Part 2: 13 Things You Need to Know About the AFC


How welcome to the not cream show on ESPN good to have you with us type apart to of our AFC preview didn't really think that me and I might we'll get through the AFC and forty five fifty minutes did yet. That is -solutely a possible no chance given them out two of US gas. So second part of the preview coming and, of course, once taking care of business that we move onto the NFC lots of preview pods coming your way over the course of the coming weeks as we get set for the twenty twenty NFL season keeping optimistic gang. I enjoy the second part of the lots of good stuff here. we'll check you on the other side. Let's right along to the AFC south. I. Mike. Let's start with the titans given the fact they want it lost time around than they have splashed the cash to make sure they've kept the majority of some of the offense in play getting paid Henry. Of course, who led the league in rushing yards in carries as well. was the joy leader in touchdown sixteen rushing touchdowns last season. So they made sure he stays in the mix because I mean without overstating his role underplaying everybody else. He was quite clearly the focal point of the offense lost time around we mentioned by linear and how effectively he's emerged as one of the bright young things as head coaches in the NFL, Lawson key parts defensively as well. So. Tight stack of difficult. To replicate isn't it might I think it is. You know 'cause. I. What happened was they got in the end they you know They're. They they're like. A nine and seventeen had a great playoff run. You know which is what titans teams also seemed been. But without the off run. So is the great playoff run a aside that they're going to be you know better this year and improve or or is it a sign that they just sort of got lucky you know and and they've lost other you said, they've lost out quite a few good players who are not going to be easy to replace not least we. Jack. CONKLIN. But if concrete was a big part of a bad team at at at right tackle and giral case has gone. was aged seventy seventh rounder as well. I mean I'd that surprise me like you. You know they'd reaching it but they have they sort of have. Talent there they think to be able. To replace him and and it it was as if they thought that the more important thing was to get a pass rusher, which is why Vic Beasley got signed But you know I'm not sure Beasley difference maker to me. The real question here is going to be with the young receivers. Can can it can tannehill effective as he was at the toward the end of the season? Statistically, he had a monster season right which people don't recognize but I'm not sure that You know that that. That is the sign of their progression or whether it's just a sign that when you're a good play action quarterback when you have a great detail runner like Derrick, Henry that last half of the year good for one hundred plus yards every game whether that made his life a little bit easier. No doubt at a great point to DVD. Tattoo Hell we saw him if you look is Miami Correa. Injury affected ultimately, but he had this very promising years that. Aaron. was started Los Angeles a backup and forces to win starts engaging and then did what he did where is time in in your estimation is He's not an elite quarterback in the NFL, but is he next group just under the? End Mobs. Is and I think he is with a question mark basically. I'm sure there's a lot of people out there who aren't convinced that he's going to be able to deliver that same kind of performance. Off So because if you look like in the playoffs, you know he only through thirty passes in the two playoff games they won. Garoppolo forty-nine is se championship argument. We didn't need to draw maybe maybe he did fumble three times and he fumbled three times against the chiefs where you know he actually threw for exactly the same number of yards against the chiefs in the first two games two, hundred, nine so I I think he's a fairly. He he is not a difficult guy to defend if you can stop Derrick Henry or war this is the big one. If you can take a lead on them and forced them to get away from Derrick, Henry, which is probably an easier thing to do than stopping Derrick Henry. And that's kind of what the chiefs did. You know they they had to come back to do it. Yeah. It was there off. Yeah. It was their offense that forced Tennessee's offense onto the wrong foot right wasn't degrade. That did it and the other thing that interested me because we just talked about Isaiah Wilson you know Gender Willis in Cleveland. was drafted to play the left side. They played the right side in college and wei-sze Wilson who they drafted to play the right side played the left side in college. So it's like, Hey, can we trade? So the titans thereabouts, but it'll be a difficult situation for them. Look. What's rounded and in some respects that has kind of played to that favor because Huston presumably. A not going to be a strong year-on-year because. One elite receiver. Doesn't necessarily change a trajectory to look at everything else that's going on but but clearly the loss of the Andrei Hopkins and and the fact that will fuller rattled called. Whether you feel they can step up and be as prolific. It's one thing but that both. That both. Plays have had significant injuries over that crew is right. Yeah. This this smacks of me of Bill O'Brien thinking that he can make a bill O'Brien offense with the with. Shawn. Shawn Watson Right. Instead of a destroy Watson offense you know if David Johnson were to. Turn to his form of now three years ago. That I might have a different feeling about that. But right now I don't think David Johnson is as good as Duke Johnson you know and they're very similar type type players wasn't justice. Do Justice at very much underrated player. I. Think you always raved about fat point with David Johnson you know this This is fundamental because everybody's Scott the don't let pilots have been abroad again that that's being. Done, but with David Johnson injury clearly has affected his career. Based on what you see how much can we walk out? As to whether, he has to be able to get back to those levels the respectable. Often, I don't know I don't know because last year last year he didn't. and. It was. It was. David Johnson was strange because I loved him. I loved him coming out of college. And I think they drafted him in Arizona in the third round. If I remember right. ABS Iowa State and. It was because. He he didn't look explosive, but he was effective. And you can watch him cutting any made tremendous cuts. He followed blockers and then made tremendous cuts. He had a pretty good quick celebration bursts, but he never looked explosive the way some guys do and that sort of, but I think what he's lost with a knee injury is that cutting ability accounting just lockstep ability to stop and start from. from a standing start, which made him such an effective receiver as well as the runner and I think that was just just huge for them and you know. I. This is a team. That for all our talk about Bill O'Brien in about d'andre Hopkins, this team is going to win or lose because of their defense. And if their defense plays up. To ability. As often does. They could win games scoring only twenty points say. which would any team with to Shawn Watson? Can Do you know the accident himself? But I'm I'm not sure. How how efficient they're going to be Romeo's out as the defensive coordinator if the weaver is in, he might be better. Romeo tended to be kind of. What would you say passive defensively, he liked to stay in the same alliance read what was happening reliable jj water his other skilled rushers to to generate that rush. They may be a little bit more a officiant as a result. Of. A. New Younger Coordinator But It's still it's still a real question to me. Whether they can week in week out, do that and whether bill's has this team. You know and I don't pay much attention to the mouth clowning over to Shawn Watson. Right sorry. Over Diane Rahab heads losing. But you know does bill actually had this team does star they on the same page to they know what he? Is Looking for you know what what it is. He thinks going to win games for them and it's a great. I it's a great point and I'm with you as well as I could easy cheap shots a- would that deal and hey, he allows laugh at it. You never know and we've seen that before right with the Amari cooper deal everybody it. To Nick your phrase all the Mouth Finds Salihi destroy. The. For that dealer and and of course that played out a as we know pretty effectively and so that could still happen move steal and promise. It might see the moment but I I take plan and kind of leaning more towards looking at a fair amount of a Texas season looking at the way that they played many games they looked. LEGIT and you know I'm not so sure that they aren't. That's great. That's a great point. I don't think there was any doubt. that. Rebels players knew what rebel expected of them. Knew how he wanted to win each each game. And that may be that may be what the difference. Between. These teams is is going to be because I'm not I'm not sure and in the rest of the division, how much realistic I think the colts will probably be better with rivers quarterback. 'cause riverside attack. He I think he does his career, right? He does one of the things that happened last year and it might be down to quarterbacking I don't know but their offensive line was nowhere near as effective as it had been the year before when it looked like what? One of the best events lines. That line still has so has the talent there it's intact. Bob From. Two years ago and. I think if they can protect rivers. I think he's in a pretty good situation. To make things happen if t Y. Hilton stays. Healthy. Then, he's got, you know one of the best receivers in the League I'm not sure they. They did enough to credibility around him, but they took pittman in the draft with their first pick and I think he's a kind of NFL ready receiver and. You know I it it's a difficult one to put all your money on one player but. They've also got Marlin Mac. A Jonathan. Taylor may be a bit overrated community out of Wisconsin, Wisconsin running backs often are, but you know I think if they can if they can play defense. And they've had a good defense, the last couple years, but a small one and They've depended on quickness and speed putting deforest buckner in the middle of that defense certainly is is a good step a good step forward and. I think that they're they could be ready to move up by like Frank Reich as a coach. You know I think he's another guy kind of you. Know I mean link them sometimes with Doug Peterson but I think he's in that mole old. A player a players coach and and he he knows he makes it obvious what what he wants you know and how they're going to play, and one of the other interesting things didn't get noticed much was they signed Sheldon Day as well from the forty niners. Sheldon Day and Buckner were the starting tackles in the Super Bowl. And you know day was a rotational tackle just happened that they were starting then but but you know but that's that to me is a pretty good improvement for defense that needed a bit of Balk in the middle you needed to be able to stop the run up the middle. So I think. I would not be surprised to see another kind of three way rush in this division where they're beating each other and and coming down to see who could finish ten and six at the end of the year. Is that Jag the jags the jets of the south yards? I. Think. So I I'm not sure you know the jags are you want depend on? Minster having another. No if you have another season, they'll be six ten. Had A better season than last year or or being able to work mini shoe madness for an entire season I. Mean I'm not sure that's the way I'd WanNa. Go into. Is Bad matter wasn't it? Shoot man with the mustache with the money. He do that you know and then when they signed. Mike. Glennon I just thought. What are they looking for someone who can fit into Nick FOLES JERSEY? Game me a quarterback who six, foot, six or Or Taller and skinny they they put their eggs in the men's shoe basket and I got to make sense right twenty one touchdowns six picks completed over sixty percent of his passes for working about as a huge amount around. Yeah and I don't mean to be putting him down. Because I thought he he was probably the best rookie quarterback in the league last year, he probably should have been. Given more notice for that. But I, think he was playing it kind of the limit of his expert or his talents, a lot of the time, and that coaches are going to recognize that and make it harder for him this time around He. He's very good when things break down he's very good at creating out of breakdown a much. So I'm not so sure is good if you keep him in the pocket and make him find receivers. I'm not sure if he's got the receivers to make him to make him better. You know I'm not sure they've improved the offense one iota I think they could back to being a good defensive team. you know I I. Think I think Despite losing a lot of talent picking up Henderson and Chiasson both in the first in the first round, helps their defense lodden and it's easier for rookies to make an impact on most teams a most team's defenses and they've got the God guys back. High draft picks back who want to be able to do something for them. So you know I, see them being decent defensive team, but I really don't see the offense. Being, that good and I don't really have that much faith in Doug marrone much as I like him. As a guy you know he's the hot seat Mike in the NFL right in the Doug marrone. Aw Matt Patricia. Well I. Think who? I think Patricia in a better position to survive the hot seat this year and I think they've improved. I think those two and gays are certainly three coaches who probably have to make at least a playoff run if not gay into the playoffs to be able to survive. Given all things being equal and that's another thing we don't know about this season is. How he things will be one skies start coming down with the virus. Having to go into quarantine or anything like that. But but I approached him doing my previews all summer deprive approached everything is being as if all these guys are going to play. GonNa play well, I get city where we can't incidentally will. Preview dropping at shortly as well. So we'll find out more in that. Might. Be. going. We'll still be doing this when the in season dry going to be a trouble that she can only choose toby's go to heart out that I'm going to be the took less we grapple through to the West End Mike, and maybe we are saving the best at till law. Suddenly the Kansas City chiefs many people think to your point on the base we get something resembling will malady in this season. Be The team to be just in the West. But in the AFC you look at how much continuity they've managed to apply in pretty much bringing back every body that got them to the promised land last season, the chiefs going to be there thereabouts again this year I know they have to be there they're about some because that offense is is going to be pretty good I mean do Rene Tardif was the first guy to opt out of the season so they'll have a couple of questions on the offensive line but I, think they'll be. Able. To plug that. Now, I've got two things that. Make me hesitate to pick them to win the whole thing and one. One is Steve. SPAGNOLO Knowle's career as defensive coordinator where he he's had good years and come up with great playoffs schemes and then not been able to repeat that the next year which is. Not to be able to keep up. The second one is a lot of things went right for Kansas City during that playoff run. which is you know, and I've said this a couple of times in various circumstances it's not to put them down but they got a lot of breaks in key games especially in the Super Bowl and against New England and that kind of thing tends to level out I don't have any conspiracy theories about it like some people have have digested. But I think that's GonNa make it a little bit tough from four that mess along with the fact that every super bowl champion that has a tougher time schedule wise and teams gearing up. For, gearing up for them to play but. What are the things that I think he's maybe a little bit overlooked here is. When a team has a successful season and ultimately. Wins a super bowl. It is off the. Dismantled both in sub supply personality plays cashing in on that success but also coodinators getting plucked because they had such a successful season, but they hung onto the enemy was. Highly rated and league through the few gigs but but didn't ultimately lad one maybe it wasn't interested i. take you on at this. This time said that this continuity factor with cheese both in terms of the play personnel but also the coordinating citing seems to be a lot stronger than other other teams which can lends itself to this city arguments sutton to to having a serious shot repeats it. I think the thing with the enemy was that every Everybody sees him as an Andy Reid. byproduct. And that he's, he wouldn't necessarily have that success without read doing the game doing the game planning or building the team around him or whatever. Now that hasn't stopped that hasn't stopped people from hiring guys like Nagy right now who is Andy? Reid. Offensive Coordinator So no I think it's unfair and I think be enemies probably got from what I've seen probably got some of those. Non Accident, Ole. Attributes that that head coaches need. You know I think he would be the kind of guy who steps in and takes command you know and and is able to. Project his vision on the team. So they know they know what they do. The chiefs strangely enough fleet two teams that return the highest percentage of starter snaps. From last year buffalo with had eighty, eight percent of the snaps that were taken by starters. Last season are back with the team and Kansas City as eighty five. And I think that might have been before do grenade tardiff. OCTA now but but still that's a very high percentage because like you say, the disease of me takes over and all these guys who were you know key super bowl players think they need to be rewarded as if they're all star players. OFTENTIMES, they're key super bowl players because they're a good team and their their their abilities are well-judged to team. They're not necessarily going to come in and turn team into a super bowl team but you know when you look at who they lost, they lost a lot of big name players with those big name players didn't really contribute all that much they weren't on the field I think candle fuller's from the biggest one. Of the guys they lost and they have guys who could replace him the dots are actually had out of the season isn't back defensively. So that the Patriots unsurprising patches slept the chiefs on surprisingly. The favorites for the division is it Denver they're going to run them closest I? Think. So but a lot of that depends on whether lock is the key. I. Get it I got. Yeah. Drew Lock. I mean elway thanks drew lock is going to be a starting quarterback. elway is not. quarterbacks. As as we've seen he looked okay toward the end of the season and you know bill they're building an offense around him. they RIA that's you know they're giving him weapons to make to make life easier for him and and certainly he'll be better off than Then Joe FLACCO was I think he's fight better to Joe Joe FLACCO even even at this point even if Melvin, Gordon doesn't come back you know two hundred percent. Of what of what he is? They've still got trevor. Lindsey Philip Lindsay Philip Lindsey at at running back and Jerry. Judy. I think he was my pick the number one receiver in the draft at in terms of the guy who's GonNa come in play were you right away and I could do anything that you want him to do. So. So you know I think that's That's great. They're they're loaded at my tight end, they're going to be able to to block. For the for the running backs and. Seemed to be all on lock I mean not just the organization and the Judy at take point site in bed Isaacs made the point on this show just how complete a route runner is judy. So at just how? Reliable. He's to your point. He out of all of those about three talented collection receive is he's the one. Will. About say lobby look straight but I couldn't go that. Roll straight in and but so. He's he's had what fi what four one suffice starts last season every one I've spoken to a couple of Denver based John. Did the Broncos Europe puddle on surprise new broncos. Super fans on all of them. were. All it on lock. He's the guy. Have we seen enough of everybody it surprises me how everybody seems. It's a little bit like Garoppolo in that category had at the Patriots said everybody says well. He looks like the real deal king will I don't think he he didn't impress me as much as Garoppolo did on the Patriots but. Yeah I. Mean When you've got a year, what you've got the off season to study tape on the guy makes it harder you know the Garter- gardening. Gardner Minhsiu but I think he does I think he's he's got a certain amount of. Calmness about him when when he's playing and and that will fit in well with what they want to do, which I think will be a lot of play action with Gordon and Lindsey They've got the back they got a couple of other quick little backs who you know we'll be will be threats downfield, and the other thing is I think they could be a really good defensive team this year I mean, and that's the vange does a great defensive coordinator He's got at Donald L. Now as coordinator. I think they'll be a really good defensive team because I love. Vic. Fangio and I think that they've been building to give him the kind of players he wants. He knows what he's doing with four three's going back to the eighties. And Jim. Mora senior in the USFL offs and he's brought in Donald is another guy who goes back almost at far and he's worked with him before as as as coordinator. So you're adding giral Casey. To that group is is is just going to be good and and You know they picked up like Mike pursell out of the. Association American football. He looked good last year they've got they've got returning guys to take to build to build that front He's brought in a couple of guys who played for him. At. The bare. So they know the system. Todd Davis had monster season for the last year but Alex Johnston. WHO's an interesting story which I won't go into in great detail but his college career wise derailed. By. By criminal charges that took three years for him to be cleared of, and then he came back. He Davis could be a really great pair. At linebacker and they've got the outlaw Josey jewel. You know as well. They got a lot of guys. I like you know they took Derek Tusk Scout of North Dakota state WHO's. In round seventies, he's one of those kind of smaller college outside linebacker defensive end pass rush guys at all they have to do is you know Aj has to take over for Chris Harris and And they brought Kyle. What's his name candidate Callahan? From Chicago where he was a perfect fit. For. Fangio there. So yeah. I just I just think get their defense is GonNa to be really good and if if look if lock. If lock can play as well as he did, they should be the challengers. For for them in this division in the other two in the division. The right now in. This way is. Going to be as good as peyton manning was the year they won the super bowl with Peyton was awful because that's all he's Aston or that's always he has to do. Yeah. I guess a similar balance. Yeah. was was was the dominant aside of that team. Okay. Well, if the Broncos you make a compelling case for them Mike I'm so definitely that the broncos are going to be contenders in the division. chose. The rate is are as well because they. Were strong for or at least capable for much law season question marks clearly coming from gruden that len what else about about Derek Carr he's definitely a player on on the seat, but they bombed reupped with weapons around him this time around. So where the Las Vegas rate is sitting in the West. At the slot machines. It's GonNa be it's GonNa. Be a good role for the man and GonNa slots the ones where you can win a million dollars with one if the right spin or is that a well, they drafted a guy called Lynn Boden. WHO Is Weird because he played they list him as a running back but he was a wide receiver in college except he played quarterback last have senior year. As running as a running quarterback, I wouldn't be surprised to see him be a slot receiver in in this offense. And maybe they try. To open things up a little bit they. They still don't really have a downfield kind of guy which would which you would sort of expect but but he does tend to like bigger possession sort of receivers if you if you think back to to his head coaching in. Tampa. And Oakland Oakland before that and I think that they're. In year three of what is probably a five year plan tiny a plant based on his contract. Yeah. I mean he made I. WanNa give too much way too soon. But I there at the point now where they're where they're definitely going to be a legitimate. Contender. A team that can could be difficult for almost any team. To be and you know and I think. They've got a huge offensive line with some good players on it and I think they can. They'll be able to run run behind that and I think that the the only real question. To me, I don't trust Greg Olsen offensive coordinator and I'm not sure whether it's here or Gruden. Who makes the makes the calls but I really think that you might be able to get more out of Derek Carr rather than complaining about what he can't do. An concentrate on what he can do because I think he's pretty actually a pretty good quarterback and. They've sort of built from the line outward. They've done the same thing defensively it's it's a good strategy. It's it's one that depends on your having enough time to implement it. So I think I'm not looking for them to do a big run this year but I think there will be a decent dissenting I'm with your own cars. While I think he is one of the underrated plays in the NFL and I'm excited about it a lot. The rugs is is. A racing lost his spirit of al the rugs pick in the draft. Yeah I. I'm sorry I should have said I should've mentioned because I said, they don't have a downfield threat but that's why draft that's why they drafted rug so. That would have been a pick that dumb that Al Davis would have been happy with and I think. I'm just GonNa Change what I said a little bit just in the sense that I think. Car Can hit a downfield receiver I. Think People were saying they don't have a downfield receiver because car can't hit one I think that's false. Car will benefit from from him stretching fields. which leaves us the charges. Being. Used to be the chart, the San Diego chargers the How just walk out with the over under is how many? You Drop San Diego, charge this season like this year another year away now I wonder if. Going five on on the show this coming season. Eric. Can you drop Sandiego judges five times? I would I if I were a betting man I'd bet the over. Of, course I can I can fix that. So it's It's like betting on meetable no-ball with the first ball the over. Say how. Many is it again same question. that we've lost about a few other teams. tyrod Taylor is the defacto starting you thinking there's a lot to like I guess about the Star quarterback that he is going into a offense like this. How long do you think they row tyrod Taylor, before they look just it's kind of fits situation. Although they you know obviously, they don't quite have the Herber doesn't quite have the demand to play the two might hype around him. To play even though he went, you know as a higher pick what were they below Anthony Lynn likes? Taylor. You know they played in Buffalo. and. He can survive in a way that Philip rivers couldn't if they don't rebuild their offense line They had. They tried to wait Oakham who is always injured nodded Brian Blaga who's always injured but at least looks like curly from the free three stooges. So that makes up for it some day. It's an interesting thing because they lost Gordon. I'm not sure what? What. What they did otherwise to to to sort of create more threats in their offense. Defense I think they're another team that could be really good and and I love Kenneth Murray as a draft pick behind behind Melvin Ingram joy boasts on the outsides he covers a lot of ground. So so they can they can sort of. They can sort of play with Gus Brad these the coordinator they can sort of modify it at three four look into a sort of Seattle style for two with Leo. Sort Leo Pass Rush Linebacker, defensive end, stroke linebacker, and. I think that makes a lot of sense for them and so if they get if they get Derwin James Back. James Stays healthy I say. I think he's one of the. Top three or four football players in the NFL. What when you when you say like who are the best football players? It's like you watch him play do you think this is why this is? Why would Paul? Exists is for guys like him to be going all over the field popping up where they shouldn't be making plays. They probably should be able to make making making defense better than her, but I'm not sure that that defense is up to Denver's standard, and I'm not sure that the weapons are up to Denver Standard. So I find I find the chargers sort of if they're good they could be in Oakland level but if Oakland actually improves then they're gonNA, leave the chargers in dust and for the for a team in La who have barely enough concentration for one glamour team in that city, it's such a waste. The like. HIPPEST coolest uniforms in football you know with with one of the great offensive traditions in football right? Kind of plane playing pounded outdoor Yeah and and not living up to that reputation. So. I do see the I do see them sort of being the fourth place team in the division. Also one of the great team songs in in this difficult as well. The seventeen seventy egos. To be, redone, now, but we should take. The sat it's a shame isn't it? You know I think yourself a disco somewhere in New York. The late seventies that was flagging. Carlson had the bell bottoms on. The big. The Big Tom Selleck Tash. Drowned, I drown one of the fish in my platform shoes dancing to. What I would do if I were the NFL I would I would try to get Paris Hilton to by the team that her great. Grandfather I think I don't think it's great grandfather Barron Hilton actually found it actually in the afl I'd bring her back as the owner and. Kind of restore a little glamour to the. Cameron Diaz. Any given Sunday? Yes, exactly. She would just. Moved to Vegas. So we found up to in Vegas that's what would happen if if nominee NFL is the. Major League or something like that where you have to lose. Go to and twelve to be able to get to and fourteen to be able to get out of your lease moved to another said. Contractions of the contortions you have to go through to actually be able to do that. Are Insane. Might. We've done it. We've got through the AFC I think I was pretty Pacey, right? That was any about well I pretty sure we're. GonNa put this into two parts only Shali our producer will Rizzoli nodding is all uniting way then Naughty Golf I is. Well. Then we've accomplished our first. Hey. Let's come back and do it. Well, it's only. The. End to see. My strategy, I can put the producers to sleep early. Then I can say what I want you remember the time when you know. Figure try to embarrass me now they'll going to do it I've got a bug it. But it was one of my favorite parts of US do the League in Channel Four's channel five days. Didn't die before the state. Yeah No one noticed. It was like homer what visit the blackjacks. His glasses on and has to be honest with you. I just need to have like three or four questions wasn't you make of that play Mike and a few others recorded and we'd get away with it. That's the when we used to do on channel. Four, we would do the for a couple of years. We did the Monday night game on Tuesday nights. And shuttle shuttle five, Channel Five. Sorry. Until five, we did the Monday night game. Nights and the way we did it was we do an introduction, and then they would put an edit together of they would just edit out the commercials basically of the first quarter, and then come back to us between the quarters and the year that nate was born, which was in October. And I was you know getting like three hours sleep a night I came in and we did the opening and everything was fine and then the voice in my ear from. The production assistant says. Part seven first-quarter forty, six minutes. And they turn the studio lights down and there were still forty five minutes and thirty seconds left when I started snoring. With about a minute to go. The producer Pete Hussy came in my ear and said anything you want particular Mike. Off what what he said, don't worry I picked out a couple of things I'm sure you'll be both ad Lib over the. First Time eventually that. Those were the days. Well, we dusted the AFC preview in the bag we say, but the NFC. So that is drop in Newport Catholic choice very very suits keep is in his pill that as you alluded to more than is you efforts might be precise during the show you previewed every division in detail. And you patio and call them. So that's pot co dot com slash Mike Calls An f. m. t. e. right that's it. The last addition comes out tomorrow. And we've we've finished finished all late. And you'll probably hear some of the jokes. Except you won't hear them you'll be reading but. But. Yeah. But it goes into great detail. Really. It's a learning thing for me I really do try to. Figure out WHO's got? WHO's improved themselves and some of the guys that we probably may not ever hear of, but you know might make might make an impact. You know that way I can sort of say oh. Yeah I was I was onto him when he was undrafted. Like I mentioned Kirk Mary's one of my favorite undrafted guys. This year you know there's there's a few who who every year will come. We'll come through and. Back in the NFL Europe days, it was great because if you paid attention to those guys, a lot of them would then resurface in NFL Europe. Then some of those guys would use that extra time and experience to make a team the next the next autumn. So they was really good from that point of view and it's one of those reasons why I think the NFL ought to have a a development. He'd it's in Europe but but it would be a good thing for them to have while the rock sport the XFL now. So maybe it's true that that's an interesting thing too because you know the Rockwood not by a league, you would think to run developmentally per se you would think you would be looking for some. Kind of entertainment Big Time entertainment value. Beyond that but I, I actually think that a development league. On, a low scale is viable operation Especially when you keep the expenses down, I don't think people watch the XFL this year expecting Major League football. I think just looking for quality you know for for exciting you know. Football and maybe guys if they could spot in the future in the NFL well, if you made the move and. That to me take Lisa fighting the rock might have ambitions for it, but it's not happen overnight and be. You can maybe have both right where you have. Collection of stars that could conceivably I'll tell you one thing draft day. Would be more interesting when rock walks out and says with the first pick of the XFL draft. Can you taste? Amazing. Just all the greats for the nights at Stone Cold Steve Austin could could come out bit With the draw pick the comes up crack open a bear with. The endless possibilities. The NWEA for the Vegas pick I mean, this would be it would be it would be it would be great. You know and. You have two ways to go. Three ways really you could. You could. You can do what the XFL did and more or less try to compete in NFL cities in the off season because you're not competing but you're you're picking cities, you think our football man, you can do what the United League in the AF did. which I still think has some legs in it, which is to go to nine NFL cities and teams, and in right now you know San Diego's available Oakland's available at the usual suspects like Portland, Orlando and San, Antonio were available. So they're pretty good cities with. Some of which have pretty good football filings, Rios of Edible Mike by the way. Reno to compete advanced and or you can do the minor league kind of thing where you were. You have your team's all in Florida. Were you know all in the south or Florida and Texas or something like that were your ideas to just display these guys before smallish crowds maybe even A Small College Stadium Tie School Stadium Good Sized High School stadiums were Sir number of in Florida. And do a kind of like NFL Europe. Where but your travel expenses are low? The rest of your expenses are low and you know it becomes it can still be a TV product on that small scale because the keyed entities leagues is generating enough audience for TV to put your to foot the bulk of your bill. Gates. Not, GonNa do it. Especially in the early years when you really want on undersell, you want you want to sell cheap so you can build up your audience paid fan base yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Love stopped bike as bachelor dot com slash Michael Seventy two more of Mike starting. He will be back for the NFC preview to be drop in at some point. In August, NGO catches me get set foot. We hope is a timely have prompt start to the season fingers crossed. Four that reduce particularly I, WanNa thank you for your contributions on the show today. Yes. I mean I did see one of your boys running around behind you but he asked that frankly audio throwing. Yeah, he didn't start barking so he didn't balk. Lewd she got A. Big With parachutes out of the window. To Call Treble Code on such. Such is the lockdown style contact creation that we've been going through over the last few months that hey, we're getting closer to normality close to the start of the season. So Mickey that hope this episode has wetted your appetite certainly I've met. From the Great Iron Mike loop with check in with very soon. Okay thanks to we'll do the AFC the NFC next him well. There's only two of them I ought to be able to talk. Slick. Guy That we got that in the end lots diamond stuff for mind. Mike. It s he preview and he will be back from all. We will be back for more NFC previous shows coming your way vary very soon gangster is on is peeled. Get you set for the twenty twenty NFL season all the key things that you need to know right here on the not Kim show, and of course, when the season gets underway terrific guests from this side of the pond from the ESPN Galaxy stateside dropping three times a week during the season cannot wait for it. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the NFC previous show coming away very shortly, and if you haven't already follow us on Social Media the NC show facebook instagram twitter, Molly Tolman, the crew that keeping the FIS, but lots of extra content that gets pushed out all through the week right NFC preview company away shortly, we will see it. This is Ryan Fitzpatrick and you're listening to the Neill Reynolds podcast. That was the voice of Ryan. Fitzpatrick. To hear more leading NFL stars, coaches, I'm media personalities telling us their life stories tune into the new Reynolds Poe cost with me, Neil reynolds, episodes, every Thursday, and we already have a back cattle please likes of Bruce. Arians. Doug marrone ray muster and the one then hats. Find US wherever you get your house, the Neill Reynolds poco dropping everything.

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