Episode 120: Nobody. The Yankees Got Nobody.


We didn't get anyone. The trade deadline came the trade deadline passed the Yankees who have no starting pitching none really none none whatsoever and anyone who we think we can use probably won't be losing October rotation yeah. We didn't get anyone a whole. We Got Garcia. I'm in a fighting mood and I've really restrain myself from punching a hole in the wall of this office. I'm very close the strangling you very close just saying we didn't get anyone. How does that happen and to make matters worse now? I'M GONNA try. I'm like the deadline passed two hours or at six twenty two. I'm GonNa try if we had recorded at four. Oh one I would have just been screaming entire time I will eventually start screaming wing and then towards the end of the show on make it a goal for us to somehow spin it and be positive. That's our goal Yep. We're GONNA try to try to be big big adults here and not freak out it. Just don't freak out don't freak out but we have yet and then we're going to build ourselves backup air all our grievances. It's it's GONNA be therapeutic. Repubic yeah exactly we didn't get anyone nobody and and and the the Astros got cranky DADS. They're number three pitcher now. That's what set us over and analyze Yankee fans. I know there are semi fans out what they're saying. Oh everybody stay positive fucked up it. Would you say that you tell me to wait till next year. Fuck you fuck you. It would be one thing if the deadline passed and we got nobody in the Astros and the red sox and the twins and nobody I bet that would of sucked but the fact that we did nothing besides the furniture and our biggest your name again. I'm going to white you on our biggest competition in the American can leak a team that won the world series two years ago just got even better and now is the most dominant one-two-three in baseball in awesome lineup up a good bullpen the fact that they got better. That's the problem and the Yankees got. No it didn't even cross my mind that the Yankees would not get anybody for months. We're like Oh. He's need starting pitching deadline. They'll get someone they'll get someone. I mean Robbie Ray. We would fucking taken. I guess not not at the price they wanted. Oh my God how about the diamondbacks having the nerve to offer that did you see what almost what they wanted. fucking Zek Rookie Clint Frazier sure and Court Schmidt who into other awesome and more for a guy who just strikes people out does nothing gives up runs walks a ton robbie array. You're putting Robbie Ray on that pedestal. Get the fuck out of your Arizona Fuck you but that was at work we basically thought at worst we'll get a Robbie Ray. We'll get a Mike Minor. We'll we'll get someone that like isn't Great Lance Lynn tight move from last year high may Garcia from the year before we'll get someone like that at the minimum not getting anybody did not even cross my mind I have blindly trusted Brian Cashman and the Yankee Front Office for so long they've built it up because they've fleeced all these teams and trades built this hopefully new dynasty and they become you know the best team in baseball this year. I blindly trusted them to do something something and they did nothing. The fact that I came to realization around two o'clock like okay we're not going to start her but let's fuck and make the Super Bowl Penn an ultimate ultra open and they could that there that couldn't have been difficult to just go get some reliever one additional reliever to alleviate the pressure that this team is going to face the next three months the next three months. This open is going to have a lot of loads on them. All the loads all you're going to be on those arms because our are starting pitching doesn't last more than four innings if they're even having a great start and we couldn't get somebody to help that out. It's house possible. It's disgusting that the the Yankees spent any time at all trading for fucking Alfredo Garcia that even if that trade took ten minutes that's ten minutes. They should've used spending just find an actual really when I saw the name came across Yankees Garcia from the Rockies I was like I don't know who that is. Maybe like an under the radar guys kind of good bullpen season season in the N._F._l.. West that nobody knows about nope he's in fucking single-a twenty years old and what does he area this year six. That's not a raid that you you do a fucking half hour before the trade deadline. That's a trade you could do whatever because it doesn't matter I thought it was an old. I thought it was an old tweet that someone someone's like Oh like so you know you make me feel like Oh. He's re tweets like old tweets and their great those Oh yeah we got him like twenty sixteen. Okay nope Twenty nineteen today July fucking thirty I three thirty yeah we got Alfredo Garcia and look happy as a great career. I wanted Mattis Gardner Trevor <hes> so here's my if these Zach grinky to be clear would never know that would never write New York no Jack Ricky's a mental not mad about that when he he would never ever ever come to New York correct and he probably wouldn't have worked in New York so it's not the fact that he's gets accoring the fact that the Astros data and Yankees got. Nobody maybe Madison Madison Bumgarner wasn't available. I feel like if the keys came with that godfather offer he would have been I mean Trevor Bauer who I wasn't high on in retrospect with a buck and taking them but Trevor Bauer was somebody who was available like clearly he was available and the Yankees. I'm sure could have out did the offer that the reds gay forms. Did they do well they have they have like the godfather offer to. Here's I know with them because Clinton Frazier. I still feel like there's is enough. Besides Clinton on here's where people are saying that just our prospects aren't as good as the way we say they're like people viewed him that way. Yeah and I mean they are known for over hyping they're PR. I think a lot of this has to do with I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that teams are tired of getting fleeced by Cashman Yup and no team wants to assist the Yankees and winning World Series Twenty Number Twenty eight not wants to do that. Oh you were the fucking assholes that gave them Blah Blah Blah that one them game seven like you don't WanNa be that team because everyone hates the Yankees where literally on a world on an island by ourselves. It's a big violent but the rest of the world is against against that island and I think the other part is that just cashman is afraid to lose a deal he's terrified to because he has a great track record and he's he's terrified of giving up that one prospect that turns out to be because we talk all the time in the show every trade he makes the prospects he gives up. You can't really name any that have turned out to be decent decent nevermind good yeah. I think that's a part of it like you said and another part of it is the Yankees had no leverage like the Yankee starters being as bad as they were in Boston administer so basically you know the whole past week and a half that everyone knew the Yankees needed a starting pitcher. They came out themselves Multiple Times said starring pitching's an area that could be addressed the rest. They had no leverage when you mix in that they're the Yankees when you mix in the Katherine Trade Wizard stuff. I understand why the price was probably very high and we don't know how high it was probably never will but I feel like they could have paid some price to do something something man something some thing one thing. Give me a middle reliever to help give some rest Tommy keenly beano chat and you know Severino Betances. Maybe but that's I don't WanNa hear that they're they're the deadline acquisitions we don't know when they're coming back hacker how they're going to be and then you get that Bob Classic tweet which I don't know how much I don't know how much Daca put into it but it said that basically the mets were willing to give a stroman and I saw I legitimately think from people I've talked to stroman wants no part of pitching for the mets nothing no part of it all he he threw a fucking bitch fit as he should have because he's having a career year and he did not want to you know he wanted to go to a contender right. His Dad came out and said he wanted to be in New York. He wanted to be a Yankee. He wanted to play in a world series. He wants to win a world series for the Yankees and they sent her to the New York. Mets A fucking disgusting organization has no interested in winning for they'll never have a chance it winning their miserable miserable miserable fucks and he sent him there and I think he's I think he basically voiced in the last two days like I don't WanNa fucking pitcher you guys now he's going to he's no choice right now. Although he did retire I would respect the fuck degree move but the offer apparently was that the mets were willing to give us back ex- give stroman he returned for Debbie Garcia and Esteban Florio. Now I understand that's a lot but you know what when I see the Astros go out and get Garrett Cole and it's wind now mode now. Don't don't you dare say we. We're thinking about twenty twenty twenty twenty one twenty twenty two W._r.. C. And all that man you got to do that trade you gotTA. Do you gotta do something so there's part of me that thinks to sue or at met organization like put that out there put that out there that they had an offer that oh where Oh oh us we want to trade with at the Yankees. Oh No we were going to give them stroman for these two guys who it's not that big of a package and again if that was the deal I don't I just don't trust. I think that's the Wilpon puck and propaganda. Would you have done that deal yes and now I'm believing shit on for that tweet for saying I would have done it would have been taught or here's my thinking Debbie. Garcia becomes Marcus stroman hopefully right like that's he'll probably be better. I'd Strom in the long run probably be bored and he'll say for a twenty year old pit. You're you're not unless I'm just I have everything wrong here. Debbie Garcia INC starting a playoff game for the New York Yankees exactly this year maybe not next year so probably probably next year right but he's not going to be marcus already at the most ever pitch in the season if we get like any if we get one inning out of Debbie Garcia this year a New York Yankees in September or I'll be shocked at that point to be honest or a little surprised out these anyway he seeks his way into an October roster. I I don't think Debbie Gracia's on October roster now I I didn't see light chance out of the bullpen by having like four percents writing yeah so no I would have because that's the one Florida oh I think you've started to convince me that he stinks and the U._S. based M._d.. M._e._N._S._A. Yellow. He's not good right. He regressed On the deal I don't think it's crazy to say that I that. I don't think he's turned that down as crazy I will say that I think you just have to do something men and that is something that's something at me like okay man we can worry about losing this trait a year or two from now three years from now and it might suck but Marcus stroman is a name he instantly becomes the best pitcher in the nursing. Thank you stuff yeah instantly. That's a trade that we needed to make tonight especially when he goes to the Astros but yeah I mean who knows what the timing I mean I get. I get that my point in saying that I wish we'd it's just do something man yeah. I'm just now. I don't WanNa get on them too much for that because I think it's though sewer rat fucks Fox over at the mets just putting that out there to show that they're you know the quote unquote bigger person and would have traded with the Yankees so I just don't trust those fucking sue. Schmidt said they weren't close on anything right. How is that possible when you have the prospects you do how and there's that many people available? How're you not close close on anything? What were you doing? How can you look at the rotation of Masahiro Tanaka who has been God awful and his last restarts and he's inconsistent consistent at you know during the regular season obviously we he seems to be a guy can flip the switch in October and you Carolina? I'm not worried about Tanaka but James Paxton is abysmal can't even get through the first. I am not putting us in a giant hole. J. HAP is one of the worst pitchers I've ever seen recently did pitch okay on Tuesday night against Dynamex but I would never adver never rely on the guys start another playoff game for the New York Yankees and feel confident. We're GONNA win that game if you're starting a playoff game for me and I don't feel confident you you shouldn't be on my team. Bottomline cease thirty eight currently on on the one of his scheduled me inflammation things. That seems like it's not a big deal but can't really rely on C. Easy to start a playoff game for me to her. Mom is going to accede his innings limit point here and we're gonNA need to either. They're gonNA have to blow past and I think just say fuck it which is terrifying and and there's a really good chance that his arm just tires out by Thomas October and then Severino who apparently is going to get on westbound soon and he started throwing bullpens and you know we might have them by the end of August early September that remains to be seen that is the gigantic what if right now gigantic starting a playoff game right now. What would the percentage of that twenty one percent? Maybe maybe a little higher high but any and he's who knows how he's going to be when he comes back. He first of all he was remember. He was bad in the second half last year like I don't think he's going to be bad forever but he was bat like the last time we saw Luis. Severino is was good in the wildcard game less Louise everyone who was a bad pitcher since frankie bro Borelli laid a hand on him during the All Star game of last year during an all star Game Party. He has been terrible injury so I think next year I'll like Alpha really good Luis Severino going into next year. I can't say I'M GONNA Trust Luis Severino in the playoffs this year dumped Hanson's will help the bullpen probably but again if tone back right I think he's even bigger than San Point Jordan Montgomery. If Michael Michael King I mean there are possible in house. Options Yankees can HAP- but that's that's the key word they are possible option. There is so much hope right now like that's. It's where we're leaning on us. Hurry hope and nothing definitive nothing concrete. It's just hope they were so much margin for error now with this bullpen. They really can't Fuck Cup. They're gonNA be relied on for they are very good chance that two of the playoff games in a five game series seven game series would be open games. That's putting a lot of pressure the bullpen right. It's I have two names for you. Dallas Kaikal could have been had for nothing but right so the whole idea was that we didn't get Kyko so we could get out of the deadline Dallas. I know started off bad but three point eight six E._R._A.. And I have another name for you. Patrick Corp we chose ipso facto chose Jay hop over Patrick orb but I know Corbin wanted a lot of money but you should have just matched young good young pitching youngest pitching is such. It's just so rare and he's he's writing this year. He's been great this year sort off a little shaky been great new knew he was going to be able to handle New York. The impact that eventually you gotta buckle up and fucking get God damn good starting pitcher. I don't care if it costs a boatload of money. I don't care for costs a boatload Loda prospects. The Yankees need reliable frontline starter and it's not happening for the rest of this year. Let's hope it happens next year and again and not like ought to twenty twenty because there's no way the win this year. They're they're. They're still really good. They're still you know right around one of the three best teams in baseball dumb the Astros and dodgers all jockeying percentage wise but they didn't get better and when your top team your top rival nail gets better. It's a tough pitiful. I'm so drained and they wanted. I thank God Chapman almost blew it. We're not even GONNA talk about that game. I mean GIO shell meet seventeen gene unbelievable defensive plays. If you're talking about another home run. He's amazing. If they had lost that game I would have found disaster I would I would just walk into moving traffic. This is just man I I the only saving grace of the Red Sox somehow just did nothing red sox did not note today was the trade to the red red socks didn't have from one to four o'clock. Jarod did the livestream and the red sox didn't have one tweet that said the red sox are interested in him there in on hand they might they're talking to him not want the red sox just weren't mentioned for three three hours. I really think they may not they may have been like Oh like today's Tuesday like we'll get out them tomorrow the whole organization just maybe like one one like maybe there's like a universal russell clock or something in the organization that was just off by a day and everyone was like oh today's the thirtieth I mean and their bullpen blew another lead on Tuesday <hes> than they lost the game three different. I think they like three lights. That's the thing is I know there's a lot of people look at the Red Sox. During the I really give a fuck about nine games back like I know they beat us three times this weekend but I'm not really too worried about the red sox. The Red sox earned completely different positions. The Yankees compared to twenty one eighteen yankees to the two thousand eighteen red sox at the twenty nine thousand nine hundred sixty what I mean like last year the Red Sox were in the position extra deadline. They got Nathan evolving. Didn't they get somebody else. Whatever the bottom line is the red sox when it felt like their year they addressed their the Yankees didn't do that this year? Let's take could break for a second and talk about Indochino. Indochino is the world's most exciting made to measure made to measure menswear company. They make suits and shirts to your exact measurements for an unparalleled herald fit and comfort. Are you looking to get married. They've got tons of options for you. Out Your entire wedding party. 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He says stop bitching our team is young and it's not a must win year. We we have a lot of talent and money on this upcoming off Season Law Saka shoe dude fuck you. This is a must win year fuck you. I hate your entire entire existence for that tweet. You have your twitter country it. You should be fine and thrown in jail for that tweet. You are not a Yankees Fan if you are saying stop pitching our team is young. It's not a must swin year. Why is it a must win year? We want one hundred games last year. We're on pace for one hundred wins this year house. Another must win. You're the Red Sox won the world series last this year. How's it on a must win this year when your New York Yankee Fan it's must win every fucking year first off? If you're listening thank you for your support second off. Fuck you as you said the Yankees. It is a must win world through. That's the Steinbrenner school must win. Every we win the youth supposed to win the world series ever you set out in spring training. The expectation is to bring a world series back to the Bronx. Every year is a must win year now if you wanted to pitch me that you know at the start of twenty seventeen twenty sixteen. Those didn't feel like must-win years I I would kind of heard that two thousand nineteen is a must win year. It's been ten years. I WANNA go hold fucking decade. I don't WanNa go the whole tens without winning. A single world series raise the Red Sox won last year. All the pieces are there to win these like we have these young core controlled under arbitration. We have this window to win as many world series as possible and to build another dynasty every year from now for the next five years is a must win year you piece ish that that window by the way it's closing of those guys being under arbitration and and paying them when when all cashman and Steinbrenner talk about is this luxury tax hey hey man. We're not GONNA have the benefit of staying Texan Keeping Gleyber Torres Aaron Judge Didi Gregorius. We're not GONNA have the benefit of patron Carlos Stanton already. Yeah we pay. Hey that fucking asshole Luke voight. We're GONNA eventually have to pay at some point. Di Gio maybe Larry Sanchez. FUCKING SANCHEZ I know yeah we're we pay them a little bit kind of helping us out because he doesn't really get paid a lot. Thank you separate were eventually Debbie Garcia eventually if we keep them on if if this guy's Dominguez man that's why guys command a lot of money and if we're trying to send a luxury tax eight possible you might WanNa win right right fucking now. Garcia better be good. He better be Mush. Bring up a good point doesn't bring them any good points but brought up a good one. There's a lot of pressure on this kid. Be Good Away Yeah Lot of pressure. It's so I'll see you remember in twenty fifteen it. I almost I wonder if their plan as soon as you remember twenty fifty enke's had I think it was like an almost I think it was a seventeen lead in the Blue Jays at the trade deadline and the Blue Jays got David Price Ace the Yankees starting pitcher. They didn't do anything but they did bring up Luis Severino down the stretch. I wonder if that's sort of the plan for Debbie Garcia but he's innings limit is gonNA come into play no matter no. I know but I just want the most he's ever pitched. I wonder if they're thinking also k. rods dozen to angels to the same thing very similar. Martha Yeah listen if that's the if that's the plan then shore I you could sell me on it and if it works out great but Mandevu Garcia you better be good and all I hear about that situation when from making him a bullpen guy is job all over again. That's in my head to with that shit the job roles and yeah. I think if it's just like for his rookie year for a couple of months you can make a reliever. Just call them. Jason Dominquez just like fuck. I think you'd like to eighty fuck. I think it's I swing would be a home run yeah man. It's just not good. It's just I know we're on radio for awhile and rigs kept saying Amen. How can you be this doom human gloom when you got that record and that lean division just see the big picture man who starts game one right now for the Yankees nail the US Chad Green maybe to knock it might be chattering and then Tanaka in game two and then game threes what David Hale or nestor core test I mean can you trust packs. I mean listen the bottom line really what's going to happen. All world left with his hope right now right so the hope is that James Paxton figures pitch baseball's again along with Jay half if that happens if that happens hey all right. Look look. That's what happened. The first half year and you know to take the to side with Cashman in Boone here a little bit the front office and we're not done with Cashman by the way I'm not doing. She's allure of higher castes. Fuck you stupid person. He's built a great team. He should have done something here but I will say to. Their defense is that it's true. You don't want to overreact to one you know you'll are now too bad starts at the rotation for everybody but like you said every guy does have problems. Yeah it's possible. I mean we just listed out all the negatives for each guy. James Paxson doesn't burn on the first day all right but he has been really good from there on out and maybe that weird fluky trend will stop J.. HAP- been bad but he is a good second half pitcher C C Sabathia innings limit old but it's kind of a reliable you know lefty in the playoffs somewhat awesome what as Tanaka has been consistent but yeah a playoff Gamer and deeming overmanned. Maybe put from what we've seen so far. He's been really good. Maybe Luis Severino gets back so we could take that glass half full glass half empty with every guy and we're seeing that empty part of the glass especially recently recorded class but you know you could. I could see how they're going to spin the positives for your guy but again when you're expecting Madison Bumgarner expecting Trevor Bauer and you get fucking Alfredo Garcia in the Astros. Let's get Zack grinky. I think every Anki fan has the right to be pretty fucking pissed especially when you passed on Dallas Kaikal when you've passed on Patrick Corbin when you passed on Justin verlander for two years ago when he passed on Garrett Cole and offseason and a half ago when you add up all those things yeah. It's really really annoying yeah. Here's the frustrating thing to two thousand seventeen the Astros go out and get Justin verlander and he leads them to the world series and then two thousand eighteen the sox get Chris Sale. Sorry what was that the awesome year. Whatever Chris Sale was a big points and he was a big acquisition. The Red Sox went out and got him. They made the big trade to go get Chris sale on Katayev Moncada and Kopech right they they traded their top guys to get him and then this year the Astros do it again that we don't learn from a mistake which is let the Astros do it now. I understand there's nothing we do to prevent cranky but like go Latin. Get someone learn learn. The trade prospects. Big Guy Wins you the world's if you if a trade or signing results in one world series one. It's a success the raptors straight for quite Leonard Worth it unbelievable percent what trade that franchise remember for the rest of their lives unbelievable Chris Sale. There's nothing wrong listen. They gave Chris sale five years hundred whatever honestly the money and you've only to those guys one year we will series. You can't can't really shit on it too much justin verlander to saint thing. It's frustrating Clint Frazier. He just tweeted the woody the woody gift of him open. I'm back doc guys you know all that you know him in his tricks and social media but honestly if we didn't treat clint and when like what's the point him being the miners he you gotta be called. I you tweet it right that he needs to just be the every day. It doesn't make people like what about talking to me while there's enough room for all of them right now yeah yeah with void out obviously. Carlo out you can you can fit them on Garner out. You can fit them all and he's a really good hitter. He's he's A. He's really good. He's not a great field dopey center. I the whole Clint Frazier experience has been no sense it bottles in my mind. It's nuts <hes> we even talk about voice but Voigt has a sports hernia if to make matters worse and we're seeing a couple of days of he's GonNa need surgery. I think he's going into that's based off just the fact that he had the same core injury in London and it's basically a reactivation of that that makes me feel like rest is not going to help because they tried. I'd rest <hes> and they originally said I once Irish Sports Hernia. That's a long injury man. That's when you need surgery. That's a recovery process sucks. It's in my mind to month injury and I was an and that might be done for the year and people like Oh. No it's six week and then it just came out. Jack Curry tweeted like cashman is not optimistic basically if they have surgery that he's back in six weeks set basically my sentiments through his that's like what the fuck did the the Yankees training staff do off-season did. What did they tell these people. I don't know man I mean. I don't even know if it has to do with it. This is I mean it's been relatively healthy the whole year eh but still it's a coma. Stri that hurts more than anything. I know they lost like I almost forgot about that because we've been so focused on the actual getting Cranky Yankees anyone we will lose. We're losing Luke Boyd for the season and it's a nightmare. Thank thank God for Edwin. They went in looking back there. Decarlo who knows what the fuck is doing nowhere. Initially nowhere new baseball is slow-moving progression and again the only positive engineers <hes> several Mike and on amount soon I look at the standings and I see sixty eight and thirty nine and yeah the the met fans and all these other loser franchises are going to look at us and they say you spoiled brats your sixty eight and thirty nine and you're complaining yeah. Well guess what the Yankees we are. Spoiled brats like that's our thing. We expect whenever we every year we expect to get our new toy a we don't we throw a fit and we cry. Hi and we stop our feet. That's what being Yankees Fan is start. My life sirens shout out to the New York City Fire Department for joining the PA probably getting somebody somebody who died of a heart attack who expected us to get someone of some caliber today and we just we got Alfredo Garcia succumbing up now with four against Boston. That's should go well Paxton pitching Friday. Don't forget to yes runs in the first inning. It's free you know what I'm going to say no no. I think you'RE GONNA lose your money now. I think when everybody gets onto a trend that's one it shifts. This is different though all right you. WanNa make a Bet John mybookie probably a fun little thing but <hes> I'm. I'M GONNA. I'm going to bet no fine if Paxton gives up around the first inning well. I don't know what I was GONNA say. If he just doesn't then no way we re sorry. If Paxton gives up a run in the first inning then you have to do all the ad reads on Monday show find. This isn't really thrilling awesome and you never will. You're Noah syndergaard shirt my rough and rowdy not no you did not do bias. I gotta go by. I guess whatever I'll do. Fuck Fuck that guy you see him see his tweet today. Wall Street. I'm fucking back. Shut up you begged to go. You begged to leave and then they didn't bring fucking. Lee Your what a pathetic piece of shit. He is not good pass the double veteran Saturday. That's you know that that like no senator wants to use every cliche. GIF In seeing there. Is You know he was that was on his like Bingo board of one. Can I use this one. Oh yeah and he's Alison. Even though I fucking hate on this team I didn't leave. At least I can use this one. He's had that drives. I don't know why I can use this but it's in there. He's got all of them in drafts. Here's the positive I'm looking at here. The upcoming schedule is three at Baltimore four at Toronto and four at home against Baltimore well. That's that's a pretty good eleven game stretch not bad. I don't I don't hate that I mean that could that could help ease the blow and then after that gets really tough this stretch of Cleveland's at the stadium for four at than the west coast trip God help me with Oh my God. This stretches ridiculous so at Oakland for three things. Don't go well in Oakland I am. I'm going to put that in. My head is three losses anything better than that. I'll take at the dodgers for three that should be a disaster because the dodgers ridiculous at at Seattle for three then Oakland back at the stadium for three Texas for three and then at Boston for four that stretch up that gets us through September ninth man this this this could be. It's tough but at saint thanks are better than a lot like all of them. They've done it. They've been the wind. Get hurt repeat all year long they're. The savage is still there. Who really has to step up here? Aaron judge has to really really now. He's had a good year his all his numbers are are you beg for good good player to have those numbers right now but that man has to like turn into a side he needs to become. We need to have a twenty seventeen. Gene are enjoyed running he really does he really does and I understand that this oblique injury he had they said it's not going to heal fully all year. People have said that they've had the same injury. It's just tough to fully he'll. He'll probably he'll he'll. He will feel fully in the offseason but man you just got to step up your franchise. You've just got to be the guy you know win. The heart I mean you already have hearts for like really cement yourself as a captain of this team and just start dominating baseball. That's really what has to happen and the pitching will figure it out hopefully yeah and I think we're saying he doesn't have a home run to left field this. He did have a Hitler feel. Hold those lines that is in Greece Hannity. That's a really care about that. Don't he needs a rifle. Still Homerun cares no it is but like if I think back to two thousand seventeen bombs then he he's always had fully turning like because the League or whatever I don't know Zap from the left side knows I don't know Memphis. I'm just fucking. I mean again. Address is like one of the last guys need to get on but this isn't getting on you. It's more dislike pleased like you're so good man. Just you just help us out to help us out this time of need all right. Let's do a few we'll do the atmos- before d._M.'s WanNa talk to you guys about quip quip is what I'm going to use tonight to to get rid of this bad day the moment at home. I'm just GONNA go right to my toothbrush. Just makes me feel so good. Quip the sensitive sonic vibrations make for an effective they've cleaned gentle and your sensitive gums. I have the most sensitive gums in the world whenever I go to a dentist and they poked me. I bleed insist. It's I don't know why they poke you. It's such astles they poke you with that Neil but people brush to Hartson time some electric toothbrushes or too abrasive not quip quip just nice and nice and gentle and your gums as a built in two minute timer which pulses every thirty seconds just to remind you switched sides and help you clean your whole mouth evenly. I feel like my whole life. I was quitting cleaning my whole mouth just in the wrong wrong. Ways quip is really pulling back on track all about balance. It's got something to be really with android so I I use normal toothbrushes for a while for my whole life. We got the quip. They sent equipped to us. I'll be honest. I didn't use it for a few weeks. I just want to have to set it up. I lost my toothbrush and I was like all right. I'll start using the quipped force your hand and I really enjoyed it and now never never gonna go back you really will I really will i. It's like watching it's watch- watching standard definition TV than going H._d.. Yeah it's like yeah. I'll be honest. I was hesitant at first set up no way better. My breath feels better when I'm done doing it like whether you lose your toothbrush or not to switch to accept this is a multi all to use cover which works as a stand mounted a mirror. You don't need a you know a toothbrush holder. Whatever its own holder? It just goes right up there. The brush heads are automatically delivered on a dentist recommended schedule every three months for just five dollars a friendly reminder when it's time to refresh and to stay committed on your oral health quip is the one is one of the first electric toothbrushes accepted by the American Dental Association. They're backed by over twenty five thousand dental professionals and the thousands of verified five starve US version as well. The new brushes the same as the original version just tweak down for size down mouths kids are inspired to brush better and more often orel care that looks and feels like the proxy adults you know the kids always trying to sit at the adult table this. Let's do that so here's what we gotta do. Folks Quip starts at just twenty five five dollars. If you get to get quick if you go to get quip dot com that's G. E. T. Q. U. I._p.. Dot Com slash porch right now and you get your first refill pack for free. That's your first refill pack for free. GET QUIP DOT COM SLASH PORCH STU some deums although I'm sure they're really comment and a lot of people angry a lot of fuck cashman's but <hes> Matthew while as the Yankees are guaranteed to win the world series this season but oh you can't watch anymore games this year. Would you do it. No no this is the whole point of when you get to enjoy one what's unselfishly saying talknet but like I WanNa Watch Hauser's if and this is like a mini thing where he says he would die for an eagles thing if people knew if it was agreed upon that we wouldn't watch anymore. We're the reasons by right and we're seeing like you know the martyrs or whatever we didn't watch any more games than we are. The reason they won the world series that we get to go to the parade and and stuff and be on the floats then I'd sign up if it's just I sound like a crazy person than now actually I would take it. I actually if you take it by the actual explain Schwer D._M.. word-for-word ago the Yankees are guaranteed to win the world series this season right. You can't watch games so goes by the actual word of the D._M.. Then I would do it actually because I'll listen to John Sterling okay through and now that I go mammal M._l._b. t._v.. App I'm just listening to sterling. I'll take that hit. I don't have to visually see it upper ten a number blind but I if I can listen to sterling his call straddle playoff run into a world series yeah. I'll take the hit anything about we know they're going to win the world series we could go put in some Nice big future bets on them. Playoff Games merged. We get ready to go guys could pick up the D._V._d.. That's IT and watch what we missed. It even better yeah. We will actually see all right. I'm in we're doing. We're doing all right great well. If it's if it's just by the letter of the definition then sure <hes> Max Medley asked if the boss still alive what he take one of Aaron Judge's forty five pound bats and beat cashman with it right now no because he would have just made them Gotz he would've over. That's what the Astros G._M.. Did without cranky trade he just he said we're doing this. I don't care the owner the astros owner he's like we're doing we're making his trade where in a position addition that unlike any other where our team is so good. We're make that's steinbrenner ordered that we were just we would have had bumgarner we would have bumgarner if we'd had shirts or somehow now he would have just went over to the nationals and put a gun. There's just give assures right now. Jason Schule ski ask he's at. He's big fan hope. Nobody hurts themselves. I've after recording crossed. Will this go down as cashman's worst move slash not non move as G._M.. I think so recency bias but I think it was just so obviously needed to get pitching. They had the people obviously depend on how they end up doing in the playoffs if they get knocked out because they can't could anybody out right that will be that will look sorry I think we're also leads us. The promised land than like Cashman can sit on his fucking thrown and throw fucking Bananas People Blur Whatever Throat Squash whatever they do. Does that a thing kings do they throw bananas of people in my head just Jeffrey Gordon Ass will he said I go to school at at the University of Texas and all my friends are astros fans now. What the fuck do I do say? Give them the finger yeah. It's a list question Yankee Fan Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's kind of a little thing I thought you but like this is for like a dear lizzy. I was like I don't know if that's exactly that's exactly what dear lizzy is attack. Yeah that sucks I would probably move tyler asks barring any serious injuries. What do you think the playoffs starting rotation is looking like Debbie Garcia question mark though it will not be starting playoff game if he is I'll eat my words on? I'll be happy about it. I just don't think they'll do that. I mean right now. We're GONNA have a bullpen Game Tanaka Games game one. I'm I'm not I don't know about it. WE'RE NOT GONNA START A game on. I don't know about order. I was thinking the four I think you would do. I think you do to knock a hole and figure something Severino Paxton got two months wants man figure it out and then I don't know Severino can be a starter. I don't know if he'll be able to work as way up to be a starter. Maybe that's maybe he can be a three inning starter then we take the confirm there so it's like kind of a mini open game but it's not a good rotation and certainly as a match up to the Astros and just lastly for for mattress is a die hard fan from the west coast just got out of work. It's fucking hot and the boys having signed anybody. Dad's truck broke down. We're living. We're fucking livid in this this household right now. Why isn't Clinton dugout today? I don't know man I'm just happy. We didn't blow another game. Should I be nervous. Definitely <hes> when you look Astros rotation to ours definitely nervous but we could be worse spots we could be not this this many games up in the division and and you have the possibility of getting guys back from the I l. which would be trades themselves what they're going to try and sell you on and they were really good with this rotation for the first half of the year which is really right cocked out the last two weeks. Hopefully just get back on track. That's the hope hopefully thirty nine a great right offense great bullpen and sorry pitching that could get butter just another roadblock in the D._v._d.. I guess that they'll this'll be the halfway halfway point the D._v._d.. Where everyone gave up and then somebody the red sox series into this and Mike Getting beat by the red sox now serve absolutely no purpose title takes exposed to see that thanks thanks the red sox for doing this now? Cashmere realizes he has to get starting pitching all that and they just fuck all takes exposed hate that twitter so much all right that's it. I'm so tired of everything we'll be at. We'll be the at Boston this week up. Sorry we'll be in New York this weekend for Yankees Red Sox Sunday night. Baseball is boxed the BALLPARK. It's pretty much sold out. If there are tickets they're very few and far to come but we'll see in the bronx this weekend and pray to God energy on. Let's go win. A world series still come on come on Tommy. You'RE GONNA get hit the top we got Alfredo Garcia and we're GONNA win a fucking world series. Let's fucking

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