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Impeachment Begins, Student Newspapers, and Increasingly Blurry Lines | The Press Box


For over one hundred and fifteen years or s has been making purely mechanical watches in Holstein Switzerland. Staying true to a rich heritage or as is one of the few Swiss watch companies to remain independently owned and operated and watches come in four themes diving aviation motor sport and culture so or as a watch for everyone in every occasion shop the collection at O. R. I. S. DOT CA Slash press box. Go your own way. David former Massachusetts Governor Duval. Patrick joined the presidential race on Thursday. What I want to know is what devolve Volk Patrick Pun headlines? Are you most looking forward to oh in a little more downbeat than usually react. I was not expecting that. It's a it's a divall world after all is they count about a piece testifies to his honesty called divall. Don't lie devolved a devolved bark and no bite is that is that we're yeah. Can we If he if he were to in very unlikely turn of circumstances circumstances take the lead to we say that the democratic nominations become divall dominant. NBA zone here for the ringer. You know I think that's I think that might be the winner. We are the decline in divall of media. podcast this is the press box. A part of the ringer podcast network. Hello many consumers Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker bigger. Here we have lots and lots of stuff to get today. We'll talk about the controversy at northwestern's student newspaper. A journalist favored goto phrase plus your listener mail and the overwork twitter joke of the week. But David let us begin with the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump which began on Wednesday. Here here is Nancy Pelosi speaking to reporters on Thursday morning. And David. I want you to listen to the Newish word she uses. It's not quid pro quo. The Democrats are trying to reveal reveal. It's the devastating testimony corroborated evidence of bribery uncovered the inquiry and the president abused Hauer and violated his oath by threatening to withhold military aid and a White House meeting in exchange for an investigation into his political rival on a clear attempt to the president himself. The advantage in the twenty twenty election so not quid pro quo bribery and I. I thought Jeffrey Toobin had a good line on CNN. This morning he said this is a smart tactical move for Democrats because guess what. The American voter does not speak Latin by and enlarge so moving from quid. Pro Quo to bribery. Feels like something. That's going to be much more sellable to the American in public and bribery. I believe one of the technical distinctions is that it's actually a mentioned by name in the Constitution. Is that right Chris. Am I saying that I think thinks oh And the they're actually like it's not this isn't hypothetical act of dereliction of duty or vaguely treasonous. Act this is something that it's actually mentioned action by name and so the accusation especially coming from I think Pelosi is pretty significant right. I mean that that she would After you know much seeming deliberation Be Fully Sir leading the charge on this. Yeah this is the same person who didn't really want to start started impeachment inquiry at all at one point right now she sort of leaning into the framing of the of the charges which was interesting. The first day of hearings David on Wednesday featured William Taylor diplomat and George can't from the State Department who is notable for wearing a bow tie. I read some of the bowtie coverage. It should no longer be allowed in a news article to use as a data point. The George Kent Bowtie got its own twitter account like that that that's like an an eight years ago data point. Yeah like everything got its own twitter account like it didn't win. It's like when the college football writers for ten years would use. Hey there's is a website that exists that wants to fire this coach. You know that's like we're saying we should fire the best for every coach. We we got you know. It's not not not notable anymore. I really like Merkley Arkley befits piece of New York Times the way. He kind of summed up the first day. Let me quote from and he says this collision was probably inevitable from the second. The forty fifth president took his hand off the Bible in January twenty seventeen. It was a clash between trump Washington and Old Washington disruptor in the end the disrupted the bull and the China China shop. The city is filled with bill. Taylor types they are steady and unsung and proud to order their service by the number of administrations of both parties they served in what he's talking about is trump's whole administration has been essentially him. You know sort of doing everything he can not to actually the drain the swamp but to sort of change the swamp. Yeah right exactly rubbed the swamps knows in in in in you know in everything he can and when you see those guys come up yesterday. How sort of Dorky? They look how official they look. How you know very important is to somebody like tailored to say I am not here as the Democrats Star witness to take down trump? I am merely early here to say everything that I know that is in a nutshell. Is it not one story of the trump administration. Yeah absolutely although. I think that that's the question that's Kind of strangely at the crux of the whole investigation investigation The whole impeachment Investigations going on right now which is to say that like. I think trump would be happy for us all to believe that this the confrontation was inevitable right. I mean that's his defense is almost that I mean. At least the way that he puts it forward on twitter is that the is that this is is the swamp coming to get him. Yep after he's tried to do to drain it and I don't think that I don't think that those things are mutually exclusive. But I do think that it's worth you know clarifying repeatedly as as someone like leave. Which makes you know? It's a smart point such as that that like there are there are other trump's in the world that would not that would not have put themselves in the position of getting impeached right. I mean if there's a lot of there's a lot of loud I mean if our if we're dealing with like president can't even think of someone who's I mean Mike Bloomberg I was Gonna say but he was obviously EMC's worked in public office before. But if you put like the president you know Karl can was sitting there. I'm not sure that he would have been like trying to bribe the president. The president elect of Ukraine. I mean the the these things. Things are not necessarily dependent on one another But yeah okay I mean in some ways I see I see the inevitability said trump trump's happy for us to see that well and it's you know we we've sort of resisted you know you don't you only wanNA use the terms like deep state and swamp with giant air quotes around them and you know an an obviously not into trump's ludicrous idea that these people are trying to take him down but the frame the frame slightly altered is correct. The longtime very official bill Denizens of Washington were trying to stop Donald Trump. That is what they were doing. You were trying to stop Donald Trump from going to the president of Ukraine Crane and saying. Please investigate my political opponents that alarmed them the intervened many of them intervened or tried to intervene and now they are going out in public doc and testifying against the President United States. That is what's happening. That frame is correct so that you know that it's it's funny because sometimes is I think trump skunks up something like that we go. We don't want to even go near there. We don't don't don't indulge the president by by using his frame but actually that framing is pretty right and that's what these people were doing on Wednesday. I agree but at the same time this is like saying you know. There are certainly examples as of overzealous referees in Pro Sports but not every game should be framed as the players versus the rest just because the rents are calling penalties on them right. But this started because I whistle blower filed a report. Right this is why we are here. you know this this particular right it. You shouldn't turning it to are the referees. He's crooked or not or good or not again. It seems like it'd benefits trump. But this is this is why we're here it's true. Is that the whistle blower intervene. This is kind of been the control plus V V. Think peace over the last couple of weeks about impeachment hearings. But but I think we should sort of indulges a little bit. Which is is the American does the American in public in the age of streaming in the age of the Mandal Laurean and everything else? How many people are really going to pay attention to this or probably a better question is as I re write myself here in? What way are they going to consume the impeachment hearings It's a good good question Ma'am sure I'd be interested to see the ratings because I'm sure a lot of people are going to be watching them via the live broadcast on either major your news networks or also like the New York Times homepage which was streaming it yesterday And today I believe with the but the But yeah I mean yeah. I think that some people will watch but this is certainly not going to get the attention that the you know it it it would have gotten the previous generation is that I mean. Is that the question. Yeah yeah so I think we can. We can scrub way that it's not going to be like watching the gavel to gavel coverage on PBS like it was for Nixon. It's not even I don't think going to be like I'm watching court. TV All day like we did during the OJ. Trial something like that certainly not but it is. We're GONNA consume it in way just as much but we're going to consume it through twitter clips you know as you say maybe like you're at the gym and you watch a few minutes of it. You consume through you. Know The buzzfeed impeachment podcast through the daily and I just wonder. Is there anything that changes about the hearings themselves when they're filtered through one hundred things like that in our new media environment. Well hello yes I mean absolutely It I mean there's definitely going to be some distortion I mean when you have like dudes like and and and far be it for me to single somebody out but he had dudes like John Solomon. Who's kind of the reason that we're here right? Now is the reporter who sort of fed trump trump this weird Ukraine story to begin with by the way you are always welcome to sink allow John Salomon on and wrote about in the hill. But he's out there like live tweeting so like the testimony testimony and just like pretend like announcing bombshell like nonexistent bombshells that support trump as their a- as people testimony. I mean as people are testifying I mean that's just one small example that was like lingering on the other day of like like yes. There's like six utter disinformation out there in the world but I think even just the more straightforward straightforward stuff like. Yeah I think that yes. There are just for every I mean for for all the people that aren't watching you know watching the the testimony live or aren't even watching the nightly news like they would have during the Nixon years or during another administration. There's a lot of people who who are kind of passive subscribers to the daily League in such podcasts. That are getting you know. Now the information on this every single day If like you said the impeachment podcasts out there Rudy Giuliani's lianis out there. You're threatening to start an impeachment podcast which the world desperately needs But yeah I mean everybody's coming every I guess there's there's a point of view on everything you know. The smart will adjusted listeners. Owners of of the press box Are Getting some sort of some sort of spin fed to them. I'm sure I think if we went back and looked at those seventies newspapers totally. You're totally right. We would we would agree that the kind of analysis you're hearing now if you're not watching Fox News or relying solely on John Salomon's twitter feed is just on balance way better and way more sophisticated and bridges and there and there's just more of it you know as opposed to again in your local newspaper one or two stories. I was love when people talk. Talk about everybody sitting down to watch the Nixon hearings People did go to work during the seventies right and it was kinda harder to watch. TV on ballots ballots during the seventies. Right because you seem like a TV set with with with bunny ears. So it's like everybody remembers us. Oh man remember when we get all we'll watch world series day games together. During the week we could during the seventies that was happening. We're just off work with did did do other things Ray To Readers David David Joaquin Nagel and James Directors to one of the funnier parts of yesterday's testimony. which was we all learned that maybe were pronouncing the city of in Kiev incorrectly? Yes it is not according to the very straightforward straight arrows. We were hearing from Kiev. Have it's Keiv Tiv. Yeah that was news to me I think just about I think all three cable networks at some point had feature people throwing after hands right after the first batch of testimonies saying like Kiev Cavo. I duNno I duNno. Just forget it. Yeah somebody who's like that's like always loved the great I can't I believe we've been wrong. Our lives moment that's What's his this is it? I mean we're we're this is America. We pronounce like every foreign nation wrong. We pronounce that we pronounce the names of every nation in certainly most capitals just utterly incorrectly. Because we historically don't care what other people say. Yeah what's the God what's the Middle Eastern country. Oh Cutter Right. Remember when we all learned how to cut her hotter at the same time I guess it was kind of one of those moments. Another big issue yesterday for twitter. What does Bill Taylor's voice sound like listener? Don Steele writes instance. Lots of jokes out there. But Taylor's fantastic Game Show Voice. The game show voiceover guys sports announcer pharmaceutical ad reader. Or what. Let's listen David Bill Taylor and maybe we can narrow it down German. I'm appearing today at the committee's request to provide my perspective on the events. That are the subject of the committee's inquiry. I want to emphasize at the outset that while I am aware that the committee has requested my testimony as part of impeachment proceedings. I am not here to take one side or the other or to advocate for any particular outcome of these proceedings. My sole purpose is to provide facts as I know them about the incidents incidents in question as well as my views about the strategic importance of Ukraine to the United States. Let's start the bidding David with the stage manager during the play our town and Can we go. We go from there. Who would that delivery remind you of? We gotTA gotTa get him in the first thing. That run to my mind was like NFL films. I guess John for Senator Johnson Send I would love to get him in the studio not not John But Don but bill Taylor just to have him read funny things he can he. Can he be the guy saying like welcome to the ringer. PODCAST network good for. I would just love to hear him Taylor. Yeah Buffalo. Lost this game in San Diego but like the setting sun the bills will rise again it. It was right on the line between newscaster. Who is really big? When we were kids and children's Saturday morning show Kabiru Bruce style host? Who was big when we were kids? who's maybe right at the end of their run. When you and I came of age mid eighties absolutely 'cause it was something just kind of avant killer about the delivery? I don't know introduce him to Ken Burns if he doesn't know marketings. ECB He can put put put a faint violin behind him. I'm in this guy could just tell you about any point in history. and he's a ringer. podcast I work and skin burns documentary. That's incredible one more thing before we go springing this on you but one of the big Th that the one of the big surprises or something. That was kind of position as a surprise yesterday was the appearance on. MSNBC is of George Conway. Oh have you seen any of this. Yes I flipped over and was not immediately aware that he had never been on the network before whatever that this was like such a huge unveiling we've seen so much of him or heard so so much from him. His presence is is his presence. Certainly I mean is has been a consistent Kellyanne Conway was I was came out and I think said it was embarrassing. Using after the fact I don't know. Do you think this is a meaningful at all I mean George Conway in what way for meaningful for our absolute entertainment. You think the I mean George Conway sort of constantly held up in the media as this totem as this like if maybe if no one else can convince these people the white the husband of a White House employees will be able to do it. He's he's the he's the you know he's he's he's like an Avatar for disaffected Republicans in a certain way mostly because of his obviously because of his relationship it also is his outspokenness on twitter. Is there anything George Comic possibly say convince anybody at this point I guess also is like is that is his status in the media just totally superficial or is it. Do you think I mean if it weren't for George Conway there'd be another George Continent near the media would create a George Conway but is do you think he's important any of it. Well he is the true deep state is he not married to Kellyanne Conway Away Right. It's an act of conscious that he comes out on twitter. And everything else I I you know. I don't know it's like I think this back yet. I've said it types it ah never-trumpers have got to be the single. Most overrated class of pundits. George Conway may be the exception to the rule would it. What is George Conway next? Act You know. Do we get a George Conway Book. That's like anti blurb by Kellyanne Conway this is this is embarrassing. Be Right this oh my gosh. Yeah Yeah I have no idea. I mean certainly he I mean he has his you know. He'll probably emerge post trump presidency with relatively Relatively healthy reputation and But I have no idea. I have no idea that this is going to. He's going to be like the new Jim. James Carville is at the idea that he would he and Kellyanne are GonNa be out there like doing like the husband and wife we disagree. But Oh yeah opposites attract show like Carville. Mary Matlin yes no no I think I almost said I think that's that's right. I do think that's right and I did love yesterday when he was when she was on with Wolf Blitzer Blitzer played a clip of George Conway and Kellyanne said why it. Why are we doing this and he said well? He's a legal scholar. He Ju- he happens to be married to you. Kellyanne Conway's response was. He happens to be married to me. That's bizarre. She's she's like she's now challenging like Wolf Word for word on how he presents A. He's a legal scholar. David all right time with overworked twitter joke joke of the week where we celebrate a gag. That was so obvious that all of media twitter made it at exactly the same time. Send your nominees to add the press. Box pod where they are always gratefully received news from the firmament David from the heavens a CNN tweet reads the Milky Way's black hole kicked a star out of our galaxy milkyway's black hole kicked a star out of our galaxy. It was an overweight twitter joke to write cancelled. Culture is out of control. We have one of these every week but I keep reading them because they always make me smile. Lyle thanks to Scott Tobias for that in international news David last Friday. A tweet noted that quote. Japan's Mount Suker Jima Volcano. Yeah no shots smoke and ash into the sky in its biggest eruption in more than three years and then there is an accompanying photo. That is a giant pink cloud looming over. The country was overweight. Twitter job to right. Japan is having a girl. Thanks to Derek Byrne I include that because Jim Cunningham our producers absolutely absolutely obsessed with gender reveal stunts the the death of us all death of assault. Finally David Get a Lotta this headline from CNN. which teased earlier with public? Hearing set to begin get an impeachment. Rudy Giuliani considers launching an impeachment podcast. Everyone just got into the layup line at that point. and Are you ready for some possible. Titles for Rudy Giuliani's impeachment. podcast wait wait. Don't jail me this. Ukrainian life W T F with Rudy. Giuliani us. A loved one This'll be a quote a hypothetical quote from the Rudy. Giuliani podcast. I I don't know how Pelosi Sleeps at night attacking President like this and speaking of sleeping at nights sleeping at night. If you're not sleeping well. It might be time to try a tempur-pedic mattress grade a thanks to Derek Burke against got bias again Julia Row Don Steele Jeremiah. Ramirez and jumped six few named Rudy's impeachment podcast but forgot to suggest crooked media media congrats. You made the over twitter joke of the week. All right David Time for the notebook dump and let us begin with the student newspaper. kerfuffle that gripped donation or at least elite journalists twitter last week on November fifth the former Attorney General Jeff sessions spoke at northwestern university at an event that was protested it by students. The university student run paper. The northwestern daily initially covered the event fairly standard way and they were criticized afterward by protesters for posting hosting photographs on social media of the protesters and using these school directory to get phone numbers to attempt to contact them on November tenth daily published a column apologizing sizing for its reporting having deleted the photos and retracting the names of sources then came the takes from national reporters who generally argued the daily hadn't hadn't done. Its duty when it apologize. Here's Glenn Kessler writer of The Washington Post Fact Checker newsletter. How is it possible that a newspaper? It was allegedly atop journalism. School would apologize is with the basis of reporting this is a travesty in an embarrassment for Matt Pierce the La Times. I don't doubt the sincerity of these student journalists but I worry that if journalists keeps ceding ground around on when is acceptable to do basic reporting. We eventually play into the hands of powerful interests. Who would love to criminalize journalism and on and on and on Till we get to Barry Weiss imagine that apologizing for the sin of committing journalism. This is chilling and assign of more to come but Russ's noteworthy. We're the unhelpful. Comments this from Wesley Lowery. The Washington Post talking about trade clause in the editor of the daily who is only the third black IAE in one hundred and thirty five years one hundred thirty. If I plus years the paper's existence lory rights only one of the black students in history to hold hold his position student. Journalists who make incorrect decision based on sincere desire not the harm marginalized campus group has publicly decried by industries most powerful PAREN- white journalists definitely a lesson to be learned there. What what were your initial thoughts on daily Gates or whatever we're calling the northwestern situation I was so confused by it. I well I think the the the proper The proper additional take. Yes We we were. We were discussing it in the in the Brooklyn Ringer Office earlier today and our East Coast chief. John Equality I think had the best response las which is this is a perfect 2019 kerfluffle. Everybody comes out looking bed. it's a IT'S A it's A. It's a weird situation and A not I kind of understand the pressures that everybody's under but at the same time it just seems like you know it's okay located it's it's it's okay I mean especially from a journalistic outpost regardless of you know being a college thing whatever else it just seems like it's okay okay to ignore. Maybe we all just agreed out to ignore some some outrage at least give a chance to breathe before reacted really quickly. We wouldn't find ourselves in such situations. I don't know what was what was your take no. Well that's that's take number one as you can wait ten minutes or you can wait a day. You too have a take on the North Western student newspaper. If you're like a big report at the time the post it's it's okay just to take a breath and and maybe and maybe learn more more or think about a little bit before you go in on the students I I wrote a piece. I look this up. And he was in two thousand and five It was about a slightly similar incident. But it was the same Jonah which is something weird or potentially embarrassing happens at a college newspaper and everyone everyone reads it and my take then and now about this is that college. Journalists should be allowed to fail in private more or less like. Unless it's something that put somebody in danger. Yeah or or you know commits a crime. What we could? We could imagine some possible exceptions but the whole point of a college newspaper. is you succeeding and failing without everybody outside the school reading it right. That's the whole point. It's a it's a place to learn and it's a training ground so many you can't expect to be yeah. It's a training ground to make mistakes and to experience hands all these things that you're gonNA experience as a real journalist and they're they're my air quotes right there you get you get to get your first pass at him. Guess what when when you become a real journalist and you call people up. They're going to be like. Why do you think this is a story? This isn't a story which is what some of those protesters at northwestern doing. That's exact that same thing you're going to get to deal with that again. You're going to deal get to deal with people calling up and saying that story you wrote was so shitty and you had no right to do that and that was just in such poor taste. You're you're going to get that for the rest of your life. You should be able to get it in college without having everyone weigh in on every decision every word you yeah right. Yeah I mean it's all in who I guess was recently running college publication as a reason the Internet area college journalist in the Internet Internet era. Like I wrote like a lot of stupid stuff. I like got a lot of complaints and it stressed me out. I felt like it. You know the whole world was collapsing and it was very important and I probably made like you know editorial decisions that I would not make now but I understand why the editors of like the northwestern paper would make this mistake like I get it like your kid. You're still learning how this is all supposed to go and I think everyone being like. Oh yeah this is like a display of our eroding norms and know about way that journalism is degrading. It's like no sometimes just kids mess up. It's fine that they mess up and I it's it's wild to me how everyone came out of this looking bad except for the dean of the school. WHO's dislike you? Had the kids must up but also their kids but seems like it should be pretty obvious. Charles whittaker right is the Dean J. School there go ahead sir. He had A. He released a statement two days after basically being like protesters like maybe give the journal break. Hey national media also give the journalists break break They tried their best and Another some input that I got from another journalist about my age she was at Syracuse. Recently and and so the the daily also northwestern is financially independent from the university. Ed's I think a lot of the papers that are independent. Really really take a lot of pride in not being attached to the school. Not Being attached to the administration you know cues from the outside and this is probably a situation. Where if you at least talk to your faculty adviser or somebody with a bit like who probably don't see it with as much tunnel vision? They might be able to give you some help but in this case I guess that didn't happen. Yeah and and that you know and it's okay right it's not the it's not the end of reporting as we know it it really want and you know what a lot of these the these the kids who were on that paper who decide to get into this godforsaken profession. They're they're gonNA learn new stuff from day one of their new of their jobs that that's what happens. They're going to be ready for this next time. Does this is good. It's it's wild. It's wild to me. Also that just. Everyone didn't think this immediately like that. All the people who should have the perspective. You've weren't like viewing this as the end of the world like I would have when I was in college. Yeah I mean I just remember that everything in a college newspaper seemed totally a buck. Elliptic fraternity hazing seemed apocalyptic. Some something that the administration did which I couldn't even I could you. Could you give me two years to try and remember now that I'm sure I wrote some outrage editorial about I have no just no memory what. It was Parking spaces you know. Just like some protest. On everything thing was apocalyptic and by the way the daily Texan right where I served my very Please don't go back and find the the editorials tenure we we did the we did like staff editorial and then at the bottom was a reproduction of our signature. That got to everyone so I wrote like four hundred words and then there was my my name signed nine below it like I was one of the founding fathers or something we talk about pretentious. Here's my it's not just a signed editorial literally a signed signed editorial like here's my autograph. I just I mean I'm so glad and this was back in mostly in the newspaper. The actual analog paper era. I'm I'm so glad that was not being read by national journalists. I can't imagine I'm sure that whoever put your signature down there ever decide on that was really just like they got the new edition of Dobie page maker and they were just really feeling they're CNN by favorite part of being a college journalist is. I'm sure Chris I had this experience too. I heard a quote from Frederick Jackson. Turner Glass Right. And then I started an editorial in in the paper with the quote from Frederickson Turner and the only question was how many seconds elapsed between me hearing that in like government. One O two to me putting it into the paper. I was so excited to show off that I knew something and that I could begin with a little. You know little classical ethical quotation there to really cause. I'm sure you know somebody reading it between sophomore year and junior really give a shit about fruit Frederick Jackson Turner thought I mean it was just. It was just incredible. It was just incredible to me. This is pretty simple. It's just buzz off. Go Away and and and let the let these people sort it out themselves and they will. By the way they'll they'll figure it out the be. They'll be more additions of the daily right. It's not it's not going to be. They can't be canceled. I don't think uh-huh don't don't worry it'll be fine. It'll be okay department David of the journalistic goto phrase of the week This is one of my favorites efforts of all time. E weather in student newspapers adult newspapers usually does occur in newspapers. It actually got into the ringer this week. And Allison Herman's excellent piece on Disney. Plus she wrote about the increasingly increasingly blurry line between children's and adults entertainment increasingly blurry. Line is one of my all time favorites and if you start looking for increasingly singley blurry lines as you read your favorite website you will have a feast of Fund David. Can I give you some increasingly blurry lines. I found as I was preparing this podcast please. So you'll read a lot these days about the increasingly blurry line that separates TV and movies. If you read a piece about our old Pal Darren rebel. You might see a reference to to the increasingly blurry line between being journalist an influencer there is an increasingly blurry line between ugly and Gorgeous Christmas sweaters a twenty twenty Goto to increasingly blurry line between candidates and super pacs or is the Washington Post notes and attacking Donald Trump overseas joe biden crossed and increasingly blurry. Line there is also an increasingly blurry line between big data and big brother between journalism and IP creation between cities and suburbs between mix tapes and albums. Sometimes you didn't even know. There was an existing line that could be increasingly blurred for example the increasingly blurry line between brew pubs and Breweries. I in those different really. I didn't know until I was the line had actually been blurred. Everybody loves the increasingly blurry. Line between fact and fiction between between news and opinion between the real and unreal between authenticity and honesty. I read about the increasingly blurry line between movies and video games regarding regarding something like about the band snatch. I have no idea what that is. Is that a black mare thing. I don't know what it is. This is my favorite. Though a national labor relations board the story right literally the most boring possible thing in the world. The increasingly blurry line between protected employees activity lies and disloyalty in statements third parties. Now raise your hand if you if you thought there was a clear. Line between those categories binning only increasingly blurred increasingly blurred. Look forward as you read. Trust me you send them to make because we'll read them here on the podcast gallow listener mail for you David. This is from Jason McKenzie. I love this. I love this tweet. Are you guys doing a bit with the different Geo media pronunciations and the deadspin segments. So I I think I say Geo Media and you say go media. I thought it was the other way around. I thought I was saying. Go until I heard you go. And I assumed I was wrong. I think it's Geo media to answer. Jason we're not doing a bit. We're just we're just get confused. So thank you for that. Our our friend Chad Orville. David says I'm really enjoying the new recurring segment on the press box. pod David Shoemaker tries to find an alternative way to say. I think that's right. I've I've noticed I've noticed that myself. You get right up to the finish line. You're like I think that's largely correct this some things you realize you say and you can just come out of your calculator then. There's some things that you realize that you would depend on so intrinsically that you can't eliminate them so so you just have to find other ways to do accomplish the same thing but yeah it's a it's D- I'll do better guys. I think there's an increasingly blurry line between I think that's right. And whatever or else David says whenever he gets to that point it is correct. All right time for David Shoemaker guesses a strain punt headline We go thank. You needed. David's ascent there Tuesday's headline about the movie. The Irishman was a Hoffa. You can't refuse and I didn't get any better ones than that in in our Twitter feed which shows you how how perfect that is a Hoffa you can't refuse. Today's punt headline comes from Jim Vanfleet. It's a tragic story story from the site. The takeout it turns out that chucky cheese the restaurant chain is undergoing a massive nationwide overhaul and part of that overhaul is is getting rid of the beloved any Metron ick house band including lead singer. Chuck E. Cheese himself. You know the East answer entertainment there. We go see Charles Entertainment Cheese. By the way I did not know the name of this guys know the name of the band. The Showtime Ono The Rock afire explosion blows the fire. Explosion was the other one. This is That's from show Biz. Yeah oh I know this what is it it is the munches make believe band. It's just not true. Munches make believe me okay. Have you seen the rocket fire explosion. documentary is really good by the way hasn't seen the behind the music. The Rockefeller I'm serious documentary. But the rock afire EXP- some guy trying to recreate it. Don't even remember. It's it's fantastic. We go on. We important things to discuss. I'm GonNa give you a hint. It here I want you to think of a line that companies death in Shakespeare as you try to guess. What is the takeouts strained Wind Pun Headline Shuki or not tricky? No Pretty good A death perhaps. It doesn't Hamlet. Yeah what is it though parting is such sweet sorrow then no no Good night What is it good night good? I didn't I didn't sit in freshman drama with you'd have it. Forget this David. He's he's holy sweet brands. Is that what it is we gotta get a pundit up guys remember. There's members a mouse heading up this band tonight. Maybe a sound mouse makes good night. Squeak prints. Good night's squeak friends. It's absolutely horrific. That's why I wanted to do it. Good night's squeak. Prince ads leading farewell. Too much is make believe ban. What were they already forget? It was it much as much as make believe band. Tonight squeak sprints he is David Shoemaker. I'm Brian Curtis Research by. Chris made it production magic by Jim. Getting we're back Tuesday bright early but more lukewarm. Takes about the media's see then David the later Brian David was notable for wearing a bow tie. How many people are really going to pay attention to this or probably a better question is as I rewrite myself here? In what way are they going to consume. The bowtie could question of those different no delays and uh-huh be interesting to see the ratings and a lot of people are going to be watching them. I don't know what what was. What was your take clash between ugly and gorgeous talk about pretentious now? Raise your hand if you if you thought they dorky. I think that's the question. It's kind of strangely. The crux of the the whole. No no no I don't know. Do you think this is meaningful at all for are meaningful for our after that opposites attract show. I mean it was just. It was just incredible. Just incredible to me. This is pretty simple. It's just you're going to get that for the rest of your life Guess what we disagree away and uh-huh off it's not good pro quo. The Democrats are trying to reveal. Its it's nice squeak friends absolutely horrific Yup

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