The Perfect Storm With Bill Simmons and Chris Ryan


The rewatch ables is brought to you by the ring podcast network where you can find our new podcast. Bakari Sellers podcast that launch this week and we have another podcast called. The camp chronicles hosted by Tyler tines six episodes. That's coming in mid-july. Stay tuned for a couple more announcements on that way. Coming up. Your Goddamn Sawed Book Captain Daddy better the world bobby the perfect storm. BACKOUT! What I'm headed East Flemish. Cat Capsules off the chart. That's where the fish oil for God's sake. Don't go another trip and the Andrea. Gail will own you like he owns. Tyne got a woman. I can't stand him more than two feet away from and again I love to fish. Where are you tell the banks kicking up something in the? Go to you trying to come on, you've seen a forecast I got a quarter. Million dollars with a fish has been spitting faxes every hour, the running out of scary word. Call four storm in recorded history. Is Accelerating. WHAT'S STARS? No force on earth can stop. He. Knows, please God get them. They're. Called the perfect storm. Chris Ryan here. My Name Is Bill Simmons it is the twentieth anniversary of movie. That was way more successful than I. Think I remembered that is. Pretty. Pretty well reviewed by some people that we've discussed in the past on this podcast and is weird. They re watchable, even though it's depressing as hell. Why is this movie re watchable when we know how it's going to end at every risk day I love how you about who respect whose opinions we like you talking about Mike Luca like. Are, you referring. All right. Raj like this movie, right? Have Stars. Man? This was this is kind of goes back to a little bit of the essence of when we started the pod. Where this one I think your mileage may vary on the perfect storm is a movie, but if you catch it at the right time on cable, it's a I gotta sit down to watch this one, and if you if you're if you're on your way out the door. If you're sitting around and you see this, the sharks come up on the deck or you see that the Satori is is head into the storm. You kinda get locked in mandate. It's just such an expertly made movie. I get locked in at all points of the movie. Because the first hour we get Diane Lane's Boston accent which to be shredding later. So I wanNA talk about Clooney because I think the Clooney Walberg part is such, a big piece of this is movie comes out in two thousand. Clooney were trying to make happen as an a plus lister. We're trying we're trying. To Mix Results Walberg improbably on his way to becoming a plus lister. We don't totally realize the when this movie comes out. He has the better part in this movie to and what's interesting? Is there clues ten years older than Walberg? If this movie came out in two thousand ten Walberg. Has the clooney part right and if it comes out five years earlier Clooney's in the Walberg just one of those parts. From Kuni standpoint. He never totally got there for me. As an a plus lister, I think he made some good ones eight. Even if you look at his last twenty years, he did their city notions eleven Michael Clayton up in the air, the American, which I enjoyed the descendants gravity nothing in the last seven years really. But I don't think he ascended to those Matt Damon. I Dunno Leo obviously. Kinda, Heights wh what was missing. Well I think he is better suited to be a megastar in small or offbeat movies that Megastar that's leading a mega movie and I would even include the oceans movies as off. Be I think that the reason why those movies are so special is because they don't feel like any other, Hollywood movies and a lot of ways they feel more like seventy s Hollywood movies shot with the Glamour of. Of like contemporary Hollywood films, so Clooney's always great when he is like Holy Crap George Clooney is going to be in a Coen brothers, movie or George. Clooney's going to have a cameo and gravity or George. Clooney's going to be one part of Syria or whatever, but when he's actually doing the like I'm in every shot of a Hollywood blockbuster, he's got. He's got some some swing and misses yeah. Two things for me. I feel like he's always. George Clooney in every movie. There's no, it's like George. Clooney's playing a character. Let. George Clooney Cook. He's just George Clooney Yeah Kinda, maybe changes hair a little bit. Maybe as a beard maybe doesn't but even if you look at. You know I thought he was awesome and up in the Air I really liked that movie bettys George. Clooney Thought he was really good and Michael Clayton. That's probably the most successful marriage of a clooney performance with a really good movie that I think we all like. He's George Clooney the descendants same thing and you go on down the line and it's just. He really just had the heater, but it didn't have the curve or the slider and I think we're. He always tried to find the cover. The slider was when he would do like the. Weird Coen brothers movie or when you're trying to direct. But he just he just ever found. It just didn't happen. So, what do you think is different about the way George? Clooney is always George Clooney in and movie compared to the way. Harrison Ford is Harrison Ford movie. So good question. There's something about George Clooney as an action guy that did not translate the way it should have for Harrison Ford because I'm paper. You would think he should have been the Harrison Ford of the last twenty five years right. He should have been next. Generation Harrison Ford, but I don't know if I would have bought him in the Bourne identity. I don't know if he could have had the ARC. Like what you know? Crews did with the mission impossible. I don't know if you could build the missing possible Chaz around. George Clooney they tried to i. think that's what the peacemaker was supposed to sort of be. Is that kind of like international espionage action adventure movie right so going backwards for the younger people. Clooney is bouncing around for a couple of years. Shows up on E. R. N. E. R. Becomes of fucking phenomenon like just a phenomenon, one of the all-time TV drama phenomenons of our lifetime, and he becomes a mega mega star immediately, and that's happening ninety four ninety five range, so he starts making movies from ninety five to ninety eight. He makes us till Dawn. He makes one fine day with Michelle pfeiffer. He wears the Batman. Suit is in Batman. And Robin which is the most reviled Batman movie out of all the Batman movies, and he's in the peacemaker, which is supposed to be as franchise and it wasn't. So. That's four years of swings and misses, but he's still on the are. He leaves the are. And then he strikes oil with out of sight, and out of sight is the first time. The George Clooney. Movie experience matched up to what we thought and you could argue that might be the best movie he's ever made in certainly the most likeable. He's been in a movie. And it's probably the most. He's clicked with the romantic lead right. I felt like what he had lo in that movie. I don't know if he's had that with anybody else that degree. Do you think he has no, I? I don't think so. I mean I think he's charming with Julia Roberts in the oceans movies. But. He's nowhere near as it's not that that's like completely like flammable goes on between him and George Jennifer Lopez out of say an IB honestly is something that I think is like now looked at as one of. One of the crowning achievement of genre film making in the last twenty five thirty years, but it at the time was kind of like. Oh, like we're trying to make more Leonard Happen. It's J. Lo and Georgia and everybody likes this movie, but I don't remember that being a really big hit obviously. No I think it cable really hoped. It. So, many movies Commander Ninety Eight. That stuff got lost and I think it became. One of those was a good dvd. Was Good on the whole T. and T.'s cinemax circuit and their wet, so then he goes. From that point on out of sight thin, red line three kings. Oh, brother, where thou. And Perfect Storm. You know one of the things he did. He's. He started directing to in two thousand two. And just wasn't good at it, he made. Do you know he's made six? He's directed six movies. I do yeah, yeah, and not a huge win out of any of them and a couple. Really bad ones and I think that kind of knocked his off the prize to but. I think from a charisma standpoint. At least he was where Brad Pitt was a Brad Pitt's just a better actor. Yeah, no I mean I think that that early two thousands run, and he obviously makes the decision after a couple of failed blockbusters that what he's GonNa. Do is for the most part. Choose the filmmaker first, so he's going with the COEN brothers. He's going with David Russell. Alexander Payne Alexander Payne. He works with Soderbergh and I think that data really levels his career out what you see is that cluster of really really smart choices, and then the sort of. Like Oh, five on. It's basically like good one three average two bad ones good one, three average two bad ones. It's just really spaces out. That's what happens. I guess to Hank's like a little bit later in his career. It's like Kuni just had a much more accelerated version of that you said for the younger people for people who don't remember I'll ask you 'cause I your. We've talked about. Caruso before. We've talked about like the inability to like kind of leave. Leave their small screen bags behind it I know this sounds weird, but like for somebody. If you watch er every Thursday. Like. Did you have a little residual like this guy's always going to be Doug Ross ever? A little bit, but I ask so. It was clear that he had to go he he was too big of a star for the show and I only did. That's happened a few times of Network TV. He was one of the biggest stars in the world by I would say seven, ninety eight and. I gotta say. I I was a huge er fan, those first four or five years. I really think it's one of my favourite. It's one of my favorite network shows ever. He was on that show, yeah, they did Doug Bras character, was it? That checked every box and he's really good. You really invested in them and I remember. He had that one episode. Where it's now we're just doing er porn for Juliette Lebron. Shout Julia because she's the ladder announcer favorite show, but that one that one episode where it was like a flood. Yeah. Advocate the flood that was like his signature episode. He was amazing in that and I think. The reason I bring this up as you know, we always compare NBA players and obey situations to movies in the Rewatch I do feel like by the time he got to ninety eight, he. His trade value is about as high as as. Anybody, right it was as high as. Leo Matt Damon I think what the expectations were, so it's weird. I feel a little disappointed without turned out I, think he made some good movies he never won. An Oscar only got nominated once I think, but he had a Lotta Mrs and Maybe, that was part of the problem. Maybe he didn't really totally know how to pick a good script. He's definitely one of the most meadow careers it was. It was like when he was still any are he was making those more traditional blockbusters? In a weird way, perfect storm is like the last movie where. It's almost like he's playing it straight. And then after that I think even maybe to some extent, the Ocean's eleven movies, the only downside of doing that was that it was so winking and so Kinda tongue-in-cheek about the idea of being famous or the idea of being buddies with a bunch of famous people and N, even some of the conventions of movie making that it seemed like going forward, he was either really ernest or really really cynical or satirical about being in films like. When you watch George Clooney movie I think you're always kind of grappling with like the George Clooney celebrity while you're also watching the movie. Right. Brad Pitt had that, too, but overcame it, he did he did especially like in a movie like moneyball, which was a charisma performance, which we covered on a previous episode of the rats, also physically transforms in a lot of his roles, whereas Clooney is really only done that in Syria and a fucked up his back, and like he basically like I got to the precipice of being like I'm having like pretty much a physical breakdown playing this role. And one Oscar for it, but was still like you know still I think kind of like came back out the other side. We're not going to see him. Go through those kind of like Edward, Norton Brad Pitt kind of transformations. I think he's like I played George Clooney Yeah. That was Kinda his tornado when he got hurt, I met removed him. From some action thinks his best chance. Actually win best actor. The NBA MVP of of the Oscars was the two thousand eleven season. And, he's in a category. With the dude from the artist. Dem sure in a better life, Gary Oldman and Tinker Tailor soldier spy. In Brad Pitt moneyball. And I look at that year he he has the best part of all those parts. Because the descendants is really good I. Watch Seattle months ago. Yeah, that's a part where you probably should have won the Oscar for that and I think if there's a couple of other actors in that spot I. do think they win it, so my point is. Really, good I think you know if to borrow the NBA algae again. You could sell tickets with them. He could take to the second round. Maybe even a conference finals, but I don't know if you're winning the title with them, Zephyr Yea I'm to think of like the COMP now 'cause i. He's got more to him than like A. is it like a tracy? Yeah, I might I was GONNA. Say like what is it like? Is it Lamarcus like I'm not even sure who now he's better than so much more. Charm. Yeah I think t back is a really good example of it. Yeah! The highs are incredibly high, but the floor. It's a little wobbly. Meanwhile Walberg. He goes ninety six to two thousand where he's basically still market market has basketball diaries. He tries to shed the whole obnoxious that dude, whatever makes fear. boogie nights is the breakthrough the big hit the corrupter three kings. And then perfect storm. He's perfectly cast in this movie. It's it's a really likeable performance. He taps all of his Inner Boston and in general. This movie's really well cast, but. By the time this comes out and we see Walberg in this movie. After three kings, it becomes clear. He's a movie. Star right? Yeah I, mean he? He is actually really interesting. Case Study of somebody trying to. is almost like seems like he can't be denied like it goes through these movies where he's playing. Supporting parts he's working with smaller directors. He's working on big films he's he does like planet of the apes in. It's like Oh. Is this guy is US guy situating himself to be like a huge blockbuster star? Any kind of than just makes a third way where he's like I'm just going. Make Mark Wahlberg movies, and those Mark Wahlberg movies can be at a bunch of different going a bunch of different directions especially over the last fifteen years. He's pretty much made like. One point five movies a year, and sometimes they're like you know contraband and stuff like that or or shooter. They're kind of like these more traditional genre movies, and then every once in a while. He takes a big swing. I am very surprised by how Kurt turned up. Are You, are you? Do you surprised because you thought it would be better than this or worse? I mean go back to ninety six Zim boogie nights, and he's The star Boogie Nights, and there's all these people in the movie. You're just reading about it. And like burt, Reynolds this Julianne Moore I like her. Philip Seymour Hoffman liked him it. You're just going through the cast, but here's i. put the the stars. Mark Wahlberg and this is a movie that everybody's going nuts about. That doesn't make sense. He can't lead a movie. And you know by I, think by the time we got to the end of the decade. Amid sense, it's like all right I. Get with. This guy is i. actually thought he was going to go more in that action. You Know Kinda that Nick Cage stretched at when Nick Cage was doing conair face off and that that also I thought that was just could be Mark Wahlberg next twenty years. He did it a couple of times like shooters like that the Italian job. Every time he does that I'm happy, but he also has tried to do some other stuff to that. Perfect storm is actually the model for the movies that he would seemingly preferred to be making because if they hadn't made perfect storm Peterberg mark. Wahlberg probably would eventually made it. Like Lone. Survivor and Patriots Day and you know. They key is made these based on a true story every day. blue-collar heroism movies like Oh a bunch of times over the last ten years. It would have been called the perfect storm. It would have been called BLOB. B. Y.. Mark Wahlberg is abby. The cast and this is pretty. Great Diane Lane Jhansi Rally John. Hawkes William Victor. Little Bob Gutten. The warden yeah. Mary Mary Elizabeth Master Antonio Master Antonio. Survives? Her scarface deaths still has having a career seventeen years later. Jerry Jones, the president yeah. Crisp McDonald's the weather Michael are inside. They got everybody out here for this, and it's like for hawks and Johnny Riley I. Think this movie comes out before everybody is aware of just how much better those guys are as character actors than everybody else. So when you're watching it and you're watching like Alan, pain shout out to New Jack City and a bunch of the guys in this movie. Your got how the fuck is. John C reilly. The fourth guy on a boat here and you just realize they kind of hit the character actor lottery, and that's really what all of these kind of big budget action packed. Movies of this era lived or died by I. Mean this is like basically what we talked about with Armageddon has such a good cast as no business having. There's no reason why be Shemi Owen Wilson and all. All those guys should be in a movie like that Billy Bob Thornton. The same thing goes for this. It's like we've sexually talked about a bunch of guys. Getting water-poor, not poured on them in a back lot tank somewhere you know he mean and they've got two of the best character. Actors of their generation Yeah Hawks had to fight Shammy for the and hawks one that comes. Research say had to fight to the debt? oxes really good in this movie. Dear to our hearts in including his pivotal Miami Vice Cameo the. That's quite a cameo a quite a cabinet. This movie made three hundred twenty eight million dollars. It was obviously inspired by a real story hurricane grace. In late, October early November nineteen, ninety, nine, nine, hundred, ninety, one took. took out a boat with six people from Gloucester, so they did the classic based on a true story through that at the top. As we've learned over the years, and as we've discussed the REWATCH ables sometimes that doesn't always mean what you're about to see. Is True I re? I. I never believed that I actually think that's now become like I. Want to beat the person out there. WHO TURNS THEIR BUDDY IN THEATER? When we had movie theaters when the trailer says based on true events or based on a true story they're like. FUCKING! This one's based on a real story man. We'd better take this pretty seriously. Right didn't didn't know. I based is such A. Loaded word yes, yeah, fluid, yeah! Somebody could make a movie about us. Finishing a rewatch ables podcasts, and then like fighting for the future of the world because Russian spies infiltrated as we're trying to produce something they probably will. It'll be called the Craig hornbeck story. We'll be like these secondary. US We die when. In Miami. Right, But yeah, that'd be based based on a true story of two guys did the Rewatch ables? Then you can do whatever the fuck you up. I'm always IMOs dubious of that, but it was based on a true story and I don't WanNa get bogged down on the research of what was true, not true, but for the most part they were pretty faithful, and they really did care about doing it correctly because. The people in Gloucester were. You know this was a traumatic seminal event for them, and they weren't gonNA. Fuck around with the story, so there's a couple of small things also based on the Sebastian younger book and I think it's worth noting that I much as if you look at the wikipedia page and we can do this. An Internet research about the issues that some of the actual people connected to the people on the Andrea Gail had with you know on these boats had with the storytelling I think the reason why this movie is still. Still works is because it's it balances the sentimentality of all the Diane Lane stuff back on the docks with. This is just what happens like they kind of, don't they? Don't really pull any punches now. It might not be exactly what happened, but when it comes to like if you're watching Apollo thirteen, even if you're watching like backdraft, which I know has kind of some some dark stuff happening, but you're kind of like I. Feel like backdraft has to end in a certain way with this. You're kind of waiting for. George Clooney to save Mark Wahlberg life or for Mary Elizabeth, Bassin Tonio to come through the very end in scoop. These guys up or something, and it just doesn't happen. It's it's way darker than that. You like the stuck at sea. Movies stuck at sea. Something's gone wrong. Are you in on that? I love him. I love him because it's a deep fear of mine. Get really sick. I would rather never be on a boat I never happy to be on a boat I don't even like being in like motorized rafts taking me anywhere like I just. Don't trust them I just get seasick really easily so I think that the more that you're like this is almost inconceivable. The easier it is to watch, but it is also like it taps into a different fear you know. What. Are Your favorites status? Curiosity what we talked about this recently? fantasy Amanda talked about this recently I have a couple that are kind of random lake. I really like white squall. which is a really cool movie with Jeff Bridges that came out in the like the ninety s but did you after that they're? They're definitely like like master and commander has some stranded and see stuff. We've gone over master and commander. Allied with gladiator fight. What about you? Dead Calm Dot com great. Yeah, I mean, it's crochet, but titanic was was really well done at enjoyable. Yeah, opening movie. Did you ever see open water? Oh Yeah. Yeah. I think the shallows isn't necessarily a boat movie, but she stuck in the water like that in both of those, as the shallows rips off open water. Yeah, but The castaway obviously the reef. The Reef is one where it's like. Basically like a boat hits a ref- shark-infested waters, and these people have to decide whether to stay on the boat while it's sinking or swim back like yet. Twenty something miles so yet all is lost with Redford, and then there's there's movies that have. Scenes that have worked really well like sleeping with the enemy has a great sailboat. All Hell is breaking loose, Laura. Province. We get to do so by. She can't swear. We have to do from Hell Week. Where reduce leap a Redo re route from. Grandma Pacific Heights. I'm not kidding when I say I could do an hour on Laura's Laura's violent has been. It's a tour de force by Patrick Bergen also I watched Dick Disturbance again about two weeks ago. And That movie's really special for the people out there. If you like your if you like from hell, movies mixed in with a little unintentional comedy and a little ridiculousness, I highly recommend it if they offered stars F H stars from Hell. Would you subscribe Oh? Yeah, would you add to your cable package? If that was the only way to see all those movies? Yeah, domestic disturbance has great Bush. Emmy like really really forgotten died. As I've seen domestic disturbance. Oh, it's so good! Highly. Recommend it for everybody out there Roger Ebert, three point five stars quote the perfect storm. Is a well crafted. Example of a film of pure sensation Raj Raj is all about the story. Stick to the story. We covered in the fletch pot. Are you being true to the story? Yeah, and he's he's shouting out intentionally or not. Wolfgang Petersen who was I was GonNa say you get give me forty five seconds on Wolfgang just a real heater from him right now because he does this, and he does in the line of fire with Clint Eastwood Malkovich and he just shows that he is like an absolute expert in. In staging set pieces and pacing and I think that this movie does a really good job of when Shit goes wrong like titanic. You're sitting around for like two and a half hours before she starts going wrong, you can. You can wait too long. You can also introduce shit going wrong too early like it can. Sometimes you're watching a movie in the first scene is. Like we love unstoppable the Tony Scott Moving we talked about with Quinton, but like that movie like the train starts to go wrong about eighteen minutes in you have about an hour and a half into perfect storm before they're like were going into a perfect storm, so I think that they really do a good job. He's he's an expert of. Experts at pieces. Tony Scott's version of the perfect storm. There's a lot more going on. There's there's some there. There's more waves are hitting way more people falling overboard. There's probably the boat has more than six people on. It S it. Kills a guy at some point, yeah? There's a mutiny on the boat at we'll put. The only thing before we get to the categories is. This was a really effective commercial. And I remember. Specifically knowing the story, especially living in Massachusetts at the time. And then seeing the trailer all these people I like. And, then that one brief shot where they just they tease the wave, they would show the giant wave in the commercial. And he'd be like it, but then that was it and you're like. Oh, so watching this movie? You know that wave is coming, it's. Like the shark from jaws, basically and in the theater. The, CGI, which at that point, two thousand. They're getting better at CJ. It's not anything close to where it is now. That seems that scene was amazing. On Seventy foot movie screen was really great for whatever the movie loses. When you see, that's obviously like fake boat and a fake wave, and this is the CGI situation. The stuff on deck feels incredibly real. Like all the stuff on the boat with those guys getting thrown around and the whole, we'll talk about it. I'm sure an watchable scenes is like a couple of those sequences. You're like dude. That's Clooney and he is. He is hanging over the side of this. This is wild. A few been dealing with acne readiness, dark spots, wrinkles, finding treatment that works can be complicated. You need skin care that actually performs, but getting started can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there's a solution Roman makes it convenient to customize prescription skin care that really performed scrappy phone or computer complete a free online consultation. 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What I tell you. When few days! A few means to. Today's is right. Viscous back. On your side or replacing a phone call away. Join me. Don't join me. The season, but one last shot the ANDROID gaels. Taken! Some a promise you. Back Shitload, efficient. There's a lot about this scene because it's where we get introduced Diane Lane. WHO's completely over the top? Just this entire movie? Yeah? I just wanted to say and this actually makes it more rewatch to be. This is the happiest bar that's ever happened in the north shore. Power has ever been this jurist. The North shore is not a joyous place. It's like get intense. Just. Eat. You're sitting at a bar. You're looking around and there's just people that you can just feel the history and the pain in their lives or people that are just they wanna do is pound beer and then go outside so they can smoke another cigarette. This bar is like it's the. Neil diamond, listening to no woman, no cry at. This an orgy is happening elsewhere and also everybody seems to live there. I'm like. Is this tasted confused or what's going on, is she? We went to that bar in real life. It would just be super quiet. There'd be red SOx games on two different channels. And and it would just be people. Spokane heaters and drinking. Yeah, and they would all smell of. Swordfish. Oh Yeah and Marlboro reds and and wild Turkey. That's how you could tell that Wolfgang Petersen. What country is he from Germany? Norway? Norway, that's where you can tell. This was made by somebody who? Took? His his version of what the Crows Desk Aviv like hey, can we make a little more joyous all right Wolfgang? Try I really enjoy all of that stuff, and that's also that we get to meet a lot of characters. It's just fun, so do you consider this? The the Chris sequence? Like when when do we talk about Diane? Now, we're waiting on the okay. Next speech our next hour watchable seen clooney speech to Linda. which he decides not to do with the Boston accent. Clooney in general is kind of like eat. He sampled it. It was like he tried the shrimp cocktail with a cocktail sauce was like. I tried to let him good. I'm just GonNa be me. Yeah, he decided he just wanted to summer in the Cape. You didn't want to move there. Here's the speech if he this speech against the Mary Elizabeth Master Antonio Fee. It actually is the Boston accent. The fog's just lifting through off. You bow line thrive. Yet add to sow channel pass rocky neck. Ten Pound Island passed pond where I skated as a kid. Blow Your Horn throwaway to light housekeeping. Keta, Thatcher Island. Then, the bird show black backs hair and goes big dump ducks. The Sun Hits Ya head north. Open up the twelve steam in now the guys at busy even charge you know what you a Goddamn sawed book captain. Is there anything better in the world? Clooney does it straight like his yards, cody. There's no extra lifelock. La Gloucester sword boat captain. WHO has no accent at all? Even as around of a bunch of hardcore, you can't get more hardcore Massachusetts than when you go to like the fucking tip of the North Shore. Do you think Walberg? Was On set that day? You why? I think Walberg probably felt he was outranked. Yeah, and maybe went to Wolfgang and was like hey, band. Sounds like a Boston accent. Got Tickets Fine Mark Magazine. You know I maybe should try it I know. They had a dialect coach. The dialect coach by the way one of the big losers of the movie. 'cause dialects her all over the place. Anyway I liked that speech next rewatch watchable seen when the the boats set sail. We get some good Walberg including I like every scene Wahlberg including together amid. Numerous. Natural. Salt new blood, thanks! Happy man on his skin. So they maybe. When did you get unhappy? That they go home. All. I thought the was your whole. You Got, Salton you? Reilly goes overboard another watchable seen. Vic there has to save them even though they have some weird beef. That's ever really explained. That's really they go down. He's like basically dead in the water they revive. I like when the storm heats up includes driving the boat like a maniac, not realizing how dangerous it is yet, but he's almost like if by son was in control of the boat for our. Big Smile on his face laughing clooney. That whole crazy scene when he blow torches. The anchor off is really great awesome when he's swinging around, it's completely unrealistic got to know how they did it, but it's joy able. And then. Two, more the guys start falling in the water. When Wahlberg saves John Hawkes I just like John Hawkes. Don't want him to die. And then when they see might survive when the boat does the three sixty flip and the water. And makes the turn and the sun comes out. Say now you actually make you got to storms, Glenn in Saint Time. All those scenes are awesome, but the most remarkable scene is when they're wave actually crushes them that that is the best seen in this movie. I mean it's the best thing in the movie. Every watchable makes it seem like you're like well. You got to dial back. Watch that again. It is true breaking when the sun goes back behind the clouds, and he's like they're not gonNa let us out. She's not GonNa let us out. I remember the first time I saw that I. Did Not Know How this movie ended. I know the real story and the sun comes out, and they're like ha. I can't believe in Walberg S- done the whole like I'm GonNa go race. Go karts full-time in Salisbury Beach. And you're just like great. They got out and maybe. We have lived to say another day. Eighties fucking darker. The Sun goes by the clouds man well. They were able to keep mystery with how they ended it two thousand. This is the Blair witch era. This is still the remnants of the crying game era where you could actually keep secrets, so there was a question of. How are they gonNa do this and then if you actually went saw in the theater, the Internet wasn't. Kind of fortified enough yet to have people just spoil. What and I think also most people even if they were like. Yeah, well I mean I know that some people die in this movie, but you figure it's going to be like. Hawks are Riley or fichtner go in some midway through the movie, and then maybe one of Walberg and Clooney, but when it all happens, and they're all just sitting in their bunks, like Oh shit manager I really remember that yeah. Last hour is really strong. I don't like a lot of the coast guard stuff, but we'll get to that in a second. What's age the best? Gloucester. Just great. It's just such an underrated part of Ashraf. Where did they shoot this datum? I think they shot some of it in Dedham, but I do think they shot. A, lot of the Gloucester stuff in in Gloucester, The Crow's nest. Just like. I think that exists in real life. I like that Here's what's age the best for me or at least one of the thanks. A read Rotschild Dirk bigler reunion. Briley Walberg for years later. They're back. Rally got a huge beard. Walker looks like dirt kind in the last scene when his offer. House. Just coke. Has a look, but yeah. The the boys are back. I was thinking of. You know how they people on Youtube. They do trailers shit. They react to the trailers. Yeah, no, when they take. Footage from a movie and make a trailer out of it. That's a completely different trailer than what the movie was actually about honest trailers, or whatever yeah I think you could do a Jack. Horner movie trailer use the boogie nights footage Jack Horner talking about they had this idea for movie. And then it's just like a perfect storm, port. Always called twice, yeah! Yeah. Perfect storm in my pants Anyway it was good to see those guys getting I. I asked for what stage the Best Warburg's. Facial hair attitude everything toward force John. Hawkes mentioned him. This is for you. It AIDS the best for me, but specifically just. An incredible moment when the cruise just having sakes and the deck. A lot of votes out. Yeah, it's a good smokey movie where you're just like. Oh, I get! It's one of those movies I get I get smoking. I get the value also. Wondering how bad! That boat smells Oh my God so they're eating essentially Hormel Chili. They've got. However. Many tons of dead fish barely iced in the hall. You're probably like I I need these Marlboro reds just to kill the overwhelming odor, coming off of the other human beings on this. So I would be like chain. Yeah, that was the initial perfect storm was the B. Oh and the boat was the perfect storm. McDonald was like look. Of more would stage the best a really good music. I think they did a nice job batch in the music with like the tension on the boat and then Guys definitely seemed like a group of people who on ironically enjoys easy tops push. It. I really liked the the John. C Reilly William Fichtner feud, which is never really addressed or elaborated on. It's just that classic action movie thing we were like. Hey, we need to these guys. That's leg each other, or would it be? What effect there maybe? took a crack Riley's ex wife, and then bring it up cool done, and then we get like twenty minutes out of. Do you. WanNa play with the like. Stick them up your at ease with deadweight screwing on all night. Shoot a head. Cape and bottom shelf. That way. I liked it. It's not I mean he makes the. He makes the illusion about like. Wife or whatever but I liked it. It's not some like blood feud. It's just two guys. Hate each other. It's just two guys stuck in close quarters who are just sick of each other immediately and Riley never gives them a break and people. Just gives going a little bit and he's like no fuck that guy I love. That's a great does a great energy to bring to the whole thing because it makes everything more tense if you're just like. Oh, I'm really pulling for these guys. They have no problems whatsoever. It's just a little bit more vanilla. There's a deleted scene where Riley tells victory as a phone call, victor answers, it and Riley says. 'cause I'm talking to a dead man on the other line here. An empty telephone. The telephone! Does it dead ban on the other LE. I can't figure anything without thinking of him as vans and yeah I know even when he's those undoing the bomb in Armageddon. He's just getting his bonds back. He's he's a fisherman in this movie with a Massachusetts accent, and I've just keep expecting Henry Rollins to come in and be. What do you have for? What stage the best? I think probably. The stuff in the beginning of the movie where at the at the crow's nest, like all the like interactions between them, the old guy who's like the Barnacle on the bar. WHO's like kind of scaring everybody with his war stories I also really like. That I scene were ironside is paying guys out, and you find out like how fucking like small the margins are for these guys raise just like here's. How much the fish got. Here's what gas and bait and everything costs my cut your captains cut, and then you're a rookie, so you get a three like a half share, or whatever three-quarter share and just to imagine, 'cause it immediately makes you realize that like these guys are essentially. You'RE GONNA get killed for their survival instincts because their survival instincts are like I need to make rent for the rest of the year. You know, right? well speed ironside. He's also what's age the worst. His accent is rough, yeah. I don't I. Actually don't totally understand why they cast him. Because it's so easy to just cast, find somebody from Massachusetts. Who just seems like a die? Hard Massachusetts Guy. It's not like it's not like Tommy. Lee Jones is in this part. It's Michael Ironside we. Just cast anyone to do anything like I fucking love Michael Ironside to buy. You could have just had like Stellan skarsgard and I wouldn't blinked if it was just like. Five billy going out again, not with my boat like you just would have been like finestone Skarsgard, you I know you know the water. Like I would have had like dicky Barrett from the mighty mighty Boston's. I WANNA. Go that hardcore Massachusetts in that spot another one sage the worst. We mentioned Clooney's accent. Comes and goes. And, then eventually just goes yet has just gone, and we never see it again. I did not coordinate with Master Antonio that's the thing is that those guys are not exchanging notes about? Hey, the scene will both do the Boston accent. Sometimes she shows up and does it. He doesn't sometimes he does and she doesn't. It's just bad missed miscommunication there, the accents. They just did not do a good job. Because any of Wahlberg is just crushing it John Hawks who was really committed to it Since a pet peeve! Jhansi rallies son. They do this movie sometime where we're. The Dad talks about how much the kid means, and then the kids just. Say! They coated the car. The kids just got this dumb look on his face acute like five. Gate the Catholic. Is GonNa, be out your. Kids, just stereo. So what do you speculate to do? He's staring at GNC. Rally the same way like like my dog. Willie would stare at me if I was holding a treat in the air, he's just Kinda like glazed. Look at him. If your dad was this. First of all of your dad was boogie nights. You might be a little bit of. It second of all. His Dad is standing there in a rain slicker Smokin eighty-four Marlboro. Reds at his face I think he's probably just a little bit like have a little personality will never hurt. Another sage worse. Let's just get to doubt the Diane Lane. Actually let's not get too yet. Okay, I have another spot that I really want to dive into it, but Diane Lane's accent is legendary and. There's a lot of car like selling I last night. Whereas texting about Diane, Lands Accent, and it just sets up this round of the worst Boston exits of all time. It's a conversation. Everyone's had a need to eat. Talk like JFK JFK Kevin Costner and thirteen days. Jeff bridges and blown away like. There's like seven or eight Oh. Jeez Diane. Lane is usually the first one mentioned. Yes? I think because. She comes out throwing one hundred one in this movie like it's, it's not. She hit certain words that way or a couple of lines she is. She looks like she was in immersive dialect school for nine months, but it was only had like one ear working so I love Diane. Lane me, she really really really. Is Flying without a net here. Quebec Hobby. Go back to what you did before. Pat, COD repair tackles. Pays. Yeah all right. Let's do this now. The thing that hurts. Is that I loved Diane Lane. And there's a couple problems with casting her in this one is that she's just too beautiful. She overpower. You're just not buying her in any situation like this like she has to be like the lady and unfaithful. That's how you want us. Diane Lane. It's almost like she's penalized by just how gorgeous she is so the movies she's always succeeded in as always like tapped into. Town credible Diana's right There is nobody ever in the history of Massachusetts. Ever. Not. Ever who acted like that? If you were like the quote, unquote? Hot Lady and Gloucester, even if you're divorced, whatever? You just E, it would be more like in that. Blake lively in the town kind of vibe like you'd be divorced, you'd have a little. You'd have some baggage. You're stepping on my point a little bit, and I don't even know what my point is. Did you know that both of these characters are Chris? Oh. No I'm trying to figure out what it is about. Chris from Massachusetts, that is like elicits this kind of like dramatic interpretation, but you're right. It should be she should have. A much worse, drinking, problem or something. There's gotTa. Be a Achilles heel than I hate when my boyfriend goes on. Be I love houseplants like that can't be her defining characteristic or like I'm GonNa like really tidy up this cottage while while while bobbies on on on this trip. She has like she's just seeming like. It also is like it defies belief as to why Bobby will go away. You're just. Stick it out with her sticking out diet land. You have the hottest girlfriend in America. Yeah, I think. It just doesn't work. None of it works, and then she really tries. I admire the attempt she tries to do as I've always said like the Boston accent is half added. So, she tries to have this character that has lot attitude, but you can't pass it because it's Diane Lane, and she has this terrible Boston accent, and you just can't unseat it the whole time. There's no. There's nothing authentic about it, not one thing so. You know it's it's. It's a pretty key part, but the good news is. It's Diane Lane you. Get at least look at her for two hours so that there could be worse things. She's not entirely well served by the fact that like half of what she has to say is like a hallmark greeting card speech. Were that whole thing that she's doing about like you know? It. A great shakes the whole thing about the apartment and buying the curtains and two semi down pillows from JC Penney's that they didn't tell you about. It all this stuff is just like what the fuck is she talking? WHAT'S WEIRD? It's it's the wet blanket girlfriend from a sports movie, right? You can't win. Don't do this kind of vibe crossed with this. person who doesn't exist where it's like my boyfriend's back from a trip I'm sprinting to him like you sane bolt and jumping on him like he just got back from a seven year tour in Afghanistan right and it's like you don't exist this this. Even being is not a real person. Anyway. side anyway tough for Diane Lane Casting. What if's Ben? Affleck was originally sought to be bobby. Warburg's characters said no nick cage. Signed up to be Bobby. Back out because. It's not. Bobby I think he would have been a good billy I think he would have been a good captain. Ahab Listen Nick Cage needed to be in. This movie is the bottom line? We really we were all robbed the. Somewhere the should have been the old guy at the bar. You know US wanted to play Bobby Clooney Oh. Interests Wolfgang was. GonNa be Billy. so that happened and then Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson turned down billy milk up someone at twenty five billion dollars to be billy. No Gibson that would. Have Been Venture that would have been rough for a variety of visits Best that Guy Ak the joey pants word. I need a ruling. Are Michael Ironside of Bob Gutten? Do they qualify as that guys Bob Gotten? Let's go gun because he spends most of the movie in the dark and in the rain. And is an I. I guess we should actually talk about this. How do you feel or on Rewatch? How did you feel about the story plotline? The coastguard plotline 'cause those. Teacup a lot of the second half of the movie. Hold that thought have coming up in picking nits okay? Submits will be picked all right. Let's. I thought when he called the coastguard guy. obtuse I thought that was weird. That's Shashank jokes are. He told the coastguard guy. He was going to cast of Dad with the Sodomites. Brumby. Asking the coastguard guy to do his taxes. The Vincent Hanna Gal Got Word for overacting. There's only one candidate Diane Lane. County your money. In my guys out there. Risking his life for stupid fish. That's the key. I Thought Jab. Again, but Diane Lane Huge Fan. Ethel going crazy over here. Yeah, OH, my Gosh! She's just so bad in this movie. It's so weird because she's so good and other movies. Yeah I, just bizarre. Dan Waiters Award. Christopher McDonald I would go McDonald I think pain is up there. Hawks is in it, too. Much can't give it to. Is fichtner too much to like? Do you consider going on the deck? is into much. Okay Chris McDonald ACA. Re casting couch. Thought exercise. You replace William fichtner part with Ben Affleck. Guy Breakout his accent. He's younger than John. C Reilly which would piss them off because I think it just it changed. The trajectory of athletes grew too much. He becomes like a character actor instead of movie star now. He's a movie star already at this point he's. He's been at Armageddon. is going to do that. He has to die saving someone. You have to make that like a bigger more meaningful part that so he dies saving John C Reilly. Yes, that's what has happened. Well. It is based on a true story. We can do whatever the fuck we want. Yeah. See here, here's the thing though this is why I brought it up, I think AFLAC needed a couple parts like that during that art from ninety seven oath three where he's just trying to be a list. Guy In the poster in every movie he's in. You know what not a bad idea to be like the fourth lead in perfect storm. You're in it for twenty minutes and you die. That was what I thought. Yeah, I think I agree with you. I think that he needed probably maybe a PARTU. That's kind of like Kevin Bacon and Apollo Thirteen, like just kind of like. Your movie star, but you're just hanging out in this one. Hafez Senator Research. None of the fish in the movie were real. There all either rubber in an animatronic. Wolfgang Petersen huge animal rights guy. Yeah, no fish were harmed in the this movie. The Real Linda. Mary Elizabeth Tony. Character Green lantern a sword fishing in two thousand eight was part of the discovery channel series swords life on the line. I mentioned the family members of Billy Tyne Dale. Murphy did not like the movie. They sued Time Warner two thousand. And it kind of didn't go anywhere, but took up a couple of years they the major discrepancies were. Linda never actually placed distress call yes, and there is no romance between Clooney's character master Antonio's character. There's also an element to it, and this is why the time family got mad is that? They were not. They were on their way back already when the storm hit and Linda Greenlaw seems to say like. I don't think that this was a matter of them. Being arrogant about their ability to get the restore. I think that this hit them very fast, and it was. It was over relatively quickly. Right, that's not as good of a movie. Yeah the last twenty minutes of this movie when they're coast back in, and they get nailed like that's not as good as we can dump the fish and hang out and leave or take our chances going through this storm in real life. They're like playing cards, and just on the way back in the storm shows up and crushes them. Yeah, and then I think the the cool thing. The Diet kind of well it depends like I think that it's really interesting to watch this movie over and over again a kind of noticed the different movie that's being told on camera versus the movie that's being presented with all the elements of the movie specifically like. For is really triumphant and sentimental and Hollywood so when you're listening to the music while you're watching the movie, you're like Oh man, but when you watch this movie, the depiction of Billy Tyne is very much like a guy who's like. Completely driven to oblivion where he's like I am the best I am. Still a fisherman I. Still get the fish and I can figure this out and I will I will make that depth you know basically, and he's GonNa go through these weights, and so he's kind of like this maniac captain in this movie. Bogle ben received onscreen credit for having co written the script Oh yeah. You're not gonNA believe this clooney did a lot of practical jokes in the set. A lot of stuff with fake fish. Hawks Wahlberg and Diane Lane said the jokes were funny. Light up the sometimes grueling shooting. But. Guidance specifics by all accounts didn't seem like it. Was that fun to film this movie? Any any water. Movies are ever fun to film yet. One of the lessons I future actors out there is don't take movie that set on water. It's just sounds miserable for ninety seven different reasons. You're just cold and wet for free. Called your wet. You need dramamine. Get Sick. There's. Disoriented half the time. It just sounds off. Apex Mountain. Gloucester. Where's Manchester by the sea set I? Don't know that this is the Best Gloucester movie though. What the competition I. Don't even know whether you go apex mountain for Gloucester. John. C. Rallied no no Walberg, no way. Clooney. No, but you could make a case. bearded. Clooney could be potentially think you could make the case that this is Apex Martin for traditional movie star. Clooney but I can already hear people starting screaming me about that. I don't think there's any apex mountain anything other than A. Biggest wave movie had I don't know. Pick a nets. John Hawkes. At the what's the bar called the claw. The Crow's Nest Crow's this. Deciding that he likes this. You know not attractive bitter lady. WHO's like chain smoking at the Bar by herself? And just he's like this is the one of taking by shot. And just that whole scene is so fucking weird I have no explanation for it. I didn't put it in. What stage the worst 'cause I honestly don't know what the Hell's going on. So, do you think they just felt compelled to give him like a Humana humane story line of like why what he has to live for. is to but then. In the funeral at the end, she's in the funeral like she's one of the wives. You guys talk I seven minutes at a bar. It's inexplicable. I don't understand why they did it I. It makes no sense to me. Yeah, at least. I. I'll just say they did make sense. Clooney, the character versus the real life guy, but clooney just his K plan of. Let's just drive right through the storm yeah. There's an nitpick. It's very the Antoni in any playoff series which I keep, shoot the threes. It'd be fine. There it's it's one of these rare movies where a lot of expertise gets called into question, because like on both boats, the captain is like basically dooming them. Yeah, it's people are just like. Are you sure we should be turning into this like? What what Philly coach did. Hear my Brown. No time for. Two. Thousand Sandy Reid. kind of like. Like a late period Kotite. Kotite, okay, yeah, that's not good game winning all right I and then. I gotta be honest. I don't care about the coastguards. I. Don't Care About Cherry Jones Bob Goten and Karen Allen in that whole plot. I don't know why they involved it I guess they were thinking structurally. If they just kept the guys on the boat, it get monotonous. You needed a break it up and maybe there's some aesthetic value to. These guys would have been saved if this other thing hadn't happened, but. I just think every time it takes you out of the movie I just WanNa. Be on the boat with Clooney and Wahlberg and hawks and John C Reilly and I. Don't care about these other people. I don't know where they came from. There's no setup scene where they're on the boat, and it's nice out, and we get to see them having lobster for two minutes from these people all the sudden. They're just in distress. Yes, and I think it's the biggest flaw. The movie I think it's from version of that screenplay or this movie that was about the storm, and not the Andrea Gail. Like you could make a movie that was way more like cross cutting between this small boat, the coastguard, the Weatherman the people on the Andrea Gail the people on Green Law's boat, and it's like a cast of like twenty five people, and it's one of those kind of basically like more like a TV movie where it's like it's like crash, the story of the yeah or crash, but more like a D, a more traditional disaster movie where it's about this thing that's going wrong in these people who are. Are affected, but then I think the movie itself starts off with forty five minutes. Where you're like well, it's got be about these guys on the Andrea, Gail, because now I, know about their wives and ex wives, and they live Sarasota when it's not this time of year, so you're expecting it to be basically this really homespun heartfelt story about these guys when it then goes wide and becomes about Jovan. Z. And Jeremy for half of the movie. You're just. Kinda surprised no no shots to the coast. Guard. Yeah all due respect to the coast guard, but this was at coast coastguard movie. It's about the six guys in the Bay that coastguard movie with Kevin Costner and Asha Asha cooker with. They're always jumping out of helicopters. Remember. That movie. CIVIC BE BAD person? Why would it make you at first? I, don't know it's not a good movie kind of weird it. Another picking it for me. Is this movie said in Nineteen, Ninety one or is it said in two thousand when the movie came out will tell me why what what is it about this movie? That makes you wonder that I think it's ninety one. It pretty sure right ninety one. Again, the problem here is Wolfgang Petersen German guy. Give me a shot of the ninety one Red Sox TV. Isn't it the Falbo. Show me. I don't think we made the playoffs that year, but clements to show me some clements. Kevin Little. Talking about Dr K, yeah, sure or or I don't remember if that was same horns rookie year, but some sort of like low key subtle red sox thing I was talk, yeah, the ninety ninety one red sox, so yeah, those guys, but I just feel like the half that we have to see clemens on the on the t ninety one celtics like. Well, this is set in the summer, right? It had to be the biggest late summer. Because I think it's like the last run, he can make of the. Well the other move that could had was it was just completely. Atrocious Patriots run, so there could have been a patriots preseason game on where they're losing twenty eight to three and a half tub or something. I just feel like if you're GonNa do this and you're going, hardcore Massachusetts. In Europe especially, if you're in Gloucester, like how is that talking about the Saux? Yes, sports is on. People are looking at. If you're at the Cape and July the red, Sox, are in the background. The background noise for the summer and I was annoyed that they were on their yet near the picket nets. You got them all okay. Could this be remade as a ten episode Netflix Show? God I would hope that. The be a long ten episodes. Yeah I I I. Don't think I would have any interest in this being attentive so netflix show. I'd certainly entertain minutes too long. Yeah, probably answerable questions. I only have one. Bigger bummer dying in the perfect storm. Or missing out on twelve Boston titles in the end of the red sox curse. Where would you? What would you say? Well? Are we sure the Billie isn't like an early Marlins? Because they've. They've got the fish logo and he's already makes his his home down in Sarasota. He says that's where he calls home or Jodi. His ex wife is so maybe he's more of a like a Bobby Bonilla Guy. MAYBE SWITCH! It? Didn't they need when this move is on? They should just film an epilogue from two thousand seventeen where. Their kids are at the red claw, whatever that bar was right and like Chris's married to Theo Epstein. Bam Bobby and billy. They wouldn't believe we won. Six could super bowls four world series. These guys wouldn't have believed it. Maybe that's the epilogue fishes that i. don't really have any other answer. Questions I. We go until whole. What would you do? Especially when you're underneath as those waves are coming, be move I. Just my little experience boogie boarding, and ever getting turned over in that like I don't think I would have done much I you just at a certain point. The ocean is of calling the shots right. Maybe put a liferaft on. Would you have been invited? You think you would have been like. Guys let's dump the fish. And and hang out. You know five seconds dumped the fish. We'll go back. Yeah, we got this got them to fish. Guess what I WANNA live. We're not official for are dead. We're out. But, I think that's why in real life, the version of this story is. They had no idea. The storm is coming enough. They did all right. Who won the movie? I'm GONNA GO Peterson. I'M GONNA, go Wolfgang because I really like this I really like in the line of fire and I think that the set pieces and the way that he he builds this movie. Are Save it from any accent. Work any SORTA savviness, and even though he does spend quite a bit of time with the coastguard unnecessarily I. Really I really think he did. It obeys job in smoothie. Were you what? I can't give it to him for nodding. Not including any ninety one red sox footage, and for not caring about inlands accent I. Just can't I'm going Waldberg, okay. I think he wins the movie. I think he's the best charactered the best performance, and it sets up. The next twenty years is career because you come out of this Guy's movie star? Everyone's saying Clooney's the big lister and he got went toe to toe with him, and he was just as good. So that would be my choice because she had mentioned What can we bring Craig in here at the end prager? They're Ju Ju. Pass out now. It's not. Craig was deeply moved by this movie. Really messed me up crated. You hadn't seen this movie was date night. Perfect storm had a go way too stressful. Stressful time in the world right now. Global pandemic is not exactly a relaxing Phil. Yeah. Did you know what was GonNa Happen Now. I thought my guess was. John Rally is GonNa die, it would all make it, and it'd be great, and it would like or one of the cloutier Wilbur. When the Neyla just decided like yet. Boats going under clooney stays I. was like a mess I would mess up. So That's interesting because you know we know this. Because we knew the story in the movie came out, he knew. HOW IS GONNA end? But there's this whole generation of people and then future generations who don't realize that they're all going to die at the end. No, it was like a Tarintino all. I would like to see the teradata version of this. They probably never nuclear never leave Crow's nest because they all shoot one another in that bar something easier. How about San Mateo next time? Yeah, all right. We'll work at did list cry. No, your boy might have. It Oh! It was sad and she was going in and out and I was just locked in you and me Craig for the long run bobby. all right. That was the perfect storm in the REWATCH, ables will be back next week with. The movie at we're haggling. I'm trying to convince Chris to do say no muss fire you don't have. Anything Saxophone right here. Well I. I was thinking Joel Schumacher die. A couple of days ago. Honor Him. We could do that or we could do flatliners. Now, let's do saint. ELMO's fire of a lot of thoughts are okay. We'll see you next week. Thanks for the watched was. Don't forget to support the ringer in the rare back that works next.

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