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welcome to the k. Collective podcast for six seven and eight amazon and e commerce sellers apart of the amazing. Fbi family if you want to scale fast target seven figure exit and enjoy the process. Thank you for listening. Today's episode is sponsored by the new ecowas. Podcast the ecommerce leader co hosted by myself michel visi and jason miles top one percent a shop if i store owner and utilize highest rated e commerce instructor. If you're the owner of a thriving e commerce business look for the commerce leader on your favorite podcast app and subscribe today. Ladles and jelly spoons boys and girls. Welcome back to ten k. Collective this is the first podcast. Some recording of the thousand twenty one starting with a whimper. Not a bang. We all in lockdown here. But i'm delighted to welcome onto zoom working from home ganesh christian from hello. Hello is was the first class automation from amazon. So that really aiming to take the pain of going through all those spreadsheets. An all that nightmare of micromanaging amazon. Odds and also i think the dangers of spending crazy amounts of money on it. When you don't even know which is something we've both experienced so very greatly needed and your warm welcome to the show. Thank you for coming on. Hi my name is gonna thank you by his podcast. Let's get started. So what what we do is we do. Food service automation for amazon. And we are one of the top rated amazon at on the amazon side of central store excellent. Yes and we're going to dig into a bit of the detail but just tell me what you mean by full service or first class automation. So how most of the amazon. Pbc automation works. A lot of our competitors do is that he had to go instead of rules. You can choose what time you want your ads to be active. You can choose how to set your bid spy echoes. So what we do. Is we completely wipe this off the table and then we say it was on a mission. All you need to do is switch it on and our. Ai will automatically today one of the selling times increase a bit during those times and during the night it will property the lowest if approached on saturday night but some products have been in. The night includes a bit during the night so we do automated. They're partying and we also increase because the bit depending on your acosta that so the one lead parameter that we need from you is the target the rest of it. We managed also so so he's led by a target. That's fine sigmund. I know that day passing is not an automatic part of the amazon system and people who have really come from google. Ads are often a bit shocked at that lack of kind of granular control. So thus very vain so you just set the target. So why do you think we sort of step back one level from the detail of how to run amazon ads through an automated system for second. Why is this particularly important. Do you think he'd people's businesses. What's the bigger picture that it makes this segment. I think from my experience of talking to thousands of sellers over the last year. Is that most of the people you know. Treat amazon as a casino they come in. They want to gamble. They wanna spend the money and close to eight. Nothing go bankrupt in the first year and a lot more. Go bankrupt in the second year as as you mentioned a few moments before it's a gold rush now. Everyone wants to give them some business. But it's exactly like as people wanna going for the money you know and get out and unfortunately forty to sixty percent of the money. The highest portion of it goes into ads and that is a product cost and the shipping cost. So i i even brought a block. Post amazon makes more money by not selling product. Dan by selling your product because people click on and the commissions that owns from ads in from people. Click on channel. Twenty product is much more than what s from selling one product. So what what we did. Is that the whole goal of software. Company is to make sure that you do not money at hannah's up we'll tell you what price the product we tell you. What is might big. I make sure your senate for us. That's a couple of shocking statistics. Three shocking things. The first thing eight percent go bankrupt in the first year. And that's kind of insane. But i guess it's rather like saying somebody. The other day the amazon is a different business model to normal business. It's on steroids in other words. You know you'd expect out of a new. Most new businesses eighty percent will will stop trading within the first five years. But actually that's like an exaggerated version of statistic. Isn't it that. Most people actually go. Brian in the first year. The second shocker. But then to anyone. Who's been around for a long time. Maybe less shocking that sixty percent of your money goes into ads does a hugely high percentage my rule of thumb. It's you should be spending about ten percent if you're out of your overall revenue on ads. I mean where did you get that figure from. That's incredibly i while it's something we based on interviews with what i've seen in all the data what we spoken to people. What you need to think about is that to start a business unit of spend a lot on ads even an established company. Of course you can keep you add between ten to twenty percent but most people that are we starting up. they have no chance to be about. They don't have reviews. Don't have not the credibility that will know what they're doing they're just set up the ads and the forget about it too small for agencies so roughly sixty percent is on the low end for adds some people spend eighty percent hundred percent. We even have a client. That is a valid stablest top seller and that causes eighty percent. You would also be surprised. I shouldn't be saying this. But we have some amazon glues using foam and that causes not what they say well yes. This is often the way in the amazon. Well isn't it. So yeah okay so once you establish this can be at low. I suppose what i was thinking of. And this is an important point to make actually that we've gotta define which percentages get obsessed with that i have one of my favorite metrics is the appetizing to sales ratio which is for example if you make a thousand dollars in sales and you spend one hundred dollars in ads to help drive that. Then you're out to sales ratios is a ten percent so you're took acoss which is more directly the sales attributed to particular set of ads right so just to be clear about the okay so that would explain why sixty percent is cited so high but nevertheless it's it's a pretty some pretty much guaranteed to make you zero prophet unless you've got an extremely high profit margin six acoss beans that you're basically going to be losing money on those at the very least not make sense to me. Okay so the other thing you said which is obvious. Essentially say but it's really kind of thought. Provoking not to say alarming. The atvs make more money by not selling your product. As soon as you said. I thought well okay. So i'm studying Twenty dollars they. There are twenty clicks to get to that. Let's twenty dollars. In in adspend of every dollar click and of course if they actually sell it than any take fifteen percent or three dollars so as soon as you said the athol my goodness this absolutely true and i hadn't thought of it so that's quite scary. You so how do we. How do we got ourselves against the i. Guess we kind of hate to answer that question. But what's the sort of simplest version of the answer to. How do we stop that happening. Original simple answer. That is okay. Well that's a simple answer. I guess to a dumb question. Let's let's go a little bit further into this automation things so you were saying that adult summation is seen as different thing by different other platforms. There plenty platform self purport to do add automation farmers and sellers right. So how do you define the word at automation for amazon. Selling wolf fun us. Automation means complete automation. That means you just click a button said yaw across target and then you forget about it and then everything has the departing the bids placement boost. Everything should be handled by the platform. If a setting the rules than you might as well do it. The next Dude yourself and the problem is getting roses most of the time. You don't even know your product you know. You don't know what if i ask you. What is your best selling product. And what kinds of salads. You know how much is going sell tomorrow. Most people want know the answer but increasing number of skews know from fifty two hundred hundred and fifty then of course. It's impossible for him to do it if he wants to do it on their own they might as well get a pennant able to the calculations. But that's not what we're here for like. We're here to save time. Save money and save you a energy so what we do is we put all this algorithms in. We put our automation tool in that automatically calculates. Your bid should be should be automated day potett and then we want an algorithm on top of that would go to them calculate shipowners and then we calculate optimal based on that. I guess what you're saying even if you take mechanically what it comes down to the bid level and the day parties when you show ads and when you turn them off or when our guests not turn off a book arpand and lower the bid. What about the budget side of things. The daily budget that subscribe to particular campaigns and stuff. How how do you deal with that side of things. We don't deal with the budget because the budget is more of a business decision and what we generally tell seller says that if your campaign is profitable keep increasing. The budget is not something we we are comfortable doing it. Because you know we have within the bid and we don't want it does himself you break us within the because sometimes it's exceptionally plausible. Sometimes i can go crazy. I'm they can bid for some reason. So we have a circuit breaker for that. But for the for the budget we always tell the people set up a budget and then don't change it for the next couple of months until the campaign becomes profitable then increase. It gradually so that part has to be done. Because it's a business decision has to be done by you. Okay interesting so what. You're implying then. The next thing is i guess. This is a broader strategic question than just automate gotta think about how rush news adds to get a return on investment and even more basically to not run cashing broke. So you said set the budget for eighteen months then when it for a while till it's profitable on that now up the budget as much as you can afford. And of course i guess you gotta do internal cash flow calculations as a business owner as to how much starts afford to do. But even if it's an roi doesn't mean you conquer broke but tell me about that. Then you're implying guest. That's it's going to take a couple of months to get profitable as is that realistically the the case what. What is his two months period about so that should be most campaigns when the start out that users when they start out it really takes on one to two months before they can stop seeing good results. You've got a fresh new onset. But he been selling for a while. It might take fifteen to twenty days before you campaign on all the bleeding stopped and you're making some money out of it. What we generally become. It is that as long as the campaigns profitable keeping in the budget and more importantly does it fit your cash flow just because the campaign is profitable. Doesn't mean you'll be able to afford the ads. Because amazon takes gifting days later to give money. Sometimes you know you need to give the supplies two months in advance the shipping dick one month. What cash flow is coming from. The budgeting has always to be done by you. Internally by human that's the one that human aspect of assets yeah that does make sense to me. Actually that there's no getting around the the and this is one of the obsessions. I'm personally so forcing on anyone who listened to me as a client anyway because you put your finger on the cash close. Everything is absolutely everything you can. Profit and loss is actually the more i learn about accounting as i understand it and i'm not an accountant play on the internet. But it's really clear that it's a semi fictional number that is very flexible and particularly depending on what you're allowed to do legally and says depreciation the it can be very changeable number whereas cash doesn't lie in cash flow or the lack of it is what kills business. I really liked the fact that you put that responsibility back onto the business owner. So tell me a bit about your the numbers you just give me there so takes a couple of months if you're a. Let's get a good result from your advertising. That kind of feels a lot longer than the vibe that is so we say the feeling that is given out by a lot of training out there. So what's behind that. What is it takes a long to to get to a profitable or at least a reasonable add return allowed spent reason is is getting hotter and hotter one new solos to to establish themselves and want to two months. A very rough figure it could be longer it could shatter. It depends on what you're selling for some sellers. It could be as short as fighting. Some for some sellers is more than three months. Depends on what you're selling. We have some sellers that are sending in all the contactless which right now is really really hard and really competent but setting it at a high price and it has taken them two months for them to to sell to get some reviews. So there's a lot of factors that goes in. So when i say no one to three months on the broad range of different kinds of sellers different kind of product different kind of categories at kelly's visible very hot to sell so it really depends from what i've seen from experience on three months. It also accounted factor that if you create the campaigns using hello. we stopped very very conservative. So we started one of the lowest bid. And then we keep on increasing until you're profitable. That's very interesting. That's sort of the opposite square. Quite a few people teach and what i've tended to do myself i have to say and maybe this is something i need to adjust for. I say to my clients. Well if you're going to get visibility and you'll be judged from day one first of all by the algorithm. So have you don't get sales. I don't get clicks or decent click through rates. Say whatever it is. Point seven percent one percent. Whatever you'll view is then the algorithm isn't gonna start ranking you for juicy keywords and so i always feel like this is rushed to get visibility for keywords at all costs now is that a misguided idea. No that's absolutely advisor actually. So it's an away right but remember that amazon algorithm is constantly updating so the always always updating safety of rush to get a high number of impressions number of clicks. You know you're you're your of course you're on the top but you're losing a lot of money and then if it dropped down your algorithm you of course you sales ranking is gonna drop down so it's like being on a hamster wheel you always have to keep running so you could do database. But they're not wrong is does that we say that. Do it gradually rather than rushing intrigue spending all your money. Of course he can do that as well. You can ask about hallo really high cost sixty eight percent can do it. Our general idea is. Don't spend all your money trying to go for the graphic on new partner for today's episode is ovals the stock management experts according to retail dive ecommerce store and has lost twenty two billion dollars in sales because of being out of stock fifty percent of consumers actually switch sites to buy the item if they encountered an out of stock product online. Don't let that be your customer. Ovals can help you avoid these mistakes with ovals you can check for stock and improve inventory accuracy to increase sales. Abel's want to help you grow your sales with a free inventory. Accuracy cheat sheet. All listeners will get two months of an ovals paid plan for free. You could get your free month's by visiting ovals dot com forward slash amazing fbi. That's lovie a l z dot. I uh-huh ford slash amazing f for freddie beef of betty alpha. Yeah that's probably a more conventional business. Like a. And i guess one of the things about the amazon situation is because it's kind of we'll knock out contests particularly some contactless the momentary trying to rank for keyword like that. It's going to be so much demand and so much supply that is going to be super hard to ryan kilometer mentioned that you could spend all of your money trying to rank for that and get no weapons on the other hand. It's kind of hard to imagine breaking for keyword like that without spending a ton of money and is that something. You've seen is actually possible to do that. While the story that i tell is that you're trying to run away from tyler chasing you. Know there's a group of people and the tagline chasing you and one says that you don't have the arc on the tag you just don't go out on all the people so many many many are running many running competition against a certain amount of people. You don't have to be smarter than amazon. You just have to be not have number budget and more stamina and more than the rest of the competitors so the rest of the communist is spend all the money you know to go probably bankrupt. A lot of them are going to drop out. You just need to have a long run long. Seminar and we always amazon is not as printing business matt upon sooner to give running for a long time mitchell. The money mitchell the budget make sure your smart about eight. Make sure don't even an ads and make so extremely good point institute incentive business strategy. It sounds primitive but effective but actually given the statistics. You giving me the eight percent of people that start off. Go bankrupt in the first year. I guess if you will lost a year and a month then that means idea percent of your competition gone in theory. Right is a crude way of looking at it. But it's a very good point and actually one day. I could do well to probably remind myself because i guess i knew a lot of business. Owners that are super aggressive and growing and some of them have tax revenue since joined the thank collective three years ago the most wind. I've run and certainly some people have doubled or even tripled their business year on again in that. Context is quite tempting to be progressive. And what you're saying is that the stamina is probably the more important characteristic to how is a business center then aggression. It's a different business model. That on other is right on. Either of them is wrong. There's no right and wrong in business and wait what works for you. The people who are aggressive usually have a really big cash flow. They have lots of cash sitting on them a lot of the cash. Just all around and of course is the fastest way to deliver lots of cash. Majority of the people do not have lots of cat food. That does make sense in yes. That's very true that the people i know that success without approach deputy have a pretty healthy budget and the things that realistic about the fought the when they launch a new they spend money on product development probably very spicy put up manufacturing and freighting and so forth but they're realistic that the first three months our cash flow negative for products unending months four five six experts repaid on then make a lot of money for the remaining lifetime of the product. So i guess you're right the obviously correct the what you just said. It does apply people quite deep pockets. And i guess his horses for courses right. But you're quite correct that there's no point in being the kind of you know new. Come with a tiny budget and acting like your some big guy because that's a great way to go by quickly. yup okay. we'll see what you're saying is though is that white tweed. Just be aggressive. Just beat the competition and then try to get ahead of it as quickly as possible prevailed unlimited bridget to be on the thing about that one is. It's probably just less efficient financially. It's it's a quick way to grow the business but is probably higher risk which is a risk. You can take if you've got experience if you've got cash flow from existing products which can then finance the new product launches. But you're quite right that actually with a smaller budget is probably more efficient intensive return on aspects. We say a year or something. If you look at it automation to start small because you're gonna get in amount of return on investment from evens radio low bids and by definition. It's going to be you know good value because you're getting a great. Ten science is bound to get. I guess a better return now. One of the things that i know happens with amazon ads. Caveat to what i just said is that with sponsor product ads if you bid really low within the amazon system. My understanding is the and. I've occasionally seen this but what to get the experts view that you're gonna end up showing up. Not instead of sponsored is they'll say well. This isn't actually enough bud. Bid to show up anywhere. Sponsored is in your to start appearing instead various other forms of ads. Which aren't really proper. Sponsored is not keyword driven searched. Him miss driven. So what. what are your thoughts about that. It could be possible. It is what is called as in aspen as remnant ad so if there's no suitable add amazon stops displaying all ads in different places in junk pleasers keyword is really low than usual buddy about it because in if you make one sailor of times and you're going to be around one to hide percent. It's a good way to do it. It's a way as what you call as some people planet as a bottom trawling putting lots of sponsored product really really low bid in the hope that it might know. Get into one of those places and get. Some sale is a good way to do it if you are annoyed. Micromanaging a product with the approach. The had i would naturally take with super-low bids is it quite common. That will result in in this kind of remnant being what results what amazon gives you. It could be quite possible but frankly it doesn't matter because as as we doubt i'll go to them sees that there is no sales to it to start increasing the bid and the targeted cost. So it'll keep on losing video. Remember that amazon also constantly monitor the bid it updates at every couple of hours every couple of minutes in fact on is stocks showing the accident abide plays so many. Start really not yes. Of course it will is going to show you some about what i meant. Areas areas where there is no ads. No no high bids on the new over that and then it'll as we increase the start wing it in the right position interesting. Because i mean the what's interesting is about to ask you. Why bother without automation but this is kind of leading into slightly different question. Which is the actually when you're managing things manually. And as you say if you call a couple of hundred skis or even if you've got twenty busy than it's not practical to micromanage and therefore the way you set stuff up at the beginning is the way it's going to be in two months time and if you sat up something with as you call it the bottom trawling ads. That are showing up in odd places. You end up getting clicks and not sales. It could end up being actually more useless and spending more money without resulting in sales than a slight more expensive out that shows invaluable places but the difference team that and what you just described as the adult mation adjust to reality constantly. I guess that's the big difference right. It's a little bit more about a guess. What's the difference in how to manage because we still gotta manage your budget. We still gotta manage your money as as the entrepreneur. How do you approach managing an ad budget when he's able to mason at the post to when you're doing it manually. What are the differences. I think the way you manage a budget has to be irrelevant whether using automation man woman is debatable. But according to debate for it what. What tom rule is that if a campaign is profitable is if it is hitting your target at costs and is constantly reaching eighty ninety percent of our budget than increased. The budget fight so keep on increasing the budget. That is a bit of a kind of a us on the amazon community on his group. That if you keep your budget really high then it's considered as a well-performing campaign But that's not the way as work as on round-robin basis until the Exhausted so what happens is it's kept in a pool. All the campaigns kept in the pool on the rank way performance and keeps on picking up Ads from each campaign and round robin fashion. And if anyone is auto project kicked out of the pool so it's round robin fashion. It doesn't matter if your budget is one thousand dollars or ten dollars you get an equal opportunity to be displayed. It depends on the bids in so yet you make it very very important point and that is something that i understood to be the case in back in the day maybe lost. But he's more like seventeen is the last time. I personally really did this sort of thing but putting a high budget on the amazon campaigns. I heard that it said the signal to the algorithm that you want to be aggressive. Spend more. But i guess what you're saying is really unless you've run out of budgets you're gonna get fairly equal usage of the money across different campaigns. Is that right. That is proud of. You could keep it one dollars. Could give it one thousand dollars. You get an equal opportunity until you. Because it's the pool. Amazon is not really that smart and with millions of sellers on does milk and bread on the will that can do all of this commission. You remember the ads out in a very straightforward simple non-complicated way. They're all in a pool. Disordered by the bids by the bid on by the comments on they get all an equal opportunity. Going on amazon system. Goes round robin on then gives each one an equal opportunity auto budget you picked out of the rest of the world is just it keeps on going around musical. Yeah i get it. Yeah i city run out of money. Okay i get it goes round and round you. Remove a couple of chairs goes false around the other remaining shares interesting. Now that's a really very important p of knowledge and for those who listening her real addicts. But it's probably saying. Mike you know we've known this for three years but i mean maybe it still a mythic as wrong because i i do that anymore but i have heard people that have done it and risk revai. Obviously i saint before went on online. That i've been working with a client confessed this to him so veasley a daily be listening. He confessed to him that i was wastefully sat budget because i had an ad budget on in germany that was just quite highest relative to performance the confession where it had been dismal for whatever weird reason phase product to be honest and i because it had been doing anything. I wasn't really aware of that. And then suddenly. A bunch of gems went click. Happy just before christmas. Maybe they are panicking about what christmas present to buy. Hardly anything boy. It was a whole one percent conversion rate on that campaign which i knew because i plugged in a low and i caught your daily update. Email looked at him. When oh my goodness and went in intended all but the point is if i hadn't had really high but it's that i wouldn't have been exposed to that risk in the first place so against the moral of the story for those who are you know as dumb as i can be. Sometimes it's like don't leave a high daily budget out there unless you really have a good reason in other words what you're saying which is that you've got a proven you're hitting an costs level accessible to you absolutely which is which may be very very obvious but unfortunately i'm dumb enough and honest enough to say dumb. Sometimes i was very ashamed by the way. Hang my head. Turn an offer to refund that money to my my client. Because he's a really stupid mistake. Should be making it of the game. But i'm sure i'm not the only person take that out there christmases especially you know like a lot of window shopping list. Just one ends up on amazon because they make ten times as much money on the ads as in shipping product. You made such a critical point with that. i think i'd like to revisit. The question of maybe negative no magic ensemble. But what is it defensive. Way of acting within the abbas in ad world in the knowledge that amazon's acce- incentivized to just have people. They shop a nicely by in advance on cliche usually a hello. We always spend. We make sure that your your bids are limited but reasonably speaking on honestly. Speaking arab think being in an amazon. You can be defensive your inside the garden honey expecting to be nice to you the best way to do it is to have your own brand sell it from your own website and use an echo caused guaranteed add system something like ebay the doing but there are lots of ads systems ad networks that get you. Sales guaranteed at 'cause we didn't amazon within the playground. You know you can choose the game to play very pick the rules to so within an amazon echo to play by the rules of amazon so unfortunately there is no short and sweet onset to that nobody. You make a very good point because it's not necessarily given the all marketplaces where it this way. You're saying that as a cost guaranteed systems like eight which i wasn't aware of whereas amazon does not work that way. I suppose we just need to be at the very least aware of that. Possibility in and be very disciplined about keeping an eye on on. I guess the ad budget right because once we using an hello type automation system. Then the bids will be adjusted but the budget still something we need to be. Aware of that is ending up spending. I mean th this scenario for example. If i'd be smart enough to not just set up a hello to monticello jim in campaign but she to manage it. What would these systems reaction have been when i spent two hundred dollars in order to make fifty dollars in sales. Roughly you spent two hundred dollars and you spend fifty dollars the next day. The next day the bids were dropped up. Okay so he would make sure that you're not overspending all of it. Christmastime is particularly harsh. So we we forecast in christmas. You're going to have a lot of mistakes. So we'd use the bid to as low as possible and we make more than competence us of people who are clicking on would click competence watch and then they'll land on your product in that detailed pages so you get to know your views at a much lower bit in saying okay. Yes so it's really. The the is more critical than than the budget. We suppose i was thinking of the budget as lowering a budget as defensive mechanism. But actually really speaking. It's the bid level. That's critical is what you're saying. Judas what are your the metro. You don't always as it goes breaker. We do casual amazon playground. Actually there's an interesting story that was published. Two days ago was one hundred million dollars on the ads which was wasted which didn't have to be done. Because they realized that there were clicks being generated which resulted in no sales zero sales. So the spent hundred. I think hundred one hundred twenty million dollars in the last twenty without any sales and accidentally hit upon that while they were checking out the ad system. If that an automated system it would have been noticed. Dildo souped hundred hundred and twenty million dollars. Wow they employ you well. I look forward to speaking to you. When you're the head of ads management for uber so they spent one hundred million dollars with zero sales. Is that right his even possible. What did they do. They advertising to people who don't leave the house or something nine people who did not use google so it has the our in random website we make red tape so the switched off. Google ads google ads. Which is the same philosophy and they had absolutely zero percent difference after turning of hundred million dollars in ads. But i'll okay. I feel a little bit better about way skiing. A couple of hundred bucks in my clients money now particularly given the refund will get a not the only person he does that. So what kind of impact. Comebacks management side. Then you said you want to get an acoss from somebody and then the system will do the rest if there are any other kinds of input that you would ask cellphone. If you're working with a big company. We have enough advanced options. So what he can do is we generally don't recommend ourselves to go in and tweak it so you can choose how much to boost your bids in our depending on pico off picabo you can choose. How many to do automated keyword harvesting so we find the keywords that you competition ranking fall and then we added to your campaign we choose. What is the minimum threshold. After which they. I will start learning a bid that's a circuit breaker for each bid. Madigan sat on. What have been more than an amount of a bit. So that's fine tuning to this algorithms that we can do to most of us ninety nine percent of those we said. Just don't not tweak on this. The default is enough yet. The danger with a lot of this stuff is e thinking will need to and and if you give an entrepreneur fiddle with something they normally will i mean i say that because i'm the worst offender i i of banned for example my clients launching new products. He won the experience on disciplined from changing their price. More than once a day which is obvious but several people on i. We've been there policy just me and my friends but when you first start out you want to change the price every single time you make a sale because mccain of sales thinking about to run out stock and you change the beds and you change everything and actually fiddling with detail my sprays is it gives horrendously bad quality data to then make future decision so i guess that would be the main reason for not filling with what are your other reasons to leave it alone. Get push also kind of soda. Algorithms from performing with peak performance is good too as maximum auto bid but the rest of kind of constricts. Our so you wanna to do it if you think like. I still need to lower the cost even more than what i've said thanks for listening. Today's episode folks. I hope you find this interesting. I certainly think that. Ppc management on amazon. And indeed if you going outside amazon in e commerce generally managing your ad spend is absolutely critical as ganesh is talking about nothing. This is something we're gonna come onto ads getting bigger and bigger percentage of your visibility on pretty much any platform ever whether it be google facebook or amazon amazon different so managing that spend is going to become more and more crucial to actually staying in prophet so today's topics just to quickly recap the fact. The most amazon ella street amazon like a casino. And it's not a business like way of doing it. Some frightening statistics about bankruptcy. The sobering bring thought that was in makes more money from you not selling product but advertising against it than it does if you actually make sales. That's pretty scary. It makes sense to me that you can completely see how that would and also really the that if you set up a system like a hello an automated system really up to you to set your budgets such that you can afford things but at the bed side of things. Which is the awkward. Bit to figure out how much you should be. Bidding on a keyword is handled automatically. So that's really quite a cool system. I've got say having spoken to quite a few people who run amazon. Ppc automation type systems. That this does seem the most sophisticated and actually ironically therefore the easiest to operate. I've come across so far. Everyone has different preferences. But i would edgy to at least check it out if you are a busy seller or if you really are not doing very well you'll ppc and let's face. It is not an easy art. If that's you then you can get amazing. Fbi dot com for slash ai. Hello and you can get a nice big discount on this standard rates and you get a bit of a free trial as well just to be clear. If you're one of the most sophisticated amazon advertise you may want to try things. Outside of the us sponsor products ads and for bigger clients semi deal with sponsored brands and sponsored video as well sponsor videos apparently are performing incredibly well for their clients at a. Hello as well so. Do go and check out air. Hello and ganesh. If this is something that you'll even considering in the end you gotta make your own decisions between the different platforms out there. And we've interviewed lots of different people so i try and bring you a choice that you make yourself ordering my neely yourself. Put the one thing you have to do. A strategy to deal with this thing because if you look at the numbers and you discover that you're giving amazon all your money and you're working really hard to make hamas enrich. Guess what they don't need you'll money. You need the money. So whatever path you take audrey you to your. You'll ppc strategies into tactics in huge detail. It will really pay off more on the same topic in an interview with ganesh for now. Thank you for listening and has ever done. Forget to give a review on apple podcast. I tunes if you're listening and either which way do forget to subscribe on whatever platform you listening. Thanks for listening. 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