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At Farmers Insurance we have concrete evidence that parking under an industrial cement mixer that's just asking for trouble seen it covered it click for more of them underwritten by farmers truck fire insurance exchanges and affiliates products available in every State Phil all right welcome back to the wrestling with altitude podcast. I am your host Mr Fourth row and on this episode I I am joined by one of my local wrestling superstars and that's hell Rogers Bruce Rogers Bruce how you doing. I'm doing good man good to hear. Will I want <hes>. Thank you for coming onto to the PODCAST. I really appreciate it. Oh you're very welcome their unique. I've never done a podcast before. I'm an added podcast listener but I've never been on one so definitely unique Oko awesome so let's start at the beginning <hes>. Did you grow up watching wrestling as <hes> young. Yes I limit though I got into late in the game my older brother about eleven years older me. He was actually in the pro wrestling in the eighties nineties the boom period and my younger brother watch wrestling before I did he was watching during the attitude era days in the late nineties or so. I didn't start watching it till two thousand to do the summer of two thousand to about twelve years old at the time I remember like my one of my earliest episodes of episodes. I watched was smackdown and it was when seen debuted so that's about my timeline at for watching pro uh-huh wrestling started well. That's that's interesting how you being are now. Are you like the extremely middle child of your with your siblings. Yes I am the third of four three four okay so that's very interesting that year older got the <hes> the course the older in the you know younger kind of guts like one era before you. Did you know 'cause they call the attitude era the you know which you probably got I consider it's kind of what they call the reality era kind of can in there somewhere you know 'cause you know things kind of evolved in that kind of stuff so so did you so with. You're watching who was like your favorites to watch watch starting now. My favorites probably would have been like Kurt Angle. I was a big Eddie Guerrero Fan as well. I adjust started wrestling for middle school too. So yeah definitely Kurt Angle was a favorite of mine. I Love Brock initially. I actually started watching wrestling because if you're number two thousand two year the Scorpion King came out and I was a I became a fan of the Rock and my brothers like well. Why don't you watch wrestling? Finance <unk> filing dragged me in the watch wrestling and so you were <hes> participating in rustling in school and then you saw the dramatic flair that <hes> you know where you put a storyline behind it and that's what kind of got you hooked Yeah Yeah. It was adding that I I didn't like wrestling when I was younger it. It did scream phony to me unfortunately I I I loved the I still love <unk>. I still like regular sports like football and baseball basketball and hockey but yet wrestling grabbed my interest but I I am also an avid reader and I do watch a lot of movies so would have it came to adding the story lines in the characters it. It's are drawn in a little bit more than the average sports it at that time so then what <hes> made you say to yourself. I think I can actually do this move. I think maybe they started pushing more of the the smaller believable guys because I never thought I could be built like a whole Cogan or like a rock or like a or like brock I am I was tall but I never put on muscle mass. I was just a big tall twig back in the day. I hit six foot in middle school and I stopped there. I thought I was going to be in the N._B._A.. But once you hit six foot and you really can't dribble or shoot the ball a look for you <hes> but yeah I think when they start pushing the smaller more believable guys more of the technicians like Eddie and like Jericho. I felt like I could be those guys I size though if I if I hit the gym as hard as I can eat the right from all right <hes> so how did you started. <hes> you know <hes>. Did you go to rustling school or you know just kind of you know kind kind of winning all all feet first or or how did you get. How'd you get started? It was right after my senior year of high school wrestling ended and this was the my space days back in Oh aid I I found the butcher shop located on one hundred four back in the day in Northglenn so when my high school wrestling ended I started right in the pro wrestling unfortunately the first few years. I couldn't really commit as hard I wanted to because I was going to college working sometimes two jobs at the same time and I just couldn't give my all I would come to train his that. Could I do is probably one or two shows a month which you know the end the day it's not really hacking hacking. It wasn't <unk> till the last four years I started getting a lot better and getting on more shows so these last about three or four years minus like the injury years. I've been able to put a lot more into it and so. How long have you been in the professional wrestling business <hes> it was sometime in March of O._H.? When I had my first training session so about then give or take a few months and so are so so I've had to take off because of injuries because of work commitments but about ten years on and off right now yeah and so you I mean I hate the ring up? <hes> maybe a sore subject but you just recently within and this is kind of. I think really really interesting timing that we are recording. I believe one year to the date that you came back from your most recent injury. Is that correct Yep. I got to come back and I got to. I think it was might have been like a day or two ago. Was He and I think I posted that picture today. I think that was just the anniversary. I got the picture. Okay close enough yeah close enough though yeah it's been about a year since I came back. I got the tag up with my buddy miracle so without that was great that he would do that for me left to be my tag partner my match back <hes> that was not a that was definitely a year. I'd had the scratch off unfortunately what most people don't know. It was more than in the A._C._l.. Injury we unfortunately about two months into my rehab gotten a really bad car wreck which slow down my re my rehabilitation I had to deal with some neck and back issues along with ending surgery so it was more than just a knee surgery. I fortunately at that time yeah but you know I think I saw you. You still were hanging out and go into shows and hanging with the boys and stuff so you know I mean. I bet that helped a little bit but also got you anxious to. I want to get back. I WANNA get back back. It got me pretty anxious. I know like miracle was having a lot success that year and he's probably one of my closest friends for wrestling outside of wrestling and then cody was doing a lot of things to. Who <hes> and he's a is a little ambitious guy on? He was definitely a driving force me to help me come back. He was actually disturbed me because he called me the day after my surgery and I don't I don't handle calls very well a more. I'm more of a text guy pleased. Cody do not call me unless there is an emergency. I'm not the only one that's that way. A fun fact asserts that way too so if you call people hang up immediately oh I I believe that knowing what I know if you and you'll tell him hills like oh this hang up into start texting mytalk. That's funny yeah so cody. Cody deathly helped me a lot with getting motivated and getting back and when I came back last year to training about August or so <hes> it was cody <hes> Delta Junior and Zander creed. We were working out at a gym in commerce. City helped me get my form bag and trying some new stuff I I've added some different moves in different <hes> some different psychology to my character. Since I've come back it might not be noticeable to the average fan but it makes a world different. Semi had more of a define move said than I used to have so. Do you know <hes> you and I've probably know each other for <hes> baby going on probably almost a year so I'm don't know a lot of the old staff so but I can say just for the current stuff looks looks pretty darn. Darn good to me so yes. I feel this is probably my best for my <unk>. I've ever had actually so it was it was nice to finally i. The year helps me reset a lot. Mentally I could kind of see the Zizi the forest through the tree yeah. Maybe that's the express to see the force through the trees. I kinda put aside as because there was a grind it was go to work. It was go to go to lifting go to train and there wasn't really loud room for original thought Kinda just need a year to to mentally reset along with the rehabilitation so it helped a lot and it's it's improved. It's improved my work a lot so <hes> shortly after are you came back. You won the <hes> New Era <hes> kind of think remember fifty camp yet yeah so how was that town did not feel to shortly come back from the injury and capture <hes> gold already. It was very validating I. I was really excited that they made that decision to put the to put a title on me. I hadn't like I had regained by one hundred percent at that time I was still maybe two months back or so but it was nice to see that they had faith in me to allow me to do that and maybe work a lot more harder. I'm in a lot better shape than I was at this time last year so I'm happy for that and that time really helps motivate me get my head straight <hes> and it was it also gave me a chance to work with variety guys I hadn't worked up before and have a little bit more of a bigger match field for my matches. Okay well then and speaking of that who are your <hes> some of your favorite people to opponents to work with coincidentally. I'll actually be a rest of a UH facing off one of my favorite opponents this Saturday and that's a tough toil. I love working with Dove Cody. May he rest in peace just getting he's only in San Diego <hes>. I like my matches of hoodlum. I don't know if we'll see a match with him. Anytime soon. I got commitments and he's moved to Missouri so I don't know if we'll be facing off anytime soon but I wouldn't mind another match with Hoodlum <hes> well I I haven't got I've only been able to work with him limitless but I do enjoy working with big guns coincidentally coincidentally the guy that <hes> took the fifty two eighty championship from Ya Yeah we had that ax to grind. I agree with him at least social media satisfied so we had that working for us but I I like to work with him. At least a few more times. <hes> Delta would be fun to work with more. I don't always on the opposite spectrum when it comes to when it comes to these shows sometimes but I would like to face off a delta. I've never had a one on one match. Delta actually come to think of it. We've done some multi-man matched up in some tag matches but I haven't had a one on one match with Delta right well same question but on the tag team spectrum who your favorite <hes> people to tag with well. I probably have to say number one hunter gray so we don't eat me and we're also at the Lucia. Lebron laughs laughs champion right now. We want those belts on Friday night so we're very excited about that. <hes> after that <hes> miracle <hes> considering he's one of my best friends outside of wrestling clean and we had started tagging before I got hurt. Unfortunately my injuries slowed down a little bit and he asked to take some time away unfortunately right now but I would like to reunite with him. Someday I know back in the day tagging with guys like Wayne dewayne lane. I don't know if you remember him but he was quite a natural talent. He was trained by lance the warm back in two thousand eleven ish I believe but he was always fun the tag with and Kevin Mugune. We only got the tag a few times size but he was my initial training partner. Unfortunately he has taken time away. He's in the military right now but we did tag over the summer one last time so hopefully we can tag again all right well okay eight now. What about <hes> dream opponents <hes> both in singles matches and <hes> tag team matches? That's always been like a putt well. When it comes to the dramatic I always try I to focus on those sometimes it would be rushing to like oh that might allow never happen so I don't want you put off out in future rematch but obviously tag wise I think a match-winning hunter and I and maybe a team car based team would be awesome so the RAGNAROK versus another like character team yeah exactly battle cat and Super Thunder Frog okay? Thanks both ice creams. It'd be fun as well but yeah that'd be great for tag among stingles wise. I really never put thought into that much. I know a lot of the guys that idolized they're no longer in ed are wouldn't have the matches. I'd WANNA have <hes> it'll be a good dream opponent for me. Actually you see me matching up. I'm turning back to you. Well you know I you know I would like. You said I would love to see you <hes> square off with <hes> Delta Junior. I think that would be kind of fun. It is <hes> it is kind of. It's always kind of tough win a face <hes> faces another face because it's always when you when you for me as a fan. When you're you like enjoy? Bolster the wrestlers <hes> so much. It's hard to hard to do the always easy to do. The yeas and it's hard to do the bill you know it's it's so it's so difficult to bet you know if could somehow work like a triple threat. That's is always that's always easier now to heal in there somewhere <hes> so it's it's it's. It's it's. It is Kinda tough you you. I totally agree with you but <hes> going back to how you said about you. Know may facing somebody in Chicago. I mean <hes> like you said you just one the tag team championships of from in Lucci Lebron laughs and I know <hes> they always bring seem to bring in a lot of Takura talent so that I think is very very good possibility so I say Nick if you're listening to this. Let's make it happen. Yep Bring on the colony there you go. That'd be fun too so but let's let's talk about. <hes> continue talk about the futures of so what you've got going on <hes> right now in the near future and hopefully the not too distant future well today we have new era mile high comics showtime is six thirty. I believe and I will be facing duffed oil that night looking forward to that match as always there will be. I'll be every month at new era every month. Primoz I happen sold. I will be on the next Lucho. Lebron laughed show on in February. I believe it's that weekend is the twenty-first and twenty second. It's GonNa be a to night inter-gender tournament. Though that's a I recall Arado when I'm looking forward to that. Let me double check that twenty second twenty-third. It's going to be an inner Jenner Tag. Yeah Yeah so any idea who your partner is going to be. I actually do not know I know I in the tournament but my my female partner has not been named yet oh well they haven't named a lot of <hes> announcements announcements but <hes> who would you like I mean they've so far they've announced <hes> <unk> <hes> Valkyrie and they've Jordan grace but any thoughts about who you would love to tag with her. I gotta go alley. God's him I mean she is the champ I mean that's the easiest choice there and you're you could match outfits because you know you like <hes> purple and I know she likes purple so Yep Yep. We'd we'd probably have the fly entranced ear so that would work <hes> Bentley. She's really turned on the last few months and that would be interesting the tag with her. I know she's really young so that'd be that'd be fun the tag with her yeah I like the has all right well <hes> so bruce <hes> any I said so what <hes> so any other promotions that you Russell and besides new era literally buried laugh in Pre Mouse D._S._W.. I am going to more regular there this year. I don't some of the scheduling didn't work out last year. They were running on uh some of the show dates as as new the era but I should be a regular at C._S.. W This year there are a couple more promotions that are GONNA be popping up in a few months. I can't one hundred percent confirmed yet but I know I got some <music>. I got some iron in the fire there regarding that so just keep an eye on the calendar for me. I'll announce dates as soon as I know him but yes there. There's a few more companies in the works here in Denver Denver so that's very exciting to here. <hes> I might be collaborating with a friend of mine who used to be involved wrestling. The longer is involved on a surface level of wrestling but we are in talks and trying to get something started in Denver Knbr as well so who knows. Maybe I might be throwing myself in the promotional game as well but we'll see what it'd be really hard to be much pain the but I've been for some promoters now. I have to be the guy that I don't know if I can be able to handle it but we're trying to work out some details. So maybe more later this year early next year. We'll see though yeah see might be a little empathetic about <hes> being the promoter and being on the other aside. You know okay these just being like how I was <hes> exactly or I'm hoping to say oh no. It was really easy. Why these guys make it so hard fantastic well before I let you go? Why don't you tell the listeners of they want to follow? You like on social media where it's your <hes>. If you got facebook twitter excetera yes facebook. There is my like page the Bruce Rogers page. If you just search for Bruce Rogers pro wrestling on facebook it should be the very first results INSTAGRAM is jet. It's simple. It's hail Bruce Rogers one word and twitter. It's at the double check mine. It is hail Rogers Eighty nine for the year. I was born fantastic so <hes> well bruce. I want to thank you for coming onto the show and <hes> I definitely will <hes> be there. In person I believe the Saturday for new Erin and for other shows in the future so once again thank you for coming on your welcome. I think I just thought of my dream match opponent though I think he's a former W._c._w.. Champion he's rebranding himself. Oh He's hitting the indies I I actually WanNA match David Arquette. I think that would be a whole lot of fun so nick. If you're listening that would be a lot of fun for Bruce Rogers. Yeah Okay I could. I could see that I mean yeah. So what do you think about him. <hes> so we'll <hes> continue on what do you think about him really <hes> getting into that you know do you think he caught the bug with <hes> the W._C._W.. And the <hes> ready to rumble movie and all that stuff like that and then and now he's dislike. I want to do this we would what are your thoughts about that. I mean how could you not catch the bug. I mean that W._C._W.. Locker with time with sting DP flare at upshur being the more of all Dan in the social media age. I'm sure for the last five or so years. He's probably read all the naysayers all the people that were saying he was the death of W._C._W.. Even though we all know there was a million other factors leading to that right but I think it's awesome and even better with all the all the attention he's received all the bookings he's getting. He's not taking any of the money and it's all going to charity so at the end the day that's probably the best 'cause yeah I I agree yeah and and you know it's what wrestling is supposed to be it's supposed to be about it's supposed to be having fun right. It's your trading adventure. You want people to live through yeah exactly all right well great. I'm glad we got that last little bit thing in there and once again thank you for coming onto the podcast. You're very welcome. Thank you for having me once again a big thank you to Bruce Rogers for coming onto the PODCAST and letting us get to know him a little bit better and finding out about his wrestling career <hes> his social media links will. Will be posted in the show notes so you can find them there and something I haven't recorded a episode in a while. Let me talk a little bit about what's been going on since the last time we've recorded first of all I've gone to course a lot of shows. <hes> you know rocky mountain pro New Era Colorado springs wrestling <hes> literally right laughs had an event as well. Unfortunately I was a little bit under the weather for that <hes> and I even went to my first premo shelves. Let me talk about that. A little bit. <hes> pre most is held at the watering bowl over in Denver Colorado at the <hes> like I said the watering bowl it very interesting <hes> facility. It's a as you can maybe tell from the title watering bowl. It's like a <hes> dog park themed kind of place <hes>. I think it's more mainly the dogs are out <hes> in the day. They're not at night when we're the wrestling takes event. <hes> kind of like the the setup was Kinda cool different <hes> wrestlers come out from a high <hes> down some stairs to get to the ring. That's kind of fun and <hes> where I was sitting. We kind of <hes> were on <hes> parallel because they put embarks barstools type chairs for us to sit in <hes> on the floor so we were kind of on level with the Matt Matt and it actually Kinda gave a different kind of perspective I thought and that perspective was that the Rustler's were a little bit larger than life than when I'm normally used to seeing them so <hes> thought that was kind kind of a nice good contrasted look there <hes> the show was <hes> was very good. <hes> the main event <hes> was <hes> stupid crazy I heard have to say <hes> and in in a good way it just seemed like I was Delta Junior and <hes> zero monster filter for the Primose <hes> championship and they went out as so Kudos to them two for really bring in the the main of at met vein main event match. If I could speak correctly lot of other great sent <hes> show <hes> people that were there as well <hes> got to see a lot of people people haven't seen <hes> before and of course <hes> big guns was defending the three or three championship and he <hes> defended successfully so that was kind of Nice to see of course interviewed him and talk talk to him multiple times so overall a great show <hes> then <hes> we also had an new development when it comes to a rocky mountain pro they you are no longer holding their regular charged tapings on Saturdays. They are now going weekly with charged <hes> on their twitch channel on their fight U._K.. Channel and also they've now signed a agreement with right now T._v.. which is in I believe at the current time of this recording nine markets across the country so you could possibly have that you'll also <hes> I found out since they don't have a Denver affiliate which is very strange in my opinion? You got this promotion based in Denver Colorado the area but there's no right now T._v.. Affiliate they you know maybe rocky mountain pro. Can Kinda push them to say hey you know we need to get in our local market but <hes> you can watch online as well as they do have a Roku up which is probably going to be the way I'm going to watch that channel and watch it <hes> live. You have to watch it lie. They don't have any on demand capability as of yet with right now T._v. but they said hopefully in the future but that's I'm GonNa try to watch it if I'm around but that's so <hes> you know two thousand thirteen to watch T._v.. Live life. It's it's you know <hes> in in my opinion. You know it's yes you can watch something live. Some things are great live but if you WANNA go back and watch them again for a second time you need that on demand or d._V._R.. Type Capability Capability. I guess I could probably set some kind of way to record it if I wanted to get into that but we're not gonNA talk about that. Now is probably going to be a little too out there for all you know gonNA probably nerdy dirty out is <hes> chongo would probably say but <hes> so they've got that going on now and they are now going to Thursday nights every Thursday night. They're going to have their mercury agree. Pro Wrestling Academy students showcase which is which is now the ignition show that they have had in the pass. That's going to be on at seven PM mountain time and then they're gonNA follow that the their regular regular charge show they're going to be on twitched live every week and then they'll then <hes> have those available later to view <hes> either through the twitch channel or through those other means as well as does that I mentioned before as well as I believe they're still on the global wrestling network as well so <hes> if you don't WanNa Watch it on twitch or if you WANNA watch it those other ways you know any kind of support they would probably greatly appreciate associate <hes> and then so that's every Thursday so this Thursday coming up January tenth they're having <hes> there to shows initially charged but then this coming <hes> Saturday like Bruce was talking about there's going to be new era wrestling and they're holding their <hes> January show in that believe that is New Year's bash two thousand and nineteen <hes> you know they are adding at the Mile High Comics Mega store for the six zero zero Jason Street in Denver Colorado. If you WANNA get tickets ahead of time you can go to new era pro wrestling dot com and you can purchase tickets right there <hes> always good to buy tickets in advance like I saw on social media this week by the tickets and advanced because that will show the promoter the artists in this case the Rustler's the promotion that there is a want an a need and you're supporting according them at a time and then they don't have to worry about <hes> filling the venue that they are in or having to cancel a show and things of that nature so that I totally agree with try to by your tickets in advanced <hes> for example a new era pro wrestling dot com for the new era show on Saturday the twelfth and you can buy your tickets or even monthly <hes> <hes> or a yearly passes to the rocky mountain pro shows are M._p.. Wrestling Dot com so I think I have probably babbled enough at this point once again. Thank you for Bruce Rogers Roger for coming onto the podcast chicken out new wrestling new era wrestling this Saturday night at the mile hike comics superstore so once again. That's my spencer seat.

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