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Support for this. Npr podcast and the following message come from betterment of full service 401k provider help attract and retain talent by helping your employees save for retirement and more no business is too small to get started learn more at betterment dot com slash. 401k live from npr news. I'm shay stevens. The white house just pushing state and local governments to speed up emergency rental assistance. Now that the cdc has issued a new limited moratorium on evictions. Npr's laura walmsley reports president biden says. He's not certain whether the new cdc order will survive potential legal challenges but he's hoping it will by people on the brink of addiction. Some breathing room. The time because litigated will probably give some additional time while we're getting forty five billion dollars out to people who are in fact behind in renton don't have. The money does billions are the federal housing aid to states which so far has been moving slowly. Part of the problem is that state and local governments have had to set up their own programs to disburse the funds. The cdc's new sixty day order only applies to counties with substantial or high transmission of covert nineteen. Right now that includes most of the country laurel wamsley npr news. Virginia couple who illegally entered the us capital on january. Sixth has been sentenced to probation and home confinement jessica and joshua bustle argue that their punishment should be no stiffer than those sentenced before them. More from npr's ryan lucas. The bustles spent about twenty minutes in the us. Capital on january sixth and did not engage in violence or property destruction. The pleaded guilty to win. Misdemeanor count picketing parading or demonstrate on capitol grounds at their sentencing. Hearing the bustles acknowledged. They had broken the law announcing his sentence. Judge thomas hogan said the capitol. Right was a threat to democracy but that the bustles case was unique since they showed up at the capitol from a nearby anti vaccine demonstration ultimately hogan spared the bustles jail time instead. He sentenced him to two years of probation forty hours of community service and a period of home confinement ryan lucas. Npr news washington new york state. Assembly members are preparing impeachment proceedings against governor andrew. Cuomo in case he continues to resist calls for his resignation. The move follows an independent investigation concluding that komo's sexually harassed at least eleven women. Several prosecutors are seeking information from the pro for consideration of possible criminal. Charges fumbled denies any wrongdoing in a women's olympic soccer. The united states takes on australia in the bronze-medal match on thursday from tokyo. Npr's russell lewis reports that the us team had higher hopes the us the top ranked team in the reigning women's world cup champion. But it's the second olympics in a row the us women's soccer team has faltered at the two thousand sixteen rio de janeiro games the. Us didn't meddle after losing in the quarterfinals. Now the us has playing for the bronze after losing to canada one. Nothing in the semi's the us is without it's starting goalkeeper. Listen nair who was injured in that game adriana. Franch will take place against australia. These two teams met in group play earlier in the tournament in ended in a scoreless draw. Russell lewis in tokyo. This is npr news us. Customs and border protection is blocking seafood. Imports via tuna fishing boat based in fiji. It's part of an effort to bar goods that are produced as a result of forced labour. Us customs officials say there is evidence that the crew of the fishing vessel is working under slave like conditions attorneys for alway executive among joe say the united states acted in bad faith when it requested her extradition from canada as dan carpenter chuck reports that claim came during the final set of hearings in monks extradition case which began this week before the british columbian supreme court moon's lawyer. Mona docket argued that the us misuse the extradition process called washington's conduct egregious and troublesome the defense team also said the court should grant a stay of proceedings to denounce the us conduct ducats. The us was selective in what it disclosed. Canadian officials in its bid for extradition. His wanted by washington to face allegations. That she misled. Hsbc putting the bank. At risk of violating us sanctions against iran mung wa have denied the allegations among has been free on bail living under a loose form of house arrest since her detention by canadian authorities in december of two thousand eighteen for npr news. I'm dan carpenter chuck in toronto. International chemical weapons watchdog is demanding. The syrian government handover more information on the alleged destruction of chlorine cylinders linked to a twenty deadly attack in the town of duma the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons alleges two cylinders were destroyed in june eighth air strike on a syrian military facility. I'm shay stevens. This is npr news.

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