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Problems it's human nature to hate problems. But why is that after all problems inspire us to mend things? Ben Things make things better. That's why so many people work with IBM on everything from city. Traffic to ocean plastic new schools to new energy flight delays to food safety. Smart LOVES PROBLEMS IBM. Let's put smart to work visit. Ibm DOT com slash. Smart to learn more. Don't touch the thermostat. Please keep your towel on. Welcome to the steam room. The show named after a semi-naked encounter that Charles had anybody who listens to the steam room is a steam lorry. Steam oil steamer paint may may include downloaded the podcast in this episode. They have to teach me how to eat. Yoga's nothing stretching they just call it. Yoga's they can charge more ordering. Pizza is not the same audience takeout from McDonald's and Wendy's on one of those stupid APPs. What gets your vote for best picture. Nine thousand nine hundred seventeen is outstanding is well. It's a typical. Oh wait a minute I. I haven't seen nineteen seventeen apologize. That's puts US right up here on the top rung on the credibility ladder. And how about this episode number eight of the Steam Room? Podcast as you can tell. This one's already different because because it's in front of a live audience. Chuck stor number one. I want to think there's a dude over here got a Detroit Pistons dirt. You talk about. Having no pride I mean come on man you are. GonNa be glad you're here because a little bit later. Isaiah Thomas will be joining us. I refer to him as the Great Isaiah. Thomas yes so. I don't know if you have downloaded the steam room podcast. We certainly hope you have wherever you download your podcast. Because we're up to. What was it sixteen trillion down exchange? Three hundred seventy five seventy six another one just okay so we encourage you to as to subscribe and the reason we do call it the steam room and because I never assume that. You've heard the story. Did I made the mistake of telling these foods at work that the guy gave me the bracelet major break sleep that looks like from a guy in the steamrolling back in a asking questions from a plea they may stop in so sweet and pure so slimy and dangerous to naked men. Now we have this discussion. Will you understand room with other people you put on a towel you know? That's pretty much agreed right. Yes you're in there by yourself. So all right yeah you could say that you can be statement naked by other people in there you put you normally want to have a towel underneath. Don't slide off of that. No but you put you sit on one and you put one over you okay. At least I do only takes one. You know so anyway. That's how our podcast got. Its name also one of the things that if you've followed Chuck's TV career. You know that he is very fond of these three words. Marach Harry Song every day. I I've met Rob Lowe a few times in my life. That's a pretty man. First of all of Christmas carols thing. I don't even think kills thing first of all. I never used Paul come on. I'm serious first of all good. Fellows is probably one of my top five movies. You don't like it. Felt like I just love talking crack so those three words are first of all even if it's the fifth thing he's talking about. It's still first of all so we always be in the steam room podcast with Chuck's first of all what is it. What is it this week? Well my first of all this week about Kobe Bryant the Great Lakes Kobe Bryant and Bobby Knight. They're starting to be some negative backlash about how we our worship in. Colby sanded the wheel. We'll trying to sugarcoat everything that happened in his life and what I want to say is That was a great loss for the NBA family. But Kobe wasn't perfect and we weren't not trying to make him out to be perfect. And the reason I bring that up is the thing that happened at Indiana this week with Bobby Knight who I respect Bobby Knight Number One. He's the wanted greatest coaches ever and he graduated. His players and a lot of people were going in on him talking about. We're trying to you. Know People at Indiana try to whitewash sugar coat. Everything that happened in Bobby Knight's career but the point. I want to make about Kobe in coach night. Kobe was a great great basketball player. Coast night was a great great basketball coach but they will not perfect. None of us is perfect. You know you can have a friend and still acknowledged they had flaws. So that's that's my first of all like hey and none of us perfect. I'm with you. I think it's interesting because I think we've kind of faced the same situation we went out to la. Do the game that was cancelled yes again that was postponed and we had the guys on to talk about their remembrances of Kobe. And that was Jerry West. And that was Steve. Nash and DEF- Ish and Rick Fox and you and I had the conversation to as as we were over there. It's like when is it appropriate to bring up and people have brought it up. Kobe had to you know. Kobe ran into this issue in Colorado. And this was. This was a very serious allegation settled out of court settlement. I think it's important where you talk about that and I think you have to have a certain sensitivity. Obviously to to a family lost a father and husband and that. Kinda thing and we're never assuming or making the statement that no this guy had a perfect life because I tell you for all of us when time comes you can point to things so boy didn't handle that. Well this was this was wrong and for a guy like Bobby Knight Bobby Knight cut you. Didn't it yeah since you home the APP and so you say Oh man you can have this. This predisposed bent about man at Bobby. Knight would even bring his name up to me as I've talked to guys who know him very well and if said he's misunderstood that if you get to know him that he was this great guy but obviously there are things that happen to other people have said. Hey this can't happen. Yeah but two things can be true and it's the same thing about Kobe. Two things can be true. That's that's first of all and we're just getting started on steam room again. We thank you for being here. We encourage you to download the podcast. Wherever you get your podcast fun doing it from alive I. It's very clear since I've been born. I didn't eat any vegetables. Broccoli Broccoli. Laney Spinach back chokes. Asparagus doesn't know when you go to these salad place and they got like five different types of lettuce. I'm like no there's not by title. Just let us there are different. They're all the same. They're called lettuce. Kale chips are not a thing they are. But they're not your thing. I will say this nachos chilli cheese ground beef. Maybe some chicken type guy butter if you WANNA die EMAM. Also that's going on. No that's why I was going wrong. Yes food one of our favorite topics on the steam room. Podcast wrong with we welcome you back here to house of Blues and Chicago. Thank you all was a great food town man. This is restaurants in New York. This is the best for no come on and they just got a gazillion restaurants in New York Chicago has arguably some of the best food places in the world. If anybody knows quality of food around the world it would be you know. Be that way way to say. Look good way to cut me like this. So let's let's think about a couple of things that come to mind when you giving food in Chicago Chicago hotdogs yes and deep dish pizza and we happen to have examples of both here for him so this is so Portillo's for the dog. Here is a good call for the dog right. Yeah no catch. I never put ketchup on a hotdog. Anyone and this one this hotdog here jokester has got got. Everything's got jeffers. It's got tomatoes onions. What we've had this conversation they'll let you put 'em hotdogs. Chili onions onions on you. Don't you want to open your horizons a little bit to see this? Take a bite of a Chicago Triumph by Chicago. What kind of idiot puts a typical hot dog together? No doubt with them onions on it. I don't even know what the green crap is. Either kid ends on a hard one. Greatest being I'm not a big on your relish and spicy mustard guy. Reticence sucks right deep dish pizza. Earning and this was coming from Lou. Malnati's there's also there's also an. We appreciate them doing this. Giordano's is is a good spot to Ernie just there last night as pizza guy. I'm all eat deep dish pizza deep. The Guy I'm not gonNA lie why I like thin crust. That being said proper to good Joan you could eat every time I come to Chicago cubs game. Whether I'm coming for this. I always make that first night. I gotta go to Jordan and this is again. They don't have enough stuff on it. What's the ideal sausage? Need More Net. Like sometimes you got sausage pepperoni size in Green Olive. So now you're adding renal. I Love Green Olives but most restaurants don't have black olives by greenhouse I- mushrooms. No never never never fairly common topic. I never I would never be the Muslim. How about pineapple morning did that simply for his reaction green around the house. Just eat off the jar. I love and hate restaurants that only have black olives knocking. You have only black olives just stupid. What's what's the winner here. You're voting for the pizza or the dog walk. Get my dog my way my way. I put a pickle on a hot dog Chicago Dog. Oh so what's your Tago dog or deep dish pizza. What would you go to dog? But I'd fixing my weight. No you'd have to eat it their way way. You're no that's the deal you gotta Eat Chicago Dog not just a Dog. Chicago dog or a deep dish Bishop. Kogyo came the Pixel and pepper dog. How can I ever get a straight answer? I'd go with the pizza kits away since then. This is so awesome and we do have a couple pieces left or somebody wants a couple pieces here. Come on up take this back. Don't eat the one the chuckers beneath. I'm not even gonNA offer the dog because I saw what he did to problems. It's human nature to hate problems. But why is that after all problems inspire us to mend things? Bend things make things better. That's why so many people work with IBM on everything from city. Traffic to ocean plastic new schools to new energy flight delays to food safety smart loves problems. Ibm Let's put smart to work visit. Ibm DOT com slash. Smart to learn more. Can you imagine a world filled with folks wearing the steam room bathrobe as as nicely as Tim? Kylie are longtime producer. You Really Dan Marino. He'll let me tell you. Something tucked away. Pat Holmes was throwing the ball round. He reminded me of my teammate. And my friend Dan Marino. I if I had a dollar for every time you drop Dan Marino's name. I'd have extra ten fifteen million dollars. Dan You WANNA found serious Respol or the very first guest speaker. You know that right. I did not know that Jake. Tapper Obscene Cerny. You may or may not know this but I I met Charlton in a Wendy's. There's a pretty good chance of that. Jimmy rollins joining us. How about the damage to the game of baseball itself scandal is never good. Bring is with these. These are the wrong type of is better performance Charles in space jam for you in a Spin Tura pet detective beers no doubt me playing in a way. Yes so on The steam room we have had numerous guest through the seven up so here we are in episode eight and In his hometown of Chicago Isaiah. Thomas joins us here all star weekend at the House of Blues? It is good to see you earn. Is it good to be here are you? Are you honored to be in the Steam Room and honored to be in a steam room? And I don't WanNa know bracelets bracelets you know I'm good. What's it like? I mean growing up in one of the greatest cities in the world. Coming back you've had one of the most amazing lives ever and you get to comeback. You probably see some old friends today. At one of the events I met a girl who was in fourth grade with me and she looked at me and she goes. I can't believe you remembered me. I was like well. You just remember all your your childhood friends and everything else that you grew up with. Because that's all I really. I mean my best friends in life are still my high school friend. Wow My high school grade school friends. Those are the people that you know. Love grew up with and stole some food with. What's your first memory of picking up a basketball? I was maybe three four years ago and Ross him not little toddlers at that now crossing them up. I was tripping but no I was. I was maybe three or four years old in my older brothers. Used to go to the playground to play. And we'd have babysitters or anything like that. So you had to go with him and every now and then they will let you get out on a court and shoot and but teacher out of trouble and I remember in fourth fifth grade. I learned how to dribble so good. That brother Lexus. Who was the grade school coach at that time? Allow me to be a layup line and also I was like the Halftime Entertainment. Like on ruined doing driven juice. Yeah Hey you know the one thing that amaze me about your career. What what what happened to your team on the Pistons? Y'All went from being only office of team to one of the greatest defensive teams because people get that because everybody have y'all esther bad boys is one physical defensive teams ever but at one point you guys try to outscore everybody. Yeah wh what happened? And who changed at mentality check daily? I mean we. We started out as being the highest scoring team in the NBA. And we still owed a record for the most points ever scored in the NBA game. Which is one hundred and eighty six the first free throw one eighty six one eighty one Denver Denver yes and actually chuck came from from Philadelphia after after he got fired. In Cleveland. Came to the Pistons and you know we were up and down and I never forget he was like. We can't win this way if the heyday of the of the bad boys. When you're winning championships. How would the contenders today? Fair against your tape on in in all honesty. Not just the. We'd take we'd sweep them or they do you know the they'd play three games. Let me let me say they'd sweep them. No no no. No no what. I'm going to say I think that's unfair question. Why why because you would have to. First of all would be suspended. Ten fifteen so the reason. I think that I I hate to comparisons because these teams that they could not have played at our day. She's not me from a talent standpoint. I'm from physicality scale for how you can play the game. These you imagine little Steph Curry. Who's a great player? Can you imagine if the bad boys have been hitting him like they did Michael Jordan broken? I'm just saying this is why I couldn't play with Charles. Because he's a good teammate. He saw that you were lead me down a bad road team. Martine may jumped in. It was like nause. I got this question. He had part of it now. No answer the question again as I said it all depends on the rules that we play by but if if we had to play by these rules we would still be effective and I still think we would dominate. And I and I know we win championships hell if I can win championships. In Era I know I can win championships in this era. Not to say that this is a bad era but the ruse favorite the big guys in my era. All the rules were set up for the closer. You get to the basket the more chances you have the win now. The rules favored point guards in the point. Guards get the play and schouten score and run up and down and if I was getting one hundred and eighty six and that era. I know I can get a team together to get one hundred and eighty six in this. And you know what's funny to you? Know we used to watch you guys play and see the pick and pop with lamb beer and he asked me and it was like how can you have a guy that big out there shooting those long jumpers and now everybody in the League? Who's I mean everybody shoots it? It's that kind of a drastic change said daily again. I have to give him a lot of credit for selling us that we can win a championship clam pick and roll basketball because back then you had to have the dominant post player in. Even Jordan was probably one of the greatest post players in our era because he had to turn around the fade in a triple post and everything else but we always lambie will pop out shoot a three or shoot a- too and he was heavily criticized because he didn't have a post game. I think Barclay hit him in the face one night because he didn't have a post game. I can you imagine if the Houston Rockets of today plan with asthma. They don't even have a sinner own team. Can you imagine those guys walking out trying to win a basketball game in the eighties nineties? It wouldn't happen you know. We talked earlier about and we talked about earlier. You said some this weekend. We all walk coz night out. You got goosebumps year. There was no greater feeling. I think for all of us as his former players then to see him reunited back with the university but to be able to stand by what we You know the I in Indiana and the Moore floor and have the student body. Check your name and it was definitely a goosebumps kind of moments. I mean you just you just got cheerios. Where like yours like whoa. And it was beautiful. Truly words are never in my life. Forget that moment. It's it's been great spending time with you first. Time since eighty eight that the all star game is here in your hometown of. Chicago is thirty two years believable. And so I don't know what else you've got going on this week. Perhaps a kindergarten reunion with some of these other folks that you remember from back then but enjoy every second back here in your hometown man and I definitely will and it's always thank you. It's always an honor appreciate how might team eighty s grip visit from second city. This is this is fixing beget hilarious. Steam Room our love to do our entire show one night and Spanish. I'M GONNA make an executive decision for TNT. Yeah how about we showed Super Bowl. Do you get in the Christmas spirit. Do not organic is not a thing. It's the only thing thing about organic is the price. Curling is not a thing called dusting dust. People complaining about the Peleton commercial members. It's an honor to be nominated unless you lose excellent point the steam room podcast continues from the House of Blues in Chicago. All Star weekend. Yes a large and enthusiastic audience or you can call them on employed. I don't know my mind was on Mary. Catherine curren and Jordan. Sousa are here. They are with second city. I didn't realize this second city started in one thousand nine hundred fifty nine correct. That's right and so this and it's it's a comedy place but it's also kind of comedy state of mind. It's kind of like when you say second city is just this. It covers the IMPROV world. And nobody does it better. Which is the cool thing. Because there's so much history to the second say like obligated nine hundred fifty nine but there's a great educator. Mvp Viola spoiling who used her theatre games for kids. Who used it and her son. Paul Sill unisource games to create the second city that was based on improvisation in December. We had our sixty th anniversary so even here for a while and I think about all of the the alums everybody looks at like the Saturday night live crew for so many years it was just this constant stream of his second city grads. Earn or whatever you WANNA call them so. There is that rich history to live up to. Is there not only for sure I mean? On the walls of the theater there quotes from Rachel draft. Tina fey and Steve Carell. And it's a it's a crazy thing but it definitely is an honor to be performing on that stage every night Tuesday through Sunday. So it's eight shows a week which is a lot and we are not there but they squeeze aid shows and we make it work. So it's it's a wonderful thing and we love to do it and there's nothing quite like performing in front of a live audience. It's just. It's invigorating every night. Do you really not know. Sometimes what you what you are going to do. Is it totally like they'll throw out topics? Okay do this. You don't have any inkling not usually I mean we do is seen in the show where every night they get suggestions and I have to guess what their suggestions are and they're doing sure aides to help me guess but it's different every night and it's always You know everyone asks. Are you cheating? Are you cheating? Because sometimes I get them pretty quickly. But I'm always out in the lobby waiting and I never know and when people yell out suggestions to us. We never know what we're going to get so it's different. I've been blessed the whole Saturday night. Live a few times. Have you ever had a laugh and fit in the middle of something and sometimes we try to we do? We do have a lot of fun. Improvising making stuff up over and over again so something. We'll catch us. Just we can't stop laughing share. I mean there's been times where both of us have have lost it. We have a lot of fun up there. Yeah how big were. The Butterfly was the first time you took the stage huge. It was just a part of the the main stage casts and then that first night that it's happening yeah it was just so much fun and then we did it again and then I was better. I've asked my. I've got some friends who are comedians. And they said they hate when people walk terms the sun to make me laugh out like y'all with friends like hey said something to make me laugh constantly usually lift drivers that people take your way to work like you. Give me a joke and I'll say now you got to pay me for that for free ending don't you why don't you can you? Can you give us a like a lesson or drill or something to see if we have any kind of any kind of training that would say? Oh Yeah you've got what it takes to do Improv. I see you talk all the time. You guys definitely go. Yeah I mean I saw you eat a cookie from your head into your mouth and to me. That's there's nothing more than yesterday and then your head in your mouth. The stuff that we do at the second city is based solely on improvisation. Which is the idea of Sam? Whatever you give us we all just say yes to it. Accept it and then we'll add something to it. We could give an example of that right now so Jordan would say something to me the vampires. You'RE GONNA get us. Oh yes and I'm GONNA have to get my stakes out because I don't want to be a vampire and maybe maybe this is the time for us to renew our vows and then like that so so if I were to say something to you like. Hey let's go to the beach and then you would say oh. Do I need sunscreen or do I need a Speedo? See I'M GONNA STOP? You right there now. So you're asking a question and Improv. We don't want to ask a question we want to say yes and so if I were to say hey. Let's go to the beach you'd say i. Yes I'm gonNA bring from Suntan Lotion and I should bring a snack. Yes and I'll go ahead and get the boombox so it can listen sweet tunes while we're on the beach. What sweet told asked agree and add to it? Okay yeah usually questions then can lead you towards an argument or which you know after we've been doing it for a while we will. We will throw in some conflict into our IMPROV. But when we're starting out if we're agreeing and adding something that's always going to be better for our partners so if I were to start something with Charles so chuck I understand. You've got a new speedo and it's an extra small. Yes and I don't want to embarrass you at the beach. Ernie that's very thoughtful of you but I also understand that you have a thongs but thongs meaning the flip. Flops that are that are really big. Ernie yes yes big shoes and you know a big shoes. Earning yes I do. It means small small speedo and yes Ernie Small Speedo because you only got a rubber band peanut shells to embarrass you at the beach. That's why I love you. Intensity where the address of Second City Sixteen Sixteen North Wells. Because we'RE GOING TO BE THERE. I'll see you that's tonight. We're in the show right now. Do you believe in madness running for ever. You believe in madness. We work with we work for. Tnt guys thank you so much educational for us. We have much admiration really. I mean you guys. I know it's fertile ground for comics. You're going to see him become household names and and I'm certainly hoping that yours will be to folks for us. Doctors more steam room straight ahead live from Chicago com problems. It's human nature to hate problems. But why is that after all problems inspire us to mend things? Ben Things make things better. That's why so many people work with IBM on everything from city. Traffic to ocean plastic new schools to new energy flight delays food safety smart loves problems. Ibm Let's put smart to work visit. Ibm DOT com slash. Smart to learn more in this age of technology and great advance. And it's it's always nice to have a final segment that revolves around the old answering machine. In this case Chuck's answering Machine Barclay leave a methods America local now on the other day getting a manicure. Pedicure argued a manny pity every week or any. Pots called nails for males. Chuck Man. I JUST WANNA know. Can you grow hair? Actually grow hair on the outskirts of town in downtown. I got a big hole in my head. What kind of clone do you wear smell? Good looking you smell. Good put it on. I spread in the air and walk into it and with that we welcome you back to the yard. Final segment of the room. I got some big news for you. Do you really. What is that I use net flicks for the first time? This is a major breakthrough out. And what you watch Netflix Aaron Hernandez Story A man. That dude has issues. I'm on I'd been trying to Steve. Fiorello trying to get me to use netflix. For four years. And you know I'm not a technology I finally use net flicks. I got a recommendation for you on net flicks you. Why are you you? It's two seasons and it's called you. Why are you anybody seeing? You got all right. I'm still eating this deep dish in two hands so we normally end the show as you heard as we came in with Chuck's answering machine and we get some random questions so we thought since we're live in front of a live studio audience here or live House of Blues Audience We'll just take a couple of live questions okay. So we don't have the answering machine. We have live folks here. What is your name? And what is your question? I didn't Savan first of all. It's great to see you guys out of your in Chicago. Thank you brother. Hey Chuck I know it's your so I got you a little present. Yes you don't know if he wants to. That's pretty awesome brother. Thank you I had to. I had to about come bring gifts. We always welcome. You got a question yes so it's kind of a basketball question. Ernie you can spend on this to all time starting five well. The five greatest basketball players in my opinion no position Michaels to Greatest Oscar Robertson Bill Russell Kareem and we'll chamberlain. Those are the five greatest basketball players ever so they are Melissa. And then I got Koby Lebron Tim Dunkin Jerry West Magic Bird. Give me into those five. I'm good that sounds good to me. I mean you can debate that all day and then everybody no matter who you put in that five. You're going to get somebody who says you're crazy. How can you save museums? He is and he has these numbers. But it's all subjective. Do we have time for one more. Yes Sir all right Marissa from Gary Indiana watching you all but behind the scenes. We see a lot of funny things. My question is. What's the biggest beef between two this? Maybe on air off air that you've got into. We know what you were shocked to all the time. Earning Ernie almost kill me one night. I didn't realize how important Ernie notes word to him because there is even though we act like crazy. There is a format that he has written down on. When we do this when we gotta go to commercials and was coming up next and one night I tore it up. So here's a deal. So basically I boil down this format. The producer puts out an on these index. Cards all have. We're GONNA talk box clippers there and I might have a couple of stats on. Somebody made up a couple of things. So I've written this stuff down researched it and then Kenya commercial break says dear to prepaid cards up and I thought they were kidding Charles restore and rip them up and I swear Matt Ben and I didn't say anything just kind of look at it was. I can't believe you did that. All we're just kidding around. And so the next segment. I didn't let him talk so I talked to Kenny. A little bit here every time you know. We don't have time for that so I tried to. I tried to freeze them out of a segment. But I'm never touches not dude. I was this close to throwing hot coffee right on. I was just I was like I can't believe you do that. And he really had no appreciation for it. It was basically basically saying. I don't care about any work you've done for the show. It's all about me shot. You know so that was it was pissed the one thing that drives me crazy about Ernie is Ernie is hilarious. And he says things as police said on the air. He's there's no way I'm saying that on the air but he's got a great sense of humor but that's all the time we got into. When I toyed notes about never touches notes again. Thank you very much now before we go in an earlier episode of the Steam Room. We played an answering machine message from a young man and Australia. Who IMPLORED US TO HELP? Raise awareness for the devastating bushfire crisis in Australia. Chuck as we talk. You were adamant about US getting involved and I think it's it's the time we found the perfect sponsor to partner up with this effortle. Stephen is an founders. Ceos okay you might notice. Is that bracelet? That Charles Gotten the steamer tell people find balance in their life staying humble highs and hopeful to the lows we believe that giving brings balance recently donated one hundred twenty five thousand dollars to Australian fire relief efforts to the support of the Australian. Loci you can head to locate dot com. That's L Okay. Dot Com to find a costs that were sports team. That means something to you and for this weekend. Only use code steam room for fifty percent discount. Yeah Fifty Percents Charleston. Jane thank you guys for your support and partnership we thank. Stephen is in LOCI for their commitment. Thank you man. Ten percent of all LOCI net profits go to charity and to be a partner in this. We had Turner Sports. It'd be contributing an extra ten thousand dollars to the relief effort home. And that was awesome from a nip and I I always wear mine you know they send us a couple and we saw who was it can a cameras big and so it reminds you to stay humble and stay hopeful and here we go. Here's one that they have sent us here and there's another gas go to LOCI. Yeah please thank you my brother. Thank you all for being here today. It's been our pleasure. Steamer podcast here in Chicago and We look forward to all star weekend. And we'll see you next time. This was episode eight next time. We'll be episode nine. Thank you chuck problems? It's human nature to hate problems. But why is that after all problems inspire us to mend things? Ben Things make things better. That's why so many people work with. Ibm On everything from city. Traffic to ocean plastic new schools to new energy flight delays to food safety smart loves problems. Ibm Let's put smart to work visit. Ibm DOT COM slash smart to learn more.

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