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This week from GNC week in review power by Keith new central net. Flicks tells apple thanks, but no, thanks. You have see comes to ESPN. Plus what's the difference between HBO now versus HBO? Also, another Alex Jones ban. Plus, Debbie Nunez, sues Twitter, those are assembly tech new stories miss week, and it's Friday March twenty second twenty nineteen. My name is Kirk Corless and is bestowed seventeen of the GNC weaken rebuke podcast, a proud member of the tech podcast network. If it's tech it's here. Thank you so much for tuning in for this week's episode, and please be sure to scribe to the podcast. We can find the right hand side column at GNC weekly dot com at apple podcast, your favorite podcast app or onto Nance qualifying Stitcher. Get connected with GNC w I are on Twitter on Facebook at GNC weakling. Love to hear comments thought. Suggestions wanna say. Hi at GNC weekly at gmaiLcom. We're going to jump in with the tech news from this week and from geek news central dot com. This week. And there's a lot of news in the video streaming news block first Netflix, CEO Reed, Hastings confirmed that his company won't be playing a role in Apple's upcoming video streaming service. He said on Monday, quote, we want to have people watch our content on our service, we've chosen not integrate into their service. Apple is expected to reveal. It's offering that next Monday. And apple is trying to supplement its original shows by finalizing deals with networks like HBO Showtime and stars to license library of already released content. Hastings points out that Netflix has already been competing with Amazon. So it's used to rivals with deep pockets. He also says quote, you do your best with you do your best job when you have great competitors. But acknowledged that sourcing original content is getting more expensive. He also conceded that it could be a while before net flicks enters the Chinese market avenue attempt to get in by partnering with a local company failed. He said, quote, we'll be blocked in China for a long time. Apple didn't respond to requests for comment. Youtube has terminated an account, Dan, it was seemingly operating as a secondary channel for Alex Jones in wars apper, its first one was banned. Last August, a statement from YouTube confirm that a channel resistance news was banned for aiding in Jones's band vision. The channel carried re uploaded live streams Jones's deleted Infowars channel and included new conspiracy theory theory, the theory videos, as well YouTube will remove channels that are dedicated to lives doing Infowars content or uploading videos of full and four law info wars live streams without additional context of commentary, a YouTube Spurs YouTube spokesperson said quote, went users violate these policies repealing like our policies against hate speech and harassment or are terms per prohibiting circumvention of our enforcement measures we terminate their accounts the existence. Our residents news was first reported by media matters on Wednesday. The channel was created in two thousand fifteen and has mastered. Just over sixty four thousand subscribers like info wars, many of the videos focus on conspiracy theories surrounding Pol politics and major events to videos in particular referred. To the recent mass shooting in New Zealand in which fifty people were killed as quote false flag attacks. Over on seeing that dot com. There's everything, you know, about Amazon prime video channels. There's. Amazon prime video and you can add HBO Showtime, senior CBS CBS all access and all the high wall. The Lincoln has shown on various prime channels, the prices of various networks and channels that you can Chuck out. If you're a fan of the ultimate fighting if you're fan of the ultimate fighting championship. Or you have see there are some good news ESPN and nnounced that you have see pay per view fights will be available exclusively to US audiences through ESPN. Plus the agreement will go into effect. Starting April thirteenth for UFC. Two thirty six featuring a rematch between lightweight lightweights max Holloway and Dustin player. Pete player. P I R E E R and will run through twenty twenty-five under the new deal ESPN plus will have explicit right city. You've have the biggest matches and will broadcast twelve live events per year for each of the next seven years ESPN, plus subscribers who purchased the paper views, we'll also will get off is events card. So you will still have to pay the nine dollars ninety nine cents on top of the ESPN plus option for the pay per view of events. ESPN will. Will continue to broadcast preliminary fights while you have see fight pass ascribes web access to the early. Preliminary bouts bars and establishment hosts watch parties for you have see pay per view thence. We'll still be able to purchase access to the fights. From you have say ESPN is offering news offers to attract you'll see fans, the company is offering one year of answering plus and one UFC pay per view, then for eighty dollars existing IPE ESPN, plus Scribner's will have to shout sixty dollars for each you have pay per view them the first of that exclusive to ESPN. Plus you have see two thirty six we'll go on sale. April eighth also on CNN dot com. There's a Lincoln show knows on the difference between HBO now versus HBO go. I have HBO go where HBO go is. When you go into the app or on the skidding more like more often. And authors and app on your phone or on through the provider through the proverbial set top box, and you need to log in with your username and password as provided by your cable or satellite service, and I versus HBO now, it's a standalone service, it's an app. Warring? Go wants to the HBO now dot coms website. And so basically everything there's a difference though, in differences, it's free with a proprietor fifteen dollars with HBO now, and I have a link in the show notes that you can check out the difference between two and the channels the shoes me the options that are available. Skews me wrapping up this block off the technique. The video streaming news over on life. Hackers com. What's coming and going from net flicks in April, there is a bunch of various movies entitles and TV series. There's from going from for example presents men forty versus Jason. That's that's an April. First moving down a little bit further on the month. No good. Nick TV series further down. There's there's diverse here. I'm not going to halt the whole less. But there's also some that are leaving in April April first American pie Bill Madison dying day. So I will link up on a show that's on what's coming to net flex April and what's leading in April from the verge on com. There's interview worry or spoke to to a Senator from zuri Josh hauling. And in an interview he talks about Congress's investigations in the Facebook, and it's teen data collections changes in the community communication decency. Act and more, and I will link up in that he can check out. It's a great read. So I urge everyone to read all about it. Facebook's says a total of four thousand people view the new Inc. New Zealand mosque shooter's life fame before taking down less than two hundred people watching the live broadcast, according to session, according to the social network. None of who reported. Facebook says the first user report came in twenty nine minutes after seventeen minute. He was started which was twelve minutes. Apper livestream ended the stats warm part of Facebook sliced update detailing auger response to the sharing of New Zealand New Zealand shooting posts, they revealed a small-scale reach of the regional broadcast. But as we know that doesn't own actually stop it from being while circulated around the internet in the wake of livestream version of video on YouTube every second over the weekend. It was also a shared to run it forms for him such as our slash watch. People die and are such gore. Both of which happened since been banned and Facebook itself. Scrambled to pull one point five million video. Of the incident and the first twenty four hours. Meanwhile, New Zealand New Zealand ISP's, including Vodafone sparkin, though, Koos were forced to block access at the at the DNS level to websites didn't respond to take down requests together. They call up. Controversial message board as four Chan in H M will the shooter was a member of and according to Facebook he shared a link to the copy of the video hosted on a file sharing site Republican. Congressman Devin Nunes of California has said that tweets from the parody counts at din, Deb, Nunes, newness, his mom and at Devin Cal violated the platforms terms of service, their tweets accused him a federal crimes in the scribe him engaging in sexual activities with US President Donald Trump. He is suing for two hundred fifty million dollars. He wrote in a forty page complaint. Quote, Twitter new the defamation was and is happening Twitter. A happen because Twitter had and has a political agenda. He said he saw has suffered quote substantial insult substantial insult humiliation. Embarrassment pain, mental suffering pain, mental suffering and damage to his reputation from the Twitter. Insults. He is now claiming that Twitter, quote, selectively amplified tweets attempted to distract him from that investigation. Miss Nunez, says the count's at Liz mayor at Devin Nunes is mom and at Deb Cal let a coordinator coordinated coordinated smear campaign against him. Although fringe council Chaz at fired at fired devenue nez, and at Devon graves also stoppers also stop also dished up in salts tweets on the accounts have accused him of crimes such as obstructing Justice, and perjury. Some posts have have route to have referred to him as quote dirty Devon and described him describe. Him engaging in sex octaves with President Trump. This to Nunez has said these allegations are false Corentin Nunez, Twitter suspended. The Devon Devon Nunez's. Mom, accounting. Toy nineteen followed the complaint. The the democrat Dominican is still active and as of this recording this episode on Friday, March twenty second I'm going to look right now on Twitter. Check right now at Devin cowl. Devin cow. Check right now. How many Twitter follows he has it has gives me. K ads recording right now at seven forty seven in so important, seven PM eastern time. There is six hundred twenty two thousand followers, Mr. Nunez's, Mr. Nunez says that Twitter, quote, shadow ban has account using algebra algorithms to make certain posts in invisible. To other users Nisar Nunez, does not subscribe, how Twitter shadow abandoned his account in a complaint he filed mostly complaint insistent most the complaint instead focused on the three accounts declaims per posted definite defamatory, con content and Twitter's failure to enforce its Twitter rules in terms of service. He also says quote Twitter by its actions intended Twitter by its actions intended to generate and proliferate the false, indefinite, definitely statements, unquote. And some tells me that he's not to win the soup. Over on Android, central dot com. The best Android phones under three hundred dollars. There is the the overall it will be the motor G seven mid reigns. The south the Samsung galaxy s seven the for Android one or under Android once gives me Nokia six point one for the modern chic Thursday, wall way p twenty light. So there's a for the Ford -able option. There is the honor seven exit for tight budgets Moto e five so I will link up in the show notes on the the pricing, the the specs, etc. All in the show notes. Remember me pass in its struggle with Cas with its customers. Well, movie pass is shaking up its pricing radical pricing model once again, and this read introducing its unlimited plan tech crunch notes that movie cat most that movie pass. Uncapped as the plans now called offers you an unlimited number of movie screenings each month with prices starting at nine ninety five the services available in the US unlinked to plans that have been placed since last August, which imposed a hard limit a three movie showings, a month movie pass on cat lets you see an unlimited number of films. However, there are some caveats the service term say that movie pass. It may limit your film selection based on location times movie titles and even your own historical usage when he wants a movie using the quote unquote, unlimited service, you'll hot reserves reserve a seat less than three hours before the film was due to start annual then check in once you arrive at a cinema at which point your card is activated. And you have to thirty minutes to purchase ticket. If over the course of a month you fail. A check in for more than one movie after having booked up then movie pass says it may suspend your count. Also, we pass reserves its right to. To cancel your subscription. If he repeatedly don't watch a film in its quote, unquote entirely after using the service to buy ticket. Well, that's pretty harsh. Only think so we'll say this new plan is a is a hit or a miss in the house, you block it. How to block today on this week's episode per stop over on seen net dot com analysis springtime so there's some apps to help you pair for spring cleaning. There is why lady there is a spring cleaning checklist. While ladies on us. The spring cleaning checklist is on Android. There's our home. It's for us or Android declutter. That's on Android. Snuffs? That's all and also an I download I o s or on Android to check out these apps link-up in the show notes. Also in the show notes on how to get more space. How to get more space in your Google Drive from the birds dot com and give you some great tips on how to do that. Also on mak- make use dot com. There is a link up and a show notes, and how you can master the mobile excuse me master, the mobile g mail giving great tips on how do that? And also on make us up dot com. The four best budget apps there is you need a budget. There is and this is on that's on Android and IOS meant now. I hadn't I recommend a loved. It helps me a lot helped me greatly on managing my money. That's for Android and I o s good budget. That's what I enjoyed I o s and every dollar. That's also on Android Iowa. So that's link in the show notes on the the best budget apps again, I recommend recommend men. Also, make us a dot com. How to transfer files from a PC to an ipad or vice versa. Give you detail tips on how to do that. And actually, excuse me. The how to transfer files of what they app called. Called file app. Saw a link up in the shots. And to bring the hell to tech blocked to a close, as you know, GNC mentioned a moment ago earlier GNC wer is on Spotify Spotify, and you are ascribed to this podcast. Thank you for subscribing in tune. And then if you're not on swallow, if you're not subscribe, please be sure to do that. Now, why are you doing that over on make us dot com? You can also check out the best podcast on Spotify. Now, the brighter his the writer, Dan price. I'll make us dot com. These or his picks. So your mileage may vary on your best park has lem Spotify. But there's a there's a list here. Showstopper or the Joe button podcast with rain mile. Dissect there's a few here is ten. He's chosen on his list. You can check it up. I'll have the link up in the show notes on that trending this week on GNC wer. It is burning theme as when it's March in the US and every year Morris, there is college basketball or better known as more to madness. So we're on Google trends and number one, but in basketball trending number two on Twitter in the US, Virginia basketball and lastly trending at number ten with over with over two hundred thousand views a clip thou does about runs about ten minutes and one second Murray state versus Marquette in the first round tournament. And finally, if you live in New York City Optimus riot, a Boston based self driving startup announced plans to deploy and autonomous shuttle service in your. City in the second quarter of twenty nine thousand nine hundred Optimus riots autonomous. Shuttles were gone closed. Loops on private roads within the Brooklyn navy yard a private three hundred acre World War Two airy factory. That's an amidst of a high tech invention. The shuttle service will be available to around eighty five hundred people who work at the navy yards various heavy and light manufacturing businesses as well as future. Passengers of New York City's east East River ferry service would is planning on opening a new dock Anthony navy yard in nineteen. And that is the tech news for this week Friday for the for Friday, excuse me, if I get the words out sorry, it's a tongue-tied and it's a short episode somewhat. I think. That is tech news of the week for Friday, March twenty second twenty nineteen got got it out. And I just knocked my macbook. Sorry. Thank you so much for tuning in this week's episode. Please get connected with with us at GNC w I r I love to hear from your live love to hear from everyone out. There. Did your thoughts? Comments wanna say, hi and on social platforms were at its at GNC weekly or GNC, we Jhansi weekly at gmaiLcom. And if you're not required to podcast be it on if you also crowd the podcast either. It's on a podcast your favorite podcast app. Or again, the podcast is on Spotify. You can subscribe pod care podcast there as well. That way you don't miss another episode of GNC we can review podcast till next time. I will talk to you all sin.

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