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A-Rod & J-Lo Are Serious About Buying The Mets


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I'm doing fine and You know it's GonNa be interesting if J. Lo and a rotter able to do this because J. P. Morgan had one of its worst quarters ever as a bank. And that's basically I think the bank that everybody's just assuming is going to go to work with a J. Lo and a rod to try to buy the mets and see like to me that Iran is really trying hard to emulate what Derek jeter is. Don't feel that way it does. And it's funny because Jeeter has not had a lot of success at all down there. I mean basically. He's a guy that is the face of a failing organization that is trading away. Its best players. Still losing. Doesn't have any body showing up at the game. So it's not something really to emulate and less era says. Wow jeeter really screwed up in the way that he did things. I'm going to buy popular team in the New York. Mets and I'm GonNa do this thing right. Maybe that's what his thought processes. Maybe we all know that the mets are still for sale. Couldn't be a worse time to try to sell a team then right now though. I would think that you'd want things to settle and see where we are at about a year from now. And then maybe kind of recalibrate what you think the cost of your team is but as Jerry was talking to al saying that he believes it. Says there's GonNa be a number of professional teams up for sale? Due to the corona virus pandemic will only time will tell to see that I just. I just can't imagine that anybody would want to buy something of that significance. Unless of course there is a deep discount on the sale of one of these teams. Well sure I mean that's the first thing I thought of is yeah. It's not a great time to be buying something but I guess it would be or good done to be selling something but it's a good time to be buying something because you might be getting these discounts now. Apparently it's a rod and J. Lo together. They're going to need somebody else. Because we know that the mets at least eighty percent of the mets was supposed to be Steve. Cohen's for two point six billion dollars so then you add the numbers there. You're going over. Three close to four billion dollars or more for the mets disorder was a couple of months ago. A. Rod and J. LO reportedly have a combined income of seven hundred million dollars so they need someone else to swoop in and help them out but one of the first things I thought of. Not just from a business standpoint or a baseball standpoint is that these two are going to partner on buying a team. You always hear like before you get married you know. Don't buy a house together to put your name on that stuff by a car together because you never know it's GonNa work out. I am not married yet. They're still just together. I don't think that they're married. I know they've been closed for a while. Been together for a while but these two are going to be buying a team together now. It seems like a big step. I mean I'd like to see these to have a little bit more of a commitment before. Add them by my favorite baseball team for crying out loud. Because that's the last thing I want. I do think it's cool. That that those to want to purchase the mets and that would provide some real entertainment for us and I do think that Iran would would be pretty good at running things but I also don't want it to turn into some sort of like people magazine circus every day with the two of these people at the at the top and then they have issues and then all of a sudden mets are even more of a laughing stock than they have been in the past. Well two things about their jeter. He spent twenty five million dollars for four percent of the Miami. Marlins that's how much he has personally invested and I'm sure he has Another contract with marlins ownership to run the team and by the way he is Shoeing his five million dollar salaries so he can keep other employees employed down there Miami so good job by Derrick jeeter. But I guess when Tom Brady's renting your house he could still have some other income coming in from other places thing about it is is. We're talking in excess of three and a half billion dollars most likely. And that would mean that. A ROD and J. Lo Not only would need other investors. They would need a bank. Put up the far majority of the money They'll I don't know what they are worth combined. I'm not really sure. Probably close to seven hundred and fifty to a billion dollars given the fact that she is still extremely relevant and wealthy an in demand so I would that her earning power is going to be good for at least the next ten years as far as he is concerned. I you know I don't know where he's making his money from. You can't be making that much money from ESPN. And maybe some of the other therapies invest. Kerr made his money in baseball. And he's invested a lot of it. I know that he he and Warren Buffett or close sure that he's found a way depending if he invested correctly he had to give half to his previous wife. So I would think that there is. There's money there. Obviously the two of them together have name recognition name power. This is what a lot of these banks are looking for So I I would think that It's it's a long shot. It's definitely a long shot. Unless of course they have people that have money that would like to be a part of a consortium to buy the team with a rod then controlling the team. The my question to you would be if you were one of those guys. A Steve Cohen type. Who had say two point? Eight billion laying around. Would you want a rod running your team or would you want to rerun your team? I've thumbed Steve Cohen. I want to be running team because Steve Cohen is a a mets fan. Who was always wanted to do it his way and he's someone who's a big type a personality that's not going to be told to do things a different way. I mean we found that out in the negotiation with the Wilpon that he didn't get what he wanted and he got ticked off and that was that he ran away. And that was the end of it now. There could be another person out there though who's got deep pockets that says hey. I love the idea of being a part of this but I need you to run it because you're the baseball mind and I want you and I trust you and those things but I don't think you can always just say that everybody's like Steve. Cohen Steve Cohen seems to be a different animal. There's a lot of people out there like like. I couldn't even tell you you know who Derek jeter is working with. I mean they are in the background. It's always just jeeter jeeter jeeter. That's out in the forefront. There's someone out there with money. Potentially that says you take this over a Rod. I trust you and I know it sounds crazy to think with his history. But he's really changed. I mean he went from a guy who nobody could trust that everybody thought was a slime ball to someone who has skyrocketed up to the top of sport celebrity again that people look at as someone they'd like to do business with which is not put. It's true why I would say that The chances of winning are slim that that. That's how I feel about it. I think it's a good story. I think you have two very popular people. I don't think they knew we have enough money to do anything like this. They would have to have other silent partners than they would have to have a bank like a J. P. Morgan or Bank of America somebody like that Goldman Sachs. That would put a deal together. Where you know they would be borrowing a Lotta this money to pay off the wilpon and there's no way that jeff and Fred wilpon are lowering the price for the New York. Mets just not happening. You know. We've been down this road before with those guys negotiating on all sorts of deals They're not taking a penny less than what they what they want. For the mets they may priced this thing so high that nobody would buy it in this way. At least they can come back and say you know. We're trying to move the team but there were no buyers. There's always that side of it as well. Yeah I mean I think that the deal actually getting to the point where we're saying that it's complete nee rod and J. Lo or a big part of the mets ownership group. I would agree is slim but the fact of the matter is that they're trying. I mean they're trying to see how this goes and that was a major step in going from hat is a good idea to. We're serious about doing this and I know that A. Rod was asked on Jimmy Fallon about it where it was like one of these. You have to tell the truth segments that he does and when he was asked about the mets he was a tough one. You know. It's something if they were you know available and have to look into where I do need a partner though and made a joke. Could you be partner Jimmy Fallon? He said it's something that's on his mind. He's taken a major step to do it. So you actually get over the finish line with. This is going to be very difficult for them with this. This is real legitimate interest that they are investigating at a very high level to see where it goes and when they usually want to do something the two of them they get it done. So this isn't just your run of the mill hundred millionaires dipping. Their toes in the water. Somewhere I these to have accomplished a lot in their lives and together. They're probably the biggest power couple that we have right now and entertainment and sports. If they want this. They'll probably get it. So you're telling me that Rod. It's going to go to the office every single day and run baseball team as opposed to doing what they can do right now which basically means anything can on a private jet fly anywhere. Go do anything. She may have movie she shooting. She could be doing a concert somewhere. That could be flying down to a visa. They'RE GONNA power. How do we know that he wants to all right so we think that he wants to sort of following Jesus footsteps? So how do we know he wants to do the day to day operation stuff? I mean maybe that's not what he wants. Maybe he wants to fun. And wouldn't that why you would WanNa do it and you know John? Elway GOT INVOLVED. And that y you're telling me you wouldn't be off the together. I would be. Yeah I mean so so then yes my answer would be yes. If you're telling me that would be part of the fun then. Then yes the one thing that a rod loves more than anything and maybe even more than J. Lo is baseball and we've known that since the second that we heard about him when he was a teenager that this guy is just absolutely in love with the game so I do think that he would put in the time at this point. I would but I don't know his full intentions. I know how great of a life that he has. But you know he's doing this erotic. I can't believe I'm saying this. But he runs made a lot of smart moves in the last couple of years. There's no doubt about it. I mean he went from the bottom of the barrel everybody thought that he was persona non grata to go all the way back to his rock bottom moment where he slammed his fist on a desk in court and Bud seelig screaming and he was a mess to working in his way all the way back up. He's made a lot of smart decisions so if he is planning this. He probably has an idea about where it's GonNa go. He's not GonNa buy a piece of a team and then say oh. Wait a second I got myself into. He knows the inner workings of how this happens. He understands how it all works and he probably has an idea what his role would be and he's comfortable with that. It's not like he's going to be surprised. All of a sudden I can't hop on my private jet and go to Fiji today. I have to sit around and see Jeff. Mcneil's am strings a little bit better. He understands that so if he's going full into this thing I'm sure he understands all the consequences both good. I'm I'm just telling you it's owning a team in running are two different things you know. So you're David tepper. You're one of the richest men in the world's richest man thrown. Nfl Football Team in the Carolina. Panthers Leaves New Jersey moves down to Carolina and now is running the Carolina Panthers and he's invested every single day of that but he is hired people to make the day to day decisions of the team but he still is very much involved. And I think it's something that he's always wanted to do. That's why I'm just saying if if a rod right now has the freedom to do whatever he wants you know. He can still call baseball games on Sunday night. He could still be part of spring training if he wants to be. He Still GonNa be the face of Of Baseball for a certain generation and he has a freedom to go flying and doing whatever he wants. Believe you me G it is. It is a life that every one of us wishes that we could live now all of a sudden. He's GonNa go get himself by the mets and do what would it is. He's got he's got to do like what their jitters to go to the office every day and running a baseball team and on top of that at at least the marlins really have very little if I if at any expectations the mets if he takes over with J. Lo met fans are going to expect you know two hundred and fifty million dollar payroll. Yeah I mean but you're you're talking like this is just pure speculation like like someone just floated the idea of a rod wanting to do this. A-rod clearly wants to do this so if he wants to do it and he's taking steps to do it. I'm sure he fully understands what it means to be involved with this and what his role would be so. I mean we've gone past the point of someone just thinking that Iran would be a good owner for the mets. Hey Ron thinks he's a good owner for the match when he takes these steps that we have read about this morning so so I know what you're saying. Trust me if I M Alex Rodriguez and I'm with Jennifer Lopez and probably not taking on that stress. But but I'm not a rod in a rod might've had a lifelong dream maybe in his playing career when he first signed the first big deal he said you know at some point. I'm going to parlay this into owning a team and that's my next goal and and now he's trying to make that happen but I just really think that if you're going this deep into investigating buying the mets and we know that he had a love affair with the mets at some point. We know that J.lo's dad was a big mets fan. She talked about that. I there has to be some sort of passion for this. That's driving them. You know it's not like someone's force them to do it. They're the ones that want to do it. Yeah or they're the ones that want to be in the headlines for potentially doing it you now you just. It's a lot of money man. That is a that is a ton of dough and I don't know if you know I know both of the make a lot of money. I'm sure that they have wealth. Management people around them that are probably parts of J. P. Morgan. That's probably where this whole idea has come from. Hey you know we could use you guys and we can go out and raise money. We can by the mets. So you know look I wanNA believe believe it when I see. Let's put it that way unless there's some other guy or person out there that is worth you know a couple of hundred billion dollars like Jeff Bezos. That is willing to become their partner and be a silent partner in the midst. Because you know this is a good thing for him to invest in his. Well he's got a park some money out there. I'm sure and that would be a good partner. Have meaning that he would hopefully be silent. Loves the celebrity obviously aspect of who he is and what his company's all about and then he could throw a couple maybe two to three billion dollars behind this thing and make it a simple deal and just let it run the whole thing. Yeah and I think that's a possibility too. I don't think that they just GONNA float their names out there. Investigate this because they need more attention? I mean I think they get plenty of attention on a day-to-day basis as it is but I could see this getting out to maybe go fishing for someone with deep pockets that says on that would be great. That'd be awesome to be partners. Jaylo in a rod and own a baseball team and then all of a sudden you get a couple of phone calls from a billionaire. That says all right. What's the next step? I got your back. I do think the dad could be certainly a possibility but yeah. I don't think they're going to do this on their own. I mean basically every dollar they had in getting a loan for the rest of it. I mean that's just one of the dumbest things in the world to do. I mean they'd need a partner or several to be able to get it done. But just like Derek. Jeter is known as the face of the MARLINS ownership group. I mean that's what Iran in Jaylo would be and that would that's only. What did you say five percent of what the Derek Jeter owns? Yeah Orlands yeah so I would imagine that Iraq Jalen have a bigger piece of the mets and be the face of it. I think there's a I agree. There's a long way to go to get there. But it's it's fascinating to me that they have taken this step because you don't just take this step for the hell of it you know. This is not walking into a car dealership and then going into the showroom for five minutes salesman approaches. You saying I'm sorry I have to go. This is this is taking a test drive. This is sitting down at the desk. This is going through leasing by options. I mean they've gotten to the point now where you feel like they're very serious about doing something so it'll be fun. It'll be a fun story to to watch it unfold. That's for sure well certainly being reported that J. Lo and a-rod have definitely hire J. P. Morgan to sniff around and see what they can do and see what they can put up and see what they can come up to come up with to try to buy them at so that that part of it is true. There's no question about it. The question is is there another partner? Are there other wealthy investors? That really. Don't WanNa be a part of the decision making but do one have part ownership of a professional sports team you know. That's a very unique fraternity and it's Something that many people would love to be a part of and maybe this is the best way for them to get in. Who Know who knows I I you know I I have no idea about a rod running the mets and a rod doling Al Contracts. Do you think he keeps pretty van wagon as his general manager. I don't know probably not put a long way to go. Who knows I mean? The wilpon might not keep Brodie van wagon and as the general manager depending on how the next season whenever it starts goes. But Hey I've there's been all sorts of crazy stuff going on since we found about found out about Steve Cohen. I in this is the craziest possible scenario. That could be out there with J. J. Lo and Rod. But they're they're serious and if they're they're serious they usually get what they want. These two of separately and together the socially distanced. Nfl draft is finally here and you can follow all the action at Bet. Online dot net wondering who will be the first second and third draft pick. Do you know more offensive or defensive. Players will be taken in the first round of a hunt on. How many trades will take place in the first round? Maybe you're into oddities. Like how many draftees dogs will be shown during first round coverage before the draft goes live head over to bet online dot net for the latest props lines in the draft home with Ben Online dot net.

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