REShow: Guest Host Nick Swisher. Ben Lyons. Hour 3 (06-24-19)


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Take advantage of this incredible offer now at bet online dot AG. That's bet online dot AG, your online, supports book. Experts. We are back our number three with your boy swish mix Swisher sitting in for my man rich on the rich Eisen show. A lot of great things coming up. My man, Ben Lyons is going to be in the building, which is great from Yahoo sports. Right. Does some work with the players Tribune, host of the podcast, the lions, Dan, we're going to catch up on some New York hoops, figure out? Maybe we're Kevin Durant is going may Brock, hey, I was just thinking about, man, we need to check on that poll. What kind of action we got on that? Yeah. Let's check on the Paul our three PO brought to you by Capital, One cabinet ornans, reimagined banking by offering savings and checking accounts with no fees, or minimums, and one of the nation's best savings rates. It's Capital One. What's in your wallet approval required Capital One and a member FDIC? All right. So we're talking about Cam Newton earlier guys, the video that went viral over the weekend of Cam China offer this guy fifteen hundred cash for some extra legroom on a ten hour, I still can't believe this story and the guy said, no. Exact. He must have been comfy. He must have been rich or just didn't care about having Kim's. Got nice watch on should went for the watch asking you guys. What's the best coach seat on the airplane? What's the best coach seat? Bulkhead window bulkhead, I'll exit row, I or exit row window forty seven percent exit row. I'll twenty two percent bulkhead window exit. I'll exit I'll forty-seven percent. Agree disagree. I if I had the choice on the window guy liked to be secure, kind of, like, Nestle up on the window kind of saying, I sleep. You know what I mean? Can you sleep on airplanes, not as well as I would like to right? I mean, I feel like I see people like curled up out my kids, we little, girls, get on a plane, bro. No problem out of just how do you even do that? Teach me. This is a little late for that teach me teach me pretty good about sleeping on planes. When you're a jet center like yourself, just just throw some headphones on. And you're out put you. Are you there pods? No, no. Eats like boys clothes. Yeah. Like I do the pods for working out. I'm on a plane. I go big go big boys sake. Bose noise cancelling bluetooth SIA. Yeah. I'd say it's funny man because I think traveling with kids, you know, that's the worst thing, you want us for your kids like yell or scream on the plane, right? But now with all these noise cancelling headphones, I don't feel bad for you. If you don't have those. What is your what is your philosophy? How do you get them to stay calm, stay focused like that through the ipad movies? What's your go-to? I mean we talked to an hour one about being the Commissioner for the day. And I was talking about writing unwritten rules. I think there's a lot of unwritten, airplane, etiquette rules that people need to understand. I tell you about that all the time. Biggest fear is when I'm traveling with my wife. My two daughters. We have a we have our dog Cooper that we travel with as well. I mean, that's we're like the clamp. It's brought a lot of stuff going on. I haven't so I think, you know, the worst thing that I like to do is. Sometimes when we booked flights, it's hard to get four seats that are together or two seats and two seats. So I've had a little problems every now and then asking somebody to switch with me so I can sit next to my three year old daughter. They're like, oh, no. You know, and I'm like great. You're gonna take care of my kids for five hours. If they had daycare on the airplanes grill, your jam half of the plane is that's. Not happened yet. Got now delta somebody get dealt on the phone. Let's soundproof them. No. Right, pay for it right now hundred you're trying to tell me, you put up like a partition, if you let the kids, just go back. That's like fruit juice. All plays. The hunger games on the back of the plane survival of the fittest. Right. But I think that would definitely help think it's possible I've ever gone full Cam Newton on a plane and offer up so he'll give you a hundred bucks if you move seats. No, you know what? I don't know if I if I've got cams cheese. So I don't know if I've ever offered any money for the seat. We're not carrying around McKay. Now, the fact you've got fifteen hundred his pocket. Also for looking one thing, this guy could have been like a falcons fan or a saints fan. How about that video that I don't like is. I can't see the guy or the woman was at a guy think it was a guy got woman that he was speaking to, I got give camp credit that we kept it together. He went over. He was he outed, a little bit when he got to see. He didn't have that. But I look at him and he kept it together. You don't see any hands flying all over the place. Like, man, I can't believe that. But I would have on everybody in that, that whole Mike, you're different breed, gone across that whole thing like this fifteen hundred yelled at realize what I'm saying fifteen hundred gross out, teen to get the I watch, too. You can give hoop. You get here. Got you. So defeated when he walks back to seat. Yeah. By the way, he's squished himself in that seat shit. He's hanging over your now. They only the only humidity great gets off the plane has to do a press conference. I'm losing that seat. There you go. You'd be like talking about losing seat. That's phenomenal comes new elfin new outfit brought him. Some of that news, let's hit the news. Let's do it. Brock met with federal live report drunk men, with the news news is brought to you by the Honda fourth of July event going on right now. You can join monumental offers on the accord pilot and civic sedan. Hurry in and cast your vote for great deals today. This Honda fourth of July sales event. A little NFL guys. Of course, can't talk about the NFL talking about the Cowboys Dak Prescott talk at his annual youth football camp talking about expectations for twenty nine thousand nine hundred quote my expectations are high not necessarily any ceiling on what I can do or what this team can do. It's just about the work. Putting in the work get better every aspect of the game. Making sure my teammates are doing the same. We are excited for the position we're in so Dak Prescott high expectations what expectations do you have for the Cowboys this year, Nick. Well, I'll tell you what I loved AC, I love the way he goes about his business. I love the fact that he. Wants to be the leader on that squad obviously with Zeke in the backfield huge o h I o guy. I don't know. I think every year, I think the Dallas Cowboys are kind of like the New York Yankees right? I feel like you're kind of expected to win the Super Bowl or the World Series every year. And if you don't it's a lost year, I think Jerry Jones has been very open about having Dak Prescott as his quarterback and his leader, moving into the future. Could not be more happy with that. When your owner gives you as a player when your owner or your general manager or anyone in the brass gives you that confidence, right? To say, hey, you're our guy. I get goosebumps thinking about it because an athletes, something happens to you, and you get kind of set yourself up in that net comfortable phase where you're kind of, like, that's it, man. I've got so many people that are counting on me. There's something good for that. So I think the Cowboys man moving forward. I mean obviously I think they put a great product on the field each and every year best stadium in the game right now. Yeah. So, you know, we'll see. Do you have a favorite football team growing up in West Virginia? That's usually Mueller's Brown's countries Steelers Browns, my brother's a huge steel curtain fan for myself. I kinda grew up kind of like in the Chicago Bears. I thought the Super Bowl shuffle had a nice swag, too. It back when I was a little kid. So I think for them, I've always been that Chicago got my dad played for the cubs. But now I'm like del tufo Rams guy out here. Now you know what I'm saying? Well, you got the tickets at the new stadium already got them. I'm in. I heard they spray painted your face on your seats, actually, we'll have my name on my seat. Really? Yeah. I'm joe. Take your own showed sharpie, and sign. Michael, d we think about Jerry Jones is one of the conic owners and all sports, you played for George Steinbrenner or one of the most iconic owners and sports. What was that? Like do you have any stories you can share about your interactions? With him were you gotta remember? I came over to the day, a little late in Mr. Steinbrenner's life. So I kind of caught the tail end but I can't tell you a great story the first time I ever had an interaction with George Steinbrenner. He will remember, but I'll remember I was at Ohio State nothing. You might have been my sophomore my junior year, and we used to have our pre game meal, this place called Damon's, which is a ribbon steak joint, which was right there on Owen tangent. River road right there on the house state campus. And George Steinbrenner did so many things for how state city of Columbus and all that. And I had just gone just gone to the bathroom, and I was walking back to the sink, and all the sudden I'm walking kind of got my head down and get shoulder checked. Kind of like knocks me off, and I turn and look, and it's this old dude, white hair, and I'm like, what of what who was that, right? And I'm like, man, this guy's having a bad day or something I walk over like wash my hands and I turn to stare at him again because I wanted him to see me, and I turned to look, and it was George Steinbrenner. Not like, oh my gosh. Right. So I went washed my head through quick, and it just got myself right out. I don't know if he'll remember that, but I do whatever I do remember getting shoulder checked in the bathroom by George Steinbrenner just to start off my, my college career appreciate. Well, that's great. And then he didn't have any interactions with him with the Yankees or anything else. I did. But, you know later in life when, when things started to kind of go down a little bit. But I'm telling you what, man, the fact that, that man is not in the hall of fame is shame, because you cannot write the history of baseball without George Steinbrenner. And that's kind of how I look at hall of fame stuff. So I think it should be in there, obviously he's not. But an iconic owner, just like Jerry Jones is very, very hands on, you mentioned hall of fame real quick. I want to bring this up just personally curious, your take on it. We talk about every year with the baseball hall of fame, whether or not the guys who have the steroid clouds surrounding them. Do you think they should be in out, what should they do if they do them in, do you think you ever see a day where these guys like Roger Clemens? Barry Bonds mar McGuire. Manny Ramirez etcetera may. Make it to CU percents. I'm not quite sure I don't have any votes, but I think intil the voters of the hall of fame start to become younger that those guys aren't gonna stand the chance. I think those guys that have the votes in the hall of fame are very stuck in their ways. They think a game should be played a certain way. And for a young guy like myself, obviously, I love the old school style of baseball, but also like the new school style a baseball. So I think for myself, I'm kind of a little more openness stuff like that. But I also think you have to look at how the situation was handled with those players. Right. You look at somebody like Jason Giambi who got popped for steroids, and literally just took it right on the chin. He was like, hey, man. I'm sorry. Yeah. You know, I I was trying to help myself he was very honest. Very transparent right away. Yeah. Roger Clemens Barry Bonds, many. Those guys weren't like that. So I think that there has something to be said for how the situation was handled, but I think major league baseball has well as a lot of professional sports are doing such a tremendous job trying to. Down on steroids. You're never gonna take him completely out of the game. I mean we just saw player from the Oakland A's just got popped for steroids gonna miss eighty game. So I think they're doing their best job and they're putting their best foot forward because the testing has gone way up through the roofs, but I think until viewer until the voters get a little younger. I don't think a whole lot is going to change and the punishment I think is good. Beijing baseball is kind of done a write in that respect where pop bloom, half the season gone, second time, don't pay. Yes. Second time gone for a whole year. We saw obviously rod got hit with the whole year. I mean I think if you really want to get rid of steroids in the game make it a lifetime ban. I defense lifetime ban. That'll be scary for guys to think about that. But I mean obviously that's hard because there's been a lot of false positives on some certain ratings. So he's be collectively bargain to there's still a lot of gray area but I think they're doing a pretty good job of shutting down, though. Steroidal seem to hear as much about it as much as you used to back in the day World Cup update. Eight okay, the US women are through to one river Spain. Megan routine scored on a PK there late in the match two one win next and action Friday in the quarter-finals three PM eastern against France. Wow, you go the whole country host country. Wow. Huge match huge at France. One yesterday's game. Brazil Friday, three PM eastern. That's going to be amazing who you got. I mean, I don't know how I go against USA. Hopefully, hopefully extra time when mind seeing it go down to penalty kicks. That'd be exciting. How amazing are penalty. Kick in the World Cup best. They're amazing amazing. I tell you what they're doing. They're shutting down the movement of the goalie. Right. You know, like they're seeing a lot of PK's that are telling you off the line even an inch back. That doesn't count. I don't know. I kind of liked them coming out kind of like shut down that shut it down that nearside. But do you like PK to end something like this? It's like the shootout. It's like a World Series being decided on a homerun derby. Great. I love that for the Yankees. I'm in, I'm in. Let me. I don't think there's anything more exciting than either shootout in hockey or or shootout in World Cup soccer. Come on. We. Stanley cup. And you think that should have been decided by shootout? I mean, if if it happened to be sure I mean I want them to play the game. Right. But if it does, if it ends in a tie, and they need case I'm all for it. Okay. Surpri, bro. Into that. Well, we got we got our point Ben lines coming up here in a little bit man. So excited to have one last thing I wanted to talk about this. We mentioned Leonard, we're talking about him at the top of the show today. Did you see the billboards that have popped up in Los Angeles? No. So clippers obviously rumored at one of the teams in, you know, hope of signing Kawai to digital billboards of went up over interstate five Downey, which is about ten miles southeast of staple center and another one. King of so Cal and another one with the license. Why? Licensed place. Where do you think you can end up going just right now? Just like you know, just pick a spot where you're gonna go. My gut says he comes to the clippers. Yeah. What about you, Mikey? I'm with Brockman. I think show and L A is going to be out of control with with Little Brown and coli. And it's going to be Anthony Davis and doing for outcomes. What sort of max deal? Can he sign with one of those teams because for years just four years, what does it four for what? One fifty something like that. When you get above one hundred -actly gown pocket change, and wherever he goes, I mean, think about this. We can make this like a financial situation. Requi- never has to pay for meal Toronto. Right. Probably three million dollar free free condo for three million dollar condo. And, you know, somebody somebody throw in a car, right? Somebody have a car for sure. Yeah. Car deal. I'm sure right. I mean we gotta call him Nobu. Let's see what else he needs to get. Ball has Reseda. Let's just. Beverly Hills Mercedes family laxed over here. Rotate plates available on the California DMV right now. Mikey all mind. You want one great mix. That's it. That's what I do. Vanity plate. No. Oh swish. No. I used to want one really really bad. Was it? Yeah. Just wish and says eight route pretty simple guy. That was like a coup, nickname rugged put like letters and stuff. But now in numbers altogether. It's it push thirty three you could get that. That's seven letters. Right. That's what you get. Seven is their seven? Yes. Five to seven. Ohio State education is paid off. Stoked Swisher dead filling in for rich on the rich Eisen show. Brock del tufo. I'm so excited to be here. It's been great our number three. My man, Ben Lyons will be here in a couple of minutes, host of the lion's den. He's my man. We'd been great buddies for a minute. We'll talk a little New York talk a little Kevin Durant, New York. Knicks see where we're going London's coming up. He's actually taking his father to go see that game too. As a whole. My God came on the show. We're. Wow. This might be one of the better days of my life Brown. So hot. So be here. This is great. Mike anything else. The game's over right poll. Questions are going good. Good. Let's get Ben. Let's do it. All right, man. Let's do it in sports. A trade can make or break your team. A good one can mean a championship. But a bad one can set your franchise back for years, and it is no different when it comes to selling your trading in your car, you need to make good choices. And with truecar you've got a star on your roster. Just go to truecar simply enter your license plate number, and watch how your car's details pop up. Then answer few questions. Got a sports package or moon roof watches. They bump up your car's value in real time high mileage. 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Mix Swisher fill in for rich Eisen on the rich Eisen show. Ladies and gentlemen, we are blessed and honored to have my boy, Ben lines. Do you remember his storage remember the first time you met my wife was it at the wedding? Is that the way that Jamie and cutters weather? But I was like, Mariah, you're gonna meet this guy Nick Swisher. He's awesome. Just ribs. He crushes. All right. She's excited excited. We get up there a little late Friday night, so swishes already gone up to the room but he comes back down. He's at the bar, and he's wearing a t shirt that says, don't bro me unless you know. Across the board. He goes you. That's nick. And as advertised. Well, buddy. What an end your wife by far you married up. There's no. What does this coverage that everyone talks about you out kicking? What does that? What does that coverage? Yes. Kicks code. All the good, we all marry up no doubt about that. We try and do that. We'll check out my been on Twitter and Instagram at I am Ben Lyon. Knicks talk these days ought RJ Barry tweets, more assists than Kobe white more revenge de'andre under. What made just for the Nixon general? Right. I mean obviously with the Kevin Durant injury. That changes a lot of things moving forward, seven days before, NBA free agency starts. I mean come on hoops is right up your alley. Give me more. All about how you look at life. It's perspective, the most Knicks thing ever would be to sign Kevin Durant. And then the ruptured achilles. Krog less. This is home. This is only look your heart goes out as as professional athlete. I'm sure is fans. Your heart goes out to Kevin Durant. You want what's best for them. I want him in New York so badly. I'll take the redshirt year. Of course, I want him to come into play for the Knicks. There's talks him going to Brooklyn today. That's the rumor that's out this morning. I hope not I, I would hate rich climbing for the rest of my life. I've known him since we were like in high school feel. So now it's a collegiate, archrivals if rich sins Katie Brooklyn. That's dead. There's a betting favourite. Now. They are the betting favorite minus one twenty-five RJ bell or someone Vegas say that. Yeah. Let's go in there to that's been the long rumor kyri and Durant in Brooklyn with the red shirt year. Yeah, I mean, look, Barclays a nightclub with the lights, turn on and what I don't like about the nets move to Brooklyn. They pretend that all the years in New Jersey, never existed existed. Can we get right? Can we get us to phone more very appreciation night to meet? Keeping. Kerry, Kittles, can we get like so mcq knowledge of the fact that they played basketball before they moved to Brooklyn? Well, some of those old, I mean, Kerry, say, Kerry, Kittles Vince Carter on Jason Williams. I mean, you know that those scenes are awesome. It's the finals shake kid Derrick Coleman man used to love going because you so cheap to go on the, the Knicks were so good in the nineties, every stockbrokerage season. Tickets. Nets play. Chris Morris nice to watch games and stuff back in the day able to get away with that stuff back in the day not anymore anymore. So what else is new man? Everything's good, man. I'm excited. Because in addition, a lot of this hosting stuff, do a lot of producing stuff. You were really supportive of film. We release this year and search greatness. By Gabe Polsky. Let me break it down real fast. If you haven't seen this documentary, you need to right. We've got three main guys in on it. We've got Palay. We've got Jerry Rice. And we've got Wayne Gretzky arguably three of the greatest that they've played, we had thought it in their direct. We made a choice here. Railway down. Go with those three and said, but the idea of unlocking human potential, right? And why did Wayne Gretzky Jerry Rice, and Palay become these icons in their sport, when they're by no means the biggest fastest strongest works? But it's because they just had a love of the game. And they were able to have that love grow when they were children growing up and they weren't over coached in over a you'd and over specialize. They played other sports. They trained other muscle groups. They had other interests besides sports. So that was a film. We put out in the end of two thousand eighteen to Vail now on I tunes and stuff. But the idea of bringing the culture conversation sports together athletes is artists. That's sort of what I'm about and trying to do as a storyteller. So we have a few projects coming up being released. Twenty nine thousand nine through the rest of the year. And I just love where you can bring sports and culture together. I did it with Mara rock the vote campaign back in the day. That's right. I mean getting the Golden State Warriors and the WNBA behind voting and getting their voice out there, so any time you can, you know, yes, Xs and os of the game we can yell at, you know, players and the other team. And heck oh and you know I like to sit in the bleachers. And when you were in Yankee Stadium, you're my friend, but I'm throwing quarter throw batteries batteries. Boundaries too. Part of the but there's a larger game of life, and whether it's through film or some of these other projects that we're working on, I like to try to play in that sandbox once again, boy, Nick Swisher sitting in here for rich Eisen on the rich Eisen show talking to my main man, the one and only Ben Lyons talking a little bit about the dock that they just released a little bit ago in search of greatness. And one of the things I took from that doc. The thing I really, really appreciated, the most was from Jerry Rice, and maybe like the most simple sane. But you don't have to be the best athletes on the field to be the best athletes on the field. Right. I think you took passion, right pay late talking about not boxing, kids in and I think for myself being coach moving forward. Right. I think that's what we do a lot. We like physically show people how to do things and I don't think that's how it should be done nowadays. What do you say to a young baseball player out there says coach swish show me a batting stance show me, some of the all time, great hitters and your show him call you strips? He's going to bring it. Hi Julio Franco, but. Oh boy one foot open. It's all about feeling so about that kind of game. Like I said, the top people doing exactly what they should be when you see it, and it's natural when you see RJ, Barron. He's wearing the pink suit and he's got the diamonds new money. You look like a winner, dude, you, but the, the idea of kids finding their way as a parent, I can imagine. Especially when it comes to this use sports stuff has got to be -pletely overwhelming, or intimidating even as former athlete yourself, but to give kids the, the freedom to fail the idea that you don't have to be in the backyard doing crossover drills like go play. Go go play. Soccer go work. On other thing goes yoga. Go have fun. You'll be a kid yourself. Yeah. And then you'll find your way as you get older. And if you have that great gift of, of greatness, that exists within those guys, then hopefully that'll be able to come out well obviously it'll shine out through. I think we try and force that issue, very early in line. If you don't make the traveling team at six you're not gonna make it at seven and by eight year old and a hill. Really ridiculous. Troll. Anyways, let's move more NBA, right? The NBA draft just happened. Zion Williamson huge name coming out right now, obviously, you're a big RJ Barrett guy, moving forward with the Knicks. What do you think of this draft class? Man, I'm telling you. We got some high flyers. We got some big names, Jay Mirant, right there, second pick of the draft. It's interesting. We went through a phase where it was a lot of guys named gazillion tight guys. We added her guys from overseas guys from around the world, and yeah, there are a few international players, but there's a lot of big time. College program's Michigan fourth year in a row with a first round draft pick. Didn't see any buckeyes on the board behind the university of Michigan. Traffic's so you know you see guys de'andre one hundred from Virginia. You see Zion from Duke. You sow Cam reddish from Duke might be one and done. But guys from big time college programs are getting picked and it's the accumulation of stuff. Right. Another reason, the Lakers were able to get Anthony Davis. They had a lot of stuff and sometimes teams, they run out of stuff when they start paying guys. You've saw the warriors they ran out of stuff when all their guys got injured. So the hawks the Cavs the teams of the bottom of the barrel, their accumulating dudes. They're accumulating assets. Yeah. It's almost like in football where the formulas you got to win now with a quarterback who's not getting paid you got to win now. You have star players who aren't getting paid down, Mitchell's on a sweet deal. The Utah Jazz, and they can be a playoff team every year. Aaron judge. He's on a cheap deal. Thanks. You. Even even New Orleans. They're gonna have to decide do you pay Brandon Ingram. Do you give him an extension when he comes up for like a Karl Anthony towns or Devon Booker, you know in in those situations? So man, it's nerdy it gets. It's, it's fun. When it's like the court, he's six pick and the Knicks draft that Lithuanian he man. Freshman Iggy looks like he. Flex couple years ago, I think seven out of the fifteen all NBA guys were the fifteenth, pick and hire the year that Isaiah Thomas zone. AG Andre Jordan, John is. So you can get value for guys deepen the draft. So, you know, pay attention late at night, when, you know, you're seeing guys, you might not have heard of now, but a couple of years from now it might be all NBA, I'd like to get your take on this. And we, we were talking about earlier, Brock. We were talking about, I think it was an hour one, how you don't necessarily need have three NBA superstars to win a championship. Now, you have grownups. Right. You'd have mature grownups. I, I remember I was I was homesick the other day I was watching NBA TV, and they're replaying a bunch of finals games. And I'm watching like bison daily verse like Antoine Carr. Right. Seven low post men bashing the final scores in the eighties. He adds like you can have all these cool young players trae Young's. Awesome always guys fantastic. Remember playing in may and June. It was playing Danny green Kyle Lowry Sergio Baca grownups. You know. And so, and that's what you see with these teams. Now, if you go all in on these three four max guys, and then you have a bunch of Schmendrick, your left like cockroaches in the lights, come on. It's all over the place. Got to have a some Debbie game so fast. Now, the shots are, so there's so many more shots, that are getting put up, you got to be eight nine ten deep now. And the warriors just weren't. It was a war of attrition, raptors one out. Yeah. Of course and the way the three pointers changed the game. I mean, ever since you know, Steph showed up, I feel like in high school. You are not allowed to shoot outside the lane. Right. It was like ten foot jumpers were right there. And that's in stay up in here. Let let the sharpshooters go out there. But we didn't have insurance that got Charles Oakley with. Eighteen footer Albro. I was like a Johnny stock. They'd like give me the ball and I'll pass it right back. Your dirty players. Guys. Joy this style the evolution of the NBA now. Yeah, I do. I do love the flow of reminds me when you're playing pick up with your friends and you're out like a full court that's not five on five with small enough for like three on three or four hundred four full court for us civilians, get shots up. I like it and brings a game back to skill and the rest, you swallow the whistle a little bit and May June. It gets physical the games weren't in the finals, one hundred thirty one hundred like the regular season. Course Knicks nineties games. You look at the score Iraq is seventy four sixty eight so hard to compare players from one generation to the other right. Gives a white different game back with Jordan played like literally dudes. We're like clothes lining him. And now got like twos all day. Yeah. But then Jordan was also not playing in the league that had a hundred dudes from around the world. And some of them were seven foot three and can shoot the three see so bonkers league right now. So I it's not full on starship troopers football. It hasn't gotten that neck deep reference, you know, talking about one casper van dean's a quarterback running it up. But it's getting there getting video game like yeah. For sure once again, Nick Swisher, sitting in for rich is on the rich Eisen show. Chattanooga little NBA hoops with my guy been lying doesn't stop dude. It's summer, man. It's summertime and it's LA drew league. He lameta drew. What else is going down? WNBA. A couple of sparks games this year. Cans Parker just came back. They got wax the other night by six thirty but LA's become, you know, I'm from New York, the Knicks are my butt, and Newark will always be the mecca and it's the city's game because we don't have fields and golf sources all over this but here in LA the capital basketball right now. And the guys are working out here in the summertime all the free agent. So you have all these fifteen sixteen year old kids. Cone into sports sports talk radio being, like I saw David phys Dale. In Beverly Hills. He was with co wives Shriners friend's cousin's, moms reader, and Swisher was there. So he's going to the cat free action. Exactly. So let me ask you about him real quick. We've all been seeing the clips online on Instagram or whatever if his name was not lamelo ball. What town of prospect? Do you think he is? I almost feel like he is a child actor gone like off the rails in some way. Right. Right. He's just I mean he's basketball journey has been so all over the place. It's like Lindsay Lohan she's just every everywhere. Right. So I would she the town, the actress, if she weren't Lindsey, I don't know. I mean lamelo ball like a, a real prospect. I haven't felt that from anyone. I haven't heard him commit to a big time program. We feel as currency in the culture because of the last name and because of the awkward shot and the crazy shots and the. Instagram moments. But I I tip my hat to, to go out there to the drew league, this summer and. He's, he's playing great plain gray and getting beat. And he's doing his thing. And he's, you know, from Lithuania from river rate, we went from chino hills to Lithuania to Ohio, and now there's going to Austria now, the one Australia, which is great. I was just in Australia, November, and they are basketball crazy. And he's seventeen eighteen right? So I, I don't think she's a real prospect as Bobo real prospects. I mean he dropped to the forty eight spies like ten games in Oregon. So think some guys can sell you on the hype for a little period. I I'm rooting for the mellow says he wants to be the number one picking the draft. I enjoy watching, I think Lonzo is great. I just think he's got an unlucky with some injuries but I think he's a good player, but he didn't subscribe to that. And search your greatness theory that kid was playing basketball as entire life, why you see the injuries at a young age Lonzo ball should not be brittle. He should not be over a trained and have these recurring ankle with things in need things like he you know, he didn't someone tells me a fourteen years old. He wasn't playing baseball. He wasn't just out there being a kid. He was in the backyard training is in the NBA. So what do I know? But I think I think lamelo has got a real shot if he can figure out that jump shot. Come through the just in general. What do you bet on? Yeah. What do you bet on that movie right there? Okay. So it's the anniversary of space balls. Release in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven one of the great film spoofs of all time, of course Bush short shorts. I was thinking with this early today. What's the best movie spoof, best movie spoof? So, of course, you got baseball's Austin powers kind of does to spy game stuff shots take on, action movies shots, buddy John Buddha. She was a spoof expert. He loves the naked gone as the fun run a bunch of, there's so many scary movies, all those types. What's your favorite? What's the there's a lot of good ones, the Wayne's brothers obviously dominating that, that arena. My dad's quote is on the box. I think of naked gun or naked gun two and a half now thirty three thirty three into thirty two. Now, I'm I was in high school. I was eighteen my high school. Baseball team went to a nice New York City private school. We did spring training in Arizona. Zona. We aren't staying at a motel across the street from the Zona mills mall, and we went to a test screening of scary movie where they're just testing it randomly some shopping mall. So I'm twenty deep when my high school baseball team up to see scary movie, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard that movie blew us away. It was so funny. They made three or four of them that because scream was a spoof movie itself in some ways, not full on spoof. Right. But it was the tirico of the John Rowe and made references to previous kind of scary movie tro. Yeah. So this was like, super matter. Right. And that it's like a spoof of a satirical film. So I'm going scary movie is a spoof might from ice from well before we let you go management up slightly awesome romp. So honored Rick with swish. You're like a matching McConnell. Hey speech come to life on that. Britt, pro I wish I looked like him personally. That's just me. But I got to ask you about the partnership with the PGA you have coming up. I'm really excited starting in August. I'm gonna be doing a series for PGA tour dot com and for scratch where I'm going to be profiling different charity golf tournaments around the world and around the country, we're going to Jalen Rose's tournament Detroit where he benefits the JR LA has leadership academy. We're gonna support Charles Woodson's foundation up in Napa. I'm going to play with Charles going out to support Klay Thompsons foundation was standard roasting here. Yeah. I want to get it off the it's like Mike. Trout. Hosting the man, I love the game of golf in the fact that these charity tournaments exists out there. And we can bring fans who don't get the access to those events and shine a light on all these charities, like Jalen rose running running a school in Detroit for a long time. The leadership academy, I was on his in his family on family feud to raise money for. And now we're going to raise money for it through the golf thing, and anything that we can do on our platforms to raise awareness, raise money just show that there's a world outside of ourselves. I think we gotta do so I'm looking forward to that this summer should be a lot of fun with tour. I mean this is amazing as much as you give back and is awesome is the, the platform. You're on. You're using it to do. Unbelievable things rather keep you grow. And that's the way the day, appropriate fell Dan, right? Thanks, bro. Don't to see you overlook then we'll go across the palm. We'll hang out man. I can't make it to say this to Nick Swisher on TV and radio. Like see you in London. Your boy, switch villa for rich is on the rich Eisen show. My boy, Ben Lyons breaks man. Thank you so much for coming on my friend. I appreciate your baby prepare to get stunned Steve Austin show is back and better than ever been kicking his ass kicked out of the pile driver, you time to go home with new exciting episodes, featuring tales from his new life. Unbelievable past interviews in talks to pro wrestling Powell's, you name it Steve's on it your download new episodes of Steve Austin show every week on apple podcasts and podcasts. One. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of eight me news, headlights, right after this podcast. Alright. Yup. Can you believe the day is almost? Is by buddy planes. And maybe the last time your boy, Nick Swisher filling in for rich on the rich Eisen show man riches on vacation. I am honored to be sitting at this seat guys to fo- Brock. Funny fun. Right. It's been a lot of fun. What else we got today? Let's just check on the poll finally, what's the best coach seat on the airplane talking about Cam Newton's thing over the weekend forty six percent exit row is because it real. So I think people are assuming that, that exit row. I'll is with the seat gone in front of you. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Paul today brought to you by man versus food on cooking channel. Don't miss an all new season of man vs food artists, new home cooking channel Tuesday nights, premiering, July second this season. Casey, web takes on epic eating challenges coast to coast, from Wisconsin to Ohio, Alaska, Texas, all points in between Casey takes on the biggest walking taco and North Carolina. I don't even know what that means goes head to head with a thirty pound bagel sandwich. Always smokes. That's a lot of schmear Mike do that. The biggest man versus food season ever new home new season. Same. Casey man versus food, Tuesday nights, ten pm eastern on cooking channel. Oil stream live and catch up on episodes with cooking channel app. Thirty pound bagel. You said thirty pound bagel sandwich. Thirty pound bagels. What's the craziest thing you've ever eaten? You know what we sell these ballpark? I'm saying we see all these ballplayer food items like they're out of this world. You know what I did? I had the opportunity to couple years ago. MLB is starting to do what's called their food who. Fell to here. Did you taste the crickets? Yeah. Right. Seattle mariners. I think was. Yeah the Mariners. So I think it was a Mariners because Colorado Rockies had the Rocky Mountain oysters. We all know what that is. Yeah. Man. You had these these. They were like very salty crickets. Yeah. You know, and each team brought one one of their favorite dishes, right? And which was great because it was one room and you've got to literally go around all the different places, and trial, the food, which, which I thought was actually really. I told people they fun. Everybody has to go to eat thirty pounds of something. What would I eat these competitive eaters, you know, all the other day eating Menes out of the out of the bottle. Yeah. Think that was fake. No well, I hope it was something challenging. What could you eat a lot of? Whatever you need baby. Throw it down. When it's time you gotta catch me on Sundays, though. I'm trying to keep a trim. You know, would you do with their clubhouse challenges like that? Like what kind of crazy things just remember something in triple A? And that was kind of back where you had to kind of stop and grab food as it combs. And we had just passed an in and out. And this is back in two thousand and three and that was bet that I if I could eat two four by fours and ten minutes for, for eight patties. It felt great going down. Oh my gosh. So you did it. Yeah, of course. It didn't feel good after that. Time felt good only because at that point time any sort of money you can win on a bed at that point. I'm going for it so myself in and out took it down can handle it. So that's good, man, US women's soccer team won moving on, which is great. They play the host country France, which is amazing. NBA free agency starting up here in the next week going to be crazy. It's going to be amazing. Right. Lot of injuries kinda shook things up a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. Like we said, Brooklyn. Nets with with Ben Brooklyn nets. Now the betting favourite. Yep. To get Kevin Durant. So looks like maybe him in remarry Irving teaming up well guys, I just want to thank you guys for being here. With Swiss switch amazing amazing. I want to thank my man Mardy fish for coming on today. I want to thank my man Ben Lyons for being here. You guys have been awesome. You guys have made this amazing for me today. Man, I appreciate all your help rich. You're the man, brother. Thank you so much for having me on. And trust me enough to fill in your seat, because let's be honest, bro. You me and you like your way more handsome than me. So hopefully I can get out of here. Sure. That's going to be awesome. Your voice, what's going to be great? That guy. Thank you so much, pope, everybody enjoyed the show. What's again, your boy, switched on and off of the rich Eisen show? Thank you so much.

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