Matt Bernier Show - Preview Edition - Eclipse Award 2018


Were. What's happening? Welcome in the Matt Bernier Show, TV live dot dot com. Life dot com. The daily racing form Twitter handle at DR inside post as well as the daily racing forms Facebook page by him Matt birney you can follow me on Twitter at Bernier underscore, Matt. This is the preview addition the first one of twenty nineteen usually this preview dishes, usually look ahead. Take a look at a race using formulator and replays, maybe look at some sporting events coming up from a betting standpoint number of different things this one little bit different. Because in a way, it's almost a review because I'm going to go over my clips award ballot. That I submitted just a few days ago, we turned here into twenty nineteen. I'm only going over the horse awards. I'm not going to go over the human connections. If you have questions or you'd like to know more about that again on Twitter at Bernier underscore, Matt. Currently, my avatar is peanuts. Because I'm paying the second half of my wager with Pierre Thomas foreign town Jonathan Kinchen from the Breeders Cup. So those will be up there. For a little while. But if you see it, and you get confused, that's me. I'm the one with the peanuts for the emoji are the avatar excuse me following that. I'll come up with the NFL wildcard super factor. Those of you that normally follow along with the preview, you know, that the NFL season we go out with the NFL trifecta disappointing finish to the season when Owen three in that last week. I think was the only week that got shut out and ultimately hurt the win percentage a little bit. But we were still in the positive. We were still in the black for the entirety of the year. Hopefully, we can get this thing back on track here with the NFL coming up here. Again, you got four games on wild card weekend. So we'll go over those at the end of those listen to this podcast like most of you, do YouTube soundcloud, I tunes video dot Dera dot com as well as Spotify. If you're over on YouTube, click subscribe button, you'll get all the latest the DR of TV has to offer as long as you have that little bell icon lit up. If you have a line through you're not gonna get any of the videos. Make sure that you've got the line taken care of that's gone. The bell it self is there because then you'll get everything we've got. Over on TV. If you listen apple podcast tunes. However, you listen to your podcast, right? As a review give us a positive rating. It's always greatly appreciated. You know, what I say give us a positive rating. If you thought something sucked give it a negative rating me the positive feedback needed need or not positive action. Say that need the crew the sort of constructive criticism where if there's something that you'd like changed in at the end of the day, this is trying to produce content that the viewer in the listener enjoys so if there's something that you'd like change, the different ideas, you like some other pieces here, and there again, you gotta beneath the video player on YouTube or on Twitter at Bernier underscore, Matt. Like, I said, we'll dive into the eclipse award. Ballot kick this off. I'm only going over the horse's. Some of them are going to have replace some of them won't have replays. Some of them. I think deserve to be spoken about a little bit more. So in depth than others some divisions were lock stock and barrel than there was really anything to it. Others supposed to go. Different ways. We'll kick things off. We'll go right nor the two year old males. And we'll probably break this up into a sort of six and five over the two year olds the three year olds and older horses. Then will sort of split it up and go with the sprint horses. The turf runners that horse of the year to button things up two year old male to me, I think it's kind of a no brainer. I'd be surprised if anyone went against game winner just based on what he did. He's undefeated. He's gone out there. He's one everywhere. He's raced. He was an impressive winner of the Breeders Cup juvenile. And I understand maybe he's not the most talented in the Baffert barn. Perhaps. That's improbable another horse that I would imagine a finalist for two year old male perhaps Coliseum. We were going to see on Saturday coming up in the sham out at Santa Anita perhaps someone else who knows. But based on what he's done. I just I didn't really think improbable had a great argument against him didn't run in the Breeders Cup a little bit of a later bloomer. I know he ran on the British undercard. But just to me game winner did overall. I think he deserves to win to your mail. Ultimately, that's where I went. Two year old female, I could see this being one of the divisions that I might catch a little bit of heat on. And again, if you agree, disagree, whatever your thoughts are at Bernier underscore, Matt or beneath the video player on YouTube jaywalk is a very deserving winner of the two year old filial ward. An emphatic winner of the Breeder's Cup juvenile fillies going to turn for the first time an emphatic win or the grade one for a one turn mile Belmont Park. I can understand anyone that says that just plain and simple. She was the best. But I for me I have to go back a few years. And I believe it was the first year that I worked for the daily racing form. And it was the first year. I had a vote for the eclipse awards and got down a horse of the year. And I had a really difficult time going between two horses, California, chrome and shared belief. Those of you that have been following me for basically since the TV show know-how fund. I am of shared belief and always was and I think he was one of the best horses. I've seen as I've paid attention to the game certainly not as long as some other folks have but at the end of the day from a credential standpoint for that year for horse of the year. I thought it was a scenario where California chrome he had more accomplishments. But I didn't think he was the better horse because when they matched up head to head shared belief, simply better, he just. Much much better than California chrome. Ultimately, I voted for California chrome and immediately after I submitted the ballot. I was sort of regretting it. I I was disappointed that I went that route because all along in my heart hearts, I thought shared belief was the better horse. And I understand that you can't always use that. But I think maybe this year in the horse of the year argument. We'll talk about that at the back half a little bit of that can come up with some people and understandably so with this division. What what I saw from newspaper of record plus the accomplishments. I just I felt compelled to vote for her as oppose to jaywalk and it's not a knock whatsoever. It's not meant to be disrespect to jaywalk at all. I think she is a class Philly that who knows she can go on. She can win the Kentucky oaks she can win the distaff next year. She go in breeders cups for years to come. She might. I've no I it's not a question about her talent. I just looked at this and thought I would I saw from newspaper of record in three lifetime starts. She's never won by less than six lengths in any. One of three lifetime starts in her crowning achievement. To date was beneath the twin spires down Churchill Downs in the Breeder's Cup juvenile fillies turf. Here's the stretcher on lyrics on the call. Rod Ortiz junior has not even moved them until they're into the stretch with newspaper of record outset down. And she it's PLO what power once again, what furlong Togo and that it's done a region. The inside followed by concrete rose. They're coming down to the sixteenth pole and its newspaper of record stop up recipes. This is one fabulous fabulous Philly. Oh, she wanted by seven lakes is east gut. Second late. I just thought that was just visually spectacular. And I have a hard time. This is a very difficult one for me to decipher and I think jaywalks going to win. And I think it's going to be a relatively comfortable victory from being honest. But there's a part of me that thinks the newspaper record could potentially be a special kind of horse. And I just I wouldn't have been comfortable with myself had I had the sort of horse of the year vote from years ago, come back in rear its ugly head here for me internally saying if I think newspaper record is a more talented horse and the compliments are right there. I kind of feel like I have to go with her over Jay walk again. No disrespect to the folks connected with Jay walk. I think she's going to probably win and she's deserving winter. I personally think newspaper record is the two year old villi champion three-year-old nails this one if it's not unanimous. Then I don't know what we're doing here, and what the award voters are looking at looked as triple crown winner. And for the three year olds that is the end all be all for most folks in racing. Triple crown period is the end all be all justify should be an absolute slam dunk. He should be unanimous here for three year old champion. Let's go back and relive what many people would say is the crowning achievement. I would even say it's the crowning achievement of the entire year the individual accomplishment the crowning achievement justify winning the Belmont Stakes and winning the triple crown. Copy cut the corner. It's just. To bill. Grand scheme that Hooker to win them down a row store, but sixty to justify its they're justify from ski. He's just. Again, really not much more for me to go in with that division. I think it's a slam dunk there. And I also think the three year old Phillies are slam dunk. If Montemar girl is not the overwhelming. And I would I would I would even go as far as if she is not the unanimous three year old filly champion. I don't know what we're doing here. She wanted to Kentucky oaks you on the Breeders Cup distaff. She won the coaching club American oaks. She won the acorn. She when Ashland. She put together an incredible campaign in a year if this was another year, and maybe some of the credentials for some of the other major players were little bit weaker. There's a real arguments it'd be made that Manoa girl should be a horse of the year candidate I voted for her third you need to. So the way, and I probably should have started with this at the top for those that are unfamiliar as far as the eclipse awards are concerned the voters we put in three finalists one-two-three, you rank them Cordingley the champion the votes only go toward the first place votes. So you may have more. Third place votes than anyone else. You may have more second and third place votes. Anybody else that'll get you is a finalist, but it's not alternate. What goes toward your championship? Sort of voting votes are only for the first place votes. Far as year end awards are concerned the most votes for the top three that will get you in a finalist. I think Montenegro should be a finalist. I can't imagine there's any scenario whatsoever where she ends up being a horse dick invive for the championship. But in any of the year, I think she would be deserving horse of the year candidate this year. I think she should be a finalist. I don't think she has a real chance to win that award, but she should be unanimous three year old filly my opinion, older dirt mail, an older female older male to me was pretty cut and dry. I think exceleron based on what he did the overall body of work of disgusted a number of times. And we'll discuss it again as we go into the horse of the year argument between he and justify. I just think what he did. That was also unprecedented going through winning Sandinista handicap the Gold Cup at Santini into the Pacific classic. And then coming back and winning the Breeders Cup Classic, by the way. Throw in a little bit of a a great one in between there with the awesome again. That's an unprecedented campaign for an older horse. And he did so running fast times for the most part the last two races, admittedly, a little bit on slower side than I would have liked, but we know on his best. He was capable of giant giant performance. I just think he's crowning achievement. I it's going to be the Breeders Cup. Classic. John sadler. He gets his first one to me his best race bar. None was the Pacific classic where he just absolutely whistled through up a one fifteen Beyer speed figure made everybody else, look like pack mules, which not the case. They're all great one caliber runners to me lock stock barrel. Nothing to think about their accelerate older male. As far as the dirt runners are concerned, older female was a division that I- truth be told did not want to vote for anyone. I did. Because I kind of feel like it was an obligation in a situation like this. I just the way the Abel Tasman finished her year. I couldn't couldn't vote for her Elat didn't win a grade one. And she only ran twice. I went with unique Bella. And I know, you know, we we almost we forgot about unique bell because she's been gone for as long as she has. But she's three times a grade one winner, and I believe the dual grade one winner in a great to winter, and she just missed out in that race the apple blossom down there. And Oaklawn that was after she threw a fit loading into the gate in again at the end of the day. I I may not have ever loved unique Bella, but just from a credential standpoint, and I know she beat Laforce in two of those races and not trying to be a jerk about the force. But I don't think the force is named should ever come up with clips award. I just that really is division to me. It's. I mean, I I don't know. There's a good answer there. I ended up going with unique Bella I can't be outraged with anyone that gets voted for. And they're just because I think they're all kind of black. She's who I landed on a division that I have zero opinion whatsoever. I just kind of went with what she had accomplished as far as the totality of her campaign. It was very brief which I don't like, and I usually dock horses for that. But at the same time. There weren't many longer campaigns in the longer campaigns. They completely fell apart at the end, so ultimately, older female, I chose to go with unique Bella. Go to sprint divisions. Male sprinter to me, this one's really again, kind of a no brainer. You look and see ROY h and accomplish I thought perhaps he had lost a little bit on the fastball. It stages throughout the year. He came back in basically better than ever fashion culminating with a repeat in the Breeder's Cup sprint and very likely a repeat as far as male sprinters concerned. Here is the Breeder's Cup. Sprint ROY h winning again at the top at a stretch right by promises. Fulfilled imperial hint pint to close on the outside then distinctive Whitmore's making progress here he comes leading horses. Roy h has got a big lethal at the sixteenth police foreign front, wet more closes the gap into second. As they come to the line. Roy h does it again won it by four legs under buckle Benz? Never looked like loser. Rounding the far turn turned Eddie Olczyk and disorder gonna win by fifteen didn't quit when by quite that many. But he never looked like he was gonna lose that race. An impressive job from this horse. And again, he just rock-solid if he shows up and runs his best more likely than not no one else can run with his best. And you just wonder he's a gelding in theory. You keep him sound to keep them happy and healthy this could continue on for a little way. So hopefully, everything stays good with him. I think he's well on his way to another eclipse award as far as the Phillies and mayors are concerned, this is another one it's kind of I don't have as big a problem voting for who. I did. Usually, this is me one of the weaker divisions. Last year, you look and see unique Bella ultimately ended up winning. I voted for her reluctantly, but I just could not vote for bar of gold who won the Breeders Cup. Filly sprint and I have such a hard time basing award off of one individual accomplishment. So with this instance, I thought in that Breeders Cup filly mayor sprint Marley's freedom. Ran the best race given the slow start in the wide trip. X y and z and I understand she comes back in the gopher one was a mile race. Technically, it wasn't a sprint. But you look and see when she had done throughout the rest of the two thousand eighteen campaign to me. I don't have any problem voting for Marley's freedom as champion female sprinter. I. I don't know that I would have a problem if a horse like shamrock rose wins because she won the Breeders Cup and she had won the raven run. Just a few weeks prior at Keeneland. But again that to me that's more so awarding one race. And I appreciate the folks that that look at it and say, you know, oil the Breeders Cup is our championship event. And x y and z and look it's hard to ignore winning Breeders Cup goes a long way. But I don't think the Breeders Cup should be the end all be all in for the folks that have complained about the Breeders Cup taking too much starch at the back half of the campaign. Well, that would be my sort of suggestion to them would be to look at it a little bit more and say if you feel that way don't reward horses that they're only you know, they run three times and they win the Breeders Cup. And all of a sudden, they're champion, whatever if you have a horse that runs second the Breeders Cup, but has six other grade one wins, maybe you should award them something. Just again, I'm throwing different things out there. But at the end of the day, would I be what I'd be appalled. If shamrock rose were to be champion, Phil mills female sprinter. No, not at all. I just think Marley's freedom the overall body of work, and including the fact that I think she ran arguably best race in the British affiliate. Mayor sprint. I like her as female sprint champion male turf runner, this division to me is very similar to what we discussed with the older dirt females. It just really it's kinda gross. Don't know that. There's anyone that is truly truly deserving of it. I thought long and hard about it. And I went through and looked at all of the names of the horses that are, you know, running the big grade one route races, whether it's the Arlington million. I love Robert, Bruce. I think from talent standpoint he is as good as it gets. But it's kind of hard for me to ignore. The fact that his last two races were certainly disappointing and very clearly is much better on one surface. Then another meaning on firm going. Posed to any ground with giving it I look at a horse. Like channel maker who I liked the Breeders Cup Turf. Didn't pick his feet up that day. But then you go through and you look at the overall body of work, and what he had accomplished a grade one winner. He finished second grade one. He finished third grade one he did those at distances ranging between a mile and a half and a flat mile people forget the finish third and that kill wrote earlier in the year at Santa Anita. But I go only one grade one look at glorious empire, and he's going to get some I don't wanna call recency bias with him. But the way that he went and won that race at Gulfstream on opening weekend. I think a lot of people looked at that. And they said immediately. That's he's the winner. Well, we forget that he was a complete no-show in the Breeders Cup Turf. Very similar to channel maker his big wins. Today were a dead heat with channel maker and a win over channel mater. So really if you like Lawry's empire, you kinda have to like a horse channel maker as well. I know there's some talk about some of these other horses. I automatically land on stormy liberal. And I don't know that there's ever been a time where turf sprinter really merited consideration for the male turf category. But I kinda feel like from just a consistency standpoint this horses rock-solid. He's won races at five five and a half six and a half different configurations different tracks different conditions of the turf tracks. And he was just consistent. And I think that to me really was the hallmark of this division. It was a lack of consistency. And really stormy liberal was the most consistent or force that we had all year. I have a hard time giving a horse like expert. I the award when you ran here. One time I need more than that. Sure. Maybe your overall body of work overseas. And you you sort of combine that with what you did here in the Breeders Cup. I get all that. I just have a hard time rewarding horse that runs here. One time with one of our award 's wouldn't it be crazy? If you just think about it, and this is going to be a little bit of a tip off. You know, I'll save I'll save it for the next division. Ultimately male turf. I'm going to little bit outside the box. I think he's gonna get some consideration. Though. I voted for stormy liberal as male turf champion female turf champion. This is the one where kind of tailing I have a hard time a warning. Our our year end award to a horse that's run here. One time anyone will look at it and say enable is probably the best horse. Let's call a Spade enabled probably the best horse at all these names that we're going to go over including exceleron including justify including ROY h from town standpoint, enable is probably the best horse, arguably a top two or three horse in the world. I have a very difficult time giving her in a ward when she ran here. Once on the flip side, you have a horse that she didn't win the Breeders Cup Turf. But she didn't win the Philly mayor, and you combine that with a number of grade one racist throughout the year, and that sister, Charlie and to me, she is the most deserving from start to finish of an eclipse awards for his females on Grasser concern. Here's her win in the twenty eight team Breeders Cup filly turf. From sister charleen on the outside hit to the final. For long raving beauty trying to hold off wild Chicoms sister. Charlie's there. And then it's magic wand a sixty two goal while dogs have raping duty sister, traveling on the outside the three of the coming down to the live. As sister, Charlie who run wild in the last strides to a Raving Loony. She beat good Phillies coming over from Europe. She wanted a number of different distances. I thought the Breeders Cup was going to be difficult for at a mile and three eighths thought she'd be better going shorter, she prevailed. Chad did a good job with her. And I understand again, enable from down standpoint is better than sister, Charlie in all likelihood, but but enable running here once I don't care that it was the the phenomenal feat of arc Breeders Cup double. She ran here. One time. And I just personally I have a very difficult time giving a horse that ran here once as opposed to a horse that ran here all year and one basically all of our big races far as fillies and mares Grasser concerned. I very. Difficult time giving the award to enable. I think sister Charlie's the most deserving and ultimately went with her, and that gets us to the horse of the your topic of address this few different times might own hasn't changed much. It's a two horse race. Again. I really believe if these two horses were a little bit lesser Manoa girl would have a very very serious case to be up in this area as well. Unfortunately for her and her connections, both justifying exceleron are there. Just rock-solid no matter how you chop it up. And again, I feel like so much of this voting needs. It comes down to consistency. And the two year olds they're they're campaigns are this long anyway. So there you're only going to get two or three months, maybe four months out of them for the entire year. But these other horses, I wanna see did you did you run consistently from start to finish? And there are going to be certain divisions. Where reluctantly I have to make a vote. I have to vote for a unique bell who ran for. This long in the entire campaign because the other horses that ran longer they didn't run. Well, so I'm not gonna just reward you just for mediocrity. I wanna reward horses that run longer campaigns throughout the year and sort of maintain that level of success justify he would be deserving horse of the year. I think he is probably going to be horses the year. I believe the stat is that there has never been a triple crown winner that was not voted horses the year, and if he were to win I would not be outraged by it, and I go back to the folks that always said, oh, well, you're justify hater it has nothing to do with my like or dislike of the horse. It has more to do with the fact that we never saw him run after the first weekend June. And I know we had an injury, but he never faced older horses. He beat a pretty suspect group of horses as three year olds. And I'll admit early on. I thought the three. Year olds are going to be quite good. Guess what? That's the beauty of time going by. You're able to go back and look bad opinion. They're not very good. You combine all that? And you compare that to a horse like exceleron who from start to finish ran faster than justify started his campaign earlier ended it later faced better horses, and ultimately won the biggest race that there is in the United States. And I say that with all due respect to a race. Like the Kentucky Derby where most people think that that is our biggest race. That's fine. I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise all I would say is I have a difficult time. And it goes back to the age restriction a difficult time rewarding or saying that the biggest race that we have. Is a twenty four stampede. They'll never face them any horses. Again, a lot of chaos and it's against a bunch of teenagers running against each other. It's not the best of the best. And don't tell me that it is. Because that that is incorrect when was the last Kentucky Derby that that was the best of the best. I love to to hear the Breeders Cup. Classic is the culmination of year end you're gonna have horses from all over the world coming there for your biggest prize, and ultimately exceleron he handled it and he overcame call. It what you will know hate against John salaries just John Adler Breeders Cup. Number was terrible. John Sadler's numbers outside California. Not very good. He overcame all that. And he got the job done. I voted for horse of the year. Exceleron take a look here's his stretch run to me wasn't his best performance. But it was certainly the crowning achievement of the entire campaign. His wins twenty eight team Breeders Cup Classic stretch. And it's at southern and on the end side, mental punter. No. Those two. Arrive pulled that Yoshida Axelrod gonna. Business accelerator keeps coming to the sixty four in front, thunder stolen. The sun is next. Then metal said gonna VERA head on side. They're cutting to the liner accelerate. Stop raiders plastic for John Sadler, sir. You have it. I feel like I'm open to discussion. I'm open to hearing critiques or agreements or whatever it may be again on Twitter at Bernier underscore, Matt or beneath the video player on YouTube. Those are my horse awards again, if you have any sort of thoughts or you wanna know about human connections. I can tell you those on the side of not going to go over those just because this podcast self is already going to be a little bit. As far as timing is concerned. So we're going to button this up that's a wrap their let's quickly transition into the NFL wildcard weekend super factor card weekend is upon us for the NFL two games on Saturday two games on Sunday. The winners will move on to the divisional weekend next weekend. As has been the case throughout the year. You know, normally I throw out the trifecta from a week to week standpoint. But guess what? Now that we have four games this weekend. You have the wildcard super factor. Take them right in order. The Indianapolis Colts there at the Houston. Texans. Texans or laying a point at home to me this game kind of boils down to is the Houston defense going to be able to neutralize Andrew lucked because if luck is able to go out there and move the ball. He's gonna do it to a degree. Don't get me wrong. I I'd be stunned if Houston shut down, but if he's able to go out there and move the ball at a reasonable rate. I still think Houston's going to be able to put points up on Indianapolis defense. So in that respect to me, I kind of feel like it boils down to luck for an I know that's a captain obvious thing to say. But if luck goes out there and torches Houston, which hasn't really been the case with Houston defense have been quite solid all year if he's able to go out there and put up some points. Then all the sudden, I think you got to be a little bit concerned. But do think Houston will be able to move the ball in Indianapolis at the end of the day is long as they can keep Lockton company to adore. You like Marla MAC thing. He's out of the backfield. Keep them to a dull roar. I think Houston wins this game. And I think ultimately they end up making a trip up my neck of the woods next weekend. They play in Foxborough. I like Houston at home, minus one. He Seattle Seahawks at the Dallas Cowboys the Cowboys are laying point and a half to me. I'm in a situation like this. And again, you got to keep in mind. From a football standpoint home field is generally regarded is about three point difference. If you look at it from that standpoint, the kind of view scenario where the end of the day the Seahawks are on the road. So they're going to catch a few points extra for that. I, you know, I think Seattle's better team plain and simple and that sort of reflected in the number being one and a half. I don't know that it's enough where you know, one and a half you're basically just calling who's gonna win the game. I think Seattle's better team Dallas still totally convinced with I know Prescott look good. And I know they had to actually put the throttle down to win that gaming the giants last weekend, which kind of a silly thing that they needed to do that. Because there was I could be wrong. I don't think there was any implication win or lose end up being in the that they were all along. I just I'm not totally convinced with Dallas. I haven't been all year. I've said a number of times. I don't think the NFC east is spectacular. There is one team. That's playing this weekend. We'll touch on them terribly that they're just red hot at this point. I just think Seattle's a better team. And I suppose if you're just going to give me points take him give me the Seahawks, plus one and a half on the road. I'd take them outright in Dallas to get the job done. LA chargers at the Baltimore Ravens. The ravens are lay in two and a half points. You saw I don't know if you want to call it a preview, but you saw this game. Just what a we can have go two weeks ago on that. What was it Thursday night Thursday night game? It was out in L A, which basically was home game for the ravens because LA doesn't have any fans and it was a gross game. It was kind of that slow building kind of thing that if you like defense. Like, I do I missed defense. I like these games ended up being a little bit more on the gross. I probably the patriots played in a lot of them lately. I just think it's an interesting dynamic where the chargers going in the Baltimore it's going to be interesting to see if they can get the ball rolling because they certainly had a major issue as far as the offense was concerned. And I know Keenan Allen was out or he was very dinged up at that point. It just still was one of those instances where I wasn't impressive. I saw with them against Baltimore. Now. Look Baltimore very easily could have lost last week against Cleveland, but Cleveland red hot at this point in there. They look quite nice moving forward into twenty nineteen the ravens lay in two and a half. They win this game by field goal. I didn't get the job done. So I'm gonna take Baltimore at home, minus two and a half. And the last game is the eagles plus six on the road at the bears. This is another one to me that's very similar to the colts Texans game where if. If the bears shutdown foles, I think they win plain and simple. I can't believe we're even talking about Nick foles in another sort of miracle run because I don't I don't know that the eagles are great, but they are very very hot right now. And I gotta look at it and say they it seems like in the past two years when the two quarterbacks have been playing separately. I mean looks like they have played better under falls than they have under wins. If the bears shut fulls down it's over. I think Chicago will win pretty comfortably. If Philly can keep the ball moving a little bit. I'm not saying they're gonna go out there and throw it twenty eight or thirty points. But if they can go out there and score twenty. Can Mitchell Trubisky comeback in score that many or outscore them because the eagles defense? I think is a little bit better than people have given it credit for. Statistically hasn't been great this year. But last year you saw what they were capable of. I still think they're pretty damn good. If if the offense the eagles can go out there and score some points. I think all the sudden if you put some pressure on Trubisky to have to score I don't know that he's ready to do that. I'm not gonna make pick as far as who's winning this game. Because I think it's gonna be pretty close. But I am gonna take the eagles plus six on the road. Just simply because I could see this thing going one way or the other I listened to Bill Simmons earlier in the week. And I know he cousin Sal, they talked about how if there is going to be a blow out this would be the game. And it would be the bears. Just I'm not totally convinced. Even if they do shut the eagles down offensively not totally convinced that this thing's going to blow out give me the eagles on the road plus six at the Chicago Bears. I don't know who's gonna win that game. But gimme the eagles catching points so quickly. Recapping colts at Texans. Texans minus one Seahawks at cowboy Seahawks, plus one and a half chargers. At ravens ravens, minus two and a half. Eagles at bears eagles plus six there you have it. My picks NFL wild card weekend the super factor if you've been listening life, thank you for doing so lives out there dot com live dot com. The daily racing form Twitter handle at. Inside post or the daily racing forms Facebook page, if you are over on podcast form like most of you listening like most of you do if you're over. If you listen to this podcast for most of you YouTube sound, cloud tunes video dot the dot com. Well, Spotify if you're over on any of the podcast platforms. Register review give us a positive rating if you're over and please subscribe as well if you're over on YouTube, click subscribe button, give us a thumbs up. Make sure the bell icon is lit up, and there's not a line through it. Because that way, you can get everything we've got questions comments concerns. You agree disagree with the horses that I voted for as far as the eclipse awards are concerned the need the video player on YouTube or as always you can fire away on Twitter at Bernier underscore. That's gonna do it for this week's preview edition. We are going to come back with we're gonna fall this up right now as we always do with out of the gate, but I'll be back on Tuesday. The recap addition. We'll take a look at some of these big racist from this weekend. Most notably the sham out at Santa Anita. We'll find out if Baffert has another giant in his barn named Coliseum. We'll see if he can get the job done first time winners. First time going to turns. Without further ado, let's roll it into added the gate best of luck this weekend. However, you play whatever you play wherever you play. It's been the map near show.

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