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By bundling home and auto progressive gonna finally for that gal of yours Ugo condolences. Oh nice. There's. In my. Stinkier? Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Discounts on available in all states or situations. The Starlight lounge presents an evening with the progressive box. Yeah. Let's go tickling the ivories. He just saved. By bundling home and auto progressive gonna finally for that gal of yours Ugo send condolences. Hi, oh, this nice. That there's. In my. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Discounts on available in all states or situations. Episode of the box voice radio live from Cannella versus Jacobs podcast road with the president the man himself, the true, golden, boy, the one that made Cannella into the star that he is today. Oscar that I'll ask a man, we act Gomez this simple thing. How's it been for you? Because this is like the big fight. And there's so much pressure on everyone's shoulders to keep that same pay per view big fight field, which we're debating does it have. How do you feel? You've been in big fights. You've promote of big fights. How is this feeling for you? Yeah. No. It's it's a big major event. I've been around a lot of events that we've promoted over the past years, including my own events. And yeah, this is a major fight Donald Jacobs brings a lot to the table. When you have a competitor like dental Jacobs. You can't help but feel the energy the high energy for this for this event. You know does own zone is is is is is, you know, bringing something new to the table, and that's eliminating pay per view. You know, when people think, oh, it's a pay per view fight, they instantly think. Wow. It must be a major fight. Yeah. That that you know. So so one so once paper was gone. You know, people sometimes tend to think, well, I mean is is is canal Jacobs big fight. It's not on paper. You. I mean. The difference. Is that does own is not charging you the pay per view dollars eighty ninety up to one hundred dollars. So, but yeah to answer your question. It does feel like a big major of west biggest challenge that you that you believed any Jacobs poses to canal rain Saturday night. I think I think Danny's Danny's will I think Danny's will will to win. You know, I go back. I've known daddy Jacobson's since his first pro fight. I mean Mehan Danny with a few other fighters ager Browner. And who else did we take? We went down to Afghanistan we were in Afghanistan to Basel out to go do a USO tour. To go. Visit the troops and all that. And so and Danny Jacobs. I remember he has he has that charisma. He has that that that will you know, like he would wake up early in the morning and go run he didn't have to. But he would do it. You know at five AM in the morning, and he would be the first one to go to bed, and, you know, very disciplined, but the fact that he overcame cancer, the fact that the doctors told him that that you know, that he couldn't fight anymore. And he's here fighting the fight of his life such operational. Oh, man. It's crazy. But but he it's like when that first bell rings and Cannella hits them. Jacob is still standing. It's it's it's gonna be it's gonna be one of those. I mean Cannella has. Same if Victoria Saturday night, how how likely or or how much do you want a aerospace versus Cannella fight down in Dallas, Texas. That's talk of the town. We talk a lot about in Connecticut, very vocal about it. Very vocal. I promoted spits for for many fights. And I've always said that aero Spence is can be the the next sugary Leonard. Okay. Aero, Spence is probably one of the most talented fighters out there. And I keep saying. I've if I was still promoting Errol, Spence he would be a major major star and a fight with canal. A fight with Cannella narrows. Spence would be a major super fight super. That's those two guys fighting at one sixty. Girl, walks around really pretty heavy guy weekly. If you were promoting aerospace he will be star. What would you be doing differently? PBC is not doing well facing him with the right opposition. You know? A fighter of fighter needs a promoter. You know, a fighter needs a promoter. There's no doubt about that. You know, PBC has no promoter. There's no face for PBC. That's that's the difference. You know, you need somebody to advocate for you. You need somebody to open doors for you to to get you that right? You know to put you on the right place at the right time. And you know, we had aerospace going just beautifully great, including the anti wilder. We I I got him to his first world title fight. You know, so. Perfect example is is is Virgil Ortiz. Perfect example. He's he has an opportunity to face Anthony, Joshua. And turns it down for the Luther Dan Lewis here for nerds Ortiz's, your sluice artesia any turns it down turn something million dollars million dollars. Who in the hell is advising? You know what I'm saying? So so it's just rumor is that he has a rematch with Deontay wilder on pay per view. Do you see that rematch somehow him being able to generate seven million? I there's no way there's no way. It's the money's not fair. It's just not there. This is this is this was the perfect opportunity for for for Luis Ortiz. And you know, it's a shame. It's a shame because I like him as a heavyweight I like him as a person. You know? All those guys including Danny Garcia, including Danny Garcia. Danny Garcia should be headlining is I mean in Las Vegas, you know, in major events, but it's it's for some reason. It's just not happening, but he's been in. I mean porter and kief. You don't think you think there's bigger than that outside of the visual? Absolutely. Absolutely. It's look I mean Keith Thurman being out for two years after that great victory. It's it's I would have done things differently. Let's put it that way. Can I get your reaction to the water turn down that hundred twenty million dollar offer from it was real? It was a real deal. I I don't understand it. I do not understand that. There are that that a fight with Anthony. Josh would probably do more money. The first fight pay per view one fight with AJ and wilder does one hundred hundred twenty easy heavyweight fights in the past. I've done that things like Lennox Tyson, right and Vander Holyfield, but AJ and wilder is the pinnacle of the heavyweight division. I don't think that I strongly believe one fight can generate easily one hundred million for them. I was thinking more of fight with AJ wild right now. Everybody's talking about it. Everybody's the big buzz is probably rounded. Mark right now. I mean, they've eat offered each other fifty and forty million. So it has to be a hundred million dollar fire. I mean. The reality is the reality. Is that say that fight a million homes? Fight. The fight has. Because it's going to be a hundred dollars, of course. But but but then there's only. Half of that in the pot. So and then they have to split it. And now you're just left with twenty twenty five million each so that so the money's it's these big numbers that they're talking. It's it's just it's not there. The pay-per-view motto is is is dying the pay per view model is dying look at the numbers that wilder with with the gypsy king what they generated what two to seventy five to eighty around three hundred whatever it was maybe three forty five three twenty dollars saying I mean. Guy like Earl Spence, right? Like, you wanna you said you would love to promote them. You would have done a better job. He'd just posted on his social media me now. Hey in verses everybody. I don't need a promoter. He generated over four hundred thousand pay per view buys he fought Mikey Garcia. That was a big fight. While forty seven hundred was is a big number. But but but for his first one Oscar did, although it was great. It was a great thing. And and he made what eight million nine million dollars each somebody. Somebody lost a lot of money. Somebody lost a lot of money in that event. Let me tell you 'cause they had guarantees of eight million dollars each somebody lost a lot of money, but Soviet what what I'm saying is that these big fights have to take place we have to make these big fights. It's time we have to make how does own not lose. If you're saying even on pay per view, the promoter is losing in these big fights. Now here comes on saying give me twenty dollars a month. We're going to give you the biggest possible. How are they not losing? It's not my issue. We're getting guaranteed money. We're getting guaranteed money. 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What what super fight? Do you see for him down the line? I'm gonna I'm gonna start headlining him. He'll be headlining his own shows fighting him relatively sooner than later this year. And I can see him fight for a world title. If if not the end of this year, the first quarter of next year, just depending on his on his on on what he shows us. You know, he's with his new trainer Eddie rano. So he's been he made a huge huge change. So you know, one thing about Ryan is at hill. Anybody who challenges him on social media? He wants to take on you know. It's like it's like it's like it's like davonte Davis the tank, right? They call him freaking phenomenal talent phenomenal. So Ryan wants to fight him. No. You don't. Not ready yet fighters are to brave for their own good. That's why that's why you have a team to look out for you. You know, when people who can give you advice, and but there's a lot of super fights out there for Ryan. I mean, he he is the future very popular. You know, he's very popular. We just we just have to make sure that you know, when that time is right. We have to make sure that everything's aligned. I wanna go back to this Superfly because obviously you've been here before like we talked to Gomez Cannella has taken on those fights talking about the Ryan wants to do where you need to say. Hey, right now, and you tried to do that with Laura in Austin Floyd was the perfect example Cannella perfect here, you are again only in his second fight in a huge deal. What's the thought process between putting them in so tough? So soon in this contract. Yeah. One thing about canal is that he's ambitious you want to fight he wants to fight the tough challenges. And that it's admire -able who fights who fights triple g back to back and then takes on Jacobs. And who knows what he's going to do after this. I mean, he's talking about moving up to one seventy five I love that Sergei called. I think he could do it especially with the body. I think he can do it. It's a good fight before Anthony yard though, because it's like negotiations are they going to Russia. Are they not exactly it's actually so it's it's all about sitting down, and and and talking discussing just figuring it out. But there's a lot of challenges out there for him at one sixty one sixty eight one seventy five. You know? I mean, there's no slowing down canal. I mean, he's he knows what he's doing. We know what we're doing. And the you know, we'll see what happens. Speaking of slowing down many people thought golden boy was slowing down or golden boy had fallen you. Guys are back big stage. Huge fight. Congratulations can Ella versus Jacobs. Thank you for the time. We appreciate it. You got plenty of places to go social media. If you have any whoever's crazy, and I'm not so all ready befalling, please give it out. And once again, thank you for this opportunity. Just follow golden boy, boy boxing, and there you go. There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, live with Oscar that Hoyer the president owner of golden boy promotions. So guys what you think their man. Awesome in every man. Great great. I'm happy to hear the talk between Kovolev and Cannella. No an ad from dad. All right. Save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive. Right. Does this? Wow. Where did you get this? I'm talking to you with the hair. Yeah. Where did you get this? Good stuff. Solid. That's not veneer that solid stuff. Progressive can't say from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations. Hi, hi. We're hosting spring picnic on the weather looks great. But don't we need stylish new genes now? Get old navy. Yep. Right now Jean shorts and t's are up to fifty percent off up to fifty percent off. Our forecast is looking up. 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