NLU Podcast, Episode 275: Famers Recap, and the World Golf Tour!


beater right club today. Yeah that's better than most about. It is better than most battle. Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome. Welcome back to the no laying up podcast Sunday night here in kill house solly here Mister TRONC Carter is back. He's been he's been gone for a couple of weeks. Welcome back thank you for being here. Great to be here. Thanks for having me guys. Dj Pie here always can't get rid of them thrilled to be here. Thanks for having me Very Weird Day in. I don't think we can say in golf in the universe in the sports universe and the universe in general it was Kobe. Bryant died tragically in a helicopter accident today. And I have you guys I. This is not that relevant. But I'm not a big Kobe fan and I can't recall ever get like being hit harder by a news. I don't know if I found out like soon as DJ shared it with us was like almost immediately after it was released. I just felt very involved in it and I struggled today kind of shot to the head a little but Trying to you were driving when you heard it. I don't know everything Kinda just doesn't totally make sense in the moment. Yeah I mean I thought it was a hoax or something that I And then some of the reports that came out prematurely about his family and other Rick Rick Fox and all that is just awful. I mean but like I guess a the TMZ broke it before. They notified his family too. So anyway I heard that like just a little bit ago but I mean I think us this pod like not think about it. Yeah I think for for sure we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA address it and then kind of Talk a little bit about how they addressed it on on the broadcast and such but Yeah we're going to try to leave that as much in the in the in the dust as we can but I was I if I can't comment very well and things that happened Sundays. I was like very I comprehended very little today so yeah I think it was one of the things for me that I thought about this with big world events a lot recently where it seems like everybody you know we spend so much time online. That's where a lot of this community sprung up from. And you know it seems like a lot of you listening to this. Spend a Lotta time online as well and it just seems like everybody's emotions are just running at two two hundred miles per hour all the time and and everything is almost like pedal to the metal. emotionally that when something like this. That's even in another other stratosphere. I it's hard to. It's hard to even feel like you're giving it the way that it deserves because it feels like people are just saying the same cliches all the time constantly and today was definitely one of those days where words like. I'm with you. I'm not a huge Kobe fan by any means. I didn't watch a ton of basketball when I was a kid. And and all all of those things but yeah it's hard to feel like you're even putting it in perspective because you just use the same words constantly all the time so yeah it was just a very weird feeling all the and I wanna be sympathetic towards having I do not envy those at all that are in the position of being live on television To talk about this while it's happening but it was very weird. How it all went down on the broadcast in that Faldo went from suggesting that tiger wood? CBS came out and said that Tiger knew about it that Lacob had told him they said Lukava had and then they they said I think they said we don't know if there was tweets out it's like CBS's reporting Dadis. It's not like I can confirm Lecomba knows I don't I don't know that. She outright said now tiger nose well then fout far to suggest that tiger should take a break from his round and released a statement. A one minute statement to the camera while he's making the turn follows incoherent this weekend. I mean I can't think of anything more absurd her one he didn't know in to what the I it's just I don't want to start this from the top just ripping CBS. But that's just something that I can't fathom how wrong about a situation you could be and he said a lot. We're lucky in golf. We've only had this happened to Payne Stewart. Like at the I don't Yeah Yeah. I don't know I'm I'm with you I'm Gonna I'm GonNa there's plenty of things to row. CVS about give them a pass on trying to react to world breaking news In the middle of the golf tournament which I don't thank any of those guys are really or Gal I really Prepared to to totally do the only kind of cheap golf connection. I'll make to the Kobe. News is yes. I'm glad tiger didn't win today. Because you know. Say What you want about the snead record and some of it's kind of manufactured some of it's it's whatever but you know. Tiger has referenced for his entire career how much it means to get to eighty three to eighty three. I I got to do that. I gotta do that. I gotta do that for. That would have happened today when he couldn't have had the whole day to himself. That would've been really shitty so I was a big big Kobe. Guy Ambig- Kobe Guy. Just like the whole Mamba thing is sick. And there's something something about Av aviation accidents that you know whether it be plane. Crashes or helicopters Steve Ray Vaughan one of my favorite musicians of all all the time. They're like the finality of it. And the suddenness of it that makes it so much more jarring. Yeah I mean yeah and it and it. It always seems to happen the unexpected of times too. You know you know. It's it's a struggle man. There's no words you can say to make it you better. I don't know I think yeah. It was hit man. I can't imagine it being someone in sports. What's that I actually like looked up to very close? I mean it's just like if I got hit that hard by it yeah. I'm struggling to turns into golf but I think it's time to do that. mark Leeann final round sixty five to win by one over John Rob Rob Finish with a fury by thirty five under in his last six. Six with a bogey to just miss out by one leash putted his ASO's at like positive strokes game putting on fourteen of eighteen eighteen holes today which is almost impossible to do and he missed a six footer on third hawk. Drive at great which we'll get to a certain point but it also just. I tweeted that out. Mostly just make fun of Torrey Pines and how like like what what what are we doing here. You don't even have to the tee shot so inconsequential. It's almost swinging in the opposite. The direction of the tee shots being so valuable and so many other courses that now. It's like it's super narrow. fairways hit him surprise. which is weird is that her man Lonzo didn't at sixteen? He was gonNA tear it up. This is it because the I genuinely don't know is it because like the rough is not. The ball doesn't sit down. Is it sit like set up in their offer. Why is it so inconsequential because it seems long enough? It seems I think it's a combination enough. It's a combination of a lot of things in that they're so narrow that everyone's GonNa missile awesome like some of the narrow fairways tour and just with the dispersion pattern that comes with a tour pro averaging whatever it is like two ninety five or whatever they average off the tee like twenty six twenty seven yards is not wide enough very maintained even like the Straits of drivers. And it's also the the plane corridors. There are so wide especially with the tree removal that it's like whether you're a yard off line or like twenty yards off line doesn't really matter so a guy ended up around and just hit it far and now actually in the Tigers benefit at Taunton the panic blowing further off line into the crowd where it's trampled garage even better at least gave us a go way right at one point today like shout the cat right there. This shot that leash hit on the some of those putts that does stretch from ten through fourteen or fifteen. He's twenty four. He had an eight foot. Par Save at Twelve foot parts of Asia but the shot that he hit on which he won by one. When I totally GONNA win by a lot and all those putts that he made turn out to be very very consequential shot that he hit on fourteen right? Oh my God get that on the green i. I was listening about one hole when he was in the right rough. That one was legitimately way way right and he was he was kind of on the UPSLOPE and had to get it under those trees the fact that he got that on the green that was another worldly he made it twenty footer for par on twelve. He made a twelve footer for par on fourteen. Eight footer for par. You're on fifteen and then the one on fourteen talking about I think it was fourteen was not to make this a broadcasting and I don't know what you do differently but the broadcast is not capable of showing how hard that was. No you know what I mean like you got to. You got a sense of it that like Oh my God. How did he sneak onto the front quadrant? But it's so I don't know what they could do differently. Currently that would show just how eft some of that comes comes back to. We talked about a month ago from from Royal. Melbourne is just some of the high the high towers hours. Yeah flatten everything out. Because because there's a lot more movement Tori than Rice Lake. Yeah a couple of us a number four actually do. That is where it's at right there. Those hand held held cameras. which you know they? I'll give credit for that. They use a lot more handhelds which I love. The handouts are way better view. Now it's like they just don't have nearly enough camera setup elsewhere. I actually don't want to. I mean we could spend an hour taking down this broadcast as we go. I don't want it I actually for one. I'm going to bypass the opportunity to do it. I guess it was so bad. I'm with DJ on this. It was so bad that it's not even like where they are who they are who without. It's always jarring the first one way and like maybe it'll be different. The only thing worth discussing is like really got rid of Kostis Jason mccord for Davis Love. I liked Davis love. Listen bullet would. It's not he and Justin Leonard tossing the idea that that was going to change. The game is just just so indicative of the issue that you know. It's not even worth discussing. I believe Brown called it Rearranging Martini cocktail. Martinez on the HINDENBURG. Martini Olives Martinez Martini olives. But Yeah Martinis sounds about right. I kind of put it to their credit or to their credit. Or discredit Nothing's nothing's GonNa Change until until Mr is gone. which is the end of this year? Correct okay so it's going to be like this all year so we're not going to spend every hour of every episode. Doing it just know that we hate it and they Miss Roms Eagle yesterday. Yeah they didn't even address it rob called about that was awesome like the first holiday show in his music. All right here on six wait. I Made Eagle Onto and Alice is like Oh yeah we weren't on. The area is actually work. That's fine. How many shots did they show of leash yesterday? That's another thing. The reason why we scream about them. Not Showing people is already after we broadcast but is because because they didn't show leash at all in round three one fucking golf tournament all right now. I'm working to get going the cat. The cat was impressive this week. I mean he just like didn't blow anyone away but I mean it's a little bit rusty. Yeah it's a little dicey but like we don't know what we're going to get from him when he tees it up and he seemed very much in control and very confident very cool very legal Elliott the mid irons were pornographic. Yeah it was. I know it's a the places obviously very very comfortable at but That was a very encouraging. Start to the year I in some cold weather too. I mean that's kind of the issue with the back with the cold and sweater weather again there's wetter all the delays yesterday at the site of the deactivation. Exactly that's got to be a tough seed for him but in his ball spinning out of the whole. I don't understand why I still don't understand that. I don't think I've ever seen that at any point. A ball going submerging and coming out of it like that. Yeah it was great to see. I don't think we're GONNA see Any crazy stuff with the schedule for him and sounds like he's shut down until Riviera I don't think there's in a huge take oil and then like that was great to see everyone. People were bitching about this bitch about like them. Following tie every one of tiger steps like that is totally an reasonably ably expected. He was in the golf tournament. PEOPLE WANNA tune into C- Tiger. I don't WanNa hear that as a complaint for CBS. Yeah no I agree. That do not misconstrue are issues with them to have have anything to do with the fact they show a lot of tiger woods. You guys want to hear that. So Tiger fish t nine. He's played three hundred sixty. PGA Tour Events And finished in the top ten one hundred ninety nine times fifty sixty fifty five percent of the time just fifty percents. That sounds about right Ah Good or no like imagine. I don't even know how to state it like you see these young players and like Oh man top ten. It's really going to get a season going. That's huge you're just like no he. Does it more than half the time. How much how much that's come down even with all the scandal years does that stat sheet? Did you have how much tax money. He has paid just from this week in his career alone. All California tax like double digit million taxes paid just from the farmers insurance. Yeah unbelievable I want to see somebody compilers where he would be in the career earnings just at the farmers I better be top. One fifty in career probably above or below. Jj Jj Henry. I bet it'd be top one hun- easily top one hundred seven time tour winner. Jj's amass a lot of money as if all goes back to the greatest of all time at JJ. Henry predatory lender going from Toronto going into small markets Reno Moline and just fleas as for Hartford. Just fleecing these poor people out of money that was the highlight of the PGA show last last week the the purple so to highlights walking around Purple Mauve headed Purple Shirt underneath his sport coat and a Purple Pocket Square. And then actually you guys left on Thursday. I'm walking around. I'm like Jim Caldwell coach. I do a double take. I went around around that you're more. Oh Jen Jim call was the one that you always have that blankets sir and I did a double take and act like I dropped something. I went back sure enough. Who Jamie Caldwell you know? What was his credential pro industry pro we are not gonNA break down the PGA coach stop? Stop going back to rob did we. I was so I was listening on the radio today. Did we get a didn't hear one. I know what you're the really really keeping emotions in check. I did not get what I kind of look. He seemed like he was keeping going to be an absolute fucking meltdown. All I have a tweet ready for whatever does it's like yeah. RAHM is really keep it in most check. Checking in with Ron Tools actually stabbed a fan with broken clubs. Can we get some of those people from the first responders hole overhear round just murdered three fans first responders seen out there. This massive first responders scene which is really cool for Randy and now he's a big big. I don't have to get into the liberties taken with that that flag. That's there's some some interesting stuff around promoting that heavily. PGA Tour event. But we can talk about that later. Can you guys help me with something. Here the broadcast sucks the courses. Boring the leaderboard bunches. Why is this tournament so entertaining raining? Every year board is always good. Always feels like a super bowl to me. Is it just because there's no football this week and feels that people are really engaged. Always feels huge as much as I love. Sony it's essentially the first big tournament here. I think eight kickoffs. I think all of this is the yeah. You're giving you're looking for reasons other than the obvious one here which is just not there. That's what I'm saying it's all residual cat. You know what I mean. I'm serious it's like. It's how people thought that like wells. Fargo was a really premier event because cap played at like three times and all of a sudden. It's got this field fucking stinks. It's gotten better but you know what I'm saying. You got robbed typically plays well. Roy was in the field this week. That was massive. Rory any comment on rory I mean he. You know kind of spit. The bit today played like I was shocked to see him shoot sixty nine after starting bogeyed three hundred first four holes badly too. I just doesn't unlike strike me as a great poa guy you know like I. I don't have any real. He's never had really success on the West Coast on about to have egg on my face. But I've taught my head like he's never really match played harding park. That's all that really is like spring to mind. Well Chambers Bay obviously. Yeah that was like that. That was a different poem. Mega was the wrong kind of Broccoli Poa. But he doesn't seem like a west coast swing guy. I mean tiger obviously grew up on and making that. I don't really think he's done a whole lot. I think. There's there's an important distinction with POA. Because I happened to be on the right power I make fucking everything but then at pebble I couldn't I couldn't get the ball within four feet of the hole so I think there's a bumpy soft POA. And there's there's a kind of POA that like like more more like the Tory poet it seems firmer and and challenge to the course like you know it's a it's a kind of an easy whipping. Boy I think but you know they spent fourteen million dollars on it so I hope they made some changes. I think Reese Jones is is is collecting paychecks with ski masks. It's like no no bid contracts out to the to the city of San Diego but lawyer Diego Parks but I like some of the stuff that they they done on the fairways running into some of the bunkers. Something new tee boxes. It was see my does progress right. Fourteen million dollars progress. Well Yeah. I know irrigation expensive and all that but I mean when the US Open goes there. There's no possible way. They don't cut down some rough around the Greens right. I mean that is so dumb. Come in sober actually like you said earlier. How wide the corridors? Yeah you could make it extremely like just firm up the Greens and make it extremely out like you know. Cut shut down all the surrounds. And if you miss a greener possible I think twenty five yard pitch coming back. I think the thing that all the architecture people say is you know. You're you're on this spectacular exciting. You don't really use any of the cliffs right which who knows maybe the reasons like erosion reasons. I don't really know why maybe it's bad architecture too but you know saw so and I were watching earlier texting or something was a smoker. That hit that shot four God. He'll just like a dead pull hook that we're we're looking at that needs to be the in the ocean and maybe you can't move the green closer but maybe there's things you can do on like softening those are harshening whatever you want to say but to your point cutting down some of the rough. Yeah yeah cutting down some of these like catching just like making it. So there's more teeth than they did move a couple of them closer to the cliffs right. They moved the four th fairway closer to the cliff but that approach as soon as you hit it was just a dead pull hook of Mike from two hundred twenty yards. My Dude that has to be whatever is is over there that has to be off the planet and it just like stopped in the rough and he just. I don't know if I don't remember if he got up and down or what but it looks like so take the fifteenth Hole Rahm. Today today was in the right rough and he tried to play the left of the green and I don't know if this is new or not but they actually had fairway like around not remember. His ball rolled down the fairway and rolled into the back of a bunker instead of stopping and just like ankle deep rough near the green it rolled to the downside of the backward bunker demand bogey that was like a deserved Eh how the way around those should play cramming balls over them and it stopping two feet over the green. It's so boring and repetitive. It's letting the Greens rub a little a little bit more there. You go there you go brand snigger. Hits some of the Squirrelly shot. Sometimes he's on that plane with web. Well so I just picked up on this this past week to on when he putts he uses what they call it. The top stroke. It's kind of like a shorter little stroke here. Watch for that Mrs. Though I feel I feel a certain kinship with them because his tempos total I got that moved that Kinda it quick coming out of it or stream I forget what was it. The Ernie one that he played really well at the British open and we got to Saturday he was total control and then all of a sudden yeah by tempo. Exactly that kind of stuff. You're like Oh my God. This guy does not look before we continue. I WanNa talk doc more toward before we go. Can you guys tell me what a madeleine. SACRAMEN- mark Leeann have in common Well they both hosted trophies this week. They were both tour winners on Sunday. They also have a lot of similarity with regards to the clubs and their golf bags. sags from was the first player on a major worldwide toward to win with new. Calloway maverick driver and Lieberman Eastman quickly followed. sexton who ranked one twenty-seventh in driving accuracy. Hit all fourteen fairways on Sunday and so did Mark Lieberman. They weren't into hoes that he was playing. Yeah they didn't show those on TV. They showed the hit forty. Just not the ones that he walked down all fourteen exactly. He did hit three fairways. Of course he he drove a while the rest of the week just not so. That's what I was GONNA say. Imagine how well he drove it. The wrestling team and being contentious and also madeline hit all fourteen fairways on Friday which is pretty sick mates credible up and downs over the course of the day with the jaws wedges that both she and Lieberman game well. I was a little bit worried about leash coming into eighteen flashbacks to kyle out daily. Spin it off twice a lot longer to go and his is ball landed on the slope so just gave it like the mega juice in a row. Back don't land release was Panagiotis Wedge. He was he was closer to that. Little smarter I I know this is an ad read. But this is a personal testimonial wedges been crazy so much but at least might maybe a little more qualified to handle it than we are when it came to putting you guessed it. They're both rolling Odyssey putter. Madeline had the new stroke lab black marksman which pretty much makes it? Impossible to put a bad stroke on the ball and also like Lee. Didn't miss a fifteen footer. We already talked about that down. The stretch It was pretty good day for the number one driver on major worldwide tours. Wars and the number one puttering Gulf Maverick was also the most played. Calloway driver across major. Tours come this past week and they won the driver count on the LPGA. Calloway when the driver calendar the PGA tour so real quick note on sex JEREM. She's she she was twenty seventeen like her career is off to a very good start and Swedish big played in the Solheim Cup. Two thousand seventeen as a rookie So you haven't just like a rookie on the LPGA toward that's what you mean not like as a rookie on the Solheim Cup Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah and I mean I probably goes to show you just how little depth there is on the side of the Solheim Cup but NASA hotoke almost went back to back that that is not included within this ad but yes visit callaway golf dot com for more INFO. Anything else from Tory. Before we move on we mentioned Tyler mccumber sickly kind of gave a little bit of a back today but that was a that was a wild Personally that was very ramp Acre Wildfire Baker. My of course my former partner at the web dot com junior shootout fantasy football. You know compatriot of ours and Tyler number who I I think maybe last saw upstairs upstairs the kill house when he came over here to these guys tiger fucking woods. Oh that's cool every day But mccumber I mean pretty. Cool them to ignore. I know come on a ten time tour winner. I'm trying not to do the CVS Steph but it's like man. I wonder why nobody knows who these guys are like. Here's a young kid. He's like the opposite of everybody on tour. He loves surfing. He's like a super introspective. Smart Traveler Avelar like really interesting dude playing with Tiger Woods. You have every fucking camera in the world already out there following him and it's like Oh yeah we're not what we're here at seventeen. Apparently he's played pretty okay. Well we're told COOL. Talked about this a little bit. How you know what I get weirdly? I'm so much more engaged in a tournament during CBS week. Because -tective trying to figure out what the Hell's going on in the tournament I pull up the leaderboard it'd be like Oh shit. Like Harry Hicks is making a move child the Harry too and he got a lot of he has a vibe and a half people were loving. That Zack had Zach. Blair Blair had had a decent we kind of did he's committee Putz Eh superfan following around to show to the translator out slayer if anybody saw video. Ah Screaming after every put let's go. We're going to try and get him on the on the chapter on It also shouted the tour for putting Calling Morikawa and the or as Moriyama in a in a feature parenting. That's I think that that was a cool move for them to put him with tiger. I I also I wanNA give a shout out. I love when they do. When they've got two courses? I I you know it's so much fun to figure out all right. These guys all put on North on the south five hundred in the south. I love prognosticating based on that stuff last night he can make a bigger field to somebody. tweeted I forget who it was. I apologize somebody goes whole fuck. He's good just like after watching this. Oh no the speed thing is Israel the weekend very real species now outside the fifty for the first time in six and a half years. which is I mean gene? Is that bad. It's maybe he's probably GonNa miss him unless he I don't know we'll see forgetting. Does it cut off the week before Muskrat. It's like I feel like pebble and La coming up. Yeah gotta be pretty tight sixty four though right. It's not just the plummeting surrounded quickly. It's not it's not good. I was so gosh I was so excited on Thursday. Friday speech. Got Four under this. I'm going to be parked on the couch this weekend. Well the reason to be optimistic. was that his Birdie. Average was still insane and that he was still like birdieing. Twenty percent of the whole top. Ten untorn Birdie average just need to clean up the big east just first off setting it with so many bogeys and it just doesn't make sense to to have that volatility so if you're optimistic looking at you saying Oh yeah just clean it up a little bit in your fine but if that continues obviously it's going to be the same story every week. So Baker shuts seventy eight. But last thing about Tori for me was. This is four. Sure the most obvious statement of the week rory hit like four or five shots. This week that I'm like Oh my God. Nobody else uh planet can do that and look easy and I know the five would out of the bunker shot absurd. The one yesterday was I think it was on twelve one ninety into the wind right up against the lip he just lifts probably like seven hundred or something. And Burgess lifted straight up drops it completely softly three feet from the hole Mike. This is not the same sport sports. A lot of these guys are playing this every single week. well as it didn't feel like he had his new workloads do stuff. But that was the biggest week I can remember as far whereas just really highlighting what he can do that. Other people can't do. Yeah get him on some Greens that he knows well. I think we can see. We're going to see him. I could even have a better this year. The last year I think Rivera in a few weeks is going to be totally him sick. All right events GONNA be awesome. Are we ready to get to the highlight of this. Show World Tour Vevey home. We talked to buy for a second shirt. I had it on their world tour but we can talk if you want we. Can I feel like it kind of rolls in a little bit too. Sure yeah you got Lucas. Herbert who you know a a fellow excavator. Patrick read how quickly we forget. At this event last year it was twenty nine thousand nine Dubai way worse than the read. It would way worse. Pilloried yeah in the Australian media and like I didn't really I didn't see many. I don't follow too strong got I. I didn't see a ton of people really float around. I'm guessing. Security wasn't removing a bunch of read cheater yellows as they were her right definitely definitely they were at removing people. That were harassing Mr read from Sports Outta here so Ryan Palmer rejected somebody on TV This past week and nobody seemed to get all up in arms arms about like they did when. Jt did it at the Honda. Listen man life's not fair. I don't know what you didn't Ryan Palmer. Has they've got arnie's army. Ah Speaking of Mr Polera. Speaking of Arnie's Army WanNa give it a shout out to the commercials on. PJ Tola Radio There is it Mike Stone and there's a four album of Guitar Acoustic Guitar songs about Arnold Palmer who already your thank you. Ernie we're parentheses where you're rb me Remix to take the guy's last night another one week in April. I believe it's called. It's Kinda stuck in my head I did not Did Not appreciate that. We need to be okay Yeah my need to change the intro music. Bryson getting put on the clock on the back nine and melting down. Yeah you can see the picture of him in front of the enormous Omega. Go Watch at. I was like trying hard to come up with. A tweet. Like European tour added again with their half baked ideas on how to fight slow play bogeyed the last four all to shoot seventy six. How many shots back did you finish? who plays that's a great question. it was it kind of set up a great day. And and then you guys kind of spit the Bit Eddie Eddie Pepperell fleetwood didn't play well Bryce and obviously lit himself on fire. So you know I it. It was a little bit of a down the stretch as far as the actual action goes. But you know I think these guys are saving their energy. I for I green scarf club next week. The first major of the year bryce did finish four back after bogeying the last four holes to put on the clock on the back nine which is which is which is tremendous this but he said he was welcoming the new the new slow play initiative. We got. So I'm going over the field list for for the Saudi event. The next week Brooks Dustin Patch agreed artisan Do not see Bryson's name on the I thought he was in I. I guess I kinda just assumed he was in the definitely last year was helping grow grow the game in the kingdom last year. One name that stood out Sebastian Crampton he's an American guy was on the Mackenzie tour. Last year. got a sponsor's exemption the Saudi event. He's a graduate from CAL Berkeley in two thousand nineteen. I just stuck out to me like how who why can can we just discussed so. I think we've touched on it like with Saudi. Like why what we kind of. We talked about a bit last week but what we think of why. We're quick quick to criticize the top players in the game. Playing it versus like regular European tour players other players. Is there a difference in your guys. Mind I think so for sure is there you know like a humanist difference no pro- probably not but from a career perspective I get why I mean off as a good example of someone that's like man you got no status anywhere and you've got to make something happen how do you you know. How do you turned down a opportunity to go possibly do something huge and get status on the euro tour and just start running downhill? But or a guy like Richie Ramsay or somebody like that. Who every every shot counts? Every point counts in the in the race back to Dubai. But if you're literature literature showing up to say scheme ask you put the fucking money the bag. Let's go good important to spell out the way I try to view it with my old job job if I was assigned to go to Saudi Arabia on a work trip. I'd be like yeah. Okay I gotta do that but like with this job if our responsibility was like hey you guys can go. Oh in just say amazing things about it and collect big fat paycheck for doing it or there's also other things you have. The option of doing that are more morally sound. Would which would you choose and like we have a decision in that regard and we would probably we would not go we. We had a decision last year. Asked us and he said no and we said no so. I think there is a just an important distinction stink tion between like Phil going over growing the game in the kingdom. Getting a Shitload of money for that's a part of the world that he's never been before he was and he got an extra two. Today's nice weekend in Riyadh. Yeah hopefully hopefully. He didn't bring his bombs with them and also the breathtaking views of the Red Sea that Yeah Brooks's of traveling to go see so congratulations to them. Active plus the other thing is people will. How's it different than China or AH China's not the one funding the HSBC like WBZ or Turkish Airlines Open? It isn't funded by aired Awan funded by private company. Now we read it a loophole in bring it all together lease chomping at the bit. I'm going to do a little bit of fact reading here Of the most part just to set the scene in case you haven't is basically you. Can you can dive too quickly into this and not really understand what's going on and I've I've been through this exercise already this weekend. It's good to just come take a full view of it we actually had a conversation at the PGA show this year like guys. Why is nobody talking? had heard anyone like seen any reports. And we've kind of had internal discussions about this world tour for awhile. I think we're kind of agreed like maybe we should talk about it this week. On the POD. Like hey guys this is going on. And all of a sudden then Shackelford drops a bomb on Thursday. So shout SHACKELFORD. Yeah Yeah Great Scoop. And it's impressive reporting. Some multiple sources have confirmed Geoff SHACKELFORD DOT COM and after years of attempting to to commence the World Golf Groups Vision with the twenty twenty. Start date organizers are making another fervent bid to lure top players away from the PG European tours with plans to to start in two thousand twenty two or twenty twenty three. The concept was first revealed by Reuters in two thousand. Eighteen has alternatively been known as the World Golf tour or towards a force. which would seem like that's out but seems like already as well they've been rebranded literally literally dovish name I've ever heard by life but so dumb that it's great? Maybe we could have that debate. Wave what would you prefer world golf sort series or tour De Force Rogoff Sarah. We'll get OUTTA here. Premier Ear Golf League. PG L. Phillip. George Landis is big randy's real name PG L. so we got emailed a QNA for the PG AG l.. which why did I get? We don't know but we're going to journalists a lot of those answer. The Cuna is unbelievable. The answers to this. It's like it is like Britain Britain as tron would write like the answers to so. There's no there's no background WHO's asking these questions from just calms and it's like it's official email address and it's got the premier golf with their three Ts logo there But further to the official statement issued in the media yesterday evening police find attached hatched interview transcript which clarifies key information relating to the Premier Golf League in its objectives. Signed the COMMS team. We're going to get a lot of these no part of it lists. Suzanne was asking the question. Who's answering the questions? Who this whole press releases coming from absolutely point out the ridiculousness snus of that upfront? All of these answers that we're going to be like reading from in quoting go in eyes wide open that litter. We have no idea who this could be. The Softbank spank Guy. In Japan. It could be it could be crowned Prince NBS. Yeah I'm picturing it as some visas kid of it comes straight from Jeff Bezos. I'm picturing to somebody the I guess to talk muffled like like with Mike Vick thing it's like work the World War Kinda like club. I've read the club broke. He could be involved involved. Steiner of all people was the only agent willing to go on record was Shackelford. We'll do you want to get some of the details out on what this is for. That's what this is going to. I believe leave unveiled. Shortly to other well known player representatives confirmed that the concept had serious legitimacy and the players were considering the proposal. Three other agents contacted declined. Hi to comment four players with knowledge. The proposal would only confirm details fearful of fines for discussing a potential PGA tour competitor. which is a big element of this? which will discuss the original concept presented by the group featuring eighteen events scheduled from January to September with forty eight player fields vying for ten million dollars? Each week highlighted by by season ending team championship. Again the team element of that as well The World Golf groups current proposal has since been adjusted after feedback from players is now aiming for ten events so this was in the SHACKELFORD report. This was not in the What they listed out they still had everything? Eighteen event correct The group is retaining a formula. One style team component complete with managers and potential drama surrounding players signed benched or released from franchises. Those franchises offered to a group of Megastar Megastar players who could retain ownership past their playing. Days we'll be capable of generating equity value between three hundred fifty million and seven hundred fifty million dollars along with four percent ability where that number came from no idea the world series groups. Lobbying efforts was a major topic during this week's PGA tour player meeting from the farm farmers. Insurance Open Commissioner Jay Monahan flew in from Ponte Vedra beach headquarters engage in substantial discussion with players about the pitfalls of the cons up. Couple things about that too. A that makes it sound like it was a meeting about the Whatever the hell this called the Tour de force for lack of a different name? That's not true. It was a player meeting every year. The attendance is that she I think always are almost always attends And based on everything we heard There was one question asked shadow to Justin rose And so it was basically they got through the player meeting where they're talking about pensions and exemptions and starts and whatever and then there was a queue a portion at the end or one player. Justin rose brought it up. Monaghan gave one answer. That was the end. So this there's going to be like kind of makes it sound like Holy Shit. The players are meeting about this. I need to hop on the jet and fly in that. Not necessarily this commissioner Schnur but what can you tell me about this world. We'll have to give up my partnership with Morgan. Stanley sources. Say defectors would face complications related to the releases necessary to play a non. PGA Tour Vince and loss of eligibility in the tourist lucrative pension program among other matters. You tell us what that is just the the releases that are needed. PGA Tour members to play and other events so it has a while ago or so as it's written right now in the PGA tour handbook basically says not basically literally says no PG digital remember Shell participate in any other golf tournament or events on a date when a PGA tour cosponsored tournament or event for which such member is exempt is scheduled and so what that means is remember the PGA tour. And someone wants you to go play in there any literally. Any event of if the match the match is a good example of something that like that was going on although that wasn't technically on the same date but still it's an outside. PGA Tour you know outside the PGA tour events so they needed to have it sanctioned by the PGA tour. Officially Tiger and Phil had to have releases sign. I'm sure there was a substantial seven-figure amount of money that changed hands in order for the match. Organisers to to make that like copacetic with the PGA tour but yeah basically it's the PGA tour defense so that you know and it's not just something like this doesn't pop anything that affects their meteorites right like them engaging in any competition outside of the PGA tour. Basically the tour Owns those meteorites. which again like that's wildly inconvenient for other media folks but of course it makes sense for me? PGA Tour Perspective if why they would do that. If you're the tour you you want to own these rights rights are worth the entire tour to you. That's what your values right. I mean I mean it's ridiculous that the tour would kind of flex this muscle now totally but at the same time the tour also signs releases go play. That's what I was GONNA say so for sure. So I think the way it's written in the handbook players basically can lobby for up to like three releases per year probably not going to get eighteen releases. This or ten wouldn't think that's probably going to happen. But you know if you're Bryson you can go play in. Dubai is because usually the tour will cut a deal. I'm like okay if you're skipping this event you probably got a plate next year or if you know those kinds of things future in Singapore couture in Singapore is another another good one but yeah I mean that that goes all the way to you know if you were doing a hypothetical web-based competition series like. Yeah the tour. You might have some feelings about that as well if you're on the Korn ferry towards yeah so I it all makes sense when you when you drill down into it but that's why financing is believed to come from a combination of sources including tokyo-based Softbank and private equity investment from several regions including the United States and the Middle East. That's not concerning. All each eight month season will begin in January compressive eighteen events ten of which will be played in the. US others airing during primetime again. This this is different than what the The PG questionnaire that news broke today Shots Evan priests could scoop there about The the Australian Open in Singapore. Open the Dunhill. Few other events are in negotiations with where I don't know how you would. I mean I guess I'm not sure for the high forty eight person Ersan national open very very Australia's Jason Day out of Scott rather than the traditional board will be three days of stroke play competition fifty four holes tournament. No cut with the quote. You don't send the world's best players home early that was saying it's like a press release but there's also these little jabs abs- yes sprinkled throughout these little editorial spoiling it Some of the first two days. We'll have a shotgun start to fit with five hour broadcast window so no slow air. This is a direct quote so no slow air and each final day will go to a to t start to maintain the traditional back-nine climax. So let's say they're at the Dunhill. Could you imagine going all right cool you you get to go off number one you have to. You have to on the road hole. It's not the dunhill links a different different tournament. Oh it's the South Africa. Yeah okay so they literally had to the start at the dunhill links at the old course. What's his name had to finish on the road hole was the guy that looks bear guard? Had to hit a to Weiner's something in the seventeen to finish on the road ball which I don't I don't really know how I feel about that. Well we'll get into it. Keep going all right so we can. We can start working into this document to kind of reads reads like a manifesto more. So that's where I missed the each final day. We'll go to a to t start. Yeah I maintain the traditional back-nine climax totally like to start on Sunday or on the final round is kind of diabolical to they do but the it feels over the forty eight person field. Yeah all right so this idea. I don't know how much we wanna read. But tron is our representative the PG l.. Expert here I was just going to ask you some questions from this. Documentary is read the interview. Transcript that imagine that you came up with this so so what is the league. Sorry I'm so so this is not it's a new improved format devised in consultation with the actually I thought this was interesting. Devising concentration with those who fund the sport at the highest professional level. So that would imply that they have partnerships lined up with sponsors You know large multinational corporations agents who who are already deeply involved in golf or have been in the past designed simply to be the best product golf is capable of producing and then so individual and team league format only the best playing against the best each week. I think a lot of what I'm paraphrasing here. But a lot of the criticism has been. Doesn't this just equate to like more. WG Yeah it's like the wgn it's like even a light W is less inclusive than the WGC's because WBZ lease bring if I may say a lot of undeserving international national players to the bottom of the leaderboard of a lot of WGC's But it is a world golf event in that regard Japan tour so I just go look at the bottom of the WBZ Z.. leaderboards is great tradition. This is like trims the fat of of that even as I can these forty eight players competing to win the individual world championship inch. which if if it's not a belt? Twelve teams of four competing to win the world championship. A compelling league format that will generate the strongest. I possible seasonal narrative. which going back to the? I don't know how they form these teams draft. I'd be kind of maybe phenomenal. uh-huh yeah this is where I stopped right here is like they are close to a lot of good ideas in a lot of this. Yeah so okay. There's a lot of different directions that we we can go here and you guys I'll I'll say a bunch of stuff and you guys picture which direction you WanNa go. This feels like the commissioner for Dave hundred percent and so that was going to be my first point one eighth baked idea not even a half baked. So I think that it's I think a lot of this is just politics because I think it is totally fully baked. If they've we've been working on it for six years or eight years or whatever and they approached all these people they have all this financing allegedly like her. There's a billion dollars sitting in the band in a bank account like do they have it. Fully billion dollars fully set aside liquid like I do think it is fully trans associates in Switzerland. But I think when you issue a completely unbiased aligned like unnamed press released like this you can literally say anything you want. So let's take all this with a grain green assault that like. Yeah maybe some of this stuff might come true but also if it doesn't like nobody's GonNa Care What are you gonNa do. It's not like we can just say whatever we want to drum up excitement about it. Just look the name change. There's been three names exactly exactly. So that's that's I would say a knock. There's a lot of Knox there's a lot of knocks but also so there's candidly a lot of things. I kind of like about it and you tell me if you don't like any of these things. I love the team. Aspect is no okay all the way to do it. All right. We'll circle back to that. I love fifty four holes instead of seventy two holes. Sure I think that's fine. Yeah I love a four-month off season. I think that's great. I I kind of low key. Love the shock starts. I think it's like chaos in that this is bullshit he had to start on. The hardest hole is a storyline. Every week I think that's kind of fun. Thinking about the telecast there were literally always be all the players are on the course at all times. There's always gonna be somebody doing something. The best thing about start would be. If they had the chaos often twosomes they're stacking their stacking six groups have a be abandoning the longest far four. But that would be if they found a network partner which I don't understand the network part of it yet whoever's broadcasting this has to be able to show all the drama all at once and multiple locations nations Oh my God no like the current partners cannot but you're also not on the. You're not on air of nine here for three days. Five hours very tight. Yeah I'm just saying like at the moment so I figure maybe it's a quad box thing. I don't know exactly how you do it but I want to preface all of this with like you could just throw out anything you can say anything you want about this. But what what they put in their weird fucking release was basically like digital coverage of every single group. Watch any player Red Zone at all times. Yeah so it's like of of course you're probably just hugging him from trying to drum up interest at this point but if that's true sick I'm in another thing I like. I think forty eight players. Your this sounds incredibly cold to the bulk of the PGA tour but you're quote unquote like trimming the fat right. I think even Lynch wrote a really good piece for golf week and the way he put it was each each week or each of these eighteen weeks. You're kind of getting rid of the The inconvenience of having to go through these other players. Who might it can be happening to? Have you know a hot week that week. So I think having forty players would lead to like the PGA tour always talked so much about trying to create rivalries right and how hard that is when you have out shit like angel. You weren't supposed to play well. This week is supposed to be filled versus you. Know whatever because as much as you subsidize the purses if if if one one of the guys that's not generating interest winds. That's kind of a fly in the right. I think I thought Ayman's Closing quote was great if the rumbling about a breakaway takeaway tour effort persists the tour. I might just have to consider that. The cost of appeasing antsy thoroughbreds is thinning. The herd of workhorses also cluttering the track each week. Make so I think that's good. I think the other humid had another good He had another good line. which was like this was going to be the exact stat? I was GONNA go look up. which was the one hundred? Th ranked player you're on the PGA tour money list. Carlos Ortiz made. How much money do you think one point? Two million one point two million dollars for finishing one hundredth compare that to the ATP you and you make almost double with that that player makes the ATP and so that's why I don't think we expressly said this but that's the point of all this. Is that the top players in the game. Aimar subsidizing the lesser players. It seems Roy's which I think everybody agrees like that's that's massively true. And we've been making that point on repeat because like I've used us now jail time for some reason the same guy always get becomes the brunt of this joke but like when Rory and William mcgirt both tie for eight they both walk away with the same amount of money. Yeah despite the fact that one of them William mcgirt of course puts butts in the seats. Kamanga sounds good one. We're all. We're all separately. Google even try to pick out other bad example. I'm googling the ATP money list because it seems like all right Novak Djokovic career earnings would you say his career earnings are thirty. Seven million one hundred four hundred twenty nine hundred twenty but you know so so looking at all more than and they've and they've all kind of split split up the pot over the last team players playing at the same time in the same generation integration have have all earned more than the greatest player to ever place for For some context Sampras forty three million so it seemed like you know. Obviously the things really took off Agassi thirty one million so the next closest to Nadal at one twenty is sixty one million so so those guys have made all awesome at least twice as much as the next closest guy and it's just so like if I'm asking you this what will what value did Charlie Hoffman and Patrick Rogers was provided to the tour this weekend to farmers and to the event this week. What hundreds of thousands of dollars according to the they both eight hundred eighty one thousand dollars? I did not see one Patrick. Roger Shot and they may have but I did not see one and that's not a slight to those guys. Yeah they're obviously very worthy players but like the way we've talked because this is a combination of so many things we've talked about over the course of years on this podcast all like coming together and that if if eventually these harsh realities get faced that this this is just a weird entertainment business then like. Why are all wise? Tom hoagie walking away with three hundred seven. Thousand who's creating the value. Yeah I get that. He finished fifth. And like that's the way this whole thing works ultimate meritocracy of you. Roll the Bah and your pay is based on your performance by. That's not how a lot of sports work and it's cool you know. There's there's there's two points I think it's cool in that. There is the whole under like the entire underdog component of golf right. Ah You know you've got a bunch of David's it's not it's not just all goliaths so I have a theory on this to that. Let's again a massive leap of faith but let's assume that everything thing goes down exactly the way they outline it in this weird press release. Suddenly the majors turn into this awesome like elitists versus the quote Unquote Underdog the Mon- Stars Richard Seriously. How cool that like? All kind of makes the majors. Better right you have these forty-eight guys roll into you know wing foot this year and you have this whole you have one hundred and ten other players with chips on their shoulders. Fuck these guys man like you know what I mean I I just I. I don't know I think that's I think that's kind of cool aspect of it. The other thing with the tour guys this week about it is it is significant that these guys have to cover their are on expenses for so for a lot of guys that significant. Yeah so so you know. Granted teas and you're making one point one million after you pay. Hey you're catty and you pay taxes you pay you know I'm not. I'm not crying. Poor for him to cash in the bank. You're probably spending one hundred and fifty to two hundred thousand dollars dollars between travel and swing coach and all that stuff I hear people say is like they take home is one third of what's reported on their PGA tour especially now that the a lot of the equipment and and apparel deals have dried up for for those guys outside of the top fifteen to twenty and to be clear take home I mean on that is after taxes after expenses after paying swing coach trainer minor caddy all the bonus for the caddy all the tips and log. Everything like you write off. It's like yeah you take on like one third of it so I agree with that but like whose problem is that no I mean. It's just the way that it structure. Its whole independent contractor thing but it's also worth knowledge in like like I didn't know it before last week that every person makes the. US Open gets ten grand. Yes which you know seems like all right cool. You know trim the fat a little bit because I do think there are way too many. PGA Tour Cards. There's way too many guys in some of these fields which to shock point to is like again the way and why this all works this way is like the. PJ tours mandate their actual responsibility on the executive levels to provide playing opportunities for members so like their executive pay is at least an aspect of their pay is based on. How many the literal number of starts that are made over the course of a year? PGA Tour hence the reach around season hence one hundred earn fifty six players and hence forty seven events or whatever it is so that's why but of course all that makes sense but what I keep coming back it is a has a fan. I agree with that. I agree on my problem. Tell me that so to like. There's there's twelve guys on major medicals or minor medicals next week in Phoenix. So so that's a good example to and and I'm not even like riding for this idea. I just think it's really fun and really interesting to talk about but okay I think what's super fascinating is when you really start. There was a line again in the weird ghost. Written press release it. We need to go back circulated we wrote it. It'd be like yeah there's getting punked for there's a line in there that like explicitly says if you were going to blow up you know if you were going to restart Gulf. Wouldn't look the way that it does today And I'm like yeah. No that's totally. That's totally true. As it exists the current way it does right one of the things. Ah when you start talking about major medicals and like well. How do you decide whether this guys in the field or this guy got in because of this and this exemption leads to this and this guy's got this many left on his medical this plus? Does this pose this man. It would be a lot easier to explain to somebody if there was just forty eight guys. Who got in and nobody else that makes so much more sense and so I think again? There's another very stupid line in there. That was talking about like you know grown. Of course there was the game stuff in there and it's easy to really is but when you really start thinking about. I'm curious what you guys think because I have my own answer but like does something like this is good for the sport. If this again assume everything goes through the way that they spell it out is good for the sport because I am going to get on the block that I think it actually is even though there are major reservations and we have no idea idea whether this is all being funded by 'EM BS or some weird Saudi collective or whatever but just from if it happened would it would more people watch golf even if it doesn't happen and it is it's a great thought exercise right it is going to force it. It's going to force the issue. It's either GonNa give leverage to to the players as this new rights deal get signed signed which that's sick as far as this thing basically sitting on his desk and which the twin announced the at which a you gotta wonder I heard what about Sports Business Journal that the TV deal was done but hasn't been announced announced yet new. got to wonder if this is huge contingency being built because if CVS side to seven hundred billion the dollar contract all the players left yeah. I've thought it's likely in the next three years. Assuming the TV deal where to go down as planned the the the Patriots were buys a European tour and Kinda unify. You figure out a way to unify the the the Rolex series in the Fedex Cup and all that and make it essentially like that like the one thou- or ATP one hundred thousand like that elite series before even though like why is that the goal or why is that good. I oh I think exercise here you know. Yeah I mean the European tour legitimately loses money for three straight years have Ryder Cup here and it funds the next three years which they lose money two years down the for their home. Ryder Cup Alien. Oh Yeah Oh yeah. That's the hormones are the ones that make money off of two thousand eighteen. They made money in the black. They're going to lose money the next three years and then twenty twenty back so I I don't know if I'm assuming overall that nets out near zero. Oh or somewhere near there where they can just be like I. I think that would be good for the game because it would be a unifying factor of like the what happens to the front. The Tha the next one hundred players a question that knowledge will carry as the other thing that that we talk about often. Dj's is there's it seems like there's a lot more similarities clarity between a Korn ferry event and kind of the bottom half of the PGA tour schedule versus the bottom half the PGA tour schedule. And say you know the majors agers and memorial players and you know some of those top tier events scheduled feels like it's getting very bifurcated. Yeah so what's the what's to say that that the fall series and some of these other events like they're they're already kind of a defacto to help panel series feeding in the other news from the player Advisory Council meeting was. I guess they're going to the tour is devising a new world ranking system their own world rankings. Yeah because they're getting screwed from the official world offering system uh-huh it's GonNa leave that there EXNER and keep his car So to answer your question is good for the game of golf it depends. There's two different ways. I think this will lead to more people watching off yes. I don't necessarily think it's good for the game ago when I think this is like I don't know what the PJ toward becomes after this but it's already like on the brink of like the way it's spelled out here it becomes a feeder tour. Were were this. PG L.. Yeah which is incredibly like jarring bold claim to make but like kind of just a runaway money-making machine do I think this is GonNa create like drama and really cool. They're going to nail all the details. That are going to make this important in good. No Awesome I. It's not this is not going to be like the world tour of amazing wonderful golf courses with you know perfect architecture. It's going to be you got vincent like all the most boring locations which were following money. It's like events is Saudi Arabia's GONNA move into the. Singapore is going to be middle events in the middle of the night. It's not GonNa be something that you know as much as it is mundane week-to-week on tour. There's like a built in history with so many of these places like how many times have we seen guys make putts on on the eighteenth green at Torrey Pines. I is part of new tune in every week and so losing all that tradition for a glorified. WGC Tour and the WGC's have so over the years. No I not on that. I where I think you. You asked about the team aspect like trying to individual N.. Team complete disaster. I think guy's an absolute disaster. This agree on that has to be the Champions League of golf and this is like or like T- twenty in cricket like this is totally totally separate this is just teams and you only are playing match-play Champions League that they also they play those teams play in the or sorry. The champions Abe's league and then there's like the the euro final right like there's there's different Yay cups you can play. It's different. I'm just saying this has to be a totally separate league and format and a totally different vibe other than like going to watch individuals play stroke play so I think that's something you were touching on. There is a massively important. The thing to point out which is that. There's a idealistic version of how this can shake out. And there's a realistic version of how can shake out. And I think that the idealistic version it is awesome and I think it shakes. I think if they'd like you said they nail all the details I think that would be an extremely compelling product and I think it would get a lot more people people to watch and I think you could solve a lot of the issues that has you could create more stars I think people get paid quote unquote fairly. You know what I mean by that and I think that'd be great religions realistic version. Like I have no confidence that anybody in the world is going to be able to talk to like this group of people and nail it closest. I do think though it beyond the money a guy like rory or tiger how enthused he was after playing role Melbourne would be that that seems like a really really. That'd be a smart way for them to Sweden it for these guys by saying you know. Hey we are gonna go to really cool court variety of really architecturally significant courses. This is that you know. I think that would be where your skill level will be John. Yeah I think the best version if we go back to the idealistic version is something you brought brought up tron which is if the euro tour in the PGA tour merged and you basically allow them to kind of bifurcated themselves in this way where you almost have like a organized way of doing this exact thing where it's like. Let's let's yes. Let's take the best events in the PGA tour and the best from the euro tour and create a separate series. These guys are going to get paid. Paid more Blah Blah Blah. I think that makes more sense or seems more realistic to me. But of course that hasn't even been talked about so it's kind of pulling that out of thin air going back to the team team thing too. So let's say it's hurt. How does how does that work? I mean I've I've so many questions like procedurally about how this would work where I almost feel like all right instead of doing teams with four teams of six. Make it like high school or College Golf to where you got six guys playing you. Count for five guys playing for that that and then it can't be overstated. How awesome I think? Maybe you disagree solid. But I don't think he'd be overstated. How awesome the team aspect could be and this is where where I think the team and individual? I think totally works if you have. Okay Rory mcilroy is your captain quote unquote and he has to decide which players he wants on his team but like I was that not Capelli's every week that just I'm saying just make a team that I love the team part but I hate trying to be half in half out player on ball also. Why not just I'm alive? Product you keep track of no. You're playing individual stroke play tournament and then also the WHO's winning the tournament all Roy's winning houses team to I. Yeah I don't really know that's a lot to ask people to keep track of like with if you're going to everyone on the course at the same time and everyone finishing at the same time trying to keep track of like. Oh Yeah who's winning the team aspect and their team Ms Blah Blah Blah and. This team all worry that his college golf. Oh no no no. No they don't know comes down to matchplay no every tournament other than the NCW championship is is not on television. Made for television is compelling at the visiting team. Yeah some some of it is Going back to Formula One which you set your life but Formula One is probably the close sparks. Nation is where you have the the constructors series where each Ferrari and Mercedes and all that like they all have they all the teams and then you get points based on finishes and all that which would be funny if they had callaway tablist literally. That was one of the equipment. Companies own the teams. Yeah now but but that was that was a really interesting part of all the press releases to you you know they would be equity stakes from some of the players where one of my things is. It seems like there's there's some players that are very very keen on the stuff that just want to grab the bag with the money. Like like Phil I was GonNa say not to put two and two together too much. But Phil's nonchalance about appearing in Saudi Arabia and Soft Bank's you know association with both of these things kind of seems like a an interesting coincidence. Doesn't it well. I think my my thing would be like why. Why other than Phil delivering short-term eyeballs it? Would it would be valuable. Had Phil own a team is. He's turning fifty in in these games eroding elements he'd be so loose as owner owning. Yeah but not as a player like the elements to think about like if we're having a draft. Ah We get how. How much conduct could we get? I know we had a draft right now. Who are you take? Who's going number one off the board? I think about it Roy. He's he's in his thirties. You want him for life or you want rob. Jt Five extra years is a lot like what are you taking like. It's a it's a real quest for sure. Yeah and there's now some of these. Some of these teams developed distinct identities. Yeah like over there. They get this guy because they play their home. Matches are at Torrey Pines Phil Phil would be et Al Davis maybe he drafted and the guy that runs a four to forty and this is the home stadium. The home fans sounds like Tiger owns a team. That could be a ten event part of so this is where I ultimately think is all going to end up is there has to be you for a lot of reasons. I'm not saying I would want this. But the tour needs to be involved in this and that sounds like sacrilegious based on our feedback. But I have a hard time. I am seeing all these guys. quit the tour and just be done with the PGA tour. I just don't believe that's going to happen whether it'd be sick if they did that. But from from what it sounds like the tour is going to flex their muscles and I believe one of the phrases that I've read is take legal action against those that would potentially be leaving the tour. I don't know what that means to your Chin. One of they're one of the points in this Cuban Independence Day the additional questions after the press conference. Let's see it's time to get to this. I read that too. It was like yeah I will artur players. Pensions being threatened is like no. They've earned it. It's it's it's it's basically deferred income which I don't know there's complications within that and that all of this comes down to tiger woods if if they don't have tiger they do not have any of this. I would agree. I think I think like well. How if you're a young player or something? How do you go out on the cliff by yourself? I think it makes sense for the actually. The one comment. Yeah because he's just floating. It'd be like Yo. Let's get this out in the room and take everybody's temperature on. Let's get it out in the open and so you can make an educated point. I don't think it's a decision to be made if there's tiger because I don't think the money is there without pressure too so I think in the the twenty nineteen Presidents Cup team run by the PGA tour. Do you think like within the next year. He's like okay. Thanks for like I'm done. Thanks for the hundred and twenty ninety million and all the other mo like. I'm without as far as I know. Times never made demands of the tour to change anything any part of the Royal Hell of a lot more provoke and tiger about the the way that the money gets divvied up in the current structure and forget it. He says he spoke out about that. He said it like is his quote. Yesterday I thought it was like. Hey Hey you know I'm I'm a traditionalist I like I like the PGA towards it's home for me. Like I a hard time thinking we're just GonNa you know go up and and totally upend the game but at the same time there are structural changes that need to be made with both with regard to the top players. So that's where I think it's going to end up with the the players negotiating with a tour to get their their way on some things so I agree with everything you said however however well how does tiger forty four right like. Are you really making a seismic decision. On what the next fifty years of professional golfer going to be like based on the next five years. He's GonNa play Professional Golf. He makes you know what I'm saying like okay. I agree if they don't have tiger. They don't have anything okay. Well then what happens after tiger retired. Why don't they just do it? like this is their issues. You're going to have to face eventually here right. I think they're trying to cash in on the tiger woods part of it. No I agree totally but you know what I'm saying that AH if anything that kind of just kick the can down the road to have to be dealt with later so I don't know if they're thinking that far ahead but point being I it does seem like you're gonNA have to make some changes so that okay if it doesn't happen this time like how do we make sure it doesn't happen ten years from now. I think that was Roy's point on you know. Hopefully this helps push the PGA tour forward now as a golf fan. What I'm not lobbying for here is like man hopefully the PG toward embraces appearance fees and then everybody will be happy because that doesn't fix six any of the holes in the market here? You know what I mean. That doesn't fix why it's boring to watch golf. It doesn't fix why there's no rivalries doesn't fix any of that shit. It puts more money in Roy pocket. DOC It nobody has more than me but I can't say I felt like super warm fuzzy when he won fifteen million dollars at East Lake. That didn't really change changed my my world view. This was an interesting quote in here. Multinational blue chip brands WANNA reach gulfs valuable fan base but some of walked away and others have failed to engage unable to justify the return on investment investment. These brands want to be associated with the best but off but too often struggle to to to work out where the best will play which is totally true. Imagine being a title sponsor on the tour. And you don't Kony of that and then tire doesn't show your for fifteen years. Yeah Yeah I agree. And that's where I keep coming back to the tour needing to be involved this because it is as is it reads now one or the other right. You can't have the League the team League and the PGA tour. You can't park both them so if the tour do I trust the tour to get all the details of this right now but let's let's dream for a second. I think that is that is an important thing like the the the reason that this conversation is happening is because of the tour Shortcomings in some of the things. Because of yes how shitty. CBS has been like all that stuff comes back to having this conversation I totally agree now with the so. This is very separate from the match for me because the match felt like a one time thing like. Hey let's do this weird random thing and I felt like the tour came in and neutered neutered it a little bit. which I don't think is necessarily the case here? I think what they had. The players have so much bargaining power. Here that's like. Hey No we WANNA start this big grab bag of of money thing. It is ten events already have opposite field events like give us like ten eighteen weeks a year. Yeah maybe I struggle with that though. 'cause like Zurich his team me new our partners like hey no no team. Tiger is playing team. Fill this week. But doesn't that just feel like it's going to turn into like a shitty. Hey on risk reward thing that is so manufacturers sounds like the WWE WWF like. I I see what you're going I see where you're going but it just feels like such a half measure that's not like it would get fucked up in like the marketing department right where just turn into it. Almost seems like a national team going and playing a friendly like like I like you know the. US is going to play. Costa Rica just a warm up for the gold clipper for. I think we would just make fun of that as well. It's just an exhibition that's like made up for TV. Like why I'm not going to care about. This is what I mean like. It feels like they have to go. I don't know not without overstating it does feel kind of like a watershed moment. Where you gotta decide which which side you're going to be on because is that I think I don't think you can half ass fixes that are being exposed here so I don't think you can throw marketing at it? I don't think you can like I just I don't know man. It's very very very very complex. Some questions for you guys. Who would your twelve owners be that that is three different gases? GEICO are we saying. Let's just lean players or owners. I would assume its former players. Celebrities are owners. I would think I would think Tigers Phil Ernie. I don't think it would have to be players. I think there's I think the owner also okay serious point but I just want to try to make sure we get all all things were were supposed to talk about here but like a massive difference in this new league would be the fact that you know we kind of Jab all the time at player run organization this would be an owner run organization and so there would be a lot of the world's best players who would be very very different spot than they're in right now which is were the boss like. We're the the Union we make the rules do everything to make us happy versus oche it. NBS is the owner and he wants me to go do this like I don't WanNa do that. It's like well tough shit man. You're you signed up. You gotta go play all eighteen events but even if you're an equity owner you're still it's still a certain. Certain percentage majority owner owner basically instead of a player basically massive difference. What what does this help okay well? Nba I'm NBS sir. Mr Mr mcelroy signed for to a four year one hundred million dollar deal to play for our team totally be interested in that. No I get it but ten events a year ten team imagine in free agency. Let's say it'd be awesome like so. I don't think you're getting any of the excitement of what we're talking about here with an individual and a team aspect of it like kind of Formula One and with strokeplay event like. I don't think that's what it is. I don't think you're getting that I just yeah. I don't know I'm struggling to grasp why why you're not into that because I think I mean it's it's just playing your own ball anyways like you're always GonNa know who shot the lodestone. Somebody have an individual winner every week in Formula One when when the to when yes sebastian convertible and Lewis Hamilton. or whomever or like like you. You have two guys on the same team going at it for a win. They're still. They're still compete competing just as hard and crazier shade even happens because of that. Which I didn't realize I was reading the handbook this week that there's also an express line in there that Player shall not have any financial interest either direct or indirect in the performance or winnings of another player in any of it so my minuses class minuses classic but Yeah that's kind of interesting. You know just another tours house on it tomorrow be like how like this. Forty eight is. It's purely objectives it purely Shirley. How do you guys like like just plays like absolute shit? What they get relegated and then do they go crawling to the tour with their tail Winner legs yeah. That's that's the wildest part to me I would assume so. Again was deepened. Handbook this week. But I think the tour has I read a lot. I might be mistaken here but I thought they had a one year Like a one year Kinda like sit out period. If you've given up your membership you WANNA come back. I gotTA. I'll double check that but I think it basically says like you can't just walk back and you've got to wait like a twelve month. Twelve month period. I've got the name of the tour. It's the Cortez tour. You Burn. Burn the boats once you once you jump over the tour you burn the boat. I would think that would be the tourist main defense in this right is changing a change to the handbook. That's like if you give give up your give your membership. You're out you're out. You elect Rosie gotTa go through me. You're cut off. It's just amazing to me that the this Sousse somewhat exists out there with WGC's like hey let's do something to get the the players know cut and get the top players more money and they're still going to go. Oh potentially go outside of this whole realm for more for different Gulf. I thought it was a good example of like okay. who was that created to to benefit it was created to benefit players? Then you basically sacrifice making it interesting for the fans yes and that's what creates this whole vacuum right whereas like for the nine hundred the time I know. They're they're pipe-dream here but if everything went according to what they've laid out. Yeah it kind of interesting for the fan and good for the players. So it's that seems seems like a I don't know it seems like the best compromise. One of the most interesting parts was there's a flex on the Fedex Cup being convoluted in here in this in this Acuna. There's there's a flex on the fact that the tour doesn't pay taxes A- believe is first off we're going to pay taxes again. We don't know where the money's money's coming from and it could be deeply darkly disturbing places you plan to launch the League in January two thousand twenty twenty two we'll use exceed we were told you can't take on the establishment win but we aren't taking on the establishment. We intend to work with WHO TALK to the press conference. Who told you you couldn't take on established Fox no and then they said You know twenty percent of this will be owned by foundation that they're going to set up the the will pay taxes. Because they they trust the government to distribute that money properly. That's going to be a huge yeah hugely popular most the world's the best golfers the very liberal leaning exactly locker but said we've We've also created a foundation that generate approximately three hundred million in dividends in a lump sum of two billion by two thousand twenty. Eight part of this will go back into the game. The rest will support charitable causes in perpetuity so they they said you know the PGA tour has had and she continued. Tremendous charitable impact at one point. They're like yeah. We're basically going to funnel money back back to these. Organizations already exists both amateur golf amp professional golf. which would lead me to believe that they're gonNA they're gonNA provide welfare to the PGA or another popular locker charitable organization? I love it. Will top players really leave their existing tours to join their number a number of reasons. We believe they will the the first being money. Also the one question for you guys was the Greg Norman saying back in the early nineties like ninety four was that was the r the w directories all of that more or less. I don't because they say they. They kind of they kind of his idea down with like the mustache and the glasses. Yeah this is the new tour. I I think that was the idea. I could definitely be wrong about this but grossly Over simplified version. Is I think Greg Norman was kind of floating. Something very similar alert to this and definitely not doing that. But here's the WDC's instead have you spoken to the players. Are they supportive apologies. We aren't in any position to discuss. Let's go for the next question so no players have committed. Unfortunately we can't discuss this thing but yeah I thought it was interesting shack in his column said you know. He's basically documents is down and it sounds like I was blown away at how how cogent and well thought out and and I guess this. The Rain Group is pretty. Well thought of. Yeah I mean. It's like legitimately only the document read like I'm not joking when it's something we would type up like more of a parody but it's a it seems like a middle finger documented like no no. We're not messing around. We're going to the other first off the outlines of what I'm saying this is real. I clearly this is very very real thing. I think it just all goes back to like one decision. Point it's like is is tiger woods middle finger. The tour I think the whole thing is contingent one hundred percent on that. I don't think he will. I could be wrong. I don't know if he's offered an ownership stake in this is and that's why I I can only picture this happening with the tour coming to the table either saying like either. I don't even know if this is a desire of a lot of players but I think one of the things that is very appealing to this to this for the top layers is the appearance fee. Money like getting paid off the top. which the tour has mechanisms is in place to be able to do that? They like to say that you don't they don't pay you can't get paid appearance fees on tour but that's not really. The case is funneling money to players you know through sponsorship up to play in their events and Hash tag team their stuff at a lot of events like two weeks they do harbor content. I could name names of events. It's that do it but to predict coverage the nation but like it happens. That's one thing that could spring out of this like no no if you're in this whatever Q.. Rating like you can get a million bucks to show up at and that is kind of goes back to what I was saying earlier like. I think that would solve the problem for the players but I think it would just kick the can down the road on a lot of other stuff and I think golf. Would the telecast wouldn't change the fan experience wouldn't the wouldn't be more star players. People would have more money in their bank account. That would be the the only thing that would fix other so a lot of the talk in. They're not in this transcript but in in in the other outline that they released was talking about the actual televised product. Right now. They seem set on like no no. We're GONNA make this more entertaining. Yeah and granted. They'd have to go. They'd they'd have to go negotiate. Say they would have to figure out a lot like a have to figure out like a domestic media partner assuming that the tour locks up its meteorites like who is willing to shell out equal or greater value for you know televised golf and then internationally. I think that was a big thing that you you know the tour wrapping up their discovery stuff and kind of putting all of their international rights into one deal is a lot different than going into negotiating individually with every recent country which is what the tour used to have to do? So you would think this new group would have to do so. I don't know man it's there's so we could talk for three hours. There's just so much to part once again and then you know like let's say most of the events are in prime time in the US like the maybe there's less of them and there's but it's a cleaner broadcast you have to. That's that's appealing to sponsors into. I hope that would be the fallout of it. Like I can't help but think though it's going to be kind of like Dubai this week which is great for your viewers but like if there's an event in the Middle East like those times don't lineup very great for the events in Asia fucking fans outside the US. I know I know but I'm saying this would suck for For fans it is telling though that a lot of those golf ins within Europe and you see how much win the European tour is sucking. Eventually you know they're like there's a reason that the PGA towards the worldwide leader in Golf. One thing I was thinking about about would just be like if I don't know why nobody's tried this. And and so the bad little nine out in Scottsdale. The Charlotte says rupe charge of the troops. Bob Parsons could you imagine watching like let's say it's a team event even of like you know. Every year. They switched it up a little bit and they do two or three events of you know hey like like just in this theme of rethinking everything go send like tiger and Ricky. Njit the go play that course sixty yard wedge shots to the the craziest Crown Greens. I've you've ever seen like seeing seeing bacon or or Zakar. Those guys videos of playing that course like I think that would be so much more fascinating to watch on. TV is just all right. We do this once every four years we go to the bad little nine. Sure there's a ton again a ton to like about this but just net out at like okay. The power of the tour has in this scenario is very very very real. If you ask me Oh yeah and like I. Just don't I can't picture you know fifty fifty if you're descending right now if this happens or not with the deciding factor being the tour players are GonNa nuke their PGA tour status. I don't think that they will yeah. That's an interesting interesting way to put it. I guess if if it was fifty fifty I would probably say no. It's not going to happen as well. Yeah all right. Who Do you think that the players I I? It's like a diet version of Gary player minus the unsavory. Yeah I if Tiger said nothing phil we try to be the ringleader. It'd be like it's it's like what's Bryson Patrick. Read which I think. There's a very real scenario here to where you know to your point. I know what you're saying like macro percents like if they don't have they don't have it but what if they had a couple of guys like and they've been working on it for this long and they have the money lying around in a bank account like they might very well may make push at it right. So there could be this weird splintered thing where you have Phil and Brooks and Bryson and Patrick read like and then you have have a bunch of weird guys from like the number sixty five in the world and like you have this group of misfits that go give it a shot and then like the private equity the money dries up or something and then these guys are just like hang makes one too. Many bad bets were just hung out in the wind. So there's one million the one one aspect of this we haven't talked about is the the power of the tour players now have especially the top ones with reported dollar amount increase in media. Money like the power. They had to go to them back. Yo that money going because I would like some of that and I deserve some of that and should get some of that. I I don't mean just like paying adding more money to persons. The persons are definitely going to go up. But I do extra million bucks like it wasn't a I. Don't I think it was a coincidence. PGA Tour media or the Players Championship media is next week correct. Why did they? Why did they announce the person crease this past week? Why didn't they just wait to media day like I think that's out there? You know kind of counter some out of two point seven million. One of the things I thought was interesting in their release again. We could talk about this for five five more hours. Blue Blue Me. We will but referencing breaking away from the PG of America back in the sixties to form the first. I think I thought I was like man I get this happened before. Yeah and then. They talked about English premier league. They talked about ATP They talked about cricket like World Series Cricket and how kind of shorter ashes and all that so. And that's where. I think if if I was betting after hearing myself talk about it for an hour and a half now and crystallizing thoughts a little bit more. I could see it if it gets kicked down. The road like happening in a post tiger world where he doesn't hold all the more dialed back version of it. Yeah essentially but I just don't know if the if all the money because really even to make it fair for for like based on their the principles or the philosophy that they're using cool. I Give Tiger twenty percent percents this and then the other team owners get two percent. Well so do you want something. Higher can do into his later years. That doesn't necessarily involve like playing a lot of golf. How much do you like being the owner of one of these teams? That goes on. Please matchplay notre. But that's to your point though like what you just said. I don't know if the money's there in a post tiger world okay do you think it's subsidized fucking Scott Brown and like those guys up on the PGA tour. I think it is in twenty years from now. You you think like the do doing now. And the money's going way up like I don't know how reading that no mercy no malice newsletter about Fedex. Yes has their own issues but but even basically all right so going back to the question about who are this twelve owners you have or or captains or whomever so tigers essentially subsidizing those eleven other guys too. You have the same problem just on a on a less. I'll you think about his team. Like let's say his team is the whatever the the cats I really hope they don't come a TV thinking about that'd be awesome. That would be so. How much merchandise with the cat like? Think about it can be the most valuable franchise right off the bat. He would have an ownership stake in this he could sign Franks Franks the mascot. He could get you sign rory to whatever contract he wanted to or all these things I think. Guy Let me dream about a league with teams and trades and free agent signings and cuts and Y- Rama. That goes with all that we the cats three the rights to June of the amazing. So so I mean yeah well again before we go further down a wormhole in this like anything. Anything else that needs to be added. Now I think we're going to have several discussions. There's a there's a separate discussion about well. What would you from from a media side of things? There's is a separate discussion about. Yeah the all the fun stuff you could do around for discussion about the reasons behind this and why it exists why the what. The Torres specifically failed on that have kind of created the conditions for this. But going back I think I think it's a thought exercise overall. I think either way. I think it's good for the Golf Fan. Regardless of what happens like rory. Rory's seems like a pretty well measured. Dude he's not going to jump into this if it if if it seems like an absolute shit idea even if there's a big pile of money in the short short-term it's because that's not going to serve his long like he's he takes a long view. It's not going to serve as long term interest. I had extensive conversation with him about this. The couple of weeks ago. I'm not going to share the details of it of course but it is definitely definitely decidedly not like. Hey here's a big stack of money. I'M GONNA run do this. There was a ton of thought and consideration but bottom line is it's forcing. The conversation is a good thing for golf fans. I think right the question of hey if you were to take golf away. They right now and rebuild it. It wouldn't look like it is is like fascinating. It's absolutely a million times true. I guarantee if you were to start over. Sorry Thom Hoagie you to make you subject to this like you wouldn't walk away with three hundred thousand dollars this week. That's the way it's not the way it would end up being moving forward once that new TV deal goes into place once those details details of assuming that happens. It's going to be really interesting to see. If the person's go up like how that money gets distributed out to the extra money purses versus go up proportionally from four hundred million to seven hundred million. Just seems like it's GonNa exacerbated all the problems or the Fedex Cup goes up that much or or do or do you make it more lopsided towards winners. Yeah how do you know. All the facts come is is just a scheme to distribute massive amounts of money. You you know we will see. I can't wait to see more. That comes out week by week. The now that it's out there there's nothing to stop. Well it's great for us because I golf channel Oh can't run with this stuff being a partner the PGA tour. And I get it really just going to exist in the ether. Still for the most part of the tour is going to try to keep until player until a player like right right. I hope that I wonder if players get asked press. Conferences and gold variety was going back to the whole. TV thing. I can't figure out like CBS crime. Poor all the time. Well Yeah you know we got we got to do all these commercials because it's just not profitable to broadcast this because the ratings are cool like why are you. Why are you offering up seventy seventy percent more on the next? TVD We would have been fine with you going away. Don't have to pay for this separate discussion so all right. I think we're good to wrap it at that we have another interview coming later. This week Part two of Discussion with Brad. Faxon cut up last week at the PGA show more on putting leading and just another great poop story and a lot a lot of facts could we might do like eight of these. Of course the is just an Alzheimer. It's just the facts. Just the facts. Thanks so Gentlemen thank you for coming over tonight. I'm it was fun spirited discussion. I can't wait to circle back on the draft for the Saudi of what was going to say I got the The the Korn ferry that goes on Panama or the teen America's swing Panama in Colombia. LPGA AJ's off this week. They're going down to the VIC open and the Australian Open and of course we have as brands call it the green a show on grass. I don't know anybody Eh. Actually 'cause it that but apparently they keep saying that they do all right. Well correct on cheers. Thank you tune in and we'll see you guys again at this time next week club. Speedo right club today. They better than most about. It is better the lowest expecting things.

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