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Yeah kid nov aggie. Negative agree his on a talk. Common to believe is one Eighth in pain were never gonna get me being get ready the pond who think Suit mobile stay. Thank god for. Jesus was going on every one. God bless each and every one of you guys. It is a weird wednesday. It is wednesday february. The twenty twenty one seventeen minutes after the hour walk to the shabaab want to show featuring dj l'enfant host. Bobby cologne where you get your morning started right only place on earth where you get. You want to start a right. That chat rooms wide open or police call in five seven zero nine six nine. Five zero broadcast live iheartradio. Radio dot com show dot com. San radio app also distributed by connie worldnet radio shots who are our affiliates throughout the country. Thank you so much. You can google shabbat. Show featuring a wake-up see me get all the links right there or major podcast platforms this morning on the world. Famous facebook social media. If you're doing the facebook please like shell business page showing how everyone show featuring team business page or you get notified between seven seven ten in the morning when we go live in to about nine or ten o'clock thinking so much Also join our group shock more show featuring wake up grew pays when groups on facebook. Thank you so much for everyone participate and in that group only place on earth where you get your morning star. Right barbeque cologne. Yeah god bless you bless you choose good to see you get to be seen bob you skins looking. Well what. I'm trying not more water. The lip glosses poppin. Thank you and the The lashes are definitely extended. Look good to sworn it. Bobby god bless you. And how will you bless you to show here in bethlehem where we broadcast. Live to you from an thirty two degrees right now. Going to a higher. I'm sorry it sixteen degrees right now. Going up to high of thirty two it cleared but there will be snow overnight so your morning commute will be a little messy. It's going to start very late. Like romance in the evening In strasbourg sixteen degrees thirty four for the high clear in a snow overnight as well in newark new jersey. It is twenty three degrees going to a high of thirty four today. Partly cloudy with snow overnight as well and in new york twenty seven degrees thirty four the high end sunny in in Atlanta is forty six degrees the highest. Going to be sixty six day. And it's going to be fair and miami. Seventy nine degrees seventy three degrees. Today the highest gonna be seventy nine in. It's going to be clear eighteen degrees in chicago. Cloudy cloudy with a snow showers overnight. it's not gonna accumulate a whole lot of snow but it's going to be enough to be a nuisance in the morning when we get up so your morning ride like it would be a crazy and a los angeles fifty. Four degrees sixty three will be the high end ca loudly. in louisville. it is twenty seven degrees right now. snow showers light light. Snow thirty degrees will be the high end rochester. It is fourteen degrees twenty five for the high and partly cloudy with snow as well. That's the way i have for. You all wasn't look like where you are where we cologne coming to you. Live show morning show beach miss any j. Will you modest started. Well said barbeque alone. Thank you so much Right only on earth where you get your morning started right We have front page. News with cindy j. and why can't deny that around the nine o'clock hour you stay tuned for that we give you the news locally nationally globally and Like i like it in hurt. So you don't wanna miss the news with sidney j. That's barbie colognes addition but sydney's behind the scenes during all the news. We also had the morning buzz barbie cologne in just one thing. We guarantee on this. Show here you head might be rockin by nine. Am this morning so please stay tuned for that so front page news city says and tune in for the morning. buzz have. Yeah they'll be some harvey house sports. Y'all stay too so guess what we're wednesdays. We are in the building we are here. We come back. we're gonna shout out to rome. We're gonna show you guys. Some love with heart sat and chat room. Hey but what we're do right now. We got three. Dj's dj here dj wrong dj young enough right now. We started with dj not here. Let's go Don't took turn Just watches with may since march is just just wanted work with just watches with may. Were good talk. Just just just just just not. Just just just just npr. Linda doc. This whitman just no sir. just Things people to each and every night they just keep bothering me. Just trying to figure out. What are these suspicion. Vagueness say every tile sat down with the peace process on the way you wear your head out of close you close you smell so contagious asthma. Not fair game and when way come with me separated from may because he didn't like this livestock single life for quite a while. I was looking for someone special to leave the same upper. Just whatever you been missing fantasy been done a what you need. A what other face bay to me this walk you gave me watch this show one real good. You got me saying how long. Dj yoga in a day. Sean harvey j along with alcohols bobby cologne on comedy. World net radio from the show. Have you each team or convert radio. This is n. e. j. from sean harvey morning show featuring the catches on comedy world radio. Both with it sounded. He's not game playing. I ain't playing. I ain't staying featuring dj young enough today everybody. It is a weird wednesday. It is wednesday february attempt. Twenty twenty one thirty two minutes after the hour back sean. Show featuring dj kohl's barbeque only gets more so right. Why not when the place on earth where you get your morning star right. This is joanie morning sanctuary of love. Welcome everyone because he's not going to get the love that you really going to get from your family member your friends or your co workers that you get here in this room so we are so appreciative that you guys are here and for your that are starving for the love no worries the love is here for you all the new listeners. God bless you meet some fantastic people in this group room so a welcome aboard. Okay so I heart radio. Radio dot com dot com fan radio distributed by kami were radio Google moisture feature waco team or the links. Come up this morning facebook Live if you want that. Social media thing Le like shaw on show featuring team business paid and You get notified and then go join our group. I prefer Fan radio congo radio. I'm barbara said every day. Almost school radio guy I like to drive in the car on the radio or you visual and audio folks at the same time here on the social media like to call it chatterbox I'm glad that you guys are sitting down or listening to or watching on your phone or on your laptop on your television goblet. We are here. Please liken share the show. Don't keep this good radio to yourself if you don't mind yes you have a routine in the morning and get you morning. Started ride with sean saying today was going to do to make me mad today or make me laugh. Whatever fine and if i take your emotional rollercoaster unless there's some your friends are joining on sitting there listening to show for two years. Nash share one time. Share share share westwood reevaluate. Show life magazine here watching the show for two years and then shared little. Do that. don't do that to your boy. We are more black. Lives matter cologne. You look good this morning on god. Bless you all this dance. How you feel so great. How did you feel good. They here s always good. Always good awesome here in bethlehem where we broadcast live from. It is sixteen degrees right now. Going up to a higher thirty two today and It's clear right now. It's going to be clear all day. There will be snow overnight just enough to be a little pain. Inhale as right now. I know how the weather go. can change Strasbourg sixteen degrees thirty four for the high in clear in against snow overnight and north new jersey. It is twenty three degrees today. Thirty four for the high partly cloudy overnight. Snow showers as well. Twenty seven in new york city. Thirty four for the high end sunny again overnight. Snow showers and atlanta. It's forty five degrees. Sixty six will be the high end. Fair and miami seventy three degrees. The high will be seventy nine today on heating and it's a clear for the day and chicago eighteen degrees. I'm sorry. Eighteen will be the high ten degrees right now and cloudy fifty four in l. a. Sixty four i in louisville twenty seven degrees three or four the high and it snowing right. Now it's gonna snow off and on today so you all the billy's be careful. Fourteen in rochester. Rochester with high partly cloudy and overnight. Snow showers as well. That's the weather half you all. What's it look like where you are coming to. You live from his show. Having one shelf return cine j. When you get started right exactly we get you wanna start right only place on earth where you get more than star few announcements of your auto mom before you start the show Monica latif my friend We're in this friday night. We telling these jokes. That's in paterson new jersey. I have mooney calling on friday so she could talk about that Saturday right now. We still out here in bethlehem pennsylvania. We are some comedy out here. Uh please come on out if you want Marcia v sean harvey birthday bash right here. We celebrate which boy. I love a party. And then that sunday barbie cologne that some march the seven. We got a lot of folks coming out. Yeah more seven. We coming out we at the i. You'll that's a thirty one. South delaware dr in eastern pennsylvania The next town over from my town on sunday doors opened up at five. Dj hot sauce on a bus as soon as you walk through their food menu. drink menu. Everything is lined up. Everything's prepare for you. We spacing out the place. We have limited capacity of course as per state of pennsylvania and was this corona virus protocol thing wailua mass friday. But we're gonna party. We won't tell jokes. My homegirl nikolai. Tif she'll be your come through. She's hilarious and in my men. Timmy hall the comedy cop from baltimore being the building. My man timmy's hilarious. And then bobby not staying long you know. We don't want people to be in the building too long. You know that cocoa out there but we got doors. We're gonna have a a a fash track after party right soon. As the comedy shows over we got a we just dance. Wear your masks. And let's dance. Yes right and we're not gonna stay long but we want short come on out sterile. Sunday march the seventh. At the i am. You'll come on down this eastern barbie. I've got some new york folks come in Some pocono folks coming of local folks coming you know we get. I'm gonna make announcement soon. 'cause we got a cap it out. His place holds one hundred and sixty they. Give me eighty a moradi at eighty. Well we gonna squeeze it number. Forty day out and i'll tell you what don't you come up in their filming anything right and keep your mask on your face. Keep your mask on your face when you just take a massive your drink and then you put your mass back on so you just eat. Put umass back on the show. This is real simple. Just don't hug people without the mass on and like like a like a ninety second. Hug took about ninety seconds for that thing to transfer from across the room hanger so we go we go. We go space out lovely. So yuck y'all come on out now feel afraid to come out. I understand that. Of course stay home. Stay on this Don't don't don't don't go back and forth with me with this. Sean was going to stay. How suspending with the square footage of the place house ventilation now. I'm not doing all that stay. Will you big face shale and you're in your crema do your part goggles and mass and come up now. If you don't wanna come out and stay home. So i don't. I don't know the square footage at a. Don't not ventilation system and i don't know i don't know that but that's sunday on a sunday five pm. The doors open. We start the show at six. We go right to at the pie. A little bit after seven. And we're going to give it to ha- sourcing bring it home. I would love for your guys to come out of. I meal Eight thirty one. South delaware dr eastern costa rica. Go my folks in florida. That's a march twentieth. I'm in orlando okay. Short yes is picking back up. I'm bobby all your boys about to get back out there barucha streets. Okay be down there me and my man is down. I'll give it information. So if you're in florida you're hang out with us. Costa rica thank you. Everybody for registered a lot of folks just due to register. Do the show harvey your team. We truly appreciate you guys so much. That's july twenty second to twenty six We telling jokes that saturday night we got a big gala on that sunday or saturday night Myself calicoes to gordon regime and The queen economies for more. You're out Easy payment plans even if you need the flight. There's a payment plan on the flight. Costa rica does up barbacoas. Almost five hundred people come at four hundred dollars five hundred and way umass. And obviously if you're looking for me and costa rica i'll be in the pool will be at the pool hotel party being pooled if you're looking for so that's what's going on. Thank you so much now okay. We shot out the room this folks in now before we shot out the room We were discussion before the show and apologized folks. Because the last coupla days these shows been rocking we haven't been getting into a lot of the current news on social media thomas's happens but it's just very entertaining. What we do here. And sometimes we get sidetracked. And that's my forest. Fire him up a barbie the young lady before we shot out the gorilla glue in the in. Her hair is now is probably old news. Now at this point. I just want to get my take on it Wh where's this woman from again louisiana. Okay she's in. what's her name. Tessa brown tessa brown from louisiana and this african american woman. Obviously not unfortunately. I made a mistake and and i saw a sort of radio and i saw everything. That's going on with her. She was like twenty hours. -delity like forty one and forty forty well age has to do is call. You should have more comedies. Age age does age. Is not when you're knucklehead. Age has the now. This woman took a whole thing of gorilla glue and put it on the top ahead. The flattened down. Yeah she ran out of her. There's a spray called bob. You should know about turn the spray youth We have a few the gorilla snot gorilla glue and not jail. Oh and you put here and it holds the hair better than normal gel. Because it's hosa here flat now your yeah like checking my ponytail. I'll use john. I just use like some ads controlling what she wanted to jail. Control right. Because i don't like a product she put. She ran out of her her spray. Adhesive and she used the actual gorilla glue. Yeah and Yeah history. She can't get out of now. We're we're now so. Is this so when you ladies get up in the morning before we get back to her. I just wanna know everything every day. Part of this harvey's aw man. I don't know what's going on here so your ladies slick that hair back look like like like ice skating. Rink looks like black ice on slicked hair. Coating the hair back barbie and then you spray these these stuff. You're how does it work. Tell now now before the ponytail is on the table. Unless you got the ponytails on the table right okay and then what happens your hair if you wanna be have point like mind you a blow dryer that you press it australia off. That is st. You'll put little product of middle. Brush it back. You put little product but outside you brush back your tight down. Attach point now we. We mean tie-down with north or hair. Wrap or something right on the money like a like a scarf. Wearable more silky right or hair wraps hoping to hear back home get going to get into lay flat late flat us. Move how you want. How did how did all of this originated this. From the blacklist. Our sisters went back up option. Hot days back right. Yep yep for how long the black woman has been wearing this style. I'll ponytails abba right way back to forever and a day right so you're combing the hair them up home breath so you're constantly now. How long does that take the brush and part out to get it to get it. Flat board down. So you're doing the coleman a couple of seconds and when you don't have the ponytail point till sitting on the table and if you if you challenge with here if you have a here your put your hair challenge up there so if you're challenged with here just please walk me through this so if you're challenged with here and then it all meets at the top somewhere and that that meeting place. That's where you need to tie it up. Yeah yeah that's before you put the ponytail that sitting on the table on top of your head right. So that's what. I'm that's well. Wouldn't you get and once the to the less than five minutes to do that. And it's the meeting place up here now down there wherever you went to okay. So where's the normal. The person only puts their points like right here like a little bit lower. My worker a little bit lower than you're right in the back and then somebody helping you do this. You can but the average fema knows how to pull headed point That's something you learn when you like. Oh yeah because. I see tiny running out with bungee hazel creek. Will loggerhead so she can. That's not going to point out fast right so when it gets to that that meeting point you said there's a silk scarf or we have those there would hold that little bit ahead of a whole point to hold the little rubber but his case in like a nice material. So they won't break here all so there's a pony holder. Yeah i swear. Call them a bob lob my very his forever. So there's something called the pony tail holder. Yes i swear in the house because fact dollars a pack of like ten deep portland. This is bridget breaking news down to the thirty down please. If you're at so thin the ponytail holders is the meeting place between the hair. That's put the hand point now. How do you now. How does the pony tail holder engages with the hair on your head. How does that work. Because as you pull your hair you hold it and you the ponytail desperately holds the hair show on morning show bobby smith but not something that's going on. I'm learning a lot here today. My friend yeah. My question is how you don't know about that. You have a daughter that you raise. I don't know i never been a wrestling. You put me on the spot. My daughter's thirty years old daughters twenty three years august saying you was too busy switching families to be doing nepali. Show mom the do not show on know. This mom's is to us from dax. The grease that with a high cold. Oh see that's why lady back in had that. Burn on your barbie. Yeah have you ever suffered burn on the forehead. No i got an air gap. I was on one. Amis like of you hold down right over slip. 'cause they use so much damn greece fingers all slide carreno pop up and they get the head or the back of that negative baby. I was like. I said the kid get my head up or not. Have you heard of this ponytail holder thing now now now back to that about the he. She called it. The bob lab. That's that's how you say. The spanish bonier. Oh what is that. I up and now it's a small small. I needed. any somebody put a thing and now now nobody you said in close to one change. And there's you place it on your head you put it around your hair and then you wrap it. Oh so you. that's the connect. that's the connector. Yes yeah you can call. Once that's done what have lakes you now. you can either put a little bit more practical. You hear this move to damn then you tie around here like 'cause you wanna hold it down that's Drying or you know setting then you add. Then you'll get your point tailpiece if you add in point on then you push your point piece on so you take the ponytail from the table right right. It connects to the pony tail holder. You pony tail because you can connect to your hair what to say. Yeah you can say that called your right and then you take the ponytail and you connect it a ponytail holders. You wrap it around the polio. Use robert to they still we still do. Now it's like covered in Like a little silky type material was material. So we'll pull iro ponytail holders. Yeah that's how your boy detail rabbit the rebel bed take too because she covered the rubber bands to have right right so so the hair. The hair is so. Hose the connector. Together the connector jose hair together that would be the point holder. Now now would you put the ponytail par table. Yeah and and everything is connected. Now you've got your ponytail. Now you have your polling until you hear somebody said last day. That's how long what's the so. Obviously you gotta ponytail. And i'm looking at. How long does it take for you to take that off. You had to put it back on the table. I don't know stay real quick. How did he take. How do you take the ponytail of when not do this point so i don't use a lot of house people will put hairpins or bobby pins and secure right but when i do this one i don't use no bobby pins hairpins at all. Doesn't cure it and he's in there so yours is secured in there without the ponytail. Without the bobby pins yes. Wow because you got skill set with how long like what's the average time to have this ponytail week. You female can use a leila point about a week. Banak did you notice what the average time that had the ponytail and is a week. Sometimes they'll do some south. The longest depends on when they go take a shower was how does that work. So would you take a shower. You just wrap your head off wit shallow cat. i. I'm gonna win when tiny takes shower tonight. I'm going and just watch. You probably wouldn't listen when the library just going in and study. I got a okay so boy when the two weeks or upper whatever i think. That's a long time two weeks the average for female to okay. Okay yeah so well. Okay let me phrase. That has a lot of times. They quicker because because it'd be hurting. Sometimes yeah it depends on how you when you sleep in. How do you know. I gotta ponytail right now trades and i got joy listening with words so superbly this whole science to this out process process before right before we get to the gorilla glue now now now now barbie. When it's time to take off the ponytail with the pony tail holder. How long does that process it a few minutes. Don't take law policy has only the easiest hairstyles. You could do. Like quick boom boom boom now barbie. What's the average price of the ponytail itself. This there's a song comedies. On bag cheap. Ponytails or points forty five dollars. That's a lot of money if you go to a hair salon wash dishes style of average about forty five fifty five dollars. Wow talk about the bone. You'll come in a pack. No no. we're not talking about self. The ponytail you talk about the point i was that the holders not the hold is like the here like that well depending on what kind of points you get. You get humid ponytail. That will run you like the healing here. Point doubts or you can do think that's like five dollars and what's the average for the For the women out here in streets was the average price of that. Is that the human hair or the synthetic here what. What's going most fevers. Get the synthetic points out so they use it like putting long break that that's the style now going so. Is this safe to say that you rock into synthetic or us. She has a. That's that's the right. Yeah oh thanks gangsta. This is barbara. She said i got the beyond say one about the point holder. Veneta for sending me pitcher. I never see anything i swear. I know you got some land around the house. What we use underneath that black skin is due to of course. Yeah any female hair do it. I like why women give each appreciate this because swear ninety one little girl used to get a you know a lot about. I'm bob barbara dietrich shenault about it know about okay so now not a educating me. Yeah so now. The young lady who put the gorilla glue position. She's teachers was cheap now. She wasn't cheap. She ran out of because the once she bought ashlee costs more than the one that we have spray one so he wasn't cheap. She was just stupid for minute. She had a momentary lapse in judgment. I would act out now to the store and got more now. Not right so now you went now. You talked about that whole relaxing thing. Yeah we can't live with. That was the average price of relaxing relaxed as a chemical treatment. You use a straighten your hair like if people get that. I don't get it but african could have natural curly hair whatever to to permanently straighten. Their hair does put it in a ponytail. Why you know you can just You said relaxing Usually if you want to appoint temporary so we just wanna wash blow dry your and in a flat iron at st street right yes to get your ponytail like something like this girl ahead right so she had she put some kind of jail. She used she she would normally use guerilla break The gossiping glue spray and she ran out of that's bracewell. She used gorilla glue. Lhasa pulses switch to different relaxes. We talk about so we're right but he's right. If she was gonna do gorilla lucy to citizens they guerilla group from the jump. If she s she ran out she should have not us. We know she probably had a half a half a job so you go pull it all now. How does she put the glue on her hair spray and he said oh no the gorilla glue. I quoted to the crazy. Oh so they have to wise. They have gone. But brackman's john is the spray adhesive. Wow so she continued to spray it on a head. He uses her. Yeah and then. She slipped opponent down and she had never been to unsleeping. Since did it burn in the beginning. No but now that she's trying to get it out because it's starting to eat her skop up now. Skin is gone. Scout is starting to burn any time. She used anything on besides water. This woman she shikha us to get out. She can this year. You can't. You cannot thank god corona they work. Use the brown one nine this. She needs like chief city. She self next door saying she needs. She needs that head to be sculpt off like the indians back in the day. Word up this woman. They need to donate her whole brain science after she died in opponents l get the whole thing she got the football players. Suffer those horrific concussions. Maybe she had a lot of those without playing so we have to study that brain. She leaves the women down. Reminding what wait what but now going forward. What are they trying to do. they've trach. Yes dave chat acetone alcohol. They've tried nail polish remover. Pas gone on a different options here but still slow down. they cannot nothing will work like the the ass goule is hong gooey. But as soon as it would dry it will hard right back. Of course of course. Let me tell you that gorilla glue works. I used it plays on. She put them on a map. But this here. One manufacturer has something the people who made they actually mesh on her instagram. Page because i have been following the story since she first. Because i don't want to tiktok when she first made the first video we all thought it was a joke. Because you know english they remain a second video and we realized that it was not a joke. She was really serious. She couldn't get outta hair. She couldn't get the glue hair and it's been going on ever since it's been about two weeks now go to say that's why they reached out to because she did the Instagram joint. So that doesn't that's not their sales year but the thing is i don't know what's more disturbing her putting this chemical in high hair or bobby cologne following on tiktok now back now. Best out a good. The women might be trending but l. Here she strict do the right thing. I say yes. I mean so she is god right now i guess things going on soc meet her trending trimming so now she 'cause i really i i apologize. I should be stories like this. I apologize does she go to the hospital yes she had to go to the hospital because oh shoot nothing. She tried worked so she had to go to the er but they wasn't able to help her either so she can leave the hospital now. So was she needs to do. She's anne hathaway for twelve hours this wishing needs to do okay. Okay i got. This was her name again tests. The says i'm talking to your boy. Hobby i just want a test Look at me. i'm here. I know you you to queen social media at the moment and you also raised thirteen fourteen thousand dollars and counting and use only looking for fifteen hundred That's a win for you as a prophet. But you're going to have to use that money to get this adia here now This which are going to need to do. She's gonna have to go to the scientists the people who made this glue not not the people who put it in a box and all that crap that the patent on this you gotta go to the grandpa like the sun like they gotta go into the metal blocks. Get the paperwork out and figure out scientifically how to get this. Is this woman in a relationship. Because i i was in a relationship with this woman that this relationship is over well o of a doctor. Plastic surgeon in beverly hills Reached out to her until he can help her so she she should be flying there now. She's supposed go he can. Nobody can help. Everybody's gonna come up now right because now you know she's free now. Now you know people are gonna try to help her out but are they really helping her out. They've pol trying to get their name out there too. And i ain't even mad at them. I won't use the word opportunities. They probably do to help but they do. Want business as well They started give her money. A lot of panic got a barbie even donated fodder get to choose from louisiana bag with that. She is she a no women in no particular category. But i will if she a productive member of society. She heard saying she was a mustache. She asks you have a dance group. You know she mentors girls. Oh man so. She seemed like she was pretty upset. You know eighty. She probably smokes with them too. That's why we're not the dough is she. Loves the way we need to know we need to weed is the reason why did that right. We need to know if there's any dot tendencies of course or if she's just like a church going woman. She made a mistake because there is i sympathize with this woman now her hair. I see the pitcher versus social seen the video. Her hair slicked back to up. This must be a permanent hairstyle for her. I can say. I'm pretty sure from a professional point of view that her scalp is is born past You know help like she's there's no. I don't think she's going to be able to come back to finish. I think she's gonna fix rest allies life. They got six months since they was finally able to get the had. Long break points off good fingernails and you know what i can too. Now she got around. Look like james. I think a barbeque alone. I think everybody's on the come up with this young lady. I think a whoever she's in a relationship with men if she's single men's still try to get with painful right now. I think that there's a level of embarrassment for this woman. That maybe i should. Maybe she's transparent and she's telling all her business which is cool. But i think there's gonna be a level she's going to be by herself one day and and it's all going to hit her. Yeah she's gonna get the two little impression just a little bit all guys that got relationships and when they get mad at that girl that she can't even go away coke like that or or alone. Maybe the gorilla glue. Folks can hire her well. Speedo job is something. She is trying to sue them any. She's trying to sue them. And her attorney. He had put all the statement. He says i'm here. i'm paraphrasing. That they should give her a sponsorship. Could do that only made the more famous than ever been are. They're gonna pretty much sued them. I totally that's a thank you for sharing a barbie. Colona that to me would be. If i was the judge judge harvey that would be fabulous lawsuit to me The gorilla glue has been out there for a minute. Everybody know ca gorilla glue okay. Of course there's no big ad campaign for it. Maybe they had a super bowl advertisement back in the day. I don't know about the super bowl. They had the name on the back of the jersey. You can't you can't sit there and now try to sue the fact all the information. That's what i was saying. You remember when the lady who sued mcdonalds for spilling coffee on her as she won millions of dollars simply because the cup didn't say caution hot but that. That's that's the. I could go with that but y you know you're a hot coffee. Make the coffee to call me. She made the quasi by the point. Is you or a hat coffee. You know the coffee is hot too. So why would and used on yourself so wild. Try to sue us okay. But the reason why she may win issuing thought you can hold your thought. I can't adhd barbie cologne. Yes that is a valid. If the if it says it should say hot court of course so big downs would be liable. That happened to somebody i know. Yeah and they sued and they got money as you comedy but they need to. They need to put that on the label. It may be calmer says don't show. But because they didn't put it on the label the label labeled their live here. They don't say no putting here. Just put it on your skin. Hold on the hair. Isn't skin bob. You have you completely lost to cut common sense. We know on us barbie. Look you may with that if you go to that produc and read the caution inflammation on that product and if it says something about don't put it on your body yet missile. It doesn't matter. Skin doesn't matter that fashion him sit there and have the company liable. Maybe the maybe the company might say give a few dollars so she could shut up. That's probably liked the suit. Helping me is outrageous in your agree. I definitely agree just super supermarket and it says what floor and you still go. You can't because it says what. Now now now barbie now if she has an attorney. Do you see what's going on here. Everybody around her is on a come up a little bit. They wanna get their name out because she's social media hero. hope now. reliable. Bobby is gonna look out because i need to know we're not gonna paraphrase this. We want to know what the what the instructions on the on the box. Because i love this one thing that we do or no. We'd have experienced it personally. We have folks that have been through it. Everyone has used crazy glue and they put the glue on a fingers. And you're the governor for right turns on a cocoa. Everybody had to everybody has sampled click crazy. Glue on fingers and your fingers and stuff every apart your stand ripping off. Everybody put try. Elmer's glue i say that pills off. That's nothing chat room. If you have a half the crazy stuff to thinks a beat thing always happens with nothing gets stuck to your thumb. That always happens. Could you let like. I used to build cars and stuff like talk. 'cause always do get plenty of finger and forget my thumb in to be stuck now. I'm saying okay all day great. Now that's that's due to hold on hold on it's crazy trucks all day commercial commercial but when the guy was on being up in the air and he had the helmet crazy glue. See that now barbie. I have all the rights not to sympathize with this young lady. I i do i. i'll she made we've all we all know. Say all of that's to say. I'm not gonna say all of us not in a bar become harvey shot. Harvey has made a tremendous amount of mistakes in his life. That was a vanilla right. There is not how does not have the luxury to sit on some boxing. Judge this woman. Lord knows we out doesn't have joint. I remember remember. We'll have a flattop. George bright but flat-out. i remember. That was ski days or allerton but boy go. Overdressed not put the cream in my head. I don't know what kind of cream it was before but it had had died in my mouth don't sell did that are dried it. I started combing it. Hey stop falling out started crying. Wow i was like i was like nineteen years old. I started crying. Because i was on my way to club. My head around it fell out. I had a baldy right. Yeah what do you use a. It was a different guy back. Then dot see now everybody but knox all right. let's but knocked out your thank. You bye-bye rested a good day you to write a. I love your ponytail harvey. Thank you got a nice. Could you put on pause on that brooke now. You say hard paul. It's got like you make an embedded reporter now. Do i sympathize with his. Yeah non bit only five percent. I mean right right. 'cause what she did was we don't allow times in our lives. We don't think things through and we do get keep it all myself i. There's been times in my life. I didn't think through and i made bad decisions now. This is horrific. I but i've made bad decisions as well But this one was a bad decision with a self inflicted wound. Yeah this was something nat even in hull. Just haste to try to get her hair done. They had the been one moment before she put him. And he's crazy glue in her head. I mean the gorilla. Glue ahead that. This is not going to be good right right. This is not. But i'm gonna do it especially knowing you. Purchase an abridged. You've probably went to some hardware store in hardware second and walmart or something really and we. We got us of how folks are or you. Don't pay attention. We do have the ability today to research things on social media. Pick up a phone going you to like you know. Sometimes you don't know certain things to say. Let me google it or we have that advantage today. Yeah we sure do that. This woman is a tick tock hero or ready. And she's a social media queen or ready and she's this dance She does a dance troupe. Or whatever you said. And she's a productive member of society. There have to be a moment of clarity to say okay. Before i do this. Let me research it a little bit or like sitting all your your Your conspiracy theories do research. What so you got. Stop this take a moment before you put the gorilla glue in your head. Meet this this about me. When i'm doing my clients. I don't even like a lot of product in. They're even even the ones we suppose put. I just don't like putting my hair products in my clients. Here now am i am i. Do i feel for her. I do a little bit you just the harvard bid and now she's going on the social media run but is that beneficial for her like because in the long run well. She's gotta be by herself when she ain't got his was up with her one of those owners. She again for four weddings. You just turned forty. This year doesn't matter. I've made mistakes in my forties but Yeah i'm gonna give a ten percent. I sympathize with temp ten percent. Ninety percent is is too much and man she put a. She put a lot of this gorilla glue in her hair. Yeah clearly she did. She put a lot. Like it's just so i hope for her that this does it prolong as far as like a number illness while she long. You know somebody's got to help her. Get this stuff out of her hair. Because you don't want none of this deceit down into the men brain and then now you now you're thoughts now now you dreams now. You can't even dream y'all have gone up almost eighteen thousand dollars eighteenth class. The trees get stuck now. But i hope this comes to some type of resolution i. It's something has to happen. And all the scientists around the world still don't mind could help with sister out because nothing's working right now and and but we do. We do know that what works and that's that guerrilla blue. Well let me say that gloomy day whoa supposed to have done hailed together and and that release it. Sure enough doing and it worked and why. That's you still have the sydney the instructions on the box. I'm sorry why you just said you just answered the whole quite. The product did what it was supposed to link exactly the. That's why. Why is the company i doing with the help posted on the they'll grow your hair. Maybe i could see as she put the gorilla glue in a hair. It now company is liable any head again. The problem worse. I was president of gorilla. Glue now now it works. Well we have Yes they were see but see if they were smart they will use this as a plus you know people people people got a newfound respect for guerrilla saying that what you make the death spokesperson company and the ultimate bondage. Even the girl good to say my check shabi ciborium good morning. This is our god. Bless you guys been the reason why i'm calling because that goes through If you don't put it on the right things can destroy whatever you put it that far. It's never gonna have a full head of here. no. I'm many tell you my husband. Boston will go roller home. And he mistaker league mistakenly left on top of the deep freeze up. And i say what are they gonna yellow stuff on the we had you ida and and the old that i'd say whoa it's not clean over off so no i'm sure at the top of my weezer. All the light part of it is gone. She is never gonna grow here again. That's what i said. Yeah that maybe going to bow. He never going to grow head because it was a nice deep reason. Everything and i still have it by. Look at madly. Destroy mme de now now now barbie cologne. Happy to hold on. Hold on late ayyash. We did that for the rest of your life. but now you just heard with sean hayes. Jones is that the glue they has the chemical in glue just shredded. The top of the door of the freezer. Yeah due to a human head. Oh yeah and then all the chemicals that you try to get off the in there. That's not say to put on your hair or your scout. Yeah those are the ones she has to us. We try to get to dissolve a little bit so she could bring them up to cut her hair off. yes she's done. Yeah she's done so yeah that may have says about it as really sad because what is it do because those pores were open not may be feels. I don't know what's going to happen with that. I don't know but see downs of regular shot. That i don't know james. I don't think i d stuck though ab stuff but what is that going to do. lay she's going to need. This is the thing okay. She needs Everybody the sean hayes jones on she needs a she needs scientists again like i said they the by registering around soap and duck sauce. And that's the washington. It's probably probably real simple. That like if you put like a strawberry going ahead and it just all dissolve like it's probably something well we just don't know it. She needs all scientists in the world to kind of figured it out because and then she needs medical help to got like you just said the sean make some of this chemical might seek to and from the scouts being open up blood right and then once on top on top on top of that she needs a whole lot of a whole lot of therapy and a whole lot of therapy 'cause 'cause this is a mint who issue as well was the barbie cologne. This woman will never be the same again in the fall asleep slobby. I don't even know. They have anything that who follow business are done like she's she's here she's done and she needs to get off. Get off of that. Tick tock like all you people on his take all fan more worried about the fans and women got gorilla glue and her front and her fronts. Who follow because of this. She has gotten verify verify. Means you get a little blue. Little boost happened to the guy that the president that got shot yesterday. He you to listen. Everybody jump off his stupid so for social media for two seconds. If you don't mind because this woman has a bigger issue but she wants to be a hero on tiktok. That's her business. But i think this woman needs to get off social media for second. Swimming needs to focus on. Oh man i don't know if she has a job is willing to go to work. She has a daycare. She only a daycare. How the hell you're going to trust your kid. Woman got gorilla glue on ahead. And you know what sean you still their concerns me. My my sister my beautiful. I'm so grateful. I have you in my life. This is what's gonna concern me. They might be some copycat incidents that happen out there. Valiantly with gorilla glue net garage goes almost a weapon right now. God forbid his horrible decision or a a a girlfriend could take a fight with another girl or whatever manuever take that and this the spray take that spray and start spraying ahead Be right around here. Gorilla glue assaults very as. You know how many kids she has. Yes five kids. She has five kids. It's not it's not. it's not. That's not the part. I'm worried about having five kids. I have five kids. It's just that the kids got to go through this with mom. Oh god the kids. My my sympathy levels went up twenty percent. This is not good. I sean. I'm feeling more and more for this woman each minute that goes by so like you'll get away and she's going to be good but no but wait a minute. Forgot about right. That's the end goal. We've still got to get the off. My hand got to kick the stick out of your brain is done and crazy. I said okay is the white now nominated hair grows up enough for you could just go ahead and give a little snippet out. But she couldn't even if it's not even it's not even growing out a frigging eyeballs. At the average person had grows between a quarter inch to a half inch a month. That's speak for yourself. I don't healthy follicles rooms. Well you know so. She even getting their growth given out go. She looks work and be careful. Triple masks down there. And that's subway if you if they get if they awarded judah contract to get all is gorilla glue outta her head. What would you do. You got about thirty minutes to get decided when he did it out. I don't know put acetone all over. I don't know i wouldn't know how to do the work. Then she done. I don't know. I know what i'll do barbagallo. Pocono get these india's out there the americas back in the day. They used to stop a lot of heads out there we need. We need an american indian scout. That thing grab that's come on down. And the deep down deep down i well we sympathize with god bless you have a good day a To with a smile with that as she me Just Thank you. Let's say good food. It's she leap i come up with that story's stories for this woman i. It is weird wednesday wednesday february. The temp twenty twenty one. Thirty two minutes. This we're going to do because we didn't shop the moon. Yeah right we need to shot out wrong. We need to show the room. Some love on weird wednesday. Yeah that's what we do. I want to shut up. Prince cox no pause blackheart. He's he's he's in here. Thank you prince. You get it. We're talking about sports but to send me the funniest video day he said i didn't see it and And i always talk about the wnba. And how i don't like what's going on over there because they have women actually playing basketball when i said you know though some high heels on or some some some big booty women or whatever practiced sent me a video. That was amazing. It was ten women playing basketball cologne bigfoot sitting and you know watched it because that's entertaining but we get into that later date. Whatever you chat room was show. You got some love on the wheel wednesday. We are here for you guys. Wait wait accent heart. Paks actor bobby. Let's go hey with a heart wait. Wait wha hey what's up with that. Pay hey but living barbie. Let's go long. Hey whoa hey Hey guys ooh i. If you're gonna shout to our very old city jay girl we issue here. S to the iraq. And you can't deny this. Sidney j michael street justice grassy in the building. Hey michael good morning to you veneta. George is in the building at again for that. Ah this here hello neta martin is gonna take me a minute to get used to that and then the nine henry part is here. Hey charles good morning to you. Stained cologne is in the building. What's up girl. how are you today. Kenny be winning in the building. Hey can you. How the sworn-in shoutout to convince them will take frame. Young is a good morning gabor morning. Tonya tonya lynette. Is here gonna tonya. Lynette how are you today. Dray shaw is in. The building was sub. Drake morning della andrew. The beautiful dell is here. Hey girl do boys pamela. Then yeah williams is here. Hey math is in the building. Hamer and i hope you are taking it. Easy merv. Yes so anyway. Murphy's in the building and a spoke to murph this morning about six thirty before you came in barbie and it's weird because merck doesn't sleep at night. Murph go murph wakes up at one in the morning he goes at eight in the morning he stays up on that very weird. He's in the hospital He had a heart attack. And it's weird like he's such a positive guy and he won't sit down. He doesn't listen but his text messages hilarious. He sent me a text. Josiah's up bra was good. Everything all right. I had heart attack on all right. I'm fine let's get to the heart attack. But anyway i spoke to if wanted to by some ladies and like you said he's in God bless he wanted to show. Everybody loves he wanted to let me know to say good morning to you. A barbie and sanitizer calmer six thirty rodway hate consumer. Take it easy my friend yes please do. Marcus missed one emoji. Johnson is here good morning. Markus robert politics in the building. A natalie of who the heck who. I'm writing crazy. I don't know. What was i thinking when i wrote that. Their nellie right is here. I think i wouldn't. Natalie you're putting in network for this show appreciate mrs support in heaven. That would natalie florida. Because i wrote that. Her name is right under robert with paul. He had mentioned something about florida right. Okay it was crazy and we have a couple of natalie's in chat rooms and we'll feel live longer than a lot of natalie's out they didn't natalie was popping back in the seventies and eighties. Not i think. Natalie writing turns you only tuna. Both y'all live long because cheese is not alone. Not alone now. he's out there live long. God bless prentice. Hey baby he gets. Like he's in the mind sean harvey he gets it. Everybody's mad but prentiss the me on the same page. He gets it. Whatever the saying this for years let me show you video of look better mass. The rich nine to our guy wolf nation. Y'all check them out. Check wolf nation lynette. Nassarawa was in the building. Hey nah nah. Hey girl boom there you go on barbie accomplish and an lynette. God bless you wanna show sydney barbie. Yeah good morning. How are you good morning where it's coming on. We not. Everything's good over here. All i'm staying sat shot not chat room. Okay all right. that's a good thing. I was just calling to let you guys know that. I appreciate you Yesterday i celebrated thirty four years of marriage back to celebrate eight years cancer free from the first time in four years cancer. Free from the second time. A less than us tremendously yes. He has That is great news. It's the same thing like yes as not good news at happens on this show. Just like Shelly with and readmit remission of cancer. And now we hear this from audrey and take notes. Everybody like these are true blessings. Were folks calling celebrate with. They're going through. Or let's all take he'd be receptive towards that because There's a power graded in all of verse. That's out here. And it's proven when folks call in to share all this good fortune news in that and we appreciate you even taking the time or the share. This great information. I was just feeling bad for the girl. The bought the gorilla glue now that you share this information. That's all out the window harvey's feeling great because of which you going through self. Thanks for even just taking the time out to call and let all of us notice. Oh no problem. I enjoy guys. I look forward to listening to your show every morning. Even if i don't come on. I do come on and i figured morning and you know and then i go do what i have to do because i. I don't know if i told you guys but Took my grandson back to school last week and The he had an asthma attack so It wasn't because he went back to school except that it could have been anything. The weather change just him being out. Because you know next month it'd be almost a year that they've been in remote schooling so i'm just the fact that them being back down out in the elements and all you know he's home this week again and he'll go back to school on monday. I'm not going to keep him home. I'm going to let him go out and you 'cause he has to well you know again prayers for your for your grandson's well now Or as you before we get back to the shot room barbican. She said it was a thirty four. Th anniversary husband. You're going to have to do something special for this guy or g tonight. Yeah no you fill in very healthy. No you feeling very healthy. You're cancer free foot eight four years and it should thirty four th anniversary. You're gonna have to get it into a orgy. Would you agree or you late. It's been done business like a pulse. Okay you name right. I thought i got a good man. I tell you. I got our man. I got a good man. I treat him well. Good you know the other night. I was trying to get a little freaky with tanya of of Barbie play i played. I played up a p talk on the info on the instrumental and she told me to turn it all and that was there that night. But i congratulations. Tell your husband. God bless them. Don't feel free to do around tonight too. If you don't mind you know what listen. Y'all have a great pay. Stay safe you know. I know you still got snow and stuff. I'm sorry still looking at it. S right here the right along. You know it's right there. It's not even in the summertime right here. Okay well you know. It's like seventy seven degrees here. We go brag out. Days likes to bragar headphones short bragging boy and you should you know you work. You have to two houses in the poconos brooklyn you worked the thousand years and retired and you now you didn't. Yeah the prego bit fine. I'm i'm enjoying life i think. God i'm humbled i am. I am totally humbled did. Hit me with a god. Bless god bless. God bless god bless god bless. You only have a great day. You guys to grab clapper. Orange years in cancer free eight and four years. That's texas sharon. That information who we have a deer jackson his. Hey deora nicole harris in the building. Jessica wilcox hager all all johnson s. She just called then. Alice king is in the building. Good morning elliot's the beautiful. Wanted this chance to wander sandiego shepherdess. Here hello wanda good morning. Younger net is in the building. I think his name already. Hey young in a good morning to you. The sean hayes jones. Thank you for calling in darlan. Banak is in the building what not. Hey nate banyu jones is here. Hey good morning you ever heard the song. P talk goes So so the night. Tanya free his love songs i was like. Let's let's keep busy. Attitude is so i can't you don't wanna hear i love this song like crazy i throw it back. I will not play shut. This old thing now took had listened vocal music proud. I made a couple of years back. Plays tiffany thompson is here. Hey tiffany johnny whip does and the building good morning. Good morning johnny. Diane how we said diane hall is here. Hey diane good martin now bourbeau giant said. Hey you to shetty building would put. I'm let removed the hamby short. I swear the woman was played. This song i got some dollars. I took all my clothes. A score called p. Talk you know. A p p talk had instrumental. They will shut this whole thing down. Listen to that in this one. What around my friend. He might get that their own. This is this is one of those songs like lee scott. Gabe was with the do rag would the diesel guinea. Like i said she's a song from sitting girls. Who've i may have heard before but i had this one of those one of those li scott joint type girl song. Oh and wrong. I heard that at a comedy show last year. Lee scott. Don't let this prissy fool you sweetheart. You can't work. Ooh they'll let these dip was a delicious food. Yeah bobby i saw these girls torque off of that song. I did a comedy show of state in new york last year and after the show is over the dj played this that it was an after party. We had to leave because kobe but he played. That's all and all the girls started to work and everything is a song. Wow Yeah sabrina laurich is here. Good morning suffering. Rg free as in the bill. That went up audrey. Hey girl so. But i'm just saying bobby. Please be careful when you listen to that song because you will listen to it. The whole day i would go with the instrumental. I the ease into the lyrics a week to get this thing. I saw to the sold for four straight days. Now i didn't miss would use plan here and then when i was playing in the crib tanya son heard the song six year old. He's listening to solve a number week. I was glad for baby this out of our system but that thank goodness from iran. Thank goodness i just system. Queen diana's given shout out to diane anti. Hey good morning. Tanu washington is in a building. Natalie turner is here. Hey natalie. Julius gillis shaw is here shutout you shop those county where on. Let's see gum marlon pitchy cream. L- apprentice here. Hey goro tricky lewis. Twenty dollar trick gate in the building. I will chat remember other week. Just pop the. Hey tiffany how you feel the we. Hey chat from member jamel yes grandmothers. Know how you feeling up to a call in now. Yes if you to call in show brought out of a hey best debu good morning. In avis denise. Here good morning. I'm not hitting long as stupid as thinking about data. I'll do no don't say that no not really is and then there were lee started following the guy. Yeah excursions a popular guy that he has really good songs. Boy don't handle song if you stay with tiktok three minutes and listen to the song you know whatever. Dawn smith is here. Hello doing good morning to see more than a build. Their freddie j. Gay his what up friday free terrible terrible lee scott terrible jars here. Hager girl shines And those are other names. I have seen if you're here you're here for the next one. If we get into it thank you thank you so much. We truly appreciate your service so everybody up. I think what we do is. We'll come back and we'll come back front page. News here in yellow was secondary by god. Bless y'all even wasn't it and sure missed echo make do into should Lose function bad. Love that's one of our favorite songs into the light into my life. You brought the sunshine. Louis vague with that gray show so far Weird wednesday thomas flying. I said it yesterday. I says that early. He's still be trying to get out of the out. He had not thirty we do is. We're going to get into thinking of orgy. Johnson and you know like i know it's no of the we who snap but we at the optics outside like the snow looks like it's part of the landscape. It looks like this could stay here forever. Well let's be lettuce little looked like that. We don't want to an yeah. We don't want this. We want this to you know what the temperature go up in this. The only way this snow is gonna be gone. The temperature. yeah. I just got melt away so we back a weird wednesday. God bless show it is a cock. Yeah east nine. Am here yes. Ma'am and i still have yet to have my coffee yet. And i'm hungry. I think i'm going to go for breakfast. Leave your treat myself. Oh breakfast yeah Speaking breath is what happened. kennedy wins. Oh yet can. He had a hope. Everything is ok in homefront call. Katie i wanna know what happened. Owner kenny kids. Pick up the phone. And i'm very worried because he always picks up. The phone is something that happened. Everybody put the pre emojis of kennedy win. Not everything workout allow kinney. Yeah what's up man. Sean was good sean. Barbie colonial all the over thousands outta listening. What's up barbie. I just You know i was. We were in the break. And i was talking to my beloved over here. Barbie coloma's just wondering if Everything's all right you know Did everything work out. Okay with you. And mrs Be winning yesterday all. Yeah everything is know. We've been together seven sixteen years. Now we've been married for what eight nine years now. So you gotta go through some ups go through some downs and you know i'll make mistakes. You make mistakes just that with this. I think more or less with this. Covert being closed in mistakes. Get magnified a whole lot more. And if they ain't addressed and you know you might do something that really not that bad but then all other underlying stuff that haven't been addressed it makes tip blows everything up a week. Good we we got a family wing gonna wear us. Yeah how we was this. I love the hear. I just was she with a thank you. I feel much better part. Barbecue was she. Was she upset that you call us yesterday because you know what the reason why i said that because you know trying to get everything right. Veneta george right bonetti. Panetta joy sounded very cologne. Star started sound very colonial to me. Veneta george says something that she may go point about you calling in the show in the you know why you're going through this turbulence with your wife because a least the transparency of you. Let your wife know that you call in the show and you got this extended. Family is a good looking. You're not hiding anything she said it wasn't you know like i didn't commit like one of the awful crimes of the world. You know what i mean. I didn't know infidelities no stuff. Like sometimes i go too far with some things that i say. Psalms psalms i get over flirtatious. You know whatever but as this all wolf tickets and all that stuff you know i ain't doing nine is all we'll tickets you know that you just don't want me you know. Of course you know you can't listen Right you have a family. But they're still feelings involved and again. I do appreciate your transparency. Thank you so much. 'cause lord knows now in my in my relationship dramas and loves in this show. I sent this chat room through that whole journey myself. So i understand that so i appreciate you but stop stop liking all the pictures on the facebook. Stop stop stop. It stop stops first of all the all the big booty. Instagram models is fake stop. I know it's a challenge. It's a challenge. For how all those big booty graham hips thighs and legs stilettos in the big lips with the giant waves and the gipper delete them all delete leak all them more of them. I know i know let me tell you. I was depressed like that woman with gorilla glue in her head when lead or my big booty instagram superstar. That i love. And i got rid of those and i got rid of the The the the big booty chicks facebook. And i haven't watched up point hub in two years. My friend let me tell you. And i miss pornhub mrs so much water mrs so much. I miss all my horace little friends on par on on porn hover. All my membership. You can't always. I had always had free. I always had free. And i entered his day. I i miss it Do admit one one night barbie cologne. I did talk my beloved into watching some porn while we were smashing. Then it was. Just whatever so kenny. Take a sean harvey lead and practice. Kong fu disciplined. My friend and guilt ridden. I want you to go straight to your instagram page. Soon as you get off the phone you don't even have to do this in front of your wife about this. That never works and again. I am stage right right. I am not again a disclaimer. Sean harvey's not a relationship expert. I've been married divorced three baby mothers about to get married again not really sure not relation mo- multiple rows of community pena's paused throughout my life traded one family and for number one family and for third round draft pick. God let me tell you. I think you should let barbie lead this one day know my friend. Barbie is out of her out of her natural. Mind you don't want that and kenny. Men with the men mutates is the first thing you wanna do. Everybody kennedy winners on the phone. I bless them. It was a family. Kenny i know this is painful. Go straight the instagram brother. I know a notice. Delete all put his paws. It's a pass he. I know it's a challenge is a challenge. Kenny get riddle. Or and i mean all the big booty chicks on instagram knows. It took me barbagallo. Took me two days to filter out. All my and i had ticks for regan shakes black checks all the big booty chicks. It's gonna take kenny. If you're a man like me it's gonna take a few days to cipher through them now. Katie what you get when you get to facebook okay. The damage has already been done. There'd be no more liking under pitches on book. Okay no all your even you know even the women that you know that just you know you just noam And and there's no motors. Obviously there's no motors with any of them but you got to Consider your wife's feelings with this. You are kinney and thank you for your your your transparency. Because i know what you're going through acharya between lonzo regular judge a character. Stop liking all these women post on facebook my friend. Unless there's some people like like barbie. Like i like your posing people in the chat rooms do some of that stuff but when you like some some random check every single post my friend a. You're gonna stop. that now is is an with mrs. Be winning. She wish seat over there. We'll put on the phone now. Now let me do this. Please please do this please. On a phone real quick my friend. Mississippi weightless clap misses me winning mississippi wind. God bless. you want to say that i saw. I had mrs winning you still there. Yes i've had a talk with your husband all he's gonna stop all nonsense on social media. He's going to. He's going to get rid of all the big bully chicks on instagram. And he's going to stop liking these. These these steve pitches kid. Quiet spaghetti choir. Mrs mugabe. we did We did a man to man intervention. Just me and him. I know i've been there like in these. These big giant. Thad chicks instagram. We're not gonna do that anymore. He is going to mrs winning gablers. He is going to give rid of every single. He's going to delete every single chick from instagram. He's he's going to refrain from liking every of a women's pitcher on facebook. Okay so she is. She is winning. I don't want you to say anything. I don't want you. One show is a natural process. I'm just saying sean hobbies here as a friend and as a grown ass man and he's gonna stop doing silly things that he's been doing he just needs to hear it from another man that got some so much love and respect for him so we i'm here for advocation a mind my business. I just want him to stop doing certain things that make you feel a certain way. That's it because i know i've been there. Mississippi win and i had deleted my point. Hubbard was unbelievable for me to do that. And i get. It took me three days to get rid of the big moody chicks tiny. He's gonna go a little mouth. Depression let them sit in the corner for a minute because he still has work to do to get things right with you. Young lady okay. Well goblins both. He'll don't say nothing. Okay we'll take a quick break. Never met with may just wouldn't win may just Took dan don't move. Just just just just get along were just dot with just just take still case august was just just just just just just no tape slush. She's supposed to shout out to katy b when it and mississippi win. God bless i guess what team Patients okay everybody joined the show yes they are in here with each other. Monks each other in us and comtained not augusta. They are doing well news to cancer now. Job the front page news. Yougov like what's going on. You gotta say the fine. We tell you a cocaine stuffed banana ship. A shipment of bananas ended up in the canadian. Grocery store do a drug trafficking mix up. I know The grocers in a canadian grocers received surprise. Shipman of bananas and cocaine police termine That it was a mix up that landed them in stores. kick on it And somehow or another you know There was cocaine laced bananas of course to go to a cartel but ended up in the grocery store and now the the bananas were to grocery br bananas word cooking into banana to groceries and british columbia canada. What's the price february this old story but you noticed resurfacing when they opened up shipments of bananas to find of cocaine. According to the royal canadian mounted police after a nearly two year investigation the royal mounted police have determined that the boxes had arrived at the two stores were not intended to be delivered their well. That guy with dance a session caruana. Rc impeached reinforcement. You own it work. Collaboratively with the canadian border service agency the cbs to determined that. These shipments originated in colombia. We probably our investigation leads us to believe these illicit drugs were not meant to end up in century. Right come on your in store. And they arrived here in the valley as a result of a missed up. Pick up at some point along the way. The shipments originate actually columbia likely landed in the city. Keller wanna due to a mix up. The police say at. The office hasn't hadn't been intercepted by the confused grocer could had introduce eighty thousand Eight hundred doses eight hundred thousand doses of cocaine into drug market. The police had said that's enough. Contraband for every resident in the city. Of keller wanna to receive nearly six doses each. Wow thank you You would think that in british columbia and that part of canada these babylonian dealing with no drugs probably not a black latino nowhere in sight. Like this is like a wholesome community of folks that just good people and now you know The the colombian dispatcher. Somebody dispatches the illegal Cocaine just like any of a company. It's a business and the dispatch of made the fatal mistakes him. You would get fired from your job. Whoever did this getting killed because you can't. This is a mistake that is fatal right dispatcher for drug cartel to deliver good cocaine full bananas to grocery stores at eight hundred thousand hounds now. Eight hundred thousand yarbrough. Not only your whole generation. Your your name would cease to exist and iraq. You need me like federal protection now. Whatever country you're from because you've done. This is a fatal mistake that you may i rather walk around with guerrilla grew on my head then. The dispatch cocaine full bananas to a grocery store. Eight hundred thousand pounds of serve wherever you are or miss whoever you are you well not gonna hear this because you were already gone past you so down to the To lucifer and you're done. This is horrific sad story. Imagine you go home. You're like honey dispatched to bananas to british columbia paint. Because you gotta like. She's getting everything together address and running out of there no own me. We're left your tail because they gonna get me because you still tag on it. That's all. I had nothing to do with it. Why you want to kill me you want to name but you gotta run members all of that as we learned out we go together cartels get you go your way go by way. Good lungs may may the best of our shit. That's a bad story. Yeah that's horrible gar. Yeah yeah that's that's New orleans it wednesday so thank you send freaky to. Yeah what else you you call it. daughter arrested for allegedly daughter arrested for allegedly keeping a dad mom and an apartment freezer japanese sometime. I read the try that laughter myself. Because i want to get out. But somebody just be. So stupid javanese woman has been arrested after a cleaner found her mother's body in the freezer of her tokyo apartment. the body had been bit into the freezer The police have said you. Mo jo shino of now forty eight said she hit the t the body ten years ago after coming home at five or six year old mother's day she didn't want to move out of their home. There were no visible wounds on the frozen by. I'm sure this is all the two officials determined time and because of the woman that's the body was reportedly discovered after yoshino have been evicted from the apartment due to missing rent payments as. She was arrested in the hotel in the city of chiba near tokyo on friday barbeque cologne. I don't see anything wrong with this story. The woman has died in issue with stuff. Your dad bob in a report is an even tell you why a lot of black folks in slat tinos and even some white folks get these section eight apartments we get these apartments where the the grandmother and the mother had department for seventy five years and they pass away with the of black folks do we came signing a lease and we keep living there but we ate out dead even even if a loved one falls out and die why reported we got covert in the streets. You got your living in a four bedroom apartment with the railroad track. Hallways that beloved mother or grandmother. Half with fifty years barbie cologne. She's only paying three hundred dollars a month for win. The apartment is actually four thousand dollars and you living in a great neighborhood in store. And i mean great like the stores are right around the corner. Everything's convenient for you in that mother or that grandma on t. fall out and now when they fall out you gotta you gotta leave the premises bobby. I'm not going even show style. She was the paperwork. The how is live after the fact so ten years more for free rent. Tea party cologne. And there's people in this chat room and they can attest to it folks pass away and i've seen it in my own life with paperwork continues where where. Grandma's been dead grandma somewhere in central jersey widow up. Boxing up in her soul is in heaven but that paperwork is still being signed for apartment. Six s In jackson houses crate and everybody in the building. No grandma died the only people that don't know that grandma died is the housing authorities or whoever runs rent. Because why do we need to stop that movement because our beloved passed away she just did it in reverse bob data with this puts you in the freeze and we're gonna keep pushing and bobby put it up in a chat room. If you know somebody or you've been involved in something like this where a loved one has passed away but your continued to sign that least six years in a row. This is in common practice. But i know she went to the extreme. Yes stuff maughan. Is that criminal. Yes it is. Of course the ball. I dunno nobody's looking for mama. I meant she must have had no friends. She's in the freezer but it's still the same. Philosophy is this done backwards. Now you know damn well if you live in. I knew somebody. You know those apartment buildings above the george washington bridge when you go in new york city and they got these big giant. You can't miss these back when you enter or leave new york city those builders when they were built they were luxury buildings back in the forties and fifties right. And then what happened what happened. It went down the section eight and the whole thing. And that's what's going on. One of my friend's mother passed away cologne this apartment. They got the walking kitchen upstairs. Downstairs and some of these apartments four bedrooms. These apartments are spacious. I've seen some year. They are huge. The mother was only paying like three hundred dollars a month and my friend mother passed away like thirteen years ago barbie. She's still in that apartment. Wow well can't they like if the kid the kid on the least they can keep good. They figured that out but when grandma died there was no to get to that to that place. Because you don't want you you. You're not giving up a four bedroom apartment on top of the george washington bridge would a walking kitchen bathroom because somebody died and it's one of our beloved you ain't give that to me given that up now. Yes yes somebody. By have to go to a freezer somebody might have to go into a freezer. Not giving that up would you do. I'm gonna report it and okay see if acting the where the beloved passed away the moment after they signed a three year. Lease out in. Which go do if i'm not on the leash you're not only do i'll tell you what heart to heart. He's gonna do a set where you're going to. We're going to write that lease out. We go right that least. Where's ms jacobs he's gone. We go that. Hoping i'm staying. Everyone those three thousand days out of three years. I'm staying. Would you doing bobby. I'm gonna keep the place if not i'll decide to move to ollie's you seriously. I go to jail arden ira. I don't get a you seriously. Yeah after a three year lease has been signed in. And you're in a second month lease and the beloved passes awake your reporting that when you get the best. If they're going no you you already know you can put your markets you hear of you more of your heart harvey's rewriting that gravy train and when the three uses to see if i could get put on that thing common practice show harvey motorshow sebokeng. Hey john this is such a great show today. I'm like wait a minute now. Everybody has someone in bananas gorilla goo goo hair like this is crazy. You got the lady. Put a mama in the freezer yet. Had the chop up. they can't everybody fitting freezing eight eight that maybe she had a deep. Maybe it was a deep freezer. Everybody rose on deep freeze fitted by girl. I mean the body. It is get stiff so you gotta break it down some kind of way the put in the freezer vice mess with them. Banana barbies right there. Is you put in the freezer trusting. They got freeze big enough to stay. She could get a a personal freezer for her for her mom. Bill your own freezes. She was the to meat market right. And then you have your own personal freezer for you low. Franks or whatever you put food out you know before you you know. It takes a couple of hours before. Rigor mortis sets in any way. So when the body is still movable whatever you just both like a piece of april wrapping up with some plastic. I made it. But i'm saying i have seen like classic lacedilli the bottom but a freeze put the food back on top. Niamh said i did that before. But i'm just saying that's what that's what you could do. You would be well preserved. Put a freeze freezer. You know you ain't gonna smell it now. Freeze go kick from stinky. I just saying. I never did it. But i just i just. I'm i'm probably do it now when actually question everybody up there in albany bobby said after three year leases signed year to to the second month beloved died. She's going to report back to the housing authority that folks pathway away. I said i'm right in that lease all the way for three years. And then we with that then a railroad he. What are you doing. I'm getting out of the know. John ain't right you know it ain't right come on now you know you got god in you come on now you go back to the crack. Hey look nobody took me right all right it out you can get your butt on going out mama be like you'll try live a high point you can go get your partner with women. Are we on a different planet. So no we ain't are no different planet wheel in the right plan where you at my or not cologne walk in kitchen that you can put the kitchen table in in a rare your building. You can put the table. I'm talking about forty six seats in the kitchen. And you gotta dining room and you have a living room and you have four bedrooms. You have the rail road track hallway and you got two and a half bathrooms and an apartment building and stands showing. You always giving that up at three hundred dollars a month. We'll be has passed away. A disqualifies be to meet lucifer. And the afterlife less party. I think people assigned going to hell like that look spirit going ride all through the house you get out one way or the other going to be like out three hundred a month i go away. I'm not going no in shame on you. Shame because we on. I'm getting out. I put nobody no freezer. I'm not high no more now doing all that. Look i'll be all you're sober mind right. You're walking out of a freshly signed leaks. Is well together sean. When when i had relapsed in two thousand and one i walked out my apartment would grant bipeds brand new shoes a whole furniture. The everything nothing. I just left it. I came back a year later. House field oh look i was really messed up so i definitely ready state of mind. I'm not saying house. We know dad person in degrees. I don't care this fifty wounds in there. I'm getting not right. Let's less eliminate the deaf person in the freeze apart. What this eliminate that. This eliminate that there's no dead person in the freezer. This is normal death. The person passed away from. This is what i'm saying. Maybe people misunderstanding me. Let me just clarify this. The loved one passed away right and they just signed the three year lease and we paying three hundred dollars a month on apartment. Four thousand dollars per month yeah. I'm not reporting that and didn't come out care what anybody or anyone says in that chat room three year lease but is it legal. So i don't do more than three years if they find out about you. Album cycle ready. Oh inside the list. The twenty five. Oh is me. Maybe you want to take to do here. At least you could say you know. Bomb saturday i would say leave it for. Let's get the debt personality. Quays i mean it that way someone asks to way and i was living with them and they had just signed a three year lease bobby clone at hundred dollars a month and they in month. Two of a three year lease. I am not reporting that not well. I'm gonna get in trouble if i get in trouble of not reporting that actually you. Now let's let me. Let's revisit it now okay. i'll love it row. When he loved ones passed away they just signed a three year lease. they don't have to three sign again for another three years in month to the inc. Didn't even dry of the paper barbagallo and they went to go meet. They make you reporting to the housing authority knowing that. When you report it you gotta get the hell out of there. Because that rent's gonna jump up the fifty four hundred dollars or we ride in that gravy train for the to the year. Two thousand twenty five. Which we i ain't gonna buy for two years but i'm gonna stay into. I can find somewhere else. The move and i'm let him know why i tell them night. Good i had nowhere to go. Look at least. I'm going to justify that. Look i have to say and Find me somewhere to go. I'm all messed up. I go to derby. Ma would love one pathway. Leave me alone right now. that what. i'm but why would you. Why would you go through. All of that stayed here. No i'm saying when they bought and how could they gonna find out by talking. they'll go. How how many times in the hood and we both from her you from the. Am the bags. How many times in the hood. That ms johnson passed away from three f- barbie mr. Everybody knows his john's he was living in the bills. And sixty eight and hook. Kids was there where i was in there and they still stayed there. And maybe they probably did papa pay paperwork but at that moment they wasn't rushing to do all of that to sixty right. I ain't going rushing do it. neither. But i'm going move on. I'm not gonna stay there for the whole two years. I've got farm. You go first of all more messed up. The person died and they were living together. I don't stay in that place. Yeah go well. God bless you of bari. One of my loved ones for and i. I really don't have no problem in that space. I'll put a picture up. And i'll deal with the demons. Accordingly you'll have you'll have company experience tells me back right. Well thank you roll. When i was out there because they roman the only ones that really down the admit that we smoked a crack back in the day when i was smoking has spirits following me every day so i them i've seen so bring bring this thing all the demons and no they'll call on saying we wanna love you. Do stay away from the bananas. Okay and if roy Back in the eighties and we ran into a data and bananas was full with cocaine. Yeah poor row row. And i would have been still in everything we would have lived in nashville. A look at my working. Put him in a pit eating a banana. Enrolling ourselves of such bad drug dealers with the bananas drugs probably were a hundred dollars. We selling them for six dollars. Could we we need that hit. So you're right. We run out of the bananas. We sell in the pills. Bob aglo trying to or trying to smoke them. Yes yep having blessed love yeah god blessed with what they say are they staying. Are they staying in the apartment. We live our staying. There says she ain't nothing you she gets. It jackson gets it. Let's see you run out of a fresh apartment with a with a when a kit dot with a kitchen big enough to put a table in it. And i'm not talking about the dining room and you run out of there and the long rally nataliya race at more three lease now. I see why only one year lease leases from now on. She's a homeowner. she's a home. Always usually so to just rent the apartment out now. I wouldn't do that. That would be illegal everything they say you. I've been there. I've been there done. That might be too old to go to jail now. But i'm taking my chances bob. You could be a law-abiding citizen or you won't ever be say well. Technically they can't kick you out. Because you have squatters right. I still wouldn't even let them know that. I'll be there for three years ago. I do have rights i do. I ain't going nowhere you got on op staying in three see what else i can't with you if you've got three see life in new father iago let him know a move out did you. Apartment or house Both widow apartment number. Do you remember any. I lived in apartment six d and one everybody if you grew up in a tenement three one one one b in another case so everyone everyone everyone chat right now. Where if you lived in apartment or house would whatever that had -partment number two it. Put it in a chatroom. Mile was one d. And sixty and bobby. What was your apartment number of who all three one three five and then one. B was the l. k. Two three and one. B b for barbie sixty and one d for harvey shoddy. Morning show synagogue. Sean how are you would have fun with apartment building. H ten eight eight okay. So we got ten h. one b. two or three sixty and lundy put all your apartment numbers and google sean goblet so even if we want to stay. You know that those nosy neighbors who don't want you to go out and is going to be embarrassing so you can just walk out with your head up. 'cause one day you're gonna come home. They're going to have that still going door. You won't have to get out. I don't care about squatters rights. That may have worked back in the day. That don't work when they wanted to out. They want you out this crazy. Now you know really probably cologne diplomacy is everything even in the community in the hood. Okay everybody knows miss johnson. She passed away and everybody know her. Kids has some type of normal relationship with everybody in the building is all good. We have to have good relationship with sean. Going to the extreme with this of course if someone happ- bad relationships in the miss johnson pass the ways they're gonna rat out the sun she's right but if everything is normal everything is cool. I don't agree with that. I do agree with that. Not now the saying was on his right. If mrs johnson son or daughter was acting crazy in the streets throughout the years. I'll be the first to report. She's right. yeah but if everything's cool by saying that people mind their business not only that there have miss johnson's obituaries. Elevator combat shirt. The whole hook coming out. Nobody saying nothing. My question to you. Is this because of barbie cologne. Says she's she's out of that apartment beloved loved one signed a fresh of fresh. I'm talking funky eighties. A new three year lease the second month of that least. They passed away three hundred dollars a month. You got the kitchen. The walking kitchen kitchen and also kitchen is big enough to put a kitchen table. And i'm not talking about the dining room which you can put a dining room table there as well right in the hood. Four bedrooms two and a half bathrooms with the railroad track hallway. Three hundred a month you outta there or you stay three years you do. If i wasn't an emotional person. I would stay because i wouldn't probably be able to handle being there without the person i probably would leave but i would probably ride it out. You can't have it both ways. Which one is okay. I will leave because the most will connect something. So i am. I hope dear jackson's jeopardy jacksonville new one with me. So the sean. She was saying that her money. So you lose sean. Enroll are out of there and zero and veneta araca with me. Yeah so is so. We need somebody to break the tie now. I say our. Ask them to see if i can stay there but if they say no people stay. I know some people that this has happened to and some people stayed in some people left so when the people that stay. Did you go into judgments zone lang auto. Why why are you going to judge somebody for their decisions. Why you advocate believing. Why won't i set my emotional connection. Because i you know that type of thing i don't like to be with death was and that's just a personal right. No question about it. Now for we cologne That's another issue. We talked about that another day to. Can you live something. Now go ahead. You know back to the days. Our parents used to do some weird stuff. So i have an ankle who was murdered and the couch that he was murdered on mom to my house i was i. I had nightmares for a long time. They believed in moving furniture around and wipe stuff. Spoke down got good garbage much. A little king. What was what was the kid like. Maybe five or six that there had really messed me up. And that's probably the reason. Why i don't i wouldn't want to stay. You know what i'm saying. I will be now that that. That could be traumatizing to a kid little politized. They just didn't see it like that back in the day right they just wipe the blood oranges next. Play here. but i don't care what they wipe. I saw that blood every time because it was already in my mind. Yeah that i could not even as an adult ice cream with that like day data and think about those things and then on top of that there might be some of us who have moved in houses or apartments that we didn't know that somebody got murdered in that apartment and we don't know could anybody who's on the projects they know that it would that one person that the iphone longtime died. Couldn't tell us that it wasn't a ghost in there. And that's another thing barbie cologne. I was out there smoking and doing drugs and all that i saw a ghost psychosis a lot of couches with blood as well all right so we need somebody to break that. Tie the loose sean. God bless we might break that we have three three. Thank you debate. We have three on three. We need somebody in the chat room to break the tie. Three of you're saying you're out the door in three of us saying that we're staying so let's break that tie one quick break and then we're gonna take no man. What story. yeah we get no put him. He'll crafts the owners offices right. We could see anybody. Widow is making quick sports story. And then we get out of here. Hold on a second is just yelling. I'm trying to get the tiffany chat room. Hey chatfield member of the week. Jim on ask. Hey tiffany. how's it going you. You sound much better today. Am glad glad to hear from you. How are you feeling doing a little bit better. Every day is different. Every day is different off again. I god bless Saying his body will allowed beloved members. Who's been gone through this journey of kovic that You guys are gonna get through it and when you call last week you a sad that you were sick and we appreciate you calling and sharing your journey with us. And she calls today. Today's a great day Audrey cordon and celebrated her eighth and fourth year of cancer. Free yesterday shelley shelly lawson was in remission and today our beloved chabrol member of the week extended is filling a little badly. She sounds a little better. Yeah she's out the great now. Are you still are. You still quarantined in that basement of yours. No no 'cause now my husband is positive and my son is getting tested again because he has symptoms. So i finally come out of the basement which is good. So we're all doing pretty well. So and i just i have to give a big big heartfelt sat out to veneta this woman. I don't know her. i have never met her. I know nothing about her. And she checks in with me almost daily to see how i'm doing and that is just incredible so in that I got much love for you. Thank you so much for being just a deeply truly wonderful person. I do know what makes this show so special. Gonna believe when i tell you this. You boys hardly haven't met half of these people in shower. Cologne is never all this more precision folks and that chaperone that we all seem to be met and that's shows the the love that we all have for each other without even physically being in contact you think. Let me tell you something. Veneta george is a asset to this show and we appreciate her all that she does. You didn't even get to the lynette. Serano yet right right right. And she sells hope soft-spoken so when you have people that we are grateful for like the nets and like the of all of the folks that are here. We are truly grateful. Yes the you know. And we're grateful to you. Yes tiffany this failure when okay. They got corona fest going on in the crip. Yep corona i twenty twenty one. She's out the basement and now the hunting occupied the basement. Now and they're gonna they're gonna go through this together and everyone will be fine. And what and what the tiffany say last week. It wasn't as soon as you finish. Recovers gonna take a vaccine shot. And she's going to be good. She's going to be on a roll to recovery. Yeah you're sitting here running around stiff some shot. Almost sixty million people looks like. We're going to start up that again. Sixty million people taken this shot. And you're stay. I'm gonna tell you right now. Get your driver's license next year. And you're gonna be mad at me again. sean said it and you're always discard say and it always come true. You better shot tiffany. God bless you. Oh yeah and also break your car right. Now breaking whole dude barbie cologne yeah. Tiffany is going to break our tie. Yes end for the lease. Or she's running out the tiffany. You have the floor. I stand for as long as i can. now. I'm saying because i might have dining room with the table now but i sure so. Remember living in a three room apartment with seven people in brooklyn and i'm keeping you god. Bless you and. I'm glad that you recovering shouts veneta and everybody else for reaching okay. Yeah see and that's what this show is all about. We have an extended family. We meet here in the mornings and we show each other some love and call and these are folks that like i say i say it all the time. Cologne and tiffany one of the reasons why. I'm here every day. Because if i can get a tenth of the of some of these people in the chat room. I'm winning so it's gonna take me a minute to get a tenth of that character. But i'm gonna stick around for it and that's what this is all about an even for you. There's a piece of you that i would love to have him. 'cause you just a great women and you're sharing everything and nass wise. I show up. I kind of feel like now. That i've had couvert and one time unity is i feel like i should have jumped on the costa rica training. Because you can if you know about this because it's going to be easier to you because guess what you're gonna get your vaccine. You gotta have a card. You're going to be official. You're going to be good. You might not even have to take a test you can show your card after you take his shots and this is what i'm talking about. The federal workers going to have to take the city workers Beloved spaghetti man. He took it because of the city. They said he had to take at the state workers. Going i'm telling you this all trickle down you stand your house in two thousand and twenty seven. But you won't be able to drive you. Be last one not taking that shot because you want to see how it affects everybody else. Almost sixteen thanking and bobby bobby cologne and cindy j. S city n. Report this story. All the time with kobe and not one reported death now. One reported death of this vaccine shot. But i'm running around crazy. But they still around his get. Don't get me started. Tiffany they around here. They still running around here with the conspiracies death. Whatever but right now just looking at barbie's face is just so. This isn't even the best. Because i like beat them chat looking to say look. The past says she died from complications shot on fluid. She went into a flash a lot. Whatever it was as she got shot now. What is that now now. Nobody said that to me. Yes i said that so was only maybe forty five. People were so something like that. But sean don't want to say that. I didn't want to believe with what was my next question. After you went on this autopsy report. Say would the hell did you doubted that had to go to school. Yes to know if you had an allergic reaction to something that you just go okay. And then there's a westie official act when they try to find some a definite somebody as probably be. She was the procedure when they find they have to do autopsy poverty. They didn't do it yet. Well let me see. They got tiffany. God bless ya trip. No you are. You are my hero. Y'all my hero my hero you keep. You're not like kenny be winning. You're really winning. God bless you so much. Yes you're and. I'm glad you're on the basement. And god bless you barbie. that's it. Yeah yeah we could. We could find out tomorrow. Probably i'll let you research more so it's not already is your faces prices but the people who agree with you at a chat room. They got the same face on the inside. Bobby can find sick. You guys get five. Seventy j facebook cindy underscored j. on snapchat and cindy j. The is three. I'm sorry sending underscored j. instagram. cj the snapchat. You guys don't catch me why we cologne on facebook. Barbie cologne barbeque cologne designs and along stylus on instagram and designing bay three eight three eight on snapchat shaw on facebook comedian. Sean for god. Bless each and everyone cheers. Good morning Going to run over to the group room. Now we're gonna have some fun in nature we're gonna posted. We're going to have a good time and we wish you guys You know the be safe today. And we'll see you. Guys tomorrow throwback thursday we. We are out of here all right. They don't get to the sports for instance we'll do on that small please. Vw basketball tomorrow. We see got for instance my foot man. We got things death. do we got remember. We've got a lot. We tell you what we do barbie tomorrow more and let's start with sports because we have a lot winning. He's right we gotta do our job. We get to do the whole super bowl. Iv all that stuff about basketball. There's no visual super bowl. News s. o. News all right. So we're going to all know some news to tomorrow added jamaican.

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