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Is this now beyond say from Liking Zoo Lion King Science called spirit. Yes so I gotTa tell you sit a song. Those even had kids and you can be taking them to the theater soon. Yes I gotta say it looks pretty good to me like I. I've been you know I realize I'm a Disney company man and whatnot and Chemnitz Yomas Sook in for George Sodano but some of these live action reboots like the Aladdin's and stuff like. Did you see a lead. No I didn't see it but I wasn't doesn't excited by the prospect of it. Line King looks pretty good. I've heard that if you obviously everybody has emotional connection to the the the animated version that it's a little bit harder to get that with this movie if you are very connected to the animated version I mean that's tough that the lion king was re the animated version of it was like spectacular in the way that they made created those characters and they were able to make those like you said on human connections and it can be for some reason it's different with cartoons yeah then sort of like something that feels more computerized. You know what I mean like. It feels like there's one more layer between like you as a human. We're looking right now the commercials for Lion King. I don't know I again it. Looks it's pretty good to me and I and I say that somebody who hasn't been necessarily that excited about as many of these type of adaptations of before we get in the Kawhi Leonard some interesting news from Khan again Guli covers the Lakers for the L. A. Times tweets you just sent out with an eye towards his growing business interests. Kyle Kuzma is parting ways with his agents Mark Bartlestein Zach Curtain of priorities sports and entertainment according sources. He hasn't started meeting with perspective agents yet. Ah We've new has what he just that might be. We've known for a long time though Macau coups MMA since he came into the League <hes> and I used to tone this all the time to his rookie ski season that he was really big overseas in China and I used to tell him I'm like pounce on this. You know what I mean like. Do what you can to expand your brand. He's always been a guy. That's been very conscientious of that same time. There's a certain agency that just joined up with U._T._A.. A Powerhouse Hollywood agency <hes> there now going to be operating under the U._T._A.. Umbrella and as part of now now a major sports presence with U._T._A.. You might have heard of a mom they're called clutch may have heard about that <hes> Rich Paul and Clutch of now combined forces with U._T._A.. Specifically to try to give athletes more opportunities that could include business wouldn't be shocked and see if that's where Kyle kouzmines up going now I mean I'm not GonNa speculate but you know I mean it would whatever happens he was with a guy mark. Bartlestein is one of the most stands a really good end up people in all sports sorts when it comes to agent so <hes> he was already in good hands but in this case it looks like you know according to statement that that Tanya tweet tweet out from Bartlestein they the visions weren't aligned and so it looks like you know coups. Has You know he has grander plans. Yeah I mean me. I will say this and again like you're saying before him. Mark Bartlestein has a terrific reputation around the league. It would be pretty cool to me and a lot of ways reassuring to see coups mma end up going to clutch and I that's going to be the speculation where it ends up whether it ends up happening or not that's what everybody is going to be expecting. I would like seeing that just because it's felt more and more like coups. MMA is being accepted as appear of Lebron's like they're obviously not on the same level but you know they were palling around in Vegas felt like Lebron and Anthony Davis were having Kyle Kuzma at the adult table whereas last year he really felt like he was at the Kid table and as far as the potential future with Kyle Kuzma mm-hmm and the Lakers and having that type of respect from Lebron A._D.. Ending up with clutch to me feels the magically something that would be reassuring the Laker fans regardless of if he does or not I mean what a d. and Lebron doing they have to continue to do. I mean I know that people in the Lakers organization feel like you know they don't want to forget. They don't want cow because we feel like he's forgotten. Obviously there is a big to a very big to perhaps one of the biggest to we've ever seen <hes> and so you know there's definitely only thought process out there for the Lakers that they want cow Kouzmin to feel involved feel needed and he is going to be needed. I mean even if he doesn't start the season and he comes off as a six man. He's GonNa get plenty opportunities to start because a load management Lebron D. and he's he's going to be the guy that is going to have to carry them on so many nights because if you look at this roster does not allow young legs noman it cannot be overstated actually wrote about this for the athletic covering the Lakers for that site Kyle Kuzma and his own right may be the most it's important guy on this team his development if he can really become not mad any Davis gets hurt knock on wood. You know but I mean like you know if Lebron A._D.. Stay healthy. You know what that is. You know who they are and the way that they'll play together. I think make sense like those are two guys that their skill sets a pretty complementary and you know if Boogie if Boogie can you know start returning back to form then all of a sudden you've got the steel of the offseason but there's a lot of IFS with that with Kuzma that development so much of that is just in his own hands like you know how how seriously does he take the idea of becoming you know next level as a defender. How seriously does he take becoming next level as a playmaker? We know he can do the scoring like heat. We know that he can be that proverbial third option as a score he I mean he can be a twenty point tonight guy but can he be third option as a player for a championship team like that's really the question with Kuzma it has to be I mean I think you heard me at the press conference possess a D. and asks Vogel about it and Vogel mentioned you know as basically going to come down to <hes> Kouzmin showing that he can be all around player because defensively he has to be able to stay on the floor but I think coups has to be that third guy. This is what we were talking about earlier about waiting on Kawhi Leonard if they didn't wait on lender we'll never know what would have happened on that Sunday but if they had gone de Ngelo Russell well you know what then coups becomes. Maybe the fourth guy by keeping Kyle Kuzma and that allowed them to Kinda have to wait to be able to wait on quite Leonard and know that they still have a guy that could be the third option. There's no question I mean the luxury and flexibility they had salary wise because coups mma only makes you know about two million next season like that's something you can't count on at that price point and as young as Kuzma is you know his inexperienced in the league deal to look at him as a as a legit third guy that allowed the Lakers a lot of confidence like you said to sit on their hands during this period with Kawhi Leonard honored and not panic Vogel said he says it a bunch of the beat writers afterwards I asked him about coups again and he said the one thing he's noticed about coups right off the bat and he feels really good about it doesn't worry about is that some of the young players in the League today don't have that motor. His like coups is a worker. Yes you can see it in the war just practicing on the court. He's a worker that works all the time and he goes when you have that. I don't have to worry about no absolutely however kouzmines third year shakes out. It's if it doesn't work out. It's not going to be for lack of effort. That guy really does put it in. There's a reason that Kobe has gravitated towards them. I think he respects the work ethic all right coming up next two of the I mean <hes> excuse me to who rings and the dumbest thief you're going to see in quite some time Sodano show Andy Cabinets aome Yonder Soak in four Sodano and before we get to to Super Bowl rings and a really dumb thief thief Daniel and Artesia has thoughts on Koa Leonard Lakers. How're you doing yes sir? I'm doing good. Thank you for taking. Forgive me a chance here. I just wanted to say that <hes> everyone had wandered why wilander was taking so long to side with the team were quite sick so long because he had no interest in the Lakers and that because he was too busy looking for a second all star to begin with and it proves that he didn't WanNa play with Lebron with abroad James and Anthony Davis and either way it goes Lakers with thirty two million dollars. They didn't have enough money for a second all-star. The only had enough for one and they were hoping that it will be a wild Leonard and last point <hes> Jalen rose are maybe came on T._v.. Maybe like a couple of weeks ago. Jalen Rose said that Kawhi Leonard spent two or three days going after Paul George so the Lakers lost out on why later for at least two or three days if not more than that so quiet landed plate the Lakers because he he was billy literal for that second all start at the Lakers could not even afford thank you appreciate the phone call their Daniel. I mean the problem with that though is they wouldn't have needed to get another all star with Paul George because they already have Lebron. Anthony Davis like they're not looking to build is selling point point for the Lakers. If we already have to write you get more join our two which are two of the top six players. You know. It really just gets back to that question of how how sincerely if at all did Kawai want to be a Laker I mean it's obvious his first choice was the clippers I mean that's just clear but where were the Lakers in that packing order where they second were they third. You know how strong third choice where they were. They choice at all like you know were. They were the Lakers a team team. That were his third choice but he would have gone. If the clippers couldn't get the guy that he wanted at the end of the day he just didn't feel I go back to Toronto or the the Lakers just an opportunity something out there in front of them. That would be powerful enough. Enough to get the clippers to do what he wanted like did the Lakers represent an option or threat. You can ask him that next Wednesday. It has press conference that that's going to be really interesting like his explanation if at all of his thought process throughout all this because I had been this mysterious you know they're the Taiwan even go there won't go there but just how much you can get out of that guy about his thought process and everything that was going one on during that free agency period. It's going to be fascinated or how much Paul George Actually reveals you know how much we learn from Paul Georgia's comments because he he tends to actually be pretty open. He's pretty candid. He's going to be the gotTA talks. It's is GonNa be him dock and Pat Beverley mantras. You know what's funny to is like when they eventually go back and do the thirty for thirty or the oral history of this part of the Lakers franchise like the you know the last last couple years and then the next few years down the Road Paul George is going to be a central character like Paul. George has ended up a pivotal part of recent LAKER history because the summer that they got Lebron they thought it was going going to be Lebron and Paul George. They thought they had Paul George in the bag and then you know Paul George I mean recent N._B._A.. History actually Paul George is going to be a central figure. It's crazy. It's crazy when you think about it because Paul George you now. He's a great player but the way you talk about him and and if you look at it if you take a step away and maybe we look at it from several years back if feels like both L._A.. Teams were acting like Paul. George was like a top three player player in the league well. He played like one last year for awhile. I mean he was in that M._v._p.. Conversation there there was a period where Paul George was the best way player in the League because he was available more than Kawhi Leonard if nothing else Lebron so ended up with Anthony Davis so that's pretty good oh yeah I mean not crying for the Lakers. The Lakers came out of this thing particularly once they were scrambling pretty well. It's just it's just going to be a fascinating questions. We learn more and more about this. If the Lakers Brian this all started because Brian Wind Horse and the latest episode of the Hoop Collective <hes> e._S._p._N.. podcast said that he was hearing from the Lakers side that they feel like they may have been played by Kawhi Leonard. If that turns out the case to the issue isn't Kawhi Leonard. It's ethics or anything like that. You know these negotiations there cutthroat the N._B._A.. CUTTHROAT league teams can be cutthroat towards players. The real question is how did it ended up happening. Like how do the Lakers end up believing that they had an opportunity that they didn't have if that was the case talking about why yeah like that's ultimately simple quiet people tell the Lakers hey it's you'd raptors and clippers sure but interested in we wanna meet with you three team right but but all we had heard into like a week before free agency that co I had no interest in the Lakers at all like the Lakers were not appealing to him for a variety of reasons then all of a sudden that changes the Lakers have to be able to do some soul-searching and you know thinking back and also have just been quite being secretive about his plans along it could have been I mean it could have been all of a sudden the opportunity opens up because they have more cap space than Co.. I would've thought before it also could have been they got anthony. Davis should could have been the Bhagat Anthony Davis Bruce Davis about two two weeks before agency yes but at the same time Anthony Davis all of a sudden being a Laker and the Lakers having all the sudden more cap space than it seemed like could also make Kawhi Leonard and the Lakers be more of a believable threat also you can leverage that Moore also you know from what we'd heard. Lebron was working behind the scenes well before that into Lebron again to Kawais head and and maybe he did just that but it also I mean it's just it's they're all these different factors that ended up happening where on one hand it could make it more believable that co I would want to be a Laker or on the other hand you have all these these different things playing out where the Lakers can be used as much more of a believable bluff and that's ultimately what the Lakers going to have to figure out if they do have concerns that they were getting played all right coming up next I will get to it now to Super Bowl rings and a really really dumb thief E._S._p._N.. You love football. You Love The beach you love rum. Well then this is for you when you hear Mason in the five o'clock hour coming up say aloha rambling good luck and say Mahalo later during our during today today again the five o'clock be caller number seven eight seven seven seven ten E._S._p._N.. And you will qualify for the Rams Hawaii fly away the trip is going to include two tickets to rams cowboys on August Seventeenth roundtrip airfare four nights hotel accommodations and a private tour of the law rum distillery. Thanks to our friends at claw landing resort at Poipu and he's Kalala Rome company creators of the single batch world-class Hawaiian Rum's taste the aloha enjoy responsibly possibly in it is really good from. I'm not a wrong guy on but it's really really tasty. I'm sure are you have you been to Kobe doesn't quite right <hes> no. I have not been to Honolulu but I've never been to quite. I've been to every island and I can never ever get enough Hawaii. It's pretty awesome I if you end up again in this is going to be coming up in the five o'clock hour to qualify. This is one hell of a trip to win. There's going to be a lot of fun. I mean what what trump isn't good any trip to why he's good. That's true but this one in particular. You got a lot going on you. Get to see the rams you get the tour of the claw rum distillery so it's a lot of fun so be listened up again in the five o'clock hour. So do you remember mark. May they offensive. Well yeah I I grew up in D._C.. A huge Washington redskins fan right so he and he was for awhile with E._S._p._N.. He was part of the Super Bowl teams with redskins. He had two of his super bowl to Subaru rings stolen now well. There's there's a happy ending into this a happy but dumb ending but happy ending the thief who stole the Rings try to pawn them and the pawn shop that said dumb thief went to happen to be a shop featured on pawn on stars. I Love Pawn Stars so this guy what you mean. The ponzi been there so this I mean this is the last by the way it's way smaller than you think it really. Oh Yeah like you see on T._v.. And you think man is huge and you walk in and it's just like so small cameras ten pounds. I mean it doesn't inanimate objects as well as people but like this is the last place you WanNa be going to try to sell stolen. merch is a pawnshop from from place so he was already in Vegas or did he is in Arizona. According to Tempe Police the dude stole the rings in Arizona then went to Las Vegas to pawn them at the ponds he he stole also several Michael Kors watches for Mark May I. I don't know if mark may had his house. burglarize or of stuff was in storage and got taken however this ended up happening. This guy went to the pond storm Pawn Stars Shop. You're listening Caspian Los Angeles and and because this is a place that is on the up and up that you know is going to immediately recognize okay well if you watch. Do you watch the show. I do not okay well. There's one guy on the show. His name is Charlie and he tends to make bad deals because he's not I guess yes you know he's not the brightest of the guys at the pond shots so I guess he didn't. He wasn't selling his chummy well at least if nothing else they're an honest pawn shop because there are plenty of pawnshops that you know they're the place you go. When you've got stolen merch you WANNA be able to eighty once? No questions asked this is not the Plano which leads you to believe. This guy is a really dumb thief because if you're a good thief you've got good fences. You know the places this is to go with your stolen merch. This guy's an idiot like I mean especially with Super Bowl rings. I mean like these are going to be rings that are easily identify identifiable back to the source like you gotTa know what you're doing aiming to sell off stolen stolen dot that there wasn't some way like you know. He just said Hey I I bought these rings. I got him an auction and I'm trying to pawn them and he wasn't counting on. You know I'm sure there's some sort of legal thing that you put into the computer and everything and all of a sudden. There's been stolen again. If you're a good thief could see when he was thinking maybe right that he went and he's just like you. When you watch that show okay people come with stuff that once belonged to someone famous all the time and they say these things like this yard sale and I just bought it and I didn't know what having any value in this whole time and I just want to see what you know like he'll say I would think though it's super bowl rings like if nothing else you want fake certification these are it's very specific? Items that again are going to be easy to trace back to the original. Wait for that episode. So you really watch regularly. I know like now I'm in the ninety day. Fiance which is which is absolutely absolutely bonkers okay but now you know when when when I watched because you also kind of get a little history lesson sometimes and you know there's always a story behind every item. Now I in seeing this dumb thief. It got got me thinking about it has to be on video to it probably is totally unveil everybody. I think most people fantasize fantasize my ninety me the right word but imagine their life in a life of crime like if they were part because we watch movies and you know obviously criminality. finalities wrong but movies and T._v.. May criminality look exciting yeah and like I've always envisioned myself like if I were to go the route of route of crime a life of crime be wanted to things I'd either want to be something like pretty cool like George Clooney from Ocean's eleven yeah like something like that. We're or like an art thief Pierce Blah's. Yes like where you look cool doing your thievery or like Ocean's eleven. We're like really it's it's sort of victimless crimes like you know like you're mostly Ashley just ripping off either exceptionally wealthy. You know museums things like that like you know wealthy patrons of the arts or the case of Ocean's eleven. You're ripping off a casino owner. WHO's a jerk like you know so that type of thing or I've always wanted to be a wheel man like I don't ever want to the bank robbery but I wanNA? Do you want to be the getaway driver. I WANNA be a wheel man so bad like like that movie baby driver. Yes like baby driver or the movie drive like I've always pictured myself as a wheel. I didn't think okay <hes> first of all. The whole thing of just stealing is just seems sway too stressful for me like when I look at the George Cleo Ocean's eleven. I'm just like I can't think up the stuff. This is ridiculous who sit there and thinks of the stuff and then tries to pull it all criminal criminal mastermind like meal and those are the people that do it Kevin Isky brothers sounds like a good that sounds like a good plot right there but but now they're most stressful job is the getaway driver but but from my perspective I don't have it to be violent in the bank. I don't have to carry the gun. I don't WanNa make people feel unsafe like their life is being threatened putting everybody else's lives danger right now when you're is greater drivers me not when you're the type of driver like meal like I'm at that type learn you also the guy I've always thought this when I see these type of movies. I'm just like the COP can I cops can idea right away. He's the guy that gets not the other guys are in the car. No no because everyone's focusing on the guys that were in the bank like everyone's focusing on those guys is you've got the menaul chase see nobody saw the people in the bank and net like now you're in the chase and everybody sees the driver except on the driver that gets away are you weren't would you wear a mask which you wear some sort of. I don't need one on that good so you're not going to be like point break. You're not gonNA wear like you know what I mean. I'm might do that just because I'm a big point break fan by the way I've never understood. This was watching old old old school. The other day the bank robbers who wear the pantyhose over the head. You can see their face breath yeah but what is the purpose of what it's like their face that's kind of pulled down you were at a bank and you got in your in the bank and there was a robbery okay and the bank robbers were wearing that pantyhose. Would you not be able to I._D.. them not maybe not accurately. I mean like it's hard hard enough. You always see sketch artists like you look at the picturing that could be anybody. I don't know I can clearly says welfare. What would be your life a crime my life a crime? Oh Man I mike and Curtis you guys think about this too. If you were to go into your life of crime like I was saying before there were eye to go into it. I've always pictured myself either some type of like high class thief like an elaborate scheme thief like George Clooney Notions Eleven Pierce Brosnan in Thomas Crown Affairs and our high art thief or I'd want to be a wheel man. I'd WanNa be the like the mafia guy loss yes early. You know the the guy who like like you ever see the movie with Tom Cruise where he's got the silver hair. Oh Oh collateral yeah collateral member the guy he goes to shoot that Crean Guy in the Korean club and he's surrounded by like all those dudes like all the guns at the club. I want to be that guy. I don't WanNa die. I want to be that guy soul my tire Mitre Nursing Mike this excited it could be a runner back in the sixties and seventies unlike Harlem with the mobsters and everybody run numbers for all those mob guys on to be amazing because I'll no contact with all those dudes you know my or how about this. I'd like to be not not as brutally mean as he was but Nino Brown for new Jack City. It's hard to be that it's hard to be the Nice guy version. I was thinking a nice pimp to go to have a new Jack City theme Party where Everyone Hanes have one you should. Where do you find a chain jump rope? Though oh you can find that come on Halloween stores crew we need to somebody's at rocket by baby. We're going to be like Christopher Williams. Yeah Guy Needs a nice. He was a nice Bagai in that movie. Everybody point in that meeting when win. Nino Brown is jumping rope with a chain. Everyone in that meaning should've no okay. This is not going to end well. Buddy is going to get that around there. Brown is jumping rope with a chain. He is not in a good mood right so you would have to be Nino though right since it's show party you're brother's girlfriend keeper Nick Yes. No you know but I could still dress up like flavor Flav or something like that. He was in the movie or I could do Russell Long. He was in the movie Chris Rock Right Right Right yeah. There's a lot of characters curtis as Chris Rock dirty clothes and I'll have like a crack pipe and as long as you don't come in like when you were in the building and you're not wearing anything remember where they were all the people that scene yeah remember remember the guy they kicked that room occupied with you know what I mean the pretty girls but again you cannot be a nice guy version of Nino Brown like now only goes one way. There's gotTa be a nice or he presented himself as Robin Hood and really wasn't yes no curtis. What's your life a crime? I I'm so non-confrontational I would be like hacker guide on the line of fire kind of thing hacker guys the way to go these days it really is is actually I mean it's really not getting caught because like you know the stuff of the street level. That's gone now. That's gone guy. There's a lot of stress because at any point you have to be ready to torch the entire room and having escape route true because as soon as the F._B._i.. Comes down you. It's like it's over like like Maryland. Remember that movie with Gene Hackman and Will Smith Oh enemy of the state and I mean the state memory that whole compounds any blew up the whole compound just because like one dude you can't be ready for Curtis and I don't know your lifestyle well enough to say whether or not you ready for this but you gotta be ready to go off the grid like are you ready to go ahead already. How I know social life whatsoever? He's his way for the right contact to literally do it but I noticed that most of our crimes that we've mentioned as all fad time so we're not state penitentiary. We're looking for fed time you know if we get caught. We doing one hundred percent of our time so kids outta mind but but I will say I'm GonNa give us all well three of the four of us not curtis but three or four of US credit that none of us worst out with white collar crime like where you're going to scare slap on the wrestling we all went hard. We get our hands dirty dirty hacking for example like hacking. There's some consider it's getting big because there's there's that guy that act like playstation Yahoo. They're putting their getting gears. Put on Curtis is beyond the face APP with Russia. Are you going to sell me out like that. By the way man there are a lot of people freaking out having base now with that discovery came out that it's a riot data mining. I picked it up and I deleted after an answer to it's too late. Yeah I mean no curtis has all anymore. Don't do anything with your phone related to mind. Curtis has all your they don't have my picture in there. I never download. Donna was smart to say that he use your work phone. I didn't I'm and does not that smart. Not Bright Sodano coming come to bristol looking for all right coming up. Colli Leonard is involved with a lawsuit against his former shoe company Nike Anky over use of the claw logo says he created and that Nike is continuing to us. We're going to break that down with Nick Dipaolo. He is a sneaker expert for E._S._P._N.. And he is coming up next E._S._P._N.. L._A. Sodano show Andy Kim Nazi omb on Yom Sook in force George and before we bring on nick the Paula. He's a senior writer E._S._P._N.. Also with Nice kicks he is a sneaker expert or and talk about this lawsuit going back and forth between Kawhi Leonard and Nike I o Curtis an apology. He pointed out during the break that in fact there are now some high profile cases of hackers getting serious time in real presence white color of hacking one of the worst thing you could die us to think of as more of a white collar thing but I I'm absolutely wrong. Stand corrected Curtis joined me own and Mike we all chose criminality that could risk serious time Curtis's with us. He deserves his respect. My name exactly speaking of some respect on his neighbor. GonNa put them on Nick to Paula Against Senior Writer E._S._p._N.. Also with Nice kicks. How are you meant great? Thanks very cool have neck to begin nick. Can you just breakdown for the people who aren't aware exactly how this lawsuit be between Leonard and Nike began and where it stands right now with his countersuit yes so basically I mean coincide with Nike out of out of College in twenty eleven he had been with them all the way until twenty eighteen but back in two thousand fourteen they basically worked on a logo together <hes> that became known as the Clo- though <hes> and then you know just last fall he actually left's Jordan brand and went to new balance and so it kind of all. All started around that time because his original was take the logo with him to new balance <hes> which Nike basically put a stop on <hes> just as they often do in terms of protecting logos. We've had a similar situation with Roger Federer he nike for Uniqlo Oh and they did the same thing and basically let him take the signature logo either so we've seen it before and I'm miserable because of it nick because I'm Fed fan nick. Let me ask you something with the whole new balance thing now now. He's with the clippers. How do you think this impacts new balance and are they going to be? Obviously you know they've always been a big player in the running market and as far as comfort and everything but are they going to be a bigger player now as far as basketball sneakers you think because he's in Los Angeles are they gonna are they. Are they carrying up toward that well. I always say that you know the markets. Don't necessarily matter these days too much <hes> winning matters most but if or in L._A. or New York than those those are the two markets that can still take things over the atop so <hes> the fact that he did win finals M._V._p.. In Toronto I mean you couldn't have asked for a better situation for the last year but <hes> I think the clippers they're going to happen fan base. They're going to have as that team grows like I don't see any way that's not going to be huge for them. The the thing that tough I mean as I'm sure you guys know Nike has about sixty seven percent of the league wearing their shoes about ninety percent market share so cracking into basketball is is no small task but <hes> I think they're going to have some success early on just with how he's compliance clippers. They tried to get the claw logo right so yeah as I forget who exactly reported it early on but they basically as as you guys spent the last year year and a half planning out for this bitch and during in that window tried to actually acquire the rights of logo <hes> fix the thing that I wanna point out that's pretty crazy is <hes> Qui- basically did an interview with with George Keel <hes> who was the head writer at the time at night his kicks twist from two thousand fourteen when the interviews I unveiled and in the interview he says I give all the credits and Nike for refining it <hes> I'm no artist and he actually like kind of revealed that it was something that he gave a really rough sketch to and I took from there and and kind of refined the logo so <hes> as we saw this week that that quote was Kinda used as central evidence in the trial which Kinda crazy <hes> and I think you know something where yes he had the idea for the logo but but Nike really it kind of took the design from there under finds it talking with Nick Dipaolo. He's a senior writer with E._S._P._N.. He's also with Nice kicks. He's a sneaker expert from Nike's Perspective Nick. What's the point of hanging onto the claw logo when you're not gonNA have Kawhi I Leonard Yeah I mean usually the way they way they do it? Is they feel like they've put them marketing behind the logo and that they've you know launched a payroll around it and so they don't want guys to have access to the local to travel from brand brand <hes> wants the only cases ever was shack who owned the rights to his own logo so when he left Reebok's sables utilize it <hes> but it's it's a little bit of a petty move in the sense that you know obviously coys moved on to balance and they're just going to block him from using it <hes> <hes> but as a as a big corporation. I guess that's that's kind of the firmness. You have to have at times than <hes> we've. We've seen it on on several occasions where they've done that time and time again. Do you think <hes> I mean obviously it's hard to know exactly how this would have worked out but do you think that if Lebron if if Colli Leonard it ended up joining the Lakers Lebron could have just called up Nike and said given back his claw. That's a very possible scenario conspiracy theory around it <hes> well. Those are the best a couple. There's a couple of isn't sports marketing talk to talks to almost every day of the week. I'm sure so it could have been a much smoother assistant than the back and forth lawsuits. We're seeing so <hes>. I and I don't think that actually would have entered into any kind of like C._B._A.. You know you're tampering type stuff if they decided to just basically void the lawsuit and bland take so <hes>. It's a great what if scenario and thought that I've been asking around for sure nick. What do you think of the new Janas Kicks Ex? <hes> I think on issue is awesome. I mean in terms of terms of debut shoes. I mean you've obviously Jordan Jordan one penny hardaway and then Allen Iverson of your question. I think you honest might be up in that top five really for a first crack yeah I'm really I think it's a it's also choose. <hes> the coming to America color way in particular is awesome tells his story <hes> and then he's going to be wearing it through the CBA games here and into the next season so <hes> he's only the twenty second guy to have your shoe with Nike Basketball and I think it's one of the better debuts that we've seen so's nick from your perspective. We're talking Nick Dipaolo Senior E._S._p._N.. Senior writer with E._S._P._N.. Is With Nice kicks. What makes a great sneaker like visually aesthetically because as somebody who's not entrenched in that culture most of them look ugly to me yeah kind of need need like lightning in a bottle across three things? If you'd the player flared replay in great <hes> you need the shooter kind of maybe have a technology or something unique to it that that kind of stands out as compared to the other shoes Nike has six signature shoe so the honest she with that big verse solution it gives it a real unique look <hes> and then I think the colors kind of the stories from there you know so much of the sneakers that have taken off whether it's coyote or Damian Lillard with the Dita's even some of this. It's usually comes down to the themes in the story that these guys table to get out there through their shoes. Those are the things that kids can really kind of latch onto all along with nick. I think it's ass Lonzo this when I saw him last weekend but what's the deal with him. Is he going to wear Nike the season. is He staying with big baller. What's GonNa do shoe-wise? You should've asked to understanding right question so basically as we all know big baller grandees unfortunately kind of <hes> you know dissolved a little bit there and he's basically partying. Ah there <hes> he's a shoe free agent right now. He's going to be one of the more sought after guys as the fall comes around <hes> heading into the season especially with I mean even though he's no longer on the Lakers I mean that ten them with John could be super exciting. We'll see exactly who comes around but I feel like it's going to lead and that's probably where he's going into blasting my bad for not asking big baller brand. Do you think survive without Lonzo's that type of client. I mean they still have the M._b.. One available offered three hundred ninety five dollars which is Lamello shoe <hes> but at this point. I don't think you know the the second Lonzo shoot never actually delivered <hes> and won't at this point as mine. When you say never delivered a really quickly nick do me like it didn't catch on her? It literally never delivered to anybody. People pay the that so that the original the bay for she was four hundred ninety five dollars sold as preorder and there was a six eight months delay before they arrive <hes> the second shoe soles this fall for only say only but relatively only two hundred dollars <hes> and it was during the season that the basically ended unraveled and so that shoe was never never physically delivered to the buyers and they're all waiting around her response <hes> so so off of that. I don't really see how how the brand could could bounce back. <hes> especially without Lonzo is the whole genesis up the brand to begin with as as high as I am on Bell long-term <hes>. I think it's going to be pretty tough and it's it's fortunate because I always loved the concept and <hes> Lavar is obviously a big personality but I always thought ownership standpoint. It was a really intriguing concept so it's it's unfortunate how it all played out and then last question for Nick. How do you think this ends up <hes> shaken out between quiet nike the resolution resolution unfortunately and I'm always a pro pro player Guy <hes> I don't see any way that that co I will retain ownership on this although situation <hes> just some statements he and the past about how Nike really really refined in the logo and if you see the side by side of the two I mean they're they're pretty far off <hes> so I would expect Nike to to retain it which means they would just do nothing with it and it would just become a doormat logo that <hes> is on some past products going for hey nick question for me? <hes> what's the latest on Zion and who he's GonNa sign with and <hes> maybe how big of a shoe deal could he get for somebody just coming in the League comparative to like. Maybe the last big guy I it would've been what Lebron yes I mean. Lebron was seven years and eighty seven million in case was seven years and sixty and he took ten million less to sign with Nike Adidas so it could have been seventy. <hes> Xilin situations been dragging out a a and it's something we've never seen before words drags out past Summer League <hes> basically he's going through a separate lawsuit with <hes> gene afford who was the marketing agency originally signed with <hes> and so that's gotta get resolved I which has been the reason for this delay and then they'll go through and decide on a brand <hes> all brand pitches have been done and offers role there. He's GONNA end up getting ridiculous deal. That's around eight to ten million a year at least <hes> so the numbers are are GonNa be there but he's he's basically got <unk> marking lawsuits. I and that's been the reason that guy's luck R._J.. Barrett came reddish a bunch of others have all been held up because of that Nick Polisena writer for E._S._p._N.. Also with Nice kicks appreciate the time man. Thank you you all right. Thank those people waiting around for the three hundred ninety five dollars from big baller brand. You're never seen that ain't coming back. That's too bad you know because I I kind of I mean I didn't like the prices for sure where I thought it should have been lower but I liked the idea the romanticism starting up your own brand and really kind of carrying it out of nowhere you know I mean I I remember my first season going to arenas and seeing kids in big baller brand.

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