#806 A Clear Conscience (Acts 24:16)


Pre The word with David Platt is a resource from radical dot for twenty four verse sixteen do I always take pains to have a clear conscience toward both God and man what a great in Jesus name we pray Amen Life so God we pray the you'd help us each of us me to live with a clear conscience toward you and others God please make people of integrity we are so prone to cut corners to cover over things even to put forward versions of ourselves that are just not true order to please others just some time in reflection each of our lives the you would uncover areas of our lives where we are not being honest before you wear there are toward both God and man a clear conscience like not trying to hide anything from God being totally honest before God with integrity before God and man being honest with people around me have integrity middle of it he just says this simple significant sentence I always take pains to have a clear conscience gain approval for others or even before you God please help us to see ourselves as you see this is really throughout the day but the beginning end the day at some point for some concentrated time with God will just lay our hearts before does not glorifying to you want you to cleanse purify me to make me holy to live with a clean conscience toward God and with a clear conscience toward God and man like are you are you right before God right now the others that's why Jesus talks about how when you're offering your gift the alter and you remember your brother has something against you leave your gift and say God is there anything in me that is not pleasing to you anything in my thoughts my desires my actions my life right now the altar go be reconciled to your brother then coming off for your gift the picture is God wants us to live in harmony with those around us now obviously that kind of harmony I mean here's Paul testifying before people who are who hate him or imprisoning him so there's some things that are out of icon Arkan verse right here in the middle of Paul's defense before Felix at Caesarea so he's being persecuted for his faith and in the and toward others GonNa pray that you would expose open our eyes to ways that we have wronged others help us to seek forgiveness that is the case or help us to live with love for others with compassion for others not with bitterness toward others not with conflict with troll but that's the point Paul is saying I want to have integrity before all people want to be honest even with what I believe before all people even if it costs in my life like it's not a problem but is a problem this is why it's so important for you and me to come before God just on a daily others that we can control gunnery previewed help us to take pains to have a clear conscience toward you and others now or there are things that are unconfessed in your life you're trying to hide in your life that you're pretend us going to repay that you would help us to be honest in our time with you even right now maybe even flowing from this prayer eh before people around me a clear conscience just rushed to think about your life today like are you living things in our lives that are not pleasing to you. OUGHTA WANNA walk in purity before you with a clean conscience towards you.

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