The following podcast was made possible by the sponsorship of Theresa, Leong. Lee And by Catholic digital resources where you can find downloadable faith formation resources and evangelization tools. Visit Catholic, digital resources at Catholic Dr Dot Com to build your own faith and the faith of others. That's Catholic. Dr Dot Com. Hi. Terry Modise. And I want to welcome you into a retreat that was recorded live at Saint Patrick Catholic Church in Fayetteville, north, Carolina in two thousand thirteen. Entitled Celebrating God's Love in your domestic home church if focused on God's designed for family life and the vocation of marriage in this final part of the retreat, we look at the temptation in genesis three for starters. Did you ever wonder why the serpent tempted the woman I instead of the man and why Jesus came to Earth a man instead of a woman listen to what this reveals about recovering our own true identity in God's radical love. The handouts given to people who attended this retreat are available to you on our website. To find the link. See The show notes for this podcast or go to our website G. M. Dash Media Dot Org, and select the video on God's radical love. Let's begin now with a prayer to open yourself to all the spirit wants to reveal to you pray with me Come Holy Spirit renew me come Holy Spirit. Film Me Come Holy Spirit teach me come Holy Spirit. You have my permission to change me. Good News Ministries of G M Dot. Org Presents. Footsteps to heaven. Now. Is. Three and our part in in this random love. Now. The Servant was timing of all the animals that the Lord got me. During. We tell you not to eat for many reasons. Why he asked the man. Why serving why? The cantor why he has Samana. Role has gotten sign yeah. Is the viewer tiger. He also was. Saying probably felt that he could get his Li- easier. Because women tend to be over. This woman we tend to be more. Vulnerable yes. Then you'll be able to do a thing that needs to send it. Were we able Billy's But. About mandates. Woman Berkshire the family, their domestic Man as soon as they Vedro pirated never mind that they did this. On this event. Where the power comes to threaten the family what did the woman do? The Balanced children that are paid while then after the seer rise walk. That was living more secretively the way God created the be. Accountable on instead said, no one has to go grab spirit out there in the earth you'll advice it. Not created with different end with the purpose why Jesus when it came to her as? He came to show what? Role is in reading the church in being the Vesey Church. In Community Christ. Marriage show does the role of the woman is cited. Very nurturer he sure is child Jesus. He had other women, disciples nurture all Reu all Jesus around the for us. To that. Fire logical nuture. Where razors online with the two hemispheres wore neurons connections new. Designed to be nurturers. We love to be nurturing. Man Are designed to be strong detector the provider. Set. Winning one if you. Accepted Let's keep over to. Beaches Always. Wanted these audited. How wording in walk the pricing? No Way. To one another outrageous replies why should be worth to their husbands as Lord? Their lack of faith. He said you're. There is do. As the next burr free. Husbands head of the asking price is has church. As love firstly, by husbands wives, even as Christ loved the Church owners are. That's the hardest job isn't it? This is guys. You are in called die for your bride. Necessaries we'll that. Are Called God to be the protector, would you lose protecting the soul the spirit allies up equal of his divestitures, all the family? Is extended out to to the friends. Including your lives. Well. All that Seagal. As the primary. When the man is in Christ for his wife. Then when he says that he wants her to be subordinate or visit you. Of course, she's GonNa WanNa do it because it's not. Saying. It's good. And just is not her with us. He's not the ending. Okay. Here's do eighty Jewett. Harbors with us. Allies with US keep winning stress. More in our life, we should be able to fear the Lord saying okay, I want. My Life. I want to stand. With. Questions and other ministry to Hispanic. There's a lot of suspense that are hungry for this. We need to job of that and I used hobby. Asian Or how we get his not will you? Can find your translate. Give me a staff member, reduce the rapier here. States yet. Me Give me some Argentina. Beauty of mystery fees, apple TV Internet. Say. What is it is a union of Russian landing? I. Wants, my input, any of his good idea. He's Hey. For example I. The idea well, maybe we should be. He should I go with my reflection of the day Is We've been doing this. While ago. So let's do this. On a picture, little little nuggets that front of refresh itself. And so now he's somebody to like that. It wasn't necessarily. Kids it's an idea. and You provided as volunteer building near me. So. Here, is as the husband is families not either by some smashing of partnership. and. If you substitute the word subordinate for of. Pensions one another. The universe for find ways to one another. Surprise not saying that the Roy, she only one who Were Nate has where the station comes in. That's where the equality of sharing via the serving where God wants to do and what what was asked to do in why we went very occasionally job tuition or whatever. But as intrusive mortgage crisis into their husbands in everything everything by the way, it's not saying that husband is use simple of. Just as Rice's. Of his head quite as courses. So husband saying I'm deserting in prayer because prayer life you have to say navy's. Not going to the circus. What is Hud says. God. Wants us to this. Said this. Is. The word we sat in there. Why set your husband or substituted words Cats. Red Rock personalities in Earth apartment we were in the bedroom and. Living Room. Now the routers high-seas we are. More. Than we had to work hard to make it work but. So, very are are geared ways. Where everything the micro in. So In High School Uber Up. Why feel love? Feel better. Then feel the love we reached that. God designed us to be different and why would that difference things work better Pathogenesis in verse to. The woman. With, urban. What was it doing? Nothing. So I. People were the Aid Effort fruits. The man not you have to protect her from it did not help her closer to God. Protect your. Wine. Scripture. So they all said. Immersed sits. Tree was good for food. Seducing you. Rate. Same. The Guy said twisted. All that. That reds air anyway. So woman pleasing to the eyes forgetting So she took some of it dated as you also be senator husband was with. Their. Golf with her. And he supported of her. Okay. odds of that vis your suggestion. It's backwards is upside down in worse that was the beginning original sin. The fall. Okay. On the Outer Fiji, the review says looking packages. Have done to deserve. That in that situation read. Out What else believe done? Up because the tender. Sided there's been on the other side of their. With each other's. What would you have done to wonder? How? Protective Yes were via faith instructor. In Verse Fifteen Checkers re-genesis. Service I open energy between you want between your offspring and hers I will be enemies of you. I will cause conflict between you. Between you and the woman? Who? Your Australian. Offering and her offspring US? He will stripe he. Eagles ragged your head. While you conceal. So. Lost freight is a key that will successfully strike at the head of this. Date the head of the chapter. Jesus. Who the Jesus. IS INCREASE OF OUR The man. Now. All. Because it's not what? We all have given have. Bail characteristics you know we we. And Doesn't love of eating Nutri. But. Day that Jesus? Yes. Move is Jesus all that I just read out of Utah Five is the husted. What's the head. That the husband is giving Gari power over. The thinking part of us. It's the strategizing part. It's Arkansas that. A all horrible spot I'm going to play up. He's bull role to the temptation of of gossip. So I, use that part of the increase arrests. And the man we can all do. Freshness, whether the mid has been regained as priest up the domestic church to be the first one to say. In prayer get understanding the up yours KANTER. was planning to buy white for her breasts with ours trying to leave my whack cities I'm hearing this time of Gossiping going on here. It's the lovingly compassionately the way price did. You really want to be Dasa remember. SCRIPTURE SAYS In loving way where the two of them have workout how it happens because he personality. That's the way Dr or be. The freese of domestic church to protect the. Family. You'll be out it is to be able flair, gentrify the strategy of one. Because once you strategy should know how bright and what's the best one of the female to do opposite. What once? The feet off the known because it'd be the opposite of what he wants. It families knew this theory a lot fewer divorces because worse is division. Has Been having an agenda a strategy for many many years decades of the binding failures Rabia families. visit, we are so busy in our movies prior to recover for broken this. At. The children who are who have to deal with ruggedness of the marriage and be slim's we do parents what. Havoc jerk for full of people who understood God's plan for family and we got training were we were able to to become the man got in the woman of God they were supposed to be. In you. How wrong you transform? was eight once. Tastes knowing. All the Q.. Halls B. Lori, we have the Beagle. Recognizing strategies. For Lyon, we have a good moral life. This now his work to get to this point? Yes. Jesus say in. We'll revelation basically media Christmas vomit. Jesus said ironically be cold or hot. Because he were with the called the whole vision of like I. Really. Nothing new faith whenever Is. That Envy Gone Up. PERSON TO EVANGELIZE is happened says or bankers who says I'm okay just at. I only to grow. I. Need to do any work at at studied the scriptures than. The retreats like this how many people are not year old? Retreat okay. Part of Hunter. Band live is the person. Is. Satisfied with status quo. Ineffective. The are might be. Looking God because they're not doing much for God. Sakes. Those people. You're not. Yeah. Jesus this. Speaking out. Yet. In the case of you about. All the people use all radical. Has Everyday women morning fears is off of this. War helped me who received from you today everything you want to give me. Your love, -rism guidance. Special surprises you give you. Your. Whatever. It is. You want to give you need is. Today, but you knew where you want to give me help me to receive it. And then give it attribute. Any money is it. I worked around Eagles help you yet. There's so much love. So, much yet from God's grace available to us the sooner supernatural health do when he calls us to do. We have to our heart. To. Fail that the owners out that. The in order to to get there more help one of these is over myself more. It's Getting not. Teaching set no. There's a whole lot of mediocre Catholics who disregard with are if it's convenient for them to follow it for control of Oscar one. Because they don't know whether the rat is behind Gothi James. Birth Control. It sounds Li-. Telling us. Lecture appearing dripping hierarchy is interfering with. It sounds like some free students understand what it's like to be. Married or single. It sounds because we don't go where the teacher usually say he doesn't seem to enhance Arlo by seeds to be an interference. Be a hardship to. Control us not family time this journey diocese classes it. Went both grass guy finding to us about the value pervaded findings which is this little better. Love. It was released through that method that wasn't available Mark Mitchell. Meeks when we ninety the. Cages and look with the question of. What is the love rare survival in this team? Spirit was the user to enlighten us. We find love is a yourselves through it. So. Badly, you with this challenge now who you are you, guys. Know you're awesome gem this that you are. Yet to. Dr Love however much you think. Now. Those more than that. And then you grow closer to. The warriors love they out and look at all this lovey happened Lord it's more than that. The we could be the rest of our lives in that Discovery Process in Warren more Love Russ does that for us to be his radical love others in our homes and everywhere else. That journey very, how are our kids below? 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