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Wednesday, December 25th, 2019


Good Morning Gemini. Today's wins day December. Twenty fifth two thousand nineteen. The moon is void of course and Sagittarius. Show your loved ones. How much you care? Your affection won't go unnoticed. This is Gemini Today. A podcast original horoscope hope today is supported by better help online counseling a lot of times people portrayed their happiest self to others whether it's at work or on social media we we often make it appear that we have everything figured out but a lot of times we don't it's not always easy to ask for help and find counseling so if you're feeling lean down but don't know where or how to ask for help better help. Is there for you. Better help offers. Licensed counselors who specialize in a variety of issues shoes including depression and anxiety as well as grief stress complicated relationships and so many others. If you've been putting off counseling because you don't have the time better help makes it convenient by allowing you to connect privately with your counselor through text chat phone and video calls get help at your own pace on your own time. And at an affordable rate horoscope today listeners will get ten percents off their first month with Discount Account Code horoscope today. That's better help dot com slash horoscope. Today why not get help better help dot com slash lash horoscope today. Let's begin your day. Every family has a cousin who loves to play the victim. If you're with your family today try to steer clear about drama focus the energy on fun uplifting conversation catch up with your favorite uncle. Her oldest friend style is a beautiful thing. Let it today now. Take a moment to reflect on your relationships with a pile Iowa of planets and authoritative capricorn. And Your House of secrets you hold all the cards. You may not have power over everyone but you certainly have control over someone close to you. Knowing what makes this person tech enables you to influence certain situations it might be fun but be careful not to exploit someone's vulnerability earnings someone's trust is a special thing. Don't let it go go to waste. Contemplate your path to personal growth. Keep an eye on a friend. WHO's finding it hard hard to get through the holidays the STOIC capricorn moon clashing with wounded Chiron? And your friendships own asks you to open your home in heart to those sewer otherwise alone even a phone call can mean the world look out for your loved ones and ask for support if you need it as wordsmith wordsmith Kurt vonnegut put it. We are all here to help each other through this thing. Whatever it is in gem today? We'll be back tomorrow to learn more about your horoscope visitcalifornia psychics and connect today horoscope scope. Today is a podcast original.

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