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Bart Simpson


Rocca mcreilly these pockets podcasts at challenges the hottest stay outside with real life through clever narrative original and it's really sad tired again welcome back. PSA podcast season three y'all believe it or not we only got a few more episodes left awareness month but as far as mental health it is add ADHD awareness month so I had to dedicate this week's episode to that so the title of today Doc ultimately able to control their life who would their money has something to do inspiration came from several people that I know personally who have add or Adhd and honestly as I've gotten older I've always wondered if I had it because the episode which I'm going to explain a little later title Bart Simpson the main read being impulsive is good at times other times it may be a sign of serious condition so he was diagnosed with add on in the season in episode and a soda symptoms that he struggled with throughout the episode so longest if not longer is one of the longest sitcoms in American history you'll Sam since it was one episode I think in season eleven what else would not better episode Bart Simpson now I actually struggle this episode titled Because I looked up different characters that had add from Disney and how was titled Episode Ua Goofy With People are children develop mental illnesses mental disorders. You not people were you be like Away in they own ways they getting ready getting dressed sure Nancy Obviously from what I just said that wireless mother add ADHD Bart Simpson who is the wilno character on the law means a storytime today's story is titled Impulses Leon was a regular guy who had issues just like everyone else he worked a normal nine to five. Adhd you know from just regular characters you know celebrities characters in movies cartoon characters in the list I'm getting to the letter but one of them was goofy but I feel like that would have been disrespectful I it's like people who suffer a battle with eighty eighty as the you know it's one of those I guess you can consider kind of minor mental helping you never got to taking care of Leon struggled any continued to his whole adult life this proves that certain illnesses don't just magically go away okay all right now we gotta move into the lessons from the store so if add or ADHD unchecked it will continue on a lot of people who grew same like this season but going on forever but spot in kind of big on going on ate slept just like everybody else the only difference was liens mine was widely different than everybody's he had a hard time organization with guys it's hard for me to have focus in stuff like that so it was something I was wondering about myself so I don't have a guest today I'm by myself so you know what they own away the real on the way I'm in the car heading that way all right all right all right back added rock leg back and forth and they'll let them stand up 'cause if he did he'd rocked from side to side the big issue Leon struggle with was impulsiveness he decide whatever do whatever he wanted in customer relationships jobs in the past and even a peace of mind at times will most people don't know is that he grew up with Adhd they just kind of look over 'cause I will you know that series buddy really is more serious people think also inspiration came from seven people sued by his boss on a regular basis he avoided anything requirements effort anything forced him to think harder than he wanted to instantly just shut down wooden said they had ADHD whenever Jungen you know some people just year war all four not always the case now I do believe in

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