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Welcome to buy podcast. Lum someone where. I try to share a little goodness a little. Hope a little inspiration with each new episode and welcome spring spring. Finally here. it's been a long time coming as in but it's here time to put the winter blues in our rear view and turn our faces to the sun. There is much to look forward to do here on the farm. We've got three new baby. Lambs four new baby goats to new cabs. We have A breed of cows called highlanders and two of the highlanders have baby cows. Both of them little bowls the pastures of greened up The zeljka blooms or brightening the garden beds. That cherry trees are blooming. I've even got some early. Ps sending shoots up out of the ground. It's a season of new life to season a fresh beginnings. I know that we are all eager to start a new chapter in life. In fact the easter season seems a much better time than new years to make some resolutions. If you have enjoyed your own cooking. I'll let all too much. My hand is waving in the air over here Boy the cove fifteen we call it or maybe you haven't been as active as you need to be. Then accept the invitation of the longer days. Go outside and take a nice stroll. I've been trying to get ten thousand steps a day in Really frustrated when my phone shuts off. Because the batteries dead and doesn't log my stepson. Like that's not fair. I did my steps. Maybe you should get couple of planter boxes and try your hand at growing some tomatoes or salad fixings some lettuce. You can't mess up growing lettuce super easy. You will be amazed at how much better veggies taste when you raise them yourself when they're picked and eaten fresh when there's no chemicals. There's no comparison to that at your local grocer. Maybe you pick up a new hobby this year painting or creating. I recently had a phenomenal guest on this show ami f downs. She was on my podcast. Who's made a living out of encouraging people to have fun to prioritize having fun to make it an important and integral part of their lives and their families lives hobbies like gardening reading photography textile crafts beating all these things. That busy. your hands and busy Keep your keep you g flowing but quiet. The overthinking brain playing games with family and friends cooking together She had all sorts of great ideas. Water fights on summer. Afternoons hose fights things to strengthen the bonds of our relationships and bring purpose to life. It was a fun podcast. If you didn't catch it you should listen in after you've finished with this episode but on this episode did i mention i have one of the biggest country superstars joining me. Today how big you ask wit. He is a three time. Grammy winner has sixteen academy of country music awards. Fourteen country music association of wards. Just off the top. He's the most played country artists radio since his debut in nineteen ninety two with two singles spending ten weeks or more at number one. Have you figured it out yet. Here are a couple more hints. He is a faith full family man. Faithful family man who thinks the best qualities to nurture in oneself and others is to be humble and kind. I'm so pleased to be joined today. I'm love someone by country legend. Tim mcgraw right after. I sing a love song to our podcast sponsor who made this special program possible. You've heard me say that it's when the sky is night as that. The stars are brightest but for many people around the world it can be hard to see the light amidst the darkness mercy. Ships is an organization that gives people renewed hope mercy ships turn ships and floating hospitals and then since them to the poorest countries in the world to provide free surgeries that save lives and change lives. They are transforming communities by training local doctors who continue the good work long after these ships board this hope goes beyond patients and their families. It also inspires surgeons nurses the entire team involved. It's all sustained by the generosity of volunteers and donors and what's most amazing is that anyone can get involved. I encourage you to visit mercyships dot org slash love to learn how you can be a part of this great work. Is this my sweetheart. Tim mcgraw delilah. Nice to talk to you. I'm wonderful how are you. I've missed you good talking to you. I'm just talking to you as well. It's been a crazy year right. It has been crazy. How his faith face great you know. The girls are great. They're spread out all over the place. We've got to california and one in new york so we're bouncing around driving. We're driving a lot because we don't want to fly right now so we're driving quite a bit to go visit girl so they they've been there all during the shutdown. They were during the christmas part. They were with us for about four weeks and it which was fantastic. We'd never left our house. We had all of our girls. They're a couple of friends who are trusted ten tested and everything and so we had you know. A group of it was me and like eight win. No wonder tim mcgraw. You're so good at sappy. Love songs i need i need to. I'm gonna cut it testosterone. Fueled you know rocking album. Next time i think after petrol share you are sure you are a couple of things. I want to talk about Your big project your new release. That i can't wait to see because there's like the audio version and the video version your digital deluxe version number one album here on earth. It's all coming together you know. It's one of those things that when we up the holidays. When Tyler hubbard sydney undivided. It's sorta changed our whole program of what we were going to do. you know we. We had a couple of singles. Were ever ready to go and over and ready to go off. The here on earth album found the song. Tighter senate to me and i and i asked him about it and he said well i want you to cut it and like well. If we cut the song i want you to do it with me and now is really the only time that we can do it. Because it's not gonna make as much sense down. The road to the does now now is when it's really sort of catharsis in needed but you must have had people i know you have who've come to you and said this song at this time was so instrumental in my life because y- music has a way of doing that and in all circumstances by the way i think that music has always been a healing balm a bomb for our soul in so many circumstances in our lives but in this particular circumstance it. It's it's a matter of what is the best choice either. Best choices to move forward with with finding ways that we can get along. That's what countries always been built on. That's what our foundations of always built on. Hell that's what families have been built on families. Don't even get along but we move forward with love and respect for each other respect for each other's opinion and that's what this means. Well i i love it love it love it love it. Love it on so many levels. And i can't wait to see this This whole compilation. 'cause like you said there's a lot of delicious little treats fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. Is that shakespeare. Nope it's geico a. Yeah that shakespeare from one of his unpublished works be not for awakening and may give it. Though the berries for fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more no. It's from gyco 'cause they help save people money. Well i hate to break it to you but geico got it from shakespeare. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more gravity from the free solo projects. One of my favorite songs. I've ever written and one of my favorite projects i've ever gonna part and then to write a song with my wife and have it be be the closing credits song to one of my favorite movies. I've ever done the shack. And and what that means to people and let them book is meant to people in an intern. What that movie is meant to people and then in turn after that what. That song is meant to when i heard your sweet voice narrating it and then you know your part in it and then and then the the music it just came together so beautifully bid such a special message you know in a lot of ways that it takes you to places makes you open your eyes the things you may not have considered and to me. That's that's the most beautiful thing about film and art in general is when it opens your eyes the things that you may not have considered and put you in a position to question you know what are what. What are the real things in my life. What are the things matter. What are the things that really moved me. What are the things that really really are my terminal a lot of way how do you how do you what do you look at it as eternal life is families. That your legacy that you leave. What are the things that really make. You become aware. Wake you up to to what your soul. i think. That's what that book did think. That's what that movie did. And then we like to think that that that that's what our song did it'd be a part of it. So here on earth is available when ooh you're asking the wrong guy how i'll tell you when i because my sister sent me notes april sixteenth. You're smarter than you way ahead of the game. Tonight am here on earth ultimate edition in here on earth ultimate video edition so is every song. Did you do a video for every song every song. There's a few things you know. There's a few things on there that really warranted and really stood out. That said that raised a ten. That said that we needed to do something special for this song. So not every song has it but We've we've like. It was a good idea to put as much as we could digitally digital content on the record and how many of those have visual content of your beautiful wife. Shasha all my gosh tim. what are you thinking. Well i know. She can't not just that. She sings like an angel. But you you you done good. She is so faithful. Is is one of my favorite female recording artists of all times and even though she is a knockout and and physically just lovely to be hold and look at every time i've talked to her or met her she is as real down to earth as anybody you could ever meet on. She's the best. She's the best all around mean i i like brett. Farve told me when i got married. He said sony way output at your coverage not just physically but in every way she is spiritually emotionally as a human being as an artist in every single way she she exceeds me and that makes me want to be better. Whatever you guys are doing. You're doing you're doing it right. You're doing well and I think your your kids in your life as a testimony to all that we do have some great kids. I mean we are really proud of our daughters and we're proud of the strength that they have and when the way that are willing to stand up for themselves not people and for that's that's a testament to the appearance or kids having the freedom to feel to do the things that they feel right. What different paths have they decided to to pursue Magyar middle daughter is initiative per master's program at stanford which is fantastic. And we're so proud of her and then our youngest is in new york city and She's an actress Sort of working a job. Now is a production assistant on a on a cable e- program and waiting for the world open up so she can pursue her career. So all slackers. Just you know not really doing anything. Probably the slacker in our family to try to get up every morning and motivate myself. Yeah yeah that's a slacker. Is exactly the word that i would attach to you. Tim mcgraw not not when i look at all the projects you've been involved with an all the music and all the charities that you support and and just all the goodness that you pour into the world you are anything. But a slacker. Kosh feel so blessed and fortunate and and You know we all know that anything good comes from working hard at anything good. We'll go away if you don't work hard. So we we. We believe in working hard in our family and and trying to do the best that we can't everybody around and it's been tough years but a tough year for everybody that works for us. It's been a tough year for road. Crew been a tough year for our extended family so We we in humble and a lot of ways to see out there and see the hard work and the resilience and and the care that people take each other. You know when when we started when all this things started happening and everybody's trying to social distance and trying to get music to body and still try to to try to be present. I mean how many times have you gone on instagram. And seeing some an artist singing in front of a fireplace. And i'm guilty enough to say that i've done it probably five or six. I feel like we're all kind of in this limbo and in this negativity. The and if i can pour joy and pour some god's love and faith and goodness into the world for an hour an hour day You know i wanna do that and been creative to see how people have come together especially the artistic community to come together and put music forward and try to uplift people spirits during all this time. But i can tell you you feel the same way. None of us wait till we can go play lives. Please please please let us get back to our life because you can watch movies you can do all sorts of things but there is nothing i mean there is nothing that replaces live music and net collective experience that that happens when everyone sort of signs this mutual contract that they're going in and suspending reality for two hours and having a great time and boy do we need that. What did we miss that. And i think that once. We have a chance to do that again. I think everybody's gonna go see everybody even people they don't like they're going to go see just because i want to hear live music to get well. I can't wait for that. Thank you tim for spending this time with us. I know you got a million things to do. Please tell your family. I send my blessings. I send my love and i just i just love you. I appreciate you so much. I i pray that god just blesses your heart with the deepest desires of your heart. Well thank you delilah. Always enjoyed to talk to you. And you've always been so good and basins our love girls in love and Hopefully we'll see roads and right. God bless bye bye honey bye. Bye singer songwriter actor producer. Her husband father friend. Tim mcgraw has been a household name for several decades now and yet he stays true to his own best advice which is to remain humble and kind. The sharing of his talents makes life a little easier. When you're listening on your way home from work a little lighter during lunch with your family more meaningful when you're dancing with your sweetheart on date night and a whole lot more fun. If you're lucky enough to attend one of his high energy live concerts it is said of the here on earth ultimate editions that they offer a collection of songs brought together to create vignettes of shared human emotions such as love relationship introspection and fund. I think you and i can agree. That's exactly what tim mcgraw does. Not just tim mcgraw but the music that he creates it creates relationships. Introspection and fun both are available on april sixteenth. You can pre-order anytime before that. Thank you for joining me today. My friends take my last couple of podcast guests advice. Stay humble and kind and never put fun on the back burner. Have some fun and join me next time on love someone hang you. It's nicole lapin new york times. Bestselling author the only financial expert. You don't need a dictionary to understand. And now the host of the new iheartradio daily podcast money rehab. So here's the deal. I'm going to rehab. Your wallet said that you can get your financial life together once and for all trust me. I know money talk can be scary. And that's why my episodes just ten minutes no frills just to bite sized tips and tricks. Oh you waste no time because time is money and here at money rehab. You're not just a listener. I want you to come on the show. Ask me your burning money questions and answer them. Nothing is off limits. Listened money rehab on the iheartradio app or wherever you got your top. The time for your intervention is now so let's make some change.

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