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Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening. Thanks, Ellen. I'll take it from here. Welcome to Ellen on the go. This is us star. Justin Hartley shows off his epic planking skills, which wasn't saying Jamie Dornan opens up about his love for Winnie the Pooh and superfan. Stephanie flaunts her mazing knowledge of all things l. and also sommes Elsa. So Kef straw. Ellen talks about draw straws versus. I mean, if you don't wanna stick around for this, I don't know what you want to Cyprus. Let's this called Andy and friends slash. Slash, well, we gotta slash finally. I'm Mary Connolly. I'm Kevin Leman. I'm Edward Patrick Lavin. And I'm your host. God picking out presence is hard. And this is Kevin from Ellen on the go. It's important to support artists in developing countries. 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Slash box coupon code. Ellen g l. o. b. I n. dot com. Slash box coupon code. Ellen is us. I mean the does anyone wash this? I I have not started the new season the last last season. I haven't watched the news last ten minutes of the premier are bonkers. I knew of the of the season this season they flash forward and there's a big reveal that I won't go into if I don't want spoil it for you. But so I was very excited that Justin Hartley was here. He's insane at plank. I can't blame for forty five seconds off showed a video. We should've video of him planking yes, the gym. Yes. Where there was a very large man was behind him. Putting giant waits on top of two hundred and thirty pounds worth of way. Yes, he's planking with two hundred and thirty pounds on his back. Here's the thing that's amazing to me. We ask a lot of celebrities to do a lot of things in the interest of just having fun. And doing fun stuff on the show. Right. They don't have to do it. Some of them don't want to do it. It's just a goes above and beyond for them. They wanna come in chat. Talk about the project. We asked them to do a lot, and a lot of them are really cool about it. Justin Hartley went above and beyond. Yes, all month, long Ulta beauty is helping us raise money for breast cancer research foundation, and you said you can do a plank for a long time, so you're gonna do a plank while I talk to you this NEF segment the entire time until we go to commercial. Okay. To raise money. Yeah. But you said along, I said, I said minute to three, I don't you. You said a long time. Yeah. Okay. So you're doing until we go to break because sits ten thousand dollars for for research. So you you allowed to shift, whoa. But the longer I talked the shorter the plane. We're just cut this out. Yeah. All right. Do it on your. Yeah, gimme that. Never see that again. ROY. Enjoy it. You deserve it, right, right. Here's good yet. Do you like it like that or. Oh, you like to do it on your elbows? I think it's harder on your elbows. Isn't it? We'll find out. Do you do the thing where you go back and forth up and then back down again on your because that's hard to have you done that? I've done that, but I don't know how long I would be able to do that. Extremely hard. All right. So. Okay. Well. I wanna find out because you do work out a whole lot, and I heard you do the cryotherapy thing that that because Mark Wahlberg does that a lot of people do that and we've put Andy in at any hated it is this cold? It's really cold. There's there's actually a, there's a this is harder talk. See we put Andy it and he he didn't like it because it's like negative two hundred million degrees or something. Yes, negative two hundred. But how long do you stay in it. Shorter than this plank. Two minutes to do it every day. No, no, no. When I when I get sore, I'll probably do it right after I leave here. They should've kept it around. Who was your first celebrity crush. You. Live. You've lied. And so now I have to wait on your back. It would be better for its water because then you'd have to balance. Oh my God. Are you serious? Well, it's going to spill. Right, but I'm not laughing. Are you? Are you tired already a little bit? How long has it been? It's been that long. I have so many other questions. Let me say two minutes. Wow, I need to buck up here. Let's say, what's your favorite cereal. So I just my daughter found this new one. I don't know what it's called, but it's it's like captain crunch, but it's filled with chocolate. So that sounds healthy. Father of the year, right. Oh my God, how much money we raising ten ten thousand dollars. Yes. Yeah. Good, good. About. Asked them to plank for an entire act of our show. Yeah. Did it questions out of the blue, try to throw him off his game while he's at Mike, and she puts she puts a mug on mug of water. She puts enough, no. Then she puts a plant on top of that. You take those off and climbs on top of him and he's planking with Ellen on his back, whatever he eats, it must be working. And I know that meals are a challenging time for busy families, especially for doubt. No, I know it's hard with our busy schedules to get home and put on a fresh nutritious meal on the table. Andy. What is what? Like, how does dinner work at your house? We go home. We're tired. Yeah. And a lot of times there's not a meal ready. Hope Laurie where so Laurie, if you're listening. Where's dinner. He's fired. If the podcast seventy three fired from his marriage, what are you? Archie bunker is gonna kick your? No, I'm just saying that sometimes you come home after a long day. And it just wasn't either. Wasn't a research. You live on a diet of doughnuts and Cheetos, and you're criticizing your white for criticizing days. I just say, sometimes you get home and you, you're expecting a meal, and it's. So funny because I talked to Laurie and she says the same thing. 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It's delivered fresh right to your door and can be cooked up in again, just fifteen minutes, which means less time in the kitchen and more time with your family. I'm going to be honest. I thought the sous-chef may dessert. Pastry, chef. Not married, you know, high, nobody who went to a state college. It's fine. We're gonna love you still. We would love it. If you would check out gobbles huge variety of delicious meals, you'll find something for everyone. Your family favorites, gluten dairy, free vegetarian options, crispy free, crispy fried cakes with Portobello mushrooms and oven. Roasted tomatoes pumpkin Vindaloo that's that's Indian with Garam masala rice. These are just some of the dishes available on gobble right now. We want you to try Gobelins become the family dinner hero. I mean, Andy, you're my hero. Yeah, but but but my dinner here, but my here, but I wanna be your dinner hero. Gobbles offering our listeners offen- tastic limited time deal. Fifty dollars off your first box. Kev go to the special website gobble dot com. Backslash Ellen to get fifty dollars off. That's gobble dot com. Backslash Ellen. That's gobble dot com. Backslash Ellen. Okay. Let's talk. Oh, this woman. So so we every day we have people telling us today are Ellen's biggest fan. Yes, and it's so flat or any, and it's so sweet and there are millions of people who are huge l. and now realize that all those people are misguided. They're not Ellen's biggest fan this week, uncontrollably cry around with the actually met. I believe, Ellen's biggest fan. Yes. We played a game called ice cream use cream. I can't say my ice cream and we met a woman who was very excited to meet me. I go to you. Excited to hear. We brought them back mainly to see if she'd cry. Again, come on down Stephanie. Yeah, it's like you crying before we even showed the taper. Anything. I seventy. Wow, you should be on this is you have really good. He had such great tears. So I know I can see that. I'm good. How are you? I'm good wants to more. How come you're so no, just love you so much. I've been to you for years and you just. What made you start watching wounded? You start watching? I started watching in twenty two. I was in high school. I was getting bully and I remember this one day I came back home and I had to do a lot of homework. But instead I went on YouTube and I saw the clip of us scaring Taylor swift in the bathroom, and they ended up watching you for three hours and they've been watching you since. Wow, that's that's the because I scared Taylor swift. Did you ever do that homework. They no. All right. So when you play the game, you won twenty five hundred dollars. And what did you do with that? Money gave all the money to my mom because she doesn't work and my dad passed away almost three years ago, and so I try to do the best chance help her. And so that money that you gave me, she was so grateful and shoes so thankful. So she says, think you, oh, well, that's what her name you can call her ING Hyang. You're welcome. Your daughter is amazing. You raised a good one. All right. So if you if you didn't have to give the money away, what would you have done with that money? Okay. Honestly, I love at by Ellen, so I would probably buy the sneakers and the sweaters because they're so cute and the rest of it, I would give it to. And I'm not saying this just because you're here. I would. I would donate it to the Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund because. Russia announced that here. I told myself that when I get a fulltime job, I'm always going to give a portion to your fun because it's so important and they love you so much stamping. I love you so much. That's so sweet of you. And I heard that you like my clothes. So I wanted to give you a five thousand dollars. You can buy. All right. Going to give you money, but you'd give it away. So this is only for now you can get everything you want. Okay. All right. And we're going to give Stephanie a chance to play another game when we come back and maybe when some more money. Backend. My adopted daughter Stephanie, and she said that she tells people that I've adopted her, so we'll just we'll just go with that. All right. We're gonna play another game. We call bucket, o dreams bucket, o ice creams. How it works. I am going to ask you some questions about the show since you say you. One of my biggest fans, see if you know the answers each question, you get right. He'll reach into one of those halo top ice cream buckets. Any person about an only one of them has confetti prize for the other ones you're gonna need these put these guys on, you know why we have to make you so messy all the time. Is it tight enough? Jess? Okay, good. All right. Here we go. Here's the first question I end every show by saying be kind to one another and we start every show with our theme song today's the day who sings it take. That is right. Thanks. Things are theme song. All right. Put your head down in one of those things. Okay. All right. The button. Yeah. What do you mean? You're sorry? Why are you? Sorry. We're sorry. Right now, the show is that sixteen season what day did my very first show on my very first season premiere number eight, two thousand three. Wow. Yeah. Chain password. Now you can't tell people that. How's it going. All right. Okay. Twitches my DJ. Andy likes to wear short shorts, but who was receptiveness? It's the prizes people at their door, genie, that's right. I'm going to and I did. I can't remember either. Right. There's a room in the back of our studio where we have our Ellen shop talent, Tom Hanks gave it its name, what is it called? Either two or five of us left. I never told you what we were playing for, but you had so much fun anyway. Well, halo top wants to give you five thousand. If I wanted to get more Ellen, where would I get it? Good question. You can get more of Ellen on the Ellen Degeneres show weekdays. Andy people often confuse you with a handsome Irishman. Tell us about Jamie durins appearance on the show. Got that guy is sexy. Oh, yeah, profanity sexy. I'm going to say as a heterosexual man. I can look at another man and say, he sexy and that Jamie Dornan. I'm sorry, I got a text who say I can. I read a text from my motor that I found to be quite disturbing this week just while you're finding Jamie doorman who Dohrn who was the star fifty shades of grey appeared? This is a fantastic. My mother is eighty. This is what I get from her. Jamie Dornan Cy loved him. In fifty shades I respond. You saw it with seven question marks the movie. Yes, she writes on my phone, eight years old, watching fifty shades on her. Phone. If this isn't disturbing to son, I don't know. What is I wrote g she writes, is he nice? I wrote yes, but I'm still in shock that you saw the movie. So that's so. Funny slash very disturbing. Have you seen the movie? I have seen the movies, Laurie Laurie and I have seen it. You're fifty. How do you think you got here? Not by now. I get it. My mother has not red room. Andy, I have bad news. No, your mother. Anyway, this is why I'm still in shock. You have kids, you said to to. How old Dulcie oil. This is going to be five in November, and I'll is two and a half. Now when you go to like play dates and stuff, do you find that the moms show up a lot. The moment show below in those things anyway, you know, it's all because. You're there. I don't know, we're, we're plumbing. Dulcie fifth birthday, the moment on we're trying to get away from two years with with the police seemed. With this year, we're having think we're disco is the new thing. She liked of find your old. She. I don't know where she go, but somehow in our highs, one of those discu light like nothing's turned on its. Night, like a chain has all these different settings, different colors. She's very taken by. So she's so now she's going to like Gloria gainer all of a sudden because just because there's a like, I don't know if that's very strong premise. No, it's just really a light. It's really the music. Eventually bring a cake quite solid, but the when the thing I enjoyed the, I'll really seems like you'd be ready to move on from Winnie the Pooh, but it and you control the party anyway. So you can do whatever you want to. I'm every year Roy's there's always of other 'tigers there. Invariably, a lot of the other kids figures. I'm the biggest ticker. Congratulations on that. Good for you. Andy. Have you gotten your new toothbrush yet? Yes, and I- frigging love it. It's called the quip on my gods, electric toothbrushes. One of the most important things. One of the most important things we do for our health everyday brushing our teeth. Yes. And yet most of us don't do it right quick is a better electric. Toothbrush created by dentists and designers. Quick was designed to make brushing your teeth, more simple of Ford -able and even enjoyable. Why switch to quip years a few Ray then, what Andy, I think the customer wanna hear from me because then they know I'm trying to set you up. Okay, Andy. Why should I switch to quip? Let me give you a few reasons. Mary, a lot of people tend to brush too hard, and some electric toothbrushes are too abrasive. Quip sensitive sonic vibrations are gentle on your sensitive gums and your all now that you've lost most of your teeth. But that's, here's, this is this. I'm gonna say this next fact about quip would be very helpful in my home because it has a built in two minute timer that pulses. Thirty seconds to remind you when to switch sides, helping guide a full and even clean up to ninety percent of us don't brush for the full two minutes or don't clean evenly. How long how long do you brush were? Well, first of all, I, I only brushed the outside of my frontier. Yeah, you gotta go all the way around what works. It's easier for me. It's not fair for me because I have my dentures in glass over. And then I put him in and then I just need. I just figured nobody saw my back teeth. So what's the point. I'm just saying that every night, my daughter Katie and I have a little brushing contest, bedtime. And and quip would would help me win quips multi-use cover mounts to your mirror. Wow. Mouse to your mirror and announced to slide over your bristles for on the go brushing this declutter is your sink or cabinet and makes traveling with an electric. Toothbrush easier. Quip doesn't require clunky charger, and it runs for three months on one charge that would help my wife travels with an electric toothbrush and it needs its own luggage. My favorite part brush heads are automatically delivered on a dentist, recommended schedule of every three months for just five bucks three out of four people use bristles that our old worn out or ineffective. That's really cool feature. Like I said, the automatic delivery is so key. I have a shaving kit that I do that with program, and I get my razors and I just don't have to think about it. And now you get it with your with and when you're single handedly running, daytime, talk show with the help of you guys. You don't always have the time to go out and get the thing this way comes right to the home and maybe for you. You can use this lying down, which is. Cliff is one of the first electric toothbrushes accepted by the American dental association and has thousands of verified five star reviews. That's why they're backed by over twenty thousand dental professionals. All right, here's the great part. Quit starts at just twenty five dollars. And if you go to get quip dot com slash l. on right now, you get your first refill pack for free with a quip, electric toothbrush. That's your first refill pack, free meaning zero dollars point. Zero cents at g. e. t. q. u. i. p. dot com. Slash l. at quip dot com slash l. dead quip. I'm obsessed with my teeth that's always drink out of a straw. Oh my God. This, this is going to change your life. I know I need that toothbrush and it's why we're very passionate about the straw log. It's become a big deal, like the straws. Yeah, there's there's a lot of debate about, you know how horrible plastic straws are. But the problem today actually in the US we go through enough straws to fill a bus every single day that's strategies that is crazy. And the city of Malibu California has outlawed plastic straws. You can't. They can't get unbelievable is and what I think was so funny about what what Ellen talked about this week is we really haven't figured out. Yes, what the solution is. Right. Hey, for straws. And if people. Ed glavin has a home on the beach, and I went down and had breakfast at near him the other day, and they gave us a penny pasta too as paradise she's like, well, when you talk about that then becomes the whole model on now I, there's a, there's a Starbucks at the end of beach, and I'm not gonna lie to you. I spend a lot of time in that Starbucks and they look for their. He's the one holding drink one each house money. Yeah, I be it's a beach house on wheels, but it's still it's ocean adjacent. That's true. You can see the ocean from porch. I spend a lot of time at that Starbucks and they have these first of all, they went from the plastic straw to the paper. Venti straw. Yeah, for me, I love now. I love neckers in the ocean. I spent a lot of time in the ocean. I support the ban on plastic straws. The venti paper straw was not a great option. Now they've that's gone now. It's just a single straw for venti and 'Grande cups barely. Bigger Cup and that's no good. It's not gonna work. Well, here's, here's thing of all. I've had the of us the penny straws at that restaurant and my kids like to take them home because they always go, they wanna cook them. But when we were in Seattle in August where Ellen was shooting her stand up special and the first Starbucks there they had. They had something in between a paper straw and a full on plastic straw. Did you? Did you try those straws? I don't think I got those. There was like a come postal straw, so it was made out of trash? No, it it would. It would disintegrate disintegrate I say no, it was. It was like a week. It felt like a week, plastic straw, so much superior to a full on paper straw, but it seems to me like Starbucks is trying to solve the plastic straw problem. Listen, Starbucks is an amazing company and they're going to figure it out, but they haven't figured it out yet. Anyway. So Ellen does this monologue and it was fantastic. I was thinking that we live in a world that's constantly changing, and that's good. Like your credit cards one day to swipe and the next day you have to stick it in. And I hear that they're working on a new technology where you're going to have to put your thing down, flip it and reverse it. Your mitten. Yep. Yep. But there's something else that's changed cently that made a lot of news, plastic straws. They used to be fine, and now the devils were shop. That's what they are there. A lot of places have stopped using plastic straws since they're bad for the environment and plastic straws will because of plastic straws lakes are being filled with sludge. Pollution is filling the air, endangered species are being hunted down. Sorry, that's because of the current administration. Last. I can't even get it out of my mouth. I'm so upset. Community, say that sentence pleasant straws our problem, and I think that we should do everything we can to protect our environment and the animals, but I'm not sure that we figured out the best way to replace plastic straws. Because right now they're replacing them with paper straws. And they say that there's good plastic straws, but the only time they don't work really is if you put them in any kind of liquid. Or if you put your mouth on them that. Or if you try to put them through a hole in the lid, otherwise they work, they work perfectly. Have you tried using a paper straw, anybody, everybody, it's it's a race against time because you have to, you have to drink all the liquid you can before the paper closes up. And then you have to take the top off and drink it with your mouth like some kind of animal. I saw this one place is replacing classic straws with pasta tubes, and I think it's probably wouldn't drunk guy at the olive garden, but that's using your noodle. Thank you. Thank you. Sorry. I know. Couldn't let it go. I'm only so strong. When when upon is right there, I've got to go for it. Subscribed today on apple podcasts or wherever you're listening right now and don't forget to watch Ellen weekdays for even more fun. And if you if you are listening, reach out to us, let us know tell us you're listening. Let us know you're out there because it mealy world us. Yeah. Don't. Go thought that I could be button realize. His Co. Draper's. I don't. The.

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