Rock Candy Ep. 111: Joan Jett - Today Times Are Extra Spicy


So lately it's been hard out here for everybody literally every single person except all of the people that do not give shit that the Rony is out there or the people who love being introverted like they are just celebrating right now. But you need to check in on your introvert front or you're extrovert guys. We are not. They're having a hard time. Actually I'm actually not doing as badly as I could after well this weekend. Honestly I still had a ton of shit to do. 'cause my job at a bar with still ongoing and you got to deliver be. I mean I got to deliver me to people who were very clearly terrified of me and some of them win even give me a tip so cool thanks risking your life in the corona virus. I could catch fucking Ronie from you and you can't even give me a fiver but that even I even three singles something anything something. Yeah so I have been doing that and I have been writing notes for this and I've just been like fucking busy but after tonight I'm not GonNa have shit to do all and also we're going to. I'm going to be stuck here forever because there's a snowstorm because why not do. This mind is fucking snowstorm. Not Why not yeah? Why not? Times are weird guys. But you've got US WE'RE GONNA help you guys get through. You'RE GONNA listen to our bullshitting like Ha- Maggie Nassar hilarious. We're here to entertain you while you're a shut in and you know what honestly you could join in on the fun with us in turn this into a drinking game you could you could though. I mean we're drinking so like why don't you take take hot second? We'll wait. Pour yourself appear more wine or whisky. You know whatever you like to drink. We AIN'T GONNA judge you. Drinking white claws still ain't no laws. Clearly there are no laws town. There are kind of strict laws of like self quarantining but also there's no loss. Yeah like so if you are. There's no laws within these walls. Barium got it okay. I don't know 'cause yourself quarantining. Okay Yeah I mean I know you're right you're really good really now and in breast Show me what you've got show. May Watch you've qualified anyway. I would say at this point. You probably have your drink ready. You go why not turn this into a drinking game with us. I'm going to say I haven't even for it. I want to call it the today. Times are Extra Spicy Rock Candy. Podcast drinking game. Ooh I like it. I like it so you gotta drink whenever we talk about heroin. Yeah you gotta drink whenever we tell people not to touch children. Yeah gotTa Drink God you guys are GonNa be Shit faced before the end. GotTa drink whenever I do a really bad segue. You have to drink if we say Dick and or balls come on. You're GONNA kill them. I mean the the first three rules alone. They'RE GONNA die. So maybe if we use Dick and balls in same sentence you have to remember. This is the extra spicy. Yes Drinking Game. Sure so spice. Okay so how also journey? We talk about mad as reading since ninety spicy Okay okay drink every time that we make a stupid pun yet. Okay me. Not when ever we mentioned Dick or balls or balls maybe whenever we make a joke like a good Dick Joe. Could Dick Choke them? Good to that's up to your discretion you have to determine if it's a good Dick Joker not yup. Yeah there you go. I think that's all we need. Because they're gonNa be you guys are going to be Real Shitty. But here's the thing you're home right now and you can't go anywhere. Yeah this trump is you want. You're not driving right now. So and quite frankly. Ashleigh ain't got nothing to do after this. I however do have to go to work. You do have to go to work but I mean I can always sleep here and just go home in the writing but what I want and why I think both of us want is for you guys to messages you slide. Nordea's and tell us when you're real drug could just tell us about how you are when you're extra spicy when you once you get extra spice let us know spice you are was no. Hey feel about being spice. Yeah and we'll just have let's keep the conversations going guys and then you need to tell us which spice girl you identify with most. And that's the name of we did it. We did it anyway so now that you guys are all holding near drinking game rules. Yeah I don't know if we actually made any sense but drink with converse with us because right now we're all we got guys so we're here for you if you need to have conversations but for accompanying us on our booze journey tonight. We are drinking from Brew Dog. And it's still out. I've seen it in Oliver's so I know still on it it's called jet black heart. It is in oatmeal milk stout with natural vanilla flavor. And that's because we're talking about Joan Jett and the blackheart suck. Yeah Wow it took us a long time to get here. Yeah just realize that drink guys. Welcome to rocky drank again. Sorry you're weekly podcast. Bringing yes sweet treats from the world of music every time you're listening that's always a treat I think anyway I hope and yes this week. We are discussing the one and only Joan Jett to continue our tons on women's history month. Wow you know what fuck it? Leave it to the Corona Virus Bogart. Women's history is so we're here to bring it back to you guys with the one. Only Miss Joan Jett because corona might come and go but women's history month is forever. It is also where you're Maggie. I'm Ashley Wow we are fucking this up. It's been a week like nothing. Is the same guys drink? They're already sloshed. Yay Join US in Slosh fell. Will you as we divulge into the tail of the One and only Joan Jett? I have a feeling we're GONNA leave this with opinions. Yes we're going to get spicy arlene. Yeah Mary this is the extra spicy episode. Ruak Stra spice Over old spice. There's time for Rochester. All over this episode. Yup maybe like with a bear on it made me some chipotle Mayo. That is that is spicy mayonnaise. It is that is actually spicy. Manny's yeah all right. Let's get into it okay. So I kind of had to break this up into two separate parts because there's two very big sections to Jones life. There's the runaways. Yes and there is her solo career. Yes so the first half is going to be a lot about the runaways. In general okay with the focus on Joan. Yeah 'cause fucking runaways. Story is jacked up like that movie with secure storage. Kristen Stewart Chris. Kristen Stewart and Dakota fanning. Yeah and they played the runaways. Very believably I'm sure. Did you watch the? I never saw it. I don't WanNa see it same and I'm kind of I duNno Joan. Jett was like a main Consultant I guess for that. And I don't I from what I know about the runaways Very curious to see how this goes down. Yeah have you seen it new? Oh okay I mean when last week when we had our episode I Cherry bomb more about the runaways. Yeah Yeah we do a whole episode. Just on the runways. It's Fox guys but anyway let's get into Joan Jett yes herself. Miss Jet Miss Jet. Joan Jett is the indelible feminist a hard ass clad in full leather cover sneakers. She has spent her forty plus year. Career advocating for women animals and fought for their right to equality but it hasn't always been smooth sailing. She hit her fair share of bumps in the road and some of them. Don't make her look too good. And Eamon Challenge her image as a feminist mother Theresa who it all started on September twenty. Second Nineteen fifty-eight when Joan was born to Jim and Dadi Larkin. She was the eldest of three kids with a younger sister and brother they lived in winwood. Pennsylvania a suburb of Philadelphia. Her father. Jim was an insurance salesman. And Daddy was secretary. Truly the picture of Nineteen Fifty. S Domestic Bliss. Yeah sounds about right. Joan and her mother loved to go to the movies when she was a kid. Movies had a huge impact on her especially the movie version of the musical cabaret. She was captivated by its Campinas in innocent raunch which no doubt stuck with Joan and influenced her image and sound later in life that checks in nineteen sixty seven. When was nine years old? The family moved to Rockville Maryland. Here in Maryland Jones started coming into her own. It helped that she had some pretty progressive parents for the time they encourage shown and siblings to be anything. They wanted to be disregarded gender norms. Nice good parents shit. That's progressive very if shown wanted to be an astronaut. Ajab reserved for men than fucking. Joan was going to be a fucking astronaut. Nice with that attitude in mind. She started to explore music when she was thirteen. She asked her parents for a guitar for Christmas. She was surprised to find that her parents got her a sears. Silverton guitar which was electric. Oh that was what she truly wanted. Not In acoustic folk singer but something she could really whale on like Jimi Hendrix. She's like my parents won't go that. Wa- right mom and dad you did it by was being conservative about this. But sure I'M NOT GONNA say no. I don't WanNA give tourists in the mouth it an actual gift horse. Yeah sure sure. Joan drove her family bonkers that guitar playing the same thing over and over until she mastered it. And that's when her parents were girded the electric guitar all the recruits. Oh another drinking thing is if we say prager. Nance per Gannon aunt or starch marks. Yeah Oh God. I hope someone gets per Gannon Anton this drake time. She started taking guitar lessons but her teacher said girls. Don't play rock and roll and May Joan play folksongs. That's at the time. Yeah women could be. Musicians have great careers but there are always singing. Pretty songs in mousy voices on Acoustic Guitars wearing flowing. Flowery hippy dresses they CJ Michelle Balloon. Yeah but she was still kind of like that. She was still like the hippy. Long hair and beads. Yeah but she like. She didn't sound hippy. Dippy she didn't sound like Joni Mitchell. No no but to Joan. That image of the female folksinger was a feminist trope in itself. And if you weren't Joni Mitchell or Joan Baez then you're group Era Slot. And why was there? No Middle Ground That's when Joan realize the whole women's Lib Movement of the Sixties and seventies was basically bullshit. So she pretty much told her guitar teacher to fuck off and never went back. It's almost like any group of people that come together on a common ideal. Have very specific ideal. Yeah and if you try to move outside of that box a little bit well then you're not part of the deal are you and you can get the fuck out. You're betraying them here of a traer. Yeah and then you look at them but what about women's Lib and they're like It has to be this kind of women's Lib. Yeah or else it doesn't count. Unfortunately that follows with most premature everything movement ever young. I'm going with pretty much. Everything in the early seventies around when Jonas fourteen her parents uprooted and moved to West covina California a suburb suburb of Los Angeles. Covina's a real place. Yeah Oh why so? It's in my crazy ex. Kirch isn't crazy ex girlfriend. It's the police that the main character moves to Song West Covina and I'm like that's not a real place that's a real place. Well Shit they have big pretzels. Good for them right now. I WANNA go. That is something to brag about something. Have you seen my big pretzels joke? I thought that almost two calls Joel. Stern BIG PRETZELS L. Swayed him around on track. After the move Jones parents divorced. Oh West Covina could not save. The marriage should not now we know Joan went with her mother officially changing her last name to her mother's maiden name of jets so no Joan Jett is not a stage name it is her legit legal name Nice. I wasn't gonNA ask. I figured you'd tell me all right but it very much sounds like stage name. Yeah right it's just the alteration. Yeah if she was like Samantha. Jet Blue jet is a bad ass. Last name Ryan has two TS. So like la. In the early nineteen seventies was pretty bunkers place. You don't say it's still kind of a bonkers plays it was consumed with Hollywood in rock and roll in people just trying to make it in some way or in the midst of all this was. Glam rock which found a majorly solid footing in the L. A. Club scene particularly popular was a club called Ronnie Bingen. Heimer English disco. I can't say it without Rodney. Sure a real person was a major player in the La Music scene dubbed the mayor of Sunset. Strip he was a DJ for care. O Q and is credited with bringing Glam rock to L. A. Good for him. You know. That's a nice thing to put on your resume. I guess his his hair was awful. Though if your hair should be great I mean it was great for Glam rock but he liked just stayed with it way too long. It's like Glam. Rock is dead but not on my head. They go fun with that one. Oh God extra spicy so spice spice the English disco was a haven for weirdos outcasts. And that's exactly why Joan was drawn to it. Although she was only fifteen years old Jones started going to the disco often networking with the strangest of the strange and a lot of famous names to and this is where she met another young girl named Kerry chrome carry was only thirteen. Is that her real name? I'm assuming so because that is even more bad ass and Joan Jett. Yeah carry chrome spelled with Kay's Kerry chrome. Yeah that's more was way more. Bada not to not to take from Jones sped ethnic but the carrying Rome's pretty good. Yeah Joan Jett and Kerry Chrome bff's solvent mysteries all right. We both went there. Good Good Carey was only thirteen at the time. But she was a regular in the club circuit and an Insp- an aspiring lyric writer. The two tried writing music together but quickly realize the spark wasn't there and became good friends instead. Still the fire was lit under Jones ass and the idea to start an all female rock and roll band became her mission. That's pretty fucking red. How will does Joan at this point? Fifteen oh Jesus yet like wire there are all of these young and all these babies just around the bar scene. Okay Kerry introduced Joan to a guy named Kim Foley and a boy. Kim fully is a poor person. Kim Song rank just fucking just drink half your fucking cup get the fuck right. Kim Saw something special in Joan and set out to make Jones stream of an all female band come true but he did but before we get to that. Let's dive into Kim's troubled history shall we? Do we have to? You need to understand who who this guy I know but I don't want everybody else needs to know y'all need to know about it. You shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Kim made his name in the Glam Rock Club circuit. Just like Rodney Bing Heimer. His name wasn't half as cool though he also had another name and that rhymes with maximum abuser does cool but of course those things were kept hush hush and people just said he was eccentric in actuality he was praying on extremely young women sexually abusing them and in most cases raping them. Rad Dad. He's just a Rad guy. He doesn't even get the distinction of being a dad. He's just a guy I don't know if he s kids I don't think it. Does he ever had kids to give you an example of how gross he was he wants took out an ad in an La Zine called back door man. Oh come on in it. He said he was basically looking for an underage sex slave to quote if you are eighteen and like it or if you are under eighteen and legally emancipated with paperwork then you may have just stumbled upon the opportunity of a lifetime. I demand a blonde blue-eyed sex dog a modern. Brigitte Bardot with no sagged out to stretch marks starch marks starch marks. Drink Brown hair and Brown is tolerated only if it is massively tinted with biker MAMA VIBES SURF. Stink is most appealing. What WOULD SURF STINK SURF? Sti Surf stick just like a Sandy Vagina. Sani butthole small bass swap. It might be swamped. I don't know why I didn't. I could not bear to Google. Search stink couldn't guys. Can someone cancel. Might be tipsy right now. One for the team. Google Surf Stink and let us know what it is. Thank you. It's GONNA be horrible. No pictures please no pictures. Pictures Kerry chrome unfortunately was one young woman that Kim exploited by the time. She met Joan. In Nineteen seventy-five Kim was routinely raping Kerry considering the culture of the mid seventies rock and roll scene. His abusive teenage girls was an open secret. That no one dared whistle blow. I don't know why I mean. Nobody likes this guy right but it was time. That's new for could excuse. Hey drink don't fucking touch kids like don't rape anyone but don't fucking touch kids. Yeah and that's like that. How is that not like if you meet somebody who touches a kid and you're not like a kid but also why was it so accepted like why everybody knew that he only went after women? Who are under eighteen? Yeah say they probably would see a girl who was like fifteen walk into the bombing. She doesn't stand a chance against him. No because that's just what I don't understand why if nobody actually from everything I read. It seems like nobody really liked the guy. He was very difficult. Very fucking weird. Oh yeah nobody liked him. So why was everybody completely okay with him? Raping Teenage Girls Rich. No I got nothing I mean. Maybe he had like one or two hits that he was a part of so. He made money off of them from the sixties. But they weren't anything like crazy so I don't. He didn't have a TON OF MONEY. That doesn't it doesn't make sense. It makes fucking sense like when you have power get it. But you're I don't see how he had any power. The only power he had was that he was dumb enough to just stick his nose in every single music person's business spending women and force himself to be a part of it so that they had to like except him just accept that he was there and he was part of it. I'll use that fucking guy. Yeah he was like that guy in college. That would like somehow weasels. Way into like your game nine. You're like how the fuck did not get here. None of us like Chad. Why is Chad? Here's what we always pick Chad and I'm sorry to Chad's let's pick a different name. Why is Tim always here? There's too many good tim's out. There was some bad tim's to now how about Douglas Jerry Oud Sherry Jerry. That's a good on. Why the fuck is Jerry here? Who INVITED JERRY? And everyone's like is share. Why is he here? I don't know and nobody likes him out. Fuck and hangs around like nobody has the heart to be like. Nobody has the balls. None of us had the balls in college. You can't you just can't sit with us. Yeah nobody had the ball go. Full Gretchen wieners on them. And then when you date. Everyone's like why? Why did you? You're being rational because I did go. Fokker Tim Weiner on somebody wants and I got an I became the asshole. How did this backfire on me? Yeah I'm just saying exactly what all of you have said behind their back. Five hundred time cool. Yeah they non fire. And that's why Kim Fowler's felt Foley I don't give a shit alleys foully Foley. Fowley doesn't matter. He's an asshole care. He doesn't get to have his name said properly. Wayne is that's motherfucker. Get to stick around is people. Just don't know how to be confrontational and say look man. No he likes you and if somebody does stand up like other people shame how nation like hey man only iota. He's raping underage girls and he's doing something that was beyond deplore. That's fucking S- GUSTA. Yeah Oh fuck yourself. Joan has repeatedly said that she was never touched groped or in any way molested by Kim fully. She still maintains that they got along. Great and worked well together. I'm not sure that I believe that entirely. But Nevertheless Joan took him on as her manager and Kim set out to recruit teenage women for her bands in. Maybe maybe he didn't touch her me this type arguably yes. She was not stink. But here's my problem. She very much knew what he was doing. Hundred Bird area much knew what he was doing to her friends. Oh Yes oh yes she did and that is where my big problem with Joan? Jett comes in. Oh yes and we'll get into that farther down so we can you take that and sit in your lap and some kind of hold onto. It had it for a while and then we can pop back out all right. The first to sign on was sandy west. She was also fifteen years old and play drums. She and Kim had met a few days earlier at the bar at the Rainbow Bar and grill in. Kim was impressed with her. He got her phone number and pass it on to Joan the next day. Joan took four buses to Sandy's house so they could jam together shit they connected instantly and on a whole different level that right there that jam session between Joan and Sandy was the beginning of the runaways. Hell Yeah they recruited a basis by the name of Micky Steele. Mickey was a little older around twenty when she joined the band but she didn't stay very long. Write these days. You might know her better as Michael Steele the basis for another all female rock band. The bengals I'll that's right I do remember learning about that That's crazy. I totally forgot about that. They replace Mickey with California Surfer Girl. Jackie Fox Jackie was another fifteen year old that Kim discovered when she was dancing at the rainbow. God wait a minute. California Surfer Girl Surf Stink. Oh Gosh goal run away. Oh my God that's why they're the runaways here. Cut Make me bird so I can fly far forever away from here. She didn't even know how to play Bass but she wanted in with the band so badly that she learned overnight. Oh Shit well that's awesome. She still wasn't very good but she had the look and Kim liked her. But but I mean here's the thing to her credit we to fuck in just like I'm GonNa Learn it and maybe she wasn't great overnight but I'm sure as time progressed. She got much better honestly. It's not like all of them. Were fucking VIRTUOSOS. They were still teenage ladies. Exactly so yeah. While the girls like the idea of being three piece it was obviously Joan was still way too shy to sing lead vocals. They searched for another girl to lead the band and found it. And Cherie Currie fanning and I do believe it's Cherie. Oh Okay because that is how Joan pronounced a in the documentary bad reputation that I watch tonight soom she would know yeah and also. Suri has a twin sister named Murray. Oh my gosh so this makes that Sharia meringue Cherie and Marie her. Mom's a real shame the fucking worse. Cherie Currie already knew Joan. Because they ran in the same. Glam rock scene. Kim brought Cherie into audition telling her to prepare a suzy. Quattro Song but chemical. Joan didn't know how to play the one she prepared. So Kim and Joan wrote a song on the spot for her to sing within twenty minutes they had Cherry Bomb Ryan and Cherie nailed it. Yeah you'd know that if you listen to last week's episode welcome. It was obvious that she was the perfect blonde bombshell to front the band so she was in sandy then found lead afford a sixteen year old guitarist to play. Lead Guitar. Thus the main lineup of the runways emerged Sui Joan Jett Played Rhythm Guitar And then leader was need. We are tar. Sandy was bass. Drums are seniors drums. Jackie was based Jackie was base. Then Suri was vocals yet. Wow five chicks. That's like five people in a band is a lot. That's a lot like anyone. That's like a five piece. I'm like damn five piece nugget. It's a lot going on there and it's a lot of meat. I'm Hungry Hungry House nuggets. They started playing club gigs around. La Gaining a pretty good following worked on an album. In late nineteen seventy-five their self titled Debut Album was released on June first. Nineteen seventy six by then they nabbed a record deal with mercury records and that deal included another one with Kim Fowley which basically gave him complete control over every aspect of the band. Get THE FUCK. Outta there which also makes me think like if Jones on lake this feminist bent and just wants like an all female women empowerment kind of thing Why did she give him flake? Such control. Over the band's I will see this? She was younger she was it was the seventies. Yeah in this might have been what she thought was the only way to do it right. She might have not seen any other avenues. Which and I guess. He was on the things that we did in our teen years early twenties. It's like I thought this is one of my could. Do IT TURNS OUT. I could do other than yeah and I guess if he's not trying to fuck with her then she's more inclined to be like all right. That's fine I mean to be on this is fucking with the other members of the band. He could have control over them that way. Yes I mean. Maybe she is one hundred percent honest about him never fucking with her because she is going to be the leader she's leader. I can't fuck with the leader. Yeah but I can fuck with the other ones around her. Just because he's not fucking with her doesn't mean it's okay for her to gloss over the fact that he's fucking with everybody else. No not at all. I'm just trying to figure out her kind of Saiki. Yeah is she might have just seen this. As the only way. Yeah 'cause it was the seventy s and she was still a teenager true so yeah or maybe she thought well his name's Kim and Kim as a girl's name so fuck you Kim Fowley so his control included producing the record in co writing. Most of the songs okay. He even refused to allow Jackie to play bass on the album instead bringing in Nigel Harrison. From blondie to play right. Yeah I remember learning about to Fox bad. Joan was obsessed with the idea of women playing hard rock in all female band right because it hadn't really been done before and she wanted a band full of bad ass boss Babes giving a middle finger to the man. Yeah now is the attitude. The girl's adopted right. Which is ironic. Considering how much control Kim had over them and that he fucking replaced their basis with a two he marketed. The girls as jail bait. He told Cherie to wear a corset underwear and fish nets as her stage costume. He over sexualize all of them and mind you. The average age of these girls was fifteen. Yup Jones Cherie at least saw his hyper sexualize branding as empowering. They weren't thinking that this child molester was telling them to ramp up the sex appeal they saw it as owning their sex appeal. Okay in which I guess. Yeah I some people I mean definitely some that is very much a how you see a kind of thing. Yeah very own but then also hold up is your level of comfort with that. Yeah everyone's GonNa Ha. Everyone's going to have a different level of comfort with that right especially in the band Not Everyone's Joan Sherry Cherie whatever because of their image people treated them as a novelty. Yeah they thought it was really cute when they saw their shows but once they realize the girls were serious about their music and we're just there to fulfill a male fantasy people got angry. Oh the media wasn't nice to them either to the media. These girls were whores without responsible parents. That were encouraging young. Girls to be whores. They were constantly asked about sex and sexuality during interviews instead of their music. Joan made a point not to answer those questions because if she did all the runways would be about was sex right. No one would ever talk about their music if they indulged journalists dumb questions. It's true though it's true even today. Here's thing for what it's worth. Yeah I'm not in love with how Kim Fowley marketed them. I mean that was gross and abusive and manipulative. However you know what media don't take it the complete other way either right. There's a middle fucking ground there not horrible people. Because Cherie is wearing a corset kids. Yeah doing one adult. Do you fucking problem. Go to the fucking guy telling them what to do. A lot of journalists were really fucking disgusting about it. Like one guy wrote about seeing their show in a magazine. What I forgot what magazine was but he literally said that like watching them perform he was like he was trying to like Jack off on the side of the stage because of how he saw Cherie. That's what fire discussed ways you fired. No should have been fired. No he was absolutely not got this fucking gusting they actually printed that that guy can also go fuck himself. Yeah so it's like no matter what they did they were getting shit for it. Yeah it's it's such bullshit because it's like you're still playing into this male fantasy Men still fucking control that Shit. Yeah Bullshit it was hard to be in the runways for a while they were pelted with bottles and batteries and all kinds of shit at their shows beaten up and even suffered broken bones because people couldn't handle the fact that they were women playing hard and fast rock and roll confusing feelings. I have to beat them up. I have a boner. I'm really mad about the homeowner walking. Hey people making matters. Worse was the ever present Kim Foley looming over everything. Yeah his way of keeping things interesting was to pit the girls against each other encouraging them to argue and hold grudges he would also physically abuse them like throwing jars of peanut butter at them during rehearsals and verbally abusing them all for the sake of quote unquote letting them know what they're going to be up against on. Yeah Age. Oh I know this story I know you were just using them. He'd just having a good old time because he was fucking bunker. Oh you should know like what you're going to be up against like no no no because you know any other ban wouldn't be up against people throwing shit at them from the audience. Maybe like empower them. Instead of beating them down shit sexual abuse was ever present any often used street drugs. Inqu- alludes to incapacitate his victims and rape them. Yeah this is exactly what basis Jackie Fox said happened to her. She recently revealed that on New Year's Eve in one thousand nine seventy five. She was told to take a quote by crew member being fifteen or sixteen and afraid to say no she took it shortly thereafter while she was paralyzed in floating in and out of consciousness. Kim fully raped her in front of a room full of people. Yeah Jackie called Joan. Cherie out for being present in the room. During the attack Jones response was less than stellar. She didn't say it didn't happen but she said she was. Quote not aware of the incident Joan Inexplicably Defense Kim often As recently as two thousand eighteen she told rolling. Stone that quotes. These girls could have walked away at any time if they were uncomfortable. Which is exactly what victim blamer say. Yeah she continued quote. I find a lot of people blame blame Kim. Because he's dead because he recently died. Yes so it's easy for the girls to say this or that and I just don't see it that way. No one was making anyone's stay so if they were uncomfortable in didn't like it. Why were you hanging out? I don't get it and quote. See this is why I have a problem with Tony. Oh this is a big problem. I have with Joan Jett I like. Here's the thing if you said this twenty years ago fuck if you said this ten years ago but like you came out two years ago and said he was wrong. That was wrong fine. 'cause here's the thing like. I don't WANNA cancel culture on people because it doesn't give them the chance to try to see the error of their ways but if you're going to get called out and still just like triple down. I have a big fucking problem with you. Yeah if your response to being called out by being A bystander and doing anything If your responses Mimi me and not actually responding to what happened to the victim that means you're probably guilty of something. Oh Yeah and don't tout the queen of Feminism. If you're going to fix the blame yeah because that is exactly what she's doing right now. She is one hundred percent victim blaming Jackie Fox for being a fifteen year old. Who got drugged? Because she didn't know how to say no teen. Yeah they were fifteen sixteen like and you know he couldn't just leave. They couldn't just say no. They were constantly surrounded by people of authority they were under contracts. They were doing world tours. They felt obligated to stay there. They couldn't just walk away. They were being manipulated by an abuser. Exactly who told them they couldn't walk away? Sorry Joan but you can't just get up and walk away and just because you had a different experience than Jackie did doesn't make Jackie's experience less valid right. And you know it's interesting. I learned in my research from last week that Cherie for a long time was a critic of Kim. As he was getting closer to his deathbed all of a sudden her tune changed And all of a sudden she was like I'm going to help him and take care of him and he was a really good guy. And cherise response to Jackie's Story when she actually came out and said it was almost worse than Jones. Her reaction was basically like I will do whatever it takes to prove that I wasn't there and she's a liar. I will blame like why are you so like you know so so hell bent on proving that you weren't there you could've just said. I was really drug to an item knows gone and walked away. That's and that's the thing like the two of them were drinking and doing drugs this whole time. They could have been passed out in the room and just not have remembered anything so yeah. Jackie could be right. They could have been in the room but they could have been passed out to. Yes so it's just their reactions Jones end cherise are just absolutely fucking fat and this is where like female solidarity really comes into play because the fact that we're not standing by each other side when men are still sexually assaulting us Is Gross. This is why they still get away with it. This is why it took Harvey Weinstein. How long to get put into fucking jail yet? But now he's got the rone's good vine fucking good. I don't even care yet. Good die you piece of shit honestly. Yeah I try really hard not to be that person but all but I'm going to be that person with him. Yeah good fucking life. I think he's fine. Actually he's pretty. Happy has a hope. He probably hopes he dies two because he's not going to make an in jail but that's the thing these fuckers keep doing this. We still keep getting stories of men Dr Luke with Canada. The these things are still happening because women are just not standing by each other and were saying Oh. She's just saying that because we think we need to stand by these men for their power. No if we fucking stood by each other you know what what power do the men have and especially in the music industry because the metoo movement hasn't really gotten to the music industry at Trion. It's trying and I thought maybe it would with the cash and Dr Luke thing but nope. Nope still have still to win. And that's the thing. I kind of feel like Joan might be worried that it will get into the music industry. And then she could be held liable for some things or people could just come for her. And be like what you're saying is bullshit and you're not supporting your fellow female ban me and that's really shitty so maybe come out and just be there for your fellow. Funding women don't just try to satit to cover your ass. You know just fucking supporter and if you were there spe- lake. Yeah I was there and I was fifteen. I didn't know what else to do. Yeah that's totally understandable. Yeah that is a perfectly fine. Excuse Yeah I get cancel culture scary and that's why I think we need to be more apt to forgive if someone genuinely comes out and says yo I believe this and it was wrong and I'm sorry you learned. That's amazing exactly what needs to. Yes Fuck Joan. Needs to learn a little bit from these. Yeah he's moments anyway. Yeah Anyway we take this despite the abuse. Jackie kept quiet and continued with the band. Their debut album was successful. Which meant a world. Tour was imminent. England had a much easier time accepting the band so they spent a Lotta time playing shows there. Yeah that sounds right. This is where Jones started getting into punk rock. She was hugely influenced by the sex pistols. Who became good friends of hers and she brought the Punk rock aesthetic back to the west coast. Black Moto jacket tight. Leather Pants convers. This was Joan Jett's image for the rest of her career still is so exactly what she's like. L. Exactly the same. She does pull it off though for her. She does she'll she really does look really good. Yeah but it was Japan. There really loved the runaways. You don't say they always fucking love. All of the people we talk about. They really do Kudos Japan. We don't celebrate you enough. The Japanese people treated them like the Beatles. They made television appearances. Had their own TV special they were mobbed at the airport and they released. Japanese only album called live in Japan which went gold. Joan attributes their success there to Japan's female audience. They understood what it was like to be treated as second class citizens and they understood the message. Joan was trying to communicate with the runways. It was in Japan that the girls got their first real paycheck but it was basically pennies. That made them wonder how come they hadn't been getting paid up until now. Oh there they are yeah they are. It is air. It is There are selling out shows left and right headlining a huge tour of Japan. But they weren't seeing any money. They still had to ask him for money to go get tampons or food I Bet I fucking but he loves how he 'cause he was their daddy in the middle of the Japanese tour of the girls realize something pretty awful was going on. Just one thing as may know what you should also drink when there's bullshit contracts bullshit. As mentioned before Kim Lake depit the girls against each other he was back on his bullshit in Japan and it turned into a blowout. Oh they were handed the tour Book Kim. Put together to give out wall in Japan immediately. The girls notice something was not right about it. It barely featured the band as a whole instead it was mostly centerfold like photos of Cherie in underwear and of course it basically softcore porn. Oh the girls were furious but they were furious at the wrong person on. Oh come on IPE blamed Cherie for doing the photo shoot in the first place. Not Kim for setting it up and making the tour booklet. This created a schism. That would eventually break the band up. Yeah sounds about right after getting home from Japan. Jackie Fox made the smart decision to quit the band hood on top of the sexual abuse. The girls were working their asses off to the point of exhaustion. They never got breaks. They weren't getting paid in their every move was controlled by Kim. Cherise walked soon after Jackie. She was addicted to cocaine calebs. She was only seventeen. Oh my God and she had a blow out fight with Lita and it was all too much to handle soon after the remaining members of the runaways. Joan Leader and Sandy made the fateful decision to fire in fully good. Now hope that you shouldn't before all the other women live lake in time ago now it was Jones time to shine gay. But you know who else shines who listener. It's you you listener in the bedroom. It's a lovely segue Maggie. I'm really good at a segues. It's about time you guys. We were teasing commercials for longest time and now we got one for you time. We hawks some stuff to you. Let's talk about Adam and Eve dot com room hot hot seconds so hot so spicy. Let's talk about Adam and Eve dot com right now. You can go to Adam and Eve dot com and get some free stuff to spice up your bedroom yours and yours alone yours and yours alone or I mean somebody else's I'm not gonNa tell you not to do it but also like you gotta stay inside because the Kovin nineteen don't go out there. 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Yeah the other one was queens of noise which they were they were arguably also would have been a really good title for this podcast. Why didn't we think of that as we are fucking dumb asses clearly drink? The media was so used to seeing the bleach blonde. Cherie fronting the band that they do accept the raven haired Guitarist as its leader but Joan did in any way she graduated from the shy girl on the side of the stage to front and center singing lead vocals just in time for a world tour opening for the ramones. Nellie as as much as she tried. Joan couldn't keep the cracks from forming. The runaways recorded their last album and now dot dot dot the runaways in nineteen seventy seventy eight with John. Alcock producing alcock. The album wis going in a heavier. More punk rock direction than previous runaway. Went Away Waco's but things weren't going so great with the producer he had a camaraderie with Lita Ford and Sandy West and it was clear the three of them wanted to make an album without Joan. Ooh She felt left out. Ooh I think eventually they did try to make an album and it fell apart. Yeah it pushed a wedge between the band eventually splintering the group apart there was so much tension in the band. Joan decided to dissolve it all together. I mean could she do that? Yeah I mean all the Fanta rates. Maybe okay kicked out. So who else is going to own it? Yeah Mary she felt like a failure. Oh like everybody was pointing a finger at her saying we told you so. We told you that you can do it. Oh that's some bullshit. She did it she did do it she did was she was a success at it. One hundred percent yes to deal with the dissolution of her Dream Jones started drinking and partying a lot yeah She would have an apartment full of famous musician. Friends hardcore drinking and partying it up at all hours of the night she was working at. She was working at the time attempting to fulfill the runaways obligations to mercury records with a movie called. We're all crazy okay. Was it like a documentary? No it was a drama. It was loosely loosely based on the runaways and featured Joan in the lead role. Oh that's weird. Yeah I two players but then actors everyone. Yes that's weird. That is weird. Yeah but Jones hard partying got in the way and the movie was scrapped when she was hospitalized for a heart. Infection what yeah. I don't know what that really means. Heart infection no but yes. She was put in the hospital cheese. And she's like what twenty three. Maybe not even twenty seventy eight twenty. Jesus Christ just yeah. She recovered but she was still lost and not sure what to do with her. Now that her ban was gone through an actress she worked with on the movie. Joan mid songwriter and producer. Kenny Laguna the two decided to write music together. Which was a strange pairing. If you think about it okay. Kenny Laguna was known for Bubblegum. Pop hits from the sixties all. My God like Yummy Yummy Yummy by Ohio Express Yummy Yummy I got love in my tummy and some stuff in my tummy. It's not bags of cocaine. It's Farts yes in my tummy. Okay your head. It works and it was an odd pairing but it worked together. They marry Jones rough and tough exterior with a more palatable. Sound and great hooks they set out to record Jones. Tab You solo album simply called Joan Jett. It was later re released in. They called a bad reputation. Oh 'cause I knew what song is on. Yeah plenty of cover songs which Joan would become known for. Yeah yeah she did. A lot of cover has gone through her spotify. It's a lot of cover. Yeah I don't know what the covers the same time I'm like. Does she not have that much original material. I don't know I think she just really likes older songs so much that she wanted to do them her way. That's fair. I don't know hurry to songs would go on to become Joan. Jett classics bad reputation and original Song About Jones. Hard ass reputation wall in the runways. And do you. WanNa touch me parentheses. Oh yeah this was originally a Gary Glitter Song and as it turns out Gary Glitter was a pedophile. Don't touch kids drink so if you're one of our patriots numbers you'll already know this because we talked about this. A couple of months ago did because Green Day just sampled the song in one of their in their new single. Yeah and people were like Green Day samples a Joan Jett Song. Now is Gary Glitter's song and he's a pedophile. But why can't we talk about how Joan Jett covered the song in the first place anyway? We digress again. We don't want to talk about Green Day. The album was released in Europe on Areola records. No IT'S A. R. I O. L. A. That spells area those released on May Seventeenth nineteen eighty two decent sales. But for some reason they just could not get a record deal in the US. They received twenty three rejection letters. Eventually they said fuck it will release it ourselves. All Right Kenny drained his toddler daughter's College Fund and use the money to print the album themselves. You better have fucking high hopes on this. That's your kids you believe in in this album an album full of covers. Don't ever tell your daughter if it fail like we just never had the money to send you to college. Sweetie sorry fully colleges is Iraq. It don't go yeah in total PUNK ROCK DIY move. These sold the record out of the trunk of Kenny's Cadillac. Shows fucking beautiful also. He had a cadillac. Couldn't you just sell your Cadillac? I mean that's like a offer but then where would they sell the record fair point? This was the beginning of blackheart records. A label headed by Joan Kenny. Under this label Joan has released some of her most successful hits after releasing her debut. She realized something. She really needed a backing band. She would always be front and center but as a solo artist she needed the energy of other musicians onstage with her yeah weirdly. Joan made the decision specifically not to play with women again because she didn't want it to be compared to the runaways. I guess that makes sense. Yes she only auditioned men even saying in the La Weekly ad that she was quote looking for three good men to become the black hearts all right after securing her backing band. They went on a European tour and settled and settled into a routine of shows around L. A. After a while they realized things just weren't working out in Los Angeles they'd basically exhausted their audience and didn't have other close by cities to play to get more fans. Maybe a big move was needed. If they moved to New York City they had whole huge network of big cities within driving distance to play in guaranteeing constant audience build up so they moved to Long Beach New York in one. Thousand nine hundred. Eighty all right gossiping a move but I think that works. Yeah it kind of makes sense especially if you're trying to be like kind of punk. Yeah that's that's where you go because at this point eighty S. Yep Yeah this is where you want to be The move worked improved to be a turning point. They consistently won over audiences in New York and New England. Keeping things fresh every time they were still struggling only playing small clubs and barely getting by gone were the days of runaway mania. In Japan Jones. Hard work was about to pay off. It's about fucking time again in one thousand nine hundred one Joan. Jett and the black hearts released the album. I love rock and roll. The album was once again heavy on the covers including the title track which was originally done by the arrows. I thought it was originally done by weird Al Rocky Road. You know you made it when Weird Al Covers. You know a cover a cover. Yup Yeah a parody of a cover parody of a cover of a cover of Color Joan him long been obsessed with this song and even recorded a rough version of eight years earlier with Steve Jones and Paul Cook of the sex pistols. Oh Shit Nice but it was. Joan Jen the black hearts version that everyone would come to know and love. Yeah honestly yeah. I didn't even know it was a cover till I got older same. And you people don't I knew Crimson and clover was a cover. Yes oh I didn't realize that. Like most for Shit was covers released on my sister's first birthday happy birthday. Your sister January nineteen thousand nine hundred ninety two a baby. Mtv quickly caught wind of the song and begged Kenny Laguna to to make a video for it. Kenan complied and the now I comic music video introduce millions to Joan Jett. Is that the one where she's like walking around the bar. Yeah do box and like everyone's just like fists in the air and playing pool. Somebody's playing pool. I think there's pool tables on their table in their bar. It's a bar. Townie Bar Shoe loves rock and Roll Hall to the Song I love. Rock and roll became a number one. Hit topping the charts for seven weeks. Shit things changed rapidly for Joan in the band. Yeah that'll small clubs turned into arenas huge world tours. Were set up and people like Freddie Mercury and David. Bowie started coming to the her shows. Yeah can you imagine that? Jn magin controversy. Didn't stay away from Joan for long. She got a bit of heat for her cover of Crimson and clover the second single off her. I love rock and roll album. She didn't change the pronouns. Because then the song wouldn't rhyme so they stage she and her you got all up on their huffy bikes because it sounded so lesbian highway story. Out of here it didn't even Faze Joan. She continued fielding questions about her sexuality. Exactly the same way she did when she was in the runways that is by not entertaining them at all like that is hun of anyone's. Nice but nobody understood. You know not that maybe you just don't ask questions. I manage. Don't give a shit who has sheds not the important this song still a fucking banger. Exactly Jones third solo album simply titled Album was released in one thousand nine hundred eighty three. It's not named for any of the songs on the album. I don't know what songs on this album. I just know that it's an album. It is an album. Has Album treats of an album Alex or on their no idea if veered in a slightly different direction mainly because it only had two cover songs on it. The rest were written by Joan and Kenny. Shit there it is for some reason or another. Mci didn't promote the album Kenny claimed that. Mca went so far as to stop people in the street from buying it why. I don't know that doesn't make any sense it makes no sense and I couldn't find out why. Nca didn't want to release it and like do you want to promote it behind that. Yeah I don't really understand what why they were claim that I doesn't check but it barely cracked the top twenty billboard charts and isn't considered much of a success. Oh what followed were couple albums performed moderately well. She continued to slay around the world opening for huge acts like clean and aerosmith. Oh my gosh. She was still curious about acting despite the disaster. That was supposed to be the runways. She was real high. Yeah drunk yeah that's she. She can always give that another shot she could always just like kick that to the side and just went like this is my first movie right. Yeah I never got released anyway. Yeah it didn't in nineteen eighty eight. She starred in the movie light of day alongside Michael J. Fox who played her brother. Oh the premise. Being got the two of them were in a rock band together and family drama ensues as their deeply. Religious mother disapproves of Jones decisions. I mean this kind of sounds like a good movie. She wasn't half bad and this was like this was the movie where Michael J. Fox tried to become a dramatic actor. Teats segue from comedic into the drama. But I feel like Michael. J. Fox could always go dramatic because I don't think his comedy was that comedic. He wasn't like a gym carrier will share he was known for Family ties which was a comedic role and then back to the future which was kind of a comedy so this was like the first time he was dipping his toe into dramatic waters. I guess I mean yes but also. I don't think it's that unrealistic. Look at Michael J. Fox. He can play drama. Oh No yeah. There were some dramatic episodes of family. Ties there were there. Were some upsetting episodes man also. He was a republic. He was a young Republican in that show. Oh yeah that's right. Yeah but being. A Republican eighties was much different than being a Republican now. Yeah I don't know I every time I think of young Republican in the eighties. All I can think of his Christian Bale and American psycho. Oh my God that's what I feel like. Every young Republican in the eighties was like yeah and pretty much now to Morales and then nothing nothing changes nothing changes anyway light of day. Bruce springsteen wrote the Song Late Day Nice specifically for the movie and Joan performed it on the soundtrack. And I think this movie was inspired by Bruce Springsteen and the guy who wrote it brought it to Bruce Springsteen he brought the script Bruce Springsteen to read it over because he wanted his opinion on. What like a blue-collar hard-working bar band was like? Yeah and better to ask apparently was orig- the movie was originally called born the USA. Oh my God. And he brought he gave the script to Bruce Springsteen to read Bruce liked the title so much that he stole it and put it on a song that he was writing about a Vietnam vet. I didn't know that's where okay. Yeah and then. He took the this song called light of day. That already had it was like here but us this song instead. Oh Bruce Obu busey's not boys boosts Moose. Yeah boost from Jersey will boost Jersey but also imagine how great that is for Joan Jett though irregardless to be singing a song written by Bruce Springsteen in about a movie that's kind of loosely based on hand that he got gave like the thumbs up on. Yeah big that's when you really fucking made it. That's springsteen yeah I fucking made it. Yeah that same year after continuing issues with her new label epic records. Joan released up your alley once again independently on blackheart records this album featured another huge hit. I hate myself for loving you. Which is it's all fucking good sauce. Gory Tong. The song reached number eight on the billboard charts and helped boost Jones profile after her career was kind of plateauing By the early nineties the music scene was changing. Grunge was all over the airwaves and the riot girl movement took hold in Washington. Dc At the end later in the Seattle area of Washington State for more on that you should listen to a riot girl episode from like two years ago from a long fucking time literally. Two Years Ago Yeah. It had its roots in punk but took a hardcore females first mentality the a big supporter of the movement was in Mackay. A seminal punk of seminal punk band for Ghazi Yup Ian. If you remember from our riot girl episode was also friends with Kathleen Hanna from Bikini. Kill Ya Ian gave Joan a Bikini Kill Demo tape and shortly thereafter. Kathleen got a call from Joan herself asking if she wanted to collaborate. Joan was incredibly impressed with everything. The women in the riot girl movement were doing. I mean it's really what she was doing back in the seventies exactly. She saw it as all of them fighting the same fight. That's been going on for years and loved how outspoken fearlessly were exceptional. Maybe just maybe I mean if there was some sexual assault producer somebody bikini kill mode. Something would probably try and kill the person that was trying to rape somebody. Yeah just GONNA throw that out there. She saw Bikini Kill as an updated version of the runaways. And she didn't want to just support them. She wanted to be involved. The high bet I got to take that out. She Produced Bikini. Kill Song rebel girl. And Kathleen Hanna wrote songs on Jones. Nineteen ninety-four pure and simple. That's right also. I forgot to put in here. Because I'm a fucking idiot This was not the first thing that Joan ever produced. She actually produced the one and only album that the germs released and the germs are like a huge hardcore punk band. Yup that PAT smear was a part of impact smear went on to become part of Nirvana in the last night. That's right so that's another lake. That's a huge mind blowing six degrees of bullshit so nice so she was kind of already in this she well. I mean pets. Mir wasn't really in the scene at all. He was still more like East Coast punk. I think I mean we're we're the germs la. I thought they were but don't quote me on that. I'm not great with my germs history. My Germs Story. I'm pre- No I think. La Portmanteau drinks. Yeah I think they were actually. La that makes way more fucking sense. But I don't believe that PAT was really part of the whole grunge scene or the Seattle scene If anything he might have known Dave Grohl but I don't think so well Joan Jett Dave Grohl now. She knows the now the France now. Yeah they did Cherry bomb. Oh really rock and Roll Hall of fame. Okay yeah formats. Yep sounds very good with both of them together. Yep sounds better live. Oh I'll have to listen to it but this wasn't just a publicity publicity thing or or whatever. Joan was fully invested in the riot girl movement. Yeah when me as a potter was murdered in Nineteen ninety-three. Her Death Affected Joan deeply. She worked with the remaining members of the gets on a live album with all the prophets going to the murder investigation. We talked about me as a pot on our true kind of show him episode a year and a half ago long time ago. But that was that's such A. That was a horrible story. God fucking dammit. That's an upsetting story. It's it's so fucking senseless bullshit and completely fucking random. Yeah like mid never should have happened ever schiff oversight so fucking upsetting through the late nineties and early two. Thousands Jones career started slowing down a bit. Her albums were doing okay. But she wasn't making much money. They needed something to revamp her image boost sales again. And that's when Kenny's formerly toddler daughter. Who's College Fund? He drained Kerry and Brinkman. Entered the picture. Okay Kenny was kind of living in the stone. Age At this point and I should mention that Joan and Kenny. Have this lake very special kind of friendship. And I'm not saying specialize in quotation. No I didn't like the way they have a friendship that like transcends however many years they've been friends they just have a bond they have that they get and they have not everybody else. Does they have a really great bond and I think I who is more like mentor to protege or father to daughter or something like that and it's just grown into like they're just the absolute best friends the best friend soulmate kind of thing. They don't WanNa do things with other. They are super. That's it best friends. Yeah there's just an easy connection that they have they can't explain it. They're not gonNA and she was a very big part of Carey ends Upbringing of course and I think she lived with them for a while and like just spent a lot of time with them as a family and was really big in bring up their daughter. Nice which she kind of had to be because she trained her college fund. It's like Oh this kid. I know own this pretty sure that that album probably replenished college fun and then it's like ten times over. She was fine. She could have gone to college if she wanted. She probably did. She's very smart young lady. She could even drink milk if she wanted she could. Yeah so yeah. Kenny was living in the Stone Age. He didn't understand that a digital revolution was happening. He's still wanted to sell CDs at Seventeen Bucks a PAS. Oh my God. That's how thought money was me. Carry any yeah honey honey sweetie poor soul. Bring your daughter in here. She's going to help you. She's GonNa show you how to turn the computer on bomb. Look out sweet. That's just the computer turning on. Dad How do I get to? How do I check your facebook? I heard all the kids are on that now. Dead nobody. My Age uses facebook. Can I can I? Can you search for recipes on the facebook? I need to know how to make pot roast. No you want Google now google. I'M GONNA go your phasing. My daughter's FACEBOOK GOOGLE DOT com. Oh Dad you're so dumb I mean you just you just sweet and old. You don't know any better. Well either way yes. So as daughter came in Carryanne convinced joining Kenny to get on I tunes yeah tunes. It's still a thing. Apparently some people still get suckered into that. It's a scam for old people now. Oh my God I two guys spotify within the first week of being on Itunes this old seventy thousand units of I love rock and roll units drink Kerry and also convince them to have Joan on the warped tour in two thousand six nice. This was peak warped tour angle. He warped tour Green Day. So many checkered vans I love my checkered fans. And guaranteed maximum exposure. Joan was still known to be punk is fuck so she was accepted on the tour. No problem it reignited. The Passion people always had for her since then. Carryanne has taken over Managing Jones career and the Blackheart label in the meantime Joan diligently campaigns with pita for animal rights and runs a farm sanctuary. Which like Pizza Pizza's not the best choice as choice but your animal sanctuaries probably lovely but she has also been partnering with Pita for a very long time like before people realize that pedo were Kuku for coconuts crazy people you know to hear more of our opinions on pita and the opinions of actual vegans on pita. You should go to our friends. We didn't episode with them and talk about pita a lot because a lot of musicians are just like pita and we're like but there's better organizations guy. There are a whole lot of better organization. Also Google search ten minutes support your local animal sanctuary. Because there's probably one near you and you just don't know and they probably need way more health leisure help a lot especially right now. Exactly how am I going to please help your local animal? Sanctuaries yes and Joan was also inducted into the rock and Roll Hall of fame in Two Thousand Fifteen. That feels like a really long time to get inducted. It was a very long time. Yeah and I think Nirvana was inducted. The year before their first year and she They did like a concert afterwards at a different venue and she came out and like she did. Smells like teen spirit and a bunch of other nirvana songs with Dave and Chris and Pat. I'm sure they're all friends which is very nice but also like she probably was eligible around like twenty ten. Oh Yeah I mean. She started in like five ish. Runaways seventy five. Yeah so I think twenty to choose is it. I'm not great with math but the point. How many years is a twenty five twenty five so seventy five eighty ninety two thousand? Yeah she would have been eligible with the runaways in two thousand. So that's cool. So have you want to hear more about the bullshit? There is for the rock and roll. You're all about the locking today. But our sister podcast. Who Cares about the Rock Hall there on Pantheon? And they're she really fucking alert here. Total daily are see. It's safe to say that Jones early career with the runways was controversial whether the controversy was planned or not she knew how to use that to her advantage and she used it well whether or not. She turned a blind eye to deplorable behaviour happening around her her image. As a hard hitting feminist with both middle fingers up in the face of the Patriarchy was groundbreaking. Joan got where she is today through incessant. Hard work on her own. Yeah for the most part. Yeah honestly gotTA GIVE HER. Credit Credit's due. I mean I might have a lot of problems with how she's treated. The other women who came up with was a workhorse. She didn't still the workhorse. She never stopped. She never had a hiatus really. Except if you count her drinking herself into the hospital which was like maybe a year maybe a year our time take that time to like stop drinking and get better but I mean like that year would have been between when the runways ended and her solo career started in between was partying in the heart infection that I say yeah then again in the grand scheme of her career. That's nothing. Yeah yeah I mean overall and like I said I try not to feed into cancel culture? I think she's still has written amazing music. I still think that she has really proven herself to women Somebody I mean to say. Now that she's proven herself to and she's proven herself to be this strong woman and Lake so that other women can see this and say oh. I don't have to take this bullshit. Yeah and I don't follow anyone else's recipe of what feminism is she has definitely cultivated and maintained that image image of this bad ass. That doesn't take shit from anybody right and she. She's been doing that since. Nineteen seventy five when people I serve knowing who she was right And that's great but also have a little bit of humility and humanity and if somebody calls you out and says this really horrible thing happened to me and I think you were in the room. Don't automatically go on the defensive because that's not what anybody needs in it's not making you look good We have to support each other. We still have to support each other so despite the fact that she is this beacon of Feminist you know. Cheerleading squad like this beacon of feminists cheerleaders then like you still have to learn from things. Yeah that's part of it. You can't just be like nope this happen yard for me and I did this all on my own and this yeah I think like you also have to say. Hey maybe this fucked up thing happened and maybe I witnessed it and I didn't know what to do which is fine. You were fifteen sixteen. You can say I didn't know what to do if you're GONNA be mad at you for being a kid who didn't know what to do if you're going to continue to be part of the Progressive Feminist Movement. Then you have to learn from things right and I don't feel like she's really learning from things right. That's that's the problem. That's the problem. But she is an amazing artist. She does work insanely hard. Yes she's earned everything that she's gotten. I won't take any of that away from her. You know just like this is my little pleated be like Hey Joan John just like admit that some fucked up. Things happened when you were around. But it's okay 'cause she were kit and they will never happen around you again. They would never happen around her again. Right you kidding me. She's an adult the bad bitch. She's in charge fly. Maybe at this point if something like that were to happen she would get involved today and break it up. Or whatever of course. I doubt that if something does happen around her now like a wouldn't. Yeah but you know what I mean. She put a stop to that real quick. But you can't just deny that things in the past happens Martin can't you can't do that and that's the big thing too you know. We've gotten plenty of criticism for analyzing history and misrepresenting it because we look at it and say hey. That wasn't cool but you know what if you don't look at. Shit the happened in the past and say that was a pad fucking thing happen. It's GONNA keep happening. Here is absolutely no fucking way in Hell. I would relay the story of Kim Foley to and just completely dismiss it and be like that was just the time. Yeah no just because a room. Full of people dismissed him raping. Somebody in this is GonNa do. It doesn't it doesn't mean I I can do it thirty forty years later. That's not how this works works guys. So that's you know we gotta learn. Learn from the past some shavings happening. They were bad. We need to say. Hey that was bad. That is the point of studying. History is to learn from it and not make the same mistakes. Don't WANNA history itself. We could do that guys. Crisis the people all right drink. Well thank you all so much for listening. We hope you guys enjoy the story of Joan. Jett hope you late getting shit faced on her extra spicy drinking games? Which Spice Girl Do you feel like? I feel like babies Miami. We really know your ginger. Yeah I'm fucking Ginger Sporty. Yeah so there we go. I'm one hundred percent. We haven't changed our spice girls of choice however we would love to know what Spice Girl you are. You really do not even joke. We're not being condescended. Times are tough. Please feel free to reach out to us and have dumb conversations about what spice girl you are to. Also you can share with us all the Rony memes. 'cause WE'RE HERE FOR RONI MAHIR FOR MEMES. We're here for SPICE GIRLS. Honestly tell us how drunk you guys Tell us just seriously felt about like this episode. If you have any thoughts I am going to have a lot of time on my hands this week so I will respond to you. Yeah Gary and she's a ton of beer in her her. How host here so much. Meade like Trunk Ashley Responding to you. It'd be great so you're getting nine. Am If you want to reach out to us you can go ahead and visit our website. Www Dot rock candy podcast dot Com. And you can come in on the episode you can toss us an email and you can also find. Our SOCIAL NEEDS. Got Instagram facebook and twitter. You can contact us on anything because we look at them. We look at all of them. We gotTA CHECK THEM ALL. GotTa check them all. It's like poke them on. What podcast podcast. Mon- PODCAST MON Mon. Pottu Amman. Padma. Yeah and also you know what not going on right now right. You're sitting in your house your apartment hanging out. 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Yeah yeah well so come. In next week we'll see kids then and until then party on Ashley. Party on Maggie. I'm party on crazy. Kids out there candy. And your pod. Don't put candy in your Palm. Hey everybody this is Brian Regan host of the podcast side gems which is now a proud member of the Pantheon family of podcasts. I've been a freelance entertainment journalist for twenty five years now and I often ended up in conversations that go off on tangents suddenly discussing someone's outside passion or hobby something you didn't know about and it leads to revelations about their character and about their life outside of their art. I've often had to cut those details out because the story had a strict word count for a specific focus to hear the entire focus of the podcast is just on their side. Jam Or side Jams. For example Alison Chance Frontman. Williams have all spent some time talking to me about reading history which led him into talking about his public school education and how it was so terrible in high school that he actually managed to get into a private school for free to his life could take a different course in this series of podcast. You're going to be hearing my interviews with musicians of all different backgrounds genres talking about everything from surfing to collecting antiques to stargazing. I hope you enjoy side jams. Please tune in regularly and I'll have a lot of interesting guests in store for you.

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