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Brady's comments on race in sports, LeBron's 'I Promise' documentary, Rex Ryan/Geno Smith, Vernon Davis joins the show


Speak for yourself from the crib presented by Hyundai Jason Whitlock Marcellus Walli coming from our CRIBS. Are we have a fantastic show a plan for you today? Tell you why. We'll get into it with bricks. Bucur ABOUT WHY? I got a little problem with Lebron James. I promise school documentary Art Vernon Dangerous. We're GONNA pull up his grip. The pro bowl super bowl champion tidy and now retired will pull up in his crib but we will start by going out to Chris Filming Ohio State. Great Detroit Lion. Great one of the greatest guys in Sports Fox sports football broadcaster force Happy to have Chris Christie going to help us talk about Tom Brady and his interview with Howard Stern. Some more as we've now had a chance to digest the entire two hours. There's a group of people that somehow have taken issue with Brady's comments about race and football and sports and how he saw his experience in New England and in football as it related to raise Taylor listen to what Brady told Howard Stern. Yesterday I never saw race. I think sports sports transcends race. It's transcends well that transcends all that I mean you again you get to know you appreciate the let let someone else may bring and you know whatever you know. Whatever they bring. I think when you're in a locker room of fifty guys you don't think about race you know you don't think about 'cause you're all the same at that point you know it. It doesn't matter WHO's married. Who's single. Who's got kids who doesn't have kids white black. You know whatever it is you just you figure out how to get along and I think that's sports teaches you about life and that way and it's very natural all right so some people over at SBA and wrote an editorial didn't sign their name to it. Criticizing Brady saying he's avoiding the race issue and saying that Colin Kaepernick and Eric near read and guys who took a knee. Obviously see race differently than Tom. Brady if you listen to Brady during the interview. That's not what he was addressing. He was in a deep conversation with Howard Stern about the culture in New England. His how he related to teammates. That are twenty years younger than him from different high schools at him from different economic backgrounds at him and then he made a broad philosophical point when Howard ask him about did he ever feel self conscious playing in the League that seventy five percent black where. He's the great white quarterback and Brady said that about race. I have absolutely zero problem with it. I think he's accurate particularly from his perspective. That's how he sees the sports world and that's how he sees his experience in the NFL and Football Marcellus. Do you have a problem with anything? Tom said here as it relates to race. No not at all. I thought Tom Brady spoke accurately. And aspirational about how it is to be a football player. Integration of race into sports He talked about all of our experiences where I was introduced to differ racist ethnicities and cultures because of who was in my locker room who was in that huddle and I took exception to this article that I tried to read who actually authored is article despite them having individual writers on so many articles this was written by the SBA nation staff. Nobody wanted to put their name to this as you mentioned earlier and I can see why they say Tom. Brady has no business commenting on this issue. The way he did because he's never been marginalized. Whoa and that's how you want to discredit him. All right well. Let's use that logic train and that same logic train may discredit one Colin Kaepernick. Who was in a situation where you had to foster parents? To adopted pairs. There were white and he's half white themselves now. If you WANNA bring race into the conversation disqualifier then. Colin Kaepernick is not speaking fully for me. And I don't want to go into that but they wanted to go into that and really put Tom Brady. Statements mapped on to that entire issue. Unfortunate SO TOM. Brady was speaking about what we saw. How did I come in contact with Chris? Filming my former teammate in Buffalo. Got Out probably wouldn't have crossed past certainly not had brotherly connection with unless it was for the game of football and. I think that's what Tom Brady was talking about there. We leave a lot of our hangups behind us when we walk into a lock room just the way it is. People don't understand that maybe they never been in there. Well it's good to see both of you in just to reflect on what Marcellus just said I never would have came in contact with Marcellus that Columbia believe me. I couldn't get into Columbia but I do know this. I can speak for my experience. Okay for me. I looked at my teammates as my brother. So that's just the way I saw. I didn't think of what their race was. At the time we ate together we slept together. We practiced together. We want together. We lost together. We cried together. We celebrated together. It was all about one unit for one common goal and that was to win now just because I feel that way in. Tom Feels that way. Marcellus and Jason feel that way. Does it mean that we do not acknowledge some of the challenges that some of our brothers had to get to the NFL. It doesn't mean that we're not aware of some of the racial issues that still exists in this country and it doesn't mean that we are not taking action or have taken action in our past to address those issues whether that be Jason Whitlock Marcellus Wiley. Tom Brady or Chris Spielman so for me. It's all about the awareness the acknowledgement in the action but inside that locker room. That was my family and anybody that knows me played with me. I hope they felt that way because I was more concerned about the dudes production Beth what I was concerned about. I think that when Tom Brady Talks. He's talking from one of the best football coach. Irs that we've ever seen in pro sports the New England patriots. I can certainly say that in my football experience and just talking to my friends. All of us were aware things on our sports teams. Were not perfect. Were there some guys? We didn't get along with along racial lines on the team. Were there some coaches and some experiences that we may have seen firsthand that we thought were hold on. What is the driving force behind that behavior from a coach an administrator whatever and we questioned it along racial lines no question sports teams are just like the rest of America where I will disagree with people like the SP nation article and some of the other people that are critical of Tom? Brady or football or sports. In general is sports does a better job of handling these issues than the rest of society. And that's not same sports or perfect but when you put a group of guys in a room from different backgrounds different economic situation's different races different religions. And you put that goal out there. Hey man you have to do your job in order for me to have success and I have to do my job in order for you to have success and for this team to have success a lot of the differences disappear and a lot of the decision making where people might give into their biases. A lot of that disappears and people do the right thing. I can certainly from just my mediocre college career at Ball State can point to some things that I thought. Were unfair along racial lines. I can say that about the rest of society. I could say that about things that went on in the classroom things that went on at any in any walk of life but can. I also say that sports and our team dealt with better than the rest of society. And that's what I think Tom. Brady's really getting at that. The great teams deal with those issues better than anybody else. That's where I think he's actually saying ourselves. Yeah and that's why I think what he said was aspirational as well as accurate. Because you don't have a better option out there in the world where you can show that the integration occurs and it happens naturally like a dozen locker room and it's a different dynamic. You GotTa think about it all there to do a job so no matter what. Your situation is what prioritizes all of us coming together is the fact that we have a job to do and it's the job that is going to be done. Only if you think of it as something greater than yourself you can't achieve it by yourself. You can't achieve a win you can't achieve a contract you can't achieve anything in that. Locker Room Solo. You need the help of others. So because it's the interdependent situation we actually learn to live and learn from each other because we need each other to bill. Whatever we're going to build in the real world half the time you don't even have that physical integration and if you do you don't have their realistic authentic interaction like you. Doing the locker room in the locker room is no holds. Barred from your Mama to your kids to your family to your background your religion to gender to your sexual preference. Everything's on full display in conversation and I'm not saying it's perfect but is better than alternative. Which is this real world where trust me is not as good and as real as their locker room is well. I think the other thing too. Marseils and Jason Inside of locker rooms. You know what we have usually amongst the players. We have great communication. I got a problem with Marcellus Wiley. I had no problem coming up. Marcellus Wiley and saying this is the problem. I'm not attacking you attacking the person in the great thing that locker rooms of top me as that we learn to talk to people and not over people so you direct problems head on and that's the beautiful thing about a locker room because of the fact that we have one common goal one common purpose and one common mission to accomplish something to gather and has opposed to everybody going off on her own separate agendas usually usually not all the but usually people will talk to each other. Tell me how I can help you. Then you tell me and I'll tell you what I can do or need from you to help me when you have that type of communication great things happen and you not only don't see as much race but what you do see. Is your brother or your teammate. Or somebody that you're willing to put it on the line for that's my experience. It always has been always will be at. That's the beauty of an locker room. WanNa move on. We've got to be a little quicker here. Don't have as much time Daniel. Jeremiah of the NFL that we're one of their draft experts former scout for the Baltimore. Ravens made a little news yesterday by suggesting that Tom Brady played for the Baltimore Ravens. Rather than the New England Patriots Brady would've won ten super bowls instead of six during his career. Jeremiah's contention is the ravens had more talent than the New England patriots. Marcellus is this a ridiculous claim? Yeah it's ridiculous we're trying to Frankenstein a situation to to take what was already beyond fantasy. Which is winning six super bowls. Take it to some insane place. Where you're all another roster you would have won ten and play enough. Thought experiment is sounds fun but in reality it doesn't land. One thing is thrown off from the Ravens equation or the Patriots equation. Everything is different case in point last year with the Ravens Lamar Jackson them going out there and winning fourteen games and they get into the playoffs and one small detail was different about that team the injury to mark Ingram and that changed the entire complexion of their team and everything worked. You Insert Tom Brady on the Ravens and say nothing else is going to change. You don't know the game of football or sports in general. I think that this is insane. This dude ICUs. I'm digging the Frankenstein reference man. That's beautiful when I when I look at this front from my perspective. The one thing I learned about when evaluating or during a game with Tom Brady. I'm never going to put limits on that guy because what he's doing it. Forty two is Barack so to say he would or would not win ten super bowls. I don't know I think it's very difficult because of the parody of the NFL and there's so many things that go into winning and losing the number one thing number. One factor in my opinion is that you have to be healthy as a team. What is the Locker Room? Dynamic within that team Marcellus hit it. Of course the importance of what a running game means to a quarterback than we can't forget although I have great respect and think he's a tremendous coach John Harbaugh. We can't take away what Bill Belichick has meant to the New England Patriots for all their super bowl run so I think Tom has done Barack list. I don't put anything past them. But the say ten. That's a little tough to get around. Yeah I think it's far fetched. I'M NOT GONNA go ridiculous. I think his comments are disrespectful to bill. Belichick I get where he's coming from Bo Ray Lewis and that defense at a great culture the second best culture I think during Brady's career was Baltimore with Ray Lewis and so I get where he's coming from a Chris before we get out of here you're one of the most charitable individuals in all of sports. You did great things. You've done great things for your wife and now you're doing great things for people with the corona virus and selling all of your memorabilia and donated corona virus. Where'd this come from well because I I believe that God has blessed me and I'm a person where my faith teaches me? A faith without deeds is a faith that is dead so we decided to do is take try to raise forty thousand dollars from selling by memorabilia and for each week for the next forty weeks. We're going to donate a partner friend of mine. Bruce Lee are GonNA donate a thousand dollars each and every week the four different people two hundred fifty dollars a piece and at the very least will be able to buy groceries for them. But I believe I've been called to do that. God has given me the ability. The means and the awareness the see where action is needed and we're action is needed. Action needs to be taken and this is something that is a true gift that I'm able to be able to help somebody and I've been so grateful and so blessed it's time to give back because my philosophy has always been in this life though matter what it is what you give or grow in which you keep you lose if you give compassionate if you give love to give understanding that grows and spreads and prospers if you keep all that stuff to yourself. I promise you it will dry and die guaranteed so keep giving away and guess what it comes back some way somehow gray message. Thanks for joining us. I'm Burnin Davis. We're going to go out to his crib. Superbowl champion twelve oaks. Avian Play with Damn Near. Everybody played in the league forever. I Burn Davis his crib. Speak for yourself presented by Hyundai more after this with all the uncertainty in the world feeling safe at home has never been more important. It's why I wanNA talk to you about simply safe home security. 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Jason Whitlock Marcellus Wiley our time to pull up at Burning Davis's crammed Burning Davis a pro bowl tidy a super bowl champion with the Denver Broncos just wrapped up things with the redskin. I hope Shawne Merriman I watch him because Marcellus I I'M GONNA call. Vernon the greatest player out of Maryland overshot. I hope he's not watching summer. But might put off. Vernon Oh let me ask this to everybody the quarantine have you watched anything? Great on Netflix. Serve you got a recommendation for you. Know what all Americans that was really good Show I joined it. I recommend anyone read lock it make. It was amazing actually a parallel story man cave from the hood and they'll lay it goes out to the outskirts. Go play ball man ever touched. My heart is amazing series right near but you're also a partner in Samsung Smart TV. Your Dad like myself raised three kids by yourself. How are you keeping your said any through this quarantine? Independent McMahon extremely tough. Just make sure the way the protocol the House basic feet away from people out and Just taking it one day at a time. That's all we can do at the moment because you we could be saved. We have to take this series because it is killing a lot of people and if we want to help each other we have to again follow. The protocol takes away stay home now also sold all season. You said you retired and the decision to retire right now. The kids have a huge impact on that. Are we gonNA see you retire? I'M GONNA take it one day to cap you know. I can't say I'm going to move back because I you know I haven't done so I wanted to stay tuned and gets work on the rest of my the rest of my career with next and for me. I feel like Television acting is been a lot of fun to me. I've been putting the work in the is dedicate myself to the crash and make you get better and actor so take it one day climbing. Continue to keep working. Where did this dream of being an actor? Come from what sparked that When I made at the University of Maryland are then when I went to thank you so I won't try to shelter in theater bar. And that's where I fell in love with the world of acting and I started to pursue it a little bit at a time for the cotton is when you play football. You have to put so much time in football and you can't really ensue acting career because it's just too announce delve into it and continue to just keep going and working on the crap read that you were inspired by Kobe Bryant. I would think you'd be inspired by the Rock Kobe. Why not the Rock and over long ago to build made a relationship with him? That was pretty cool and just learning this learning. And and now you talking about San Francisco earlier and we. We were talking about Colin Kaepernick as he came up in an interview with Tom. Brady just want to ask you like player to player when you were there especially during the good years with Colin Kaepernick on the field. Did you see this activism? Coming from him no no. I didn't see that you couldn't see it. I mean he was. Just what at that time? Kapernick was I mean. He was playing at the highest level possible then. He had two little declined to where he wasn't doing so well and again after that. That's all came about outdone about the Denver that year. Twenty fifty I left him got traded to when I was there. That's when all of these starting to come out and I totally didn't expect it. It was just something that Katie from left. Beal amount of nowhere. I WANNA bring up another conversation in sports moral. Cj mccollum made headlines saying he thinks that a third of the NBA players are living paycheck to paycheck. You just retired from the NFL. The you think that a third of the NFL players are living paycheck to paycheck. Been a history of that money back to like these avid get smarter to go a better job. Taking care that Phones putting the right people in healthcare so I can't really say Bach Billy that that That's happening but I I hope not afraid that everyone is doing really well taken care of their finances that they're continuing to evolve and Being proactive in the asset. Listen I know one guy. That's not living paycheck to paycheck. And that's your former teammate. Peyton manning he keeps turning down money to be a broadcaster. What do you think Peyton manning wants to? Do you know what I don't know. Maybe he wants to be an act. If people in Agra won't get caught me buddy again. I don't know what he wants to be but I figured by now he's just taking it easy and taking it slow but overtime really figured out that. Maybe it is broadcasting a vernal. We're going to wrap up the interview. One final question. We're having a little technical difficulty. I'm GONNA stay on Peyton. Manning peyton manning would he be a better head football coach or a better? Nfl executive better NFL Beckett. Boy that because when I was playing with Peyton when Denver He wa. He took over those needed. He was he knows exactly what was going on and it seemed that he was you know he was. John Elderly in a sense. And when you do that bad I mean you're you're above and beyond just being Involved with football on on on the field level you have to be innocent. The guy that's got what you coach and he won't give that expand trickle down to the locker room for the players the coaches and he could help somebody burn. Thank you so much for the time. Really enjoy coming out to your crib. Good luck with your acting career. Tell your brother. Good luck as well in his retirement. Are WE'RE GONNA keep it Movin here on. Speak for yourself from the career. We'RE GONNA go out to the bay area touch base with rhythm euchre and talk about Lebron James's latest project his documentary about his. I Promise School. Speak for yourself from the crib to speak for yourself from the crib presented by Hyundai. Jason woodlock Marcellus Wiley on this wonderful Thursday afternoon day before Friday. I let's go out to the bay area and Ric Bucher is GonNa join us from his crib. Rick welcome aboard. Let's move to Lebron James and his I promise school in the Akron area Lebron's received quite a bit of fanfare for opening the score and using part of his foundations money to help fund school along with the State of Ohio. Lebron has now put out a documentary over quimby a series of short eight ten minute short feature stories that they're calling a documentary about the I promise school. Let's take a look at it clip. Lebron posted on his instagram page. This week interest the past two weeks. It's the third hour we tell them. We're going through another homelessness. Europe said report shelter other nights hotel not yet last time. I for an hour and forty five minutes before I could get into. The scary part is ramming his head against the wall lakes. You know it's just the summer harm. Abroad obviously has millions of social media followers. I'm not a fan of this. I'm not a fan of documentary and I'm certainly not a fan of putting that kid out there in this way is the third or fourth grader. I think what Lebron has done and contributing money to the I promise school lending his name. I think all of that is great. I don't like putting these kids and their struggles on public display. When they're just third or fourth graders. I think it's too early for documentary. I'm disappointed by this and again I think what Lebron's trying to do here is great but I'm just not sure every kid needs to be a reality. Tv Show particularly when they're struggling in this manner. And I understand your sentiment in terms of exposing the kids who the whole goal of I promises to actually help these kids so where they can go from a mindset in the reality of surviving to thriving so why expose the kid when that kid can turn over a new leaf and actually do the things that we all desire them to do. So I respect what you said. The same time is is very difficult to have effective change without a brutal honest confrontation of the reality. The hardest pill for all of us to swallow in this world is reality and as we had Chris Filming on talking about the Locker Room. The fact that why that's such a special place because I'm in the real world and I've been in the locker room is that we get issues handled because we directly confront the issue at had and hearing about something is not as impactful as seeing and for those who criticize seeing it hard. Criticize you in wonder. How much are you really trying to change it? A lot of people can hear someone's plight loud people hurt my plight my story before but walk in my shoes or lease. Let me get you as close. Virtually as you can to walk in my shoes I think I hit you at a different place in your heart and I think that was the intention of this documentary. You both make great points. The distinction for me is our selous. You're an adult and we've seen the width and breadth of your story. So we saw the beginning and we saw and we've seen the end. This hits close to home for me because I had experience with my son where he may. He was probably the same ages. The kid in Lebron's instagram post and he made two free throws in middle school to win a game and I posted it. I had a video of it. I posted it on instagram and said how proud I was of him for a multitude of reasons and he came to me and he said Dad. I wish you would ask me before you posted that and what it made me realize that he knows every kid. This age is that kid. No no doubt does. Is that no matter. What you put out there Social media it can be a cruel vicious place and this was a positive for my son and far fewer people seeing it. I can't help but think about there are more than almost five million people who saw this kid in his worst moment and is it really worth putting it out there as a journalist. I often have to tell stories about people in their hardships and it can be difficult. And sometimes they don't necessarily love having that story out there but I've never done it with kid and that's the part that I just can't get past. That is a Gut Punch to me is to think about what that kid has to deal with because more than five million people out there saw him in this moment. And if there's a happy ending to this then maybe it's worthwhile but we don't know that yet yeah. I think like the greatest sports documentary that I can ever remember as Hoop Dreams and Hoop Dreams was filmed over. Like a ten year period of very long period and by the time it came out the kids that they were showing growing up were adults and they could you know deal with the ramifications. Fall out of this. I'm even now just even having this conversation thinking about. When I was a newspaper journalist and Kansas City we had a high school feeding running back that was you know everybody thought five star is going to be this huge deal and they wrote about him as a sixteen or seventeen year old and he was dating a grown woman at the time or twenty twenty one year old and I just thought it was. I wall we don't need. This is a kid this the teenager. We don't need to be putting his business out on the street in this fashion and when I looked at third or fourth grader and I just think about how kids being kids and how cruel they are and how they liked to tease. I just wouldn't want this kid captured in this way and I know again Lebron's intentions. I think we're positive. He put out a supportive message. A we're with you or something with the I. Polls trying to support the kid. I just don't think this is the way to do it. Kids need the opportunity to fail and have problems in private not shared with the world. Well that's very difficult to do. When you think about the condition that really is enabling this situation to even be a reality and that is not private but it's not getting properly discuss so I think the brand is actually coming from a place where he's inspire to share this story to his fire others as he was as fire to even open up the school in Cleveland. You think about it. Jalen rose hat is Academy in Detroit. And I remember that landing would me and I'm sure Orlando Will Lebron in terms of telling this story of these kids and it is fires you to do something for yourself and your condition and this condition. The class were kids from this part of Akron. The issue is is going to eat his own. So I understand the privacy of this kid that needs to be fully respected. But if you don't change the conditions are you gonNa do is more kids into that fire to be disposed of and I think that Lebron had to say the greater good is to show the plight of this condition and maybe did make him. Put this compromise position. Unfortunately but it's still a greater good. I I get that and I do agree. It's a noble cause. And sometimes the motivate people we have to put difficult scenes and pictures and images out there but again we're in a world today. Where did that kid sign up for that? I love that the school is trying to help him. I hope that it does. And it's terrific. That Lebron is providing that for that kid but does coming along with that being an advertisement for the ills of society. Just don't even if the kid or the kids parents consented to it. Sometimes we have to step back and say is this really in the best interests. And what's our ultimate motive and if it's helping the kid I'm not convinced that putting those putting that scene out there for him without any other positive scenes anything else is really what we're all after. Well I I would tend to think they probably put out some positive bill. I think it's too early for a documentary on the promise school. We won't know for five six maybe ten years if it's successful and I think we're gonNA shine a spotlight. Let's shine a spotlight on the parents. Because I guarantee you and again I don't know what's going on with this kid. I have no idea. But whatever's going on with kids generally as a reflection of what's going on with their parents and the adults in their life. Let's put the spotlight there. Maybe we can change some behavior. They're I stick around. Lavar Arrington go his crib and get back to the NFL. From the CRIB. Jason Woodlock Marcellus Wiley happy Thursday afternoon. Let's get up to Lavar ARRINGTON CRIB in Pasadena. All right and let's move to our big story of the day brought to you by KFC and they're twenty dollars fill ups you can order online a KFC dot com are rex. Ryan taking some more heat From players around the League and critics and Gino Smith in particular wreck said that he'd love to see bill trait. Try to win. All those Super Bowls in playoff games with Gino Smith and quarterback. Gino Smith took offense to this. That I ask you Marceau's now. This is the second time Rex's been in the news of late taking shots at current. Nfl players. You got a problem with Rex Ryan here throwing onto the bus not really a baby problem of Rex Ryan finding his lane. It seems like he's found his voice which is just to go out anybody that makes them look and sound better and he tried to do that. With Amari Cooper met. That wasn't a proper fight. That wasn't the right weight class so he slid down a couple of tears. Left those pro bowl wide receivers highly paid players our bit and found what he wanted. Which is Gino Smith? Who let's be real? Does it have much of an argument against REX. Ryan terms of his production. And how you played Gino. Don't take this to heart big dog because I don't either whenever someone says your name and how that rings in terms of your career you had a large part in how sounds so if someone says Marcellus Wiley and then I'm like what were you doing taking a shot at me and I'm like oh I gotta go back to the mirror and look how good was our was. Our great was Kinda good was I. And if you're Gino Smith. Look you're better than ninety nine percent of the people walking this planet even as a backup quarterback in the league making millions of dollars in relative world is forcing football. Geno SMITH IS A TARGET. Gina Smith will continue to be a target lists. He gets himself in the starting lineup and guests on that field and put some numbers. It's just reality now. I don't like that I have an issue with it. Because you're hurt. Your head. Coach is supposed to be Especially as a quarterback relationship is supposed to be that of a trusting relationship. Even if it's after the fact you know what if? What if Gino Smith started doing interviews and said man imagine trying to win with Rex Ryan as as your head coach? Good luck with that when you look at Gino Smith. He's a part of what it is that the picture that was painted in terms of production that success. But let's be real here. Gino Smith was much more coveted player coming prospect coming into the NFL then. Tom Brady what Gino Smith had an amazing college football career. One could sit there and say if Gino Smith had better development like A. Tom Brady did then. He would have been most likely in a conversation. Different than the one is now. Imagine if Tom Brady was drafted by Wrench Ryan and New York for the jets. Are we talking about Tom? Brady do we know who Tom Brady? Is Tom Brady a household name and the goat of all time playing football so I have an issue with it because was Goo good for the goose is good for the Gander? If you're going to sit there and take like unnecessary shots at somebody. That was your player. Then you had better be Accountable or Puerto Role that you play in his shortcomings as professional Lamar. I've got to ask this question. I'm just sorry you do know. We're in April. It's not Christmas. The Christmas Lights Champagne Room. You're doing this from what the Hell is one on the aaronson household. Christmas is down yet. A what what from a Natto came from Annapolis. So it's not ghetto. It's actually uppercrust society when you live near water. Generally lights like this hanging around different Windows that outlook overlook the water? So it's just China like creating a feeling of Wada. Now now we're in limited. Let me say this about we can let me say this about Rex Ryan I all the way back to myself. Wrexham's finding his voice Wrexham's finest voices a broadcaster. He's GonNa be outspoken. He wants to be the Charles Barkley of football. This is like last year at some point. People were criticizing Paul peers because he kept saying things that they thought were outlandish and I was like man at least. We're talking about Paul Peers. And at least he saying something. That's getting our attention and I don't think what Rex Ryan said here is so far fetched an outside beyond the. Pale is not a personal shot. Like his third comment about Amari Cooper this just wrecks to me and I applaud him because too many times. We'll see coach. Get ON TV. And they're always thinking about all. I want to get back into the NFL. I WANNA make sure I don't offend anybody. I don't want any player or any coach to have a problem with me to me. This is an indication. Rex is fully committed to being a broadcaster and I applaud that and his employer should applaud. That I don't think we have time to move to another topic so myself. You GotTa follow up on REX. Ryan added. Yeah Man Look. I'm a former player myself with Dan. We need to put our egos in check if so one K. Call you sorry because you were sorry. Like you've thrown more interceptions than touchdowns you through fifty seven. Percents percentage guess what that was a sorry numbers. It's okay big dog. You want him to go up there and talk glowingly about Gino Smith who will look Rex Ryan the same if he went up there and talk great about him so I think this is really just a checkup for anybody in any walk of life. We're we're talking about the act not the act door. We're talking about trump reduction. Can you please not wrap your identity into what you produce because who you are not exactly how you are and how you as a starting quarterback not that good but who you are. Gino Smith is amazing but damn everybody thinks they are the football. So if you don't say great things about me be- sorry wrong with Chu. I looked in the mirror. I had great years SAR years and I'm fine with both of you can't do that then. It Ain't no Rex Ryan breast on you. It's all funding. Good and made sense is if that was the sole reason as the why Rex Ryan made that statement. But if you look at the entirety statement. Rex was saying that top radio was more the reason why New England one versus the coach and Bill Belichick. So you're taking a bill belichick and you're taking a shot at Gino Smith and you're taking a shot at Gino Smith. Where the simple fact that you're trying to. Asana rate yourself from any culpability. Liabilities connected to Gino Smith spell your as an NFL quarterback. I don't like that if you're saying he's sorry and it's just a marriage. He was sorry that's fine but he was doing that to say. Hey if I had Tom Brady Abby Bill Belichick to know you. I'm glad you found your boys as a media personality. That's all right. Let that you can sit there and say that Tinos Him. It was sorry as a quarterback. Tom Brady is the man. I three shade all of that but take some responsibility over your part in it. You were sorry as a coach if Gino Smith was sorry as a player. And that's probably why you're finding your boys as a media personality right now sitting with me and my life behind me dawn. Tv bottom line lavar. That's my grandmother Mama. She had the same. Shared the same drapes as you. So filling in about that. I got a good Janice Radi on the Brian. James Yourself from the Crib Jason Whitlock Marcellus Wiley. It is almost Friday. I can taste it. Let's go out to uncle. Jimmy's crib very serious local face. You're wearing military garb. Where are you going with this? We're doing an approval rating on Lebron. James put out a documentary. The I promise documentary. I didn't like it. He showed little kid crying and whining. I don't think it's a good. Look your thoughts first of all. Let me say that I have no problem with what Lebron James Doing. Let me say that. I have no problem with the documentary. Okay caused the fact is the struggles real. Okay now. I do question the timing of the release of this documentary. Okay because right now man. It's not just kids this lockdown. But everybody's locked down in the house. Okay and the temperatures starting to rise in the house and I'm just GonNa be honest at this time right now. Man Ain't nobody got no time for crying little kid right now. Okay now if that hurts your feeling right now I'm sorry okay. I'm sorry to children. Raised these south past little kids right now but right now we ain't got no time for no crying asks little kid it's all over. The world is looking at kids in the face. Saying shut the hell up. I don't know what the Hell's going on no motor you. Jim Oh man almost an email. We see you next time. Friday Linda celebrate.

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