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We all living in the ripple effects of history, a butterfly flaps its wings in China in the nineteenth century, and you're uber driver misses the turn for the airport or an eccentric genius and Vince air conditioning, and changes the course of American politics I'm Sean Braswell host of the threat and I'm back with a brand new podcast presented by ozzy called flashback, a series of stories of unintended consequences on May sixth listened to flashback on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. Hello Boys and girls, welcome in to the boys and girl podcast with cowboys, NFL, network reporter Jayne Slater and NFL network producer Bobby Bell. Cowboys community with the inside scoop on the Dallas Cowboys. Now coming straight to you from the lone star state. Here's Jayme and Bobby. All right we'll just when we thought that the off season, this pandemic was going to slow down cowboys, news or Everything that we could talk to the fans about I feel like we need to podcast more than once a week. Bobby because the cowboys have remained active you as we've talked about. The cowboys told us one of my sources. It said that in the draft they addressed a lot of areas, so they weren't going to be in this rush to sign anybody in other words. They don't have this glaring. Need right now. Also told me that twenty, four, seven, three, sixty, five job and. They went out and they scouted themselves a starting quarterback. It's GonNa backup here in Dallas and I'm talking about Andy Dalton your initial thoughts, bobby. A I like it. I think it's always to have you know a strong back by talking to James Washington the old cowboys safety years ago, and he was on the early nineties, teams and he's talked about that. At the end of nineteen ninety. When Troy Aikman got hurt that the cowboys had decided internally that they were never going to let that happen again that they were never going to be caught. With a poor backup behind them, and so through that Steve, Burr line, and that was crucial for them in Nineteen ninety-one. When you WANNA play off game for them as the backup and then. Bernie Kosar and Rodney Peete and Wade Wilson, they they always were were stacking up good veteran, backup quarterbacks, and so something that they did for a long time, and then they kind of moved away from it. and. Were I think they've become a little comfortable with Dak Prescott durability, and they were seeing some of the ridiculous figures that go out there for for backup quarterbacks, but in the end it makes much sense we we don't know the exact escalation of the deal yet, but but it can be up to seven million dollars is what's being reported? It's three million guaranteed. More than they've spent on a backup quarterback in recent history but a guy who I think is definitely worth a guy who. is going to be a good partner for Dak. Prescott a good study partner and and somebody behind that. That can do good work during the week. I think and somebody. That is a great locker room guy, and so it should be a I think it's a positive signing. A good one I don't know that we should buy into the conspiracy theories that this is a attempt to move Prescott in a certain direction, but maybe that's maybe that's a small part of it. Maybe gives them an ability to say. Hey, look, you know. We want to work out a deal, but if you're holding out, you know if you're still not happy. By summer, we gotta have a contingency in place, and so maybe there's a little bit of an added benefit to doing that. But overall I think a good signing, just a little bit of a surprise and one given. That's not the direction they've gone. In recent years is paying a good backup I'll science continued point to Mike McCarthy I just think of how active they've been in free agency and the quality of the free agents that they've gone out and acquired. Koi signing John Terry Poll Alden. If when he gets reinstated, and then of course a guy like Dalton I'm I'm with you. This feels very much like the what the saints did. With Teddy Bridgewater a lot of people were shocked at the saints out there paid him that type of money. I reported at the time that the Miami Dolphins wanted him to be a potential starter for them even after. They picked up. What's his face from the cardinals? Josh Rosen He wasn't GonNa be the guy that that wanted to go take that. He wanted to flourish in sort of learn from the saints, because that was a lock from news familiar with in this case I've talked to his old coach at Tcu Gary Patterson Gary Patterson said it is just that. At a house here, he you know, he still lives in Dallas area in the off season with this pandemic, and not really knowing what that's. GonNa, look like I think there's a level of that comes with being able. To stick around the Dallas area to play and then kind of do it. Teddy Bridgewater did which was go and get yourself a starting job within his. And so again, this also feels like the. More signing when they were going through Zeke Elliott deal. We all knew that it wasn't a guy that was going to replace. Zeke it was just an added insurance policy at into me. He feels like a more accomplished mark. Sanchez debt on in that room. I think we saw Dak Prescott really flourishes rookie season, having a guy like that in their guy that was able to read defenses a certain way. You'd had some experience and now you've got a guy like that Andy Dalton in in Dallas. That can really push back then. We were so impressed with into Nucci a guy that picked up in the seventh routes. As another guy that gives him insurance, and of course the cowboys announcing on Monday that they let cooper rush, go I liked cooper, but you and is solid training camp the last two years. This was not a guy that you wanted to step in the event. You have a situation like the saints. Ad Drew brees going out meeting. Somebody that's going to step in and help sustain them until you're starter, comes back and help you make a playoff Bush. Yeah, absolutely I think that you know. The cowboys have been trying to replace Cooper. Rush for a little bit. You know they drafted Mike White, and that didn't work out they they wanted him to be. The Guy Behind Dak the developmental guy that just didn't work out the way they wanted it to. So so they've been working I think trying to push him and find a better person for that spot. But yeah I mean the the cowboys they clearly do They have a type. You know everybody's got their type like you know that there. You know I like a blonde girl you know with a pretty smile, or or whatever else you know? The cowboys like they're red headed backup quarterbacks. Cooper rush. Brandon Weeden Jason Garrett Andy Dalton. They are they they certainly have type and they go for it. That's really funny actually. That that was? I didn't know where you're going with that and I and Balaji there Jerry. Because those are all jarrier backups that are the redheads. Let's talk about Jerry Jones in what he told us on draft night. They went picked up. CD, Leeann, a decadent pick that you and I discussed at seventeen, a guy that hadn't even probably thought about Jersey number. He was gonNA wear, and the owner of the Dallas Cowboys says it has to college. Teammates had passed away in his number was eight. And he wanted CD Lambda where eighty eight and we talk about. There's a Romo. Beehive will. There's also a bryant. Beehive and it just set the world on fire. And while I thought he was being a little tongue in cheek. I don't think I expected. The he would necessarily Go through with it set CD. Leeann picked eight now. He joins the club in. We're GONNA have drew Pearson on here and a little bit just to talk about what that eighty eight club means, and his thoughts on CD, Liam now acquiring that Jersey I will say this about Dez. Does of course a tweeting out his support of CD LAMB and a lot of people have asked me. So, what does this mean for? My honest answer is I don't know. Here's what I do know. DEZ has been reaching out to teams himself. He already admitted that when he reached out to Steven Jones last year. He reached out to Sean Payton. Of course. He still with ROC nation, and he has an agent, but Dez is working for himself right now. I know there's at least one other team in the League he was very intrigued by it and when things can open up again, they WANNA. Bring dozen for live workout, so there's a good chance that does might end up on a roster training camp whether he'll be on the roster when the season starts still unclear whether he'll be the cowboys a still unclear as well when you consider that they've got Amari. Cooper CD LAMB Michael Gallup It does feel like this would be a tough place for Dez. Even though does says he doesn't want to be like. Jason, witten income back in other words never not be on the football field as such a competitor in well. You know I think the Sean Payton Plan. When he went to. The saints was a guy that you've got obviously Michael Thomas and you Hud Yosemite. The other guys like trae. Kwan Smith and you had Jordan Humphry I. think that I think there was this concern they would they would ask does to do a lot in. That wasn't the case and maybe that. That, if that's not the case in Dallas or still a possibility, but I will concede that it looks like the road is a little bit more narrow for him to come back all right, so let's talk about what comes with wearing that number eighty eight and what Mr Eighty eight himself. One of the originals drew. Pearson has to say about all this new offense. Here's something. Good is a new show from the Seneca. Women, podcast, network, and iheartradio. It's a great way to start your day on the positive side of life. The. Current crisis has prompted and inspiring bursts of innovation. That's what we were so excited to learn through our partner. Bank of America about. Project Isaiah we started working together to raise the initial money eating and starting to get meals on the ground. We were approaching it from the vantage. Point of it's not just meal served its jobs saved, and those are the two metrics that really mattered in this, and they also really mattered to Bank of America. We're so grateful to Bank of America for supporting. Here's something good and for supporting organizations across the country who are on the frontlines addressing medical response capacity food insecurity access to learning and providing support to Bonobo populations. I'm Kim as a rally. Listen to hear something good on the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. We're now joined by a living legend. I am talking about the original eight Drew Pearson. You can find him on twitter. At Eighty, eight drew Pearson drew, was one of the first co host. I had in sports I. Don't know if you realize that we did the show a a long time ago. When I love scene, you continue to do media and thriving your thoughts as it related to this draft drew and picking another eighty eight in CD lab. Yeah, well first of all I. Keep sending those invoices. Keep returning. Returned to sender for that payment. You only for giving you your big break. But Anyway I was a you know. I was I about surprised at CD landfill to cowboys And I'm thanking man actor I think the reason is because Henry roads went to what Denver. No, the raiders at night thing everybody expected. Judy or CD to go ahead roads, but once he went ahead is starting to change in the order. A little bit and people's thinking a following net graphic, so he ended up volunteer. The cowboys in right away. What I did was pull up. His highlights okay. WHOA. This is a bad man. And he's got the size in the speed and the thing that's impressive. He runs good routes and he's in that system where they have to run raspy. They throw the ball. A lot may have to run good routes, and he gets a man to man coverage a lot, but the thing is the action really starts after he makes the catch. Okay, you say yards acted a catch the reason why average over twenty one you hard to get at Ou, so you bring that to our offense and man. That's going to make a big difference. No matter who's a quarterback, Dak handier Limo. drew you or somebody who, when we talk about the legacy of eighty eight I mean you're the one who created it. You know you're the one who started that legacy, and and then of course went to Michael Irvin and then. Dez Bryant and now to CD lamb, so you know I, think that you were kind of faced with the same sort of question about the number or anything that CD lamb seemed to be where there's this discussion should take eighty eight or not. Talk about I guess just the legacy of that number, and and how you feel about CD being the next to wear that. Yeah. Well first of all bobby nobody had before I did, and it was arable, because Ron sellers had it the year before I had it, and he got traded to the Miami Dolphins for auto stowe out, still had claimed behind fall warfield for four years, and he wanted to get outta there, so he forced to trade come to Dallas, and you were eighty two thank God. He came to Taos because I learn how to play wide receiver in the NFL by watching auto. Okay, my Dick was my receiver coach. Wide Receiver Coach Okay my Dick. It knew nothing about wide receiver except my blocking assignments. He knew all that, but he did not run rats run. But anyway the number was available so actor. I made the team you couldn't have. The single digit numbers had number three in college. I wanted that fifteen in highschool wanted that couldn't do that, so you had to go in the eighties. So. There wasn't that many numbers available Billie Joe was never went. He took eighty nine. Golden Richard was number two. He took eighty eighty three. Eighty five. Who wants that eighty seven away. You know so the only thing that really sounds decent with eight, and that's why I took it, but then after I did what I did in it in the retire, you know I started calling myself the original. Ada Okay, and it just kind of caught on and people had forgotten that somebody else previously had worn eighty eight so I did what I did instead of tone for the eighty eight, but what made it a legacy? Now? Michael comes along and you know I was working for Channel Five Scott Murray. He sends me out to dfw airport to greet Michael as his playing comes after he gets drafted and. You know I think Michael's intruding aware number eighty eight. Is that okay I said well. Michael it's not my number first of all second of all. If you do wear, don't do it. I didn't do more than I did and man. He did a lot more than I. Did Okay Hall of Fame Career? Individually three super bowl championships in all of that so now we got something go now. We got legacy. If Michael doesn't do anything in the number eighty eight than it is legacy so now we got something going. And Dez comes along in me in Michael got together with taste and we said hey. You know this is something that we want to carry on. And you were designated in annoying it to do this because your abilities in what you bring to the table and your similarities to us at that position, so desk took it and man. He took off with it and had a nice career. He ended up the all time. Touchdown leader in I don't know how many yards I'm Ed. Most of the US in yardage I know he's the head of me, so he took the number and did something with it, and now it's looked upon a as A. A prestigious number in cowboy number history lower so now CD coms and I didn't think well. At the different kinds of receive I'm thinking maybe more Bob Gays in five days, benefits correct twenty yards. Cats is Ho career. Okay, CD twenty yards a game breakers, d you know big plays and stuff like that. I'm thinking maybe. Jerry GonNA. Start another legacy going with the number twenty two. Five Days Emmett Smith eating lamp, but now he had other reasons to anoint see with the double eight San. you know from what I hear You couldn't gone wrong with the. Passing it on to see. What do you think about? This new regime might McCarthy because I know you've been following this team as closely as I have even more so because you're still invested in it. Are you seeing things. A little differently with this new regime and and Mike at the helm as it relates use of the decisions to the cowboys have made this off season. Yeah I. Guess You can put somebody reasons why they had such a good draft. You know now you got a different voice in a room, different guy and room looking for different things. I understand once he got. The job he got a he had will. mcclay got real close and they worked together. Will mcclay found out with kind of players of Mike McCarthy's looking for to run his office. Run his football team and will mcclay. Tremendous job went out and got those spikes found those kind of place, and you know so I think his voice in the meetings in the way. They did things having Jerry Admiral this boat out to sea somewhere. Could mess with stuff and I'm wondering. Nobody said it was built for McRae. Are That vote adult? Think so? He's probably back at the headquarters. Feeding Information Right so Jerry forget to him like he normally. Pull them aside and all that kind of stuff. So we'll probably had the final say along with Mike McCarthy in in a lot of the picks that the cowboys made throughout the this draft for sure areas GONNA. Come for you for saying. On the vote Jerry. Now you see. Her now drew we. We talk about the eighty eight legacy. There's another legacy of yours that has been talked about for a long time, and that says one of the great undrafted free agents, not just in cowboys history, but I in NFL history. And I want to find out if this is true because this is something that I've heard but I can't recall if you've ever said this yourself. Is it true because when we talk about these guys that we've talked to Rondell Carter earlier? WHO's undrafted free agent out of? James Madison he said it came down to the forty niners in the cowboys, and he picked the cowboys, and maybe nobody thinks anything of that now, but. When you had your undrafted free agent decision, is it true that it came down to the cowboys and the steelers and we were this close to you being on the other side of that war in? Well, actually a came down between Green Bay, Pittsburgh and Dallas and Pittsburgh was real close to front runner pretty much so because they offered the most money all right. They offered me a signing bonus a fifteen hundred dollars right with the cab I know. But. The cowboys impressed me In my head after I met with the steelers, because the cowboys were there the second day to grab I'm in my college department at the university. They had scout there at the caveat. Hotel calling my house, saying they couldn't believe I wouldn't draft Nana. Nana knock, and you come down to the camelot and. We got. We want you to sign a contract and that type of. So. I said well. I can come down here, but you gotta give me an hour because this bike seventeen rounds of the draft after the twelfth. Round I'm breaking Boon's farm A. My sorrows it, so I had sober up before I went down there so anyway. They offered me a contract right there. A base salary of fourteen thousand five hundred dollars. And, signing bonus of one hundred and fifty dollars. Wow, so I took that over to steal their money and I said to disc out who late Bob. Griffin I told him I said Sir payment at signing bonus in cash. Assigned right now. Pay Me attached seven. Twenty. Seven to ten Nassau got my Saudi bonus with the Dallas cowboys could. Parlay it parlayed into a lot more I. Don't know if they would have been same since. I know I wouldn't Tony Green bag. I'm I thought seriously about Pittsburgh but I don't think they would've turned out as great as it. Did. IF I ended up with the Dallas Cowboys got. Pittsburgh would've never had and Lynn Swann. Therefore, Bite Pittsburgh knows gains. Five would have never made those sketchy. Any Isn't it wildly think about some of those contracts I mean I love a? What was your teammate? The Gut? The horse trailer, which was one of my favorite stories is part of. The Jani water. Charlie waters jolly borders. Yeah, yeah, and. Let's see. Somebody they give us grand. Prix got a Grand Prix. It was green. and. Nobody wanted to green. Funny when I think about my first market mean they didn't pay US anything. In Tyler Texas, sixteen five. A year is what I made. An our big deal was trade, so you'd get like free hair free Japan you took it because you like whatever you wanna give me a sweet. What this deal is, I'd appreciate it. Before, we let you go drew. One of the toughest things that I've watched in the last year. Was I know a lot of people. Push for you to go in the hall of fame. I knew this was the year that you wanted it. You certainly had a career that warrants it. What was it like not getting that? Call and having cameras on? You drew in that moment. was very disappointing and. I was felt like I, said heartbroken. Letdown net type of thing, and only reason is because I had so much confidence that this was going to be the way. I! Get it okay this. according to Rick Gosselin and Charlene Williams and Jerry Bell this was the way for the hall of Fame Voting Committee, to make up for some mistakes that they made along the line, and I thought I was one of the most glaring mistakes that they may not so much because my ego and everything like that, but simply because. You know you voted for decades. And so then. I see how Carmichael go in early I. Said who they must have made a call for him because he's there. You know he's at the studio. Each showing up like that and I said I. Even got a phone call yet so I keep looking at my own in that, but the thing is you know this was the first time I've ever been finals? I've never even been in the room and to be considered. So this is the first time as a final. This and I didn't know how finalists act I thought. If you're a finalist before the have everybody there, you know just in case you do go. And so I had all the TV stations there. I worked for just about every TV station in market, so I knew everybody one guy caused. Can I come the next guy? I heard someone Okinawa comparable next thing you know all the TV stations of air and you know this is so early in the morning, but. you know when to call didn't come down at last pick when I was really really disappointed. And so I showed that emotion that was real. Okay, and so what I hope that comes out of that is not so much. People feel sorry for through tears in and all that. But I. Hope comes at it at the sports. Writer said had this boat understand what this really means us? Okay, you break. Our hearts turned down in such a way that you do you know. And I got turned down I'm at least at home around France and Fam. You know how `Bout Everson walls a couple years ago. He's sitting in a room. Waiting for that knocked to say. Yeah, you're in in that has been friends and family there within no one showed the camera on hand, the disappointment, email or anybody else. That doesn't get in at this point day. Feel so this show that emotion and that's what I explained to. Mr Baker David Baker who called, and they certainly acted. This was disappointed. I didn't get in. He said I was on his list and he doesn't have a boat I was on his list. They can I would be one of the guys go in, so I told. This is hope that the voting committee sees how we feel about this Howard. Port Nisus to us, so don't play no bias game with us. Don't play no political game with US media now let this be a subjective boat based on what we've brought to the league teams in the NFL donut time. We play and don't compare me with all these. Thousand Yard catch receivers you know. What did Michael? Thomas had one hundred forty four. Oh my God. It took me five years ago. But anyway, so hopefully it'll come around. I talked to Rick Gosselin Charlene Jared Bill Gary Myers. They all think that it'll happen, and you know look at Look how God works, guys, you know look at this situation now. We don't even know if there's going to be a ceremony this year. At this point, baseball canceled their hall of fame ceremony. We don't know what the season's going to be like our anything, so I've been texting clip in finding out if teach hurt anything he's. I haven't heard anything about anything solid about what they're gonNA do all sorts, so God put me in a position where sometimes the storms that come in your life. Don't come to disrupt. Disrupt your life. Sometimes they clear path, and this path was going to be a little different for me to get to the NFL Hall of fame. So that's how I look at well I. Know When you've got this hour. It makes so much sweeter when the good thing happens for you. And I know it's getting I know it's GonNa come for you. Look at Charlie long debate. Terrell Owens I remember how devastated he was, of course he just didn't even show up because he was so frustrated with it. I hope that's not the case they don't put. She threw this sort of angst again, but we really really appreciate you coming on the show, always a pleasure. Thanks for having me guys in great stuff, guys admit season form. Thank you here's something. Good is a new show from the Senate women podcast network and Iheartradio it's a great way to start your day on the positive side of life. The current crisis has prompted and inspiring bursts of innovation. That's why we were so excited to learn through our partner Bank of America About Project Isaiah. We started working together to raise the initial money and starting to get meals on the ground. We're approaching it from the vantage. Point of it's not just meal served its jobs saved, and those are the two metrics that really mattered in this, and they also really mattered to Bank of America. We're so grateful to Bank of America for supporting. Here's something good and for supporting organizations across the country who are on the frontlines addressing medical response capacity food insecurity access to learning and providing support to Bonobo populations. I'm Kim as listen to hear something good on the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Joining us now is former James Madison defensive end and new cowboys defensive? End Rondell Carter you can follow him on twitter at RC five with four underscores. Don't don't do one underscore two hundred, three hundred. Different people. Not Rondo Colorado Carter's received. Five with four underscores Rondell how you doing? Great asking how you guys. Doing. Excited to have you here, so is there any consideration now? Because I assume you're not going to be five at the next level. They don't really allow that for defense. Is there any consideration for a twitter? Handle Change Now? Yes, probably GONNA change I'm I'm going to keep the CPAP with the switch number one of I'll give you on the second. Get it y'all know won't be on. T. filed. Log will be all see what are they? gave me so we'll see. What was your conversations with the cowboys leading up to the draft? Did you have any yet so misery on first team that I talked to You know like so. We went to I go for national. Championship in Texas We went to the championship in I got a text. You know like the day at the. Soon as the Ahmeti Championship it. I got a text in. The players know the regular not mistaken in believing. It was Stephanie. And I got for money, basically set up a meeting because I had the NFL, PA, and so now i. I that I talked to I that I was like my dad and I was like that look NFL detection. So and then you know moving forward. Talk to them when I got in A. Got My Dallas. Cowboys sat on the date game. Then I talked few times I throughout the whole process, and then I finally talked to him like you know round fours from five ish talked co-starring. She lives coastal. Is Pretty Cool especially going to be the first thing I tried to talk to you. Did you know when if you have in your head that okay? If I go on drafted, Dallas is where I wanna go, or did you have a few teams that you were considering an Dallas ultimately won out. Belching a lot of US twenty five teams. Honestly, they came down to Cisco Dollars. honestly came down to but you know as We just douse the best chance to make a spot. The convention obviously, I was in Texas training for two months, so I got comfortable. Texas. Area and then there was a lot of subliminal awash. In Frisco at the National Championship, they gave us cowboy hats battle the actual Kabwe. My Dad was wearing it the day before the draft all day. I don't know why he decided to wear a cowboy hat. Then you know the balloon that my family got together shaped lake starts. Family. We just redid on literally mnay Liberum. Navy blue bike so I don't know it was a Lotta subliminal messages out today by the way just like Neville Gallimore Neville told us that he went to the car wash, and a woman asked him here in the Dallas area. Are You Dallas? Cowboy any wasn't at the time, but he said he was gonna go back and find her because he doesn't want her to think that heap, he lied to her. But he also trained here I gotta ask you so a guy like novel Gallimore but talk about the guys. They already have on the line. demarcus laureates the possibility of Alden Smith. Radi Gregory coming back when you look at that defensive line, and you look at playing with a guy like having a coach Jim Thome soula. What does that mean to you? Means A lot. You know making making NFL, but you have to maintain. Their you know what I mean and we have people that you can learn from always gives you an opportunity to extend your career. You know learn from. Ella proven vets. You Automated Light Tank, Lawrence and Alex Smith in Randy Gregg. These guys how to play the game! Big Thompson the WHO knows how to teach you know so you get a guy like that coaching you. You have to be nothing more than excited because I don't know it was just like you. You know you're gonNA, learn something new going to be able to be able to develop as a football player. You can do that. It just makes you career going to have much longer I can't wait to come in and learn under those players those. We've heard from the cowboys that They're likely to maintain their four three front. But that they're going to be multiple, that's one of the new buzzwords. This offseason multiple have some three four looks and things like that. When you talked with the cowboys and we're making the decision to come here. Did they talk to you at all about what they envisioned for you? Did they talk about? You know you're going to have your hand in the dirt or did they say? Hey, you're gonNA do some flexible stuff for a Su-. You might stand up sound. You might be rushing off the edge. Did you have any of those type of conversations with them? Of course told me I'll be defensive during the guy. That's basically what I've been doing. I was a guy that I was third. Karma got, but I have stood up before you know what I mean I've had slid. The three technique in passwords you're not. I'll be able to so versatility when I'm out. They hope that gives me a better chance that making it and and I had a had stood up before when I was at rutgers enough drop back into coverage at a term so. Luckily I've done all. fritos day I stood up having entered, their eventually moved inside third down. Pass Rush. So you know hopefully I, can just. I can do all those things hope that gives me shot at making take. You know I did notice this draft. Some of you guys were coming in with people that you know. We talked about novel Gallimore, getting his teammates CD Lamma. Dallas you're getting been NUCCI the backup quarterback. What was the text like? Was it just fire when you guys said Oh? My Gosh were both heading to Frisco. Ashley I call them. You know we had a conversation. He had his head on I have my had on. We were just talking about and it was. It was excited my dad talked. You I mean I've seen his family order face-down them by my brother actually recorded out face down call so you asking? My brother hasn't on his twitter feed. Maybe I'll be able to get it from them, but Yeah Ma'am had a great conversation. You know it was really fun. This be able to talk to each other. Actually we're going to be able to be played with each other Dallas met in that same kinda personality. He's a fun guy so I'll look to that. You were of course James. Madison which is an FCS level school and there's always those questions from people. People about you know the level of competition, and and you know. How prepared is this person to step into the NFL after coming from that level? But you know you did have a couple games against some bigger schools West Virginia I know. You had a good game against them. You played against NC state had good games against them. You start out at rutgers, which is a power five school So do you think that you're better prepared for for this jump? Then it may look like at first glance of a guy coming from an FCS school. Yeah, you know what's funny is. People really get it, but you know FCS. Level at CA Mark Conference is the toughest player you know. There's a lot of there me coming from the big ten love when it comes down to the CIA I. Mean obviously you have your big ten six seven three hundred thirty pounds. You know tackles, but you'll get your fish in those in the as well you know, so. It's not like just went down to a level. In a conference in is like no competition, you know the competition is the end of anybody plays in dealt though, and then only that like I said we played those at the teams in those games excel, and then luckily I had the chance to play the NFL PA. Game a win against all. Esp. You know so, and I did well against them as well so I mean. I really doesn't matter because I'll do show like unprepared because I've had the ruckus experience I played in the toughest conference Indosuez in the NFL. When I was able to excel as well so unprepared. We are so excited to have you on this podcast in excited to talk to you in the locker and win. That ever happens here. We wait for sort of news about this pandemic, and how it relates to the football season training camp, but wish you the best of luck in. We'll see a sued. APPRECIATE IT! We're now joined by Ron Slaven NFL agent with sports stars. You might recognize him as late. Vanda rushes agent. You've got quite a few guys with the. ORLANDO, Gangetic as well Rod, so we're excited to get you in your like we've got a lot. To cover specifically late Vander Ash, I know a lot of people have been concerned about that injury. The entry that sustains last year. What's the latest on him? Lanes? Grade is she has got. He's flying back Dallas now because people and surging off season can be silly and get treatment and do the things need to get ready for the season, so he was doing great. Great stronger things, and then when all quarantine they shot down. You back a little bit, but now he's back now actually today, so you can get on the train staff and get back to Italy does here and look. We know he's an avid hunter grew up his his father is one of those outfitters that takes you off to go. Find the bears. I saw he and his lovely wife Mattie and been out doing that. So I I would imagine if you're able to hold a gun. In that whole region on top is probably okay or He says he feels about her knowledge fell. In his life and I always had some tightness in their, the not let has been fixed. He's looser and. Range of motion emotional things about he played last year last season, trying to attack with our I. Know there a lot of talk about MS tackles, but. He has a staint early on than once. He got landed on affiliate game, which is just a one hundred million. Deal where somebody were to fall on the way they fell. As the Circumstances! That was unfortunate, but Now gets a face now. He's coming into the season. Ready to go and I think you're going to give him the battling. And Twenty twenty. Iran in terms of you know we talk about late Vandereycken, and he's obviously. Boise and and Jane referenced you. You've had a few boise. Guys come through. I feel like you were one of the. You were probably the agent ahead of that. The Boise Explosion in the NFL rep a lot of guys there. And people talk about the Dallas Boise connection that kind of make jokes about one of your guys Curtis Weaver told us when we talked to him before the draft that that was what he said to the cowboys, you know. Oh, I know where your pipeline and things like that. What is it? Do you think about the Boise pipeline? The Dallas like so much and I mean just your experience with that program with those players. What do you think it is? That brings Dallas to that well so often. Since two thousand eight. The one thing that in the reason, once Orlando Orlando was no different personality than most because he's got on a shoulder. Angry on everything all the tire, but it worked for Orlando and it were. You know as a player in the reason you lasts in the league because he always wanted to prove everybody wrong i. ask them and tally Boise dies that every. Attack Wells at the time of the two thousand eight nine ten eleven twelve years Boise, they go to Jane, back, down the order of the Golden Georgia in Atlanta, beat them in the opener. Day Ministry. Need for us, so go to these power. Five teams always open the season approval they win, and then the rest of the year you're trying to. Keep credibility in. Keep your ranking because reclaiming them on West, so these players is the guys better these guys while they never respected yet and the healing now in the comedy NFL, too. I mean for all the. Bears you who in the first? Lady in the first round it was. Shaming land in Doug. Martin, but they had all these really good players coming out that were that were on the sayings of sound proud latency scenarios where. was, the bryner lacquer to point Jane you and I talked about to the draft that because Marinelli was there and will lay in bed bloom all there is. Will lead to the draft lady he needed to do online dominated as it was great for meetings in business or great, so he was the perfect storm came by the cowboys in nineteen, but the rest of the common shoulders everybody wrong for whole time during the lead in Azure, allowed starting to for six years now. Forty Yar Andrei every year low child, always saying I have to get better I have to prove to people at I belong, so it doesn't matter even after you get paid. They always have show the. Older not good enough, or you wanted to patch while you are SEC. When in reality is voicing. When You look at Leyton and a guy who was a walk on at Boise, and and had to fight to even make that team and get the scholarship and and everything i. View as just kind of a quiet guy, and you know the down to Earth Town Guy, but I mean. He did have that background of being a walk on. Do you think he also has a little bit of that chip on his shoulder? I don't know that people look at him that way. Even though you thousand, nine, hundred eighty still wants to prove. Prove out, but can be the best linebacker in the NFL. I trump cake. I made it. I'm done. He wants to prove it brewery rhyming people. Laden was. The Basle of Land State of Idaho. In High School tournaments. Guys for the NBA Labor Dot com this. Late wasn't Yang di one offers that allow. These guys were because he was playing for a team high. But I believe that the basketball around he must be what had a walk on Boise state for basketball late in Hollywood and play in the NBA. You know forty years for six five. People he can shoot from twenty five feet all day long mid his. Family! All Sisters Played College Basketball Basketball Player, so the Vassallo background to is another reason why so good football because of the lateral movements? Witness but I think no matter what lay on an. Excel rods agencies is GONNA pop up as An Jane can attest to this I, don't really be as much I. Tell People played bass. Why would been the NBA One? What on the seal and probably killed those. Relating This is why ron is so good as an agent A. My agent's pretty awesome. Was William Morris, but I want him to speak this highly of me Require due to ask you obviously as a lot of time with Mike Nolan in this new defense, but Mike McCarthy saying it's going to be a four three defense with three or four principles. How do you see late and fitting into this scheme now? Bin Laden is GONNA have to be your body's with McCoy post, so there's GonNa be. A lot more lanes for him to run through notches sideline to sideline in the past defense. He's going be able to shooting lowest gas and made a bunch of ways. Think. The game that would stick out. Meet away that they played that game. Was The saints game two years ago a Thursday night game. Thirteen tattling foul was was. We're lane with shooting the gassing? stops in fourth in one on. Mira and Ingram and then also made play sideline sideline. He'll sniff. Some low screen passes the Chimera. FANS WANNA. Know what they're gonNA see from Layton in this defense attorney asked the game where they schemed up. The same way. You're going to see more with. Now you're not just the agent for Leyton Vander Ash I know a lot of people are familiar with you as the agent for Alden, Smith who a Lotta cowboys fans are really excited about I. Think they kind of saw that coming out of nowhere? You sure didn't you were probably work working things you know behind the scenes for for several weeks several months leading up to it what was it that made you confident in Alden Smith and in that you wanted to represent them. You haven't wrapped him his entire time the league, so so what drew you to Alden Smith and and made you believe in him that he's ready to go. December and said all you know has. been sober since June July. He's back in football. He's been trained with me and my jam. Bungee coaches have been through Air Mike McCarthy went through their daughter trains there at the same jam. You know much of their own. People have seen them and then fuel lead I. Know in call instead of the day Is in good place so all in Canada Dallas. Here Decided that we were gonNA. Work together in wanted to combine had a letter. That was showing that the reinstatement was going to happen or that. We're working on reinstatements Selanne. Team started calling me. All I wanna go somewhere where he was comfortable, so fangio's Denver P. General. John Schneider has done a really nice job. Lean to the draft in Holland came out. Living Maybe move up all in. The formulation people even expected in Dallas because McCarthy all in had get it off pretty well. and then Jim. Thome Sulu was coach in San Francisco. So get relationship there. So Nj and the Johns family is pretty tight, so. There's a lot of different visa that fit. I DIDN'T WANNA. Make a decision for all the DALLAS. I didn't want you know in final. Ron's is pushing the cowboys as rise watch guys on the cowboys now I want all make the SUV or south so of the season when I, no matter Latin. Evelyn Delaware out all the time, right? The reason guys away last ones leave for three and a half years so aligned to make sure that he felt helpful with it. And then once we went through the process and talk to the teams e. call me and was like it was march. Thirty needs like. I Know Dallas. Is the place so We were contract and then a known J. for putting on a show. April first. April fools only Smith's earliest cowboy It was real and all here in Dallas Mutual on Friday and stain ready for only a reinstatement that happened sooner or later. Why should fans? The cowboys feel comfortable with Alden cutting back? There's probably a lot of fans out there that have had either substance abuse, problems or family members that have substance abuse problems, and you just have to. You have faded that the person is gun. At some point in their life figured out that do I. wanted you know during myself to death? No, we have a major obio in problem in this country who I want y'all myself on those things or do we want? To, get our life in order in straight think collins in a really good spot in. Alabama Holland's problem in. You knows the problem I think he. Recognizes that no, he's like I always was blaming everybody else, but it was on me, and I can't always played a bit. So once sees Once you figure that out place, so he's I mean every time I'm around. I see more and more things all. He's incredible shape house only. If he if He is the player he was last. He's on the field and he's this much bigger and stronger. Fear for for. You know the the cowboys are or have been known to take on players with you know questionable issues in their past, or or basically you know they're willing to believe in guys and redemption as Jerry told Jane near the end of last year that. He believes in redemption he he's A. He's a comeback story. Guy. And because of that when they've had some of these guys come onto the team before there. It's been typical of the cowboys that they'll set them up with some sort of accountability system or accountability! Partner somebody's. For that is anything like that in place for all, the cow was talked about, or are they just comfortable with him coming in here and and operating on his own I admire the Jones family for giving people chances you know. Fans turn on players to quit I feel like people make mistakes lot dancing on have made mistakes. Nobody's perfect nightmare Jones's for. Always forgiving allow these guys. Second Chances that a lot of teams wouldn't. All in the reason, we have so much interest as everybody knew was a good person he wasn't. He wasn't out there doing allow things that were sound bottom was this all was was out and. They recognize that and they know that you know. If he has the right people around what he's going to be okay. segment of your question is. We myself because I'm a control freak is is going to manage the situation. They haven't had. They haven't been perfect. Here not is perfect with the wrong way. Unfortunately, when you have people with problems, there's other people that come out of the woodwork that all our experts or they wanna be the bathing. They can solve those problems while if you're a real expert to stay away from class. No I'm GONNA handle it. We have all in support system around them as a very small circle and. I think that's the way we would be successful speaking of being successful. You've obviously done a couple of contracts for the cowboys as agents. DAK! Prescott, a contract to think a lot of us thought we're going to get done last summer still hasn't gotten done and then the signing of Andy Dalton talked to me about the art of the deal as it pertains to the cowboys. Obviously, this is like me asking you to diagnose a patient that you haven't seen the XRAYS. Ed's actually gone in there and done the blood work, but as somebody on the outside. Do you think that this deal gets done in? What's it going to take for it to get done? I'm well I I don't think any. Effect on Dak Prescott. Times, do we see teams? They're starting. quarterback gets hurt and then the season's over, because they don't have somebody capable backing up no disrespected who've arosh but Andy Dalton, quarterback. They got him out Berry, low number of his family's here. In Dallas makes a lot of sense because quarantine and. He spends time with his family. He's in Dallas. The Minnesota Train Campbell was on whether it's them July middle. Whenever thinks. He can drive over armed were makes a lot sense for Andy. Because that's starting quarterback and. That's number should be nice number looking back at Eh, just circling back to late and I'm curious because I don't know that people ever know this sort of aspect of Layton and who, as a player and as a person. I know the cowboys. There was some talk last year at the end of last year that some people were like. Did the cowboys get the leadership that they needed on defense? was there somebody there? That was the driving force, and with late and being out there for that last half of the season stuff started turning up Do you think late somebody who can step in the season and supply some that kind of step into that role? I late always talked about. Years Three being the year where you know where he was enough in the locker room, being around, the people are not aware that leadership role can take a fact. I think that Laden is any good place now. He's earned the respect of teammates. The way worse way handles himself. This year relating should step up and become the leader that I'm sure the cowboys would love. To be reminds me so much of Sean. Lee Bobby Brown, would i? I see the way that he approaches film Trent. The way that he carries himself, so that's good news and the fact that you've got Sean Lee back yet. Another year, especially for looking at least three four sets, just needing some extra linebacker. Certainly looks like they've started to improve steam something. I didn't feel was necessarily addressed a Ron. Thank you so much for your time. I love that you're no BS guy. So we'll definitely get you back here on this show, since this was your inaugural of voyage here on the boys and girl podcast joining the show. Talk to you soon, thank you. All right well, what informative show I've really enjoyed this off season getting to know not only some of these prospects leading up to the draft, but now the guys that are on this cowboys roster been really impressive them so far in just love some of those nuggets from drew. Pearson, run slaven so again. Those of you that are continuing to follow us here on our podcast on the heard. Don't forget. We're now up on Youtube. Jeb You can follow us there and you can see all these. Video Interactions We have and some of the. Fun Extra aspects I'm with that in these conversations like we've had some really great conversation. This is a good bachelor. Rookies I feel like I. I think we I. Think Dallas lucked out this year in terms of from the. Perspective that I got a lot of good guys this year, we liked to call ambbassador. These guys are GonNa be good ambassadors, of the cowboys, an the league and let's hope that we don't have hot takes exposed in. 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