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Nona what up world welcome in to another episode of the ocho presented to you in partnership ownership as always with s._p._f. Nations blogging the boys dot com arjo showing me of course from b._t. And from right here as we're humble host on the show it is wednesday today. Happy hump day august seven two thousand and nine thousand nine and we're back back in the normal ocho command center back in the alamo city countdown city san antone tone. Remember the alamo never forget and back door normal schedule. We didn't have episodes on monday or tuesday. I was filling in on e._s._p._n. San antonio is the blitz and with those being you know the first two days back. Things were kind of crazy. The cowboys were off monday so it kind of worked out well so it is wednesday and hope your day a has been going well so far wednesday mill the week baby making our way towards the weekend and we have a lot to discuss when it comes to the dallas cowboys specifically with regards to zucca elliott i think because that's kind of the subject that's got everybody on edge so far and again. This is wednesday august seventh so this is obviously a fluid situation so far zeke elliott has not reported to dallas cowboys training camp and hey i mean what can you do about that. What can you you say you know. There was the anderson report from e._s._p._n. On tuesday zeke was prepared potentially to miss time and the regular season and this kind of set everybody ablaze twitter was on fire after this and i asked why i mean because he's holding out right we've known that he's holding out for almost two weeks now and and so the news that he would be prepared to miss time in the regular season is in fact news. I mean like how is that. How is that new information. You know we we knew that he's obviously that's literally what he's doing right now and so the whole august sixth thing was kinda put to bed and to kind of explain explain that we wrote about this it'd be t._b. But so ziv to not report by august sixth and everybody talked about how he had to report by august sixth in order to gain an accrued season <hes> <hes> if you want to get to eventual free agency now the thing about zeke is he's on a rookie contract with the fifth year option that has already been exercised so the twenty twenty season will in fact saxby his fourth accrued season so he'll still hit free agency in two thousand twenty one. If that's ultimately what happens you know that's assuming no contract extension but now zeke elliott has to report next year so you know his cards are on the table if you will but their cards that don't have to be played for a year so oh z. could take this through the regular season if he wanted to. I mean that's that's a real possibility and i've mentioned this before. This is a non zeke point but the cowboys have to win their first three games okay and i don't you know if they are two in one. I'm not going to freak out or anything but if this team you know wants to win a super bowl and there's obviously suitable the expectations. We've heard a lot of players in a lot of people associated with the team say that that's the kind of thing they wanna do this season. They have to be three because their schedule gets really tough. The second half off basically from the game in new england which is the sunday before thanksgiving from that point on. It's it's rough sledding and it's christmas season so that's a a nice accidental no pun by by me but i mean your first three games at the giants at home on the road in washington and you get the dolphins at home even without zeke. The cowboys should conceivably win those three games. I'm not necessarily saying. I want his time but i would be fascinated to see what would happen. If zeke elliott did did not report and the cowboys were three because they should be three you know especially with zeke obviously but that would be a fascinating situation to watch unfold obviously league different people connected to the cowboys office have offered comments about this since zeke did not show up to campus almost two weeks ago and on tuesday stephen jones on one five three the fan and he talked about how the cowboys didn't want to reset the market. Excuse me he talked about how levy on bell reset the market. We've heard that the cowboys do not want to set the market when it comes to any of their players that need new contracts. There was also a report on tuesday morning that dak prescott amari cooper and zeke elliot all have contract offers from the cowboys that would put among the top five highest paid players position the trouble with that. Is you think about deck top-five paid player. That's thirty million dollars per year at minimum. That's fair right like that's that's really fair when it comes to what you're offering back prescott amari cooper tough. I've highest wide receiver. That's about sixteen seventeen million dollars on an annual average value. That's pretty fair. That's good good tomorrow. However when you talk about zeke the fifth highest paid running back from an annual average value standpoint point currently is leshan mccoy of the buffalo bills. He makes a coupla cookies over eight million dollars per year and look if you don't. I don't think that paying a running back a smart that's up to you and there's a lot of logic to support that i happen to be a little bit more. I don't think paying running back as wise but eight million dollars per year is a joke for i mean and it is i mean i understand that you may not think that that philosophy is smart but the reality is that if there is a runner okay and i think everybody will agree with this. If there is a running back who has earned a fifteen million dollar per year salary owlry it is unquestionably as ukulele and obviously there's cautioned to be you know advised here because of the todd gurley situation obviously led me on bell just got paid and the reason that people are referring to levy on bell setting the market is because he was on the market todd gurley never hit the open market so it truly was levy on bell who set the the market so to speak but i get it. I get it if you don't wanna pay that much and i think we're the arguments have come from is. I think we all agree agree. That zeke is worth that much like we all agree with that however not everybody believes it's in the best interest of the dallas cowboys to pay vat figure. It's just the business of football and that's not it's a business type quote the reality the reality is that's the business of football us. Oh we're still on zeke watch. I think something else that was really fascinating. That steven told one through the fan was that he didn't think there was any momentum that would suggest that the cowboys would get a deal done was the before the team leaves oxnard now. Their last practice in oxnard is next thursday august fifteenth so not exactly shocking to here yeah. We'd probably want to have something done in a week but we're about a month. I mean we're we're really close to approximate month away from week. One against the new york giants nights and i do find that fascinating for example that you're seeing anderson report was prepared to miss time of the regular season however nobody but he thinks it's gonna come to that it. Just you know the vibe him and i talked about this on the blitz and this is my own personal assessment of the situation the vibe i get it is that zeke wants to be there. That's that's my own vibe and you can call that optimism if you want but that's that's my vibe divide. The zeke wants to be there but this is just necessary surrey. I mean it is the business. It's zeke's best financial interest to do this and so he's playing this card. You know the way that he unfortunately unfortunately has to say unfortunately because you know he's not in practice. That's an unfortunate ramifications of all of this but that is the story that is dominating the dallas cowboys right now and if you chalk that among bad things associated with the team right now if they're really they're the cowboys. You're doing all right. I mean they really are are doing well now. Tuesday's practice did bring forth some injuries. Obviously <hes> the most notable one being robert quinn with fractured hand. Lots of reports said he's on scheduled to be back with the cowboys by a week one against you know against the new york giants. That seems seems fine. Not adiel that you're starting defensive in all likelihood is going to miss about a month work of work but if he's going to be back week one. I think everybody is going to ultimately camilli relax. The thing that is of legitimate concern brett maher okay now a year ago when i got back from oxnard one of the best interviews that i had recorded that we played here on the podcasts in fact one of the best he's ever done with. Dan bailey and i came away thinking man that that guy is so good i mean he he's a ring of honor type player. He somebody who's going to be a cowboy forever. I mean he's incredible and then obviously dan bailey got cut by the cowboys that was was one of the most surprising fifty three man roster downs we've seen in some time and brent maher replaced him and before we before you throw stones at the cowboys. Cowboys always never said okay. We're cutting. Dan bailey and brent maher is going to be the next generation kicker. No they just simply felt that it made more sense to brett maher in two thousand eighteen than it did to go with dan bailey really and if you look at the way dan bailey handed his time with the minnesota vikings kind of the correct call it really interesting so brett maher is an and has been struggling throughout training camp in oxnard the cow was do have casey redfern behind him and the name that you will hear associated with the cowboys always kicking woes from now until the moment he is either a cowboy or something else is matt bryant the longtime atlanta falcons kicker and dan look man. I mean i have focused on kicking and there were lots of times last year when because daily cut didn't make sense to me i'm fine you know being able all to admit that i was wrong and the cowboys good for them. I've looked at this. A lot and kicker is worth a lot and i i wrote something. A longtime ago about how dan bailey's shouldn't be used on touchback s- because excuse me i'll kick ass which eventually became touchback because the number of extra kicks you're having his body go through is not worth it because he is a point producer that position as silly as it sounds. I know you're rolling your eyes like dude. It's a kicker doesn't matter it does matter that position produces points. It makes the difference between games think about it. The cowboys won two games last season against the detroit. Lions and atlanta falcons off of brett maher game winning kicks in fact act. They lost a game to the washington redskins because he missed her and he claimed it off the upright so you're talking about three games in two thousand eighteen alone that came down to the foot of brent maher that position has to have something that you're overwhelmingly comfortable with and right now that is absolutely not brett maher in fact thirteen of the cowboys sixteen games last season. We're one possession possession games. They won nine of them. I mean so you know. Two of them. Were the marlins. I mentioned i mean it is at close lead. It is is a sunday after sunday of of you know neo dodging bullets. That's what it can be so often in the n._f._l. And so if you're going to be living that life and living on the edge you're kicker you gotta get a kicker and right now. I don't think anybody believes that. Brett maher is the kicker to the cowboys should roll into the season with is matt bryant that guy. I don't know no but what i do know. Is that right now. You gotta get some other guys. You gotta get somebody that you think can challenge brett maher or you gotta get somebody that is better than brent maher but that's you know that's that's not good. That's kinda like but it feels like to me is i'm really guilty of this. You know how like when your car tells you like. Oh dude it's time for an oil change and you're like i'll be fine and then like you drive five hundred miles and like every time you turn the car on its telling you need an audience. You just like it's cool man. It's cool like piven five hundred miles to happen. I once went like three thousand miles without getting an orange and thank god everything worked out but the fact remains that you should not do that and so the cowboys should not go this long without getting an oil change metaphorically speaking of course they should look into the kicking situation so that they are are not in a position with anger on their face and they don't lose a game because they don't have a good enough kicker so that's that's the situation but other than that i mean these these are small problems and i don't mean to just like freak out or freak you out and get your wednesday started off all weird by the zeke thing and i know that you know sort of concrete proof of this but the zeke's being feels like it will work out right. I think ultimately we all feel in our heart of hearts that the cowboys zeke going to work this out. Don't know how don't win but it just feels like it's gonna get done the brett maher things a little concerning that i'm honestly more concerned about the brett maher thing because <music> that has been an issue <hes> then i am the zeke elliott thing. Maybe you don't feel that way but if those are your two biggest problems with a third being that robert the queen's gonna miss the rest of camp and the preseason. He wasn't gonna play in the preseason much anyway. You do it all right. I mean those are the biggest problems you have. You're doing alright for yourself as a football team and i think that's the most important thing i wrote about that a lot during my weekend option are with the e._s._p._n. San antonio crew the the over wellman in disposition that i got from that weak is that this is a really confident really calm really focused in to <hes> to patches on the back a really driven even team. They're really focused and i know you don't want to buy that. I know it sounds like football cliche. I know it sounds cheesy but they really and truly totally are and so these little problems. You're going to have problems. It's it's football dude. You're gonna have injuries. You're going to have holdouts. You're going to have people that want to get paid. You're gonna have positions. That aren't as good as others. These are on normal training camp issues and and ultimately it feels like doug sort out. This is a coaching staff that has earned a little bit of trust if we're being honest and a front office has earned a whole heck of a lot of trust so hopefully hopefully everything works out for them we will we'll be back tomorrow. 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