Let's Ride: Steelers fans, dont read too much into these off-season stories


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If you haven't created in accounts create an account it's free follow me at j hartman excuse me. Aj rt an underscore. P. i t. Every tuesday around midday early afternoon. Sometimes i don't know mid morning i send out a tweet. Basically saying look. Hey fire away. Let's go and we get a lot of responses. And i appreciate every single one of them and i'm going to answer every single one of them no matter what in the second half of this podcast but before we get started. Let's do the plugs. Let's get the plugs out of the way. Obviously behind the steel curtain dot com should be your one stop shop for all things. Pittsburgh steelers remember we are. The podcast. platform is a part of behind the steel curtain. Dot com behind the steel curtain. Dot com is a part of espy nation. Which is a part of. Vox media so make sure the behind the steel curtain dot com is your one-stop shop for all things steelers. That sounded like a live read. Folks i swear didn't did not read a thing that sounded like alive. Read that's packed. Sometimes i crack myself up. Also make sure wherever you hear. Podcast find us sir. Steelers behind the steel curtain follow subscribed do whatever you have to do so that you don't miss a thing all right. Let's talk about this show and this is a show that i think a lot of people i know some people on twitter had mentioned me and said hey. When are you gonna talk about this. And this happened on tuesday so here on wednesday. Actually i think it might have happened monday evening. And then it just of recirculated itself. The title of this podcast is steeler fans. Don't read too much into these off-season stories. This does circulate. Then start with one particular story and obvious. We're gonna talk about that but this is a general statement as well. These offseason stories. We can all remember stories from over the summers and in the spring where things are just maybe blown out of proportion a little too much. Maybe it's a. He said he said situation or she said he said situation however that goes it doesn't matter maybe it's one of those stories that they heard a half truth and they take it as a full truth. Look there's so many different ways that you can manipulate something that someone tells you fully grasp and understand what they're saying and of course on talking about the situation that seemed to have blown up on social media at people say jeff. What do you think about this. Tj watt story. This tj watt report. What t. j. watt report. And then finally someone's at jeff. Did you find out what what report are you talking about. Most of the time. I have a pretty good finger on the pulse of what's going on with the steelers and if i don't someone on our podcast platform or on the on our website editorial staff they have finger on it and they would bring it up and put it in our slack channels that we're all aware no one had done it and so i'm in the dark here so i just do a simple search in here we go. It just happens to be one of my favorite personalities in the pittsburgh. I guess we'll call it journalism community. I use that term with this individual very very loosely and we're talking about one mark madden. Yes one five nine the x. Shock jock. I don't like shock. Jocks in general of hanwha. Not a huge fan of mark. Madden my disdain for mark madden goes beyond that. This goes back when i had my own website. I started a website on blogger. It was blog spot. Dot com was a part of google. And i don't even know they exist anymore. But it was black and gold blitz at blogs dot blog spot dot com and. This is what targets started. I did podcast about the penguins. Pirates and steelers. I wrote about all three teams and i created a twitter account. It's the same twitter account that i actually still use this. The name has changed. And i just sent a tweet out there one day. I'm getting ready to watch the pittsburgh penguins play and i see mark madden chirpin off which i feel like. He doesn't know anything about. And i said since wended mark madden become an expert on the penguins and didn't tag mark madden. Some would say that's a cop out. Whatever i really don't care. I just wrote his name. In by the way i was also maybe i maybe had a five hundred dollars at the time. And he's a very small account. I don't have a lot of followers now anyways. But i'm alive as a lot of my council bigger now than was then we'll put it that way. He must be searching his name in twitter. Why he responded to my tweet and attacked me and called me a stupid blogger. And maybe i should stick to what i know. He's been writing in covering the penguins since the nineteen eighty. Nine season or something like that and i was like. Wow how insensitive is this guy that a guy with five hundred followers mentions. His name doesn't take him to really say anything that outlandish and he attacks like that on social media. Dad showed me a lot at told me a lot about him and said i don't follow him anymore. I don't listen to him obviously. And that's probably one of the reasons. I hadn't heard this story until it got brought to my attention by some of my followers on social media. So here's what the story was. So this dealers lose we all know. It's disappointing they lose to the browns and clearly there's going to be players that are upset and i would imagine that one t. J. watt was probably maybe most upset on the defense and he had a great season. he's probably thinking about. Am i going to be added defensive player of the year award to my trophy case Maybe we'll get to the super bowl. Eleven oh star. Well we all know the nosedive. The team took. I don't need to reiterate that mark madden somehow finds out okay. He somehow finds out in. This is his source. Take that for what it's worth. This his source he says live on the air that he heard the t. J. watt basically blew off his exit meeting. He did not go now. Here's the this was tweeted out from the blitzburgh which is renegade blitz. Whatever they call themselves these days they said this quote on twitter. Mark madden says. Tj wad skipped his exit interview with the steelers and told them to send information to wisconsin says. Tj water appear to be frustrated has take steelers. Okay all right. that's fine. This thing got legs. Really quick would really quick so. Tj watt himself. Which i'm shocked at this by the way he did not have to do this. He did not. i don't i. I probably would have told him if he asked me. Hey should i do this. I have said no. There's no need to but he writes would love to hear who mark sources are. They certainly can't be myself. Coach t kevin colbert or coach butler. All of whom. I met with during exit interviews prior to packing my own things after a hard-fought season trying to give everything i have for the city of so clearly destruc- nerve with tj. What it did now. The entire tuesday was spent with this back and forth and people sticking up for mark madden and people that are saying that he's ridiculous and it literally is people day on karachi saying longtime listeners. Know mark maddin. I often disagree. I've got some broader issues with how he handled the steelers and pirates. But i've never known him in my life simply make something up not once. He's a journalism. Lifer okay and i was like oh take that with a grain of salt You know but nonetheless it is what it is. So it's really. Do you believe marie don't well. The plot thickens a little bit in the plot thickens. When marco bolia the athletic he goes on 93.7. The fan and that's the station. That mark madden affectionately calls the b. team meaning. He doesn't think that they're worth very much. And mark man. I'm sorry mark. Kabbalah says about the tj wa- controversy. I know he went through the exit interview in person. He met with trainers he met with everyone he needed to meet with. Okay so he told that andrew phillip pony of 93.7. The fan put that out on social media. Put it out on his verified twitter account. I mean this was so bad derek. Whyte jj watt. They were all they were all in on it. Okay they were all commenting on this on social media it really really picked up steam quick so then madden just a few hours before i go on the record. This as look of all. He was told by a source. Same as me. He didn't see it in. The beat goes on in kabul even responded with agree so they both have sources and no one knows exactly what happened. It's a he said he said situation like i said madden finishes. His with kabali and half thorne were told what made the exit meeting. I was told he didn't. That's where this stands same places yesterday. Mark and jeff provided no revelation beyond mine. I'm done talking about it. Be team selective in using what kabali said cherry pick for twitter. He's talking about ninety three seven the fan. Obviously there's going to be some competition between one thousand nine hundred and ninety three seven the fan in pittsburgh as it comes to sports talk radio but still let's break this down a little bit okay so just from social media's perspective from social media's perspective you look at this situation you look at what happened so let's not forget that when the pittsburgh steelers season ended right afterwards. What happened eric. Ebron tested positive for covid nineteen and they had to shut their facility down so right at the right then in mike tomlin met with the media on wednesday of that week enduring that meeting. He said they had not really started a lot of the accident of yet. Well if you follow. Tj water and social media. He normally doesn't post that much a lot of the stuff. He does poster advertisements from his sponsors reebok and subway. Us posting a ton of patriots. He was on vacation with his girlfriend for him. I had a good for him to be able to go out there and have a vacation after a hard-fought tease which i'm sure was exhausting. By the way with everything happen and there's a good chance now. Kabbalah says that they had the interview in person. But there's also a good chance that it was it was virtual. Let me just run this by in. Tell me if you think this is crazy. What if tj wide. Because the facility was shut down. He contacts the coaching staff. Hey guys look. I'm trying to get out of here. Can we do my exit interview. Virtually i'm sure mike tomlin would say yeah. That's fine so they do. They do a virtual exit interview and he meets with everyone and they might say hey. Tj what do you want us to do with your stuff. And he says just ship it wisconsin. Because that's probably where he's going in the offseason and then somehow it goes that he didn't have exit interview. He told them to ship all the stuff to wisconsin. And that's how things get blown out of proportion who's right and wrong is not up to meet to decide okay. It's just not honestly. Don't think this story is worth its weight in. Gold is not worth its weight in anything because it doesn't carry any legs with me and i'm as mark as as mark madden called me. I'm a blogger. I hate that term. Because feel like i'm more than a blogger but still that's kind of what i am and let's call a spade a spade and if i as a quote unquote blogger are not going to write this article for the website that we run. I'm not going to give this a lot of attention at the moment that it happens. I'm really only answering this. Because people wanted me to talk about it and they wanted my take on it so if it's not answering those for a blogger than is this really even a story and this is where it goes back to. Tj watches needs to let this die. Jj watt doesn't need to chime in. Derek doesn't need to chime in any other. What member does not need to chime in on this story at all literally. Just let it go. Let it go and at some point. I'm sure because we know the pittsburgh media whether it's the scouting combine. I'm sure that they'll have some type of interview. Before the draft with kevin colbert. Tomlin will probably be there. I know that art rooney typically meet with media shortly after the seasons. And i guarantee that they will ask him about this story. I can't believe they will. We know they will and he'll probably say we met with tj. I'm not sure where that story came from. And nadan will stick to his guns and everyone else will call him. An idiot and life will proceed as usual. that's it. that's exactly what will happen. But these off-season season stories. They just stem from frustration period. They stemmed from frustration. Tj wad could have been upset. He could have been frustrated. Someone could overheard him just say after a game or after practice after meeting. Just send my crap to wisconsin and he probably meant it but ultimately that doesn't mean that he didn't go through his exit interview that doesn't mean that there's drama there it doesn't mean that what is not the hardest worker in the facility. The first guy in the last guy at it does not mean anything about what his future with the steelers. So why are we talking about it. That's what i that's that's exactly where boils down for me. Why are we talking about. Because ultimately it doesn't matter it doesn't matter if anything the steelers have proven that it doesn't matter it look at what antonio brown leave you on. Bell look at what they've done martavis bryant even in the offseason mobile what they've done and all of a sudden you're saying if you're good. They don't care they just don't if you're good they want you on. The team will tolerate this stuff. I don't think the tj waters a jerk. I don't think the tj watt stormed out. I don't think he's a crybaby. I think that he's frustrated using federal. He wants to win. And that's where i'm going to stand on it that's it i'm not gonna give it any more oxygen. I'm just gonna let it ride in. Let's ride podcasts. You know so. That's you can have your own opinion. Everyone's entitled to it but my opinion is this is a non story. It is absolutely a non story not for what not for tomlin nod for rooney not for butler not for colbert. No-one non-story period. And that's without my personal feelings about mark man. So there you go all right folks with that said. Let me take a quick break when we come back after this break. I'm going to talk about answering your questions. The mailbag to open it up. We'll be right back. Says you're different. And that's a good thing you understand the importance of blazing your own trail even if that means insisting that. Those cracks are acceptable everyday shoes. What's tricky though. Is that all those things that make you. You also make your taxes really hard to do. That is what turbo tax lives for. Turbo tax live has assembled a massive team of tax experts. Who understand that. Your tax situation is unique. And they're here to help best of all right. 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They are the people that accompany this show. Both at the beginning of the end and in between the brakes. Big shot out to jerry. He's a huge fan of the show. He gave me the green light to utilize his music. And that's i've had a lot of people say who is ban that you play the beginning of your shows and it's the jerry cherry band. You can find him on twitter. Search jerry caribbean give them a follow support his youtube channel. It all helps much love to him. Big shout at all right. Let's get to these questions. Have a lot of them. And we're gonna get all of them. Darn it shield ninety one he said could we see a jeff in the off season special. You know what. I don't know what platform it would be like if it would be a. Let's ride podcast. Or if i would go on their touchdown under to do it. I would love to do it. I i'm going to say right now. If mark and mattie are listening you want me to have me on. Let me know what you want to talk about. We'll come on and we'll dish adds that'd be pretty cool. The ozzy's the blocks down. Under all right a mendez ask. Can we get pep. He's a pep. The quarterbacks coach obviously From san diego the interviewed for the offense coordinator job an was also the head. Coach of the dc ad. I think it was the xfl team. Yeah he's a. Can we get as a quarterback coach to work with rudolf into wayne haskins. If so is there enough confidence. Every rudolph and haskins negate the need to draft a quarterback with an early pick. Okay let's talk about this. Tab could be the quarterbacks coach now. The steelers came out today on. I'm sorry tuesday. And they said they are looking. They're interviewing mike solvent. No not the penguins head coach. Another mike sullivan. Who was quarterbacks coach. A couple of places like denver and the new york giants. The interviewed him for the quarterbacks coach. First and foremost make a mental note that they are going to hire a quarterbacks coach. It's they did not do when they hired randy feeder two thousand eighteen. They made him absorb that job. So there are going to bring in the quarterbacks coach with mad candidate being the official higher office coordinator. We'll talk a lot about that on friday by the way matt canada. What that means the steelers. I think they could bring in peppers as quarterbacks coach. If he wants that job he might be looking at something. That's it's loftier than that. He might be looking for a coordinator job. But hey we'll see. They did interview him. they do they do. Have that familiarity with him. Maybe even though he didn't get the job maybe gets a job. Could he impressed enough. That they don't need to draft pick they. That would be tough. i don't need. We would assume they're going to be. There's going to be a preseason next year. Who knows what haskins is gonna look like who knows what is going to look like. We'll see that's a lot to ask right now when haskins is coming off a really bad year both on and off the field. Aaron myers is ben in it purely for the money let's stop the altruism for a moment. Okay look i get ben rothlisberger just for the record ben rothlisberger in twenty twenty one. If he plays is not i repeat is not going to be bringing in forty one million dollars. His salary cap count will be forty one million dollars. What he will actually bring in he will bring in. I think it's around nineteen million dollars. That's still a lot of money. I don't wanna make anyone. I don't want the big league. Oh my gosh just making nine hundred million trump change. No that is not it but a lot of people think he's gonna make forty one million dollars that's not it. It's just the these referred money from all those women reveal. They pushed the money back. They kick the can down the street eventually. Got to pick it up but all these guys are in it for money. Every single one of them sure they wanna win. Sure they love their team. Sure they wanna be champion. They're also for the money. And this guy ben. Rothlisberger has made generational money meaning that several generations. After he's gone will probably never have to work if they didn't want to at the same time you're looking at okay. What in the world is what were going to do here. You know then. Making a lot of money is just for the money. I don't think so not at this stage in his career. He's made well over one hundred million dollars he's gonna make even more I don't think he's in it for the money. But i can see why a lot of people would think laurie says. Are you happy with canada as our offense coordinator. What type of offense do you think. He will run with ben under center. Well there's a lot of tough answers with this one two questions. I am happy with matt. Canada's the offensive coordinator. I was not shocked that he was the offense coordinator. very steelers. like move in terms of just the okay. Matt canada or in line will get it done. Yeah i'm not shocked by that. Okay also what type of offense. Dan is the toughest question. Because if you look back at back canada wherever he's gone we're talking time at pitt. We're talking this time at nc state we're talking about his time at. The university of maryland is brief. Stint at lsu. Wherever he has gone it has been something different. He will literally adapt the offense around who he has on his roster which is a good trait by the way is a very good trade. So i don't want anyone to think that matt canada's a it's my way or the highway type of coach. He's a what do we have an. How can i make it work for us. So what's it gonna look like. I honestly don't know. I think that like you just said in your question. Laurie will with ben under center. That's the key will be under center. I think that's gonna be really really important. And i told you earlier in the show. I'm going to talk about this more on fridays. Stay tuned all right. Tony us like to know why mad and not pep for a seat. He's talking about canada getting it and not pebble. I have no clue have no clue if or why the steelers chose one over the other. Maybe it's because ben roethlisberger is coming back. And they say that you know ben's gonna one at least someone that he is remotely familiar with. He spent the entire year with net canada in twenty twenty as a quarterbacks coach. They maybe they want that familiarity. I don't know maybe tomlin just liked mad candidates concepts better not sure the for some reason. It wasn't just over pep. But also hugh jackson and anyone else that they add mind for that offensive coordinator job it. That's an answer will probably never really find out steelers. Twenty twenty one draft season says any chances steelers defensive back in one of the first three rounds hayden could be a cav casualty and we will lose at least one of hilton or sutton. Not to mention edmonds. Despite the is still a notable liability tackling in the open field. I could see them going defensive back but not safety in the first three rounds i could see them going cornerback but not safety because if you think about it need you have edmonds you still jordan dangerfield. They drafted antoine brooks last season. He did make the team idea and he was late round pick but he did make the team they. They least kept him around for a reason. He still have marcus allen. Who's technically a safety but played linebacker at the end of the season last in in twenty twenty i see them. Go and cornerback impressed with justin lane at all. I just thought he would make bigger strides. Maybe he was a guy and he's not going anywhere. Okay he's not gonna be there cutting justin lane and maybe if he actually has a preseason he'll be able to show more but from what we saw this season. I don't believe that he is the next guy on the outside. If they can go out and find someone. I would be one hundred percent okay with it next ben. S okay so bay. Big ben ends up retiring. What do you think they do. Draft a quarterback trade for veteran quarterback or role with mason haskins with haskins in the finances behind his deal. Okay with the finances being released binders deal. Which if you haven't read that article. I wrote for the website on tuesday. They basically pay an eight hundred. I think is eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars for one year. There's no guaranteed money zero. It's low risk as it gets as low risk as it gets okay so with haskins your you can roll the dice with him and not have to worry about. Oh man we're on the hook. For how many million. It's not even that. So i think if ben rothlisberger award retire with rudolph and haskins there that tells me i think the steelers are going to say unless a quarterback drops to us. I don't think they're going to draft one. That scares me. You know my take on this. I did a whole podcast or at least half of a show on why the steelers should take a quarterback and be aggressive and move up. I still think they should please make it betray lands. Please make a betray lands p.m. Please make pj lands. I'll say three times. Maybe it'll come true but still i. It gives us dealer. Some flexibility brought us burger retires. I think they would be okay. Going into the season with mason. Rudolph and dwayne haskins a quarterback. It would be a rough go of it because it would be a quarterback battle. Who knows he's gonna win the job. Both of those players have been known to be iffy at times. We'll see. I still want them to draft a quarterback. I'll put it that way paul ass. How important is the new quarterback coach for haskins development. Assuming he's on the fifty three man roster next season and following that up. Do you have a personal favourite for that position. Honestly when it comes to a quarterbacks coach you want someone that has done it for a while. That is i really do. Think when you're talking about an individual coach. Okay you're talking about quarterbacks coach you're talking about a wide receiver coach or any specific position coach. When you're talking about those type of coaches personality means a lot and how do you jive with that position group. So i kill. You're coming in last season from the from the washington football team. He takes over a really young group. That was a great hire. Think because he's a younger guy he played in the league. he had successively. He's the perfect person to help these young receivers kind of mature in the league. Compare that to someone rest in peace darryl drake but he was he was older. He was someone that was long in the tooth. Obviously and he got to the point where maybe younger players wouldn't really understand him too much. The young these young athletes have changed a lot a lot. Okay so keep that in mind but ultimately. I think that i have no particular person that i think would get it if pep gets it. That's awesome if they end up going with someone like mike sullivan. That's fine too. I trust the steelers peers asked what should we consider a success for twenty twenty one. Personally i don't have the hope for a super bowl that normally do but i think if we maintain a to your defense and create a good ground game a slash offensive line. Then that's a win when you've when then you find a quarterback thoughts. I agree with you pierce. I don't necessarily think that this is a team. That's going to be favored to win the super bowl. They probably won't get any picks for the even to win the division year. And that's fine. I don't care about that. But i do think that you bring up some good points at even if they don't win the super bowl in twenty twenty one or if they're not that type of team in twenty twenty one. This could be a stepping stone season. This could be a season where they established that. Ground game rebuild. Some of the offensive line figure out who the quarterback is going to be the least in the near future maybe not for the next decade but at least in the near future and with that defense continue to keep churning and running at a high level i agree with you. I think that this is a group that definitely could use twenty twenty. They could be very competitive and they could make the playoffs. And who knows when you get in what can happen. But i just think that this team's gonna ask. Some challenges starts at the salary cap and smith says thoughts on ban only wanting to come back of jews back. I don't. I didn't really hear that. I did hear roethlisberger's comments about how he wants him. Back i gotta be honest. I did not hear him. Say i'm only coming back. If juju is back so with that said. I don't blame rothlisberger for saying i want you to that his guy because he's the most veteran receiver on the team. If juju smith schuster has gone the most veteran receiver he has is james washington and we know the brothels burger in washington. For some reason. I don't know why they just don't mesh. I don't know why they just don't mesh. So i think the rothlisburger wants juju back. It might be a big decision. A part of his decision making process but ultimately i didn't hear that exact quotes if i could be wrong coach travis's if you're the general manager. How much would you give up to get to shawn watson. Wow to shawn. Watson is quite the talent i'm gonna go with if i were the key of our kevin colbert. I would give up a first this year. I would give a first next year and maybe a second year after and that may be at you. You're nuts shawn watson. Still a young quarterback you're gonna get ten years form and you're gonna get an established quarterback. That's what i would do. You might say that's too steep. That's fine you're entitled to your opinion. But that's what i would give up. Robert de henderson said who's gonna be r o line and quarterback coach. What blocking style are the us under. Canada they these are the big questions you know. not only. Who's gonna coach these guys. Who are the players. They're going to coach. Quarterback is roth Going to be there is going to try to get joshua's back in the fold we know devlin hodges and now a member of the rams you're talking about haskins you're talking about rudolph in terms of blocking style is marquees pouncey. Gonna retire is alejandro villanueva. Going to be back. What about matt feiler. They're all free agents zach. Banner of free agent. Yeah the coaches are important. I'm focusing on what players are going to be back so keep that in mind too rich says who do you think is the running back room for twenty twenty one. I don't see james conner being back unless he takes a bargain basement. Deal with the steelers. So therefore i do think that they're going to probably think about drafting running back. But i think that they'll roll with benny snell. Jalen samuels will still be under contract. And i think anthony mcfarland is going to be a little bit better so with all those. I think you have those three. If you draft a guy that's for maybe they'll pick up another one and have them as therefore i'm not sure i don't see them getting a free agent running back on the market. That's just the way that the steelers are trending as it pertains of that okay. Next question by Zips i think is how you say it should getting tight end. Be one of the steelers priorities in the draft. Or can they push it back for later. Rounds tight end should be not a top priority. I would probably have that. If i'm doing my top five positional needs. It's going to be around six or seven nets that's just my own rankings. I've done this article for the website. And i did not have tight end in my top five but it's not a need i just don't see tight ends. You have to type of tight anymore. You have the blockers in the pass. Catchers they had the steelers have the pass catcher and ebron. They need a guy that can block. I'm not sure zach. Gentry's that guy. Kevin rader could be. We'll see how to handle that. But with vance mcdonald retiring they do have a vacancy. There have to fill. Cj hatcher who seven says what would you do to address the steelers offensive line issues. I think it starts not only from a philosophical standpoint on how you want to run the football meaning. You can't always run the ball out of shotgun. You wanna be able to use your fool back a little bit more. That's why you pay. Derek watt all that money and you also need upgrade some of your lineman so talked about filer talked about pouncey talked about villanueva. They need to get more kevin datsuns on the team. The guys that are graders that are going to be willing to get nasty. Go downhill a look. You wanna watch a good offensive line. Watch the tampa. Bay buccaneers airline. They are mean. And that's what you want an offensive line to be. You want them to be mean nasty gritty group. That's willing to get low. Get those tough yards. That's what they need to do. It starts with philosophy and it leaks on down to the personnel groupings and getting the right players in the right position last questionnaire. Tanner is this. The year to trade back in the first to get a few more early round picks the team will face many depth issues in will need to find potential starters on the line at running back and maybe even corner frowny face. Look tanner of always been a guy that says. I would be fine if the steelers decided to. Actually i would be a one hundred percent fine if steelers wanted trade back. Here's the thing you have to have someone who wants to trade up with you so if a team does call. Let's say it's a team like the new york jets and okay. They have really enabling the second overall pick and then they're waiting around and that's there's a player that they really want on a number twenty four well. The steelers might get a phone call if they get a phone call. Yeah okay we'll we'll we'll definitely trade. You won't take your top pick in the second or something like that or whatever the case may be. They won't give up their topic and the second. I shouldn't said that. But yeah you. I would be fine trading back especially if the prospects you're really looking to target are gone if trae lance is gone if other quarterbacks are gone if running backs are gone off line gone. There's no one the one thing you don't want if you have a phone call if you get that phone call you don't wanna be stuck in a situation where it's already burns terrell edmonds if you get the phone call and you don't really have someone that you're in love with take the call move back live to fight another day and get the extra picks one hundred percent on board with that. All right folks went a little bit over. We typically do on wednesday. I apologize. But i don't think you mind too much. Look everyone's they were going to do this and make sure you follow me on twitter at j hartman h. a. r. t. n. Underscore said that she find me on twitter. Follow and then. When i put that on tuesday make sure you respond to answer every single question. That's underneath that tweet. Folks hope you have a great wednesday. They dumped the. I will be back on friday to talk about a lot of stuff. There's no football game this weekend so we're gonna be talking. Tom brady were going to be talking about canada. We're be talking. Dwayne haskins all. Yeah all on friday so stay tuned. We'll be back. You're buying the steel curtain dot contra one-stop shop for all things steelers wherever you get your podcast. Steelers or buying steel curtain follows subscribe. So you don't mistake. I'm jefferson your host as you always finished out e- kind and god bless guest deal our burden on.

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