a servant of Saudi Arabia. Not a partner servant and there. There are people who do want to push further. I when I want to hold you over commercial break here. And I wanna ask you about the Democrats now looking to investigate specifically, the president financial ties financial ties to Saudi Arabia back in just a moment. I'm eighty can't this week on March man is prefixed five here from Tennessee's rant Williams for us. It's all about being tough, physical employed in line. Control on the board. Then guardian of understanding the game plan under stand. That's gotta report as well. As understanding what our goal is new episodes of March man is three sixty five are billable every Tuesday at apple podcasts spot, abide March madness dot com and wherever you listen to podcasts. Continuing my conversation with Canada global opinions editor for the Washington Post. And Karen what I wanted to ask you to is about how the soon to be chairman of the house intelligence committee. Adam Schiff, he told your paper the Democrats will indeed investigate the president's personal financial dealings with Saudi Arabia financial. Do you think that that could explain the president's response in all of this? I mean, I think this is absolutely something that we need to look into because the president's response again is is is bordering on the irrational at this point, considering you know, what are our own intelligence agency has concluded again, not guests not any sort of feelings. This is with high confidence in addition to the CIA as findings. We also know that intelligence from other countries, Germany UK also have similar intelligence as far as the again viciousness of Mohammed bin salon and in relation to this murder. So, you know, it's it's it's welcome in it's absolutely necessary. Because I think we need to underscore in. This case is that if if we allow, you know, our administration to turn a blind eye, and whether or not that's because of financial interests or not we're in a situation where a lot of. People's lives are an absolute danger. We you know, we can't allow for a blank check to be given to versus leaders who are just willing to silence anybody in anybody at any time any place. So I think Adam Schiff it's be need to send a message to to the administration as well that if there are conflicts of interest by conflicts of interest that are putting putting money basically before lives that needs to come to light. And that needs to end yet. Another piece of this Jason resign was on me earlier this week Jason Zion of the Washington Post. He told me that he feels a lot less safe working as a journalist in the US right now here he was. That's a journalist who has unfortunately, experienced some of that in the world. I feel a lot less safe today working in the United States of America than I did a couple of hours ago. And I think this is this a horrible message to be sending to the world really kind of condoning this murder only in the interest of our commercial dealings with Saudi Arabia. I was just wondering carrying if you feel the same way. And why? I agree with Jason I feel I also feel less safe. I'm more concerned with those who I work with who are who are from. You know, these regimes who who've been telling me for the last six weeks since two MOS murder that they are terrified for their lives. They are terrified that they can be taken out of somebody as prominent Jamal can just be taken out of the picture, and such a gruesome way that they feel that nobody will stand up to them, and nobody will will check. We'll check any of these leaders. And so I think that is that is what's at stake here that is it's beyond Jamal at this point. It's about whether or not we are willing to say enough is enough and journalists lives matter Herve, lives, matter, free, expression matters. And this has been such a this Jamal felt safe. I think Jamal felt safe in the United States. It's working for the Washington Post. And I think we also thought that that would be something that would protect him and the idea that it didn't is chilling. And so, but we have a chance I I don't want us to feel helpless, and I think the Democrats have massive role to play unprincipled Republicans people American citizens to to press on us to get to the bottom of this and to impose consequences on those who did this because lives on the line. People are being killed Democrats and Republicans keep speaking up. Karen, keep using your voice Karen Attiyah over at the Washington Post. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Breaking news is after new now Russia probe and associated longtime. 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