Game of Thrones Season 8 Award Show: The Throners


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He's in four five when season six season seven we did throw owners, right? Yeah. We did a seven. Yeah. It is. It's not annual but the fifth one that will that means like we've been doing game of thrones for even longer than five years. It was frightening prospect, here we are five thrown five five thrown her wards one more for the road. Because game of thrones is indeed over. We are several days removed over a week removed from the final episode of game of thrones. I don't I'm not even going to bother with the spoiler warning unless you want to count, that as the spoiler warning because now I'm just going to tell you John snow killed the nearest star Garin remember, that of now thing that happened there star game went insane, and she killed a million people in John's now had to be like it. I have to kill her now. And that's game of thrones ended. And it also brand stark is the king. So a lot of crazy things have had is can you believe it? That's how it happened. That's. Stark. Yeah. It's real. It happened. Game of thrones got weird man like game of thrones decided in the finish to get real weird. And so, in kind, I think you and I are about to get real weird here for one more addition of the throne, which may just be a strange word. We keep saying for all these people who've joined us for the game of thrones ride before they even knew what a throw owners was. Yeah. All right. Well, there's nothing weirder than a game of thrones award show. Yeah. So that's what we're doing here. We're doing a game of thrones award show to celebrate the end of an era, the end of the series, the end of the season, of course, with the end of game of thrones proper one last ride into award winning glory here with my buddy, rob sister, Nina. Now, some of the listeners might be saying, well, you know what? I really wasn't feeling season. Eight of game of thrones. I'm so I don't know how interested and invested I'm going to be in a season. A award show because to me Drik Qarase to all of season seasoning. Yeah. Somebody could be saying we would we would post game of thrones. The we oppose the game of thrones thrown or poll for people to vote on all these different categories for season, eight, and we would just get all the right ins for David Benny off, and Dan Weiss, as like the in the in the category of best villains of season. All sorts of all sorts of stupid, mean angry things that are probably would participate in and. Yeah. That just wouldn't be any fun. So why don't we why don't we open up the? Why don't we open things up a little bit? Why don't we why don't we look beyond just the final season. Of course. Look at the final season as well. Why don't we look at the greater picture of game of thrones? One last time while we have the chance I spend most of my time look pass. Pass anyways. Oh man. I do wish that we had spent more time on brand impressions of the king. If I if I could go back and dive and change one thing about our game of thrones. Podcasting would be more grand things. But we don't have time off these regrets. No, we don't. So are you saying what I think you're saying that this year's thrown owners is going to be about the entire series of game of thrones? Yes, we're opening game of thrones up to not just season. Eight a lot of season eight, but we are also expanding beyond the scope of season, eight this is our last chance achievement. Yes, this is our last chance to really reflect on all things, west arrose until the next time if there is a next time if there is a successor series, that makes it beyond the pilot stage that is still TB as of this recording. But this is going to be really the chance that we get or some some final nostalgic. Action as where closing at the end of dot just an era of television, but a huge era post show. Recaps game of thrones has been are defining show. And we are we're in the process of figuring out what things look like beyond the scope of game of thrones for ourselves. So as we try to push those decisions a little bit further off in the field. We are going to look, one more time act game of thrones with a really fun podcast in a couple of weeks that we're going to need all your help for. So the throne owners awards are coming the game of thrones awards show that asks the age old question what's best of west rose? What's best lesser? Wow. Come up with that or even thinking about it. I really thought it'd be like three minutes ago. Wow. That's good. Oh, you're very good at this stuff. What's best of west rose indeed? And as we often do for their owners, and if you don't know what the owners are fairly self explanatory. It is it is a very ridiculous award show. We do after any given season of game of thrones which we've been doing since season four, which was the first season, we podcasts at about a live, at least after every season a couple of weeks after every season, we get together, Robin. I for one podcast with our friend DJ Sammy slayer the great Sam. Well Tara, the whole cast everybody shows up, but it's the music is typically presented by DJ Sammy slayer. We've certainly we've played out a call to, to his people. We don't have anything to update you with at this time. But hopefully we'll have some nice some, some nice musical accompaniment when we come back with the throne IRS podcast, but we're gonna we're gonna put up a poll and on our poll. We are going to have a lot of questions for you. The listener about game of thrones categories for you to vote on and. In a couple of weeks time, we are going to be posting our show with the winners of each respective category. The different characters the different winners, or losers as the case may be sometimes we'll be coming onstage to accept their awards and say one last goodbye to you and to us, maybe they'll be talking to us. Who knows it depends on how badly we've maligned them along the way of game of thrones podcasting, but it's really fun show. And we've got some details to share with you today. Okay. Of course, we are going to give you all the categories and nominees today. You're going to be able to vote at the Rohner's dot com. The tabulating Kirk Clark is standing by, and we will allow the voting to remain open until midnight on Monday, June tenth eastern time. Yes. So you have a good little while to get your to get your votes in Monday June tenth. That feels like plenty of time, and then we will have the throne IRS awards. Oh, look bad. Like a week and a half or so after that. Eastern time on Monday tenth. All right. That sounds great just to not have any clarify, clarify. And then we'll have thrown a war yourself. We're looking. We're looking at somewhere like that June nineteenth spots seems to be where we are going to be aiming to do the throne or so few weeks from now, we will we will have the show for you, and you have a little over a week to cast your votes, depending on when you're listening to you have until June tenth at what time was that exactly. That was at eleven fifty nine PM eastern time. Okay. Thrown owners dot com. Okay. All right. Josh, how do you want to open up the festivities? Well, I think we should we should just get into it. I think we should you know, let's not let's not dilly dally the final season. Sure, didn't know Yarra Yarra this thing at all. Let's just get right into the meat of it. We're gonna twenty five different category. These for the throne. There's this year. That's a staggering number of categories. And it's an even it's an even bigger number of different nominees that you will be able to vote on along the way here and since that's such a big number. Let's not let's not let's not screw around. Let's, let's just get right into it. Or are you ready to hear the different categories, rob? Yes, I would love to hear them. Okay. So as we said we are we are doing some season. Eight specific stuff. We are also doing some longer view game of thrones award gifting, the first category. We are going to have is best main character season eight so that is a relatively limited list. It's going to be limited it to the people that you'd really look at these people as either the decisive main characters of game of thrones in terms of who made it through the final season or at least somebody who is, who is pretty important in the, in the grand scheme of things, those candidates, or your votes are going to be John snow. Sansa stark aria, stark, king brand, the broken himself to narrow star Garin, Jamie. Lancaster, sir, c Lancaster and Tyrian Lancaster. Those are, who you will have to vote from when it comes to long, boring, for those characters will also be eligible for our second category, which will be worst main care of season. Eight there's a lot of best worst action that is going on here because this is the throne or is this kind of like equal parts Oscar in Razzie, it's kind of like a combo platter. So those are the first two categories, the second to gather Gorey's categories three and four best supporting character of season, eight and worst, supporting character of season. Eight the nominees are the same across both categories. It's Giora more Mont theon gray joy that hound Davos e worth Sam well. Tarpley. Mela sandra. Baronne. Varis Genry of tars grey, worm, Masan day, Hormann giants Bain barrack done. Darrien yara. Great. Joy, dolorous EDD Leon more Mont and Brennan Fitzpatrick's favorite character, Patrick pain. Those, those are the nominees for the two different supporting character categories. Okay. We've got a very sprawling list of people for our fifth category. That's best character. Who didn't make it into the final season. Of course. Not everybody survived along the way of game of thrones to make it into season eight and I'm sure not every single character who didn't make it into season. Eight is making it into this category. It's just too vast to account for every single person. But this is going to be the place where you'll find the likes of Ned stark Ramsay Bolton Joffrey breath, the and the red viper, your friend and mine Sircar will Tanner of Jin alley. I don't know if he was a surp- probably not Walder fray. We'll be here. The black fish is your Greenwich, and pip are here. Roz is going to show up here all the characters who died along the way some bigger than others. Little finger is going to be in your call Drago's going to be in here. Let's settle at once and for all who is the best character on game of thrones that didn't make the final season. That's what you're going to resolve here in. The fifth category. And in the six category, you're going to answer the opposite question who's the worst who's the worst of these people? Yeah. I think I know. Who is it? I'm not going to say I don't put my thumb on the scale. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I just thought of somebody who is the worst. And I didn't have them in the original right up. So this is a flexible document. Yeah. So okay we're making all of the nominees. It's a list of like forty names. There's no way I'm not gonna I'm not gonna spell it out for you right now. There's just there's, there's too many and I'm sure as the great thrown is custom. There will be many slights along the way. And we will just have to just have to live with them. I see that you have some new categories here. There are some new categories. There are new categories we used to have like very cutesy names, bro out of these categories to the time when Lancaster memorial award for best villain, just as an example, the blackwater award for best battle since we're expanding many of these categories to account for all of the seasons in the spirit of not wanting to put your thumb on the scale. We're stripping the cutesy names away and just giving you the facts just. Thai Thai when can't be nominated for an award that has his name on. It would be inappropriate. It would be an appropriate. So it's just it's a little bit of it's a bread and salt here you know as whereas, we're going through this. We've got we've got some actor categories. I think that we can all we can all agree that many of these binal these final six episodes. Sometimes the writing left a little something to be desired that seems to be the biggest complaint among the people who did not care for the final season of game of thrones. I don't think that you can be mad at the acting for the final season of game of thrones. So we are we are opening that we have a best actor category, and a best actress category, and the nominees on both sides of those rather than naming them all out here. It's everybody who's eligible for best main character, and best supporting character. Those are the people who are nominated here for best actor, and best actress, and we will spare them the indignity of having worst actor and worst actor. Awards because these are just people, you know, they're, they're human beings. And besides the data will show who the worst actors are based on who gets the least amount of love in the voting of these categories. And I'm sure we will share those details during the actual thrown as much to their shame. Okay. Best villain all time. This is a category. Light in villainy lifetime. Achievement in villainy here is the list and I- breaks my heart to lead off with deniro star Gary in. But after the bells I think you have to put her on here too narrow star Garin sir c Lancaster Taiwian, Lancaster Joffrey Barath, Ian Ramsay Bolton. The night king the mountain little finger, you're on grey, joy. And if you vote for him, I will disown you may stir Khyber, n-, the high Sparrow, and Walter fray are your nominees for best villain all time. Okay. All right. This next one is my favorite category. Worst storyline. All, and I'm sure there are some snubs here, but I wanted to refine the results a little bit. So the odds of my least favorite storyline. Picked are a little time achievement in worst, storyline because it's not a vast CARA category. Because game of thrones maybe like a little bit towards the end kind of lost its way. But for the most part, you know, this is this was a terrific terrific show, but even some of the earlier, seasons isn't real clunkers of storylines in here. And so this is where we are going to, to burn them with fire as was the name once upon a time of an award here at the throne IRS the nominee is now. Yeah. At that cute anymore. No, the nominees car in season to hate to even say the word. Yes. The mutiny at crafters keep in season. Four great for five casting this sand snakes in season. Five really not great, the high Sparrow in seasons five and six that was a two season. Arc not beloved aria in Bravo's in seasons five and six not deal. He loved way time does it does it increase in our estimation. Given Arias arc in the final season. We'll see probably not the Starks and little finger in season seven, which I do think has aged, particularly well and may have been a tip off to some of the problems, we would run into the final season, the white walkers in the final season, which I think would be an indictment of the long night, specifically as an episode very. Very, very, very, very dark, and denarius going mad in the final season. The worst storyline of all time. Those are your options, any snubs that you can think of rob that we can amend the document right here and now all time worst storyline fill like that. Are we missed anything from season three season? Three was great. Yeah. Season. Three is pretty good climbed the wall and kissed on top of the wall that was in tastic, and that was the one where Kenji got leached Mela Sandra, but that's pretty great. Yeah. That I think there'd be some of the status stuff like the early standards stuff. Sure. I think like STAN. Stan is storyline in season. Four was actually really bad, because that was that was like by the end of season three he already got the word from Davis. Like we should go to the wall, and then stay on his spends like all season for being like, yeah, but let's make a trip to the iron Bank. I yes. Yeah. So maybe, maybe the stand is Barath in storyline in season. Four, we, we can add to them. I think it's gonna win. Okay. We'll just put it on there for, for. Why not? Okay. How about this best battle all time? We're going to if if we said best battle of season eight they're really only be two. Choose from. But if we're expanding the list to the full series, there, are you Titanic battles across game of thrones air, all represented here and I'm very curious to see which one is the winner, and I'm certainly curious to see what the vote breakdown on it ends up being best battle all time. The nominees are in sequential order, the battle of the blackwater in blackwater, the battle at castle black and watchers on the wall, the battle at hard home in hard home, the battle of slavers bay in battle of the bastards, the battle of the bastards in battle of the bastards, the battle of the gold road in the spoils of war, which used to be known as the loot train battle and occasionally by me is the loot crate battle. But I guess it's actually technically called the battle of the gold road either way. That's the same one. That's the same battle battle of ice and fire from beyond the wall, the battle of winter fell in the long night and the battle of king's landing in the bells. So those are your choice. Choices to choose from for the best bow of all time. Best best death season. Eight ready. Yes, we're listing out all the main deaths from season eight and you get to choose from any one of these. We have Ray all the dragon Harry Strickland of the golden company definitely the best death of season. Eight Masan day. Dolorous EDD you're on grey. Joy Giora more Mont Barrick, Don. Derian Varis, Liana more Mont Mel asandra, generis star Garin, the hound, l- amounting, Jamie, Lancaster, sir, Lancaster, the night, king, theon, gray, joy, and Maistre Khyber. Those are the notable main character deaths in the final season of game of thrones. And those are the ones you get to choose on. Are we voting for who we were happy that they died or we like the execution of the execution? I think it's probably the execution of the execution would. Be the way that I would vote I think, you know, part of that could be happiest that you saw them die. But like if you thought that the scene in which, like, Masan was executed was a great scene, but you weren't happy to see her go. But that was part of the reason why you thought it was the best death. That would be why you would vote for that character. Okay. Okay. We've got an all time vote category. All time for the most horrible death for, for the worst death of the series and all the affirmation characters are in the list, and we opened things up to some of the other main deaths throughout game of thrones. So it's a lot of season eight, and then a limited selection from across the way feels like we know where this one's going to go. But you be the judge. So we have the Sarah's star Garin is listed here. We've got Ned stark is listed under most horrible death of all time thread, wet. Ding with Robin Catlin. That was pretty bad. Joffrey Barath Ian, that was pretty bad as well. That's pretty gross. The red viper, super gross hauteur the whole hold the door of that was good. Ramsay Bolton eaten by dogs Lord Walder his throat slit after eating some of his family members. And then his whole rest of his family who didn't make it into the pie. They get killed pretty swiftly after that. And then viscera on the first dragon we ever lost is very tragic. So those are the all time people that you can vote for here plus the deaths of the final season. Okay. All right. Best on screen duo all time all ties life into owing we love. We love the best on screen duo rip straight. From the MTV movie awards and brought to you by the throne IRS here. Do not tell my old bosses at MTV. We don't want any copyright infringement issues. These are the nominees, Jamie. And seriously Lancaster. Jon snow and. Deniro's. Targe aryan. Aria and the hound Sam, and Gilly brand, and hauteur Tyrian in various Sansa. And little finger Rian, and Jamie. Those are your over Jimmy twice over Jamie twice the only one who's nominated twice. All right. My favorite all time favorite excellence in Hoad. Or this has always been one that we've enjoyed here on the throat. There's a lot of ho during that happens along the way in game of thrones. And even if there was no whoring in the final season. We can there was like, during of a sort that we could vote on it again. So the nominees for excellence in Hoed, or are hauteur door odor, or. Hoed. Old the door and one one and not on the original list, but it was dubbed by the fine folks at the game of thrones. Read it as the barricade when barrack, Donald and died in a very similar manner. So then he got out of win, but we can we can put the barricade on here, just to just go away from the walkers. So he had died a lot. Yeah. His, his pain time, it's white pretty high at that point that point, okay? Best parents of all time who were the best parents along the way here on game of thrones? And that's you know, maybe it's open for interpretation because a lot of the parents who are on this list. We're not great parents, but the great characters and being a parent was a big part of their character, so you choose how you want to vote on this one. The nominees are Ned stark, Catlin stark high. When lancaster. Jamie, Lancaster Sirsi, Lancaster Gilly, Sam well Tarpley and denarius, mother of drag. Oh, she was a good mom to the dragons. Not to Ray goes kinda got him killed wasn't hardly vault. She overworked him. Yeah. Issue could probably couldn't notice you could have done better best one-season character of all time here is here's the list, we've got Syria for L. We've got the red viper. We've got Maggie the frog. We've got brother Ray in McShane himself. We've got Ed Sheeran because why not we've got Harry Strickland of the golden company, and rob, this is not on the list that I sent to you major oversight on my part. We've got Karl Tanner of Jin alley that we will include in the best. I know my one-season character. Yes, yes. Absolutely next category. The next two categories. Again, the nominees for these two categories are the same. This is relegated to the final season and it's pretty simple. Best ending worst ending, which of the characters that are nominated and it's a big list. We won't recite them all here, but they're the main and supporting characters of season eight which character had the best ending for that specific character, which character has the worst ending for that specific character. Again, your mileage may vary on some of this, this is you really voting on who you are the most satisfied by in terms of how the story ended for them and what left something to be desired for you, which storyline. Did you really disagree with this is what we're looking for in these two categories? Okay. All right. Again another another set of categories where it's best worst. We've got the best episode of season, eight and the worst episode of season eight and I'm very curious further results on this one just to refresh your memories, six episodes. All. Old in the final season. We've got season. Eight episode one winter fell everybody shows up at Windsor fell. Everybody's gearing up for the big battle season, eight episode to a night of the seven kingdoms written by Brian cognition. This is the one where of gets knighted. And everybody else is doing their thing as they're getting ready for the big war against the night. Getting the episode ends on the precipice of war season, eight episode three the long night war white Walker war. This is the one this is where the night king does not make it out alive. And perhaps you could not make that out yourselves given the lighting issues in the episode that is the third episode of the final season, the fourth episode of the final season is the last of the Starks coffee Cup gate. This is the one where the coffee Cup was. There is we're Ray gall diets were Masan died. This is really setting us up for the climax of the series fifth episode. The bells did Aerostar, Gary done lost her mind, king's landing falls apart, so many deaths. This is the bells and then, of course, the series finale the. Thrown so which was the best which was the worst. We will litigate that all when we get to the throne IRS you guys vote in the meantime, okay? All right. This is a these next to our big ones, because we were we were talking about the best episode and the worst episode of season eight how about we expand that to the full fricken series best episode of all time, worst episode of odd, even a curated list of nominations. No, it's every single one of the seventy three episodes of game of thrones are eligible and I'm very, very interested to find out how this all shakes out. What was the best ever episode of game of thrones? What was the worst ever episode of game of thrones? And I, I'm curious to see if there's like a big recency bias thing. Are we going to see like a lot of final season representation here in the best worst? I feel like there's an argument to be made to remove them from, from the running here, but we're going to we're going to trust. You guys you, you could choose if you authentically think some of the episodes from the final season are the best or the worst vote. That way. But otherwise fascinated to see how this one is going to shake out. This is really the best picture category of the throne IRS. Yes. If every movie that was made in a year was nominated. Yes. Exactly. Best season. Worst season are, are the final two regular Gorey's little more manageable. And I think also pretty complicated deal every season has something right with it. Something wrong with it the ratio really depends on where you're coming from. So you're going to get to choose best season and worst seasons. Those are all the major categories we've got for the Rohner's, if you go to throw understood dot com, you will see we have some extra questions that we that we have for you guys will deal with those all on the throne owners proper just as some some further conversation starters. Wanna see what you thought of the final season overall who want to see what you all thought of some of the final twists, such as brand stark as king. And if you would have changed anything and we wanna get your eye on the future as well. So we have some questions that are a little forward looking for the future of game of thrones as a franchise all told, it seems like we're going to have a lot of business to get to when the throw owners rolls into town. Later in June. All right. So you can go ahead cast your votes answer our survey questions and all will be revealed in our fifth, and final thrown her awards, asterisk, unless the we love the prequels and do more thrown. Impossible impossible. See. Last that, that's going to be our last game of thrones, proper podcasts at the very least for a very long time. So hotly anticipated for sure Rohner's dot com. Of course, you could check out anything else game of thrones related that Josh Wigley is filing over at HR dot com slash game of thrones Jesse. I know you recently posted a final path, the end of west rose. What was that all about? They have is just a roundup of the final paths that I did leading into the season and looking back and seeing if any of those predictions were correct a few of them were a few of them, not all of them, let some so some of them I got bang on. I was actually looked back with. Oh, yeah. Sometimes, you know what you're talking about very rarely. But sometimes it works. Okay well done. Josh incredible work. Once again, we should expect nothing less of pudding together all of the game of thrones nominees for. This year's edition of the throne. Irs. All right. Looking forward to seeing the results, I will hopefully be hearing back from Sami slayer in the next little while I'm sure that he is still enjoying the victory lap. Maybe I don't know. Or maybe he's wallowing. I'm it's hard to know what, what Sami slayers mood is, you know, grand Maistre grand may now. Yeah. Grandmaster Charlie though. He may be hard to book could be hard to book the book. All right. So that is all coming. You could vote through the end of June tenth, and then we'll have the throne or awards coming after we tabulate all the results the following week so beyond the lookout for that. And of course, make sure you subscribe to post show, recaps, go to post show recaps dot com slash I tunes for all of that, make sure you don't miss anything else that we're going to be covering over the course of the summer and Josh, I hear that you will at least talk about the premiere of fear the Walking Dead with just a coming up. Yes. Yes. Jessica lease and I are getting together in the not too distant future to talk about the first episode of season five, if you can believe it made it to season. Five fear the Walking Dead. We'll see. We'll see how all that goes. All right. Thank you guys, so much for listening to the throne IRS at nominations special. Happy voting at the Rohner's dot com. Follow Josh quick Lawrence where he's at round Howard. I'm at Robson everybody. But good one by. Both Joe recaps is sponsored by a friends over at truecar every car comes with sheriff stories like that thing, and your bumper. 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