Call Him Daddy


Charlemagne to god andrew schultz. We ought to brilliant idiots podcast limits. The we got Just mitch okay. Just so we can start. We can start the show. Go axes here a heaviest hair tele. Gang is here. We got little lat next overnight with the laptop on showed us shorts. Alex you have soda shows so so it's sort of coordination of showing it. They were there you go early. Low low calf meat. You know what i mean. Low calf meat. How everybody is week. man i'm good. I'm just baffled. Our wanted to show off his shorts does badly. I mean listen when you got the coordination going away. He got the sneakers going on now. Must have cut a deal with somebody and they're like yo you gotta show life on the heat on put two together though because you wouldn't sue stopped showing me and now you're just jealous because i'm showing that that's right for granted are gay audience. Luther watch the idiots. Thank you. I'm not mad at you. Whose latest skinny though as who's like getting alex is or schultz disrespect tiller. Don't be my legs are super muscular sneaking. Probably got the most muscular legs on a podcast on game early over. Oh fatty this is my league game. Kinda crazy we'll be ticked. Bless you baby uncomfortable. Lisi listen before we even start the podcast. I just want to tell everybody in his room. That i loved them and i valued him and i appreciate them and i respect to the fullest. And i just want you to always always know that okay. I think y'all know that by my character though. You know what i mean i just. I don't know what's going on today. Back all started at once walking lemons. Wax act weird today sip. You need to sip and now ninety man. This is what so just wanted to tell my friends that i loved him and valued. I appreciate them in the main thing. I appreciated by everybody in this room. Nobody is a yes man and everybody knows how to call people or nation. Or what's what's going on nothing. Nothing nothing. I'm just putting out something for whole nothing when when when when people When you got good people around you in the end they call you on your shit. I just appreciate that can tell you always know it shows. Does it with me wax. does it with me. That's walkout. i've fucked with taylor so heavy. Because i've i've said that years ago she don't bite her tongue and when she see you doing something that's out of character she going to pull you to the side and let you know that you're doing something that's out of off. She treating somebody fucked up china. Sea call you. I feel like we're like subbing someone right now. I don't know i feel like that. I know is not a sub the annual and. I'm just throwing some life lessons out there. To people wrote us it valued people around. You appreciate got no you don. Don't listen to little latin next over there. How come along a blend along okay. Okay i wasn't. I wasn't sure what the game was the game. Let's go take his shock. Juice snow skiing. Not shots shot. I appreciate y'all and y'all check me and we check each other. That's what real friendship is about. That's nothing more nothing less drako. Thank only to play. Listen we just did. We came out here. We started this podcast. With some drako's soldier make moving this paying homage to my friends that i love and i value and i appreciate i will say though. Positively brilliant positively. What a fucking idiot. I gotta say. Soldier boy is positively bruin and we don't give soldier boy his flowers and i think we have on his part we rich. We'd we are we are. We are given him his flowers before anybody was given us. It was making fun of soldier. We really understood was the second third fourth coming of god. Jesus we we did we. Did we said soldier boy might be jesus we we did. You can't spell soldier without soul to how to fuck. Would you have sold trade without soldier. Boy taylor we're sitting here wondering how to you need to really keep up. It's fucked up but we sitting here wondering how soldier boy can predict the future so well because he comes from it clearly. Clearly this motherfucker is bouncing back and forth influencing time. How who's keeping soul alive if not soldier. This shit is cravers whose job rule cha the almighty Roster far so son. Yes yes this time. Yeah we've been waiting for jesus to come back. hey hotel. We tries to return. He was right there. Motherfucking collie park was right. There in fucking compton. And it's all charlemagne we crisis up there on the cross. What position is he in. He guess who's back. Is it a coincidence. That soldier boy has a hit record after easter didn't start popping until after easter. Think about it a coach together. Put it together. Drako easter win already. What you piece of shit. You christiane literally two holidays. You've got to remember christmas before. All the shit out about god and all of stuff. You don't even know that everything up his fault. Because you can't believe in god as much as i know that's why is it going to church that no matter how you forget. You don't forget your baby mama birthday girl. Your fiancee think. I'm sorry you don't fiance birthday. We'll let me exactly the same way you camera. His birthday the day he passed. I didn't realize it came from say. Come a lot of eggs but i don't think it's a coincidence. That soldier boy making clap popped off after easterbrook. The resurrect boys career right and lebron said the knicks are. The nba is better when the nixon winning. I feel like hip hop is better when soldier boy winning damage. I'm with you. I'm with you on that one. One hundred percent. He makes the game fun. Man april. I'm one hundred percent with you man. And i think i think the podcast game is better when podcasts are all together you know you take you. Take the podcast games better when the podcast all back together you know Sure isn't it better. Everybody knows their role and they know how to shut their mouth now and do what they're told you got to you. Do it to told feel like. Hey so somebody. But i'm not sure who. The drako grabbed drink. I'm talking about caller daddy. Caller daddy's coming back. Whoa call s big. I think they call it. Call him daddy. I think i think cast to call him. Daddy that's the new. That's been the job. Call him daddy. Go shows can't help. you can't help myself. I want you to see his face. I want you to know shelter do it without a match. You saw the run up on you. In broad daylight tell the movie he was telling me it was me new movie. I want you to know it was me. oh honeymooners. No you're talking about irena. Someone gave me throw is. That's what she did grandma. Engaging did it was like what you know. it was me Yeah that's how i feel. I do know you do listen. We are very excited to see the call him. Daddy podcast as united again are back together or the father and the sons are back together and no longer stop. Beef in what you talkin bout. I gotta get caught up. I got caught up i. I didn't even know that they were back together until lula next told me you will listen annual. Your first name ends ex. You are next from now on ends in eggs. Yeah a little less rex. Latin next from now on. I've never seen a man look more miami. I don't know if you cuban. What's your cuban puerto rican. How what you are. There's no you in miami. You are dark. Skin men in miami definitely change putting on show here around. Fuck g. wagons. Took a partner to podcasts us. Everybody eats everybody eats damaged. Everybody eats drako hoesch. You you gotta a poll shows back soldiers really bishop. Only one corologis still kill nobody. Why are you shoot the guy. So when they do the robbery. And everybody's promises was going to be no people killed and bishop bishop Did you watch the oscar. Shows the only thing that saved the oscars for me. This year was vans. Victory dow fucking like charleston. Van late late guy once again eight. That's listened salute the vans lou trayvon salute to my man. Nick may i love. I love that so much. Because i watched that from the ground up. You know what. I mean it was it was the. Oh we're going to do this. Film you know yada yada yada you all that type like i saw. I saw it from the ground up and those three deserve everything that they motherfucking guy because they earned it. I don't care about the oscars. 'cause i don't care about that kind of validation for you know but i'm happy for them. I'm happy because they're happy. You know what i mean. And they they really earned it. Let me dan. we got a friend. That's oscar with. I mean it's crazy right. It's like for me. I just get inspired. Not like i give a damn about the oscar. You know what we're gonna do it and we're going to be in it. We might as well do it. Delete oscar and emmy was different tv and film. You go emmys. Tv oscars film. But i mean yeah man just seeing them from the ground up you know bill that movie from scratch but i told him he was gonna win oscar going. I told me and it was going number one in the movie movies about a black trauma. It's about police brutality right. Have you seen the movie yet. Say what have you seen the movie. No no no. what is what. I don't want netflix's on netflix flicks on netflix. I don't wanna spoil. I don't wanna spoil the movie. Because i want you to watch it to distance strangers star. Enjoy bad at the scene where it's like a black man laying in a pool of blood but the blood is in the shape of africa. Oh you and who's going to vote against that racism. Anti racist born akins. What is it called. Two-disc granges dr joy bad ass but no ridges is big man. Just why especially watching van because you know they will the time where everybody was on the black guy from tmz. Yes now oscar winner. Now he's doing he's oscar winner. Van fucking late. You know what i'm saying and it's just it's just a beautiful beautiful thing to see and i love that he was petty and you know added Added tmz supposedly osco become successful. If you can't be pettibone on what would ask. What is the point. I was so happy when i saw it. Yeah he just want to make sure they saw. That's it wasn't even. It wasn't even no no need for no long commentary. Fuck you just like. I just need you to see me ask. They weren't gonna know. They knew they definitely come on. Definitely they definitely. Why wouldn't you. But i mean you know van has always been big into. We knew that we. You know what i'm saying but you know it just takes the world a little bit of time to catch up god's divine plan planning is always the best thing i don't think he's gonna change you. Think he's gonna. He's going to go. Hollywood on us man because i i called him. I wanted to a little bit. He said he he said who's this i call him. He said who's this to me. And i thought it was super offensive because it was faced. I'm fugger's looking right. He said who's this. Why after after he's holding his oscar. He not even recognizing me no more dude. I mean the guy looks like he might have got a some bo talks done. He might have got some lip injections. You know what i mean. Maybe get his body done. Change brought vannes change now. These become so successful. He's oscar winner. I don't think you'll change. But i don't think that. I think that you do have to trim the fat. You know what i'm saying. You don't have time for anything. You don't have time for anybody. That's his life man. Like energy is important. You gotta god you peace in now. It's a bunch of vultures. Right is a bunch of voters that wanna come around and be a part of that that oscar glow your fat in a vulture. How can i call you fat the voter when you've been down van from day one you know van long not known. So why the fuck won't he answer my calls anymore. And he always says that he's hanging out of luminosity parties and sacrificing children drinking their blood. I don't know how you act. When showed save america came out. I gotta ask them. You might afford it on him. I don't know. I'll be honest with you when it came out when it came out if i'm being one hundred percent serious if i'm being one hundred percents series with you i. I refuse to do any interviews. There was only warden. There's only one podcast that i was going to do. Big rogin. nope rory podcast. I really don't give a fuck troll is it is it is it is i. Don't but i don't know what you're talking about about. Yeah i haven't been paying attention. I haven't been paying attention with no salute to van. I'm happy for van. And you know we just gonna keep going. I mean by the band thing all of us have so many things in the pipeline. You know what i mean and the beauty of the beauty of what we're building you know and i say we because that's how i really look at it. I look at it as a collective. Like i'd i'd i love with shelton in his unit is doing you know what i mean. I love we doing over here. I love with man and his guy. Doing you know and it's going to be a time when we come together. They'd have some ideas do shit. You know what. I mean of the collective. I just love. I love it i really do. I think that shit is dope. You not just and we've talked about this before we talked about like that rat. Pack that rat. Pack type of you know this is the modern day rat pack road. This is what we're doing. I remember. I remember one time. Not gonna say who without telling shows like me you do all such as such and he was like no no no not such and such roll. Not everybody invited. Not every and that's my point. That's what i'm me. When i say everybody was i right about that. Though was i right. Nah i love the guy. But i but i was right though. He winning no. He's winning on his own accord. I honestly again don't know who we're talking about. I thought girl girl. I don't know i don't know shows got him out with the safety off. I'm not fucking shoot and edit all night ain't got time for that shit and but just so consistent you're thinking about two. Oh my god. What a fucking idiot. A caitlyn jenner to run for governor of california. What do you think about voting for her. Bro you voting for hell yeah. I don't think that she stands a chance in california only because of her conservative views. I don't think she thinks she's going to win. California to legalize we think. Oh it's already legal already. We don't know where legal north. I got it all the stores out. Of course i know but Yeah i just think Yeah i don't think she's saying the chance only because of her conservative views but she's trans. I know and. I think that i think in a way. It's some slight identity politics because she thinks that she probably can get the progress progressive vote because of that with her views are so not in line with most people that i know in the lgbtq community. You know what i'm saying. Why this very and and her supported trump. I don't think that flies in california Most conservative view. I don't know. I have not paid any attention. I just know that a trump supporter. And i saw something the other day was. She was like she doesn't she doesn't necessarily believe in prison. Reform could be colton harley. Yeah her and kim are beefing about that. Yeah that ain't that's not gonna fly breath not gonna fly state like california you have to go to them south midwest states. Try to be governor. None of that's gonna fly for you in california but hey good luck. Yeah it'd be if son of your son-in-law and run for president. I don't see why you can't run for governor of california. Yeah do you think. Do you think yeah something like that is going to help. Out gavin right. And i'll tell you why because it's not like gavin needs and you more light but when you have a celebrity light caitlyn running for governor eight. Oh bring more attention to the race. And it'll bring more attention to gavin newsom. And he's a he's a likable guy. When you he's a he's a fucking fraud is a power hungry fraud like what what politician isn't though they all are. That's damn there. they're all sociopaths. You just gotta hope that. They're sociopath the lines up with your interests. That's it bro. i'm just what it is but are tools you use unlike chess pieces and you got the rest literally. That is it crazy bro. And i know you've had sit down with like like super rich people the way rich people talk about politicians like poured middle-class people. They talking about politicians like with reverence. Right they're like oh my god. They're the president there the mayor. The governor ridge talk about politicians. Like they're the help. That's it video games. I got the controller and are moving this mother around you say yes. Yes pro breath and i'm talking about like people that donate to their campaign. You know what. I'm saying i've had conversations with dole's kind of rich people. Andrew is absolutely right. They talk about them like they're just straight up video game character to be moved all around the way they want to move him around nasty. This is nothing emotional about the conversations. they're having. They've donated their campaigns. They told them what they want. They expect them to deliver it. Acid that said pro. They say maybe they go. Maybe we'll run him for governor. That's what they'll sit. They're not even asking him if he wants to do it. They'll run him for governor. That's what we do with these unbelievable. Like i think the rich people actually treat their staff with more respect than they do the politicians. They know they need them the in and they know the politicians are full of shit. At least what your staff you know where they stand. Yeah honest politicians of full of shit day every single one of them on both sides of the if this don't show you this now especially when you look at the democratic party. They ran out there and he told us you know. Vote for the senate. You control the descendant. Now who's blocking everything to look democrats. Joe joe manchin. And what's the other girl named Kristen kirsten was her name in a bonn cinnamon something. I don't fucking remember sending in who you know. What's the woman they look up to maine is. Joe mentioned this other woman who starts with a k. Karston whatever i respected. I love did the other day. That press conference Macari was like what's her name. Ariston cinema there. You go there you go. chris departed. Yeah he sounds cute. Though she's a she's a senator. And i love car did the other day. 'cause at the press conference he was like joe. Only thing that's going to change was happening with police in black people in this country is through policy policy and legislation. we need. George floyd policing act passed the people that are blocking it. He's a call up your republican senators but he called those two democratic senators by name. Input out their numbers joe. Manson and kristen was a name and been among the christian chris. Kristen kirsten kristen cinema. No i i i respect it. We do your job. Do what we paid you to. Yes nothing more. Nothing less okay But you say you didn't watch the oscars you said was van. Yeah i mean the oscars are fucking dead. I mean that the ratings plummeted and granted. It's tricky is this year. A lot of people didn't know like the movies that were out etcetera but But no i don't care about the oscars. I don't care about these fucking gone up there off about their causes and how much they care about the environment as they fly around the world and their private jets. You know like hose down there. You know ten acre fucking lawns and they talk about. Oh my god. We're running out of water. We need to protect the water. Like the virtue signaling celebrity especially the hollywood actor is the most annoying type. Because we don't give a fuck. You barely made it through high school. Shut your mouth. Don't tell us anything about how to live your memorize lines. That other people wrote for a living sit down. Shut the fuck up. Jump out of the plane and the action movie outside of that. Sit in the backyard. Keep your mouth shut not. I don't mind if they express their opinions. Are you know what they believe in. I don't you know there's some some things. I care about some things that don't but you know they got the platform to do it. The numbers the numbers were down. Fifty eight point eight percent. I you know the the hollywood reporter was hollywood reporter. They call me and They were asking me what the oscars need to. Do you know in order to to like you know. Get their ratings up. And i said you gotta meet people where they are. I think that we put too much stock in linear tv. Like we noted it's a million different ways to watch contents. Even when needs numbers. Like this. come out. I need to see the total numbers. I need to see linear. I need to see youtube because he was screaming on youtube as well. I need to see the social media impressions like it's more ways to watch this show like i don't even have to sit through three hours. I can literally look at my phone on instagram and watch the highlights highlights show. I thought trayvon's free speech actually thought that in real time. I'd just randomly caught it. But daniel i saw that Daniel luhya i saw that on the shade room. You know what i mean like. It's different things that are probably would care about that. I saw on social media. So it's like. I can't really take stock. In the fact that only ten percent i mean ten million people watched it on. Tv that's the thing like a tv is going to have to figure out another way to make money outside of Commercials because we know we don't have to watch him watch him. I'm not gonna sit through three paper towel commercials just to see daniel. Ahah coming and accept an award. I'll just wait till three posted on whatever instagram account. I follow and i don't have to inconvenience myself at all. So if tv doesn't find a way to bake in advertisements or like brought to you by or one of these other things would just this is gonna fail. You're just gonna lose all viewership and when you lose all viewership. All the appetizers are going to go to advertise on you. If that's right that's right. Thirty three hours and twenty minutes is too long to watch any goddamn thing. And that ain't sports sports bra independents. Three hours i come on like come on those sports. Football game now football. It'd be like three hours. Yeah but that's a long time. I love it. But i like it three hours at least two and a half football games at least two and a half a lease thirty minutes bro. One quarter dog. Just make one quarter in fourth quarter. I liked that baz love it. I love it. What a fucking idiot floyd mayweather to me. Why would i mean. 'cause i don't why is he fighting logan paw bread get the bread know how big everybody's ready to go out now on like everybody's ready to open her up everybody's ready to go out there into the world and you open a remake sharla. How big is logan paul. How busy he's six. Maybe six two six three. He's he's he's very stack though he's thirty keys and he's athletically but the thing about fighting floyd mayweather and i told him this is like the guy is the best defensive boxer in history. You if you're not gonna hit them when all these other people couldn't hit him he looks stupid. Unless floyd has lost like us of it would have to have lost several steps several about this. All this hit by the way let. Let's never forget wax. That logan paul is going to be flamy whether he said that on. This podcast is said that. I said i wanna see. His weight is his weight is worth ninety. Boy can come in to one sixty and logan coming up to one. Ninety floyd going to embarrass logan. Paul yeah i mean it will go a few rounds and i think that he knocks him. He knocks down with body. Shots that found even thinking does had shot. i think he's just bodyshop body shot by shot up. I don't think wax on how good different to firefly. I'm not taking from floyd. But i understand what wait does and logan won't touch him the weight you think he's not just how jason touch you that's right. Ooh young liberty shooting from light from me. I ain't worrying about what i'm trying to. His thirty pounds is really something. He's not going to touch us. Don't before wings. If he do touch floyd. I don't think for handle that. He's not touching floyd. Floyd is not used to be a hit right. So i don't know how to handle that jake by the way about you fighting him and He said that he didn't wanna do it. Because he would feel bad potentially taking a father away from his children appreciate policing black. Jake paul how jake having that attitude great hassles or about like that attitude for realize like cops felt like that when they saw jake paul liked jas buying worrying about this worrying about just you think about thirty pounds and i'm saying somebody who's not used to getting hit when you hit you ain't gonna react. I agree with you that time. Be not touching floyd. Oh here's the thing though. You're assuming that. Logan hits like one hundred. Ninety pound boxer does Logan is in a really good athlete. Like much better than normal athletes. So let let me regular pan. I'm and i guess it makes a lot of sense no question is cardio will be on point etc. But there's a difference between someone who's been boxing since they're like eight years old and the balance that they have and their ability to generate power behind a punch like if just winds up with some big looping punch. I'm sure logan can really hurt. Floyd but floyd is gonna be giving them angles fluids going to be doing. He's not going to be able to just load up. And i don't know if he's been boxing for three years. If he can generate that type of concussive power in an instant. I is is man. It's like that's supposed to bathe 'em in and put them in a place to where now you're supposed to load up. You know what i'm saying. I'm just saying he's lloyd. May way you bring athlete as an athlete. Hand eye coordination. I've seen it a lot. Who had it. Better than floyd mayweather. Ge africa greatest. I'm not taking away from floyd. I'm just looking at thirty pounds. If this guy was saying the same thing as floyd floyd believe destroy pick them up do all that type of stuff flowing would definitely be in shape over the guy and everything. But i just know thirty pounds do there. There's there's nothing logan paul doing. The ring net. Floyd couldn't read. Listen i seen nothing football. It got a running back. He's so shifty dope a linebacker thirty pounds more rock his ass. he won't slow fuck down wax. There's nothing logan. Paul could bring in that ring that floyd has not seen in his sam thirty five plus year career of boxing. You're talking about high school high school linebacker going up against barry sanders. Understand what you don't get about this. It doesn't matter how good high school linebacker he's going up against berry. Fuck that's right stan. That's right this is taken away from them. Just watch the fight one. Is this fight. June panther six june. Six in miami baby though going through my me. Baby deer ibn miami next week. Do you remember how. Bad floyd embarrassed. Cannella alvarez alvarez was undefended cannella probably pound for pound boxer and boxing right. Now he was undefeated fought. Floyd has only loss is to floyd. He was young. Floyd made him look like an amateur. He groped hutch. Floyd was awaits. Like what one at should they say. Hello actually came in at like one eighty. Yeah that canal came in super fuck and heavy. I was there at that fight. Live and do. The crowd was like seventy percent mexican. And they were quiet like fucking immigration was inside the arena to single out of dodging every single points. It was unbelievable to it was unbelievable. The best of the best of them that happen i watched therefore actually so far. That's all. I remember that for so vividly because i watched it at irv. Gotti's house in saddle river new jersey and i remember debbie deb. Debbie brown texting me sane. Us with me debbie brian. Text me saying. I think floyd gonna lose tonight now. He's a embarrassed could nello but the reason the reason i put it in the what an idiot category and i mean of course floyd way was not an idiot we notice. God knows how to make money. Nobody's made more money in boxing fan him. But i'm still a stern believe in legacy. Does everything got to be about money. Yeah i think it does when you get through. Get your point and then it's like. Oh wow i can make twenty million thirty million like i can make this money if you get knocked out though. He's not he's not nate. Robinson did robinson don't get on. Everybody wouldn't basketball. His legacy is done now. They don't even know why can't why why his legacy has done. 'cause snoop dogg says. You can't play boxing so he went in that ring with no box experience. Plan around with somebody who got boxing experience and he got laid out same thing going to happen to logan logan gets knocked out but i know he gets embarrassed. I know flowing on beef and less floyd had lost when i say several. I'm talking about several steps logan. Paul doesn't stand a chance. We all know this is seen some amazing running backs who hit by linebacker. And he's not that fast other ones that i to see floyd like don't wanna see nobody lose. I want this. I'm telling you. I'll fax you sound like four. This four four got hit and run four six now and you get hit. Yup you know what you sound like this what you sound. You sound like like the white guys when Sports were just getting integrated you know. And they're like trying to convince their friends they're like and there's no way those guys are going to be able to do it. Come on. that's what you sound like right now. Like it's absurd doesn't it is. It is absurd is very observed. He's he's floyd. Floyd is literally degraded of all time muscle memory will flow. I could go in their fight off muscle memory and win literally nothing. There's no combinations. No nothing logan can throw that and see how win but thirty pounds. No man. I just love legacy. We're like i think nobody shows you don't do nothing for no reason. You don't do things for money. Your meticulous about the things that you do now. Floyd needs the money shore. If he's just that type of guy who money motivates them and it's an extra fifty million dollars to grab on the table a go do your thing. You've earned the right to do that. But my point is what has logan paul done to be in the ring with floyd may with. I'd rather see floyd to a exhibition fighting oscar de la. Hoya wants to come back. He wants action. That i think right. Now we just want the carnival you know like i think i think you like what what logan has people care about him about his journey. They care about who he is. They listen to his podcast. They watch videos like they're deeply invested in who he is a human being and it's fun to watch somebody that you're invested in and that's why they made the twenty four seven series that we all love. Remember those twenty four seven documentaries before to fight came out you even know who these people were and then you watch the twenty four seven series. And you're like oh shit. I really liked this guy translate hard. He drinks his own. Pissy came from humble beginnings watching him. So i think with if you're designing boxing events i'm gonna design them around bans. I'm gonna go okay. The fans are obsessed with this person. So they're going to follow that person into the highest stakes activity. They could possibly do which is a human cockfight essentially right just fighting not to the death but to as close as possible and i think that's what it is like if people didn't care about logan there's no way that would have this fight but they do care about him though so floyd and oscar wouldn't generate the numbers that a logan floor. Don't care anymore. Man i think what if he wins the dress to the ring us under percents hundred that i would watch one thousand percent. Yes yeah damn man. I don't it. I would say it sucks that it's come to this but it's not it's not like floyd is all hard times you know what i'm saying. So he's doing it because he clearly wants to do it. I just feel like man floyd mayweather. I just don't know if. I don't know if i want to see you in the carnival. Well that's all. I'm saying i don't wanna see. I don't know if i wanna see you in the carnival. I feel like you don't have the play box. You don't have to play boxing. And you you demand you're the guy to earn a right to be in the ring with floyd mayweather. Why because it's a big ass pay so if you're if you get the chance to stick the stand across from floyd mayweather it means that you've at least done something and the where he thinks. You're a formidable opponent in boxing. Enough that at least get you that big payday. What has logan. Paul done to deserve it. It's not like why is boxing down. No i don't think so. Jake or logan. Oh no i don't think it's watering boxing. Die if anything. It's some interest. Boxing is boring right now. Dude like and the reason is boring is because boxers are marketing their personalities. You need us to like you. I'll be honest. That's one thing that you have see does really well is the. Ufc might not pay as much as boxers do. But they're taking some of the money that they're making and they invested back into marketing those fighters so now who these fighters are they create platforms with these fighters to talk on. They're constantly interviewing. They're constantly making sure that they got personalities. They're out there in the world and then when they fight. We're like oh i wanna see guy fighting boxers. Have these folks don't even how to use their instagram saying. Got if you want to do for a living you gotta understand what it takes. You got a new game like the game has changed now. The same thing with comedy. You know like the comedy. If if you're young comic grownup you gotta follow. The blueprint right. Now you've got to follow the shit that we created. We put out there. You gotta be able to put out your own clips. You've got to be able to put out to build your youtube. You've gotta be able to do all these things because that's the new fucking game. I don't wanna do me. You don't want it bad enough. And some great fighters out there so to your point is absolutely accurate. 'cause there's some amazing fight is out there. He just don't know how to sell their fights is literally like back in the day with. Wwe like the ultimate warrior was a star. But he couldn't talk bill. Goldberg was a star but he couldn't talk. He didn't have no mike game. You know what i mean. Stone cold steve. Austin had a game. Dwayne the rock johnson had a might game ric flair had a might game hogan had a gang much may randy savage. Mike games you gotta know how to sell yourself. You gotta know how to sell boxing and you got to know how to sell these fights because sadly bronner the though he definitely did amazing. Oh my god. I acted up. He'd be he's he's so perfect but his generation he really is. So he's the social media guy he fucks around he hip hop la hip hop loves him. He's so into the coach like he would be so perfect. He beat a perfect bad guy for this era veteran. If he backed it up in the rain he really just can't like it's. It's such a bummer. Because what they would do with. I think wrestlers back in the day. Who didn't have any mike game. They would give them like a manager. Who is nice with the mike. And i'm almost like why don't you train somebody. Even if you're not the head trainer you'll drum up interest for the fight. Talk all the shit. Do everything the your boring ass fighter won't do or can't do but least get us all interested invested. I think that would require he he he he needed to get some fall fights. Net late five fall fights and get him back in there but stay on social media to act like that he get back on. Yeah ab got fighters robin eastern abc's. Why guys over promotion company. But you know robert he. He's he's he's a decent fighter. You know what i mean. But he's not fantastic. You know but but i just you know. God bless them. Y'all y'all tell me about it. I'm not ordering it. I'll watch it on social media. I'll say i'm what i'm not. I'm not. I realized i wasn't when i didn't order out the jake paul fight. I had no fear of missing. I felt no fomo people with texting me. Like this is great and i went to trigger and i saw i say forty nine ninety nine j. Paul fuck no. I'm not doing it. And i'm not doing it for floyd. And god damn bogan pauli's who's older logan. Ajay logan logan zolder bogota. Who's a better fighter. andrew. I think i think jake is better. I think jake better now. I think that logan is face stiffer competition but i think I think jake is. I think jake is better. Yeah advan right here. Hold on one second okay. We on the podcast. Nothing crazy. congratulations. We just finished congratulating. You can you. I can hear him. I don't know if he can hear me. Can you hear so. He's a little bit he's asked him. Why why he he shot up. If anybody was the biggest name in comedy was going to be. The one switch do this this. Two wrongs don't make a right to wrong. Don't make a right. Because he went hollywood event. I just want. I wanted to tell you this thing i told and i told andrew and i told taylor man i love you and i value you and i appreciate you and you know i think god that you yes man we know who can who can check me and call me on my shit. When i'm on some bullshit more people like that you you don't have a real friend circle if your friends are doing that for you appreciate that. That's how you know that people you know they respect each other. All had disagreements we get through those disagreements you know we we keep you close to the vest or when we move on. We respect each other. Roy has men imploring as men. And there's like i respect wax enough to let him know if you ever step in the rain with jake paul. He goes plenty also know that. Know what time and the reality is too much to see him. God like a supersize. Nee rob by the time it is so you telling me that jake paul. What are your ass. I'm telling you that. I being jim j. Listen to waste get real fast. So you telling me that. Jacob corker you is let me finish. Seemed very very emotional. Talk built bellina box in woodland hills. I mean jake jake. I mean person. The champ watching jay spar pro. Okay you have not been carrying going to going there. Embarrassed by kid. Because he's real cardio is up reflexes muscle memory at if you on the street wax. You've got him i mean. Do you think this man could beat you you And you know. Beat the shit out of you to walk block the ring wax. Exactly what i'm talking about. I was talking about in a boxing ring. You won't even last. How long do you think laugh. Ask me bro i. I'll pick you apart allows two years. I've been asking to get into the boxing ring. His eyes and he knows what time it is your elliara. Oh tie okay young. I'm sorry guys. I have a stop to this guy. You didn't want you to win and then get beat up off. I got brilliant match. We haven't had one since showed versus jay williams. Oh look if you keep talking your shit he will fight you. This and i'm trying to tell you he would get beat up. I just every single one. No exactly what tom. I don't belong. Believe paul wins. Listen you think that. If i try to challenge me of course we have time. I would definitely train them. I get back in there. Yari know exactly what time it is. I'll be very me. I didn't tell. Intel charlemagne i say if wax actually trains boxing. I'm talking about wax on the street in the wearing jay-paul new business in the ring off the street in the ring. Jake paul. no but you train for. I think you beat him. I think three and i was telling them they say earlier. Don't play boxing. If i'm gonna go do it go ahead and do an ankle gonna sit there and play. What happened during if of course if you don't train he's gonna knock you out gonna be in the middle of the ring with the state of new jersey and blood around you gotcha oscar to its own. I like i'm gonna call. You have done bleed. Mean i gotta say why if you go in the ring with jake. I think he's gonna make you hold his pocket bro woman. Just talk about friends telling the truth everybody in his room through lie. Guess what if you win. We say we rome bro. Along we are. We are the type of friends that can admit when we're wrong. Okay and we're not gonna try to gas light our friends and manipulate our friends. Because i'm y'all really my friends so if you get if you win it'd be like damn i bet well manipulate shouldn't doubt bullshit. I should've believed in. You know who knows fair when you get up in the ball is now serious bro. Yarbrough bro. how much like i gotta fight anyway. You should stay ready. You don't get ready. Because jake paul might be like. Let's fight right now. You've got to get ready. Get ready so get ready now. Let me start getting ready now. I think that's a great idea yet. I still think that if you fight. Jake paul you will most likely be out of the protection business. Yes i listen. I oh yeah. Listen every single person. You don't gave a wedgie to buy you. Didn't put doodle lack every pissed. The whip every girl haunts you done broach. We'll be so happy to see you. Faith down at up in no rain. They will that he's s. That'd be so amazing. What you face down that. That was really really funny at a lot of people actually probably will laugh. But that's not gonna happen if everybody thought going limited that you during when you get knocked out they better be drinking last fall asleep fall asleep so you'll remember this shit let's pay we're glossing over the fact that vangelis said he could be west. Oh yeah that's another thing. Vance he pick you apart bro. You know why instead the heart. I i'll tell you why because van trains that van trains all the time. That's his death his workout. he's he trains and he knows he can't do nothing with me wax. I think that you are underestimating. People that are prepared in trauma. Listen 'samina fucking monster. You're not paying attention not paying attention. That's you know what i to talk about what you hit your stomach. We don't take him stares mocha stomach. What is this shows. This is how this is how japan used to do guys zillah like the translate. You just alligator like he can't do nothing like why we were scared motherfucker and then gazelle every once in a while. We'll come around our fucking shit up. Respect his name. And that's what i wanna do. I'm thin you know what happened. It'd been a awhile on this time. And i don't want nobody to try me just the way that street fighting. No no no no no. I'm a show ya just. Hopefully nobody will come up and box screed fighting undefeated. I've got my money on wax. Even though about your wax in the swing with most likely most likely in the ring. You're taking a nap in the first. Yeah bro you just make sure that when you jake from that you've got that you've got jake from staples 'cause you're gonna need some god damn up right. Let's pay some bills man. Upstart slew of start. Are you carrying a credit card balance month after month. You're not the only one high interest rates make it hard to pay off your debt but upstart can help join. 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Ross ross. if you ain't reprimands should every single date. He's he said not sometime. He said once a day is unacceptable to me. And that's how i feel if you partner with me you in business with. I'm fumbling a young promoting your shit like my own verte. Because that's how i feel. I'll be so happy for my people. That'd be rooting for people. So when i see my people doing the things promote your shit like it's their own we're we're ruined for two. We just want the fucking thing to come out already baby. I'm actually buy a book it'd be about. I brought my life. What i'm buying it up mention. He's putting books by books. Can we talk about talk about the return. It a goat. can we talk about. Can we have conversation the most every training man on the the the prince of pan-africanism bro. I'm talking about. I'm talking about mr donations. I'm talking about mr for good. Can we talk about a return to the breakfast club. We got the scrambled eggs. Hold the can talk to me. Time fifty nine star general s right dr. We don't know of. What omar johnston he. The doctor of psychology. He's a doctor. Just like that book is out now. Really he's really sort of. He is proven. No but don't matter it don't matter at all he's done more entertaining. I mean i know certification frame whatsoever. I've looked but it draining back to. He don't got a doctor. That was the worst ad-lib that by foreign at lives dr jury. What have some of our most successful. Doctors are not actually real doctors. Don't let me get doctors. So far back. He's one of my favorite. He's one of my favorite entertainers ki. Came through spitting bars again again are coming right after diomi soccer. Yeah he was wrong about that though. What was he wrong about Well he because you see she can't repaid. She can't repeat it because it's just not possible. I think it's you have to rep the place where you were either born or have citizenship in dafa got when she was born but i know i read an article where she denounced her u s citizenship in order to represent japan a couple years ago. I could be saying that wrong but also and van actually told me this her. Her mom and dad met at a school in haiti in that school in heyday. Still fun. now so i just. I don't watch tennis. I don't know anything about tennis. I always see. Naomi being psychologically black as a doctor uma. She's always standing up for black issues. Always standing black causes. She identified as a black woman. She has a black boyfriend so he was he was. He was wrong about that Fuck what else. What else did he say hot shit that he came through with. What about the interracial marriages are interracial. Dating i just. I find that rhys sas money. I'm glad you brought that up because I don't care who you choose to love. You know what i mean. Even though i do love black love seeing. I love seeing black families together. You know what i'm saying. I love seeing a black father with a black mother. Having black kids i do. I loved it I think that. Dr umar said out loud what i think a lot of communities say amongst each other like we can act like. That's not a thing we can't act like you know asians don't they don't like to mix things. Now you know what i'm saying. d- dominicans puerto ricans. They don't like the necessarily mix things right so like they did. This girl hated him. I mean hits. Her family hated wax. Now the dominican. But i'm just saying all the races. Anybody house i went to the father did not like me with stumbling and through that shit right away. Talk outside of moving my handle bar give it back. I got my. I'm lying now. Nine especially by the asian girls fucking with this absolutely. Yeah they may not say it out loud. I need to talk to you young lady in the kitchen. That's your doctor. Omar's reasoning fort. I believe in when when he says it's not coming from a place of bigotry he says about business and the way this is what he says. He says he said marriage is a economic contract bro. Whatever he says he's right. he's a doctor a dong. i'm not. I can't tell him he's not right. He's a doctor. That shit the magic question. How do you feel when you listen to. Alex jones so entertaining. It's mind boggling. So entertaining it's boggling. That's it oh. I love it you know me. I'm a huge fan and and alex alex. I listened to alex jones. Alex said some things that are enlightening sometime. Only go alex. Eighty percent right about everything and twenty percent of the time. he's really wrong but eighty percent. He'll say some crazy shit they're doing experiments like mix human beings monkeys later on in life later on in life a few years later. You like guess what they're doing. They're doing experiments on monkeys. I saw in florida. Releasing twelve thousand genetically modified mosquitos for wind. Guardia control the insect population. So yes and by the way. Some things jones says that i've read and behold the pale horse so they're not even that crazy to me because i've read these things before. If you read the pale horse you know. Alex jones is red behold appel hosts a couple of times. So you know i and doctor doom on one. That old people who i feel like he has a following. I really do think he really cares about black people. He really cares about the liberation of black people. And you know he. He has people's here. And i think there's certain things that he says that needs to be said i think what he said about joe biden in the cbc. Needed to be safe this. I think that needed to be said. I think that that especially that day. 'cause if i look at that i'm just talking about that day when he came out if you came out on monday that day. He wasn't the only person talking about legislation and policy. Dr bacar sell it was on cnn. Talking about legislation and policy figaro was talking about legislation policy legislation and policy karen bass was talking about the joy. Police and i can get path. And she's not settling for executive order. Like all of that was on monday. bob. I feel like the universe. Don't make no mistakes. I feel like that compensation needed to be had and needed to be started. And dr martin started but he damn show put a loud goddamn spark to it and he's very entertaining. I enjoyed it. He's he's is amazing you know. It's really funny. He's so he's like a guilty pleasure. I think of a lot of people. Like because i have friends that told me that. They watched certain parts of the interview. And i'm like you even know who he. How do you know who he is. And they'll be like the little those back. Do the guy's fucking hilarious love watching it and it's just amazing so the power of tiktok tudo. Why blue tick tock blue. Dr omar fuck aids. Those kids be online making video. The doctor am. I asked him about that i asked him. How does he feel being like you know. One of the internet's biggest sensations. And dr omar said he likes it because it's clearly helped to make his brand bigger right but he hates it because he feels like you know it could be diluting. His message joke. I mean he don't want to be a joke. He wants to be taken serious. And i and i really think that those kids during those videos on tiktok did blow him up a boar even though he already had a like a based on social media that tiktok following took him to a different level. Man juban did you ask him about any of his. Most famous quotes like the the four. Good one because that one. I laughed at the four good ones right. Remember the one who's like Some of these little fuckers got it go for good we gotta clean up our neighborhoods and start with some of these little focus on a corner. Some of them going under the dirt. Remember that i do doctor. Dr did like the interview. That like one point four million because he did like seven hundred thousand views in twelve hours. Of course i see him coming they go. It was unbelievable like and it just shows you the power in and that's literally the power to in an adopted omar's brother that's been around for a long time. He's been putting out books for a long time. He's been raising donations for the school for a long time and before way before breakfast club and you know what i'm saying so he literally a person who's used social media to build who he is. He's used the platform of of the youtube in instagram's to build who he is. I think that's incredible. Though i really do. I think it's incredible just testament to like he's like he's like academics and a lot of with because that's his platform he runs like certain people reynaud circuits you. Have you read the book american. Gods now he's about this. A tv show. Tv shows thaws now but they are they are. They got on the internet boy. They are people who literally run the in That's their platform. They have a base that is their go to. It's not like you know you would a podcast or us with a podcast with a show. A tv is that is their platform and they run that shit so anything else they get on. Top of that foundation is super gravy Like i get super gravy. They are literally the three little pigs but they ought to people building their house on bricks. They have a solid foundation. It is not scrawl. Bastiat is not stick stash it is brick then you should have him on flagrant to i would love to. I would be amazing. Can we hooked up. I would love to flavor to be great. I see what we really need. Tell you gotta say. We need to have alex jones. Dr omar on the same show explode mar together if you wanna get computers. That's how you mother fucking would if you want to get the internet netting. How can we make this happen. let's do it. Let me make phone calls. You make phone calls. Let's shut shit down. That would be incredible. We all take the week off that we we. We use our feeds and put that podcast out off our respective feeds dr omar johnson alex jones enjoy. What the what if room together and they become best fucking friends immediately so interesting. I think i think they would have a lot in common. Yeah i do. I really do. I think because alex if you listen. It's allison's maybe. I listen to a lot of alex. I don't i haven't listened to every stands. Alex has how. It's don't come off as a bigot to me now. He's not at all like at all. I don't hear it i could. He's not so please guys. Don't tweet me insane. Clips listened to every alex jones brought at. I don't know. I think he says a lot of wild crazy shit what his critique is mostly towards the government and these shadow governments in these powers that be are pressing all of us. Yes you know what. I mean i. I don't know i could be wrong. I've heard him talk about reparations. And what he thinks. Reparations should be believes in reparations to have the idea of where to come from these sheds the same views or somebody like robert smith that she come from the corporations who benefited from slavery. I you know. I i don't know i. It would be interesting to hear them together. i would. I think we might have to set something up shara in might have to. Let's let's get into some shit you care about next week. Did you see what steve harvey said. This is very interesting. News combined could even be a deep dive. Steve harvey on men and women. Not being able to be friends. Did you hear this. What did he say. You should let them tell you like. I don't have any female friends. Like he said that right. Yeah my friends are men. I don't have female for i. Don't i'm i'm incapable of that. Because you know camo because you have a wife. Well i have a wife and i don't. I don't really have female friends because look okay. Let's get rid of this. Is that you you an attractive woman. There's some guy somewhere saying. Yeah i'm we're friends. No that's not true. He's your friend only because you have made it absolutely clear that nothing else is happening except this friendship we have. We remain your friends in hopes that one day. They'll be a crack in the door. A chink in the armor. And trust and believe that guy that you think is just your buddy. He will slide in mecca. The moment we're way up ninety nine point. Nine percent of us way I love i love. I love steve hobby. That's my guy. i disagree with him. I think that is a very young way of thinking. I think that's a very immature way of thinking. I think that when you know. I was a child. You know that was my mindset. You know what. I mean because you know you always heard. Oh you gotta be friends before you can be lovely so you know you might befriend some women and in the back of your mind. You think i'm gonna smash. But i think that even when you get older and it's not even now i take that back even when i'm younger is just women you want to sleep with and some women that you just know y'all cool. I got my whole life. I've had nothing. I've had more women friends than guy friends. I like being around women. You know why. Because my dad would always say why are you want to be around a bunch of hot legs. You'd be around a bunch of guys all the time. Are you going to do with end up getting in trouble so when that started happening to me i'm like oh my pops is right and when it comes to just like people gravitating towards you if you're the guy that's what five or six women everybody wants to know what you everybody wants to gravitate towards you because you've got the women even when i used to throw parties and stuff. I won't more girls in the party than i do. Guy that's why you let ladies and free before eleven you give ladies two drinks for the price of one. Whatever it is you do things that have women around. I've always loved to be around more women than guys so for me. It's like it's never been a thing for me to have a bunch of women friends. I got a bunch of women friends now but it's women that some women in my life i've seen and i'm like oh i know i want to sleep with her. Some women i've seen in energy is just not as just a homey. That's one percent another friend of that person that use it did. She might be cool as hell but you might look at her and black. Damn i wanna smasher. She cannot be your friend. That's what steve is saying. Yeah but even even even with girls right girls. That i've slept with and i shouldn't have. I'm like damn. I fucked the friendship. We back cool now but we could never be cool like we go hang out. You know what. I'm saying. You're gonna come to the house you know what i mean. You're going to overstep the bounds. Exactly we go on vacation with the family. I can't do that type of stuff with them. You know what i mean. But it's like. I know i got plenty of home greg. So many sister fringe. That is ridiculous. He was saying look what he said. And he said listen if wyndham girls sit there she said. Try your guy. Cac pussy and see what the guy say that guy my jump on it and i'll say i got a bunch of girls i call my sister's a bunch of women. I call my nieces. I don't feel that way. I really don't you want to Give this guy talked about it would you you only girls. You don't hear you. Alex i could hear. What is she talking about our fucking easy if we do. Try and fuck you know. He's like i don't know. I believe because assistant who you grow that you grow to like might be assistant you black. You wanna protect your morning. You wanna have sex and embrace that because his. Here's let's let's have this. I don't think that steve hit this part. And i think this is a little bit easier for guys digest which is often me. I think we like. I think all of us should be able to have Female friends i think. That's one hundred percent. Yes do have female friends. And i think that's completely unattractive now being said my girl don't need male friends the fuck one. Why away on your male friend. I'm going to hang out with some dude who's also straight. If you have gay straight friends why are you hanging out straight dudes for some reason. That's well listen. What if what if. What if the girls. What if the guy was her friend before she met you then. That's the way you came in. The picture stops now for us having sex things. No other shea. Whoa whoa. i'm not saying you can't have like friends or colleagues ship. But you're not going to go to brunch with motherfucker. You're not about to say not busy today. I'm going to brunch with todd. Nah well listen. I in a lot of my a lot of my sister friends. They have boyfriends. But i been around. I've been here. You know what i'm saying. So that's my brother's insecurity. Think ticket wish. I know what's insecurity with your girl. Having me tomorrow and said he was only going out to brunch and only going to yoga class and he was made me around the corner. So i just did that you weren't you weren't that friend. No fuck buddies girl's brother understand that. What girl did you fuck. That used to call you. Brother jesus the line items. Aj right so you're not gonna let her adjust that's different as family for family. You gotta clean as family. Look at it. Like how he's saying so my girl going to be okay with it. No because another girl. That's not great. Wait so she told me like to go out with the do. Go to lunch you. What if you have acquaintances but not like not like friendly. You're not gonna make an also okay. Let's say you're grandfathered in that's fine. You're not you knew it. You was the data about no money. We can do for you to make new friends to but that's my point. People that are grandfather. Then you gotta respect grandfather down. I still need to know. I need to know the history of that relationship tensions. I because i'm knocking at my girl. Walk into the fire. She could be booby-trap day. What you are you. That's right now. Let me ask you a question. Andrew whitney come and try to throw that box at you do you take. You know why. Because i'm fiance i love my fiance. We see so if you didn't have fiance because you see whitney 'cause you her brother wouldn't you say that's my brother. Andrew show. yeah see her. Say all this this whitney body with yes do you take without a fiance. No no. Because i've been friends who whitney before i had a girl and i didn't do anything back then. Dass my point. And guess what i bet you invite whitney to the house with your girl. Yes i would invite with to house the girl i would even go out to. Lunch will whitney the hang right. That's totally fine. I i can do have do that too. But there's some that you just can't do that and you're girl not gonna lie. She's gonna look at the curb weight. Rossi not gone. Lie like we know guys will say anything. A motherfucker will pretend. He's gay half near just so he could be near your girl too. So we shucks why so s brother. We never mess around. They did say what secret. Ouch girl used to catch me. How she said to me one day she said you have a you have certain women in your life that i know you've known for a long time but i've never met ooh everybody else i've known for a long time. My sister's friends you know what i mean. They they grandfathered in. I built my girls ninety eight so she like it. Don't matter who at least exactly and in some cases they're closer with my wife then me you know at least your our neighbor. They super tight like. I'm just saying in a heartbeat. And when i say in a heartbeat let me be out in too many. That happened we in la wife game with me. Too many girls in my faith. Excuse me at least rene tap news and you know he's married. Tiffany haddish tapping. Excuse me you know. He's that type of shit happens. Hey i didn't even think about it. I didn't even think about the fact that you have never met anybody fucking of course you would of course but you know that they've you know these people who have been around a long time we tell ourselves and they don't even know it but that'd be disrespectful if you introduce her to the people you are fucked that's like a whole 'nother level of disrespect. I mean because of a girl do that to me. That's i'm leaving. Be introducing your wife to the girls who fucking. that's crazy. i mean it is disrespectful but sneaking around his in you know. i don't. I would never do that. When k man don't let alone see nothing. I'm which you also also. I'll say this there's another level of disrespect if it's like the opposite sex is hating on you to your girl like if it's one thing if your girls girlfriends are going like like that. He does this this that the other that is but like some dude who's straight as well is telling your girl he's not right for you. That's a fine finish it at home. That's quite so let's get out the way. And plus i'm older denying. What is he doing to tell you about something he goes. Tell me these grandfather exactly on the smash. I'm not trying to do not. That's try to smash i don't maybe i've been. I don't know maybe. It's just me and my faithful blackmail. And i saw on youtube because he was having this conversation on brooklyn new. Solomon you've cheated before. What the fuck does that have to do it. Anything bad nothing to do with nothing randomly through that out there like yes. I have two friends. Those are women that i've met in my life who me and him. That's my partner. Like i just knew. That's going to be my. That's my people's that's my homie. And there's other people in my life. That i met that i in my mind. I'm like oh i wanna hit that's my mindset my mindset is owned automatically. Oh i want he. Is this a connection by the is very arrogant for midnight. This be looking at a girl and be like fuck that he might. He might say. I want to you. I want to different than i am. I mean i'm dan you know if she i fuck you say i'm a fuck that them saying it'd be before you be like. Yeah i wanna fuck and see. I fuck you act like she will do some rhythm you buy. Oem fucked. And i think we all know the difference right even if beautiful woman even if it's a beautiful woman you know the difference between you and a person connecting on energetic level of spiritual level emotional level as opposed. They'll connecting on sexual. Yeah we're going up doing something I think we all know that it's still some people you'd like. Just let me stay away. I don't feel that way. Yeah i mean back in the day you know. Certain people like i've she tried him being trouble happy. She's not yeah saying the fuck away from me. Stay keep it this we can and thank. Y'all can you have a sister wife that you used to fuck no longer fuck anymore. Yeah can you have that assist. Assist a homegrown me. Sister friends as different like. I don't think i don't want to hang around with any. Do it smash my girl. And i don't think my girl wanna hang around with any girl that i to windu that doorway you have you fucked up with some shit like that but i definitely never bring by around my best like alternate and by the way i say that all the time i i've said that i upset that the like maybe waxing somebody but it's like ammo which i never slept with her. You know what. I'm saying that all the time because i'm like is she was. She was just like a partner like he was old for. No reason to your point. I can't just can't just reach out and you know bounce some things off her. Whatever it is. I get her feedback on something. That is disrespectful. Because you wouldn't want your woman communicating with a guy that she used the fuck can you can't need. None of us can explain that stupid. Get hit smacked. Everything's like just take you. I think if you fuck though and there was no emotion behind it was just like a fun situation. Then it stopped. And everybody's cool like. I don't think you need to tell your significant other about that. If you guys aren't just let them meet to stay out the way. And you probably already got more grandfathered in y'all group. What is grandfathered in guy. See you cut it out you need. I got it. I met her at like a friend's. I gotta do a show. I got a quiz happening naked. Would like yeah. There's a lack of florida friends event. Figure i wanna take no no. You're not dating. that's what i'm saying. You met her there and then y'all end up getting queens everything as you meet her friends and stuff and then y'all and updating and guys ready guys don't ever walk up to if you're grandfathered in and you know your you're your your home grow gets the new dude. Don't ever go up to that dude and be like. Hey man you know we ain't never fucking exactly. That's why i just him don't do it. You know what. I mean because some dude be reading the situation wrong because of their own insecurities so they think that this is something that guy is thinking about. They go up to the guy. The guy like drunk the good i. Yes my homie. That's like my sister bed together. do like jumpsuit. What no okay. Moldy smashing her for now. Or that's especially what i mean. No i guess it's different strokes for different folks. I mean personally. I have a lot of friends but my sister friends all friends with my wife. I said earlier. Some of them are closer to my wife. Then then me a allows you gotta do it. That's it make sure she's cooling show is what do you mind. A girl hugs and other a guy like when their friends all like socialized. Like a human being easy. You don't need to be like going out on dates with one of your friends. Heidi everything let's let's not done with them other stuff i think we are. We are incapable. Kim came van jones. Yeah i don't even know if that's true. But he had a good joke with a who wins who wins in a fight between van jones and konya yeezy baby all day. I thought i had to wear glasses. Shows van jones a kanye west then than without without a doubt van. You one hundred percent. Yeah see either. Fatty shorts like yeah. He's not winning any fight. There's there's no way he's nowhere by the way. I love comedy west necas by the way you see him wearing the seven hundred right now. Are those connie sneakers. Yes kind of right vs on my favorite sneakers through the easy sends me a lot of sneakers right. Palmerston's me alive sneakers to connie consciousness. Always look weird when you see him in a picture and then you see him in person in the like kinda go And then when you wear them this conyers killing a lot of people with the same reason. I wear poems. They look good. I'm forty tuber. I get my corns shave on my left pinkie toe in right pinkie toe once a year. I need to be comfortable. These shit are so fucking comfortable. Yeah that's where easy wins. Yeezy wins because when you see him in a picture they don't look all crazy they like when you see him and call up in person you like i'm just of dope and then when you put them on whoa whoa cool sexist. My god man. I'm wiggling my told him he should he should. He should really feel like i got on standards. And what i've tried to yeezy slide. The slides comfortable really the car. Hard is fuck they not audible sneak. Main main company ability company ability Let's do tarry shaves new girl pubic air. That's just weird. I dunno tyree says that one girl when she was pregnant she cheaper shave. My but i wouldn't shave my new girl who just got with you know shaving pubic hair bucknell. I'm shaving. my girls pubic hair. Why does she if she need to you but you know. Why would she do that. What happened to her that she can't shave her pubic hair. Like just shaved pubic hair. I don't know i retire. He likes clout Yeah i mean the thing about the thing that's so interesting it's just got a divorce. Therese was depressed about not being with his wife anymore and he popped with the new young lady which is cool. You know what. I'm saying you separated. You got to move on nothing wrong with that. I just you know. Teresa just feel like. He's doing too much on instagram. Now so you know meaning tag. I mentioned actually meant to histories him this week. it's just like doing too much now on these young boys man young. I do all you try who. You're trying to make jealous trying to piss off. Leave it alone. You look it. Looks kyrie's my guy. I i as well doubles respect. It just looks corny under somebody. Who's doing that. Same thing bro. Being corny bro. Somebody but he definitely needs an next one. If you can call them i call them up on out being corny man. She don't care she okay. Let's do some askin idiots just taylor. If you don't start these fucking questions. John flintstone a. You tell us everything is about her. Respect your friends your friends stop. Stop stop doing things like wait a problem. Okay that's what you're doing right you're right you're doing things that your friends and then acting like where the processing respect it's disgusting. It's really discussed respect all right so Topaz wants to know if you guys were different race. Do you think y'all will move differently or the same damn topaz. That's a stupid question. My god i wanna know what raises topaz without a computer generated question. No human could possibly say that. If i was white i shelter shows as blackie ugly. Me shows isn't like a white guy. I'm like more privileged than the like things. Do i cannot. Do you use a privilege like that. For what i always use my privilege for hours because privilege have you know i know but i'm saying like you act out when you know you can like how you are andrew show so what i'm saying acting out so we need to call him ale acting out might have you met him. Andrew one bit listen one thing about andrew he's consistent and that's why i want. Anybody tells me anything about andrew dice andrew again. You know what i'm saying. It don't matter it could be ten years ago whenever people say anything. He's cocky. I mean w all the time to be insecure so bad. I never understood that shit. I'm i'm with you. I'll never forget. I laugh my ass off a meeting coming meeting that. Mtv to i think this is like the person. Second season uncommon sense. And there are man paul and dan and there's like andrew was heralded as week. I said where did he was like. Yeah he's he's down to be on the show whatever whatever and he was like andrew sat down. andrew said. y'all motherfuckers one win. Emmys away and he does say he didn't say it like y'all motherfuckers one when means no do your fucking one and winning emmys and that could have you not listening to what the fuck i'm saying not winning. No i wouldn't expect nothing else from andrew grow show april. I was right though. We didn't know emmys beer. They wanna do. They wanna win. Though emmys and now neither of them are working the fuck em tv anymore. Yeah yeah yeah daring our to guys. I mean darren got something. Me and dan got something that be. Go burn unit now menu guy. Yeah look and look. I understand what what it is to make those decisions and have that responsibility. You know you know young. Fuck in cocky. Kid comes in the room talking. Some shit i understand you want. Just tell them shut the fuck up. I get that i totally get that but i did have a fire idea for us man. I have fire idea for us. We would just own a night of the week and it would have been really cool but it is what it is right but you know you know what though I realized something I realized that we've always been so free would it right and We all we all. I'm not gonna say we got it fast. Because we didn't fast we got. We were supposed to get it. You know what i'm saying but we were just we were. We were feared in. Tv was allowing us to be at that time. Yeah you know what i'm saying. So it's almost like andrew guy game shala guy game. Do all got game got game. All people got game. But it's like when you come over here. We have to play in this system. And when when we when we got to the point where they started giving us our own shows to show shows had jobs that don't suck and there was another one you hosted on that show the dating show. Yeah and you know. I had charlemagne friends. I had uncommon sense. A few had did unconsciousness for three seasons So it's like we wanted to do things our way because we're we're on social media we're on the podcast. We know what's moving things out here. We know what works. Yeah basically they were this. And i'm not speaking about those two darren because they they wanted to do a lot of different things they just couldn't within that system and now that system is like fuck it we gotta do things their way and this would all creative talent because if they don't allow to create a talent do things their way what the fuck did a an italian need to be on. Tv for our talents audience. Smoking on the own. Yeah they need to be on tv for so it's like maybe i should listen to the creative and i said listen to the talent is this. Is this interesting watching the game. Ten years later in how much the landscape of everything is fucking change man. Yeah there's a It is funny man to see a change because usually the only time that like networks and south willing to risk it is when they're making insane amounts of money or when they're making nothing like when there's desperation or exuberance you know and We were caught in the middle because we were killing it with guy code you know and like then while now came in with killing it so they were doing really well for the size of the networks so maybe was harder for them to take huge risks. Because they're like well. We don't want to risk what we got. We got a good thing going on over here. And maybe you. And i came from a place where it's just like bed at all. Put it all on black on brand. Let's fucking risk the whole thing and see what happens and It is what it is into another point. Not only the network. Com isn't willing to risk it. All talent at some point isn't willing to risk it all because when you're nude or something right like when you first get into a space you like okay. I'm in the tv world. I wanna stay here. That's why we that's why we listened to the executive. That's why we allow ourselves the conform. That's why we'd be like okay. Well and they haven't been doing tv for a long time. I do want this to work. Maybe i should try it this way. But that way stifles the talent. You know what. I mean because it's one thing if you're taken what the talent does and you know you're adding a system around in your maximizing talents talent but when you're just a part of the system and you're doing with the system wants you to do and not playing your own game now recipe disaster people disaster beauty sheet now that the talent is is the talent. Don't give a fuck because the talent doesn't need it so talented. Like i'm how we're going to do that. I think the most liberating party internet for me was. I got to prove like i always got to prove i was right like before that have to go into these meetings and i have to find different ways to convince the decision makers to make what i thought was the right decision and i understand understood their trepidation because a lot of the ideas that i might come with were completely new and novel and there's no proof that they would work at all and i bet you. There's a lot of exacts that like i have meetings with her conversations with and they wish they would trust me because the second i was able to go out of my own. Go put my stand up out seven. Figures stand up deal are go. Make this this You know rant show with my guys and then. All of a sudden said figure netflix dealer. We just keep on creating and then cash and create and cashing in so it is what it is. Man is one of those things. Where like eventually you you cash in enough where you can't just go into a meeting and they just to go fine whatever you wanna do. Do it like that was literally. We said we want to do like this. They're like here's the check. Have fun bro. You are not lying and it is the most liberating awesome. Bess bailing in the world. And when people trust you when you can walk in a room and say y'all this this person is going to work and they trust you which is another reason. I bust my ass when you partner with me. Because i like to be right here and we need these things to win so we can keep bringing in more people more people more talent more new more new more new voices What else we tell the for wax. This is two questions one. I like so livid impala to know who would you. Who would wax not wanna meet in the rain. Dant pam's handsomely educated with the wind to cut his dress off if he loses right to jake. Paul jake paul got it in the ring bike. No it'd be my mom stat. I played the line. The in i also went all always seeing six eight six nine four hundred pound that i destroyed so you look at somebody who size don't mean nothing to me at all somebody aggressive i could. I could match anybody aggressive by the be afraid to go in the ring with some my only i. I'm afraid of is my mom listening. You don't nobody. We never said that you'd be afraid. We want jake to the first one who you not wanna meet in a ring. That doesn't free though. I don't have confidence still mike though. Your mom is a good answer. Good answer toodle. My brother big brother. Big big is not to be played with big joe. Thank whacks note. That wax don't even want to say nothing too crazy. I if i could show up today like you think big brother in law Listen he's got to be speculative for years you've got to know high by down. He ready he just like me one of my youngest game plan. Yeah one of my younger ones by your uncle. Play around my brother blake gildas buttoning talking about before you get out your mouth. Tell me that he's not going. Let jake paul be him. Who who taught taking paul j. Kado i probably i probably. I'm not worrying about my mama and definitely be willing to do that. Shake the stakes just been raised waxes willing to cut his dread. You'll jake paul. Imagine you beaten. Wax dreads the instagram picture. A usual raised in imagine that into grim picture. Do a great andrei shake up is nothing anybody expected i expect. Hopefully it's not. What if he believes so much he beat me up. And what if he beats you. You gotta cut your dreads and then. He sells you dredge to justin bieber. Justin bieber wears by. Take you gotta do is shake come on steaks of judge berate. That's been a lot of left pro. But he paused long their baby baby baby shit to each's he got he got black hair. Ooh that's just. What look like a justin would love this crew. Raise awhile boy. He was more and more taylor. Okay porsche. Stories was no man got pregnant with a world be more or less populated probably about the same a miniature horse. Yeah probably about the same. Pregnant girls will be nothing in us by accident. You know mean nothing. That's on purpose. Everything so imagine if like like the ship was still the way it is the way women get away with everything and they get the smash guys get away and the guy has got gotta be out there child support and nothing is fucked up. It'd be it'd be about the same because it would just be on the woman it'd be it'd be just as many people having sex and you know some guys get pregnant. That's all we still had we to provide for the the baby and provide for the woman and we still had those responsibilities but we also got pregnant. We would all be on birth control one hundred percent be so safe. We doing the whole thing. We pull out by strokes before we would be on point. Yes we're not. Get fuck fuck goes. Yeah maybe i mean the only thing. I would think got eight private parties. Nah no no no we fuck and then the egg inside of our dickel goes. Y'all got me guess night. That's the hard so it. S because people on earth yes satellite. If we had to make you orgasm in order to have a kid there'd be no people on earth exactly that's got to figure it out you know what the shower head so you know you gotta get that for all the shower head until we put our his call. You gotta get the certain one. You'll get to shower here. Don't want no water. Like what is not going to make me fiance these. What was on the phone. That's the first thing i come back to. This you vibrated my sister friend kendra another system. Right you know. She does radio and wdc kindred. I met kindred back in like oh six oh seven in. la randomly. Like it was so random. Because i've never been beat for shit like the grammies and stuff. So i had some grammy's tickets and i just randomly. I don't even remember where we met. She probably due to the grammy's and i was like i got tickets and she was. You got everything. Like i said you want them and gave them to and we were super cool. That were working together. We work together in philadelphia at an hour at one hundred twenty media. One radio one. We cost on. Housing will be five me after seven months. I wasn't there long. Might maybe six sixty seven months on crazy. Wait do whatever. I eissa intermarrying what was going to say nothing. I don't know what the fuck feels like something. He just wanted you. She next koby for years and then now to me i i say we cross paths. Hasn't like to see in the hallway relaxed working. I was working in two thousand and nine. I didn't know when you left. So that's something i know Relax your your thirty four fourteen halo labs in like years. He's been in school for like did. Yeah hey that's what i'm saying like thank you for bringing up that i don't bring it up y'all do i realize. Nba thank you. Nobody cares about the truth. When a lie more you taylor used to live next to co witted. Goslett always sending kobe's family hannity. Kobe right when i was a baby. Oh thirteen to some other kid exact. That was all played. Basketball was colby coby coby. Brunson is colby bryant. Kobe mommy mom told me that her mom her mom actually mom. Her mom said i knew kobi but she never met her. She didn't know trying in some picture which some little boy in kobe and told us it was her. Because you know when kids are young. You can't really tell the difference. I mean they all sort and shelby. So you don't know how rude comments about my brother exactly. So whoever that young man was she said was her brother but it wasn't her and you're right here okay. Hey before we go. The two-man salute the wheezy. We's show sex sells when it's xl. Start alex june seven. June seventh It's going to be on fuse tv. What's tonight and i think it's monday night. I think so yeah monday. I don't remember the time. But it's monday night. June seven eleven. Tv eleven pm eleven pm. I'm on one episode. I'm on the episode. I don't know if she wants to say so. I won't say. But i'm on. I'm on the episodes Salute the wheezy. We really out here hustling. She really doing her thing And sitting in a one her ventures right now. Her and alex is studio. W t f media. That's what we do to broadcast. So if you want to Come where bruin idiots recorded their podcast in where Cameras and low key record. Say less what does it say less. Now say less kazlo rosie. They less would catalog key and rosie and where ueno records his podcast and were horrible decisions. Records w t f media. What's the website. E w t f media studios dot com there you go wti media studios dot com so as always you listed as podcasts. You think we're smart. You think we're intelligent. You think we're bringing you absolutely right but if you listen to this podcast new. Think we're just a couple of idiots shit you're right to the bruin podcast. Thank you for listening.

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