Rush Hour - If the Moo Shu fits


Get a how you gallant. I think these enclosed spaces are bringing out my alsi accent. Don't you reckon that's all you all on mate damned welcome welcome back We as sliding off with your phrase all mine and wouldn't you know it hurts. He is the somewhat Sage all is the WAD sage the wide. Saying I was coming all right. So this phrase is from Arash Shaw Movie. I'm not gonNA tell you should so you'll have to guess which movie it is and you'll have to tell me what it means. You think it means anyway. So he goes a dunk. His lips will not feet on a horse's mouth. I didn't know you're ready to share your epitaph. I think I use this as an answer for another your phrase online and it's agos should stay with Albers and early. Hot PEOPLE SHOULD KISS other hot people plenty hill but you know what Oh and which Russia Lovie d come from the most recent one did we just just in. Your memory may also at the same time. Dumb people should only gives dumb people together. Hey friends and lovers welcome boy reference. You goes to her skating. Not you've caught me with a big gulp of wine but I survived exam brave to acquire your FBI headsets and have your hands empty. Fulsome supple Musha as we head into traffic with the rush hour franchise mother fuckers who and you know. Cisco has been around quite a few soundtracks but how deep is your love or not. Oh tell me what it's GonNa be to leave you know Welcome welcome welcome friends and lovers. What a time in the best. The ways and also in the west of ways to that. And you know what it is quite is quite relevant. We all of us are experiencing some sort of Rut earthy and I have literally just moved so all of those sort of usual stresses as well as the world's full initiate guys and a handful of Dick Heads. Just can't be right so recently it's been hard for us to watch and enjoy stuff if we're watching something it's too light and it's not grabbing our attention For watching something that's too real to the real world. It's hard to get into as well and the shining beacon of Jackie. Thank you all and Chris Tucker home. How quiet while we fucking lovey guys? Hold yourselves because you shouldn't be as arrested development. No touching right so you know. Keep your love to yourself. It's all about self love Until we can Get out into spaces and touch. Everyone's holes if you've listened to how bad boys episode. If you've listened to our John Wick Episode. It will follow that sort of format. So we have quite a lot of stats. We are covering the Holy Trinity of the Rush Hour Franchise there is a TV. Show that not and I did try. It came out in two thousand sixteen and we actually tried watching it back then but you completely forgot we did yep and then we tried watching it after rush hour two because we didn't want to end on the TV shirt because life is already on fat. We needed to have some sort of happiness. We go five minute. Hashtag rush hour. Tv challenge if you can get further than five minutes. Good for you. There is no reward. Because again you spent more than five minutes in monstrosity. So let's quickly guard into the stats of the three films. And then we'll get into first impressions. It sounds good all right So rush hour. The first rush hour came out in September of Nineteen Ninety eight. I feel like it mid to late. Nineties was like the Golden Age of buddy cop sort of films not to say they didn't exist before then but you know obviously. We talked about bad boys that came out a few years earlier. we'll Smith Martin Lawrence the sodium lovers. Go and listen to the episode. You know you really have. Jaguars and you have dynamics that you want to see in that buddy. Cop SORT OF FORMAT. I'm not sure aside from Ratna that wanted to have this dynamic but Four shift kisses full quarantined chef kisses to everyone because it was pure magic it was pure. Magic Brett Ratna. These characters were actually developed by Russell. Amana we also have Jim Cough as a rider credited as well again. Ot early allows me to google sell To be able to credit the right arm show. There are more people that contributed in regards to rush. It came out in September of Nineteen Ninety Eight. Oh Wow what is it was a good e. Was it okay? I'll law preparing for Y2K. So if you don't remember that Jesus I slip through the Millennium. I wasn't a wee baby. Shame but I was close the budget for the first rush hour already. Thirty three million dollars quite nice. Yeah quite tight. The gross from thirty three million dollar budget was two hundred forty four point. Seven million dollars. Wo- yeah that is a lot It really did well. I guess maybe as like a burners we can do like all the buddy cop films that failed that you thought would have done well but this. Wow just completely blew out of the water right. Interestingly enough I correctly said that rush hour two came out in August of two thousand one so there was a three year gap unless that was like the normal amount of time. It took take a film you would think that they would you know in these days. They milk everything every franchise for what it's worth so like before you have time to wipe your ass if you'll pardon the sad timely There's another there's another sequel coming out. You know what I mean so three years. Wow so we still have bret right now. We still have Ross and then we also have Jeff Nathanson. The budget for the second rush hour was ninety million dollars. That's always three times the initial budget. Yeah it grossed worldwide three hundred and forty seven point three million dollars. Yeah get out of team and I. It's not even surprising. People knew other going to expect and they got it towns. Hold Yeah Yeah I we can talk more about it as the episode goes but I really didn't see the need to up the budget like what they had was magic not to say that the rest of the films like two and three or bad but like for me. Everything worked in one. But I get that as you have success as you can have a bigger budget. And that's a little baby consultant foundational Quam. I'm happy Katie. So when you're going to have little gripes over nothing there was something you mentioned in rush hour three. Oh it was spoiler spoiler. I guess it was when there was a coal back to a previous saying about Chris CA- saying that Jackie Chan early h rice and he's constipated and then later on in the film he says I'm not constipated anymore and arty is someone that doesn't notice a Lotta things he's not. He's not petty too like acknowledges starbucks cop in a game of thrones sort of episode but way he took Kwame was there was no brown surround. Jackie Chan in the you gotta use the Wasi. Might as well go for it. Yeah because your Shit Talk. Hey you made no comments about continuity or anything or accuracy and to that moment. The water was clear who gives well. Jackie Chan is very fuel so I would believe that he does clip. Did I just thought Burma who knows common. Fight me So yes We have rush hour two and then rush hour three came six years later now six C. Yeah just leave my Chris Taco if men the deleted vision so I'm not sure three of easy we have Brett Ratner like I mentioned before August two thousand and seven the budget not so the first one was thirty three MIL. The second one was ninety mill. The third rush hour was one hundred and forty million dollars. Qui- blow it didn't need to be but again they spend a lot in a totally totally but again friends in love is that doesn't get me off unfortunately But that was a low budget and then the worldwide gross for the third rush hour was two hundred and fifty eight million dollars. Oh so they don't really rick that INS much not as much it. It made more than the first but less significantly less than the second. Yeah but also at the same time I feel like people didn't know what they had going for them. Unlike bad boys which has spanned three decades but again going listened to that episode. So thank you guys we love you guys I'm feeling like you know maybe you don't need to hear it and that's fine I can. I can shout at you and it can be just as pleasurable. But I don't know I feel like at this time. It's just nice to give an express love. Oh Yeah it's lovely. It's lovely lovely. I even forgot how lovely was until our wash. It right So let's do it. Let's get into first impressions? I am handing the reference baton To not because he is the author of this podcast. Wow Okay I tried to compliment you with you same boat. Yeah Yeah's ago new. You don't care for it to context mate got on your So first impressions. I am passing the baton on to you. Because you're the honorary residential expert in this franchise. So far away you in your life When you I watched it was was the experience. Like if you want to you know pull in the oval sort of body copy can do that too And just how? How did you feel overall watching this series or loved it? I loved it so much. You know Back then I was. I think into all this sort of martial arts movies okay and also the lost member of the whig thing or your Turkey. Though was I was really into a lot of Russia movies back. Then you know from Tai Chi to whatever tight change. What the Old Lady's do at the park. You Not Watch martial arts movies until you've accepted the glorious form of Taichi Ache because you mentioned it and I showed you on a Google search yet. You continued to reinforce. The Tai Chi is some bad things that we see what we've been doing. The pox nominee now yoga with their leader. Gwyneth what is it on? And whatever she calls a product I really love this movie. Ages broad. I was young. So does all my brother and he would bring all this movies and I just remember myself creaming my pads and thanking like Jason. I'll watch this so many times and I'm going to believe that that crane was a reference to retain but anyway of course go like some counterfeit can they originated from Kenya. Didn't baby I like cooked. Anyway it was so great watching this like you don't get this. There's lethal weapon with Mel Gibson and then go over and and you love the. I haven't watched far. Well we've got a lot of time now. Okay it just brings a lot of it brought a lot of memories and I feel like a lot St Jeff. Oh okay. This was one of the best things I've ever watched and growing up and becoming old even now just didn't think today's eighty-one Living. Who'S NOT WASHED RUSSIA? To the point that in the ten years we've been together. I've never brought it up just because I thought may you've seen it already costs. You Know You. You just have to raise the bar on how you want. Apprising acreage ignorant. That's a south pock reference. And how you use this podcast. Shame me it's what we do if I'm here to you know. Shame you folks out sexually. What else is my purpose in life? I asked myself that every day was it. Was it a family like did? The family like sit around. Have Dinner and watch. The film wasn't more like you and your siblings Me My brother and his friends okay. Yeah after after before the blue movies I think between right. Yeah yeah go and listen to one of our episodes. We mentioned blue movies now SCA reference Degaulle Station. And if this is the first time that you're listening to US those words don't make sent but the pleasure and confusion is free. Gratis going back to first impressions of for me. I had never watched rush hour. Oh dear Lord Right. It was always that People like to play a game of how old is Katie. I was at an age that I would have even understood the movie in One thousand nine hundred ninety eight. That's about as much as I'm going to give you thinking this guy. Some hope fifty old age age difference. Will you know what like countries a world to pot two ways to me as the way for me to like? Be a cost of neighbors which is never going to happen. A Monica dream though. Yeah not what you choose. Question may grew up watching neighbours and wanted to meet Hana and billion Lou Carpenter carry. Can't even believe and remember these people you know as I thought I'd come here at. I'd see them on the street. I'm so disappointed that that's the case. Let's say Lupita when I get Kenya. You've not checked enough mate. Is it any dingy India? That's what I said. It's my the accent. Yeah some Kenyan stars. Lee Friends in love is Yes I never. I'd never watched The rush hour movies joined the twitter thread where everyone is like shaming me in there but what. Djing it for the first time Hoarau And it couldn't have come at a better time when everything's woolliness shit and we're trying to deal with moving and all of this fucking bullshit. This was pure joy. It just worked everything just what to. Let's go just generally talking about the film. I feel like this film was like happiness in a bottle especially the first movie in like the first installment in this franchise. It just worked so well. Brett Ratner was Quite a big fan of Jackie Chan and his filmography and obviously his stuntmen ship and just came as a referral being So he wanted to bring him to American audiences. You know even some of the running gags that you have we. Jackie Chan's characters that he's played in Hong Kong sort of cinema. He would redo them for American audiences so when he accidentally accidentally Touch the breasts of that beautiful layer that was also from one of his previous films as well. So there's a lot of. There's a lot of respect is a lot of love and there's a lot of understanding It was always going to be Jackie Chan. It was just trying to find who that next person was going to be. That was going to work well with Jackie Chan. Do you WanNa he who the other choices. Tell me tell me yet. So Modern Lawrence was the original choice for Cada. Oh Eddie Murphy was offered the role but he turned it down to make holy man. Wholly money's a good movie. I have not seen that either. I'm not black guys okay. You don't need to be blocked to appreciate good movies. Made really just saying 'cause you know just just because you're black doesn't mean you need to you know jump up and down when you see Kelly Rowland Freddie versus Jason. I will that is not for the culture. I'm sure it is what it calls you. You put it in your spreadsheet you're acutely enough we do have a Freddie versus Jason Episodes. A Go and check that out as well other considerations were Dave Chapelle. Wish he wouldn't have done been greeting. I think it as a compliment. I think Dave Chapelle kind of takes all the attention like he doesn't take the attention but when you see him on the screen you'll just focusing on him. I think it would work. Chapelle like I don't know. He's not much of a Thespian too. I feel like as Malvy as Chris. Tucker is that works to his advantage because he seems very generous. Perhaps as a lover perhaps as a Thespian but he seems very generous with the screen again as a lover or this being on the screen also will Smith would have taken too much attention all of it. Yup I think so I think We'll has a lot of star power Not to say Dave. Chapelle doesn't but I feel like we'll take all of the attention been the will will Smith Show. Yeah Oh yeah definitely It also to back. I think we would have gotten the emotional depth allowed even juice. But Jesus Christ he was a psycho in. Why would you love him in juice? You made his performance because him as a character was like garage. I hadn't performance talking about different mu because he was like he was like dispose of Satan. Jews from what I remember you keep Bushati healthy to me. That's a that's one of the tenants. We must follow to pack and all that he does yup whether living or not Hologram on ought quite a world. We live in. Oh Wow holograms are. As real as day. Alicia govern Belsen listened to Silicon Valley absurd but then people can't fucking wash their hands as they at arm. Now Take Jeez advancing and with you know what robot Jesus come and take us over what's left. I don't know what's left. You WanNa hear fun fact For the rush hour series but specifically for the first film. This film inspired the creation of rotten tomatoes. Ooh Yeah also. The sites found the send. Wong and sorry wrong. He's a big Jackie Chan Fan and he built a website to collect reviews for all of chance Hong Kong as they were being released in the United States. He cursed the site in two weeks putting it up before the release of the film and as we know running tomatoes as much as you slander it. It is a central epicenter For Opinions Right. How cool is that movies? Advertise based off rotten tomatoes score. So yeah it's ingrained into the culture so you know say what you about this series run into maters was born at Lady Gaga is auditioning for that particular role a star is born. I got that now. I know you're you're just laughing just because you're laughing. So how did you feel? How did you feel watching the first movie I enjoyed it? Re watching it made me forget. Just how good it was. Yeah because sometimes the nostalgia can take all right now because we were having trouble. Just find something to watch. And you browsing through flakes and then I saw it. I thought well as well watch it because you are really in the mood to do anything and since you've already done. The chilling part was just about finding something that you know will stop and when I recommended it. I do not think our enjoyed as much as I did right. Yeah so good. The story is enough to sink your teeth into And can I just say the first film I enjoyed the action as opposed to two and three? I felt like the action was very Jackie. Chan focused it was very jackie. Chan really brings value Whenever you whenever you can. I'm sure a will to book him. It's not just having someone that can act and say the lines but it's also someone that can add value with decades of experience and the stunts were fucking flawless. They really were they really. It was a pleasure. It was a delight to watch I just couldn't get over. How great he was. Yeah Shahnaz to Chris Tucker. He he finally got star billing in the third film in the series but Jackie Chan was really not even Arguably Jackie. Chan was the biggest at the time he was globally more than crease TACO. I think just because I think I'm basing this off American audience but was definitely way bigger than Chris. Tucker. Oh yes I think. Friday was threes. Before this Bob Junkie Child you know with drunk and Mazda and we had been vaas Twelve Austin Jackie Chan movies way before this came up. Oh totally like like the world was and ready for Shaw. A pair. Apparently according to trivia knowledge repository so go and fight them. Don't fight me and however I- drunkenly read this. It's still their fault. Apparently this was the first film that Jackie actually did his English. Not necessarily dubbing this case. But it's the first time that he did his own English version in a lot of the time the English dub he would feel uncomfortable and he would let someone else to it but Brett really said I'm shuttering authenticity to the role. If he was to do it speak English but it was amazing. I think added so much to the movie as well. Oh yeah but he was so endearing and it was. It was interesting to note that even before I met. You are tate that we're using a lot of your take as well the way you point to a business card to tell people where to guard what is good for you yes ridiculous. I'm a Dick and you'll love it but it was a think. If he didn't do it he would have lost. Something really increased security role. Oh yes and the fuck Larry Dillon and you could see the connection with him and Chris. Taco felt like there was this actual genuine report. Yeah Yeah and it made his voice. It made it for like a great watching and just really buying into the two characters and really rooting for them. There was nerve pretension. Because if you think about it obviously there are a lot of films that have this sort of formula but where a lot of them failed. Rush hour thrived and it was. Oh I felt so woman fuzzy watching the first film. It just made me feel so good. It made me feel happy. It made me feel like this is why like this is why we want to share this moment with you all and talk about films and talk about movies and you know maybe the no perfect. Maybe out perfect but let's discuss it. Let's analyze it wherever we can Let's let let's tear that pop friends and lovers forshaw. Who who? Oh but how good was? It might not be a surprise to anybody that Chris Tucker improvised the load of his lines. Of course I was watching Interviews especially for in the first rush hour came out and Jackie was talking about how he couldn't understand anything that Chris Taco was saying which prompted the infamous line. Do you understand what's coming out of my mouth. Carl bock get back in our living single episode that did not sound like Krista. It did can. Can I digress for a second? I'm not as much of a a lot of things I love about you. You've got a very rich voice so what I know the listeners. I dying to know aside from what you look like and whether you exist is when did your balls drop like. When did because Chris Tucker Chris Tucker Voice? It's just I don't Wanna I don't WanNa. I don't WanNa claim that he's bulls having job. Don't come and fight me I. I can only deal with so many scandals at a time. But when when do you remember? Your Voice Not Sounding High. Pitch no single point where I can remember. This came out of the. That'd be weird if you're seeing that especially if you're looking at your mom way do we podcast? May It is a downward trajectory and it has been for quite a what I I really can't put a date on it. I think one day it was just them and then you remember a really card which is weird. Maybe people remember those things. But I can't car. Was it worth the journey? Daunte baps not. Let's go back to the film that we would talking about Is there anything else you WANNA say about the first film? No I really enjoyed it and the fucked the age soil. Me Really like it. It's apprised me. It really did and at something. That's really rewatch. -Able Oh yes. If you just want something light in the background that you'd enjoy a without over thinking things and just having a relationship as a borough months like that on seeing develop. Oh it's so hard to do that genuinely and the where retina directed this e. Just you know Kudos I really loved it and I guess you could take this on the surface and that would be completely fine to consume as a movie but I really bored into The the report. And as you say the Burmans between Chris Tucker and also Jackie Chan. I think it was in the outtakes of the second film way. Chris Tucker kept calling him. Jackie in my in my cold. Tiny tiny hot. I WanNa believe that Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan a so close that that's why he kept calling. Jackie you know what I mean like. I just want to believe that. Their best friends and they have barbecues together and they go out having carrier key in China like I just want to that. That's the life that they have. Please don't ruin that fantasy for me. Speaking of fantasy I'm Bert Ratna Amongst other things including was called tower heist the Ben Stiller Film. He directed a lot of music videos. some from my from Madonna But also a lot from riot carey. And that's kind of a not in the first film where you have to. Young's character singing. Fantasy was the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life and I think that actually denotes to a lot about the elements in this film like they are. I guess if you want to say predictable but still enjoyable like you have a kid seeing a very contemporary pop song and then you have those two gods washing her right. So obviously you know. It's going to be them cringing and her having a good time but it doesn't stop us from enjoying that moment if I was watching it on Youtube right now. Half expect what's the guy's name the does decouple career. James Corden unexpected. His face shop on. I'll just put the video of Bob so lap it up James Corden because I feel like the early time we will mention you. I feel like he's been in a few movies. is not the thing that people love. Brin Abi Down don't be James. Corden and Downton Abbey Mega summa. No with no chips at the bucket of chips why okay. So we've established that Merkin of the majority of Allison is now you're now. You're throwing away all of our listeners. A pilot and a packet of tubes two pints of Beta packet of chips. I think he's I think all govern Stacey I got there finally how did you get from Hakkinen chips to govern stacey? Oh I used to have all back in the day so there are many symptoms out there but I think I think. Rt is manifesting. Some of them today. I should've make light of that. But our teammates way. Too Easy for me. Would YOU BE MA? Grodin my main squeeze the main done so I'm done now because we're never doing cats so I don't know when you whenever you're going to he the name James Corden again hoi my do unhappy on them late night. Doc shows thanks. Yeah yeah nothing. My dictators invited by lots. My Dick fell off. Allow okay so I can't strappy an all strap on strep deactivated. Unfortunately what what did he think? Though over you derail this Arti Express. Um Try to bring you back on track. Ed You get away so we were talking about fantasy with the little girl and the bodyguards But I just wanted to bring up like a riding point where you know. Things did seem a bit predictable But it didn't take away from US consuming and enjoying it in its intended purpose Something that I thought was a controversial saw. I don't remember if maybe it was the second movie. But it was when Chris Daca Say The N. Word addressing his filler kin and Jackie Chan. Eventually set it How do you and I definitely don't think that would work in. Twenty twenty two does up in all his movies he does but I also want to point out Quinton. Jerome Tarantino Jerome Elevates Richard Briggs. It makes him less of a chicken Jones. Listen to our Princess Mononokai episode. Because we talk about Quinton Jerem Turrentine. Are Quite a lot in. Can you believe we haven't done a Quincy's Tarintino film? You can believe that. So let's move on. Let's move on to the second film before we do. Actually I forgot to mention the soundtrack. 'cause you know sometimes whatever we feel like it. Whenever it's relevant we bring up the soundtrack full movies. How deep is your love by drew featuring Redman so good such a banger. I didn't know that was from rush hour. I used to have It wasn't let's just call it a mock when I used that is have a more Quinn CD COMPACT DISC player And I used to have how well I'm surprising your cycles. You allowed to listen to that. Dan Alc- The F- The first soundtrack for the movie was produced through Def Jam and consisted of hip hop and rb music The soundtrack was a huge. Success are tate. What does that mean? It peaked at five on the two hundred and two on the top RB HIP hop albums. Oh Wow and that's where we get the number one single. How deep is Your Love Also in the soundtrack we have retained clan It makes sense. It makes sense that we would be on the soundtrack for Shaw especially with eighty boss sitter. You gotta go the low hanging fruit. Yeah dirty we also had a rule on the first Jack as well as Giambi. Ooh Love Giambi. Giambi was also in the bad boys soundtrack. So let's move into the second film and I just WanNa mention some of the guests thaws Cameos or whatever you WANNA call it When acidifies yet? But we're working to wards it. We assure you we have don cheadle mate. As soon as I saw him it was all over. I was I was already sold on the franchise but saying Don cheadle and the character that he played Kenny. For some reason he's on credited. I'm not sure why how dire but Don cheadle agreed to do this early if he could fight Jackie and also speak Chinese good on him. But it's like even watching this. I'm just like watching them. Fight together as one of the best things I've ever seen in my life Like turney stock route. This is the momentous battle That we have which don't cheat here will be more like Billy blanks who. He's that because he's a block com martial artists of the day. Who is that if he told no billy blanks? He's he he. He did a lot of great things back in the day so he was. He was like a movie star. The biggest movers allows unless endless. Billy blanks was around almost thirty S Gar. Maybe it's Katy blanks. No I'm sure people know of billy blanks. It's not an ot say it's a wild wide thing so you acknowledged that their pockets of information that you make shit up on our role in the soundtrack full the second movie area codes ludicrous and make dog. It was specifically for the movie. Oh I didn't know that. Yeah we we also have some songs drew hill again with Jill. Scott and also sustain a million Right yeah you gotTa bring those on the young audience and Spurs. How did you feel with the second movie coming out? Did you watch it at the time? Did you feel like that in need to have it now males living for it? I like me. I did all of these guys. I did mall gave remote and I was disappointed. A child disappointed adult watching this. If it was great I would continue to love to see Russia. Our until the end of time could be to rush off. Ot that's what's that Shit is raped. He's shredded Bro. Lectures that amount of EPA and the dedication the Jockey Putin is movies at such a joy to watch on the fact that you know that he's actually doing his own stunts bowls bowl she gets hotter gets broken legs. E Briggs is fuck and buck. Yeah doing his own. The second movie is the one where he likes lights through that small sort of I n Bar right. Fuck man and to watch that and to know that he's actually doing it about goes. Scott Parker just elevates them over to a different stratosphere because Fara this old few people that do this and and it just you know I'm all in I'm all in I'm like give me rush off fifty and I'll be there. Watching him was like Jackie. Chan is still jacked Jackie Chan. It's rough workshop. My brain isn't as active as it used to be. Friends and lovers just have patients who would you think could win in a fight between Jackie Chan Jet? Li Chris. Tucker come on. Oh we'll Jackie Chan was invited into my heart chambers well before gently originally Same Age Jackie's older. Well still a we mall or we're talking about in their prime easily about in their prime prime gently the wadden and drunken Mazda. Jackie Chan ommercial talking about the film's or you're talking about the abilities because Jackie hens down. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I'd go check as well then why you'd be swayed a bit gentlest talented faulk as well. So you know. Kudos to him Kids of age friends and lovers You know people talk a lot about thirty traps. Do you know what that is? Not What did you say? A thirst trap do off-season on your secret grinder account okay. So essentially it's like trying to try to have sixty further and trying to get people thirsty. Essentially ot lays comfort traps where he tries to trap you in Kung Fu conundrums. It A it was one of the contest. It's one of the biggest debates you had the growing up but it's called chain have jockeyed gently. Inde- half Chuck Norris. It have Bruce Lee. How `Bout Shamu shy. You Know Sambi he was like a comfy muster and he had a crossover with Chuck Norris. Some I think Sir I said seven whole Salloum. You've never heard of him before go. Is it a martial arts guy? Fans and love is a meet you at the semi solstice. So you talk about you. Missed the blades. Or whatever billy blanks shooting blanks. Okay if you haven't intimidating name why would your name be blanks to quick? Wait I think that would be a good like escort name? Hib I'm billy blanks. You don't need to worry gotta do raw dogging but like the fact that you mentioned. Jackie Chan Jet Li. That just shows you. He flew back to violet debate. And there's no contest Jackie Chan. He's the granddaddy of concrete. Jackie Chan Chuck. Norris you're serious Jackie Chan's nipples could cut chuck Norris's neck made. The people are there who believe Chuck Norris Pete. Bruce Lee fails qualified. What's so if how you GonNa souped-up Junkin Doris Anyway? That was just a conspiracy theory or whatever we want to screen this right now before I even tweet about our represent. Jackie Chan's nipples could cuts USC. Norris says with an apostrophe because I know my gramma neck in half we'll just cut his neck right send tweet mother focus. You have no idea where you'd I say. Should I say? Fight ME MYSELF. In concert on Nickelodeon. Did you get that in Kenya? Also every Saturday Morning Gospel but I guess also at the same time like do. We need to pin these masters together. All I can. Jackie Chan Be Jackie Chan. It's the like you'd want to know them top dog every time. You know the Spurs. Ooh I am seeing a young Jackie Chan and it is moistening. My Jackie. Chan's wow you off whow my what a world. Let's give some love to Chris. Tucker think well so. Did you know Chris? Tucker aside from Friday. I didn't think so black assault things in More showers his biggest fan ball. He warned he warned me over with his performance in Russia. Okay yeah so I was definitely a fun of him. I didn't 'cause I mentioned to you while watching it. I didn't Really Watch Chris. Tucker when he was out so he kinda feels like a blend of Eddie Murphy and Chris. Rock to me Arkansas. And it's just because I haven't really me about the time I was supposed to probably consume I can see that. But he's he does so few people who could have done this role like he did without coming off as complete astles. Okay Yeah Yeah actually. So what the fuck that? He carried out. You're like in the fast in fast calment and he was walking up to the FBI ability as he'd rather those like give it. I don't get people like that people that just lack self awareness and they just they just expect things to be given to them but the difference with his character is. He's really malicious in any way. So I think we give him a lot of graces his heart on his sleeve so his is is definitely putting himself out there. Like it doesn't mean bad by any of it and then you have him like flirting in the first movie as well Our Record Oregon. The movie doesn't get made now. Well it didn't get made into these staged cancel. That's not why go cancels gob each Like it's crossing a lot of Some of the is that we tend to see you running out of toilet paper to wipe your ass use the script it just can we talk about the TV. Repeat for like two seconds The cussing crop. I think that was the biggest issue. Well it was such an iconic film franchise that you couldn't not associate the act is personalities to the characters because you think about Brett Ratner again. He was a fanta. Jackie Chan so obviously. Jackie Chan was at the epicenter. And then you had Chris Tucker improvising a lot of his lion said. These actors brought a lot into these roles. So it's hard not to associate them when you would watch. Tv Roberto of it. And I think especially with cod. His character Chris Tucker's character. They didn't want to play it too hot because then people will be like. Oh He's trying to Krista but what it did was he fell flat. And you didn't want to root for him. You didn't even care for him. It kind of reminds me you know when you watch like Adam and dragon ball volition. I feel like just for fun. We should cover that. One of these days Aside from the fact that the Chinese GRANDPA had a white grandson. That's a story for another day. Like fifty cent having eighty babies like Boma had like one blue stripe in her hair so it kind of like sometimes when you have like anime live action kind of waters down the vibrancy of the source material. I felt like that's what happened to the TV shirt off Hollywood just lazy writing. 'cause lifted Abeille from the script of the original movie and executed poorly. Because they didn't want to because they didn't say. Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth. They said somebody will. I didn't understand what he's saying so they they paid a Mazda the original references but just came off as really week. Yeah it was really weak like I was watching mate. I think they just give it a film Grad and just give him a script and be like me. Just write something. Yeah and again. If there's any sort of rush hour talk give me crystal. GimMe Jackie Chan Right. Even though as the films went on it also looked like someone through some thirty MC Chris Taco go and listen to our bad is absurd but Chris Tucker can still like third down. And let's let's trickle over to the for the third movie. It took three movies for Kristaq. It's concrete fighting. Yeah having that I. I'm sure okay. I was intentional. I'm sure he's saying it at every movie completely like cut it out. I think I feel like this was the weakest of the three low of the two. Yeah I agree. And the one puff moment was when. I think the one that I really enjoyed Roseland door both senior the club. Oh yes over in no very hot of so body like 'cause you knew you knew Chris Tucker was going to sing. That's that's no surprise to anybody but once Jackie Chan was on that verses pedaled swing hall law this this will stop me from punching strangers in the street Wow it's just everything. The build up was the everything was there. And what a franchise. We had do me baby Performed by Princeton. Chris Tucker is also credited on the soundtrack for the third movie If you watch the outtakes for the second film there's actually a reference to it in the third movie When they're on the plane and there's inklings learning to the fact that Cada is Jewish When you watch the outtakes at the end of the second film Chris Tucker is really struggling to say Kafelnikov Fish. I didn't even know if I'm saying you're right but it completely go cut out of the movie because he just couldn't say it and we were watching the third movie and he actually said it and that was quite a payoff off Pale. Considering how annoyed the producer was Oh yes and the funny thing was in that particular outtake in the second movie. Jackie was like all it was something else who Crisanto was supposed to say three words in Chinese couldn't even do it so it's probably Mandarin Cantonese. And he couldn't do it either. Yeah so it's interesting because obviously you would think that Jackie Chan like needs help But Chris Tucker native he'd Z. Career by his allies which it all but he. I think they would. They would just the perfect combination right because it's very it's very easy to try and overtake each other. When you're in a sort of jouer dynamic yeah I know because he doesn't know his place and I have to put him back to wearing needs to go. Good Luck you fucking sub shave all but all. I'm so glad and also in some sort of way. I'm glad I had never watched this. And this was the first time I've actually watched it because it came at such a time that we needed this Y- really did. I felt lifted. Like you know whatever's going on right now it's quite crazy. There's so many things out there that it could watch soccer. Just bring you your whole mood down. Russia is in the ILJAZ. Lift you up make you forget how crop this everything is. Oh yeah totally. I'm also apparently. Jackie Chan speaks fluent French. All right There's there's also a trivia that I just WANNA mention Before I forget before I forget the Trivia the counterfeit bills that they used in the second movie said in dog we trust and during the shooting. Some extras walked off with that. And they use it in Las Vegas or no. The situation was out of control that the production was briefly. Shut down when the FBI went to the department to do an investigation. That's some good girls pay some attention. Wow yeah out of tried that as well and I will play my Darnay like who is this sexy man. I'm the one the Knox who I am. Why do you do that? Well having hot diggity dog but all everything. Everything was special about this. Yes there are moments that if your cynical and you're sitting there you could predict the storyline but it is enough to have emotional investment. If you allow yourself it's not about the bloody storyline. Get off your body offices but I feel like the story is quite good quite good but it's not about it a low no Russia fighting breath. Rav you coming on me at least not yet anyway. It's not it really. Is it the dynamism between Lee and Kada alone is worth us on that chair for ninety minutes and when Lethal Cada died? Oh so sweet. Oh so lovely so many good moments in this movie. Yeah I especially really enjoyed the first one. I didn't really careful the exuberant sort of production. I didn't care that they will flying off the Eiffel Tower. Like the dynamic everything that made magical the first film. I didn't need any sort of extravagant off to that not to say that the rest of them were bad. But I really enjoyed the first one with with you know with more Hans trying to get into the poor you know or dipping into the port you get earthy for his own mind you get a little bit more flavor so that's happened in this and understandably so because it got so much money vast movie and they're like you're GonNa do better you all so understandable. It's just the way the businesses and you know just got a Ri- that motu right and before we rent a movie dirty movie for nine ninety five. Let's expensive movies as is other rate of renting back in the early two thousands. Yeah I think that's quite in there in a hotel will follow like sense now. Something very outside a hotel slipping a CD under Nikita Bounds of was show. They guy no contact. We love you guys that that is my band aid for at all. let's finish off in a segment. We call for your friend. I'll reference Shanghai noon. Oh I know I know what you people saying L. Sparing No. It's not fun. It's lot hearted. It's not boring. It's fine go. Jackie Chan doing his best in the Western world. You Know Cowboys. And all you need one to jockeying you've got oh and Wilson who's kind of adorable though much to say about him but he's likable. I think this is your coach mate. Lucy Liu and Walton. Gog is do. I need to say well once in Gaza Shanghai. We're watching it. I've not watched may of course watched it for half what succession. What about you I will reference Drunken Mazda? Ooh The film series If you WANNA DABBLE IF YOU WANNA detail in I guess you can start off with forbidding kingdom as well it's got check Chan in it and gently. They fight each other. I'm pretty sure I'm still right. I don't remember who won by. He didn't win. That would be a sham but drunk and Mazda definitely. Oh yeah you gotTA GIVE OUT FOOD STAPLE FOR SURE? It's a lot of movies of borrowed from it. Sorry I'm stilling thunder here. Yeah ooh like Lee. Even though it was more Bruce Lee but Lee with his drunken master in Naruto and I didn't find an organic way to say it. I don't really care to imagine what celebrities look like naked but I kinda WanNa know what. Jackie Chan looks like naked to should be something there Human Chris Tucker running naked through the streets actually was real. 'cause I couldn't close down the set so they that's another fun fact for you is a thank you so much Sticking around we take your conned around who Walton. Gugans it up to Hannah's another week in the foyer reference household friends. Love is Come and fight me. Jackie Chan everything chuck. Norris who you'd be Bruce Lee. You've really turned her when his talk. John Zarrella Dot. I'll meet you in the car park Bro. You know where our you see you on twitter and instagram. We are for your f-fund educator writer Sediba a low of Oya reference podcast. No you can. I think we found out drunken master a new radio. Fyi report goes will do what we're GONNA do it and we're going to do now all right. You can rot us. David lower called. I've got the Chris Tucker bog at AIDS affect it's infectious. Walk Chris Tucker starring parasite. I don't think those are the peaches one. Can you know? He can't come us for how good week and we'll see you later who.

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